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Politics / Re: Adelabu Adebayo: Minister Of Power Spotted With Power Bank (Photo) by nedekid: 8:46pm

5 years so far in the US and I never saw anyone using a power bank
Abi oh.
Politics / Re: Adelabu Adebayo: Minister Of Power Spotted With Power Bank (Photo) by nedekid: 8:45pm
You want him to carry a dam abi?
Politics / Re: Revolution Has Started' - Aisha Yesufu On Looting Of Truck Carrying Food Items I by nedekid: 8:44pm
So looting is now revolution? Let the army handle those looters you'll know there's nothing of such.
Lol, as if soldiers don't need food. They probably will reloot the grains from the looters.

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Politics / Re: Tolu Ogunlesi Replies Peter Obi On Ukraine's Grains by nedekid: 8:40pm
Who doesn't know the Pandora criminal peter Obi no get sense before ? Why did the fool not reject the aid provided to him when flood ravaged Anambra when he was a governor if Anambra was that prosperous.
Out if the 4 topics in your profile, 3 refer to Peter Obi who you call a Pandora criminal, a fool, a senseless person.
If you expend so much effort and time disparaging someone that does not know you exist, don't you realize the joke is on you?
As I always say, we Nigerians have mouth, mouth pass our paygrade. Politics aside, you refer to a person that before the age of 40 already had the below (wikipidia) in his profile as a fool?
"Some of the companies he served include Next International Nigeria Ltd, Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, Guardian Express Bank Plc, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Chams Nigeria Ltd, Data Corp Ltd and Card Centre Ltd. He was the youngest chairman of Fidelity Bank Plc"

Guy, I am sure most Nigerians will rather be a fools by your definition, than as wise as you are.
Obi is certainly not a fool at 40 unlike some people.
Crime / Re: Hungry Nigerians Raid Truck Carrying Food Items In Abuja (video) by nedekid: 8:19pm
Onanuga will tell us of how in US, Canada, hungry people also raid food trucks, they will tell us it is not unique to Nigeria, Afterall in some states in America group of people enter supermarkets and snatch and run. grin
Food scarcity looming as trucks bringing food from the north will reduce to avoid losses. Corn for eg poultry food etc prices will rise.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana's Finance Ministry Urges President Not To Sign Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill by nedekid: 8:12pm
Na wah. So world bank and imf insist before they give loan. Not free loans, but loan that you will pay interest, you must allow people to be gays or they will refuse the loans. FOTO! NO BE JUJU BE DAT?? shocked
You see the difference between China and the west? China will not intrude in your domestic affairs unlike the demonic western countries. We have said time and time again we are not gays, it is not our culture. If you want to be gay, do it in your privacy as it is offensive to the general African public. Imagine 2 men kissing and romancing themselves inside public bus as the do in London. Two men claiming to be husband and wife, man dressing like woman in public, or teachers teaching children that there are many genders, not just make and female.
Thunder fire all those crazy westerners!
Autos / Re: Pricelist Of Tokunbo Cars In Lagos - March 2024 by nedekid: 2:28pm
Na wa oooo.

2010 Lexus RX350 for 19.5 Million Naira?

2014 Toyota Highlander for 27 Million Naira?

Yes, the economy is biting hard . Is that why you should be selling “auctioned” SALVAGED and FLOODED vehicles for the price of Clean Titles?

No worry, when the cars spend 3years for your car lots and you no see any customer patronize you, Na you and your family members go dey drive the cars.
Oga, go onlind to salvage sites and sample the prices of accidented vehicles.
Eg buy a cheap accidented/flooded 2010 camry for $4k, pay all the fees $1k, ship to naija, $1500, miscellaneous, $500=$7000.
How much is $7k at 1800 to $1= ₦12.6m
How much is clearing? Let's use a conservative amount of ₦2m(is it more). That means 12.6m+2m=₦14.6m
What about repairs, painting? Say ₦800k (likely more) .
Total ₦15.4m.
Add profit magine of 10% ie ₦1.54m
Selling price ₦16.9m.


Family / Re: Help! My Marriage Is Giving Me Pain. by nedekid: 1:02pm
I commend your courage sir, to remain with that woman, talk more of being faithful or patient is really a herculean task.
Now to the main matter...
YOU WERE ACTUALLY POOR....(Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly) in your past but this year EVERYTHING WILL TURN UP FOR YOU.

Do not blame her sir, blame yourself for not understanding the COMMITMENT DEMANDS of marriage before jumping into it.
I wouldn't want to go deep into how this our generation has EXALTED MARRIAGE beyond limits.... it feels like singleness is a disease yet the truly married ones do not publicize the HEAVY WORK involved.
Before marrying, read books, go to conferences and ask questions... you will discover THERE IS NO HONEY WITHOUT MONEY.

Now let me give my 50cent solutions/ideas (asides what other great minds in this forum will offer)

1) Move out of that house... send her to stay with your parents for a while and then you can go manage with a friend. THEN SUBLET THE 3 BEDROOM(you will get enough money for a tank and more)

2) buy more drums

3) buy 25k POS and give her to start work........ so she will know how hard it is to make money and begin to appreciate you

4) learn how to drive, then offer UBER SERVICES to people who own cars... YOU WILL BE DRIVING FOR THEM AND PAYING THEM 25K OR 30K WEEKLY WHILE THE REST IS YOURS. (this is more better than the meagre salary you earn)

5) Learn how to use the computer well and learn skills like DATA ANOTATION, DATA ANALYSIS and I can help you with a REMOTE JOB.

6) LEARN WEB DESIGN and GRAPHICS and inform people of your skills by word of mouth and you will get jobs/contracts

7) GO TO GOOGLE and type cysed jobs you can apply if you are in the selected states and get a higher paying job with more recognition.

I hope this helps you bro... keep pushing... you will own houses one day. Stay Inspired.

See "advice"..
Nothing persin no go see for this nairaland. shocked


Politics / Re: Don’t Sabotage Tinubu’s Efforts In Fixing Economy - Oyintiloye Tells Governors by nedekid: 8:35am
Fix watin,by allocating billions to his wife,or by the expensive minister cabinet or by his expensive trips,he is fixing the economy very well
Or returning concession back to Intels logistics, or issuing Lagos- calabar coastal road in a doggy manner to hitech construction owned by his paddy, Gilbert chargouri.

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Politics / Re: Looting Of NEMA Warehouse, Symptom Of Impending Revolution – Shehu Sani Warns by nedekid: 8:27am
Anything happen, them don enter private jet japa! Remember one gentle Yoruba boy weh fly him beautiful igbo wife, pikins along with her mama, sister etc ontop private jet go chill for 11 million pounds house for London during the end Sars casala.
When they cause wahala, they japa and leave ordinary citizens to suffer.


Politics / Re: Pastor Oyakhilome, Peter Obi, Gbenga Daniels Visit Obasanjo On His 87th Birthday by nedekid: 8:16am
Honestly, the Federal Government of Nigeria should be giving Peter Obi Transportation Allowance grin
He has enough, he does not need. Rather fgn should increase the ₦30k salary it pays olofofos, keyboard worriors, barbeque grillers etc as inflation has made their 30k salaries worthless.
Travel / Re: Throwback In History: Concorde Super Sonic Test Flight And Its Heroic Pilots by nedekid: 8:09am
I saw this bird several times as a kid while at heathrow or gatwick. It had priority service as in once it is ready to fly, all regular aircrafts will give it clearance, in our naija lingo, e de jump queue.
Quite a small aircraft too compared to the British caledonia, British airways or Nigeria airways aircraft we use to be in. Infact compared to the 747s, 707s, DC10s etc, it looked like miniature.
Very sleek and futuristic looking back then.
Politics / Re: Hardship: Tinubu Supporter Goes Begging For His Daughter's School Fees by nedekid: 3:17am

I know this is the type of news evil and sad people delight and rejoice in.

A kind hearted person as jumped in to clear the fees.

"Bola Tinubu lawyers" transfered the kudi, not a kind hearted person.

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Crime / Re: I Have Been Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital Because Of First Bank by nedekid: 3:04am
Yes,he has largely fulfilled criteria,but circumstances beyond my control makes it impossible for me to keep to what I said.
I really wanted to give him something at least,but things unfortunately came up,so it's no longer possible.
Wish him all the best and my prayers are with the op.
Crime / Re: I Have Been Admitted To Psychiatric Hospital Because Of First Bank by nedekid: 2:47am
Your family has money to take you to a psychiatric hospital but can't refund you back your 18k?
Do some of you even read what you fabricate or your just believe you would meet at least one gullible soul that would believe your rubbish fabrications.
You are in a psychiatric hospital but still has access to your phone and can still type well.
Just come out directly to beg than all these pathetic lies.
Family / Re: Please How Do I Recover My Money From First Bank (pictures) by nedekid: 2:40am
Op enter any of their bank and seize their work laptop don't leave it until they refund your money in full. Useless bank i only keep my money with opay after their high debit on my account.
You want op to join police wahala plus jail term to his problems?
Politics / Re: Video Of FCT Abuja Residents Looting NEMA Warehouse (video) by nedekid: 12:02am
Omo.. Renewed Shege.
The great tinubulation in motion.
He grabbed the mandate to steal, kill and destroy.
Just watch 2027 elections, he will still "win" election. Some people will mysteriously vote for him.

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Crime / Re: NDLEA Arrests Members Of Drug Cartel, Intercepts Cocaine, Heroin Consignments by nedekid: 7:04pm On Mar 03
It is high time to start deporting them to South East
What is stopping you? Lead the charge.
Politics / Re: “Saudi Aramco Also Imports US Crude Oil” - Ventures Africa by nedekid: 5:59pm On Mar 03
They will tell you half stories, but they will not tell you the part that Saudi owns the largest refinary in North America among others. They own retail and distribution business ie gas stations too. I doubt dangote refinary owns refinaries in the US, So why the comparison of Saudi buying oil from the US? Do you hear saudi ships the oil to Saudi Arabia to refine?
Education / Re: IELTS Increases Test Fee To ₦266,000 by nedekid: 3:57pm On Mar 03
Watch out, Agbadorians will be like ;
It's still cheap. Ghanaians are paying #650, 000 for the said exam. grin
Lolz, something that was about 36k few years back.
APC, spreading poverty spreading party.
Politics / Re: Dangote Refinery’s Second Crude Oil Shipment Leaves US For Nigeria by nedekid: 3:46pm On Mar 03

A refinery of 650,000 barrels per day needs at least 19.5 million barrels piled up. Nigeria cannot supply Dangote with that volume of crude because we have commitments and agreements to keep to.

Dangote also needs that stash so it it doesn't run out during production. The alternative is to buy and when the tanks are filled, they can start buying just the daily amount.

Don't you wonder why Dangote isn't buying from Ghana or closer countries? Because theu also have agreements to keep to
While what you say is right. But do you think during the construction of that 650m bpd refinary, the supply of crude was not taken into consideration during feasibility studies? That the commitment of Nigerian and other West African crude production commitment had not been factored? Or Nnpc that invested billions of dollars, cbn that practically funded that refinary through subsidized dollars did not know that while comiting our crude production, stock should be made available for dangote refinary knowing the countrys economy depends on it?
Anyway, in the post, did you notice the following?
"The refinery had issued tenders to sell two fuel cargoes for export, a tender document showed and trading sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters earlier this month"
From the above quoted, it seems dangote is importing crude, also getting locally, refining it and exporting. None is going for local use. Where is the diesel they said they will start with and first stock should hit the market February? The aviation fuel nko? Diesel is 1600,1800 per liter and rising!
Bros, there is something wrong somewhere. With the amount of investments Nigerians put in that refinary, which is part of the problem affecting our economy today, it would be expected no expect should take place without first satisfying the Nigerian local market.
Politics / Re: President Bola Tinubu Meets With The Emir Of Qatar. by nedekid: 2:21pm On Mar 03
All of them, from the emir all the way down na young guys.
Qatar, no be Mai Mai. If you visit Hamid international airport, you go sabi them no be some countries mate.


Politics / Re: Atiku Mourns Mr Ibu, Aluko-Olaseni by nedekid: 2:16pm On Mar 03

Why you carry Tinubu's pic beside Ibu?
Shey na Tinubu kpain?
Why not carry Atiku there since he's the mourner in ya post!
Head's paining you o!
Lolz, me sef wonder too..
Abi maybe because baba government make medicine cost? Them say this na time persin no suppose sick since the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed.
Crime / Re: Navy Intercepts Ghanaian Vessel With Stolen Oil, Arrests 13 (Pictures) by nedekid: 2:12pm On Mar 03
Sure Sweet Miri didn't have money to pay...
All security agencies in Nigeria are buyable if you can afford it
Abi, or they did not settle as agreed. Afterall how did the ship enter Niger delta waters, then go to load crude without being detected? A ship that big for that matter. It parked, took maybe a whole day, loaded crude, it was when it left, 175 miles from naija they "arrested". Common Benin Republic here you cannot ride canoe to from naija, not to talk of enter Lagos, it is now a whole militarized Niger delta with navy ships, surveillance helicopters, aircrafts, even live satellite imagery.
Abeg, make them de play. undecided

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Travel / Re: FOREX Crisis: FG Threatens Sanctions As Foreign Airlines Stick To High Fares by nedekid: 11:17am On Mar 03
Nice one... Those foreign airlines are exploiting Nigerians.
No doubt the airlines are exploiting Nigerians, but so is government too.
Government is being smart by half. If you doubt request for the breakdown if your airline ticket, you will be shocked. Eg on a $1000 ticket, you may see the actual money for the airline ticket is $400, the remaining $600 is all different taxes and fees that goes to serveral nigeria gov agencies eg VAT, handling charges etc.
While it is commendable to compel airlines to crash prices, government should also reduce the taxes.


Politics / Re: Top Nigeria Customs Officers Enmeshed In Multi-billion Corruption Scandal by nedekid: 11:00pm On Mar 02
That's how Atiku made his billions whilst still in charge of The Nigerian Custom Service
Oga, leave Atiku out if this matter. He left Nigeria custom service 35 years ago and went into private business. If he made billions in customs back then it would have finished long time ago, even before he join politics 1999. Afterall, where are his peers that retired with him back them 1989? How many people chopped money 35 years ago and still have money today? Do you even realise that ₦1b not even just billions you mention was an unheard of amount 35-40 years ago? When I was on ibadan in the early 90s schooling I remember changing $100 for 5k at Sabo.
Do you know ₦1b in 1989 @₦7.50k to 1 dollar would have been $134m? Not even controller general of customs could have stollen 1b not to talk of billions. The whole budget of Nigeria 1989 was about ₦37b.
Politics / Re: Petrol Landing Cost Hits N1000 Per Liter Mark by nedekid: 8:51pm On Mar 02
Lol. PMS is doing catch up. Been buying diesel for N1,700.

I avoid the temptation to multiply the number of hours the diesel generator was used by estimated number of litres consumed. 😁
Bros so you use diesel abi, guess you will understand the pains business, manufacturers, schools, hotels etc are going through. Most are staying open just so the business does not die, nothing like break even, not to talk of profit. Most are burning through their capital to stay afloat. We alternate between 2 unit 100kva, 1 unit 350kva, 1 unit 80k, 1 unit 150kva, 1 unit 30kva.
You can imagine the astronomical cost of operating them. Infact it is as if the business is running just to pay the diesel supplier.
Imagine trucking. Yesterday, I had 80% diesel in my van tank. I bought 50k diesel top up, e no full! shocked


Religion / Re: "If You Catch Your Wife Cheating & Forgive Her, Her Respect For You Will Go" by nedekid: 3:58pm On Mar 02

The guy is right. Not that I'm justifying cheating in men.

Sex means different things to both men and women.

A man can cheat/have sex with another woman and still love his wife.
Sex, to men, means pleasure, a means to satisfy his sexual urges. Their might be no bond or emotional attachment with the said woman. Just to 4uck, ejaculate, and zip your trouser and go.

But to women, sex means a totally different thing to them. Women easily bond with the guy they have sex with, so on.
So tobi who back in the day "helped" or performed social service of helping boys in area bonded with all of us?

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Religion / Re: "If You Catch Your Wife Cheating & Forgive Her, Her Respect For You Will Go" by nedekid: 3:56pm On Mar 02
Cheating for a man isnt the same for a woman . A man can cheat and still love his wife (it's been proven statistically). A woman on the other hand bonds with whoever she cheats on. It's a fact
So olosho, hookup etc that cheat on their boy friends or husband bonds with who ever she does her runs with?

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Asks Tinubu To Arrest Sunday Igboho Over Threats On Fulani by nedekid: 2:44pm On Mar 02
Bloody miyati! They have not called for the arrest of their criminals causing mayhem all over the country it is my man Igboho they call for his arrest.
Miyati should know "parade" don change and should call their kins to order.

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Food / Re: Economic Hardship: Parents Shun Noodles As Prices Soar by nedekid: 2:38pm On Mar 02
No matter how hard the economy of the jungle is, a lion will never eat grass. We believe in president Tinubu's reforms and at the end of it all we shall all smile and thank God.
That was how that charlatan mannabbq was writing same rubbish during the buhari period when sane Nigerians were complaining things were going wrong. The Kangaroo will post picture of a carton buhari washing cloths dipicting him washing Nigeria. Alas it has been confirmed that was the worst administration that ever ruled Nigeria, currently being beaten by the current one.

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Lands In London-pictures by nedekid: 1:10pm On Mar 02
Correct guy..

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