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Politics / Re: Peter Obi: We Will Remove Import & FOREX Restrictions by nnamdi640: 10:51am
China locked her economy for 30 years. Today China is competing with America for World power.

Guy, don't try to justify what PO said. Deep down you know he floped with that statement.
Please say what you know. Am sure you don't understand what it mean to lock an economy. Always ready to defend Thievenubu and condemn others.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: We Will Remove Import & FOREX Restrictions by nnamdi640: 10:48am
Typical container economy ideology.smh.

I am not surprised at all. Someone already predicted this about HE Obi because Obi needs to keep importing foreign goods for his import business and supermarkets.

Little wonder he has nothing tangible to use to campaign for his 8 years in office as Anambra governor.

For the uncouth Igbo youths defending container economy,please go and look at the export side, if you see the export side of non-oil sector of Nigeria and where they come from in Nigeria ehn, you will never consider Igbo container economy as progress and never wish Igbo continues to be a dumping ground.

Check our foreign direct investments(FDI) too( screenshots of leading fdi states for both Q1 and Q2 2022 are below) and you will not see any SE states at the top 2 so these container economy is not it at all and not progress in the absence of FDI.

While SE is taking containers, Lagos,alone takes over 70% the FDI in billions! Apart from Anambra which is still very very low due to this container economy mentality and insecurity, all other SE states attracted zero fdi so far this year

Below is jiust the agricultural sector alone, watch cocoa from the SW and Sesame from the North with Jigawa the highest producer, doing multiple times the other agric ptoducts and bringing in forex into Nigeria and not destroying the environment or bringing in toxic contents.

I completely disagree with your suggestion that container economy is what Igboland needs.

Top priority for SE, and I agree with Prof. Soludo , is responsible parenting because most parents in Igboland have abandoned their responsibility of raising disciplined, respectful, educated and Godfearing patriotic children, these children currently litter the social media space for ipob terrorist group and jails in Nigeria and all over the world, followed by peace in Igboland un order to stop the shedding of blood of innocent patriotic Nigerians then investment especially from other tribes and foreigners so Igboland can attract investments and talents from other places like the SW does excellently.

Asiwaju Tinubu alone brought in multibillion dollars investment into Lagos and his successors built on it.
check my signature for free stuffs!
Hahahaha!!! He brought in dollars investment yet Lagos state is one of the highest debtor, please find another story to tell.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Not A Failed State - Bola Tinubu by nnamdi640: 10:41am
Nigeria is not a failed state why then do you prefer going to London and France if not madness. I just pity fools that believe this criminal.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Attends Passing-Out Parade Of NDA Cadets In Kaduna (Pictures) by nnamdi640: 6:46am
Picture in one word describes the amazing foolishness of the whole south


Just take a look at that picture

A whole our military

From A-Z only northerners

We from the south

Deserve what we're getting.

I laugh @ their one Nigeria nonsense grin
You said it all. 90% of them are northerners that is why they made the selection rigid in order to favour them. Alot of cheating is happening in this country.
Politics / Re: Imo Women Defy Downpour, Rally For Tinubu, say Tinubu is their Choice by nnamdi640: 9:29pm On Oct 05
How many Yoruba women can reciprocate that same gesture to an Igbo man. Now we know the real children of hate.
Crime / Re: Absence Of Interpreter Stalls Trial Of Chinese Accused Of Killing Nigerian Girl by nnamdi640: 7:44pm On Oct 05
How was he able to communicate with his lover and people around him before the sad event took place? wonder shall never end. See as court room be like shrine

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Meets With Yemi Idowu And Toyin Subair In London (Pictures) by nnamdi640: 9:10am On Oct 05
How will a man that value another man's country be a good leader.
Foreign Affairs / Re: North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile Over Japan by nnamdi640: 9:06am On Oct 05
The only thing countries like North korea and Russia have in common is BALLS .

I love their courage, audacity, fearlessness, firmness, daring, fortitude,spirit, mettle, confidence, gutsiness,ballsiness, temerariousness, effontery. No time for nonsense.

How i wish China too with its vast economical strenght and power can also be able to stand its ground and not just make empty threats everytime the United state toy with them through Taiwan.
That would make Taiwan stop playing games with China by entertaining those evil westerners close to China.

China needs to man up,show balls too, and start acting like a world power they are. Not empty threats here and there everytime.
You love their courage just because they use their nuclear weapons to intimidate other nations. Pray that such country don't remember country like Nigeria then you will know how bad their actions are. If this people are allowed to continue displaying their madness just because of the nuclear weapons they have, one day they will think of subjecting other countries to slavery.

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Crime / Re: Graphic Content! Ukrainian Soldier Cooks Russian by nnamdi640: 7:17pm On Oct 04
This is the handwork of Putin. The monsters you made. I still don't understand why some people just allow the things of the world to control them, all this was just to show power tussle now see what it has resulted to.
Education / Re: Why Do A Lot Of Students Hate This Subject/course? by nnamdi640: 1:34am On Oct 04
It is because their foundations towards the subject is poor.
Politics / Re: With This Picture, Lagos Is Taken by nnamdi640: 2:03pm On Oct 01

Lagos has over 7m voters

This is not even 5% and don't forget Lagos is the headquarters of social media active users

So more obidients reside in Lagos and this is the highest they can go

Lastly obidients are the self acclaimed passionate supporters, so you except 80/90% of them to be on ground on a public holiday rally


Aside this number only 10% fit remain for house who didn't come and this number can't win a local government in Lagos for obi
It will shock you soon. The obidient that didn't show up in the rally are more than what you are seeing. Just continue to day dream.
TV/Movies / Re: This Is The Type Of Boring And Meaningless Movies My Wife Enjoy Watching. by nnamdi640: 1:39pm On Oct 01
I hate those films with passion, especially those ones that will still play music as if one is in a burial ceremony.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Obidients March In Kafanchan, Kaduna State (Photos) by nnamdi640: 1:26pm On Oct 01
Just do wetin una wan do, make una carry ur shit comot.

And wait for the real campaign of the incoming president of the federal republic of Nigeria

You mean with paid crowd dorminating the rally
Politics / Re: Peter Obi 1-Million-Man Rally In Aba, Abia State (Pictures) by nnamdi640: 1:22pm On Oct 01
This ones are not paid crowd, it is as a result of pure love and to rescue the country from evil and criminals parading theirselves as politicians. Obi is a goal.
Agriculture / Re: If Banana Grew & Entered Your Compound Like This, What Would You Do? by nnamdi640: 10:39pm On Sep 30
End time banana trying to cause commotion.
Education / Re: What Next After ASUU Loses In The Appeal Court -- Asuukiller by nnamdi640: 7:30pm On Sep 25

Call off the strike and educate you for free and with no pay?

I hope you know that if you pay peanuts only monkeys would apply, and last time I checked monkeys teach nonsense.

Please know that you can not steal the education in my head without compensating me because I am far too educated for that. If I weren't you wouldn't be asking me to educate you.
My brother, don't mind what they are saying. How many of them will agree to such action. I continue to say it, there is an agreement between the lecturers and FG when each of those lecturers were employed and one of the agreement is the entitlements of those lecturers, when fg failed to keep that agreement, then any action the lecturers took is the fault of fg as long as the lecturers are not using violence, that is the reason for strike. I see people saying that there is another way to go about this action but never gave their suggestions. Fg should try it with Labour union let see what people will say.

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Politics / Re: Osun Election Tribunal: INEC Overvoting Cleansing Give Victory To APC by nnamdi640: 5:33am On Sep 25
This is not funny oh. Not funny at all because INEC already admitted to the error. Thiis error by INEC could have seriously tainted the elections next year!
If this is true ehn, whoever made this mistake must be prosecuted for electoral crimes.
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This is a plan B from Apc and Inec in order to claim the people's mandate with the help of the court. That same magic they performed in Imo State is about to repeat itself again.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Top Strongest Militaries In The World 2022 (20 Most Powerful Militaries) by nnamdi640: 8:58am On Sep 24
Russia is not supposed to be in that list. Russia that want to use civilians as soldiers is the one you are calling world power. Tell me about US that fought a war with two faraway countries after 9/11 attack and brought the governments down, that is what the called strong military coordination not Russia that can't even defeat a neighbouring country, all the did is to threaten the world with nuclear bomb

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Politics / Re: Tinubu's Certificates Emerges As Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Obi's Own by nnamdi640: 7:21pm On Sep 22
Vc of any schools can decide to issue certificate at any time as long as he or she is incharge of the school activities.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Certificates Emerges As Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Obi's Own by nnamdi640: 7:19pm On Sep 22
Where is Tinubu's certificate, am only seeing to whom it may concern. How will Inec bring theirselves so low to the point of accepting to whom.
Education / Re: Industrial Court Orders ASUU Back To Work by nnamdi640: 2:12pm On Sep 22

And I still throw it back at you, so the only solution available by the league of intellectuals is by staying at home chewing toothpick..

When they know the ultimate goal of this Present Government is to radicle the Educational Sector? are they (ASUU) not helping the FG to attain that particular goal?

bro, plainly I'm not siding anyone in fact I'm a core hater of this present FG...

come to think of it Do you Know Federal Universities make close to N2 billion IGR per session in it, only 30% goes to FG... undecided

I ask you, where does the rest go even the ones they collect from innocent students with red eyes terming it as your pass mark? angry

And yet again I ask you who compensate the students for the emotional and life span damages they have done to them...

But we ought to call a spade a spade!


I still leave this question to You

Will Pay wholeheartedly 7 months of salaries to any of your employees who stayed at home doing absolutely nothing!? undecided

Mr Learned
There was an agreement before those lecturers were brought in and one of the agreement is the entitlements of the lecturers, if the agreement is broken by fg, then the 7months salaries must be paid because the so called fg are at fault.

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Education / Re: Industrial Court Orders ASUU Back To Work by nnamdi640: 5:40am On Sep 22

Tell me, By what mechanism have they been surviving since the past 7 months? undecided


How many times have normal civil servants demanded for a rise in their pay? by sitting at their homes chewing toothpick!!!

and yet you want them to be paid the 7 months they actually didn't worked for? shocked...

If you're an employer how many times have you increased your employee(s) salary by 100%

And would pay them that 7 months they STUPIDLY didn't worked for?

Have you seen how biased you are in your judgment? angry

Mr Learned
You mean they should be clapping for government for not keeping to their promise. The only language Nigeria government understand is strike and protest. Again go through what they are fighting for, you will see that it will benefit all of us. The so called government don't care about educational systems of this country just because majority of them have their children in abroad, same thing in the health sector. Am sure ASUU are really prepared for them. You might be thinking that ASUU are greedy just because you are not feeling their plight, but the fact still remain that they need to fight for their right.
Politics / Re: IKEDC: Lagos Residents Protest Estimated Billing, Arrest Of Comminity Members by nnamdi640: 4:52am On Sep 22
Go get prepaid meter.

I was at NEPA office to complain about this same thing few months ago.

In my street, there are only five houses that do not have prepaid meter.

Most of the houses that have the prepaid pay someone to illegally bypass the metre so they end up paying nothing or a fraction of what they are supposed to pay.

At the end of the month, NEPA reads the metre on the transformer that serves the whole street and gives an estimated bill to those who do not have prepaid meter.

They assume that the other houses have prepaid and are paying so they don't bill them.

So automatically, the houses without prepaid pay the deficit.

This was what the NEPA official said.

We complained about it and NEPA removed almost 500k from my outstanding bill. They did this to encourage us get a prepaid meter.

The people protesting should force their landlords or lady's to get prepaid meter.
to get the meter is the main thing

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Romance / Re: Never Date or Marry A Nigerian Nurse by nnamdi640: 10:08pm On Sep 21
Similar thing happened to me too on the day I lost my mum. I think the nature of their job makes them to act in such way.


Education / Re: Industrial Court Orders ASUU Back To Work by nnamdi640: 9:54pm On Sep 21

Did FG in any way tell The Useless ASUU to go on STRIKE!!! angry

How can you eat your cake and still have it back? undecided

Mr Learned
You mean to say that they shouldn't have embark on strike. How do you want them to survive when the prices of almost everything in this country are like x4 of it's initial price.

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Education / Re: Industrial Court Orders ASUU Back To Work by nnamdi640: 7:44pm On Sep 21
This apc government are so funny, how do you expect an hungry man to enter classroom to teach students. They want those lecturers to use students as scape goats
Crime / Re: NDLEA Recovers Crack Cocaine Worth N193bn From Lagos Warehouse by nnamdi640: 7:32pm On Sep 19
Emmanuel Chukwu, 65, who hails from Ekwulobia, Anambra state;

Na their oga be that. Holl am tight.
Hahahaha! Hypocrites is bad in ones life, you mean to say those other three are innocent just because they are Yoruba which mean Yorubas are saints and you forgot that Ogun state harbour the highest numbers of skull miners and Hushpuppy a Yoruba man and the father of all yahoo boys that also broke record i

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Politics / Re: Video: Tinubu Bows Down To Greet Orji Uzor Kalu Mother by nnamdi640: 10:11am On Sep 19
Humility not like one aspirants that will stmmerer and forget how to greet elderly ones rather will choose to kick her like ball to notify her of his arrival...
Lol, you mean to say eye service. Rubbish!!! The other day, it was Orji you guys were using to catch cruise for bowing down and you never called that humility. Hypocrites!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Emperor Of Japan, Naruhito Arrives In UK For Queen Elizabeth II Funeral by nnamdi640: 9:58am On Sep 19

Be gone , you peasant !

Slave without heritage .

You do know that slaves are not supposed to have kings amongst themselves.

To be honest with you, you don't know the meaning of slave. Those you called slaves are doing better than majority of you guys, beside slavery is associated to those with kings. I will advice you to go back and read history, then you will understand that the Igbos have been running a parliamentary system of government even before the colonies entered africa, they were shocked to see that Igbos were practicing what they believe in. All this were documented in the history books. Coming here to say rubbish shows how foolish and stupid urchins can be.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Emperor Of Japan, Naruhito Arrives In UK For Queen Elizabeth II Funeral by nnamdi640: 5:25pm On Sep 18
The Oba of Benin,Alaafun of Oyo, Ooni of Ife, Olu of Warri, Obong of Calabar and the Sultan of Sokoto will be attending.

Nobody from Osuland because osus no get king.
You that have king, what impact have those kings made on your people if not marrying your daughters, then sleep with them and dump. Have those kings you mentioned solve the hardship majority of your people are going through?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Need A Mathematician In Abuja by nnamdi640: 5:13pm On Sep 18
Get in touch if you are very sound in mathmatics
Am a Mathematician with Msc in mathmatics (pure).

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