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Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Peter Obi And ..... by Omik1: 11:43pm On Mar 03
Lol.... Since the man didn't openly endorse them after they had expected him. It's not about them being busy with press conference.. their type is, if I can't have this, no one else will have it.
Politics / Re: Read This True Story Of Peter Obi And Complete The Last Sentence by Omik1: 8:41pm On Mar 03
..Loser of the election. It's two ways and I pick the other. No offense

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Politics / Re: Picture Of Obi Interacting With Students At The Airport by Omik1: 8:24pm On Feb 17
This looks like secondary school students who MAY not be up to 18 or have a current electoral value for LP! So ?

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Politics / Re: Keyamo: South South Governors Are Silent Since Wike's Revelation by Omik1: 7:21am On Nov 22, 2022
And Lagos State internally generated revenue is the problem of most of us while our respective state governors are squandering the one from the top... Delta state!!!

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Sports / Re: Qatar 2022: Romelu Lukaku To Miss First Two Games Of The World Cup by Omik1: 12:00pm On Nov 20, 2022
Qatar will later win this cup with all these injuries grin

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Properties / Re: I Reported My Landlord Today by Omik1: 7:54pm On Oct 08, 2022
Was there a written paper when/where the landlord gave you a go ahead to make the repair? Was the repair for your own luxury life? ( As some people will rent a house with pit toilet and be expecting the landlord to turn it to a five start hotel standard toilet) when they were not promised such.

Did he agree to reimburse you what you expended in the agreed paper when u where doing the repair?

I asked all this because, that's what is contained in the Lagos State Tenancy Law..

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Education / Re: 7 Prisoners Graduate With Bachelors Degree From NOUN In Port Harcourt by Omik1: 6:38pm On Jul 02, 2022
It seems ASUU strike doesn't affect NOUN

No, it doesn't.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Leicester City (1 - 1) On 19th May 2022 by Omik1: 8:03pm On May 19, 2022
If Chelsea win make 5 people qoute me for 5k each

Chelsea wins
Foreign Affairs / Re: Polish Convoy With Ammunition Arrived In Ukraine by Omik1: 10:52pm On Feb 25, 2022
Make nobody chuk mouth for this fight! If Russia see say nobody chuk mouth dem go retract
Crime / Re: Man Accuses Loan App Of Announcing His Death After He Defaulted by Omik1: 8:57pm On Jan 11, 2022
It Is looking unreal... Because I couldn't see any part of the image that says Soko loan is the one organizing the funeral or anything that relates to them.

Maybe na cruise from the man.

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Business / Re: How A Loan App Wiped My Account And Left Me Broke by Omik1: 9:10am On Dec 12, 2021
How a loan app wiped out my account and left me broke

See me see trouble o! one loan app in this country, (I will not mention their name yet) has wiped my entire life savings and they have left me dead broke. Around early February this year my friend told me about a business that i can invest in and get good profit by the end of the year. Usual na, I got excited about the project and I had to make sure I hustle the money anyway, anyhow; that was how I remember that I saw one advert on facebook, so I went to the Facebook page and I copied the WhatsApp number from the page. Naso it start o! they asked me to register, write my mothers name, my office even collect my BVN and card details join!! Haba! I should have known.

I took the loan even with the high interest because I didn't have a choice and guy man gats make sweet cash. The 1st instalment i paid, 2nd instalment i delayed for 2 days...honestly no be my fault i even tried reaching out to them for small time more but no one answered. That's how the 3rd instalment came these loan app cleared all my account o! They removed all the money in my account claiming they couldn't be patient anymore! I've called & called but they didn't answer me! Next thing their representatives dey insult me!

Guys, I want to know what to do o! Is this how all loan apps do? they will shame you and suck your account dry? Abeg people talk o! what can I do?

Which decent loan apps can one use in the future?

1. FairMoney
2. Carbon
3. RenMoney

Which off these three is recommended abeg?

A loan app can't take more than what you owe because it's always set that way. Even if you are owing them till next year and you have billions in your account, except you initiate the Total repayment deduction, the app will only take your current debt.


Travel / Re: Driver Of Trailer Who Crushed Students To Death In Lagos Has Been Arrested by Omik1: 8:40pm On Dec 07, 2021
I heard some saying "lastma" and "VIO" bla bla bla, but if d trailer driver is reasonable enough he should at least park it rather than causing sorrows from this incident. And I think govt in all states should put their dogs (VIO, lastma,frsc, Trace,karota etc) on a leash least this stories that touch will continue to get heard. Nuff said

But what happened to following the truck to their park?

Moreover, the VIO and Lastma do boast of having modern technological gadgets. Couldn't the technology be used to apprehend the truck and the driver?

Why drag the wheel with a driver?

Come to Aguda, ogba you will see Policemen do the same to okada rider.

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Politics / Re: Godwin Maduka Rejects Anambra Election Results, Calls For Fresh Election by Omik1: 9:23pm On Nov 12, 2021
With all the people following and standing behind obiora Okonkwo during campaign, I'm not sure he got up to 50 votes in total grin

He supposed sue all his followers

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Religion / Re: Christ Embassy In Edo Built A Police Station (Pictures by Omik1: 7:55pm On Nov 11, 2021
Na wetin the GO see to take church money do be that, he couldn't build school, hospital or market? It's police station that he saw.

You didn't read about tuition free school built in shimawa area along the Lagos Ibadan Express road the other day?

Wait for a soon to be commissioned mega hospital facility along ojota road sir/ma

Christ Embassy dey try abeg
Travel / Re: Please My Girlfriend Wants Me To Join Her In Canada by Omik1: 7:07pm On Sep 27, 2021
Congrats in advance
Family / Re: Advice Needed by Omik1: 6:24pm On Sep 10, 2021

If you have evidence your husband is cheating and cannot remain in the relationship, you leave. If you are not leaving, you are still married to him! At least, I believe the only grounds for divorce is adultery.

Can two wrongs make one right?

Your reconnecting with an ex is a payback, yeah?

What if everything was a mirage and the end brings you this dropped eyeballs that your husband wasn't cheating actually? Can you unscrew the screwed? Or you wanted a reason to cling to to return to the arms of this new 2face?

Why condole cheating if that's the case?

If you cannot accept it, you leave the union. That's the only ground morally acceptable to regroup with your new 2face.

I doubt you have feelings for 2face...it's this new attention he's giving you when you so need it that's translating to emotions, pills, and feelings.

Hanty, I will not mince words.

You are afraid of your tendency to meet your ex and ...history history...yeah?

What is the assurance your ex would make a good husband? If he would, you wouldn't have left him!

You are still a married woman whether or not you accept it!

How do you manage an ex who knows you are married but wants to screw you! Doesn't it ring the bell to you he only misses your body?

Wetin dey happen for this world sef.

Abi is it only my brain that has no downtime?

They should find ways to put how many times someone can like a comment. Maybe like 100 times´┐Ż. Because one like is not enough for this

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Romance / Re: Go And Marry Your Ex Instead Of Destroying Your Marriage With Them by Omik1: 12:24pm On Sep 09, 2021

fair money is giving me 5k for first time.i dont need such money bro..

Ok. Sorry. I just don't like personal belongings being sold.

All is well
Romance / Re: Go And Marry Your Ex Instead Of Destroying Your Marriage With Them by Omik1: 11:49am On Sep 09, 2021

no they give out loan for 14 days or so ..my salary is coming endof the month or first week in october.


Some will give three months repayment period... I don't know how much u want but try fairmonie if you want to loan. But pay back on your due dates so you won't pay extra....
Romance / Re: Go And Marry Your Ex Instead Of Destroying Your Marriage With Them by Omik1: 11:41am On Sep 09, 2021
Good evenning house,

I like to sell my TV so that I will be able to pay for my transportation to fro office for the month of September before I get my first salary here .

I just got a new job that will be fetching me #150,000 per month but my problem is transportion cost .

This is why I want to sell the TV .I will get another one by October or before Christmas

My location is Ojodu ,Agbole ,Akute or Lekki

Why not keep your TV and get loan on one of the online loan apps? since you will be selling your TV at a cost far lesser than the one u want to buy in December or November. The interest you will pay on the loan will be lesser than diff between your selling price and the possible cost of getting another one. Except you are thinking of Total changing your tv because of the rise in salary.


Sports / Re: Official: Kurt Zouma Joins West Ham United by Omik1: 10:19pm On Aug 28, 2021
Chelsea is not a club dying for them go use u and dump u i see westham finishing top4 this season

So a player that played 4 -5 seasons and made 151 appearance with 5 strong cups was used and dumped?

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Sports / Re: Jorginho wins 2020/21 UEFA Player of the Year award by Omik1: 10:06pm On Aug 26, 2021
The winner doesn't.

When the award hasn't lost it's credibility,someone like jorginho was just like Or not even up to the 2012 Mikel Obi.

Mikel Obi should have won it also

It's true anyways.. but you could see that there were more players in form during that year and most of the in- form players made it to the final end of the competitors..

Look at the year which lampard came second on baloon d'or
Sports / Re: Jorginho wins 2020/21 UEFA Player of the Year award by Omik1: 9:30pm On Aug 26, 2021
How low has the award fallen!!

You mean d finalists didn't deserve it?
TV/Movies / Re: Kas Beats: Christians Who Can Withstand Temptations Can Go On Bbnaija by Omik1: 9:56am On Aug 22, 2021
It would only amount to Tempting Temptation....

It'ss just like going to a club where clubers are naked while on fast.
Sports / Re: Chelsea Players Celebrate UEFA Super Cup Win In Dressing Room (Photos) by Omik1: 7:43am On Aug 12, 2021
This is the first time Chelsea would win the European Super Cup after four attempts.
Once Lukaku joins, Chelsea already have the EPL in the bag.

Second sir, and fifth attempt.
1998. Won
2021. Won


Politics / Re: EFCC Arrests Saraki Again Over Theft & Money Laundering Allegations by Omik1: 7:07pm On Jul 31, 2021

Nobody is above the law. He should be arrested, tried and sent to Jail.

Case closed.

So he should be jailed when tried, not minding if guilty or not!

Na wa ooo
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Bad Experience With Palm Credit (Transsnet Financial Nigeria Limited) by Omik1: 11:05pm On Jul 14, 2021
Any interest accrued on your repayment will be written off if and only you pay into their account before the due date or before the date your overdue interest is activated..

Sometimes, you may initiate payment on their app and they won't receive it but your bank would have already debited your account. In such case, you have to fill a refund at your bank and they will refund you ( but that won't stop the interest from accumulating) because the money didn't enter the company's account.

Also, when u made offline payment, make sure you send a proof of payment to their agents (although, if you send it to someone who is not in charge of your file at that time, he won't be able to help you treat it, except you will supply your details which may include your BVN to so he can help you fill it for reconciliation)

App repayment usually have issue if you initiate payment more than what you have I. Your account or when there is network issue from your bank or most atimes from paystark.

But nothing that comes up after disbursement of the loan from all this loan app that is not contained in the term of agreement which you "click agreed when you processed the loan without reading..

It's there that the company would go to any length legally to get back their money, including fees incurred on legal fee and or contracting the loan collection to a third party...

The above is based on Palmcredit all the sister apps including Easybuy (phone loan)

Bank also charge interest for defaulting Just that they may not charge as high as loan app

I hope this helps


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What's The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Done In Your Work Life? by Omik1: 2:38pm On Jun 14, 2021
A lady sat on my legs while a facilitator was showing us one graph on his system to explain a particular topic. Shortly after the lady got up, I noticed my cream colour trouser was stained with red.

I was looking for the injury spot until someone said "Rose, is like you're on"

Omo e no funny dat day

Not work place though


Politics / Re: Buhari: How Governors Caused The Country A Lot Of Pain by Omik1: 5:39pm On Jun 12, 2021
Will Buhari not query the governors if they were is personal working if he gives them a tasks to execute and the kept the funds thereby causing the company to loose some clients?

Can he run his private business the way he's running this govt?
Politics / Re: Buhari Supporters & Anti-buhari Supporters Clash In Abuja (video) by Omik1: 11:53am On Jun 12, 2021
Are these pro-Buhari protesters leaving in Luxembourg?

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Politics / Re: Media Abuse:see How Channel TV Is Fueling Tension And Violence Against Police. by Omik1: 11:47am On Jun 12, 2021
I watched the prog.. Femi Falana and Festus keyamo were guest...

The thing they said on the show was that, there was not even supposed to be tear gas as the protesters were not violent in their protest..

So the police were wrong using the tear gas or live bullet or plasticr bullet


Politics / Re: June12protest: Journalists Put On Bullet Proof Vests As They Cover Protesters by Omik1: 11:42am On Jun 12, 2021
Who wan die na?
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju: 'We Have Been Attacked By Police & SSS At June 12 Protest' by Omik1: 9:40am On Jun 12, 2021
Everywhere is calm in Ajah. People are even on the street dancing and praising Buhari and his wonderful achievement. Buhari is the greatest thing that ever happened to Nigeria. People have built more houses and bought more cars in this Buhari regime than any other time in our history

So Ajah is the only place in Nigeria!

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