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Health / Re: Lady Confronts Another Lady At A Gym Over Body Odour (Video) by odunH(m): 7:54pm On Apr 09
I was about to scold the girl for videoing the whole incident. But I remember how dangerous body odor is..

I was sitting close to the A.C in my school
Then I remember one chubby Yoruba girl that entered class.
Immediately the whole class change odour!!! shocked

Nobody wanted to tell her directly
Nepa come bring light, I happily ON A.C

Naso this Yoruba girl Waka come siddon close to me to enjoy the A.C.
The odour was so bad.
I was highly disgusted and flabbergasted
I unplug my laptop and left the class...wtf angry

I support body shaming Girls with body odor
If you keep quiet, many people will suffer poisonous gasses in silence

I wish I had the balls to confront that girl
Ok I'llBut her body odor no even gree me near her
Igbo people with mumu na 5&6. Why hating on Yoruba people all the time? May God purge you from bitterness and hatred

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Food / Re: How Many Fufu Can You Finish? by odunH(m): 3:46pm On Feb 15
Sorry! I don’t eat fufu undecided. Especially southwest fufu. Southwest fufu has this offensive odour that can make me throw-up embarassed

But if I must try it, I think I will prefer to eat fufu from the south-south (calabar or Edo). Their fufu are neatly prepared and doesn’t smell.
Shut it! You lie a lot. It is even those ibo fufu that smells so bad. You see those owode fufu that ve been cooked so well and last for a longer period doesn't smell but to ridicule yourself and your people not southwest you end up saying thrash! To what gains. Igbo fufu smells so bad. Like something dem no cook well. I can't eat it

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast AFCON 2023 Finals (1 - 2) On 11th February 2024 by odunH(m): 11:03pm On Feb 11
Tinubu failure oozing from the stadium today
wetin concern president for this one. Even citizen make uma sef make am proud😆😁. It is well bro.Lets nw face our leaders. Game over

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Ivory Coast AFCON 2023 Finals (1 - 2) On 11th February 2024 by odunH(m): 10:45pm On Feb 11
May God judge Tinubu... grin
Thank God say Tinubu no go😁😆😆 Nigerians for talk say na him cause am😁


Family / Re: was I Wrong In Wanting To End Friendship With My Friend? by odunH(m): 2:18pm On Nov 23, 2023
@Ginaz, you are a real good person and that's so rare to see. But the problem is that Nigerians love taking undue advantage of good people. Whatever you decide next, put yourself first.

And biko, please remember that Nairaland is like a heavily polluted river. Not everyone here is sane or with properly working brains. So, that explains why some saw wrong in what you were doing. Just do your best to filter out the good from the bad here. Thankus.
Exactly! The way dey reason ehn!. Ginaz is lonely you can't even support her not that she's taking over your child that's a baby but a little grown up and they are emulating hardwork, aids, care from her. Una still dey complain. Who suppose to even say go and check on aunty Ginaz. Is she fine? Does she need assist? Abeg make unreasonable commenta no fly near me o


Family / Re: was I Wrong In Wanting To End Friendship With My Friend? by odunH(m): 2:12pm On Nov 23, 2023

This is likely the case.

She doesn't like you like that, but just wants you around for the things she'll benefit.

She gives off a bitter, contentious vibes.

I don't know about others, but it is always very much a thing of "pride" to my parents to have us helping our neighbours run errand. Yes, some people definitely overdo it but that's not what I am defending here.

It is the communal intention behind it that I am referring to...others would also gladly, willingly allow their kids run errand for my parents. Like, we're more of our neighbours' children than our parents' and the idea is about helping each other out and sharing. Like you said, you cook for them too, and give them money. I don't think you're doing that from a bad place.

And the talk of something happening to the children on the way is just funny. Really? Like really? Over a long distance, I get. But kids that play in the streets all the time and go to buy sweets and biscuits for themselves, something bad will suddenly happen to them when you send them on errand. Like everybody goes outside to buy things with the thought of something bad happening to them.

Shey they were living fine before you moved in next door?
And you always get your things by yourself when kids weren't around you?

Great. Just keep your distance and everybody will be fine.

Also, let me add this, you see that person you fought that she went to beg, I'm 99% certain that they've badmouthed you.

There's a Yoruba expression for it, but it's not coming to me, and it is a very terrible attitude.

Two people will fight, with one person being the instigator o, and somebody will go and be begging that person. I really really h8 it.

Even if there was no clear instigator sef, she's your "supposed" friend. Her loyalty should be to you first and trying to pacify you both together neutrally at the scene of fight. But going to meet the person the next day again? Eish.

I guess this is why some people always say to be wary of old friends you reconnected with. They're hardly the same person you knew.
Thank you for this. The handwriting is on the wall for Ginaz to see that she's no true friend. The way some people reason here when, I shake my head. No sympathy to assist but when needed when it's not everytime. Children wey dem dey train to even learn how to be nice, hardworking for outside you dey claim dem one make am slave. Abeg put ur pikin under yansh naa. Ginaz God ll give you yours.

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Politics / Re: Female Soldier Guns Down Captain In Adamawa by odunH(m): 7:31am On Aug 07, 2023
May his soul rest in peace. Obviously someone wanted to show he is the oga and the other person felt embarrassed and humiliated before "common" civilians
. See judgement...fear people
Family / Re: My Husband’s “runs Girl” Used Juju On Him; Wife Of Defunct Skye Bank Chairman by odunH(m): 5:56pm On Jul 29, 2023

You don't have sense... A virtuous woman coming to public to cast her family issues

Again you no get sense... Would have tagged your mum harlooot but I got respect for my gender except those that chose to behave like Men(senseless beings)
I am sure you are one of those supporting Chioma against Anita when it was all over the internet that Davido impregnated Anita. People of Double standard.

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Family / Re: My Husband’s “runs Girl” Used Juju On Him; Wife Of Defunct Skye Bank Chairman by odunH(m): 5:53pm On Jul 29, 2023
I really pity Mrs ayeni undecided See the way she's now sounding stupid all in the name of defending a man grin

As for Adaobi Alagwu well done ( ogbologbo)
You defend whatever you want to defend whenever it favors you. When it was Davido time when he impregnated Anita. Everyone was supportive of Chioma and abusing Anita. Why are people like this?

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Politics / Re: Stephen Mouka: Obidients Ridiculed As "Eluuu-P" Singer Was Spotted In Workshop by odunH(m): 5:49pm On Jul 09, 2023
You see the kind of mentality some Nigerians have including average Tinubu Rodent .. This is one of the major mentality that kept Nigeria like this ..(Average Tinubu supporter is poor mentally and financially)

Some them belive that once you are a celebrity or if you have had access to a politician you are made for life ... Its this type of mentality that makes you people too loot public fund if you are opportnued to find yourself in a public office, while so many of them live fake life and engage in all manner of atrocities to maintain such fake life.. , average Igbo man is not like that .. If we depend on government we wouldn't have risen after the civil war ..
No matter our status in the public we don't joke with our source of income ...

Orji uzo Kalu is still selling Okirika today despite being a Senator.. The same okirika business he started in his 20's.. A house of reps member i know is still selling stockifish and many of them ..
So being popular or being a celebrity shouldn't make you to work and earn again ? ...

It's this kind of mentality that kept Olajumoke breadseller where she is ....

This post is an evidence to show that some Nigerians and Tinubu supporters to an extent are very lazy people that dependsl on government/ politicians for survival..

Only criminals are rich without hard work

Wetin concern Tinubu supporter's for this matter now? Is it not Atiku supporter's that made this statement? Zukwannaike...be calming down. No go get high b.p cos of Tinubu matter o..

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Politics / Re: Zamfara Govt Robbed My Houses, Stole Cars, Hijabs, Stoves – Matawalle by odunH(m): 9:29am On Jun 11, 2023
This is no news now.

Only naive ones don't know this.

They change usernames periodically but their thought, speech and argument patterns remain the same and give them away.

Stop spamming every thread on this forum with your tactics of lies and propaganda against APC this and that. Despite all you did before election. APC still won. Don't fight those choosen to lead. Ur season ll come too through love and light.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Customs To Grill 12 Officers Allegedly Involved In Petrol Smuggling by odunH(m): 9:43pm On Jun 10, 2023
All nigerians should be fully aware that many of the pro APC \tinubu accounts you see here are not casual users and commenters like you and I but a coordinated sophisticated propaganda network that employs people to parrot the party's talking points and attack the opposition.

Don't fall prey to the APC's propaganda. Don't let them use your head and influence your opinions.

I don't know why more people don't highlight this.

Once you see accounts of seunmssg, parachokoo, ilegendheroo, know that these are not casual users but paid propagandists with multiple accounts used to generate "likes" corresponding to similar likes on pro-obi posts.

Use your head.
. You can as well influence your own people too. In as much their opinions tally with mine, I ll like and share.
Family / Re: I Want To Run Away From Home by odunH(m): 12:20pm On Jun 10, 2023

Op one Customer don show.

More to Come. Them don hear 18 Years Old. Their Mustache don Standgrin

Go check your DM. Some of them will be shy to reach out to you on here.
You don kolo o😁😁which kain talk be this, person wan help naau😊
Politics / Re: Free Kanu As Parting Gift, Ohanaeze Begs Buhari by odunH(m): 11:39am On May 13, 2023
cheesy grin grin Bubu is deaf.They should go and beg the original Buhari as dis present one is fake, jubri El Sudanese. Check his left ear grin .Bubu is dead shocked sad,the one there have koko on his head,.dey should go and exhume the original bubu. Period
This forum lwtmb😅😅😅where will you see Jubril of Sudan with Koko on his forehead now! It well o
Romance / Re: My Experience At A Ghanaian Beach by odunH(m): 3:34pm On May 10, 2023

I was talking about it cus I felt hurt as a Nigerian, read my last comment.

@the bolded, I know people with this your mentality are mostly Niger deltans, cos una mouth dey draw like okro and una dey feel say una open eye. Igbos used to say this too but they've stopped after several reseting from Yoruba boys. Don't worry, keep telling your younger ones the same thing till they collect from a Yoruba guy.

Meanwhile all the fighters repping Nigeria are Yorubas... Talk about Israel Adesanya, Anthony Joshua, Bash Ali, even local fighters like Taiwo Esepo.
Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣You don finish that guy o. Mouth dey draw like okra!😀😀👍

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Politics / Re: What We Have In Nigeria Is Not Democracy But Agberocracy - Apostle Suleman by odunH(m): 10:16pm On Mar 19, 2023
Tinubu is a very big threat to the existence of Nigeria as a country.
Take heart. Painful losing an election.
Politics / Re: Chimaroke Nnamani Loses Enugu East Senatorial Seat To Labour Party Candidate by odunH(m): 10:14pm On Mar 19, 2023
Modern Day Slavery

Eligible To Be The Governor of Lagos:
1. Tinubu - State of Origin - Osun State.
2. Fashola - State of Origin - Ekiti State.
3. Ambode - State of Origin - Ondo State.
4. Sanwoolu - State of Origin - Ogun State.

Not Eligible To Be The Governor of Lagos:
1. Patrick Gbadebo Rhose-Vivour (GRV) - State of Origin - Lagos State (Lagos Island).
2. Jandor - State of Origin - Lagos State.

FFK: Those Lagosians Claiming To Be Yorubas Of Lagos Are Not Yorubas. They Are Slaves Who Were Repatriated To Lagos Via Sierra Leone, Liberia, E.t.c.
. Focus on your own region first. Y is Lagos your problem? So painful losing an election. Take heart.
Politics / Re: Presidential Election: Tinubu’s Victory An Act Of God – Sultan Of Sokoto by odunH(m): 7:32pm On Mar 05, 2023

If you had killed even a Yoruba dog or cat, we would have used you for money rituals since. By now, you will be vomiting New Notes
Please pardon him nau😆. This joke makes laugh hard o. Happy Sunday!
Politics / Re: Keyamo: Peter Obi And Labour Party Rigged In Enugu (Photos) by odunH(m): 1:19pm On Mar 03, 2023
Tough times ahead for this APC guys, you'll defend case to a point that you'll start running away from injustice.
And LP be ready too. In every election it's expected but you guys are crying and abusing all over social media. Go to courts. Simple!

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Politics / Re: Keyamo: Peter Obi And Labour Party Rigged In Enugu (Photos) by odunH(m): 1:17pm On Mar 03, 2023
Tough times ahead for this APC guys, you'll defend case to a point that you'll start running away from injustice.
And LP be ready too. In every election it's expected but you guys are crying and abusing all over social media. Go to courts. Simple
Politics / Re: Keyamo: Peter Obi And Labour Party Rigged In Enugu (Photos) by odunH(m): 1:13pm On Mar 03, 2023

Good, so join in the call for the cancellation of the election since you claim the ‘innocent and angelic’ APC were ‘cheated and intimidated’ in the south-east, and that LP were running scared that APC were about to record ‘impressive’ numbers in the region and hence had to be contained!

Bigger fools since you want to be a tribalist. Take his submission or argue responsibly.
Politics / Re: Keyamo: Peter Obi And Labour Party Rigged In Enugu (Photos) by odunH(m): 1:10pm On Mar 03, 2023
You guys faked this result, and now intend to use it as sympathy argument. Una dull, no be small.
All the papers are on one desk.
Chai, APC tu dull.
Dem don day sweat.
No wonder one chief justice was summoned to Baba Lagos House last night.

If APC had allowed Obi win , all eyes would have been on him.
But now, he will have three years of holiday to do as he likes.
This was my fear.
Continue dey play. If he doesn't go your ways,its fabricated baa? I said it Obedients movements is fake,full of sympathetic tribalist. My own take is that you should know there is PDP to contend with first. I hate liars.
Politics / Re: Mahmood Yakubu's Son: If Peter Obi Wins, I'm Not Going Back To Nigeria (Photos) by odunH(m): 12:58pm On Mar 03, 2023
Obidients are everywhere digging up evidences.
Is he not a citizen who has rights to opinions like you all. His father is the Chairman not him! Pls let's us be guided.
Politics / Re: Emir Of Kano Congratulates President Elect Bola Tinubu by odunH(m): 11:31am On Mar 02, 2023
yoruba muslims are greater than all igbo Christians in Nigeria history, first it's mko abiola, it's now Tinubu that will rule you all. He used you foools undecided
Stop fanning hatred bro! We all won. victory belongs to God! Bola Ahmed Tinubu is for all Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Sirika To Tinubu: President-elect Bola Tinubu, Write Your Acceptance Speech Now by odunH(m): 6:30pm On Feb 27, 2023
No politician in this era can survive the obstacle Asiwaju surmounted if he eventually gets declared by INEC.

--Currency change hardship
--Induced fuel Scarcity
--Muslim-Muslim ticket in an almost 50/50 nation
--Propaganda from some section of CAN
--Propaganda against his person, age, wealth, and etc
--A hostile cabal
--Buhari I don't care attitude
--Some extremely woke Yoruba youth voting against him
--A christian North with mind made up

The North kept their word eventually. The Northern governor are the MVP. It is not easy for them back home too because Buhari government caused lot of damage at some point.

The biggest surprise in the North Central. Who would have imagined Tinubu getting even 25% for Benue and Nassarawa with all the propaganda by some religious bigots. Asiwaju cleared Kogi, Kwara, Niger, and did well in some other states in the NC.

South-South has proven that they have a mind of their own. Akwa Ibom is like a big surprise and even Bayelsa. How do you explain Tinubu winning Jonathan LG.

New alliance have been forged in this election.
Igbo + Northern christian alliance is very strong as seen.
SW + North alliance is very strong too. They exceeded my expectation.
NC + SW alliance cemented
SW + Some SS cemented
SE + Some SS cemented
Exactly! God bless you for this! I ve posted it on my status. But for me o whosever wins I'm okay by it. Thank you.


Politics / Re: Labour Party Rejects Collation Of Results Of Presidential Election by odunH(m): 5:02pm On Feb 27, 2023
It is expected. The election was completely rigged
Go to court Biko and you all should stop creating nuisance all over the place. My one cent! I'm for united Nigeria but if it didn't work, the needful should be done. No one's blood is worth this election jare. No be who first call police dey win case.
Politics / Re: INEC Chairman, Yakubu Rejects Suspending Collation Of Presidential Results by odunH(m): 5:00pm On Feb 27, 2023
We are rejecting it

No sane human will allow tinubu rule

You can't handover Nigeria at this critical time to a sick president

Please lets retweet and share to everyone

Use this pic on your WhatsApp profile and status
Facebook and twitter titok
The other candidates came to sell groundnuts abi? Dey play oya

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