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Politics / Demon-cracy Government Of The Demons, By The Demons, For The Demons by Obiobi8(m): 11:54pm On Sep 04, 2016

I often hear people use such words as "our leaders, our politicians, our fault, we voted, we gave, we allowed, we put in power, we, we, we, our, our, our"..

Sometimes when I hear people refer to the political parameters of Nigeria using this terminology I remain baffled and I simply wonder whether even they understand what is actually taking place before our eyes and behind our backs at the hands of the nominal "Nigerian politicians"..

Those who think they/we voted anything should examine the statistics in the attached image below..
Based on their own definition of democracy (that somebody voted for something somewhere (vote implies majority)) Nigeria has already failed their test of a democracy..
Given that in 1959 close to 80% at least partecipated in the voting exercise..
But since then and in the 2015 general election, less than 50% of the population took part in the exercise (both at parliamentary and presidential level)..
That is no longer a majority..

Can we still say that "we" voted anything??
Can we still say that "We" did anything??
Can we still say that "We" are in a democracy??

The answer is NO..
What those people call government is no longer of the people, by the people and for the people..
That is strictly using this definition of democracy of "majority wins"..
But in the case of Nigeria the democracy that some people claim Nigeria to be fails also many far more important tests..

Democracy doesn't start with or end with elections..
Democracy starts with "power to the people" (demo = people, craxia = power)..

Unless democracy will have to be redefined for Nigeria, democracy is a grassroot endeavour, a cultivation of social civilisation in all its facets (political, economical, commercial, cultural, military, religious etc) which has its roots beneath the ground and in the people that live on it..
And then germinating and springing up towards the sky..

Like an iroko tree or a palm tree..
Or like the much acclaimed pyramids in Kano..
From the ground up..
Not from top down..

If you put "Demo" in "Cracy", if "Power" was "To The People" in the geographical expression called Nigeria, the entire social, political, economic, cultural, national and international configuration of that region would be irreconcilable and irrecongnisable from what is on ground today..
Within the context of Nigeria as a geographical expression, we have been on the path to development from the ground up all throughout history until the first European ship arrived in the region..

Since then the natural and organic Bottom-up growth of our civilisations has been hijacked and replaced by a destructive and dysfunctional top-down endeavour..

It is not the duty of a sailor, an explorer, a merchant or a soldier to annul whatever system of civilisation hundreds of millions of people have been working at for the past 5 to 200 thousand years and override it with a poorly planned and unstudied inherently flawed new sociopolitical, cultural and economic configuration that serves nobody..

Before we begin to to even talk about One Nigeria, Two Nigeria or Three Nigeria, in a matter of urgency what needs to be done is to remove that top-down murderous cage which is the source of all our woes..
And then resume our bottom-up endeavour..

Until such takes place, we will continue to wallow in scarcity, in poverty, in sickness, in insecurity, in unsustainable development, in sustainable underdevelopment, in deadly conflict and in peril..

The foundations of a country are beneath its soil..
In a vertical structure..
Like stacking bricks..
It sustains itself..
It will not shake and it will not collapse..

But the foundations of Nigeria are not beneath its soil and in the people that live on it..
The foundations of Nigeria are not even in Africa..
They are in Britain and in Berlin conference of 1884..
Picture it like a physical architectural structure that touches the ground in London and in Berlin but floats above the geographical expression called Nigeria..
It would look like a weird and wobbly trampoline..

How can anybody expect such a faulty structure to sustain itself??
Gravity will pull it down and destroy everything and everyone underneath..
You can't build something on nothing..
It's only natural..

Having said all this and having understood that the populations that inhabit the geographical expression called Nigeria have no say, no connection and no benefit in the organisation that calls itself "Nigerian government", we can say that Nigeria is a slave plantation..
Nigeria is a Nazi concentration camp..
Nigeria is a colony..

It can be said that there are presently 180 million slaves in the geographical expression called Nigeria..
A population that has no say, no hand, no bearing and no input in any decision that concerns its social, political, economic and cultural configuration is an enslaved population..

One gang of bandits will get weapons from across the continents and the oceans and begins to use their illegitimate powers to cut and paste states and regions, write constitutions, allocate other people's land and resources, begin to invent land use decrees, 68 item lists, constitutional corruption, immunity and all kinds of other rubbish in the name of a Nigeria (or government of) that we never put in place and that we have never communicated with..

To further explain the significance of the preceding paragraph, there is a principle in political science called the principle of "monopoly of violence"..
(This mostly applies to "Western styled civilisation" (which the organisation that parades itself as "government of the geographical expression called Nigeria" practices since European conquest))..
The "monopoly of violence" is the power and authority that legitimises a "state/ territory/ kingdom/ empire/ country"..
This monopoly of violence however is conferred onto the authorities by the citizens that have decided that they need an authority (if so they have)..
Especially in a democratic society..
The means to exercise this monopoly of violence (the weapons and laws) also are generated from within the territory (in fact by the citizens themselves)..

In the case of the geographical expression called Nigeria "we the people" don't even know where all this incessant and active violence perpertrated by the self employed authorities even comes from..
It seems to be commissioned and authorised from outside the whole continent and executed by the band of mercenaries that call themselves Nigerian army..
Within the territory the self employed Nigerian government claims to govern there are multiple armies bigger than the Nigerian army..
How can you claim to be a legitimate government when within the territory you claim to govern there are armies bigger than your army??
When the same people that you claim to be employed by are fighting against you..

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 5:45pm On Aug 17, 2016
I read through the posts of this thread with a disinterested mind, and I can assertively say that the state of bitterness, anger and hatred among supposed ‘brethrens”, especially natives of Imo and Anambra, is so uptight and annoying. Not just this reference thread, but others having to do with issues related to states of Abia, Anambra and Imo. I truly cherish constructive criticisms, i.e., remarks/comments that put the so-called elected representatives on the spot. For example, I could draw the attention of the Government on a bad spot in a state without unnecessarily calling the entire people (or state) ‘worthless’ or ‘useless’: come on, such generalization is robed with unparalleled acrimony! This is analogous with someone tagging your entire race ‘untamed’, owing to a pitfall of a few.

Be mindful, partisan ‘Nairalander’, say, from another ethnicity, is keenly observing the rift and divide in your house, and would serve as useful points when the debate is between regions, during one of such “annoying” threads that discusses hegemony and supremacy among regions. I was enlightened, for the first time, on how divided the Easterners are- many thanks to your genre on Nairaland.

One may ask: how come we don’t see comparisons on the “State of Being”, say, between Abeokuta and Ibadan, Akure and Ado-Ekiti, or Eko and Osogbo? The answer is closer than you can imagine: [b]my cousins in the West see the development of their region as a collective responsibility of every descendant of Odua. [/b]On the average, they don’t roll over each other in mockery of how a bad spot in a location looks, or extending the remark of calling an entire state “useless”. Though the competition in the East is fierce (each state trying to undo each other), it is not healthy. The harmonious component is lacking, and this is singularly displacing your region in the scheme of things.

Therefore, I will admonish those who feel joyous in dropping derogatory remarks, aiming at exacerbating a post in the negative or smearing its good intent to eschew from it. To be candid, I love the determination in your kinsmen to succeed - they are not passive with life, which could be seen in the individual effort from you guys: the beautiful houses, self-donations to social infrastructures, commerce, etc. However, until you peeps disassociate from the parochial mentality of the boastful mannerism of “I” instead of “We” -which communicate oneness- the mockery would not cease to come forth.

Other than these 3 or 4 people who are here on Nairaland talking complete rubbish, who else is wasting time comparing the Hausa Fulani colony called Imo State to the Hausa Fulani colony called Anambra state??


We are all working very hard morning, afternoon and night to dismantle this fraudulent and demonic organisation called Federal Republic of Nigger Area..

As far as your self praising fallacies about Yoruba land, just forget it..

Yoruba land is a complete certified dust bin..

Don't waste your time to list the invisible achievements of Yoruba land..
Oh look at us we are so intelligent, oh look at us we protest, oh look at us we hold our leaders accountable, oh look at us we like education, oh look at us we are so united and we are so strong..

That's all you continue to repeat to yourselves as everybody else is just scratching their heads wondering how monumental your absolute cluelessness really is..

Oh look at Igbos they are marginalising themselves, oh look at them they don't protest, oh look at them they don't hold their leaders accountable like us..


So how do you justify the massive dustbin called Yoruba land??

Or have you not noticed that you people too have one of the highest disease rates on earth, one of the lowest life expectancies, one of the lowest literacy rates, one of the highest crime rates, one of the worst economies and infrastructure on this universe..

So what happened??

You are in the same exact boat as these 4 or 5 lost souls that are here on Nairaland talking about APC and PDP and Anambra and Imo and Niger Delta and South South and South East..
In the same exact backwards boat that is going in the backwards direction..

The majority of the people in that geographical expression called Royal Niger Company (Nigeria) have already moved on from this fallacy that you people are talking about..

In the coming months you will see a complete dismemberment of the entire Nigerian social, political, military, economic and cultural failed experiment..

Nigeria will be exposed for the fraud that it is in all its ramifications, branches and tiers and it will then be buried forever and ever..

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Politics / Re: Why Did Nigeria Government Changed Bight Of Biafra To Bight Of Bonny by Obiobi8(m): 5:10pm On Aug 17, 2016

That is exactly what you need to free your entire lineage tribe from. They have been in the captivity of mental degradation far too Long.

That is what you suffer from..
Romance / Re: Naialanders What Do You Say This ? by Obiobi8(m): 3:22am On Aug 14, 2016
What's the name of his website??
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 3:40pm On Aug 13, 2016
I think abagwaro is right in those pictures as it indicates current dates from the people on ground. Let us accept the truth for once.

The only truth I know is that Nigeria is a big fraud that must be buried once and for all..
Politics / Re: Why Did Nigeria Government Changed Bight Of Biafra To Bight Of Bonny by Obiobi8(m): 3:02am On Aug 02, 2016

Another slave
No good drinking water in ur place
No good houses
100% ijaw my ass

He is comfortable with being a conquered territory in Uthman Dan Fodio's estate..

Some people and their stupidity will never cease to amaze me..

Politics / Re: Why Did Nigeria Government Changed Bight Of Biafra To Bight Of Bonny by Obiobi8(m): 3:00am On Aug 02, 2016

Where is Roman today ? Do you have any idea how many kingdoms have come and gone. Nigeria govt exercised its authority on a location it as jurisdiction.

Naming the place bight of Biafra is a gesture of what the Igbo do not appreciate about Nigeria so denying them that privilege by renaming it bight if Bonny is in order.

What makes the Igbo think they can wail claiming victim to have whatever they desire in Nigeria is what I do not understand.

The ocean that as no link to you was named after you out of respect. You are here claiming victim when it's was named after those with boundary to the ocean.

Listen good Igbos your father and forefathers do not have more right than the aaboki next door nor will your future generation yet unborn have more right than any tribe in Nigeria.

It does not matter whether you are Jews from the pith of hell or not. I do not care.

Mental handicap..
Politics / Re: Anambra light of the nation, eastern economy power house. by Obiobi8(m): 1:58pm On Jul 31, 2016
Still with this Anambra vs Imo nonsense..

It seems you don't understand what has happened..

Both Obiano and OkoroEwuAwusa are thieves and massmurderers..

May they rot in the devil's ass..

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 11:36pm On Jul 29, 2016
Who is this man??

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 12:18pm On Jul 24, 2016
You people that are still talking about which state is better than which state are making me laugh..
And you people that are still talking of One Nigeria, boy, good luck with that..

To those who are still actually praising these individuals that call themselves governors, it is either you don't understand what they are there for and who put them there, or you are part of what they are doing..

I wonder..
Family / Re: What Are Imo State Women Known For? by Obiobi8(m): 11:44pm On Jul 16, 2016
There is nothing called Imo state..

Ndi Igbo bu otu ebe obula ha no..

Igbo girls in general are caring, polite, strikingly beautiful, fun, forward looking, happy and serene..

They take life one step at a time with tenacity and perseverance..

They are highly ambitious..

Many are very religious and some are more secular..
Many are working hard in school to have a career and many prefer the traditional life..

Many have very dark skin and many have very light skin..

But all of them are unique and precious..
All of them are special..
All of them bring joy and sunshine everywhere they go..

And all of them I love and cherish..

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 2:48pm On Jul 16, 2016

One person bears, Chino ,SpaceTour,Obiobi8,asha80 why not go and focus on your useless and worthless Anambra state for once. By now you would have known know how i groove .Do not shed crocodile tears because you will not get your way if you cried crocodile tears when i start.A minute Are you upset because your useless and worthless Anambra state is lagging behind “ clearly, you are the dumbest being that I have ever met on NAIRALAND.”?"You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain't gonna never be smart." STANDING BY!

You what
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 2:48pm On Jul 16, 2016

One person bears, Chino ,SpaceTour,Obiobi8,asha80 why not go and focus on your useless and worthless Anambra state for once. By now you would have known know how i groove .Do not shed crocodile tears because you will not get your way if you cried crocodile tears when i start.A minute Are you upset because your useless and worthless Anambra state is lagging behind “ clearly, you are the dumbest being that I have ever met on NAIRALAND.”?"You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain't gonna never be smart." STANDING BY!

You what
Politics / Re: Obiano Pays For 70 Cows To Appease Herdsmen by Obiobi8(m): 2:48pm On Jul 16, 2016

One person bears, Chino ,SpaceTour,Obiobi8,asha80 why not go and focus on your useless and worthless Anambra state . By now you would have known how i groove .Do not shed crocodile tears because you will not get your way if you cried crocodile tears when i start.A minute Are you upset because your useless and worthless Anambra state is lagging behind “ clearly, you are the dumbest being that I have ever met on NAIRALAND.”?"You know what your purpose going to be? To have sex and have children, because you ain't gonna never be smart." STANDING BY!

You what
Politics / Re: Okorocha, Ikpeazu, Nwobodo, Ikedife, Ukiwe In Imo 4 Ohaneze Forum by Obiobi8(m): 2:46pm On Jul 16, 2016
One person bears, Chino ,SpaceTour,Obiobi8,asha80,OdenigboAroli:I will always decode you Chino keep changing names until mad man then i let you go simple.

You what
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 10:58pm On Jul 10, 2016
Rochas OkoroAwusa has done it again..

When are we going to kill these monumental thieves and Hausa Fulani servants that call themselves governors??

Nigeria = fraud..

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 8:40am On Jun 26, 2016
Anybody who is still talking of States or Nigeria is very deeply asleep..

As we speak more people are working to pull down Nigeria than those who think they are building anything..
You cant build something on nothing..
Nigeria is a fraud..

In all its ramifications, branches, tiers and parameters..

The entire region needs an urgent massive reorganisation of all the human affairs and dynamics..

I say all economic, political and industrial operations must stop until fundamental questions are answered..

We can't all live (or die) under decree..

Populations create, design, constitute, regulate and approve countries and their governmental institutions..
If at all they need countries..

It is not the job of self employed soldiers and sailors to do that..

Nigeria is entirely a relic criminal enterprise from Berlin Conference..
Since that time until now every window of communication between the self appointed rulers and the populations have been shut completely..

Building stability in the form of a stable civilisation is a grassroot endeavour..
It ought to be like stacking tables onto eachother in a structural manner..

The Nigerian civilisation instead resembles a case of a giant hostage situation in which a UFO suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started hovering over the land above the clouds and every once in a while it abducts select kinds of individuals to do their biddings..
Accountable to nobody but the aliens in the UFO..

It's a dysfunctional model that is destined to fail..

Before anybody talks of connecting pipelines anywhere many questions must be answered..
Including those who are lining themselves up to start extracting coal..

Tomorrow you will see Fulani people wearing purple caps and shouting on tv that the coal in Enugu belongs to Jigawa..

Just like the custom duty and income tax from sale of alcohol in the South belongs to Katsina despite the fact that you would be killed on sight if spotted with alcohol in that same Katsina..

Anybody who is happy with an unholy arrangement such as Nigeria must be mentally disadvantaged..

One from the south cannot even live in the Northern Sharia areas whereas those from the Northern Sharia areas can be president, senator, governor, army, chief judge, party chairman, secretary, minister or whatever anywhere on the map..

Allocating land and resources and contracts and positions to themselves anyhow they like..
The latest one called grazing bill..

And we are watching..

Any slightest thing they tell you that Igbo people are in Kano selling recharge cards and pop corn so we shouldn't make noise or they will make them pay..

What a beautiful arrangement..
Sounds pretty fair doesn't it??

Look at how much sleep Ali Modu Sheriff from Maiduguri is losing over the Edo elections..
Look at how fiercely he fought in Port Harcourt..

Like an absolute king of the land..

I challenge anybody from the southern areas to go and make so much noise in Gombe and see if he can come back with both legs..

Tomorrow they will tell us to hold "our governors" accountable..

As if we hired them..
As if we even created or regulated their office..
As if we created the states they claim to govern..
As if we created the police that guards them 24/7..
As if we gave them immunity..

I've never seen anyone defend anybody as fiercely as Buhari is defending Amaechi..

They think it's a perfect scam but it's the most obvious of scams..

As we are watching this other one that calls himself Okorocha build schools in Kano and Bauchi and fly up and down on his private jet we just scratch our heads..

Is he corrupt or is he not corrupt??
Let me guess..

It's no secret that these two sponsored the Buhari camping..
Using money of so called states that didn't even vote for Buhari..

Could this be the fantastic corruption that Cameron was referring to??
Or is this specific governor not corrupt??

But why bother??
Let's just continue to sleep..

Afterall the government loves us and Nigeria is heading in a beautiful direction..



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Politics / Re: Civil war not against Ndigbo — Gowon by Obiobi8(m): 7:05pm On Jun 18, 2016
Against ghosts abi??
Politics / Re: If Nigeria Breaks Up, Will It Affect Africa? by Obiobi8(m): 4:08am On May 21, 2016
Yes it will bring peace and honour to the entire continent..
Politics / Re: 7 Igbos Who Could Be President Come 2019 by Obiobi8(m): 2:42pm On May 02, 2016

Nigeria will exist. SE might not exist, but Nigeria will.

You are confused..
Nigeria is finished..

Nigeria is collapsing under its own weight of uselessness and fraudulence and incompatibility..

The 37 useless fake states cannot even pay their own salaries to sustain themselves..
The 700 local governments are just dead and useless..
The central federal government continuously violates its own fraudulent military constitution, fails to perform, fails to listen to the wishes of the people and fails in general..
The Nigerian army can no longer secure the borders (which means there is no Nigeria technically), the naira has crashed, the budget hasn't even been funded so whether it's approved or not it's just dead on arrival..
There is no light, no water, no road, no fuel, no mobility, no security, no foreign reserve, no employment no nothing..
Soldiers and police officers are not getting paid so they will be sacked or they will resign or go on massive strikes..
Labour unions are going wild..
Trade unions are against the government..
Investors are running away as Nigeria's ratings have plommeted drastically within one year (example from 3rd fastest growing economy to not even in top 40 within one year, from largest economy in Africa to second, from biggest exporter of crude to second, worst for ease of doing business etc..), world financial institutions will not lend a dime to this burning house of Nigeria..

I appreciate your optimism but you people are harvesting a level of bloodshed that is unprecedented in human history..

The British and Arab monstrosity called Nigeria has died already..

It died for different people at different times..

For some it died in 1914 the minute it was created..
For some it died in 1945 when the first ethnic killings happened..
For some it happened in 1966 when the Biafrans were massacred in tens of thousands in the north..
For some it died in 2015 when the election pattern demonstrated that the so called democracy that Nigeria seems to be flaunting is really a scam..
For some it died today as some people are attempting to pick and choose land anywhere they like and claim it as their own and for some it will die tomorrow..

If you turn on the news now all you will be hearing is Yoruba people themselves asking to scrap the entire national assembly..
Some are asking to scrap some state governments and merge some states..
Some are asking to take away powers from the president or from the center..

In no time everybody will be on the same page that we need to scrap the whole Nigeria altogether in all its ramifications..

More people are working their salvation out of this fraudulent and failed union called Nigeria than those who are still trying to build upon the fraudulent foundations..

This is called a parabolic spiral..
We are witnessing the end of Nigeria..

And besides, those who want self determination have a right to have self determination
Maybe Nigerians being primitive baboons haven't caught with the times..

Nigeria can only oppress them to a point but eventually their case will be heard and at the pace at which they are going (some literally knocking door to dood in every continent) you can expect anything any day now..

The continuous human rights abuses of the fake Nigerian state are also accelerating the process..

I'll say it here and I'll say it clear NIGERIA IS FINISHED..
Politics / Re: 7 Igbos Who Could Be President Come 2019 by Obiobi8(m): 3:07pm On Apr 24, 2016

Nigeria will not exist by 2019..
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 9:27am On Apr 20, 2016
Chino, what happened to the Anambra thread? Was it deleted? Why is the thread no more trending?

It moved to a different website..
Now it is on ''Omambala . com''..
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 2:03am On Apr 18, 2016
This Facebook post by Saharareporters reminded me of this Imo State thread where people keep posting the same images of the same roundabout and the same hotel over and over again for over 4 years..

It's sad that we still haven't even understood the basic concept of division of labour..

Honestly if you set up one plant where you can produce asphalt and road materials then the manpower is full everywhere and let the people build their city..

Instead of waiting until you accumulated enough foreign money to hire a Chinese man to do it..

The Niggerian economy is just nonsensical..

Culture / Re: Some Nigerian Ethnic Groups And Their Dressing Styles (pictures) by Obiobi8(m): 4:09pm On Apr 16, 2016
Hello Nairalander! smiley,
Nigeria is a very rich cultural center. In fact, our diversity is one of our major strength as a nation. Although it has its own advantages and disadvantages, its advantages surpass the disadvantages. However, most Nigerians are content with just their own ethnic group and this is quite bad for true patriotism and good neighbourliness. Some Nigerians have never even seen people of other ethnic extractions! Others have little or no knowledge of other ethnic groups! Worse still, a few know nothing about their own culture and ethnic extraction. This has become a trend among the recent generation of Nigerians who embrace Western culture, religion and dressing.
This thread shall explore an aspect of our culture: DRESSING! I wont be able to discuss all the ethnic nationalities in the country due to constraints but some major ethnic groups across the geographical spread of Nigeria and how they dress will be underscored in this list.

1. Edo Nation
The Edo People occupy current Edo State. They are made up of the Binis, Afemais, Eshan, etc. They have a very rich cultural heritage. They are all headed by an Oba who delegates duties to various towns and villages through the Odionweres(Elders) and Enogies (Dukes). The Benin Kingdom is one of the oldest and culturally rich pre-colonial African Kingdom. Edo people are quite reclusive in nature. They are colorful and elegant. The use of beads is commonplace in Benin. It symbolises royalty and freedom.

2. Urhobo/Isoko Nation
The Urhobo/Isoko People are the major tribe in Delta State. They occupy Delta Central and Delta South. They are the 5th largest ethnic group in Nigeria, usually dragging position with the Ibibios. The Urhobo people have been grouped here with the Isoko people because of their cultural similarities. They dress traditionally in exactly the same way. The language is overtly similar and the people have same cultural traits. The Urhobo and Isoko people are migrants from Edo nation according to oral history. The people are ruled by an Ovie (King) with variations in appellations such as Orodje, Orosuen, Okobaro, Okpako, etc. The Ovie is seconded by an Otota (Spokesman) who is the traditional Prime Minister. The Otota is also called the "Unuevworo" in Uvwie-Urhobo Kingdom. Urhobo people love titles alot. In most ceremonies, people are announced as "Chief, Professor, Reverend Ovwigho Ogbejiriemu mni cna esq OFR". Urhobos do not have a penchant for hard work and they are known mainly for academic/mental feats. The Urhobo people usually dress by tying a Georgian Wrapper and wearing a Lace Shirt with a Cowboy Hat and a Walking Stick and beads are worn on the hands and neck.

3. Yoruba Nation
The Yoruba People occupy South Western and North-Central Nigeria and in states such as Lagos, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara, Kogi, Ondo, Ogun and Osun. They are one of the three major tribes of Nigeria. They have a rich mythological history which dates back to Oduduwa as their earliest progenitor. The Yoruba people are extremely jovial and respectful. A typical Yoruba man can greet you 100 times in a day if needs be. They love partying and enjoyment generally. Their traditional system revolves around the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo which are seen as apex custodians of Yoruboid culture. Most Yoruba towns and villages are ruled by Obas also called Olus or Deji. They have a rich traditional religious system and a Pantheon of gods akin only to the Greek Pantheon. Yorubas are extremely glamorous in dressing! They look songs and food and are known for owning the Music industry in Nigeria. The Yorubas usually wear "Agbada", a oversized cloth which is worn like a jacket over lace or wrapper based clothes.

4. Igbo Nation
The Igbo People occupy South Eastern and parts of South-Southern Nigeria which has states such as Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Delta North and Rivers. Igbo is one of the three major tribes of Nigeria. Igbo itself doesn't represent any particular group but it is an umbrella term for all Igboid groups such as Mbaise, Ika, Aniocha, Ikwerre(disputed), Orlu, etc. Igbos are highly creative and technocratic in Nature. They do well in business and technology. They have a strong family bond and every successful member of a family becomes the succour for others. Igbo traditional system is modelled after the Benin system. They usually have an Eze or Igwe who is either elected, is the oldest elder in the community or is inherited from father. The Igbos love class and elegance! They are self-preservative and fraternal in nature! They can be found in virtually every nook and cranny of the world. In fact, if you enter a place where there are no Igbos, please run away from there!!!. The Igbos usually dress with a trouser and a simple wool based shirt to go. The women dress like the Edo people with beads on the head. Some Igbo tribes tie a white wrapper across their shoulders.

5. Hausa/Kanuri/Fulani Nation
The Hausa/Kanuri/Fulani people occupy Northern Nigeria. These people have been grouped together because of the similarities in their culture, dressing and language. They are the most populated people in Nigeria and make up the major tribe. Apart from the Fulani people, most Nigerians won't be able to differentiate between these tribes. Religion has also helped to strengthen the bond shared by this triad as well as other minorities in their region. These people live a quiet, reclusive and pastoral life. They are not known for extravagance. Their traditional system is modelled after the Islamic method of a Caliphate, Sultanate and Emirate. Most towns are ruled by an Emir or his delegate. The Fulanis are remarkably nomadic in nature! These people are mainly farmers and cattle herders while there are also large pockets of politicians and civil servants. They dress with a "Kaftan" or "Jalabiya". The Fulanis in particular are unique in their dressing. The first picture below depicts Hausa/Kanuri while the second depict Fulani/Fulfulde.

6. Efik/Ibibio/Annang/Oron/Eket Nation
The Efik/Ibibio people occupy Akwa-Ibom and Cross-River States in South-Southern Nigeria. They are one of the lesser known people of Nigeria. However these people have a rich culture and elegance. They are said to be migrants from Cameroon in pre-colonial times. They also have the privilege of being one of the first people to encounter Western education and culture. The cities of Uyo and Calabar today are one of the most neatest, beautiful and secured places in Nigeria. The people are welcoming and have an aversion to violence. Their traditional system revolves around an "Obong" who rules over an "Afaha" (clan). Efik-Ibibio people love food and are known to have a wide variety of delicacies in their menu. Their dress sense is in tandem with that of the Igbo people. However, there are a lot of differences.

7. Ijaw Nation
The Ijaw people occupy Bayelsa, Rivers, Delta, Akwa-Ibom and Ondo States. They comprise the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria. The Ijaws live close to the river and thus, all their myths and legends are water based. Ijaw people are reclusive and quiet. They look drinking as well! Ijaw traditional system is headed by a "Pere" (King) who rules over a clan or village. The Ijaws are fearless and bold! They have cultural similarities with the neighbouring Itsekiri and Urhobo/Isoko people.

8. Itsekiri Nation
The Itsekiris are a lesser known minority ethnic group whose people occupy Delta South. Itsekiris are aboriginals of Warri North, Warri South and Warri South West local government areas with a large pocket of people in Sapele local government area. The Itsekiris are originally Yoruba people who migrated to their current hold and have, over time, mixed their language with Edo, Urhobo, Ijaw and Portuguese. Itsekiris are jovial, colorful and elegant people. They are fearless and politically conscious. They have some of the richest and well educated people in Nigeria. They are ruled over by an Olu who is a direct descendent of Ginuwa, a Benin prince. Itsekiris dress like the Urhobos and Ijaws. Their royalty put on white with a coloured girdle depending on the occasion.

9. Nupe Nation
The Nupes occupy Kwara and Niger State in North-Central Nigeria. They are reclusive and quiet in nature. The Nupes are headed over by the Etsu Nupe. Nupes are communal in nature and they enjoy pastoral and simple life. Most Nupe people are farmers. Nupes also has a strong and deeply woven system of traditional thought that guides their day-to-day life.

10. Tiv Nation
The Tiv people occupy Benue State in North Central Nigeria. Like most tribes in Northern Nigeria, they are quite reclusive and quiet. The Tiv people were once part of the Wukari Federation of pre-colonial times and they are similar to the Jukun people of Taraba state. They have a rich and wholesome culture and belief system which is headed by the Tor Tiv. The Tiv People are colorful and elegant. They are unique and have some of the most beautiful ebony girls in the country.

If your ethnic group is not listed, feel free to contribute and add more facts or correct errors/misconceptions.

Igbo, Ijaw, Isoko, Urhobo are not Niggerians..

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 4:20pm On Apr 14, 2016

How much are those homes selling for??
Politics / Re: The Average IQ Of Nigeria Is 69 by Obiobi8(m): 4:16pm On Apr 14, 2016
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 10:20am On Apr 10, 2016

Your gibberish does not remove anything from my postulation.

Try harder..


Your postulation is not false..
It's partial..
And it's conditional..

My previous comment wasn't a challenge to yours..
It was an expansion of yours..

Otherwise your claim would have been incomplete..

If you go to Lagos today Yoruba people will tell you that Nnamdi Azikiwe was a great Yoruba leader..

Talkless of Abia state or Anambra or whichever so called state you claimed he was representing..

The states are all fraudulent organisations nonetheless..

I don't know what kind of fake federation in which the centre creates and regulates the federating units..
All by imposition and by intimidation..
Seizing the lives and assets and rights of everyone..

And you are still here talking of which state the guy is from..

The sooner you reject all those illegal states the better for you and your generation..
Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 8:18am On Apr 10, 2016
I don't understand the nonsense you wrote but the fact is that Rt. Hon. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first president of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Deal with it.


You don't understand but you call it nonsense..

The same way you don't understand the instrument of your enslavement and damnation but you call it your country/ state..

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 6:14am On Apr 10, 2016
[quote author=asha90 post=44539151]Shut up illiterate, read this from the New York Times. Nnamdi Azikiwe was the first president of Nigeria. Kill yourself but that is the bitter truth. Go to school you no wan go. Rubbish! ]

Nnamdi Azikiwe was a ceremonial head of state..

He had no executive, legislative, judicial or constitutional authority and he held no ministry..
He was not the commander in chief of the armed forces..
He was like what the queen is to England..
Or like what the traditional rulers are today..

He was just a figure that would maybe go as a spokesperson to present Nigeria on the international stage..

In all effects and for all intents and purposes Tafawa Balewa was the first president of Nigeria in the sense of what you call president today..

I get the point you are trying to make about the people from what you call your state are great etc..

Baring in mind that all these so called states are a creation of the Hausa Fulani and (one) Yoruba soldiers who ruled for 33 years of anti-democratic and anti-republican military dictatorship that followed the genocide of Biafrans for their own internal colonialism aspirations and for the purpose of turning what they call Igbo's' (who entered into independence as almost 70% of the whole Nigeria) into a voiceless political and economic minority..

And all those states are powerless anyway as spelled out by 'schedule 2' of the 1999 fraudulent military constitution under the '68 item federal exclusive list'..

All the state governors are essentially just casheers who dispense little monetary handouts to selected people as approved, regulated and dictated by a bigger circle of political authorities that are unseen by the public..

I really find it pitiful that some Igbo people are so asleep as to hold those states as valuable components of their identity..
It's absurd..

Some of these words like Imo, Abia, Delta, Bayelsa etc didn't even exist at the time when Nnamdi Azikiwe and Ojukwu were born and were growing up..

Azikiwe was born in Lagos if it helps you to know..

If you asked Nnamdi Azikiwe or Ojukwu where he was from he would have told you he is from the '"Eastern region'"..

In all effects the states are colonies of the Hausa Fulani people in case you don't know..
Just like Nigeria is a colony of Britain..

Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 5:48am On Mar 05, 2016
Yes we heard Okorocha is yet to pay salary arrears of over 11months. And also imo state is bankrupt and worthless.

I heard the man has ran away from Niggeria..

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by Obiobi8(m): 3:42pm On Feb 27, 2016


Politics and disagreements between gov. Okorocha and whoever in Orlu urban apart, let Okorocha publicists tell him that those scraped roads in Orlu be filled with asphalt - asphalt of any type by Okorocha government can be okay, so long as dust is covered.

It's now three months of little or no rain, with thousands of people inhalating dust for four years running in Orlu.
This can't obtain in any part of the world. This is horror.
Orlu people are not known to be quick in rising up against government maltreatment.
But when they ever rose, hmmm.

When the victims starting falling from lung problems, Rochas Okorocha's name shall be on records as a ...

It's very sad my brother..
I pray that God can deliver us from thsee evil scammers that have been terrorising and treating millions of people as slaves under the excuse of a government we never put in place..

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It wouldn't surprise me if all those things were destroyed under the command of Awusa Fulani or Yourobber people..

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