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Celebrities / Adsense Arbitrage - Earn $400+ Everyday On Google Adsense The Easiest Way. by obynocj(m): 12:44pm On Apr 13, 2022
Earn $400+ Everyday On Google AdSense The Easiest way, this tutorial is a simple guide on how to increase Google AdSense earnings the right way without facing ads limit, adsense ban or account closure.

Family / Re: Sex Is Causing Problems In My Marriage, Help Me Save My Marriage by obynocj(m): 9:57am On Jun 29, 2019
Based on experience...SHE has a lesbian Partner, n she is transforming to a full blown LESBIAN...this truth is gonna hurt...if this is the case..ur wife is gone..u can never satisfy her like her partner...the best tin to do now is let her be or act as if you not interested again..pretend as if you have a sidechick...only jealousy can a woman com around to save her marriage..but after ol this and she still don't care..my dear..Goan Get A Sidechick for real....Just pray that she is not turning into lesbian...dat would b a nightmare

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Politics / Re: #free Ilogebe Chidi! (Nans) Vp National Affairs Unlawfully Arrested This Morning by obynocj(m): 8:52am On Jun 26, 2019
Help me ask him oo
Politics / Re: #free Ilogebe Chidi! (Nans) Vp National Affairs Unlawfully Arrested This Morning by obynocj(m): 9:48pm On Jun 25, 2019
This is the video of the Peaceful Protest by NANS Led by Ilogebe Chidi [url]watch here https://web.facebook.com/ilogebe.chidi/videos/pcb.2287899851257911/2287896791258217/?type=3&theater[/url]
Politics / Re: #free Ilogebe Chidi! (Nans) Vp National Affairs Unlawfully Arrested This Morning by obynocj(m): 9:45pm On Jun 25, 2019
these has been #ILOGEBE CHIDI'S POST ON FACEBOOK Updates concerning the detained Madonna Students

Politics / Re: #free Ilogebe Chidi! (Nans) Vp National Affairs Unlawfully Arrested This Morning by obynocj(m): 9:21pm On Jun 25, 2019
What is wrong with this madonna university?
Even with Buhari's anarchy

i tells you their own is becoming too much....we have damning evidence against the Madonna authority ...they don't want those students to be bailed...they have been thwarting all the plans to get them bailed
Politics / #free Ilogebe Chidi! (Nans) Vp National Affairs Unlawfully Arrested This Morning by obynocj(m): 5:08pm On Jun 25, 2019

To whom it may concern

National Association Of Nigerian Student (NANS) VP National Affairs, ILOGEBE CHIDI Was Arrested and whisked out For Speaking Up Against Unlawful Detention of Madonna students who has been in prison for over 4months even after they were granted bail by the federal High court but Madonna Authority and some Forces Refused to Follow court Order, So Ilogebe Chidi Being The NANS VP National Affair stood up against these unlawful act by Madonna University Authority, and led NANS ExCOS To a peaceful protest where he was interviewed and he stated the obvious facts that these unlawful act being perpetuated by Madonna Authority should be taken into consideration by Nigerian Police force, National Assembly And Human Right Activist

NB: The arrest was in connection to the Petition written against him by the founder and owner of Madonna University Okija to the IG Of Police

Comrade Ilogebe Chidi is only discharging his duty as the Vice President of NANS, which is protecting the rights of Nigerian Students.

I Say Enough is Enough ...Chidi Ilogebe should be released and Madonna University Authority Should be Cautioned because they cant be Infringing on Students right whenever they Speak up about their dissatisfaction on how they intimidate students...

it is a shame that Rev.Fr Ede has been silent over this issue...we should all take notes that The silence on Nigerian Youths shall not be Underestimated therefore i call on Human Right Activist, Nigerian Senates, Nigerian Police Force to look into these matter but first we demand the release of ILOGEBE CHIDI. National Association Of Nigerian Student (NANS) VP National Affairs


From Mr Chyson! Concerned Nigerian Youth! and a Nairalander! A Blogger!


Romance / What Happens To Your Body If You Avoid These List Of Foods Within 10days by obynocj(m): 8:57pm On Apr 10, 2019
The best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories (units of energy that your body gets from food) and get regular exercise. Eating more calories than you need will cause you to gain weight. ...watch video and share

Celebrities / Learn How Banana Peel Can Help You Whiten Your Teeth [VIDEO] by obynocj(m): 3:51pm On Apr 01, 2019
In this video, we will show you how you can change the color of teeth to sparkly white using only banana peel, its very simple and harmless.

Health / Re: How To Change Your Dark Lips To Pink Lips With Just 2 Fruits by obynocj(m): 12:05pm On Mar 27, 2019
admin...help those that need this pink lips
Health / How To Change Your Dark Lips To Pink Lips With Just 2 Fruits by obynocj(m): 12:04pm On Mar 27, 2019
This video will help you get your preferred pink lips without Using artificial means...this will help all those that want pinks just watch the video and see how just 2 fruit can give you natural pinks lips

Religion / Re: Will This Biblical Quote On UN Wall Ever Come To Pass?(photo) by obynocj(m): 10:24am On Oct 14, 2018
Family / Re: POF: My Marriage Is About To Be Ruined Becaus Of A Secret I Kept From My Husband by obynocj(m): 12:24am On Sep 14, 2018
I dont usually comment on this case but i will be very honest and plain to you...some of the advice i read on this ur matter is ok..but not all...alot aclaimed feminist and bitter ladies jumped on this and suggest leave or dont quit your job bla bla...most of em aint married so you should know that u cant take their advice to anywhere now bak to your case...Ask yourself this question

1. how did your hubby treat u bfor this case?
2. did he change after this case?

if the case is yes then listen

firstly ..you are at fault in all ramifications and there is nothing like justification of "i have been apologise" so anything yiur husband decides to do now in his aggrieved state is allowed. trust me if you had told him bfor marriage...he myt not had married you and that doesnt meant he loved you less but African men marry for procreation and companion

Imagine if you told you few years after marriage that he is impotent...how will you feeel? forget the fact that you have 3 kids for him now wat if the kids dint com? cos i am sure that if your hubby paste his own side of the story..alota of this people thats telling u shit will still turn around and reason with him except those that hate anything bout men's dominance//

so my dear, if your husband demand that u stay home ...WOMAN DO THAT...WTF IS ur carrier compare to your home and kids...your its very easy to say sorry if your the one dat commits? but ask your self would have just let it go if the table had turn around....REMEMBER THIS YOU BETRAYED YOUR HUSBAND'S TRUST, LOVE AND HOPE...ITs not every man that want only 3 children...

since you hubby has bn a gud husband to u bfor this incidence ..sacrifice virtually everything for him,,atleast to show him that u love him...mayb he will have a change of hrt...but if he has not been a good hubby bfor thios incidence then leave the marriage on tym cos u just destoryed ur own marriage......

and dont forget God is ABLE .....

I have alot to typ but hey..m tired ooo..please dont mind my english n typo errors

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Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Doesn't Have Time For Me by obynocj(m): 2:31pm On Oct 19, 2017
You Need An Honest Answer? He is in a serious relationship with another girl..but cant stop cheating on her with you and some other side chics...u beta find another guy...he may love u oo but trust me...ur not d Main chic...and he is too smart too...na experiences dey talk her


Romance / Guys!! See The 6 Signs That Shows A Woman Cannot C0nceive Again…ladies Watch Out by obynocj(m): 2:34pm On Oct 17, 2017

We tend to feel that if a couple is not getting preg,nant there must be an issue with the female accomplice.
In all actuality, there is the same amount of a shot that the issue is with the male accomplice or even both accomplices. This is the reason it is dependably a smart thought to have both accomplices complete fruitlessness testing.
Fruitlessness can be dealt with given you see the manifestations prior on and raise it with your specialist.
In any case, regardless of the possibility that a child is not at the forefront of your thoughts, here are a portion of the disturbing indications of fruitlessness in men you ought to know about.
Gynecomastia brings about a swelling in the bosom tissues in men because of an irregularity in the intimacy hormones, androgen and tes.to.ste.rone.
This prompts an expansion in the bosoms. In the event that you have seen your bosoms developing, and that too lopsidedly, you could be experiencing this condition.
This can keep you from having an infant. It is a noteworthy reason for male fruitlessness, yet it can be rectified given you look for help at the ideal time
Low spe.rm consider is as a real part of the beyond any doubt shot indications of fruitlessness in men on the grounds that if the sp,er,ms are not adequate it won’t help the egg to treat into an incipient organism.
You can’t learn this at home, yet in the event that you have been having unprotected intercourse for about a year and as yet attempting to have a child, at that point you are proposed to take a test to guarantee your sp,er.m number isn’t poor.

4. LOW intimacy DRIVE
Obviously you could be excessively worn out on days, making it impossible to engage in se,x.ual relations, and we are not calling that low s.ex drive. In any case, as a rule on the off chance that you don’t have the inclination to engage in se.x.ual relations.
Or, on the other hand you never start intimacy with your accomplice, you have a reason for worry here. This is among the unequivocal indications of fruitlessness in men. On the off chance that your gonads are not delivering enough te,st.osterone to animate you enough to have an intercourse, you have to settle a meeting with your specialist.
You can’t father a youngster in the event that you are gradually going off intimacy. Get this checked before it is past the point of no return.
This is again an exceptionally uncommon condition, additionally called the Klinefelter’s disorder, in some cases even hereditary, when you are conceived with littler balls. Little balls cause lacking creation of spe.rms required for the treatment of the egg.
Overwhelmingly, amid pubescence they are excessively little for the creation of testosterone. This condition ought to be dealt with in your teenager years. Or, then again you should look for the assistance of a hereditary master in barrenness.
Continuously check the strength of your gonads whether there is a sure strain, swelling or even a knot, since this could be a marker of varicocele.
This condition identifies with the augmentation of the gonad veins, very like varicose vein, prompting a brought down spe.rm number and hence hampering the conveyance of spe.rms. On the off chance that your torment is excessively intense, counsel your specialist.
There are surgeries to settle the amassed veins. By disregarding this, you are eliminating your odds of turning into a daddy.

for more on http://doctorpost..ng/2017/10/guys-see-6-signs-that-shows-woman.html
Romance / Re: How To Change Your Dark Lips To Red Lips With These 2 Natural Remedies by obynocj(m): 6:35pm On Oct 14, 2017
Romance / How To Change Your Dark Lips To Red Lips With These 2 Natural Remedies by obynocj(m): 6:34pm On Oct 14, 2017

Dark lips can also be triggered by skin disorders, chemical and other lifestyle factors while skin lightening products and reactions to cosmetics can cause same as well. These 2 remedies work to make them lighter...
Dark lips can be caused by a lot of factors ranging from personal hygiene, diet to a lot more causes.
Dark lips can also be triggered by skin disorders, chemical and other lifestyle .

Follow The Simple Procedure Below

Health / 6 Easy-to-do Steps Banana Peel Can Help You Whiten Your Dirty Teeth {must See} by obynocj(m): 4:17pm On Oct 13, 2017

If you have coloured teeth or just desire a brighter smile, the banana peel method is a must try and because it’s non-abrasive, it’s perfect. Check out how to use it in easy steps!

Banana peels are loaded with incredible properties as they are rich in dietary fibre, polyunsaturated fatty acids and potassium, proteins and essential amino acids. A major reason to try out banana peel for teeth whitening is because it’s non abrasive/ harsh


More on http://doctorpost..ng/2017/10/6-easy-to-do-steps-banana-peel-can-help.html
Romance / 3 Easy Ways To Lighten Dark Feet In One Week by obynocj(m): 8:57pm On Oct 12, 2017

Raw milk: “The good thing about raw milk is that it is rich in lactic acid and helps to exfoliate the dead skin on the surface of skin, the lactic acid in raw milk acts as a natural bleaching agent that helps to lighten your skin tone and this helps to soften the rough skin and points to finger joints that help to give you soft and smooth and fair glowing hands and feet; it is simple and easy, just massage with raw milk then clean your hands and feet and apply milk when you are before going to bath”.

Dry orange peel and milk: “Orange is rich in Vitamin C and acts as a natural bleaching agent, thus, orange is great with a healthier look to get supple skin; keep the orange peel dry, grind it into a smooth powder and add some milk to make a thick paste then apply the paste on your hands and feet, leave till dry and wash off with water, this acts as a scrub to remove tan and dark on your skin”.

Lemon and salt: “You should use any of the natural scrubs such as lemon and salt to remove dead skin cells, skin is exfoliated and is essential to remove dead skin cells once in a week; lemon and salt scrub gives a natural fair skin and makes your skin blemish free so exfoliate your skin to get glowing skin and you can use a scrub to remove dead cells, just sprinkle salt on the lemon and rub it on your feet”.

More on http://doctorpost..ng/2017/10/3-easy-ways-to-lighten-dark-feet-in-one.html
Romance / Re: Top 6 Dirtiest Body Parts That We Never Thought Were Dirty by obynocj(m): 11:10am On Oct 01, 2017
omg....now av learn oo

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Romance / Re: My Friend Has Been Seducing Me- I'm Confused. by obynocj(m): 7:16am On Mar 04, 2015
since she has been your best friend all this while..i think u should gv her chance..cos from bff to gf is d best thng dat will happen to ur reationship, she understands u more than any girl...so ur relationship with her will last longer even to marriage lol..unless she is nt as beautiful as ur EX..if she is...den my man gv her a shot..she z a sure deal #experincetalkshere


Romance / For The Guys Only: 5 First Class Dating Tips On How To Get An Igbo Girl by obynocj(m): 10:36pm On Mar 01, 2015

A first date with an Igbo lady is loaded with expectancy – it is definitely possible to do a lot of thinking about that first date. the key is to relax. enjoy yourself, and avoid over analyzing every thing she says or, every moves she makes. Regardless of whether you hit it off or not, wouldn’t it be a great thing, if you both could say that “it was a great experience.?” So, how can you make sure that your first date with an Igbo lady is the best you and she will ever have?
Use these tips…

Be Yourself: On a first date, a typical Igbo lady will want to see through you. Let her see the real you. If she’s impressed with the natural you, she’ll love you for who you are – with your good, your not-so-good, and your in-between bits that make you the you that you are.
So you see, a successful first date with an Igbo lady is not all about your money or your handsome face. It’s about your skills at choosing a nice venue, making effort with your appearance, being kind to her, being emotionally light and happy, and being your natural self.

Leave Your Emotional Baggage at Home: Too much emotional baggage that includes stories of your broken heart, your father’s absence and lack of love for you, your boss’ autocracy and stupidity etc is never attractive to an Igbo lady on her first date.

Please, keep your disappointments to yourself. if she eventually becomes yours, you’ll have time to share your hang ups, your frustrations, your regrets etc together.
Carefully Select the Venue: Pick somewhere any typical Igbo lady will like. A drink in a quiet bar or, a lunch or dinner (for two) in a little restaurant you know is a great idea. try and avoid noisy places.
Typical Igbo ladies would prefer you keep the first date short and simple.
Make an Effort with Your Appearance: Do put your best foot forward on your first date with an Igbo lady – but not so much effort that your date wouldn’t recognize you on the street the next day.
Making an effort with your appearance shows that you care and that you want to make a good impression on her Unwashed hair, unshaven beards, bad breathe, and yesterday\s clothes aren\t likely to win an Igbo lady over.
Carefully Select the Venue: Pick somewhere any typical Igbo lady will like. A drink in a quiet bar or, a lunch or dinner (for two) in a little restaurant you know is a great idea. try and avoid noisy places. Typical Igbo ladies would prefer you keep the first date short and simple.

See more on http://www./2015/03/for-guys-only-5-first-class-dating-tips.html
Romance / 10 Things Every Woman Should Do In Her Twenties! by obynocj(m): 3:55pm On Dec 29, 2014

1. Date, or even just have s3x with, a ridiculously hot guy. I mean, or fall in love with him? But you probably won’t, because there is a good chance he will want to talk about the plot of his novel or how much he loved being on a commune or some other bullshit like that.
2. Go abroad. Ultimately, spending money on experiences is more important in your 20s than spending it on stuff. Exposing yourself to a different culture will make you a better, more broad-minded person, plus the FOOD, GUYS.
3. Wear crazy neon crop tops to music festivals. Now’s the time.
4. Take a lot of Instagram pictures. ‘Tis the age for many unabashed selfies, so that when your adult child is spoon-feeding you Yankee Beans in the nursing home, have proof that you were once dewy-skinned and had a life.

5. Pick up a sport you’ve never played before, even if you suck at it. That way you don’t have to drag yourself to yoga as often, you can meet a new bunch of people to drink with, and you can buy cute sneakers.

6. Eat whatever. Literally whatever. I have thought about mainlining super-cheesy, super-carby lasagna bolognese with more depth and nuance than I have thought about loved ones. Ignore the nutritional label and don’t look back. EVER.
7. Drink a lot of green juice. Not to lose weight, but to balance out the bolognese. It probably sounds like it tastes like the Jolly Green Giant’s jizz, but it’s shockingly energy-boosting when fresh.

See more on http://www./2014/12/10-things-every-woman-should-do-in-her.html
Politics / Re: OPNION: See The Reason Why APC Is Worst And More Corrupt Than PDP by obynocj(m): 8:55am On Dec 22, 2014
na true talk be dat ooooo APCRIMINALS

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