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Politics / Re: Bandits Have Effectively Surrounded Abuja From The 4 Corners by nameo: 8:32am
The problem now is that the security operatives are not ready or willing to go after armed bandits and herders.. why are they called security outfits if they can't go after these criminals abducting, killing and demanding ransom from people while they get away with thier crimes in most cases.

With the way things are going, the unity of this country is under serious threat. People are still hoping for the economy to get better, then some bandits of Fulani stock decide to make the country tense while the Fulani oligarchs in government refuse to take action.

What stops Buhari from designating bandits as terrorists and then use full force to neutralize them? what exactly is causing the delay??
Lolz.... you are wondering why the current security agencies are not "willing or able to fight these Fulani bandits" abi?

Anyways, I hope you are not amongst those iiddiots who shouted down some of us in 2015/2016 when Buhari filled virtually every security agancy with northern Muslim heads in an unprecedented concentration of security power in a single section of thecountry, telling us that Buhari is free to "hire anybody he is comfortable to work with"?

I hope you are not part of them, else the Thunder that is warming up ehn.....
Politics / Re: Don't Call Them Terrorists, Call Them Bandits: NBC To Media Houses- Steven Kefas by nameo: 7:00am On Oct 23
When Buhari was busy foisting his tribesmen in every position in the land, some of you were busy challenging those who had the guts to challenge Buhari. Those ethnic henchmen he appointted to strategic positions are now doing the job they were recruited to do. How many people have been arrested for the invasion of the military academy? How many people have been arrested for the train incident? How many people have been arrested for the Agatu massacres? That's why it's important to fight against tribalism and sectionalism in any multiethnic state once they rear their ugly heads.. These events are no coincidence! It's an evil script that's being played out and it will end in blood if the country doesn't rise up and say enough is enough..


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Politics / Re: NRC Suspends Train Services After Bandits Bombed Kaduna-Abuja Train (Photos) by nameo: 2:05pm On Oct 21
When is President Buhari going to be removed from office?

What kinda of national assembly and political class do we have.

The country is almost completely gone and yet nothing.

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Politics / Re: Soldiers Repel Boko Haram Ambush, Kill Several ISWAP Fighters (Graphic Photos) by nameo: 9:18am On Oct 20
You're a mediocre mumu who is easily swayed with propaganda. Where was this same military when Bandits and Boko-haram where playing golf with citizens in Gonoyo in Sokoto ? Nonsense

Sorry, should not have crutch that last statement of mine as a question: something is definitely wrong with you
Politics / Re: Soldiers Repel Boko Haram Ambush, Kill Several ISWAP Fighters (Graphic Photos) by nameo: 8:52am On Oct 20
Boko-haram has killed more soldiers than what the Nigerian military keeps touting about so I don't see the need for celebration here. In fact , it is a thing of shame

Will you keep quiet.

What the hecck is wrong with some of you?


Celebrities / Re: Blackmail: Fans React As Video Of Tiwa Savage, Lover Surfaces by nameo: 1:48pm On Oct 19
Nigerian celebs have very poor taste. Especially the ones in the music industry. When you see the kind of women they impregnate or the kind of men they are dating, you understand that money can’t buy class.

If Tiwa had some class or standard at least, what is she doing with an urchin who whipped out his phone in a pleasurable moment to video his woman? A woman he knows is a top rated African artist. A brand ambassador to various organizations. The mother of a growing child and role model to some girls that I don’t know.

She said he was using Snapchat? What kinda man uses SnapChat? Most sensible men can go 200 years without taking a picture. If you think I am lying, ask your hardworking bf in Shell or Pwc for his picture, it will take him 3 months to send you just one poorly taken picture. But Tiwa’s own downloaded Snapchat and decided to use it for sex video.

When I say, don’t fck with men that have nothing to lose, it is for a reason. Don’t fck men without a reputation to protect. Their senses are inactive, a perfect contrast to their gbola. Kpokpogarri and the likes. Spits!


Lots of truths spoken in this comment

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Education / Re: I'd Fight If Anyone Flogged My Children Like Kwara Students - Islamic Preacher by nameo: 9:46pm On Oct 17

I'm saying the Alfa comment can be liking to President Bihari speaking against nepotism......

He should first own up first, desist from it and advise his colleagues......not boasting no one can beat his children like that while he beats other people's children.

I get that.

But you have still not answered the question: do you think that such "discipline" is right ot wrong?

Your next response would determine if i should continue engaging you and what sort of person you are
Politics / Re: Government Pays $50,000 Ransom To Bandits To Retrieve Antiaircraft Gun - WSJ by nameo: 7:53pm On Oct 17
Cc Seunmsg yarimo senatordave tinubuadvocate ngpatriot antichrist bollove mannabbqgrills sarrki garfield genbuhari helinues, and other Buhari/APC supporters.

Disgusting lots

Celebrities / Re: Chiwetalu Agu Arrives AGN Office In Enugu After His Release (Photos) by nameo: 7:24pm On Oct 17
You people UAR people don't have a nation and you don't have fear of GOD. Let us go and form a GOD fearing nation. We are tired of this evil country UAR
Do you really mean that?
Education / Re: I'd Fight If Anyone Flogged My Children Like Kwara Students - Islamic Preacher by nameo: 7:24pm On Oct 17

I'm telling you this incident is not alien to anyone that have even attended Ile Kewu you're referring to the comment as nonsense.

Are you an hypocrite yourself ?

Do you support that kinda treatment or not?

That people have always done a thing is immaterial in determining the rightness or otherwise of that thing.

I mean yoh sound educated so you should know this!!

Again, do YOU support it or not?
Politics / Re: Scrap Office Of First Lady – Peter Obi by nameo: 7:22pm On Oct 17

Even the southwesterners I have at my work place and mentors just hate the man for no reason

I have try relate with them to see why he is not liked only deduce the tribal card been played

Just ignore, because the average Nigeria won't mind vote the devil as long he is from their tribe

Well maybe those Yorubas you have at work are Tinubu-Yorubas.

No sane human being or Nigerian for that matter whom hate Peter Obi. You can either support or not support him(and that is thr person's choice) but hate......

Go to Twitter and see the ethnic group of the persons vehemently supporting Peter Obi. Just go and check
Politics / Re: Scrap Office Of First Lady – Peter Obi by nameo: 1:44pm On Oct 17

They hate him simply because he is not from south west

Forget it...south west and south east hate themselves with passion...

That is not true.

Always differentiate between a normal("sane"wink southwesterner and Tinubu-Yoruba clowns

Do this and know peace

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Politics / Re: Scrap Office Of First Lady – Peter Obi by nameo: 1:33pm On Oct 17
Mr buhari said same. So all of u should stop scamming us

He is not "scamming you". He practised it for 8 years as Govof Anambra state.

You really need to go read/find out about Peter Obi

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Politics / Re: Scrap Office Of First Lady – Peter Obi by nameo: 1:29pm On Oct 17
This Pandora clown was with Jonathan all through his presidency and he saw how powerful and influential Mama Piss was but never gave this advice. He’s out of favor now and suddenly has the best advice on how things should be done. Advice they didn’t have while in office.

Anyway, he can keep deceiving sheeples with nonsense like this. He’s a liar and a corrupt politician like the rest of them.

Hey, Zoombie

He didnt have an Office of the First Lady when he was Gov for 8 years. He lives what he preaches. He did more than "shouting" during GEJ Presidency.

You clowns want to as usual destroy a Good man cos of your sillly political support of a discredited old man. How is that working, lolz?

Bladdi Hypocrite!!!

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Politics / Re: Scrap Office Of First Lady – Peter Obi by nameo: 12:54pm On Oct 17
As the governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi scrapped the office of the first lady. Anybody from Anambra state would tell you that Peter Obi is against any form of waste, he's also a very reasonable human being unlike most Nigerian politicians.

If this is true, it is the most important point here. It means he actually practices(ans practised in this case) what he preaches.

Kudos to Peter Obi.

I want him as President

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Education / Re: I'd Fight If Anyone Flogged My Children Like Kwara Students - Islamic Preacher by nameo: 2:30pm On Oct 16
Your obsession with the North is just sickening

The beating happened in Yoruba speaking kwara state where all parties involved are yorubas
Not one single northerner has commented on this issue, yet you find a way to blame the north for this

But Kwara is in the north na, abi?
Education / Re: I'd Fight If Anyone Flogged My Children Like Kwara Students - Islamic Preacher by nameo: 2:29pm On Oct 16
Hypocrite! Is there any Ile Kewu that doesn't engage their pupil in various degree of dehumanizing disciplines ?....from hawking for eleha to all manner of chores......

One advantage of social media I don't like is, it has become a platform that enable people to live a double life and practice double standard.

It has also become a controlling tool as well. Anyone can now impose an unwarranted pressure in others to conform with an unwritten social structures standard.

What nonsense, non-committal comment is this?

So are you in support of the "various degree of dehumanizing" treatment as you described or Not??
Celebrities / Re: Chiwetalu Agu Arrives AGN Office In Enugu After His Release (Photos) by nameo: 1:40pm On Oct 15
Hero of our time cool

Enjoy your freedom sir.

Let me ask a question: is it true that most Igbos really want to leave Nigeria or that they are just trying to protest against certain perceived slights from the Nigerian state? Is it a lost cause?
Politics / Re: Pandora Papers: I Broke No Law ― Peter Obi by nameo: 1:17pm On Oct 08
i pity una for This sha, how will the country move forward when some people blindly supports corruption, how will a whole governor say he is not aware he is supposed to declare jointly owned assets, is that not madness and investigations even reveals they are not jointly owned, he owns them all, una foolish for this country sha

Investigations by whom?

This is the 2nd time you making this statement.

Who conducted the investigation? You??
Politics / Re: Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu Launches SWAGA '23 In Lagos by nameo: 5:57pm On Oct 07
Ipob will tell you Tinubu is this or that, but ask them to mention any SE leader that’s better tinubu , they’ll start foaming..

Peter Obi, Soludu and Okonjo-Iweala
Politics / Re: Lawan: National Assembly’ll Pass 2022 Budget Before End Of 2021 by nameo: 1:41pm On Oct 07
Even tho this NA is the worst in Nigeria's recent history and budget implementation from the executive have remained abysmal, it is a good thing that budget cycle has returned to the more predictable Jan-Dec cycle.

I commend the Govt on this

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Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by nameo: 9:20am On Oct 06
Don't mind those children of hate from South West of dustbin.Tomorrow if Maduka profile started soaring they will start digging everything available to pull him down

Why are you Igbos(on Nairaland) trying to make this about "tribe". The arrogance and emotinalism of some of you sha.

They are baiting you and you are falling fot it.

Go to Twitter and see the people defending Peter Obi or at least given him the benefit of the doubt. Most are not even Igbos. A lot of them are even Yorubas.

You need to be smart ebough to differentiate between Yorubas(generally) and the Tinubu-Yorubas.

Dont ever allow them box in Peter Obi as an Igbo, sectional candidate else he will surely loss the election if he contests. That by the way is what those Tinubu-Yorubas will try to do by the way. That is what they are already doing.

Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by nameo: 9:14am On Oct 06
Utter drivel! The article to me is nothing but a futile attempt to defend a fraudster who pretends to be a saint. Why should a public servant be involved in such shady deals as to fund companies in remote places with funds from my state coffers. Obi is simply a criminal, period!!!

Lolz...it is you who is the "fraudster" here.

Even the article didnt say what you are saying now. It is fraudulent of you to just pull that out of your azz.
Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by nameo: 9:11am On Oct 06
The way tribal abuse goes on in nairaland, you begin to wonder if there is hope. When Peter Obi is questioned, Igbos rush out with brickbats to defend him. If Tinubu is mentioned, torrents of abuse rain from the Yorubas. If Buhari or Dangote is mentioned, the Fulani/Hausa flood the space with insults. Yet nothing is changing.

Yoots of today. Hypocrites of tomorrow Mtschew

Plzz you guys shoùld shut it with these Igbos this, Igbos that nonsense. Some of us are not from the SE yet we support Peter Obi.

Moreover, go to Twitter right now and search for Peter Obi mentions. Majority of the peeps supporting him there are not Igbos. Just go and search. A lot are actuallý Yorubas. There is another take on this issue by another Yoruba ans then northern lawyers that i read yesterday. Just like OP in this thread, they are not Igbos.

Focused on the issue plzz and dont be unfòrtunatè. The accusations and rebuttals that is.

Now, to the issue at hand. Let me just say i am somewhat disappointed that Peter Obi name was even mentioned in this context. And that is why i believe he needs to come out and clear up all these HIMSELF.

However, let me note that of the 4 or so persons mentioned already in this pandora expose, Peter Obi is the ONLY one that the words "stolen funds" has not been used. In fact, one of the writers of the article(Ibekwe) specifically said that they didnt not accuse Peter Obi of stealing or corruption after our own Seun asked him specifically on that on Twitter.

My views about Peter Obi has not changed. Not yet.
Politics / Re: Accountant-General, Ahmed Idris Marries Hussain, 16-Year-Old Girl. Family Kicks by nameo: 8:08pm On Oct 05

Only and only by her consent. I think I have clarified myself. Anything apart from is un-Islamic. Taliban, BH and their likes have nowhere to back forced marriage in Islam.

Your 9 years old CHILD can consert to a marriage?

Does your head hear what it wants to say before your mouth(or in this case, your hand) say it?

Are you listerning to yourself?
Politics / Re: Accountant-General, Ahmed Idris Marries Hussain, 16-Year-Old Girl. Family Kicks by nameo: 7:00pm On Oct 05

Everything in Islam is by intention. No compelling in religion (verse of the Qur'an).

In islam, marriage can't be conducted/concluded without: girl's consent or boy (man) 's consent.

Anything other than the above is tradition/culture/costumes, but not Islam.

For your question: I would rather let my daughter marry early than to fall under whatsoever victims of sexual abuse. Let her again continue with her education/studies while she married.


But she is not likely to continue education whilst married. That is the reality.

But wait o, did you just agreed that you will marry your 9 years old daughter out to a man?
Like what da ffuck!!!

There is something really fundamentally wrong with a lot of you "core" northerners. And it is deep.
I always try to keep an open mind and give people the benefit of the doubts but damn!! That is how none of you i have asked if they believe or support the Taliban have answered the question.

By the way, the Taliban believes in marrying out girls as young as 12. So does Boko haram in Nigeria, who just ordered such recently in a part of Niger State. So does Izala and other salafis organisation. And that is telling.

Something is really wrong. And i pray that i do not loss hope in northern Nigeria and in Nigeria cos of things like these
Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by nameo: 1:32pm On Oct 04

Read once again, slowly and slowly this time

Thanks. You just proved the article right.

A lot of Northern muslims support and believe in the Taliban. A terroist organisation with extreme views that kill/maim people with different views from them in the name of Islam. The Taliban with views similar to Salafist and even Izala(to some extent) views here in Nigeria, which is actually the main argument of the OP.

That is troubling. It is very troubling


Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by nameo: 9:52am On Oct 04

Give me a clear description of the Talibans, who they are then I can tell you if their doings are within the jurisdiction of Islaam or not.

I am talking about the Talibans.

The present Govt of Afghanistan.

Info is free on google.

Do you believe or support them?

NB: It is amazing how you northern Muslims have been hiding/deflecting a simple question

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Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by nameo: 10:38pm On Oct 03
Your question have been answered so well...but i doubt if your eyes can see the truth!

You cant close your mind and expect to see the answer....

Anyway i wil educate you even more...

Clearly Islam the religion is not the cause of terrorism. Islam, as I said, is a religion of peace. However through the centuries, deviations from the true teachings of Islam take place. And so Muslims kill despite the injunction of their religion against killing especially of innocent people.

If you look at Christianity you must admit that being thrown to the lions by the Romans did not prevent Christians when they achieved power from being totally intolerant of those who did not accept Christianity During the Spanish Inquisition suspected apostates were burnt at the stake after mock trials. In fact many who are in America today are descended from Christians who had fled from terror perpetrated by other Christians. And the Jews in America are the descendants of the Jews who fled the regular pogroms in European countries, especially Russia, and of course the persecution by the Germans under Hitler.

Islam had in fact been more tolerant. The Jews chose to migrate to North Africa together with the defeated Muslims after Ferdinand and Isabella completed the reconquest of Spain. To stay back meant forced conversion to Christianity or pain of death. Even after conversion they remained suspects and were persecuted.

The Muslims were well disposed towards Christians in particular. When the early Muslims were persecuted by the heathen Arabs, they sought refuge in Abyssinia, a Christian country with a Christian king. They were well treated there because the Christians realised they worshipped the same God and recognised not only the prophets of the Christians but those of the Jews as well. The Muslims venerate Musa or Moses, and Isa or Jesus as their prophets along with Adam, Abraham, Jacob and others.

They differ from the Hebrews and the Christians because they believe that at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the Jews and the Christians had deviated from the true teachings. But then you must remember that Martin Luther and others too accused the Christians of their times of deviation from the true teachings and founded their own creed or sect in protest. So the Muslims' attitude towards Christianity is not much different from that of the various Protestant sects. In the past Catholics and Protestants were violently intolerant of each other.

Islam is capable of coexisting with Judaism and Christianity if they are not oppressed. Indeed Islam is capable of coexisting with other religions too, including with those without any religion.

However, whether people are fighting a noble cause or not, there are certain acts which they may not perpetrate. Exploding bombs in public places and killing innocent people cannot be accepted. Holding civilians to ransom or as hostages cannot be accepted. Poisoning food, medicine or water supply cannot be accepted.

Sorry, if you answered the question before i did not see it.

So kindly just answer that question alone now. No need for anyother story plzz.

Do you believe in or support the Taliban??

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Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by nameo: 10:13pm On Oct 03
TALIBAN SIMPLY GAINED CONTROL OVER THEIR COUNTRY and you see that as evil and bad...but Israel has forcefully killed people including children and force themselves on their lands but you close your eyes to that evil...

Somebody posted this in order to berate Afghanistan government.
You accused Taliban of not allowing females to go to school. Now that they are going to school, you still accused them of separating their seats in the classroom.
You can not used your religion as a yardstick to judge Islam. You can only learn from Islam so as to live a better life. Islam is free from free mixing of matured male and female. That is the standard of Islam.

I asked you a simple question which you have not answered in the rant above: do you believe in or support the Taliban?
Yes or No. And then if you like, why?

By the way, i oppose what Isreal is doing to the Palestine (and i specifically mean the taking of the lands of Palestine. I have always opposed that vehemently whilst supporting the right of Isreal to defend itself. Two different issues).

Plus, i do not hate Islam or any other religion or belief system. Never have.
But i do not tolerate when any religion or belief become a clog to human progresd or peace. Which is what some Muslims are turning Islam to be now. If you read the article, you should be angry at those who are trying to deface Islam except of course yoi believe that they are in the right yourself.

Am talking too much. Plzz answer the questions


Politics / Re: Cornflakes For Jihad: The Boko Haram Origin Story By David Hundeyin by nameo: 9:50pm On Oct 03
They go to work, live, holiday & shop in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait & Qatar.
While there, they subject themselves completely to Sharia laws & Islamic injunctions that govern these countries.
They even learn Arabic to be able to communicate effectively.
But here in Nigeria that is governed by laws & a constitution that is based on the Christian CANONICAL laws...;
here in Nigeria that uses for all its official documents, schedules & civil observances the GREGORIAN calendar named after Pope Gregory XIII, who issued the papal bull Inter gravissimas in 1582, announcing calendar reforms for all of Catholic Christiandom which gave birth to the Gregorian calendar in use today also called the Western or Christian calendar...;
they want to die whenever they see Arabic inscription on anything. They are so afraid of Islamization & are all running away to the Middle East to escape been Islamized by Buhari.
Self-deceit & idiotic hypocrisy should indeed have a limit!!

Bros, do you believe in or support the Taliban??


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