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Politics / Re: 2023: Peter Obi And LP In Financial Misappropriation Scandal by nedekid: 9:02am
Who is this charlatan again?
Their number keep increasing.
Politics / Re: Burutai Flown By His Pilot Son From Sokoto To Abuja (Photo) by nedekid: 8:20am
What the heck is he doing in the cockpit. That's against FAAN regulations.
There is a jump seat for observation in the cockpit.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju To Peter Obi: You Have Never Attended Shiloh Before In Your Life by nedekid: 9:05pm On Dec 09
This adeyanju is turning himself into a charlatan.
One of obi's base is the Christian folks, just as that of another is lastma, parks and gardens ie agberos, certain Muslims, political appointees etc.
What is wrong in Obi rallying his base by visiting worship centers? Afterall is it not every day folks are doing walks, rallies etc for a candidate in Lagos?
Politics / Re: Pawpaw’s Brother, Prince Iheme, Killed By Gunmen In Imo by nedekid: 8:56pm On Dec 09

It's your region that has no government o. Your madness no even reach Asaba.

You can keep killing yourselves as you like. The day you try that nonsense outside the East, you will see that there is government. It seems you have forgotten what Wike did to Ipob in Oyigbo.
Dummy, ignore me in your tribalistic jargons and rantings, I will never be drawn into such. So kindly don't bore me with that if you have nothing better to say. You may as well bugger off pretending to be a gentleman.
Funny man already assuming I am from the south east when I am not.
TV/Movies / Re: Job Seeker Delegates Interview Questions: Mr Macaroni Tinubu Chatham House Drama by nedekid: 8:49pm On Dec 09

Mumu this is his office with several awards.

Have you won a spoon in your miserable and wretched life?

Politics / Re: Pawpaw’s Brother, Prince Iheme, Killed By Gunmen In Imo by nedekid: 8:38pm On Dec 09
Lawless country without a government.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Prisoner Swap: The Moment Bout, Griner Crossed Paths At a UAE airport tarmac by nedekid: 2:51pm On Dec 09
I laugh at Nairalanders who state that Brittney Griner's arrest was not politically motivated.

They actually believe her arrest was basically about cannabis oil. I laugh in Pakistani
If she did not carry cannabis oil in the first instance, she wount have been arrested.
It being politically motivated is secondary. You might as well say the arrest of Victor bout was more politically motivated.
He sold arms. The US then claims the arms sold to another country could be used to harm us citizens. Imagine such crap! Who sells the most arms in the world on a long list ranging from terrorist, governments, militias, coup plotters etc. The US.
Politics / Re: N-Power Fraud: Top Officials In Buhari Government Infused 70,000 Ghost Names by nedekid: 2:33pm On Dec 09
I guess it was same thing someone wanted using my details for

I was not enrolled in the program but I was asked to send my details some months ago....that they'll send me 200k, I'm to refund 120k and keep 80k, then will keep receiving the 30k stipends alongside others from then..
I was in for it sha......but e no come work again cuz of trust issues
Similar thing, they told me about a "grant". That each account will get 1.8m. You will give the agent 20%.
Na so I put 5 aza. Till today nothing, nothing. They said the organizers have an issue with gov they are sorting out. undecided
Romance / Re: A Man Tested His Would-Be Fianceé's Loyalty With Hookup by nedekid: 2:07pm On Dec 09
The tester never ready to marry.
Politics / Re: Atiku Will Sweep North, Get Required 25% In All States - Babachir Lawal (Video) by nedekid: 6:09am On Dec 09
Babachir Lawal don dump Obi supporters so soon?
He supports Obi personally. He never said Obi will win. From his understanding of the facts on ground, Atiku is likely to win.
Politics / Re: How NNPC Raised Crude Oil Production From 900,000bpd To 1.6mbpd (Video) by nedekid: 9:10pm On Dec 08
So why has naira not appreciated due to the new inflow of crude dollars?
Oh, I forgot, in naija when things go up, they. never come down.
Politics / Re: Seyi Tinubu Leads APC Delegation To Kogi State In Support Of Flood Victims by nedekid: 7:38pm On Dec 08
Na wah, shebi, the father says his wealth is from inheritance. Romours have it that the inheritance is Lagos state.
Now the inheritance wants to be extended to Nigeria as a whole, Afterall why else will the son go around meeting top gov officials and leading campaigns? A young man with no known source of income other than lagos state patronage.
Truelly, Nigeria may be Tinubu's inheritance and there is nothing wrong with that if the people accept it.
Crime / Re: Man Stabs His Wife To Death During An Argument Over Water In Lagos (Photo) by nedekid: 10:51pm On Dec 07
I have the video of the deceased lying in a pool of her own blood.

That man did not only stab her, he actually cut her throat like a chicken's.

According to the sources, man was doing well until life happened and wife became breadwinner.

Very graphic!
Worst thing that can happen to a man is for his wife to become bread winner.

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Crime / Re: Man Stabs His Wife To Death During An Argument Over Water In Lagos (Photo) by nedekid: 10:45pm On Dec 07
The rage in town these days is too much.

Car Talk / Re: EFCC Auctions 435 Forfeited Vehicles In Lagos (photos) by nedekid: 7:37pm On Dec 07
So you think your friend is right by scamming the Poland so call client right? In the name of hustling? There are no such thing as hustling, hustling is not an occupation. You think your friend will progress with his corolla and his apartment he paid for with fraudulent money? Yea, right! it is either your friend has lost his corolla and his apartment already or soon you would hear that he has lost all them. Just like these one being auctioned.

Yes, nigerian politicians are thieves and your friend is scammer, you condenm politicians but praise your friend who is a scammer, these means crimes will carry on in nigeria and politicians will carry on looting and you will carry on crying, poorer and suffering, it is just natural grin
We have see it all.
All those guy men from back in the day that made heavy money, where are they today? Most are dead, a lot broke, sold all their properties etc. You only hear of one or 2 still OK eg, one gov from the east.

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Car Talk / Re: EFCC Auctions 435 Forfeited Vehicles In Lagos (photos) by nedekid: 7:32pm On Dec 07
If the wicked government don't create jobs for the Masses Yahoo will continue spreading like wide fire. I feel for the lost my fellow hustlers if only you know how hard it takes to catch a pay cliant. My friend bomb for complete 3 years every night no sleep he couldn't see 500$ at the end he catches a Poland cliant that gave him 15k$ then he got himself a Toyota Corolla rented an apartment and start a living. At the end some will think Yahoo is a very easy business and start criticizing hustlers. Efcc will leave the real criminal that has invoked porvaty to the mass. From presidency to local government chairman in Nigeria should be killed. mass killing sized all there properties...or else Atiku Tinebu including Obi we never save us. undecided
Which one is "client"?
He duped somebody of 15k you say it is client as if it was a legitimate business they did.
Its just like Fulani heardsmen kidnapping someone and calling the person client?


Politics / Re: Nigeria Records ₦‎16 Trillion Worth Of Crude Oil In 9 Months by nedekid: 7:00pm On Dec 07
Weh the money?

Family / Re: Why Do Some Married Men Eat In The Canteen Or Restaurant? by nedekid: 6:55pm On Dec 07

Realistically, what is the percentage of men
that are well-to-do in Nigeria, in a country where 133 million Nigerians which is almost 7 out of every 10 Nigerians live in poverty?

The Nigeria National Deposit Insurance Corporation did say 99.5% of Nigerian bank account holders have below N500k in their accounts, which is an insight into the poverty level in Nigeria, even money to set up business is not even readily available!.....It is very necessary for every family not to be a single income household.
Na wah, 500k.
Imagine that was $3,300 few years ago before buhari, apc and Tinubu.
Now 500k is roughly $588!
Wonderful!! Magic of apc.
Yet many nigerians that should throw stones at the mention of that evil 3 letters, wish to vote for the same party again.

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Family / Re: Why Do Some Married Men Eat In The Canteen Or Restaurant? by nedekid: 6:45pm On Dec 07
It's either op neva marry, or him de early stages of marriage.
OP give yah sef some time, you will find out why married men eat in canteen. Maybe you will be the "pressent" of married men association of canteen choppers.

Travel / Re: I Regret Coming To Canada by nedekid: 6:41pm On Dec 07

I've been on this forum for more than 15 years. Since 2007. Not one scandal, no business transaction with anyone, no advertisement of any product, soliciting for anything. Clean as a whistle.

He is in Canada and there are thousands of open positions in many fields. This is not Nigeria where unemployment rate is 50% and IT penetration is still minimal.

IT is a very very broad field. Not everyone will be a software developer. If your brain is so dead that you cannot find one field there to chuck head na you sabi.

There are other fields too. Phlebotomy, Medical Billing , Insurance claims Adjusting. Project Management.

The person concerned greatly appreciates my input cause I have opened his eyes to how to prosper in his new environment.

Young Nigerians in the USA and Canada are killing it. Working 2- 3 easy jobs from the comfort of their bedrooms as knowledge workers with a combined annual gross of ranging from 150 to 250 thousand dollars per annum.

Why should he not invest two years in his life to secure his future and prosper in an environment that guarantees success if you put the work in.

Na where you eyes reach na him you go see.

If the guy brain dull...instead of driving forklift, I will advise him to kuku get a Commercial driver license and start driving trucks across Canada. That one will pay him more than Forklift driving. That one na warehouse job na....you go dey struggle to pay bills all your life.

Wake up!!!
Na wah. Valid points though. I know of someone in naija that has being working for a UK financial institution from her computer her in Lagos. They recently relocated her to the UK.
Even my sis in the UK works from home. Can you imagine, no entering transport etc. Wake up in the morning and sit in front of computer, get paid at the month end. Haba! NO BE JUJU BE THAT?


Travel / Re: I Regret Coming To Canada by nedekid: 6:35pm On Dec 07

Sir? Aircraft engineer you say? What business do you have laying bricks as an engineer?
Maybe flexibility. Sometimes, your area of specialization may not be available or one is made redundant, but the bills continue. One has to do some other hustle to pay bills.


Politics / Re: Amid Fear Of Losing $23bn Revenue, FG Goes After Oil Thieves by nedekid: 8:07am On Dec 07
Funny. Can the average Nigerian row a canoe into our waters without being intercepted by the navy? Yet a super tanker that can contain 3m barrels of oil will come, park for days, load crude, navy, Nnpc satellites, army, man o war, air force, lastma, vio, boys scout, civil defense etc will not see it. NO BE JUJU BE THAT?
Anyway, saying they are going after them is just like Lawrence Anini in his time in Benin, claiming to go after a crime called robbery.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Sets The Pace With His BBC Interview - Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah by nedekid: 7:53am On Dec 07
Rather a celebration of mediocrity. undecided
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Reveals How He Spent N225m Collected From British Lady by nedekid: 11:27pm On Dec 06
This man I see so no resemble 19yrs old oh...
He looks it. Exposure to heavy money and associated rough life has aged him.

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Properties / Re: Tenant Sues Landlady For Refusing To Sell Her House To Him by nedekid: 10:29pm On Dec 06
Wahala! Now landlady may lose because the court case will drag until one of them dies without paying or receiving money.
The house has been sold. The man will move out based on his expired lease. The new owner will take possession. The man can then go one his wide goose chase appeal.
The business of sale of the house I believe is different from his tenancy.
He wants to be smart by half by retaining possession of the property.

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Sports / Re: Boxer Chukwuemeka Igboanugo Slumps & Dies During National Sports Festival by nedekid: 7:05pm On Dec 06
Trust naija police to make arrests and commence investigations. All and sundry will be arrested, plenty of bailing to be made. The boxer who delivered the deadly punch will become the murder suspect. He killed a human being. That punching skill will be required in police cell.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Kills 33 Wives Of ISWAP In Reprisal Attack by nedekid: 10:33am On Dec 06
Are you sure all this I read is happening in Nigeria and not some distant backward country without any gov in place?

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Crime / Re: 6 Month ES 350 Vandalized In Igando Celestial Road by nedekid: 9:11am On Dec 06
It's not pure tokunbo car. The black tapes have been cut before now lexus gs naija used
It could be pure toks still. Possibly the sound system was upgraded with those fancy Android screens hence the tapes.

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Crime / Re: Don't Help A Stranger Who Claims To Be Stranded by nedekid: 8:32am On Dec 06
Sorry bro.
But falling for this old scam was a JJC move.
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Spotted Listening To Tinubu At Chatham House With Rapt Attention by nedekid: 1:34am On Dec 06
Those my friends are faces of people who hate Nigeria and nigerians.

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Politics / Re: Oseni: "If I Am To Start With Him, Reno Will Not Exist" - Reno Shares New Audio by nedekid: 1:21pm On Dec 05
Based on Reno’s antecedent, I knew the initial leak wasn’t the full clip in his possession. He was only waiting for Rufai to react before releasing the complete version.

Hopefully, Reno will put up a petition to DSS and Police against Rufai for the threat to his life. The security agencies must act swiftly and be proactive in this case before something bad happens.
Reno is in the US, rufai is in Lagos, how will dss or police then investigate threat to life? Should Reno not petition fbi instead since he is based in the US?
Anyway, Reno should quickly board a plane and come deliver petition to IG or dss.
Hold on!! Is Reno not meant to be on exile ie on the run from dss, npf, FG, buhari, apc, man o war, customs, lastma etc?

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Celebrities / Re: Cynthia Morgan Abandons Her Lifelong Grammy Ambition To Become A Prophetess by nedekid: 1:11pm On Dec 05
Thank you Jesus ..

I also pray for lhordspy.. that he leaves his wayward life and repent
If Cynthia can change, then there may be hope for him.

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