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Family / Re: For The Married Peeps What Are The Things Nobody Told You About Marriage? by pafo(m): 9:55am On Jul 15
@seun, please create a bookmark option for threads na. About time you add some useful functions to this site.


Fashion / Re: Transgender, Rikkie Valerie Kollé, Crowned Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 by pafo(m): 10:07am On Jul 10
There must be really ugly and undesirable people in the Netherlands for this guy to win

You need to see the runner up, she's very beautiful.

Wokeness will be the end of the West.


Health / Re: My Girlfriends Have Left Me Because I Have Erectile Dysfunction by pafo(m): 8:11pm On Jun 24
Are you sure you are sexually attracted to the ladies Like they are your kinda spec. I do have the same issue when I want to pass my boundary but it's all good with my usual babes.

Be sure they fit what you want.
Politics / Re: President Tinubu Suspends Godwin Emefiele As CBN Governor by pafo(m): 10:01pm On Jun 09
Damnnn niggar

We are aware that this is gonna happen

Pursuing enemies

Tinubu administration is gonna be a disaster
This is how you know administration that is going to fail completely
Ya all can quote me and insult me but ain't scared

I repeat tinubu's administration is gonna be a disaster

Stick to bombing guy.
Celebrities / Re: D'Banj Celebrates His 43rd Birthday Today by pafo(m): 10:55am On Jun 09
We heard nothing of the Npower accusation again.
Health / Re: Look At All The Sugar You're Consuming by pafo(m): 10:47am On May 26
Gbam! You talked as a chemist.
though i used to be conscious of what i put into my stomach but i don't allow unneccessary fear to restrict me from enjoying this life.
afterall, DEATH Is unfathomable. Either you fear him or not, he will still kill you.

Unfathomable bi ti bawo
Politics / Re: Court Overrules Tinubu And APC, Consolidates Atiku And Obi’s Petitions by pafo(m): 8:07am On May 24
An Unconstitutional president must not be sworn in. There is no reason for that.

May 29 don reach finish. Go and block the gate whether DSS no go shoot you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is No Victory For The Poor Ukrainians - Hungary PM, Orban by pafo(m): 8:03am On May 24
Coming from another dictator, he's a friend of Putin, why should NATO send troops when Ukraine isn't a member of the military alliance? That will lead to world war III.

Putin should withdraw his soldiers from Ukraine, then there will be peace.

You invaded my country, killed my people, destroyed the infrastructure and expect me to negotiate with you

See a "PRESIDENT" that understands what is happening over there tell you the only way fir peace is for US to negotiate with Russia and for NATO to stop its expansion but yiur cloudy head still made you put it all in Putin and his troops withdrawing from Ukraine.

Go and withdraw them na.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Snake In The Room At Midnight! by pafo(m): 10:52am On May 23

I pray you heal from whatever damaged your mind.


but because I brought up prayers, YOUR IGNORANT MIND quickly attacked it.

BRO, MUD CLAY... BLOW HAIR INTO IT, if it comes alive, then I will believe there is no SPIRITUAL FORCE BEHIND HUMAN EXISTENCE.

But if no scientist can replicate the BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES with natural air, without nanites and artificial stuff.... THEN THAT IS ALL THE PROOF OF GOD YOU NEED.

If he has reasons for snakes to be around him, SURE HE SHOULD FUMIGATE AND CLEAR EVERY GRASS OR WEED IN HIS ENVIRON.

but if not, THEN it is not ordinary.

so pls be at peace, I know what I said to him.... if your mind had all the answers, then you would have found the cause of mysterious deaths. mtchew....

pls be prayeful o.... else E GO SHOCK YOU when E CHOKE

Bro, if you attended any higher institution and you still have this mindset, then I'm afraid that education is wasted on you. You can now rescind to a world of intellectual obscurantism cos rational thinking isn't for you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Khan: Russia adds ICC Prosecutor Who Wanted Putin Arrested to its "Wanted List' by pafo(m): 8:20pm On May 19
I dare him to travel to any European country now

Den dey arrest Thunder? You wan burn the world abi?
Food / Re: Why Are Nigerians Overreacting About Hilda Baci's Record? by pafo(m): 7:55pm On May 17
You're sounding bitter but whether you like it or not if it was an American breaking that record CNN would have made it a great deal. Allow people express themselves abeg no be the oyinbo the champion freedom of expression? So make dem collect am with full chest.

Just shut the fvk up!


Sports / Re: Israel Adesanya's Ex-Girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, Demands Half Of His Wealth by pafo(m): 9:07am On May 14
Isreal Adesamya is a bloody liar and a very childish boy.
I swear i really wan wooze that guy slap
He irritates me so mych with his childish behaviour angry

Woze adesanya slap? You don write your will down?
Religion / Re: Prophetess Lianna Wittman Marks Birthday With Orphanage And Hospital Visits by pafo(m): 7:36am On May 12
Ok..... most I have come across are beautiful, I mean them prophetess but I always wonder 🤔 how it'll be dating one with there ability to see what's up with you even when they're not with you

They dont see shiiii!
Politics / Re: Nothing Will Stop Tinubu's Inauguration On May 29 - LP (apapa-faction) by pafo(m): 10:19am On May 11
I like the Yoruba,they don’t hide their bias/tribalism

I wish every Nigerian should learn that from our Yoruba brothers and know that Nigeria is not one and can never be one

I had close friends who didn’t like tinubu before but were happy he won before he is their fellow omo luwabi
We should all learn from the Yorubas

More than a 5th of Obi votes was from the yorubas. Not even 1% of Tinubu votes came from Igbos. Who's the tribalist now?

Give your head a wobble mate.


Politics / Re: Profile of the 5-man panel at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal by pafo(m): 12:19pm On May 08
Good one fergie001.
There is need to profile them and [/b]put all lights on not only them but also their families.[b]

The judiciary must recognize the fact that it is no longer business as usual.
We are not going to allow the usual hanky pankies.
The evidences and facts on the cases are too loud and clear to be ignored. And only the truth will stand. We pray God give you all the boldness to speak and do the right thing do as not to set the country ablaze.

All eyes on the judiciary.

These are the issues on ground.

1. Bola tinubu's drug case and $460,000 USD forfeiture.
2. 25% in FCT.
3. Forged certificate.
4. INEC breaking her laws .
5. Shettima's double nomination.
6. Election rigging.

So in other words, you want to bully and harass them as usual if proceedings don't go the way you want? Typical!


Autos / Re: CLOSED by pafo(m): 12:17pm On May 03
Nobody will buy an 09 RR sport for 9m bro. That's the price of 010 - 012 model.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Already Serving Igbo ‘bread Soaked In Water’ — Nwodo by pafo(m): 12:36am On Apr 25

Tinubu cannot hide his hatred for Igbos.

Remi Tinubu calls Igbo Okoros.

Yourubas call igbos okoro and they call us Ofenmanu. That's not hatred, it's banter that has existed long before you were born.

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Politics / Re: Twitter Removes Buhari, Tinubu, Obi, Others’ Verification Badges (pix by pafo(m): 1:28pm On Apr 21
They removed POTUS Biden own so who are these they can't remove.

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Politics / Re: Jeffrey Guterman Writes FBI To Release Tinubu’s File by pafo(m): 10:41am On Apr 21

So u don't even know that nigeria can be turned into the headquarters of drug trafficking in the world if tinibu is sworn in which can also affect the US because nigerians are constantly traveling there?

Give your head a wobble mate. It's thinking is seriously flawed.
Health / Re: Erectile Dysfunction Driving Me To Sucide by pafo(m): 2:15pm On Apr 19
Op! Calm the fxxk down. While my friends were having sex from 16 to 21, I didn't have my first penetrating sex until I was 22. The reason? The D goes limp when it's game time. I used to think I had problems too but I promise you I didn't use shiii for it to go away.

What did I do differently? I noticed I had a very specific kind of girl I like; slim, 5"5 -5"7, flat tummy, firm boobs..... and the girls I tried to be with were anything but that.

A month before my 22nd and one with those specs mistakenly fell for me and We were gon do the do, na so I burst enter like mad man o(best experience of my life despite it being 12 years ago).

This went on for another 7 years with the spec thing but now I've moved on to big yansh kinda.

My advice is try to be sure the girls you've been with are the type that gets your blood going and try to relax and let the rush of blood come on its own. Don't think too much about what's going on down there during pre-intimacy.

As a side bonus, try weightlifting too and some cardio work. It has increased my sex drive greatly since I started it.

Hope you are fine bro. No respect for a man that can't get it up to tear some shii.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Montana Passes Bill Blocking Tiktok Downloads by pafo(m): 8:57am On Apr 15
When the world starts blocking US products, na then they go know say no be only them dey block.

They blocking Chinese products because they perform better then theirs.

You don't understand! The Problem is more than you can see and they know it better than you do.
Autos / Re: My First Car - Make A Recommendation by pafo(m): 7:47am On Apr 15
First car? 50m? Hmmm! The maths is not mathing here. You've not had enough money for any car before or you've needed one before now?

Back to topic; there is no low-key 2020-2022 car in that 50m range. Your options are rr velar and sports, rx350 f-sport, benz glc.
Politics / Re: Sowore: 7 Days Later, Peter Obi Yet To Sue Gazette For "Yes Daddy" Audio by pafo(m): 4:39pm On Apr 13
Stop these juvenile fulminations, the British government has apologized to Obi.

Sowore go tire

Fake news merchants!
Literature / Re: Chimamanda Adichie's 18 Honorary Doctorate Degrees by pafo(m): 7:02am On Apr 11
Take it or leave it. When it comes to literature, Chimamanda no be wole soyinka mate at all.

Do you know what a Nobel laureate is? Do you know what it means to have an award associated with someone like William Faulkner? If you even know who that us lol.

You want to compare a laureate to who again

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Sports / Re: How Much Referees Get Paid Per Game by pafo(m): 10:00pm On Apr 09
You guys above saying its too small.u guys are funny.have u converted it to naira?do u know how many games they officiate in three months?do u know abt allowances?

Do they buy their things or pay their rents in naira? Don't let naija poverty enter you head too much bro. Naira no be money.
Sports / Re: Guardiola Allegedly Had An Affair With Pique’s Girlfriend by pafo(m): 9:49am On Apr 08
Playing tikitaka with their girls now these Barca lads.
Politics / Re: Dr Dele Afelumo's Response To Chimamanda Adichie by pafo(m): 10:57pm On Apr 07
Wtf is he?

His Bulaba letter no go pass Nigerian border

Wtf is she too? What has she done to be known worldwide?

You talk as if she's Wole Soyinka.


Politics / Re: Court Remands Fredrick Nwajagu, Lagos Eze Igbo Over Inciting Comment by pafo(m): 10:00am On Apr 06

My question is why has the Police not arrested M C Oluomo or whatever they call that criminal, I don’t even know

See, all these unwarranted harassment has an expiry date

You've been asking this question for weeks now. Why don't you just pick a speaker and go to the nearest market at this point? Seems you'll get better audience there.

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Politics / Re: Which Kind New NL Font Be This? by pafo(m): 11:58am On Apr 01
Seun Wetin be this?
Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie Speaks On Death Of His Grandson; People Like Him Don't Last by pafo(m): 3:50pm On Mar 31

'Fast life'

The excuse poor people make when they couldn't make money at a younger age

Is it really that hard to understand there is a process to success? That you do not rush some things in life else you end up unhappy?

Leonardo Da Vinci said "a man who wishes to be rich in a day will be hanged in a year". The quote is now quite redundant as you can make riches in a day but you need people around you to keep you in check. Parents, siblings etc else you'll end up unhappy or dead in a while.

Money makes life abundantly easier but if anyone told you it will make you happy, they are a bunch of jokers.

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Celebrities / Re: Pete Edochie Speaks On Death Of His Grandson; People Like Him Don't Last by pafo(m): 3:21pm On Mar 31

Patience is the Key to true success
But knowledge is the door to the success

The reason why those old people say what they say is because back then it was difficult to get access to the knowledge that will take them to the next level

But today you can easily access the knowledge you need to take you to the next level without waiting till you reach 50 years

With knowledge, a kid of 18 years can make millions from the comfort of his home because he has access to the knowledge that can take him to the next level

So my brother you see that there is nothing like fast life if you know what you are doing

Making the millions is not the problem, how do you handle the pressure that comes with that money is the real deal. Are You emotionally matured enough to control yourself and identify people who would take advantage of you?

Most times the answer is no. Yorubas will say "ise kin pa eyan, ayo ni man pa yan. Roughly Translates to "poverty doesn't kill a man, too much joy does".

Fast life, fast cars, fast grave!!!


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