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Politics / Re: How Wike Led Ugwuanyi, Ortom, Ikpeazu To Electoral Defeat by naijanative: 6:22am On Mar 05

All members of the G-5 are losers.

Wike's loss is coming long-term. He will never grow beyond Rivers state politics. If he dumbly tries to participate in politics that would require alliance from other regions, he will fail woefully.

Rivers people no longer respect him. By May 29, he will be nobody

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Emerges The Most Searched Presidential Candidate On Google by naijanative: 1:57pm On Jan 02

It is a strong indicator sir.it is wider than anap/noi polls and other biased mushroom polls.it analyses what millions are doing unlike what anap does by analysing few thousands

What are they searching? It could be positive or negative, that's what determines the interpretation.
Politics / Re: Commissioning Of Bola Tinubu's Campaign Office Today In Daura, Katsina by naijanative: 2:12am On Sep 28, 2022
I have the 100% confident in my mind that tinubu will win....

What happens next? Your life becomes better?
Politics / Re: Breaking Peter OBI Get More Support From An American Billionaire by naijanative: 11:44pm On Aug 25, 2022
This could be against the law.

Fake news. They will soon pin this fake news on OBIdients when it's agbado and mikano urchins peddling it

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Politics / Re: We Now Farm For Bandits; They Rape Our Wives, Daughters At Will: Katsina Elder by naijanative: 11:42pm On Aug 25, 2022
They won't still vote a Southern Christian regardless. Their bigotry in Muslim north has no comparison. Anyway I have nothing to say, and definitely can't wish them bad. I can only wish them luck
Politics / Re: 2023: I’m Looking Forward To The Miracle, Peter Obi Fires Back At Atiku by naijanative: 7:52pm On Jul 25, 2022
He will win
Politics / Re: Wike And I Will Work For Pdp’s Victory – Ortom by naijanative: 8:58pm On Jul 21, 2022
Peter Obi people & lies..

Thought he said every candidate should step down for Peter Obi..


Instead of cursing, the video is there for you to see where he asked others to step down for Obi. If he talked another thing on Arise TV, he also has his right. Don't bring curses on yourself for something that has little to no concern to you
Career / Re: How Much Will You Earn Monthly In Nigeria To Make Moving Abroad Unattractive? by naijanative: 12:43pm On Feb 21, 2022
Top investment bankers making an average of 1m /month, managers in oil companies earning $10000(5m)/month and top programmers earning $60,000/yr(30m) are choosing to leave, and you need to ask why?

1. Firstly, oil workers earning those crazy amounts live in estates with heavy guided security for fear of kidnappers which are long before bandits. So what's the essence of earning this huge amount and being enclosed.

2. Tech guys making that crazy amount are not believed these days as some go as far as stating it's yahoo and face abrupt harassment timely. So why shouldn't we leave?

3. The whole world is a system of immigration. Places like the USA, Canada are all linage traced to immigrant forms. So it's not a crime.

Of you choosing to remain in Nigeria, it's a choice. And if Japa is the goal, still go for it. Let's stop making it a big deal. Nobody owes anybody an explanation. History has shown us what patriotism means in this country.

After all, independence was a result of greed and power and not the true intent of independence. The civil war proved it, and the present-day nepotism.

You have valid reasons


Politics / Re: Florence Ita Giwa Celebrates Her 76th Birthday Today by naijanative: 8:50am On Feb 19, 2022
And Tinubu is 69 smh


Politics / Re: Modestus Nwankpa: Nigeria Will Explode Under An Okorocha Presidency by naijanative: 6:15am On Jan 31, 2022
Why I don't support Rochas coming out for presidency, Uzodinma and his cronies have no moral obligation to even advice. Uzodinma is the worst governor Imo State has ever had


Career / Re: Which Career Is Better Flutter Programming Or Networking by naijanative: 1:38pm On Jan 27, 2022
Anything worthwhile takes time and effort
Politics / Re: Black Soot All Over Car Washed This Morning by naijanative: 12:03pm On Jan 18, 2022

Most of this soot is from this crude distillation pans used to make dirty petrol .gas Flaring doesn't create this type of soot
Kpofire, not refinery. PH refinery is not even operational. Flaring does not release black soot

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Politics / Re: Black Soot All Over Car Washed This Morning by naijanative: 12:00pm On Jan 18, 2022
Politics / Black Soot All Over Car Washed This Morning by naijanative: 11:36am On Jan 18, 2022
The menace of black soot continues in Port Harcourt metropolis. Here is a car washed this morning and weather by 8am this morning. Will upload more videos as I drove through Port Harcourt this morning


Politics / Re: 2023: Is This JJ Omojuwa Tweet About Tinubu Accurate? by naijanative: 3:16am On Jan 14, 2022
By this tweet, he's already supporting him. How is opposite of "I want Tinubu “ be hate? He has no pedigree to rule with questionable character and age not being on his side... his output would be poor

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Health / Stop The Soot In Port Harcourt by naijanative: 10:00pm On Dec 28, 2021
Government is silent...

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Politics / Black Soot Port Harcourt - Daily Reminder by naijanative: 9:44am On Dec 28, 2021
This is a daily reminder that black soot is ravaging Port Harcourt without any action or acknowledgement by either Rivers or Federal Government.

Education / Re: Ghanaian Headmaster Caught Sleeping With Female Student In His Office (Video) by naijanative: 4:25pm On Nov 10, 2021

This is no longer news nah, it has been happening for years. Back then in my sec. sch, our intro-tech master samples both students and teachers in his lab because the lab is in an isolated area. We were like 3 students who knew this and we dare not talk even if we talk, we can't prove it.

I've sometime ago eavesdrop girls between the age of 15-16years sometime ago talking about abortion and I couldn't believe my ears I swear to God, I was just looking at them and in couldn't help but ask God to help me as a young man becausebi cannot pray not to have a girl child. MAY GOD HELP THIS GENERATION.

Pertaining the two people in the video, they did not start doing it today, they've been doing it for a very long time and they will not stop it today. You don't know how these you young girls crave for matured AmstelRock.

It has been happening years and I don't think it will ever stop.

Where did you school?
Crime / Re: Oliver Anidiobi Jailed For 18 Years For Using Customers N219m For Ponzi In Enugu by naijanative: 5:41am On Nov 03, 2021
See head like Jabulani ball used during the 2010 Fifa world cup in SA.

If he had known, he would have trade Bitcoin with it instead. By now na EFCC for dey ask am "anything for the boys?" grin

Another fraudster

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Investment / Re: Benignant Investment Tradings; Real Or Scam? by naijanative: 4:49pm On Oct 31, 2021
10% ROI in a month? Scam
Religion / Re: What Does The Bible Say About Intersex? by naijanative: 9:44am On Oct 31, 2021

I know that. I mean, what is the thing to believe in Jesus Christ?

That he came to save us from sin, that he is the Son of God, and hope of mankind in the face of death.
Politics / Re: 25 Died In Rivers’ Illegal Refinery Explosion — Community by naijanative: 10:22am On Oct 24, 2021
RIP to the dead. If you continue blaming multinationals, it means you haven't learnt anything from this.
Do you mind them, we have been complaining about black soot, and these communities have been cashing out to the detriment of the public. Was it iocs that asked them to vandalise their pipelines and set up illegal refinery?

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Politics / Re: 25 Died In Rivers’ Illegal Refinery Explosion — Community by naijanative: 10:19am On Oct 24, 2021
This has nothing to do with multinationals, you guys digged your own graves. When we were complaining about black soot, nobody complained because you guys were cashing out from illegal refining

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Politics / Re: Gen Buratai Commends President Muhammadu Buhari For "Defeating Boko Haram" by naijanative: 2:22pm On Oct 23, 2021
What do these people smoke?
Politics / . by naijanative: 11:42pm On Oct 11, 2021
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 12:27pm On Oct 06, 2021

No. Ọhaneze doesn't.
They don't even have credibility in Igboland. They are simply a Nigerian forum.
In as much as many criticise IPOB, never undermine their influence.
IPOB can rival Nigeria at any moment if they play their card well.
You are right, IPOB has more credibility only in Nigeria... but they have not played their card well. Soon and very soon, they will crumble

Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 11:22am On Oct 06, 2021
Nigeria ịs a state actor and will get as much help as she needs, if a war is started by IPOB. Remember, IPOB has no legitimacy... no agreement with any nation, not even an ethnic group. Ọhaneze has more legitimacy internationally than IPOB
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 11:19am On Oct 06, 2021
firstly I am happy that we are having a normal matured discussion, bereaved of insult and abuses..

Now to the discussion, Nigeria cannot have the backing of the US due to their close ties with China; and you know Eu and uk will throw their weight where America is as usual. That aside, this is not 1967 where the world had fewer problems and was ready to pounce on any distractions: now every country of the world has it own serious problem and would not want to side a country that especially has nothing to offer

IPOB is on the verge of being declared a terrorist organisation internationally. They started peacefully, but now they are a terror to those who disagree with them. No country will throw their weight behind them. I
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 6:21am On Oct 06, 2021

I don't think this should be an Avenue of competition with IPOB, they had made their contributions in the good times and IPOB/Biafra MUST remain our regional military options becuase Igbo Province is not ready to pet non Igbo but we need their Alliance, it is only by making sure that the Biafran structure is intact that we can more easily work with our core allies in this case.

There is no way the North keeps Arewa and the West keeps Oduduwa and you expect us to dismantle Biafra no, if they want all of us to accept Nigeria in full they should first accept Nigeria in full

IPOB must remain, we have real enemies in Nigeria and bodies like IPOB would serve as our protective shield why our Engineers, scientists and more works in a secure and prosperous environment, Igbo province have no intention of keeping an army in this case it becomes advisable that we don't turn Igboland into a weakling prosperity or a battle ground by trying to dismantle Biafra
Nobody will join us with this madness our people are exhibiting. Biafra does not even have an Igbo origin. We can work on Igbo nation. This is not about competition
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 6:15am On Oct 06, 2021

Mr.Man , shut your hateful mouth and face the topic. Leave Yorubas out of una mouth. We no be una mate or that of the Fulanis.

Yorubas and the SW are the only good and progressive thing about Nigeria today , as far as the major ethnic groups are concerned, so show some respect to those a million times better than you IPOBians can ever be.

@OP AlexBells.

Always amusing, amounting to comic relief actually, reading Igbo discussions online because you lot only go on to validate that Igbos, in the main, are a hateful, sentimental, unreasonable, emptily egotistic and militantly aggressive people who will always be their own worst enemies.

You tried to talk reasonably and pragmatically only to begin getting insults immediately from your fellow Igbos instead of reasonable and stimulating responses that can prompt brainstorming discussions.

One day, people like you will accept you are a minority and that Igbos in general, your own people, are an unreasonable and hateful lot who deserve everything that has happened and will happen to them.

In the end you will wise up, see and accept the obvious, and stop suggesting reasonable solutions your patently unreasonable people are not willing to hear let alone reflect on. Lol.

I'm still trying to understand if reasonable Igbos are minority or may be the unreasonable ones are the loudest. I'm seriously ashamed of what majority of my people spill online
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 5:59am On Oct 06, 2021

I live in Enugu and under the right conditions I do meet people from time to time, you can as well check out my page at facebook.com/igbopremier

Nice one. There is currently nothing good about IPOB. They don cast. People fighting for freedom, yet you get termed "sabo" and killed for airing differing opinion.
Politics / Re: Appeal To Igbos On Nairaland by naijanative: 5:48am On Oct 06, 2021
I had always wanted to carry so many people along and I understand, this is a faceless forum for many but for me it is different, We started Igbo province for quite a while now and I want a joint force with the rest of us here.

I want us to adopt Igbo province as a traditional government of the Igbo nation, so many mistakes was made in the past that need to be corrected, getting Biafra is not an issue it is the mode of asking for it thats the issue, a time will come when strict reasoning would be prioritised.

In the past Igbos had taken risk for others, Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu took the risk for the Middle belt and West but he was never appreciated, Biafra declaration was illegal both Ojukwu and Gowon and all the Military heads of states where illegal.

When declaring Biafra he had no such right but be that as it may, declaring Biafra under a Military regime is nothing but a call to war, the military speaks only one Language which is war.

Biafran declaration or leaving Nigeria is a political situation not a Military situation, I bet if Zik or Premier Michael Okpara asked to leave Nigeria it could have been Smooth, but before the coup and the civil war there was no need or desire to leave Nigeria becuase everything was going well for the East.

We have a bright chance as I had spoken to so many legal luminaries, Military men and women and politicians as well, I can't take the credit alone but we are stronger together, let's come together rebuild Igbo province not the old Eastern region and focus on our lands.

Then if our people want out of Nigeria we would seek political solution to it, this is not a military situation but our parents in the mainstream can't do much, let's play our part continued militarization of this situation would only be more costly.

Even if we have to seek Military solutions, it would still be better if we have a traditional province that would make friends within Nigeria, we have many allies who would work with us as Igbo people.

IPOB is a great body but they are working with the old Biafran template and we had tried to bring unity between them and our politicians to no Avail, so we need to do something, the polititian is not even the problem, so many Igbos are still in the Nigerian military and the Military is the real binding wire of this country not the politician except the presidency.

Let's come together and work for a goal, we give so much free tips everyday but we can all write our name in marbles by fronting Igbo province, we are the one who can remove this distrust between both sides of our people serving Biafra and our people serving Nigeria, no one have to be a saboteur nor rebels, we should all come together as one Igbo people we are the only ones we got.

On my own, power is interesting but absolute power is dangerous, I don't want to be a life premier if we work together once the system is strong and stable, we would introduce an electoral process and an encompassing constitution where any qualified Igbo would be free to contest for positions.

I don't see why we should continue clamouring for old Eastern region when Igbo province would give us Anioma which used to be Midwest, if you noticed I don't use to be as aggressive as I used to be becuase the problem is quite complex and it is only when we come together to look deeper that we can solve.

Please, I'm pleading once again even if you don't want to take active part in this, recognise Igbo province and support us by using it in your publications, we already have an offline base especially in Enugu.


Good job bro. But this is a faceless group, how do I know you are really Igbo? It is high time right thinking Igbos come together

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