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Celebrities / Re: Lady On Regina Daniels: 'Call Me Gold Digger , Na Gold I Dig Nor Be Grave' by Ogashub(m): 4:18pm On May 01
Men are truly scarce for our Women
Politics / Re: President Buhari Commissions And Tours EFCC Headquarters In Abuja (pics) by Ogashub(m): 4:18pm On May 15, 2018

Politics / President Buhari Commissions And Tours EFCC Headquarters In Abuja (pics) by Ogashub(m): 4:17pm On May 15, 2018
President Buhari commissions EFCC Headquarters in Abuja on 15th May 2018

EFCC photo: President Buhari with R-L: EFCC Acting Chairman Ibrahim Magu, Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Former South African President Thabo Mbeki and Secretary General of Commonwealth Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland as he commissions EFCC Headquarters in Abuja on 15th May 2018

Source: https://ogashub.com/president-buhari-commissions-and-tours-efcc-headquarters-in-abuja-pics/

Politics / Re: APC Snubs Ali Modu-sheriff, Ask Him To Go And Join Party At Ward Level by Ogashub(m): 2:50pm On Apr 26, 2018
Painment of the highest level
Politics / ' Buhari's Tyranny Must Not Push You To Sit On The Floor And Lament Like A Tout' by Ogashub(m): 2:40pm On Apr 26, 2018
Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has berated Dino Melaye for jumping off a police van and threatening to kill himself so he can put the police officers in trouble.

In a post he share on his IG page, FFK said the tyranny of the Buhari led government should not push anyone to the extent they seat on the floor and begin to lament like touts. Read what he wrote below

A Senator of the Federal Republic should not behave like this: not even an APC one. This is not honor. This is not class. This is not strength.

I deplore what Buhari is doing to all those that oppose him, including those that put him in power like my aburo Senator Dino Melaye, but we must face our collective oppressors with dignity, strength and courage.
The tyranny of Buhari must not push us to this state where we sit on the floor in the street and scream, shout and lament like touts.

I was arrested numerous times by the security agencies, I was incarcerated for a total of 60 days and some of those days were in terror cells with Boko Haram suspects and convicts.

I never jumped out of a moving vehicle in an attempt to escape and I never threatened to "kill myself" and "put everyone in trouble". In this struggle fear of torture, death or jail has no place because our enemies are not God.
Their time will soon come to an end and in the end we shall prevail. We must confront them with self-respect, dignity, strength and courage.
Dark may be the night but joy comes in the morning! My prayers are with Dino and his family at this trying time.

Read more: https://ogashub.com/buharis-tyranny-must-not-push-you-to-sit-on-the-floor-and-lament-like-a-tout-ffk-to-dino/

Politics / Re: Anyim Pius Anyim Celebrates His 57th Birthday Today by Ogashub(m): 8:57am On Feb 19, 2018
This man is still young oo 57?? Abi na political age
Phones / Re: Glo Emerges Nigerian Brand Of The Year by Ogashub(m): 7:10am On Feb 19, 2018


Politics / Re: 35,000 People Join APC In Niger State (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 6:10pm On Feb 18, 2018
Who counted them Bloddy liers


Travel / Re: Accident In Adamawa Kills White Man And All Passengers (Graphic Pics) by Ogashub(m): 9:44pm On Feb 16, 2018
The white mans soul would regret coming to Nigeria and traveling on a Nigerian bad road....failed country


Family / Re: "I Slept With 18 Men In 30 Days" - Delta Wife Confesses At Shrine by Ogashub(m): 1:07pm On Feb 16, 2018


Crime / Re: Chinese Man Arrested In Lagos With Elephant Tusks N494 Million Worth (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 10:07am On Feb 16, 2018
494 million naira?? Dem dey use dis elephant tusk take cook soup why soo expensive

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TV/Movies / Re: Why Does BBN Always Outshine BBA? -Ugandan Asks, See Funny Replies by Ogashub(m): 4:06pm On Feb 15, 2018
Bros try and make use of punctuation marks next time for easy comprehension, especially full stops. Nice write up anyways

I'm not writing a script or a presidential speech ifvyou find it hard to comprehend what I wrote den it means u mentally unstable.... Take your English knowledge and punctuation to where you wld be paid for it....animal
Foreign Affairs / Re: Jacob Zuma Resigns As South African President! by Ogashub(m): 10:34pm On Feb 14, 2018
Watch how Nigerian twitter will put buhari on fire to resign too

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Family / Re: Man Buys His Mother A Car As Valentine Gift (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 5:59pm On Feb 14, 2018
Better than giving it to some brain less babes


Romance / 20-year-old Lady Takes Loan From Her Dad To Buy Her Boyfriend A New Car For Val by Ogashub(m): 5:21pm On Feb 14, 2018
A 20-year-old Kenyan lady, model and a student of Kenya Methodist University has surprised her boyfriend with a brand new whip for Valentine.

The Lady, identified as Fridah Kariuki, the lady acquired the new whip, a brand new Mercedez as a gift for her man, just to show how much she loves him.

According to multiple reports, Fridah took a loan from her father to buy the car, as they’ve been dating for the past four years. They also revealed that their parents are very supportive of their relationship.

Mynd44 lalasticlala

TV/Movies / Re: Why Does BBN Always Outshine BBA? -Ugandan Asks, See Funny Replies by Ogashub(m): 4:59pm On Feb 14, 2018
Someone asked a nice question.....he said Nigerian people will read this and have butterflies all over their stomach but do we have light in Nigeria See why am always against celebrating mediocre that question alone should send a big massage to us that Nigerians (especially youths) major on the minor and minor on the major if all our e-worrios tackles the government with same strength they use online to campaign for nonsense Nigeria would have been a better place....if they start a (give us 24hrs) light campaign on twitter and it runs for about 3 days you will see good improvement Nigerian government think we youths are dumb that's why they don't do things until a campaign or protest is raised for it either physically or online...Nigerian youth make una get sense and use una time well

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Politics / Cows Block Entrance Gate Of Ministry Of Finance, Abuja (Photo) by Ogashub(m): 4:54pm On Feb 14, 2018
Open grazing in Abuja as hundreds of cows blocks entrance gate of Federal Ministry of Finance, Abuja

Photo source..www.ogashub.com

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Career / Re: Should Your Subordinate's Salary Be Higher Than Yours For Any Reason? by Ogashub(m): 7:37am On Feb 14, 2018
Check yourself
Crime / Re: Police Engages Herdsmen In A Gun Duel In Benue, Kills One In The Process by Ogashub(m): 8:47pm On Feb 13, 2018
One Fulani herdman down 2million more to go...reprisal attack soon to come......Zoo


Religion / Re: Pentecostals Bash Catholics Yet They Celebrate Valentine The Most by Ogashub(m): 8:36pm On Feb 13, 2018
Please don't start another e war please.. Even though I am a Catholic, I won't agree with you. You were taught not to judge.

I'm not in anyway trying to cause issues I just want to know the teaches and understanding they have acquired form their different churches about Valentine's day we could learn a few things


Romance / Re: 7 Clear Signs You’re In One Sided Relationship 2018 Valentine Special (ogashub) by Ogashub(m): 8:33pm On Feb 13, 2018
Your points are too obvious abeg..... Try to be creative next time

Show us your blog and all the nice article you've written soo far

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Religion / Pentecostals Bash Catholics Yet They Celebrate Valentine The Most by Ogashub(m): 8:32pm On Feb 13, 2018
A typical Nigerian non Catholic who is drained with his or her own church doctrine will wear red tomorrow and majestically walk into her or his lover's house to wish him happy valentines day.

But every other thing about the catholic doctrine is paganized by you and your church folks.

Y'all have suddenly forgotten that Valentine is a saint In the catholic world that is usually celebrated every 14th of February, just like other catholic saints.

But tomorrow you will come online and tell us how Catholics worship Mary, you get angry when she is being celebrated. But Tomorrow, you will be buying gifts in the name of valentine.

All the Pentecostal churches that bash the catholic doctrines and saints are the ones who will even celebrate the valentine the most.

But there you are, saying you know so much about Christianity.

Now, tell me that saint valentine is a saint in your own church, I am listening, how?

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Romance / 7 Clear Signs You’re In One Sided Relationship 2018 Valentine Special (ogashub) by Ogashub(m): 6:29pm On Feb 13, 2018
Love is already everywhere in the air as 2018 Valentines day aprroches we at www.ogashub.com however decided to create a review of lapses and other flaws that breaks homes and relationships and why most people may not be happy to celebrate 2018 Valentine as soppesed with their lovers grab a drink and enjoy..

The one who gives without taking will soon deplete themselves of their own self nourishment. This could result to unhappiness and exhaustion which would eventually hurt the person and the relationship. If you feel exhausted and out of balance in your relationship, then it might be one sided. Here are more clues that tell you you’re relationship is one sided.

1. You’re always there for them but they can’t do the same for you.
They are your number one priority in life. Whenever they need you by their side, you’re able to ditch everything in your schedule just to be with them. But when you’re on the same situation, you hardly have their attention. They can’t be with you always.

2. They’re a part of your life, without feeling a part of theirs.
You have allowed them to enter in your life. They’ve meet your close friends, peers, or even family. Whatever the events in your life is, you always make sure they’re present. However, you have a hard time entering into their lives. It’s as if their life is private and you’re not welcome to enter nor become a part of it.It makes you feel you’re just one of their colleagues and not someone special.

3. It’s always you who make the effort of having a time together.
When it comes to giving them your time, no one beats your generosity. You’re able to set aside everything if you want to be with them. But, when you ask them of their time, they’re either busy or doing something very important, as if you’re not one of those important things.
You lost count of the alibis they’ve given you. If this is the case, it’s clear they’re not that serious in the relationship.

4. You’re not your true self in their presence.
You’re on constant guard in their presence, making sure every act or word you say is right, otherwise they’ll get turned off when your actions or words don’t please them. In short, when in their company, you’re a person other than your true self. And this exhausts you because it makes you feel uncomfortable to pretend you’re someone that you’re not. Feeling discomfort in the presence of someone who is suppose to accept you as you are is definitely ironic.

5. You’re always asking for apology.
You could no longer remember how many times you say ‘I’m sorry’. An apology is always expected from you whenever they find a flaw in your manners or words no matter how simple or silly it appears. If this is a regular occurrence in your relationship, you have to think twice. Ask yourself if you want to share your life with a person who does not make you feel good.

6. You think twice before talking to them.

As a loving partner that you are, you love to call them at the end of the day just to ask how their day went. Instead of thanking you, they’ll get angry with you for disturbing them and even make you feel guilty about it.
Thus, you have to think twice every time you feel the nudge of calling them. On the other hand, they’re too busy to even give you a quick call. They seem to be so distant, you find it difficult to make a connection.

7. They make you feel that your relationship is an obligation they need to do.

You always find the initiative of keeping your romance alive. Whenever you ask them to do their part, they’ll feel as if they’re obliged to do something and not because they truly love you. They’ll give you the freedom to do all the plan and the execution, while they just go along as if they can’t do anything about it.

Sorce: https://ogashub.com/7-clear-signs-youre-in-a-one-sided-relationship-2018-valentine-special-edition/

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Celebrities / Re: Skibii Poses In His Boxers (Photo) by Ogashub(m): 2:50pm On Dec 10, 2017
Who knows skibbi...talk less of knowing him as a controversial artists
Politics / Re: Atiku Criticizes APC At PDP Convention: "APC Promised 3m Jobs But Lost 3m Jobs" by Ogashub(m): 9:14pm On Dec 09, 2017

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Religion / Re: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's 54th Costume Birthday Party (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 10:39pm On Dec 08, 2017
Is this a birthday or a coronation ceremony?


Crime / Re: Togolese Woman Buries Her Little Son Alive (Disturbing Photos) by Ogashub(m): 10:29pm On Dec 08, 2017
Celebrities / Re: Oritse Femi And His Wife Nabila Fash First Outing Together (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 10:03am On Dec 08, 2017

Just keep shut if you've got nothing good to type, must everything be full of competition?

How many wedding ceremonies in your village made name?

I guess the wedding of banky w took place in your own village.... E-warrior
Celebrities / Re: Oritse Femi And His Wife Nabila Fash First Outing Together (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 9:32am On Dec 08, 2017
Trying soo hard to make name like banky and adesua


Crime / Re: Maryam Sanda Cuddles Her Baby In Court (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 9:08am On Dec 08, 2017
Mods make una use sense dey caption post....why must you call her husband killer has the court pronounced her guilty....very stupid heading


Politics / Re: Olusegun Obasanjo Defending His PhD Thesis At The Open University (Photos) by Ogashub(m): 8:34am On Dec 08, 2017
Soo old men wey value education....not all this kids smoking and living useless life's and calling it swag

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