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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Can Not Win. Concrete Proof. by Nnemuka(f): 7:23pm On Aug 31, 2022

Akpu and Igbangwu Oka are your stable foods, but you hate cassava and corn,...

Den don swear for you people..

Btw, leave photoshop to the professionals because you suck at it..

grin grin

for 9yrs, you've been consistent with your stupid!ty on nairaland. Every election season, you appear and all you do is abuse and play dirty politics of propaganda.

I guess you've been mobilized by the thief in boudillion, but this is not 2015 when You guys ran away with insulting GEJ.
9yrs of playing dirty politics of tribe, are u not tired? Don't u have dreams of being atleast a better nigerian? must u asslick politicians? ewww

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Romance / Re: Trending Video Of A Young Nigerian Man And His Onyibo Lover (Photos) by Nnemuka(f): 8:58pm On Aug 23, 2022
Alpha Male.. grin grin
Romance / Re: Lady Laments The Age Of Man She Was Already Falling In Love With(photo) by Nnemuka(f): 4:17pm On Aug 23, 2022
grin grin I know this feeling...
Screams Child abuse cheesy

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Family / Re: I Caught My Wife Using A Vibrator by Nnemuka(f): 5:42pm On Aug 21, 2022
You need to upgrade your hygiene level..
How often do you brush and shower in a day?
Do you use cologne and body spray?
Shave your armpit hair and your pubic hairs too..
How good is your bedroom game or are you d selfish type interested in your orgasm...
If she complains about painful sex what have u done to resolve it?

Go and fix issues at home and stop being a cry baby
Politics / Re: Chimaroke Nnamani & FS Yusuf Clash On Twitter (Photos) by Nnemuka(f): 1:15pm On Aug 11, 2022
Former governor of a state at 62 shocked shocked
Is this midlife crisis or what?
I am ashamed for ndi Enugu state...

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Politics / Re: BMO Accuses Peter Obi Of Releasing False Information In 2018 (Throwback) by Nnemuka(f): 6:33am On Aug 07, 2022
Every political party is after Peter Obi who they claim has no structure...
The entire media outlet are after him trying to label him a liar...
Reputable newspapers have been reduced to a fact checking platform grin

Dear Peter Obi, pls continue what you are doing... Press their necks.
Two thieves, one a drug lord and another who is a kleptomaniac are trying to force themselves on Nigerians but God forbid.

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Politics / Re: ECA Further Shrinks From $35.7 Million To $376,000 by Nnemuka(f): 11:31am On Jul 27, 2022

I do not understand. commercialized, privatized. was it an NGO or a charity organization before?
Have fuel subsidy been removed and who is paying the subsidy if it is still in place. Are they still the sole importer of PMS or have the right been quashed by the government? Were they giving fuel to Nigerians free before that they have to turn around and commercialize it as you said.

NNPC is still NNPC but it has new owners who shares the profits and pay government tax and dividend as a share holder.

NNPC is still owned by govt, with govt workers and yes Nigeria still pays subsidy.


Politics / Re: ECA Further Shrinks From $35.7 Million To $376,000 by Nnemuka(f): 10:43am On Jul 27, 2022

Since NNPC has been sold, are we to talk about excess crude account again. The excess now belongs to the owners of the company.
Sold to who? it was commercialized not privatised


Politics / ECA Further Shrinks From $35.7 Million To $376,000 by Nnemuka(f): 9:36am On Jul 27, 2022

Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account shrinks from $35.7 million to $376,655.09

The balance in Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account (ECA) has reduced significantly from the $35.7 million it was as of June 2022 to $376,655.09 as at July 25, 2022.

A communiqué issued at the end of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) meeting for July 2022, held in Abuja yesterday disclosed this.

But no explanation was given for the huge drop in the ECA. The slump in the ECA came as allocation to the federal, state and local governments increased by N121.624 billion as FAAC shared a total sum of N802.407 billion for June.

The sum of N680.783 billion was shared in the preceding month of May and N656, 602 in April.

However, the rise in June allocation was attributed to tremendous increases in Companies Income Tax (CIT) and Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT), although oil and gas royalties declined marginally.

The communiqué explained that the N802.407 billion total distributable revenue comprised distributable statutory revenue of N608.580 billion and distributable Value Added Tax (VAT) revenue of N193.827 billion.

According to the communique, total deductions for cost of collection was N44.606 billion and deductions for transfers, savings, refunds and 13 per cent derivation to Anambra State was a total sum of N373.200.

The share of the federal government from the total distributable revenue of N802.407 billion was N321.859 billion, the states received N245.418 billion, and the local governments got N182.330 billion.

The sum of N52.799 billion was shared to the relevant states as 13 per cent derivation revenue.

The communique revealed that gross statutory revenue of N1,012.065 billion was received for the month of June 2022.

This was higher than the sum of N589.952 billion received in the previous month by N422.113 billion.

From the N608.580 billion distributable statutory revenue, the federal government received N292.785 billion, the states received N148.505 billion and the local governments received N114.491 billion.

The sum of N52.799 billion was shared to the relevant states as 13 per cent derivation revenue.

In the month of June 2022, the gross revenue available from VAT was N208.148 billion, which was lower than the N213.179 billion available in the month of May 2022 by N5.031 billion.

From the N193.827 billion distributable VAT revenue, the federal government received N29.074 billion, states received N96.914 billion and the local government councils received N67.839 billion.

According to the communiqué, in the month of June 2022, CIT and PPT recorded tremendous increases, while import duty, oil and gas royalties increased marginally.

Excise duties decreased significantly while VAT decreased marginally.

Meanwhile, IMF has advised Nigeria and other African countries to as a matter of urgency take proactive measures to restructure their debts.

The Washington-based institution also retained Nigeria’s projected economic growth for 2022 at 3.4 per cent and that of 2023 at 3.2 per cent, which was an increase of 0.1 per cent compared with the 3.1 per cent it had projected for the country in its World Economic Outlook (WEO) in April.

This was disclosed during the virtual launch of the IMF’s WEO for July 2022 titled, “Gloomy and More Uncertain,’ yesterday.

Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs. Zainab Ahmed, last week sounded the alarm bells as she revealed that the country’s debt service cost in the first quarter (Q1) 2022 was N1.94 trillion, N310 billion higher than the actual revenue received during the period.

Elevated debt level has also been the trend in other countries in Africa.

Responding to a question on the rise and looming debt crisis in Africa, the Chief Economist and Director, Research Department, IMF, Mr. Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas said: “On a number of countries when you have a combination of shocks and we’ve experienced shocks upon shocks. We have the pandemic, we have the impact of the war, and elevated energy and food prices that are hitting a number of countries that don’t have really a lot of fiscal space and many of the low-income countries.

“They can get into a situation where their debts are assessed as unsustainable meaning that there are financing gaps and the financing gaps need to be closed and that require having the creditors and the country negotiate a reduction in the claims on the country. That’s what the debt restructuring process means.”

Speaking further, the IMF official said: “And that process is absolutely vital because if you don’t have a reduction in the claims of debt restructuring, then the country is still saddled with unsustainable liabilities that it has to service and is unable to.

“So that process is one that also unlocks once we have restored debt sustainability. It unlocks access to IMF resources and that’s the point at which the IMF can come in and provide some financial assistance.”

According to him, there was need for governments in Africa to adopt proactive measures in addressing their debt challenges.

He added: “So that’s a critical step and a number of countries are actually currently under discussions to reduce their external debt and we can anticipate that others will be doing so.

“It is important that this process happens as quickly as possible and that countries may be proactive in terms of seeking a debt resolution, maybe ahead rather than waiting until it’s too late. That is because when it’s too late, then you really have no policy options and no room. But it’s an important part of the process.

“The IMF has a role to play and we are trying to help both in terms of facilitating debt resolution and also providing the financial assistance that we can, once this is established.”

On his part, the Division Chief, Research Department, Mr. Daniel Leigh said: “The main challenge that we are focusing on is indeed the risk of debt distress.”

The latest WEO further stated that tighter financial conditions could trigger debt distress in emerging market and developing economies.

It states: “As advanced economy central banks raise interest rates to fight inflation, financial conditions worldwide will continue to tighten. The resulting increase in borrowing costs will, without correspondingly tighter domestic monetary policies, put pressure on international reserves and cause depreciation versus the dollar, inducing balance sheet valuation losses among economies with dollar-denominated net liabilities.

“Such challenges will come at a time when government financial positions in many countries are already stretched, implying less room for fiscal policy support, with 60 percent of low-income countries in or at high risk of government debt distress.”

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Politics / Re: Ope Banwo Accuses Coalition For Peter Obi Of Attempted Extortion by Nnemuka(f): 5:38am On Jul 27, 2022
Ope banwo went from castigating peter obi to supporting Moghalu to building a malicious app for Peter obi and now he is constantly making threads about the coalition.
Ope should rest...
No coalition or support group for Obi is constantly crying on their timelines, he will not be recognized and nobody knows him.

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Politics / Re: Fact Check: Did Tom Hanks, Hollywood Actor Endorse Peter Obi? by Nnemuka(f): 9:18am On Jul 25, 2022
We already know the game plan grin grin
ApC urchins and PDP fan boys will disguise as Obi supporters and say some stupid things.
Awalokan fan base will fact check the rubbish and debunk it in other to paint Peter obi bad.

You guys need to upgrade...
This gameplan has failed..
What else is left grin grin

Fact check this news below..��

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: “I Have Been Managing Peter Obi’s Twitter Account For Years” by Nnemuka(f): 7:23am On Jun 27, 2022
No wonder GEJ failed woefully...
His aide kept revealing sensitive info to the enemies camp
Education / Re: Pictures Of One Of The Schools Tinubu Built In 2001 by Nnemuka(f): 4:27pm On Jun 26, 2022
As far as I'm concerned, the very fact that Tinubu is not supported by igbos is a million reason I support him.
Bwahahahahaha grin grin grin
Read what a buharist is saying about Buhari today...
You think you are doing the Igbo's? cheesy cheesy

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Politics / Re: Atiku As VP In 1999 Was A Blessing To Nigeria – ASO Replies Obasanjo by Nnemuka(f): 4:23pm On Jun 26, 2022

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 4:52pm On Jun 03, 2022

Egusi soup with Croaker fish and assorted meat!!

Looks good but why do some people enjoy eba with stew. That was how someone invited us to her house and served okro, semo and stew. I kept waiting for d rice until I saw everyone dishing the semo with okro and stew shocked shocked shocked
The Anambra spirit in me cannot understand the combo grin
This is something I need to learn sha


Politics / Re: Man Confronted While Tearing Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Posters (Photos, Video) by Nnemuka(f): 5:11pm On Jun 01, 2022
Romance / Re: Lady Goes Hard At A Vendor Who Insulted Her On Whatsapp (photos) by Nnemuka(f): 9:05pm On May 28, 2022
Big footed ladies dey really see shege.
Anything above 41 for a lady na serious problem.
My dear, Big feet come be like curse.
When you finally see your size, the price will be like 50 times the price of smaller size. Ikeagugom cry cry
My shoe size is 43 in this Buhari economy and the annoying thing is that the leg is still growing. grin


Politics / Re: What Reno Omokri Said About Peter Obi In 2021 by Nnemuka(f): 12:54pm On May 28, 2022
Reno is just another street hustler.
And a consistent liar

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Politics / Re: What Reno Omokri Said About Peter Obi In 2021 by Nnemuka(f): 10:41am On May 28, 2022
The guy is jittery about Igbo dominance just like most Nigerians
Which one is Igbo dominance? He knows Atiku will not win next election and will likely not get a single vote in the south east so his aim is to insult Igbos while courting the north..

Meanwhile this was Reno when he was courting ndigbo grin

Politics / Re: What Reno Omokri Said About Peter Obi In 2021 by Nnemuka(f): 10:32am On May 28, 2022
Reno is a politician. That is how they speak when they meet themselves.
He was praying in "Christ sake"
Omo fear who no fear Reno
Politics / What Reno Omokri Said About Peter Obi In 2021 by Nnemuka(f): 10:17am On May 28, 2022
cheesy cheesy cheesy
Anywhere belle face influencer... grin

Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 3:32pm On May 21, 2022
Black Potato recipe for gods alike.

Join me
cheesy cheesy cheesy
Indeed the meal is only good for d gods of the land.
Just drop it at a T junction at midnight grin


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 9:23am On May 14, 2022

The yam is so fine. I am craving this.

Lol @15 people. hopefully they are toddlers.
Fine and sweet..
@bolded... As yam don cost, we need to manage grin
Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 9:08am On May 14, 2022
Breakfast for 15ppl...
Nice one sapa


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 3:31pm On May 10, 2022
Beans for lunch...


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 5:27pm On May 05, 2022
Agidi or soft semo...
Let's dig in wink


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by Nnemuka(f): 10:45am On May 01, 2022
Oha for Sunday...
My secret cooking ingredient for a tasty meal is CRAYFISH grin grin
one day I will try it in my Tea cheesy

Crayfish for king of all spices

Bring your Eba

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Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Willie Obiano At Lagos Airport by Nnemuka(f): 11:26pm On Mar 17, 2022
Thank you Jesus.
That thief must not run away grin grin


Politics / Re: Soludo Has Been Sworn-In As Executive Governor Of Anambra State by Nnemuka(f): 12:19pm On Mar 17, 2022
We are expecting tol much from Soludo...
Hopefully he wont deal with ndi Anambra like Buhari is doing to Nigerians
Politics / Re: Obiano Dissolves Cabinet, Terminates Appointments Of Political Appointees by Nnemuka(f): 5:42pm On Mar 14, 2022
Dear EFCC,
pls go after this thief come 17march.
Politics / Re: 2023: Northerners React To Peter Obi's Ambition (Pictures) by Nnemuka(f): 9:07am On Feb 04, 2022
grin grin
I will Vote peter Obi with all the blood in me.

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Politics / Re: 10,000 Capacity Anambra ICC To Be Commissioned Soon(video) by Nnemuka(f): 7:20am On Jan 30, 2022
But this man has a lot of explaining to do. Under him, so many things went critically bad in Anambra including roads, schools and infrastructures.

Anambra generates a whole lot from Recenues and collections.

But a whole lot of it was unaccounted for.
Dont mind the drunkard called Obiano
Efcc patiently waiting for him

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