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Politics / Re: What Did Peter Obi Contributed To Democracy In The History Of Nigeria by Noblechykk(m): 10:32pm On Jun 12

Donate to your family members, thanks I don't need it.

People are looting bags of rice on a moving truck in Ibadan, take your philanthropy there.
Lolz, you are wicked


Politics / Re: USA And Russia Gradually Returning Back To The Hostile Cold War Era by Noblechykk(m): 1:28pm On Jun 12
What has Zelensky got to do with this?
Politics / Re: Akpabio Identifies Errors In New National Anthem by Noblechykk(m): 11:19am On Jun 12
I wish you the same.
Case closed! You handled him well

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Politics / Re: Tramadol And Alchohol, Why Am I Confused by Noblechykk(m): 10:58am On Jun 12
Politics / Re: Mr Macaroni: No Political Party Enjoyed Opposition Like APC. They Cursed At GEJ by Noblechykk(m): 2:47pm On Jun 04
I don't know why some people always think they need GEJ era as an excuse to Justify Opposition, protest or criticis ... is it that they don't know it is there right or what

At the time APC was playing opposition to GEJ who did they cite as an excuse or justification @least they oppose GEJ with there full chest

Oppose , criticise if you need to, no one needs to hide under GEJ to exercise his or her right undecided

Nobody is hiding under GEJ to criticize. People are just point out the hipocrisy of APC government and their supporters

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Politics / Re: Minimum Wage Negotiations Will Be Tough - Atedo Peterside by Noblechykk(m): 2:36pm On Jun 04

We are not compatriots. That ended last week sir 😞
grin grin grin grin grin you wicked
Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Allows Ukraine To Strike Targets Inside Russia With German Weapons by Noblechykk(m): 5:09pm On May 31
As it is today, russia cannot defeat germany in a war
People overrate Russia so much

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Fails To Provide Vital Details Of Newly-Awarded Contracts by Noblechykk(m): 5:52pm On May 22

Na names of the contractors be una issue this time?

Only an enemy of the country think the way you do. I hope you are being paid handsomely for your public display of stupidity.


TV/Movies / Re: Hisense Unveils First 100-inch TV Made In South Africa (PICS) by Noblechykk(m): 11:39am On May 21

100 inches ? Would love it to show off my 12 inches in one of my films.

Only bad people will understand.

If you like, Google my name inside Church / Mosque.
Honestly I tried to understand but I couldn't and I now remembered that I am not a bad person. Lol
Politics / Re: Obi knocks FG, laments Recklessness In federal Spending by Noblechykk(m): 9:01pm On May 20

Hypocrites like Peter Obi shouldn't be shooking mouth about governance as he couldn't proved it when he was Anambra state governor.

How many students dropped out during Peter Obi's tenure after he increased the state tuition fee by 80%?

One day, you go dey alright.
Politics / Re: Obi knocks FG, laments Recklessness In federal Spending by Noblechykk(m): 8:02pm On May 20
When a man like Obi keeps talking about education,they think he doesn't know what he saying.

I am a product of education and it is through education I became what I am today. In fact,it will be hard for some of u to understand this man called Obi.

His legacy on education speaks louder than any and that aside,his legacy on investment is incomparable and I applaud him for that.

We can keep mocking him,make jest of him but this man is statically right in all in aspect of his analysis.

How can u budget 1billion for 12 schools while car park for assembly members takes 4billion.

This is why we should evaluate the head of anyone who supports APC,they usually lack common sense.
No mind them

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Politics / Re: Obi knocks FG, laments Recklessness In federal Spending by Noblechykk(m): 7:34pm On May 20
The people that Labour party sent to both Senate and HOA, could you people tell us what they have done since elected.

All the issues Peter Obi raised, why can't he passed it to the Labour Senators and HOA to table in the plenary for discussion

He has done his part as a concerned citizen. Stop being mischievious. I wonder the difference between you and the dude posting phishing links that you have been antagonising

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Politics / Re: TotalEnergies Chose Angola Over Nigeria For $6 Billion Project. See Why by Noblechykk(m): 7:02pm On May 20
So because you want to invest Angola now, you start saying shii about Nigeria, put your money where your mouth is and stop the unnecessary talks.

The part he said that Nigeria lacks talent, if you're in support and happy to all what the man talks about Nigeria, then you should be ashamed of yourself of being among the talentless in Nigeria
He is not saying shii about Nigeria. He is telling the reason he chose Angola over Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Fubara And Wike: Rivers of Lessons by Noblechykk(m): 10:44am On May 20
You didn't learn any lesson about betrayal.
You are a big fool
Sports / Re: Boniface Flies Coach Who Nurtured Him At Home To Watch Leverkusen's Coronation by Noblechykk(m): 11:27am On May 19
u spoke well but ur last statement wasn't needed
I think it is a sense of humor. I could be wrong though
Politics / Re: Another Stupid Propaganda By Sim Fubara by Noblechykk(m): 8:01am On May 17
you are entitled to your beliefs. But that doesn't make them facts.
This where you exposed your bias

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Politics / Re: "The Problem we have Is accumulated Debts From The Past Govt" - Fubara by Noblechykk(m): 5:54pm On May 14
This mumu doesn't know how government works. You are truly a mistake. Keep chasing shadows.
Did Fubara steal your wife? If you are not being paid for your constant attack on his person, then you must be the fool of the millennium.
Politics / Re: Wike And Fubara A Beef Well Planed by Noblechykk(m): 7:16pm On May 12
A beef well Planed to main fame and relevance.

There's no week that will pass that Wike's name will not be mentioned in the news, that is exactly what he wants.
I don't your brand of weed but it is really strong.
Politics / Re: This Is Why We Must Crucify Peter Obi For Current Nigeria's Economic Failure by Noblechykk(m): 1:26am On May 02
if you like support Tinubu from now till forever
it doesn't change the fact that you're nairaland FFK
helinues why did you deny Tinubu last year only to be chasing clout with him this year ?
tell us now oo and why
Please don't insult FFK. FFk, as stupid and dishonourable as he is, is more honorable than that empty head you quoted.

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Politics / Re: Anambra State E-library One Of Peter Obi's Legacies(photos) by Noblechykk(m): 11:21pm On Apr 28
So because he commissioned the private library built for the people by Prof. Dike, it is now a legacy of Peter Obi? undecided

What library did Obi build as governor?

I am no supporter of Tinubu, he is an unmitigated and still unfolding disaster, but truth is Peter Obi was very useless and clueless as governor and even made useless Obiano who managed to build a small airport and convention centre appear to be a performer in comparison.
Olodo, the library was used to imortalise Prof Dike.

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Politics / Re: Reno Wishes Happy birthday, And Writes On Tolerance Of The Yorubas by Noblechykk(m): 4:55pm On Apr 28

Apparently, thousands of Nigerians take him serious.

Just as Obidients took him serious when he was posting and trending pictures of Tinubu with a suggested caption of the president wetting his agbada with pee.
Goodluck in chasing the wind
Politics / Re: Reno Wishes Happy birthday, And Writes On Tolerance Of The Yorubas by Noblechykk(m): 4:40pm On Apr 28

Because he spoke the truth. Lol
What is the truth in what he said? It's pathetic that you guys take him serious hence his constant display of stupidity. Why not just wish the great man happy birthday without playing tribal card?
Politics / Re: Reno Wishes Happy birthday, And Writes On Tolerance Of The Yorubas by Noblechykk(m): 4:19pm On Apr 28
Now it is obvious that this guy is mentally unbalanced.
Politics / Re: Poor Power Supply: Governors Hire Consultants To Break Discos Monopoly by Noblechykk(m): 9:25am On Apr 28

I don't earn minimum wage. Several minimum wage earners here cannot afford electricity. You can also ask your friends in USA how much they pay for electricity and gas. You cannot afford stable electricity. That's it.
I am not worried about crossing the bridge. Let the government take me there first.
Politics / Re: Poor Power Supply: Governors Hire Consultants To Break Discos Monopoly by Noblechykk(m): 8:31am On Apr 28

I still pay 100 Pounds monthly for Gas for cooking and heating the house making it between 200 and 220 Pounds. Shey Nigerians fit pay that? If Tinubu Jagaban tries it, you will see Peter Giringori Agulu Obituary and Atikulation Abubakar leading protests and Peter Giringori rolling out fake Statistics that power is free in UK and that government pays citizens money to use power in Germany
What's the minimum wage in U.K?
Politics / Re: How Edo Pdp Candidate Asue Ighodalo Mismanaged Nigerian Breweries by Noblechykk(m): 10:45am On Apr 27
*How Asue Ighodalo Mismanaged Nigeria Breweries PLC in Eight Months as Chairman*

By Hon. Henshaw Oligbi.

Political analysts and supporters of Barr. Asue Ighodalo, the PDP Governorship flag bearer in Edo State has so much discussed his tenure as former Chairman of Nigeria Breweries PLC. This necessitated the review of Asue's leadership of the said company.

You can recall that Mr. Kolawole Jomade announced his resignation from the Company Board Chairmanship during a board meeting on April 26, 2023, with effect from April 30, 2023. Following his departure, Barr. Asue Ighodalo was appointed the Chairman of the thriving Brewery company on the 1st of May 2023. However, he resigned on the 31 Dec. 2023, precisely eight months after assuming the role as Board Chairman.

Under Asue Ighodalo's 8-month leadership, prices of Nigeria Breweries' products were increased thrice at such a geometric rate as well as the bloated overhead cost of the company.

In retrospect, Nigeria Breweries is known for prudent cost management, profit-making and dividend payment to shareholders, this is evident in the 2022 N17.341b Profit Before Tax and N13.187b Profit After Tax made by the company under the Chairmanship of Kolawole Jomade.

The former Chairman, Mr Kolawole had also set the company on a solid path to improve on his successive achievements over the years but chose to bow out of the position owing to unnecessary Board Room pressure from Asue Ighodalo’s greedy ambition in the Company.

The new sheriff in town, Mr Asue Ighodalo barely settled down as Chairman when he approved a One-off re-organizational cost, incurred an increased 15% cost of sales, a 5% increase in marketing and distribution, and administrative expenses which led to a 15% decline in Operating profit.

The Audited Financial Statement and Annual Report 2023 of Nigeria Breweries PLC unveiled a mismanaged and damaged company that was once reputable and outstanding, under the inexperienced and inefficient leadership of Barr. Asue Ighodalo.

In the year 2023, Asue Ighodalo's leadership in Nigeria Breweries under review, could neither break even in business nor break new grounds but rather experienced a historical and monumental loss of N145.2b Loss Before Tax and N106.3b Loss After Tax.

This historical loss in the history of Nigeria Breweries under poor leadership made the company retained a N26.2b loss and unable to pay dividends in 2024 and possibly in 2025.

Barr. Asue Ighodalo's corporate leadership failure in Nigeria Breweries PLC and in desperation to save his face in the world of corporate governance led to the introduction of policies that would gradually cannibalise the production capacity of Nigeria Breweries and reduce the once enviable production company to a mere products importation and marketing company. He approved the exclusive right to import Heineken, Beverages, wines, spirits and cedar brands from South Africa and a license to market and distribute all the products in Nigeria. This singular move will turn Nigeria Breweries PLC with nine different brands of products into an agent of a foreign (South African) Company, place further pressure on FX, reduce production (GDP) in Nigeria and create unemployment as the production line for those nine brands will be gradually closed down over time.

Politically speaking, it is illogical for Edolites to hand over the dear state to a man who ran a company like Nigeria Breweries PLC with success stories aground under eight months.

It is evident from the above that Asue Ighodalo is unfit and lacks the necessary requisite management skills to drive a system to success. As he destroyed Nigeria Breweries - a once reputable profit-making company in eight months, there is also a high tendency that Asue Ighodalo will further destroy our dear State if given four years as a Governor.


Mad people everywhere
Politics / Re: APC Fails To Reconcile Ondo Aspirants As Ibrahim, Oke, Others Shun Photograph by Noblechykk(m): 9:19am On Apr 26
Sore losers like Peter Obi. The party will win with of without them.
You have no shame


Politics / Re: IGP Egbetokun Withdraws Policemen From Kano Agency For Investigating Ganduje by Noblechykk(m): 9:18am On Apr 26
Meanwhile, the big question is. Did Kano State government doing it with good intentions for the progress of Kano state, or fighting political vendetta and by extension, political career of sitting Gov?

If it's not vendetta, he should also extend his good gesture to investigate the reign of Ganduje's predecessor, Kwankwaso.
Supporters of corruption are showing themselves gradually.


Politics / Re: Ex-Imo Governor, Emeka Ihedioha Resigns From PDP by Noblechykk(m): 5:45pm On Apr 23
There is a pattern to use when you plan to defect to another party.

First, complain that the party you are leaving has deviated from its principles.

Second, lament that their ways are no longer compatible with your principles.

Blame the party for the reason you are leaving. Never tell anyone where you are going. Then two weeks later...boom, drop a breaking news! After deep consultation with family, friends, and your community and fan base, they have decided and persuaded you to join APC. grin grin

One day Im going to be President of Nigeria. I too sabi how politics run for this country. The thing dey my blood. When time is ready the prophets in this country will see it in their vision, God will speak to them that Emi Lokan. cool cool
Lol, you nailed it
Politics / Re: ‘Misplaced Priority’ – Obi Questions Lagos-calabar Super Highway Project by Noblechykk(m): 3:10pm On Apr 22

Empty container forming 'educated'
I didn't contribute to your problem, directly or otherwise.
Politics / Re: ‘Misplaced Priority’ – Obi Questions Lagos-calabar Super Highway Project by Noblechykk(m): 2:58pm On Apr 22
I guess Tinubu learnt from what Buhari faced

Buhari was busy completing so many abandoned projects while starting and finishing only few only for some Nigerians to be saying "Jonathan did this or that", "Yar'Adua did this or that".

Whoever completes a job should take the glory.
Your bra

Once politicians know this, they would stop all these elephant projects they love to start
Your brain needs rehabilitation

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