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Crime / Re: Aondofa Kefas Azonto: JTF Arrest Benue Militia Leader And Most Wanted Criminal by Mysteryman22: 6:08am On Sep 25
A ‘most wanted militia leader’ was arrested ALONE, nobody was arrested alongside.even cultists don’t walk alone,not to talk of a militia leader...and why has the dss or army not been able to arrest a single one of the Fulani heardsmen who has been killing villagers in Benue and making the governor go soft on his wife whenever he remembers the slain villagers.

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Career / Re: What Can You Teach People For FREE To Kickstart There CAREER by Mysteryman22: 9:58am On Sep 23
Yes free is relative. If you understand with me, we can work out something if you are really interested.
I’m very interested.how can I reach you?
Career / Re: What Can You Teach People For FREE To Kickstart There CAREER by Mysteryman22: 11:48am On Sep 22

What I can offer now...

I'm currently recruiting serious people who can do English language transcription jobs for an international AI development program.

All that's required is your:

- Proficiency in English language

- A PC (laptop or desktop)

- A good earphone

- Internet connection.

And lastly, your seriousness and willingness to work.

Check my profile...

How can I contact you ?
Career / Re: What Can You Teach People For FREE To Kickstart There CAREER by Mysteryman22: 11:46am On Sep 22
*Herbal medicine preparation- it's not an all comers affair, I learned it from my grand dad.

*Chemical products formulation- soaps, creams, household cleaning products, disinfectants, paints, cold water starch, shampoos, Hair cream and conditioner, Methylated spirit and so on.

That's my area of study as an Industrial Chemist. I have been a certified Facilitator for some NGOs

*How to create responsive websites without coding- video course available.

These are not get rich quick and ebook selling schemes.

Are you willing to teach some of these for free sir?
Sports / Re: Messi Has The Most Expensive Car Collection Of All Athletes by Mysteryman22: 7:42am On Sep 20
Ok. I didn't know Mayweather was a teacher undecided

I guess he was not listed cos he said he has retired.
Politics / Re: NDA Attack: Major CL Datong Rescued, Many Bandits Neutralized by Mysteryman22: 7:55am On Sep 18
Just STFU for once. security breaches happens in the fcking US and EU, but that's not an excuse, it shouldn't have happened. Y'all, fcking Simians just like to criticize and insult because of the likes you get from fcking IPOB terrorists. I hope you can convert the likes into money.

You STFU, tell us how many times the seat of American intelligence or Mi6 was attacked.
Even the bandits would be ashamed on your behalf.


Politics / Re: NAF Admits ‘Unfortunate’ Bombing Of Civilians In Yobe by Mysteryman22: 1:01pm On Sep 16
The new trend of Buhari government, DENIAL BEFORE ADMITTANCE.Once the government deny a report, I believe it already.words on the street over words from the government.

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Politics / Re: Ibe Kachikwu: Why My Jaguar Car Was Impounded In The US by Mysteryman22: 11:10am On Aug 24
There is a particular k leg in this story.if every evidence of purchase was verified,why would the Us customs ship the car back to the seller in Nigeria and refunds made to the buyer? Why not just release the car to the buyer?

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Crime / Re: Cultists Behead Ikechi Wordi, Vigilante Group Leader In Rivers State by Mysteryman22: 11:21am On Aug 18
They met 2 corpses that were lifeless....ahaaaaa
Education / Re: Ransome Kuti Memorial Grammar School Lagos 88' Set Celebrates Reunion In Uniform by Mysteryman22: 8:38am On Aug 10

What is the nostalgic feeling, am I not an human being too....I see most of them to be clingy in nature.
You are entitled to your opinion so keep it to yourself...you sounded bitter,and that is my opinion too.


Politics / Like Umaru, Like Nnamdi. by Mysteryman22: 7:55am On Aug 07
Dikko’s Crate and Kanu’s handcuffs in Fendi, anyone who knows Buhari and his tendency to recycle archaic tactics, with no iota of doubt, will know that if he can do it once, He can do it again and again.
On the 4th of July 1984, British Customs made a very strange and unlikely seizure at the Stansted airport,2 crates, 1.2 x 1.2 x1.6 meters in size, declared as diplomatic baggage from the Nigerian High Commission.
The Crates were to be transported on a Nigerian Airways Boeing 707 aircraft that arrived from Lagos the previous evening,with several security agents on board.The Pilot declared that the Plane was to pick up diplomatic baggage from the Nigerian High Commission, and the security officials duly identified themselves and stated that they were there to protect the baggage…. but things were not to go as planned.
The crates were not labeled as diplomatic bags as required by Article 27(4) of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and proper documentation that would have made sure that the crates were not inspected were not provided, Coupled with the fact that the Customs officers, earlier that evening had received an all-ports warning alert about a certain kidnap in London, they had no choice but to open the crates.
In one of the crates, they found 2 men.
Levi-Arie Shapiro and Umaru Dikko, who was found unconscious, Shapiro was an Israeli Doctor and Dikko, was a former Nigerian minister. But the mystery was not over, the second crate also contained 2 men, Alexander Barak and Felix Abithol who were both MOSSAD agents.
Dikko was the Transport Minister under the civilian administration of President Sheu Shagari, from 1979 to 1983 when the government was overthrown by a military coup led by General Buhari.
After seizing power, Buhari released a list of former government officials accused of different crimes, and Umaru Dikko topped the list. He was accused of embezzling money running into about 6 billion US Dollars in Oil profits from the national treasury.
Dikko fled to London and settled there. Buhari government went after him in a Nigerian-Israeli joint operation that birthed the Hollywood-style kidnap of July 4th,1984.
A group of Nigerian security agents, Led by ex-Army Major Mohammed Yusufu traveled to London and rented an apartment on Cromwell road, posing as refugees from the new regime of General Muhammadu Buhari. MOSSAD agents put up in hotels, posing as anti-apartheid activists, the two groups were working separately but towards one common goal.
They searched everywhere for Umaru Dikko, narrowing the search towards Hide park where most wealthy Nigerians were located.
Their hard work finally paid off On June 30 1984, a MOSSAD agent spotted Dikko while driving down Queensway in Bayswater. The agent parked his car and tailed Dikko to his house in Porchester Terrace on foot. The house was then placed on constant surveillance while plans were kickstarted for his kidnap.
The MASSOB employed Doctor Shapiro who was a consultant anesthetist and director of the intensive care unit at HaSharon Hospital, to drug Dikko and insert an endotracheal tube to keep him from choking on his vomit while being transported in the crate.
Dikko was kidnapped on the 4th of July, outside his house, He was taken away in a van that had Major Mohammed Yesufu behind the wheels, he was then drugged by Doctor Shapiro. Fortunately and unfortunately, the kidnap was witnessed by Elizabeth Hayes, Dikko’s secretary and she wasted no time in notifying the authorities.
After the cases were opened, Umaru Dikko was taken to the hospital and seventeen men were arrested in relation to the case. Four of them, Shapiro, Yusufu, Barak, and Abithol were convicted and sentenced to prison terms of 10 to 14 years, though they were released and deported after serving between six to eight and a half.
The British government wasted no time in showing how they felt, they immediately expelled two members of the Nigerian High Commission in London, including the High commissioner.
Expectedly, the Nigerian and Israeli governments denied involvement in the saga, but it affected the diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and Britain for about two years.

Fast forward to Tuesday, June 29th, 2021, Nigerians woke up to Pictures of Nnamdi Kanu in a fine Fendi Tracksuits and on his wrists was not a Rolex or Hublot, but handcuffs, with a swollen face, his eyes barely opened, something some people are seriously arguing to be the effect of a high dosage of drugs that was not self-inflicted…probably, just to repeat history to the letters, the same one administered on Dikko way back in 1984.
Buhari is repeating history, this time not in London…and this time, mother luck smiled on him.

Family / Re: DNA Test Palava (What Do I Do?) by Mysteryman22: 3:42pm On Jul 31

Baba said he went to the university lol he only said he went to school and mind you the school could be polytechnic or college of education grin
And travel out could be Cameroon or Cotonou by road...lol
Career / Re: Ten Things You Need To Have As A Freelance Writer In Nigeria by Mysteryman22: 9:27pm On Jun 30
Yeah... i know someone making up to $1k per moment..
Dedication is one added advantage

Is the person on Nairaland?
Politics / Re: Defection: No South-East Governor Has Told Us He Is Joining APC – PDP by Mysteryman22: 7:40am On Jun 28
What if all these defectors are actually coming to work against APC from within
Politics / Re: Buhari Launches WADA, Says Drug Abuse Deadlier Than Insurgency by Mysteryman22: 10:00pm On Jun 26
I don’t believe this news...I don’t believe Buhari is foolish enough to say Drug abuse is deadlier than banditry,insurgency and kidnappings that are currently going on all over the country,thereby prioritizing war against drug abuse over war against insecurity...Can someone in kidnappers den or one already dismembered by bandits abuse drugs?
How does this even make sense to him and his advisers?

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Education / Re: Bnaira: Former UNILAG's Richest Boy (Then Vs Now Photos) by Mysteryman22: 12:56pm On Jun 26
Where that him nigga shyboss grin bnaira for quilox that year
Shyboss lives in the UK now,he’s a father of triplet...infact Bnaira is currently vacationing in UK with him.
Travel / Re: Emirates Makes U-turn, Suspends Nigerian Flight Until Further Notice by Mysteryman22: 2:04pm On Jun 22
When you go to a sane country and start to butcher yourselves like animals, this is what you get. I knew this was going to happen after that gory video. Please deport anybody not there on official duty or limited holiday. Nigerians are their greatest enemy...we go get sense laslas.

God bless you.you really understand what’s happening...those bastards are responsible for this...Imaging getting a 3 month Dubai visa last March just before the ban.

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Politics / Re: Heritage Bank Staff At Andy Uba's House, Demand Payment Of Debts (Photos, Video) by Mysteryman22: 6:19pm On Jun 21
Andy UBA bleeped up big time...if he had borrowed money from UBA (United bank of Africa) things for no go like this.
Career / Re: Should I Go Back Home Or Travel North For Job? by Mysteryman22: 8:00am On Jun 11

If you like Taraba state, the people and their culture, and you're sure of getting job in the state, I think you should consider going there.

One thing people don't know is that, getting a nice job in the Northern part of the country is much more easier than any part of the country.

Of a truth, the place of insecurity can not be overemphasized, but then I don't think safety is guaranteed (to a very large extent) in any part of the country presently.

I had my NYSC on the Plateau, Jos precisely. I was advised to stay back by my employer, I was able to convince my parents and they agreed. And I can say that decision is one of the best I've made in the last decade.

I will just advise you @OP, to channel your job search to the state capital, the state capitals in the North are always safe, at least to some extent.

Another thing is, they don't employ you based on the class you graduated with, it's none of their business, since you're good at what you do and you can deliver, you're good to go.

Most importantly, pray about it, let God direct and order your steps. You're more safer than save.


Are you still in Jos?
Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 44 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Lagos by Mysteryman22: 6:04pm On Jun 04
See as dem dey pose like match don set.....EFCC FC United vs Lagos Yahoo Boys

Lol...Na true sha,all their poses na stadium pose
Business / Re: Bitcoin Falls Sharply After China Signals Cryptocurrency Crackdown by Mysteryman22: 4:07pm On May 19
Not my business... Who else noticed that #100 recharge card is now #110?

Lol...I think sey na only my area oo
Celebrities / Re: Isimbi Alliance Celebrates Her Birthday Reception With Friends In Abuja (Photos) by Mysteryman22: 11:39pm On May 12
Who's that boy on bowler hat?[/quote]
You are not going to heaven at all !!!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Photos Of Missing Indonesia Submarine Lying At The Bottom Of Ocean by Mysteryman22: 7:16am On Apr 26
I have a friend who is a ship captain that has been disturbing me to come and join him in his ship,This one of the reasons I bluntly refused.
May there souls RIP.
I will love to join your captain friend on his ship.can you help?
Sports / Re: Former EPL Referee, Howard Webb Marries German Female Referee, Steinhaus by Mysteryman22: 8:59am On Apr 14
Every true Chelsea fan hates this guy.
He hated Chelsea so badly he couldn’t even hide it.
Celebrities / Re: How I Met My Son's Father - Yasmin Larissa London (Video) by Mysteryman22: 8:57pm On Mar 24
My question is between Ifeanyin and this boy,who senior who?...Chioma is just another baby mama and the list is not ending yet.
Politics / Re: Wakili Charged For Murder, Kidnapping; Remanded In Prison by Mysteryman22: 5:00pm On Mar 16
This is a welcomed development if it’s not a ploy to make the public believe he’s in custody and secretly release him back into the world.

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Crime / Re: Mando Kaduna Forestry School Kidnapping: Gunmen Abduct Female Students In Kaduna by Mysteryman22: 10:44am On Mar 12
There is a random jihadis going on in the northern part of the country. There mission is the same with bokoharam, but they are using different methods, in other to force the state to close all western education in the north.

This makes a lot of sense.


Politics / Re: Kagara Shocker: No Contact With Abductors Of Students, Others — Vanguard by Mysteryman22: 10:08pm On Feb 21
Is this damage control or what?
All wr know is that gumi and the government know the terrorists named bandits
You are very intelligent....but the whole world can’t unseen what we saw...government officials and a so called Sheik meeting with bandits right infront of cameras.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Peace Of Niger Republic Must Matter To Nigeria by Mysteryman22: 9:17am On Feb 19
Ofcourse,only a bastard will forget his father’s house...with this statement from the president,I now believe 100 percent that our current president is not Buhari,but Jubril from Niger republic.

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Religion / Re: Pastor Mike David Threatens To Expose Apostle Suleiman Over Stephanie Otobo Saga by Mysteryman22: 4:32pm On Feb 08
grin.. This man should be careful o before Apostle teleport am to North Korea. cheesy grin

Lol...like the guy in France. ��

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Phones / Re: Government Moves NIN-SIM Linkage Deadline To April 6 by Mysteryman22: 8:23am On Feb 02
Eventually they will extend it till the end of the year,then gradually no don't mention anything about their being a deadline,but only insist that anyone getting a new SIM or replacing one must provide a NIN.

You are wise.remember the case of Bvn
Politics / Re: ‘You Are A Liar’ — Sunday Igboho Blasts Ojudu by Mysteryman22: 1:22pm On Jan 26
I said this yesterday.Sunday Igboho has never worked with any other politician but Ladoja.infavt he and Baba Adedibu were sworn enemies till Adedibu’s death.Tinubu knows about the lies by this Femi guy,they just wanted to discredit Sunday and they have failed,they didn’t do their homework well.I know more about Sunday than Nigeria government ever will.

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