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Religion / Re: Coronavirus Is Changing The Way Muslims Worship Across The World by Nuhvey(m): 12:48pm On Mar 06, 2020
Oh, the irony.. Religion getting exposed for the scam it is.. Beautiful grin grin
Religion / Re: God—the Aggressive Lover by Nuhvey(m): 2:41am On Dec 10, 2019
Why does this remind me of George Carlin grin? Btw, happy birthday


Religion / Re: If We Are God's Children, Why Would He Send Us To Hell Forever For Sinning? ? by Nuhvey(m): 11:48pm On Oct 23, 2019

And who decides this

Escanor.. Praise the sun ☀
Religion / Re: Atheist Is A Depressing Religion. Discuss by Nuhvey(m): 9:02pm On Jul 31, 2019
Most Atheist dont realise that Athesism is also a religion.

The only difference is they worship materialism.

This is basically modern day idol worship of all things seen.

We the christians and muslims believe in an invisible God.

It takes something invisible to create the visible.

This is wat we christians and muslims understand, which Atheist dont.

Our God is omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent.

Nothing is greater

What the f**k mate?

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Religion / Re: "If Your Husband Brings A New Wife, Endure And Appreciate It" - Islamic Scholar by Nuhvey(m): 5:44pm On May 13, 2019
And if your wife brings a new husband? Oh wait.. I know.. Cut her head off.. Useless religion
Religion / Re: Over 30,000 Denominations Of The Christian Church And Cannot Agree? by Nuhvey(m): 9:18pm On May 08, 2018
Let's ask Christian sects how to define Actual Christianity:

Methodist: It is accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior and publicly sharing that acceptance by getting baptized through sprinkling of water.

Baptist: No, no, no -- you must be DUNKED in water, heathen.

Pentecostal: Yer both wrong -- ye must be baptized by the Holy Spirit and ye must speak in tongues to prove you are saved.

Lutherans: You don't need to do any of that. Our founder said just believe and have faith (oh yeah and he REALLY hated Jews).

Presbyterian: How droll -- lol. No no..you see it does not matter what you do or do not, God has already decided who the true Christians will be and they are obviously all Presbyterians.

Episcopalians: Well, we each get to decide what constitutes Christianity. What is in your heart? What do you think it is for you? What say you, Bishop Spong?

Church of Christ: None of you are going to heaven because you use musical instruments in your services and God hates that.

Jehovah's Witness: Something Something Kingdom Hall; something something no birthdays, several End Times falsely predicted, no blood transfusions,,,,

Seventh Day Adventist: Pah! None of you even have the right day.

United Church of Christ: It's all good; let's listen to an acoustic guitar solo and accept gay people.

Non-denominational: Gay people? ewww. No no, ye must build megachurches with gyms and cafes to be righteous to god.

Catholic: Ummm....oldest sect here, guys. Forget that "accepting Jesus" stuff. You must mediate with God via a priest and eat crackers to get saved (just do not leave your kids alone with said priests, OK?). Oh yeah..and Virgin Mary is way cool.

Church of England: Yeah, what the Catholic said...but divorce is 100% OK.

Unitarian Universalists: Why are you guys even trying to define Christianity? All beliefs are the same (whoops.we aint even Christians).

darkmatter made a video on a topic similar to this. "Do you know God" was the name, I guess.
Romance / Re: Why Do People Think Marijuana Is Harmless? by Nuhvey(m): 3:53pm On May 03, 2018
Tramadol is made up of deadly chemicals.
can you list some of the deadly chemicals which makes up tramadol?
Religion / Re: Is Dragon Real??? by Nuhvey(m): 5:53pm On Apr 17, 2018
Sure.. Komodo dragons
Religion / Re: Nigerian Traditional Religions - Data Collection Drive by Nuhvey(m): 9:04pm On Mar 30, 2018

Let us pray God will send a plague to destroy those who do not seek deliverance. We pray their children be consumed by disease and their childrens children will be confined in the apartments of the depraved. Let us also destroy their shrines and remove all stain and memory of our wicked ancestors from this land forever.

We pray that one day Nigeria will be found worthy to stand and serve at the side of Gods people, Israel!

Typical Christian. As$ licking Israel to the detriment of our own culture and religion.. #sighs


Religion / Re: What Is The Source Of Morality by Nuhvey(m): 7:40pm On Mar 13, 2018

Not always, but often. Especially when I am unfamiliar with opponent's game.
Yea.... Its good if u know the line well... For unfamiliar opponents, I prefer g6 as black or d4 as white

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Religion / Re: What Is The Source Of Morality by Nuhvey(m): 9:34pm On Mar 12, 2018

I guess it's like we are with our gods. Once you believe in one, others don't exist. 1719 isn't that high though. It's in fact, very low in the righteousness stakes. Some are in the 2000s. You know they are entering heaven way before my 1. e4!
Haha, those guys are crazy....hmm, an e4 player huh?
Religion / Re: A Hiv Boy Is Healed As The Pastor The Lord's Chosen Uttered Declarations. by Nuhvey(m): 3:11pm On Mar 11, 2018
You speak aginst d sergeant of god who speak d goodnes of god. You will be pornnished by god. Hymen!!!
Dude's back. Crazy fella cheesy
Religion / Re: What Is The Source Of Morality by Nuhvey(m): 5:36pm On Mar 10, 2018

No, not on lichess.
1719 shocked, dats quite high Buda... Prefer Lichess tho
Religion / Re: The Four Problems Of The Human Race. Do You Agree With Me? by Nuhvey(m): 11:37pm On Jan 12, 2018
Religion is only a victim of the human problems your stated above...
I agree that religion has it's cons but until there's a better way to curb the first human problem you stated above or a way to reduce it to a bare minimum...Then I'd support religion even tho it has become corrupted and is being exploited just like every other core system in our bleeped up society
Totally agree with this

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Religion / Re: "Leave Us The Sheeples (LUTS)" Campaign: By Emusmithy by Nuhvey(m): 5:36am On Dec 23, 2017
If you can be happy to call yourself a sheeple, then you are an idiot. angry

How can someone be proud to call oneself a sheeple? Do you know what that means?

"Religion dulls the senses and I agree."
- Bobby Fischer.
yo man, u play Chess?

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Religion / Re: What Is Your Best Christmas Song by Nuhvey(m): 4:33pm On Dec 13, 2017
Well, I'd say 'Last Christmas'. Really do enjoy it
Religion / Re: If You Are Given A Chance To Ask God A Question What Would You Ask Him? by Nuhvey(m): 8:26am On Nov 19, 2017
First off, which God are you?? How did you come into existence and where are you from? Why did you hide yourself from your supposed creations? Then maybe, the issue of evil
Gaming / Re: CHESS - For Beginners & Pro's. by Nuhvey(m): 2:00pm On Nov 16, 2017
Yo, any1 here on lichess? Play online... Its quite good
Religion / Re: Countries To Avoid As A God Fearing Nigerian by Nuhvey(m): 7:47am On Nov 16, 2017

This one is taking internet very seriously like every Nairalander are his siblings or he's their grandfather or he feeds them

Kikiki.... cheesy
Religion / Re: Countries To Avoid As A God Fearing Nigerian by Nuhvey(m): 1:22am On Nov 16, 2017

Still awake by this time of the night?
I understood sarcasm.
I'm sorry if I'm kinda harsh.
Just don't like being reffered to as 'This one'.
No p man... Noted@ d bolded smiley
Religion / Re: Countries To Avoid As A God Fearing Nigerian by Nuhvey(m): 12:58am On Nov 16, 2017

Don't you ever refer again to me as 'this one'.
What's the meaning of that nonsense?
Alright, am sorry... "You don't seem to understand sarcasm undecided... Smh" Happy now?


Religion / Re: Countries To Avoid As A God Fearing Nigerian by Nuhvey(m): 11:21pm On Nov 15, 2017
When I raised a thread that men are legalising what is contrary to the will of GOD, it was somehow/systematically derailed.
Now another has raised the same.
Lets's see what will happen.
This one does not understand sarcasm undecided... Smh

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Religion / Re: How Can Any Intelligent Person Be An Adherent Of Any Of The Abrahamic Religions? by Nuhvey(m): 11:14pm On Nov 15, 2017
comicskeptic- A YouTube channel? The video (Abuser) is not under comedy playlist, I think it's under serious videos or something, It's not comedy.
Yea man, thanks
Religion / Re: How Can Any Intelligent Person Be An Adherent Of Any Of The Abrahamic Religions? by Nuhvey(m): 10:31am On Nov 15, 2017
lol, me too, my phone was stolen 2 weeks ago I had his videos all over. my favorite is Abuser, Then creation video comedy for atheist, That was when I knew of the fact that god created light before the sun and there was water... it wasn't made.
Hmm, hope Jeffrey is in this video(abuser). Really enjoy that character. By d way, y'all heard of cosmicskeptic..?
Religion / Re: OAP Freeze's Biblical Misinformation On Collection Of Tithes by Nuhvey(m): 10:14am On Nov 15, 2017
Fear catch you abi.
He don jam wetin pass am.
Lol, d tin fear Me o

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Religion / Re: OAP Freeze's Biblical Misinformation On Collection Of Tithes by Nuhvey(m): 12:35am On Nov 15, 2017
Continue to be nuisance. No more response
Kikiki.... What's this? Felixomor actually tired of arguing? grin
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Fans, Come In Here, And Let's Discuss by Nuhvey(m): 10:08pm On Nov 12, 2017
Yeah! Pain made the statement!
Ahh yes. Tendo Pain.. Fav character after Itachi.(Lolz, Itachi's still fav tho)
Religion / Re: Why Are Majority Of Atheist Ex Christians by Nuhvey(m): 12:59pm On Nov 12, 2017

If that's your mentality of God or Men of God, or what makes you not to believe in God, then I'm so sorry for you.

It's better to believe in God and keep on doing good things and on the last day ,if per adventure there is actually no God, you don't have anything to lose.....
But you misbehaving now and doing as you like with nothing to guide you and on the last day you actually find out that God exist, do you know that is double wahala for you?!
I don't really argue with atheist, cos no matter what I say, they have got their mind made up. But I only hope you learn something from this.
Have a nice day sire!
Pascal's wager again... This is so old and tiring
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Fans, Come In Here, And Let's Discuss by Nuhvey(m): 12:55am On Nov 12, 2017
This curse mark, was it really from Momoshiki because having watched the anime, nothing of such was mentioned?
Well, from d manga, its kinda implied that wen u kill an otsutsuki, u get a curse mark. Well, we'll have to wait for d momoshiki arc... Anyways, nice personal text.. I think dat was by Pein right?
TV/Movies / Re: Anime Download Links - STRICTLY ON REQUEST by Nuhvey(m): 5:21pm On Nov 10, 2017
Kuroko no basket last game out... And finally its settled, Kise's d strongest of the genration of miracles... Zone+ perfect copy
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Fans, Come In Here, And Let's Discuss by Nuhvey(m): 5:16pm On Nov 10, 2017
I do not think it will be strange. Kaguya was amassing an army of shiro Zetsus to fight these monstrosities. We have seen Kaguya, Momoshiki and Kinshiki's powers with the latter two working together. It therefore makes sense to deduce that the third guy is going to be a badass compared to the three above.
I guess that would b d otsusuki kawaki will defeat and get his cursed mark.. Just like Boruto defeated Momoshiki and got his own cursed mark... Can't wait to see d powers of those marks
Religion / Re: My Two Months Physical And Spiritual Battle With Witches And Demons by Nuhvey(m): 2:51am On Nov 10, 2017
Why you are revelling in your fun.,,just want you to know your actions are irresponsible, Rather than move to another thread if you don't share my views you 're insulting and making mockery of God, thereby being used by Satan to discourage others. The sins of many will be on your head because of your utter disrespect to God. God forgive us all.
E pain am grin grin

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