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Music/Radio / Re: Important Facts About The Way The Best Travel Podcast Works For Travelers by nblinks(m): 4:31am On May 27, 2020
There are great inner joy in travelling; especially if you have the financial means to do so. Over the years, I follow and read about various interesting places we have in Nigeria that foreigners can visit. In fact, there are many Nigeria blog and podcast sites that cover this aspects.
Webmasters / Re: How To Start A Blog by nblinks(m): 12:52am On Apr 19, 2020

There are many ways to make money from your blog... The popular one is Google Adsense. The Adsense is still a peanut compare to other ways in which can monetize your blog. Personally i don't use Adsense i believe it's for baby bloggers.

To learn how to start a blog professionally and make money professionally from it at a short pace of time... Check this article out. . On how to start a professional blog and monetize it

Truly, there are so many ways in which individuals can earn revenue from blogging, some just do not look into those area. With your blog, you can generate substantial amount of money each month. The are so many blogging can bring to your financial situation.
Business / Re: Small Business Digest by nblinks(m): 12:43am On Apr 19, 2020
There are various online learning tools that are readily available to use to build your blog. Pick your choice and start designing the weblog.

Properties / Re: Nigerian Living Abroad? Reasons To Invest In Real Estate by nblinks(m): 12:46pm On Apr 01, 2020
I totally agree with you. The Nigerian real estate industry is one of the most profitable and promising landed property business and investment open to Nigerians in the country and abroad. Nigerians should take advantage of the opportunity.
Webmasters / Re: How To Start A Blog by nblinks(m): 8:22pm On Mar 30, 2020

Designing and creating a blog is the easiest part you just need the right information... Check this guide with picture description on how to create a blog and design it. Even with video.

Nice guide. This is the type of information that is easily absorb by the brain. It gives more meaningful details on blogging to make money online. Any one serious in starting a wordpress blog should grab the info easily.
Career / Re: 7 Ways To Make Money Online Without Being Scammed… by nblinks(m): 12:21pm On Mar 30, 2020
Nice article sir.
I also saw this and will like to share it - http://bebizlike.hostkda.com/ways-to-make-money/; it could be an addition to your post.
Thank you so much for sharing.
Technology Market / Re: Instant Approval Dofollow Guest Posting Sites List by nblinks(m): 3:11am On Mar 29, 2020
Many bloggers have not discovered the importance of guest blogging; in fact, it has more benefits to both the guest blogger and the website accepting the post.
As the guest blogger, writing post for other sites gives you the opportunity to market yourself as a good writer; not only is it a promotional medium for you, but also an avenue to showcase your work.
Business / Re: What's The Best Way To Transfer Money To Nigeria Online? by nblinks(m): 2:28am On Mar 29, 2020
Over the years, transferring money online in Nigeria has been a great cause for concern. With the solution mentioned above, I think it is a privilege to know that people earning daily or weekly cash online can take advantage of this solution. Thank you for sharing.
Webmasters / Re: How To Start A Blog by nblinks(m): 2:58pm On Mar 07, 2020
With a blog, you can achieve a lot. Not only will it be your own personal space, but also can be utilized as a business that will constantly generate revenue for you. As you may be away of, there are many Nigerian now blogging to fulfill their passion, while much more ndo it to make money.
In starting a successful blog, you need to be focus and look to blog on a profitable niche. There are untapped blog niche on the internet that you can look to make your money from.
The choice is yours.
Business / Re: 11 Tested Marketing Strategies For Outstanding Business Growth by nblinks(m): 12:52am On Mar 03, 2020
It is now so obvious that there are many marketing strategies (online or offline) that many people use; in order to promote there businesses. I still believe that digital marketing is evolving in such a way that we will soon see other ways of reaching out to prospects. For example, many organization now believe in the use of mobile phones activities (be it game on the phone, or app advertisement) as a form of marketing to their prospects.
As simple as it may be, marketing is still the bedrock of any business.
Health / Re: What Is Sports Massage? by nblinks(m): 12:35am On Feb 29, 2020
Truly, massage is good for the body is so many ways. The good thing about it is that you can easily get you massage done by so many of the companies advertising the services.
Google and many other search engines has made it easy for us to spot the good ones. These are the ones ranking high on the search engine result pages. As can be seen, no website can rank well on search engine result pages (SERPs) if the are not trusted site. In addition, massage parlors has now beecome one of the most sort after lucrative business to start.
Therefore, I will encourage individuals to go get good massage for their body.
Business / Re: What Can I Do Online That Will Guarantee Atleast $4 Daily by nblinks(m): 12:17am On Jan 25, 2020
Good morning my fellow nairalanders i need your help with atleast what i can do online that will guarantee $4 daily as i wait for job.
please brothers/sisters your suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Note: No ebook because i don't have a dime for that

Thank you all

Hi AliveJ, you can take a look at this write-up - How to generate multiple streams of income online in Nigeria.
Nairaland / General / Re: Authentic African Black Soap Vs Fake by nblinks(m): 11:32pm On Nov 29, 2019
Are all black soaps manufactured in Nigeria?

It can probably be made outside the country too.

No, not all black soap are manufactured in Nigeria.
Dudu Osun or Ose dudu is manufactured in Nigeria.
We have Alata samina or Anago samina in Ghana.
Nairaland / General / Re: Authentic African Black Soap Vs Fake by nblinks(m): 5:55pm On Nov 29, 2019
There are various black soaps out there, so we should be careful when buying from the market.

For over a year, I have been doing a bit of research on the African black soap and its effect on skin; at the same time, how effective can it clear razor/ shaving bumps. Also, how good is it on the hair.

Here is my discovery.

I have been using the soap for over a year now with no side effect. In addition, I use it regularly to wash after shaving. Before I was introduced to the black soap, I had a bit of dandruff in my hair and my neighbor from Nigeria just suggested I tried it; which I did. I can clearly say to you that the African black soap cleared my dandruff, and at the same time, I am free from razor bumps.

As you may know, we all have different skin type, if you try it and started getting a kind of reaction (like dry skin), kindly mix it with raw honey and the it will give you an added moisturizer.

If you really want to know more on African black soap and its side effects, I will suggest you read some of the expert findings. They are all we need to know about the soap - About African black soap.

Also note, I discovered that the black soap has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that effectively treats various skin conditions; like acne and eczema.
Webmasters / Re: How To Start Up Google Adsense Pay Per Click In Nigeria by nblinks(m): 2:18am On Nov 12, 2019

Message me appslaye@gmail.com
Almost all Google ads displayed on any website will earn money for the website owner. It is just that some advertisers on the Good Adsense program pay more than the others. Nevertheless, you may learn more on various way to make money through Google Adsense program online - Google adsense and blogging.

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Agriculture / Re: Top 17 Lucrative Farming Ventures In Nigeria & Africa In Order Of Significance by nblinks(m): 1:51am On Oct 30, 2019
Very interesting post. I think number 3 (Cocoa) is very lucrative. As a matter of fact, venturing into cocoa farming is a win-win business. If you look at the market price of cocoa, you will see that it keeps going up. Not only on the price, but also for the fact that it is a great agricultural crop to sell on the international market.

Here are few benefits of cocoa farming:
1. Market for cocoa products.
2. Cocoa can be harvested at anytime.
3. It is classified to be in the multi-billion dollar industry.
4. Most than most other crops, cocoa has great health benefits.
5. Nigeria climate is suitable for cocoa farming.
Business / Re: 16 Businesses To Start In Nigeria With N50,000 Or Less by nblinks(m): 2:24am On Oct 27, 2019
Very cool. I just feel I should add this -

As a student, we thing of having extra cash to spend. Sometime, we think of the future. Are you a college graduate or tired of your nine-to-five job? If that is the case, this piece of article may guide you in the right direction.

Even if you just want to start a side business for extra income, this is for you too.

You may not know that there are so many ways you can increase your financial income by turning your interests and skills into real cash online; by just working from the comfort of your home, dedicating few hours each day.

The internet has created a lot of endless opportunities for anyone who’s ready to make use of them.

To some people, making money from the internet usually sounds like a complicated nightmare. Well, I’ll be honest with you, starting an online based store and business of any kind is hard work. I started an online fashion accessory site some years ago and I could tell you that it wasn’t easy.

But luckily enough, a countless number of people from different parts of the world have already done it. You too can follow this footstep.
In this article, I’m not about to sell you any product. Neither will I tell you to buy any item or software; it is just an informative writing that will direct you in the right part of internet business ideas.

So, here are my additions.

1. Start a Blog

You need to start writing. By starting a blog in a niche market, you open yourself to receiving income online.
For many years now, people have been making a living from blogging, primarily by delivering free, actionable, entertaining, informative, and educational content on a variety of topics to their audience.

Your blog topic can be about anything ranging from:
• Food;
• Information;
• Technology;
• Fashion;
• Sport;
• Travel;
• Entertainment;
• Nutrition; and many more.

By doing this, you can monetize your blog by:

• Selling advert space;
• Affiliate marketing;
• Google adsense; and more.

Remember, there is no limits to the ways you can monetize your blog.

2. Start a Dropshipping Business.

With Dropshipping, don’t need a warehouse filled with inventory to run your own business. All you need is to find companies to sell for. By this, I mean companies that you will be helping to sell their products and services.

Dropshipping is a good way to start your own business on a very low budget; in fact, you do not have to own a single product. You just need to get pre-existing products from a supplier and let them take care of everything else. The manufacturer or supplier will take care of fulfillment, packaging, and shipping.

Like any other online business, Dropshipping gives you the opportunity to run your business from anywhere because you don’t need a warehouse. Your store doesn’t have to stock products in any physical location.

This is how Dropshipping works:
You set up an online web store, promote your website as much as you can. Once someone buys an item from your site, you make an order with the supplier on behalf of your customer, and the supplier handles everything else.

Today, many individuals are making thousands of dollars each month as a dropshipper.

3. Become a freelancer

As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose the project you want to do. Most importantly, you have you time and freedom to work at your own convenience.

As new business springs up every day, these business owners look to recruit freelancers. This is not only true for new businesses; existing businesses also seek the services of freelancers. As a matter of fact, shown by Yokebay, new business creates new opportunities for freelancers.

To become a freelancer, you have these two decisions to make when starting:

• Decide on the services you want to provide; and
• Join a freelancing job provider.

There are lots of freelance job providers out there – websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed and many more offer these services.

4. Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing. It’s very easy to make money by just referring someone to a company. You earn a percentage of the sales price or fix commission. Although the amount you earn in commission depend on the program network provider.

As an online affiliate marketing, you are actually promoting someone else products and services on either your website or other platforms; such as social media platforms and earning huge commissions in return.

Most of the top brands usually pay between 10%-30% commissions to their affiliates. All you need is to find that hot product and make others buy it or click it.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, you need to develop strong marketing skills. By doing so, you will be able to market the product you are promoting in a variety of ways.

5. Social Media Management

What do you use your social media accounts for?

While some use their social media account for chatting up, some smart individuals use them for businesses. By posting your businesses on these platforms, you are creating a success part for yourself.

As you may know, social media managers are a relatively new occupation that has experienced incredible growth over the last few years. The population that exists today in different countries have raised the popularity of social media.

For example, many breaking news and information are most likely to be on social media platforms before even getting to the traditional news rooms. As people use these platforms each day, they create a better chance for you to succeed.

If you must know, many businesses around the world seek the services of a social media manager; in fact, many social media managers command a relatively generous salary. Not only the take home pay make this interesting, but also the working hours.

As an online social manager, you and can work comfortable hours doing what they enjoy. As a matter of fact, you can work from the comfort of your home.

Source: kindabusiness
Fashion / Re: POST HERE | ALL Modeling-Related Information! by nblinks(m): 1:52am On Oct 27, 2019
Fantastic opportunity to addidas as a genuine sport brand wears in todays' world of fashion.

Today, I think Adidas and Nike are the two largest market for sport wears.
Can we start making good sportswear in Nigeria?

Image courtesy - Adidas Tienda.
Business / Re: 5 Simple Business Opportunities In Nigeria by nblinks(m): 1:38am On Oct 27, 2019
Truly, I support this.

Agriculture is a good business to go into. Not only because it can yield good profit, but also because it has low entry barrier as a business.

Agriculture is the main thing in Africa now

But one has to do things right and not cut corners, or be in a haste for quick gains if he/she wants to venture into Agriculture
Business / Re: Need A Freelance Assistant Around Lagos? Check In by nblinks(m): 10:32am On Oct 06, 2019
Truly, the freelancing market in Nigeria is growing; and many freelancers are getting jobs to do. Not only because they skilled professionals, but also because they use great freelancing platforms built for the Nigerian market place.

You can take a look and explore some of the Nigeria freelancing sites for projects assistance and jobs - http://creativenigeria.designi1.com/11369357/freelance-platform-in-nigeria-top-5-to-find-freelancing-jobs
Webmasters / Re: Ahoy Everyone!!! Drop Your Website Link Here For Free Diagnostic SEO Audit by nblinks(m): 7:45pm On Oct 02, 2019
Thank you for this.
Here is my website link - https://koye.page.tl/Nigeria-Real-Estate-Business.htm , for the free SEO audit.
It is a real estate blog.
Business / Re: Which Business Can I Start In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State With N3m. by nblinks(m): 11:33am On Oct 01, 2019
I am a new serving corper posted to Uyo. Before I was posted, I mistakenly won N3.6m from sport betting. I said mistakenly because I was betting randomly on other people's games. If you show me ticket, I will just play it. I have played many games like this and lost over N150,000. The ticket that won, the owner played it with N100. I played it with N2,000. And I won N3.6m.

For something like this to repeat itself is almost impossible. That is why I want to start a good business while I am serving. I am serving in Uyo. Uyo is peaceful. I intend to be based here. No need returning to Ibadan.

Please everyone that knows Uyo, which business can I start with N3m in Uyo. I need your solid advice urgently. Thank you.

Congratulation @trevormide on your sport betting win.

There are couple of businesses you may venture into in Uyo; but all depend on your interest.
Two good questions you should ask yourself are:
1. Are you looking to start a physical business e.g buying and selling business; or
2. Are you looking to start non-physical business e.g online business.

If you are looking to start physical business, I will advice you venture into agriculture; over the year, higher number of people have testify to making profit within the agriculture sector. You too can be part of this.

You may like to read more on the business and role of agriculture in Nigeria.

If you are looking to try your hand on online business, you can do that too. Just like any other business in life, you will need to go and get trained.
One good thing about online business is that your start up capital is very small, in fact, you can start with less than N1,000.00/year (it all depend on the type you want to go into).

Nevertheless, the choice will be yours. Like myself, I am into the digital marketing space of the online business and my major is on search engine optimization (SEO); getting paid to help other business to make more sales online.

You can read on the work of SEO for online business visibility.
Webmasters / Re: 100% Manually Niche Relavant Blog Comment Services - [SEO ranking] by nblinks(m): 3:26am On Aug 27, 2019
This is good for search engine optimization (SEO) that will help websites rank higher in search engines. Nice one.
I did same for most of my website pages and they are ranking really well on the keywords that we are competing for. Such comment and be on social media websites and others like - https://kingofboys.muragon.com/.
Business / Re: How SEO Works To Generate Flood Of Customers And Sales For Businesses In 2019 by nblinks(m): 6:26pm On Aug 25, 2019
This video just summed up the SEO content - http://nblinks.blog.fc2.com/. If implemented appropriately, you will get a better results on search engine for your website.
I used the strategy mentioned in the content to optimized a free weebly website - https://nblinks.weebly.com/ and the result I got was great.
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by nblinks(m): 8:27pm On Aug 24, 2019
This is a good write-up. Can I achieve this through the use of free web hosting and free domain name. presently, I am looking to use weeble - https://nblinks.weebly.com/. I will keep following this thread.

Edited; this thread is all about exposing one of the other ways to make money online. I don't want this thread to go far however my original thread was deleted late last week by the overzealous antibot. And I promise that this thread will be more interesting than the first thread.

As I write earlier this thread is focusing on how to make money with NEW and EXPIRED domain names, tips, experiences. Do and Don'ts.
It still amazes me that quite a large number of Nigerians are fully online with different devices phones and computers but yet not making money from it. Many things have changed and one of the easiest way to make money now is online. Quote me anywhere.

Now you may be asking" what is a domain name and how can I make money from it"?
Calm down
In one word a domain name is an online real estate. If you want to get a website for personal or business use, what you need first is a domain name. Just like if you want to to build a house, no matter your plans and design, you need a land first.
In other words, without a domain name there will be no website. Without a domain name there will be nothing like e-mail address. "Now how do I make money from it"? The truth is that most good domain names have been taken. ... They have all gone. For example all 3letter domains names has been taken. You can form it and confirm. The only avenue to target is expired domain names. And what is expired domain name again? These are domains that the original owners fail to renew. every domain has an expiry date. The maximum you can register a domain is 10 yr which the minimum is just 1 yr. Now if the original owner fail to renew it after the year duration, some grace period will be given after the domain will be dropped and become available for anyone to re- register and it's legal.

Now this is quite easy and anybody with the right information and tools can do it and have a wonderful result. This is from my personal experience and not a hear say. Now this is richly profitable but just like any other business it has some basic strategies and ways to do it in order to get decent result.

Questions and enquiries are welcomed.

Politics / Re: When We Go Low, We Go Really Low (food For Thought For All Nigerian) by nblinks(m): 1:54am On Jul 24, 2019
Nigeria is a great country. A country that we should all be proud of.

But why is this happening to our beloved country.
Our government should do more to improve all citizens condition.

Nigeria will surely be GREAT again.

Business / 5 Simple Business Opportunities In Nigeria by nblinks(m): 4:53pm On Jun 19, 2019
In a country like Nigeria, with over 200 million in population, there exist various business opportunities. Going by one of my favourite economy quote, "you make money when there is demand for your product". If that is the case, there are few business opportunities in the country where the demand is high. By taking advantage of these high demands, you may hit that jackpot.

Recently, I look into those type of businesses that require low start-up cost and which are of high demand.
Without too much ado, here they are:

1. Start an online business:

Online business in Nigeria is still at an infant stage; in fact, there exist various untapped business opportunities in the sector. opportunities like drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, consultancy etc.

With high demand of products and services, this an area to look into. Companies like Jumia, Konga and others are looking for drop-shippers and affiliate marketers; while many others look to secure the services of consultants like SEO and the rest.

If you are a freelancer, you have a better chance in this sector too.

2. App development and programing:

App development is one of those business areas that are not so crowded in Nigeria. Why I’m saying this because you notice that most apps on your phones were built by people from other countries.

I’ve see some apps built by Nigerians, like those bank app, ayo game, news app and some other few, but I believe that we can still do more in that aspect.

I believe that if we can come up with addictive games, people all over the world will download it or if we can come up with a very useful app, it’s going to sell all over the world.

App development is a business that has to do more with your skill and ideas you have than any other thing, if you don’t have the skill, you will need to employ someone skilled in that area that can work for you or you can go and learn the skill and start developing your own apps .

3. Recycling business:

Recycling business has to do with transforming waste materials into usable products. You might see some things as waste but to some people it is actually a source of gold mine.

There are different wastes that you can recycle if you want to go into the recycling business. One of those is used papers and cardboard as they can be recycled back into papers such as plain sheet, toilet paper or newspaper.

You can also recycle plastic bottles to t-shirts, sweaters and other forms of plastic. Glass can also be recycled into tiles, flooring and also a brand new glass.h

Examples of home items you can recycle include bulbs, batteries, CDs, disposable plates and cups, books and cards.

Recycling business makes you to see things in a different way because you now realize that those waste in your garage can serve a source of raw material for production.

Human feces can also be recycled into fuel and even fertilizer, so think about that before going to the toilet to poo.

4. Agriculture:

Farming is good and the demand for its products are high. Even though some people are into agriculture already, there is still a long way to go when it comes to agriculture and delivering sustainable agriculture in the country.

When you look top countries that are into agriculture, the likes of China, Brazil, India, USA and Turkey, you will see how agriculture is also adding to their economy. Nigeria has the potential of getting close to what these top countries have achieved, if we are serious about agriculture.

Nigeria should be doing more of exporting agricultural products rather than importing them, if we can achieve this it’s really going to have a great impact on the economy.

5. Food business:

There is no way food business will not be among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. This is an evergreen business. People will always eat! No matter how hard or tough the economy is, one thing people can never do without is food.

This is a business that if you run well, can make you rich. It is also very easy to win loyal customers. As long as your food is delicious, people will always come back.

If you can find a good location, acquire the right skills and personnel, you can run a successful food business. This is a business without season. It is in demand every day.

Within the food business, opportunities exist. Here are some of what you can do:

i. Franchising;
ii. Open a local restaurant;
iii. Start food supply chain;
iv. Open foreign and international restaurant; and
v. Export food.

As you can see, there are various business opportunities in Nigeria. All you have to do is to look around you and take advantage of the opportunity.

Good luck.
Business / Re: Hurray!! As CBN Finally Signed The Currency Swap Deal With Chinese Government. by nblinks(m): 9:16pm On Mar 24, 2019
This is very good. In fact, it is a good way forward; especially with various business opportunities that may come out of it. Also, the bilateral relationship between both country is an economy booster.
Business / Re: Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Virtual Assistant Today by nblinks(m): 11:31am On Mar 24, 2019
Hiring a virtual assistance is good for most businesses; in fact, it is a way that help you achieve for with less time.
A virtual assistance will help you organize yourself and at the same time, help you meet some valuable business targets.
Personally, I have use a virtual assistance in my online business. And the good thing about this is that I was able to recruit the person from one of the Nigeria freelance sites.
Another important thing is that it is also an avenue for individuals to make money while working from home.
In fact, virtual assistance job was listed in the Online jobs to make money in Nigeria.
You to can try it out.

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