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Education / Re: 10 Powerful Quotes That Will Change the Way You Live and Think by phillips1959: 6:11pm On Mar 09, 2018
A wonderfull piece.
This is what nairaland should be like,not some useless birthday posts for yeye fake celebrities.
Well done op.
Crime / Re: Man Repeatedly Break Into Army Base, Steals Over $7,000 Worth Of Soldiers’ Goods by phillips1959: 6:41am On Mar 05, 2018
Nigeria ke! My phone has been stolen frm my car in yaba barracks.The thief was caught but soldiers adviced me to forgive & take my phone and forget d matter.They turned it to sabi sabi case & i cooly left d place thanking God for not loosing my phone.A month later i saw d same boy(soja pikin) caught in same act.A repeat of my scenario played out.Inside barracks army has no action it is among civilians in d city they form super human.Nigeria ke! Nothing wan happen.
Car Talk / Re: Top 5 Signs Of A Bad Fuel Injector by phillips1959: 7:04am On Feb 10, 2018
Export 1 pls respond
I drive a nissan extera.D slow running is high & low. Acceleration slows down as soon as i remove my leg from d pedal but to continue it takes effort b4 d vehicle gathers speed again.Even on climbing up hill d speed & acceleration becomes noticeably difficult.What is wrong & how do i fix it.I need proffessional help.07060844883
Religion / Re: Stephanie Otobo "Apostle Suleman Told Me To Make False Confession Against FG" by phillips1959: 1:14pm On Jan 30, 2018
DIs idle frustrated woman should disappear abeg.Lets assume all her accusations against d aposle were true so what?.Was she rafped?Did she not benefir financially from d man?Is she not a call girl?Whats all d noise for?Am sure her life is getting worse since her outburst on social media.Just continue.Whom d gods want to destroy they first make mad.
Politics / Re: Buhari: A President Too Good For Us- Ebenezer Olorunfemi by phillips1959: 5:58am On Jan 30, 2018
Ebenezer, dis work is great artistry,& coming from a yoruba man just made my day.Keep writing.U ar blessed.
Politics / Re: ‘Herdsmen Debacle Mischievously Invented By CAN' – JNI by phillips1959: 11:12am On Jan 22, 2018
I am a Christian,but i need to ask this:In this whole scenario, where is Adeboye"s comments or even contribution to the situation on ground?.Is he not a Nigerian or has he not heard of all the lives being lost to fulani herdsman?
I wonder if his own Daddy idea of G.O. is just to fly on airplanes and be saying "let somebody shout Haleluya" up and down.
He claims to be serving God yet he cannot caution mere mortals{including his pastor} who are leaders in a country where blood is flowing like a river.
Its so shamefull the way things happen in nigeria.Religous leaders fear men yet they pronounce useless and fake prophecies all the time.
They hear nothing from God concerning critical situtions like herdsmen attacks.
G.O. my foot.
Family / Re: A Married Mother Of 4 Had Sex With My Abroad Friend, Who's Her Ex Boyfriend by phillips1959: 6:36am On Jan 15, 2018
As soon as ur abroad friend starts experiencing strange happenings abroad please try to post it here so other folks will learn to avoid married women.D fact is that culprits dont ever relate sudden emergence of problems to that married woman he slept with reently.Sorry bro but ur friend will soon begin to have misfortunes.


Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Ended by phillips1959: 4:17am On Jan 06, 2018
Why i said u should forget the marriage is this.Even b4 u started seing d stripper she had already decided to leave.In nigeria someone may have offerred her d $10,000.When she starts her business here and succeeds she will never remember u.But if she runs into a misfortune,she will try to reunite with you not becsuse of love but due to circumstance.Her silence now is to avoid distraction from you so Do Not Be Distracted by her actions.Love has no role to play here anymore trust me.People dont fight for love.Love wins battles.In your case love was never in the union in the first place.She is a smooth operator.Move On if u love yourself.

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Family / Re: My Marriage Has Finally Ended by phillips1959: 3:59am On Jan 06, 2018
Forget this marriage.This woman was never ur wife.Her heart was with d awwah guy.She just used u to upgrade herself. Investigate her now u will see that she will be with the other guy.She will attempt to return to you sooneror later but i advice u to move on.She is not a wife.Dont even bother about the kids.They are her kids now.If she contacts u about d kids,then arrange to contribute to the upkeep of ur kids.Be yourself.Hold your side well.Stop seing d club girl.Stop drinking.Pursue wealth vigorosly.You already have kids so try to leave women for now.U will see d pleasant result in d long run.


Romance / Re: I Don’t Love Her by phillips1959: 11:47pm On Dec 27, 2017
Have u considered d fact that not all girls married for love turn out good in d long run.God may have brought her to you and if you drop her you may sacrifice your joy in marriage forever.Love grows and if you want to live right in 2018 start by being kind,responsible and loving.If her parents were to be a dangote or Fahola or Tinibu will u say u dont love her? Be wise and accept what God has given unless she has a nasty charecter.

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Business / Re: Investment Inquiry by phillips1959: 10:12pm On Nov 29, 2017
Thanks.I ned to know what BCM and LCG stand for and how they operate.
Business / Investment Inquiry by phillips1959: 4:53pm On Nov 29, 2017
Dear Fellow nairalanders,
Help me.
What business can someone start with N700k and still make reasonable returns in 6 months.
I need sincere advise urgently.
Religion / Sabbath Day Confusion by phillips1959: 7:57am On Oct 02, 2017
Please I need to be further informed about this topic.Which day is actually the Sabbath day as described in the bible?Satuday or Sunday?
If satuday,why do Christians observe sunday as Sabbath day?
Pls move tp FP
Crime / Re: Woman Stealing A Bag At RCCG Church In Lagos Caught (Photos, Video) by phillips1959: 4:35pm On Sep 20, 2017
Seriously, I know this woman.She has been caught about 4 years ago at MFM headquarters Onike where she stole money from another woman's bag while carrying a baby on her back.She was paraded all round the church that day and disgraced properly.
Religion / Re: Demands For Money And Other Things By Worshippers In My Local Church by phillips1959: 9:04am On Sep 15, 2017
My dear Pastor,
I read your piece carefully and I want to advise you.Teach your members how to be self reliant.Ask me how? By setting up a church co-operative society.The cooperative society will periodically offer small loans to all members who register with it.Those who receive loans will in turn empower others in need within a specified time frame.The method of operations for the cooperative will be slightly different from that of the outside society.But it will be available to only those who contribute weekly to it.Ammount contributed into the society is basedon individual capability and it also determines how much you can ask for as loan.Guarantors for anyone asking for a loan shall come from among members of the cooperative and each member"s occupation must be ascertained even before anyone is registered,I can give you all the operational modalities if you are seriously in need of it.It is free.I have been in the situation before and when I stated the cooperative, it not only helped the poor church members,but attracted even nonmembers from outside,who joined the chuch and our membership grew beyond my own imagination.Moreover,you will use this approach to differentiate those who are actually in need from those who want to rip you off just because you are a pastor.I am obliged to pass on this strategy to you because I know God will not fail to bless me when you eventually stabiilze that church.The devil who wants to use fake members to discourage you must be defeated.IJN.Amen. Abel.07060844883

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Politics / Re: I Am Igbo And I Support Operation Python Dance 100% by phillips1959: 7:52am On Sep 14, 2017
Operation Python Dance is the legitimate thanksgiving service of a 78yrs old president who recently recovered from a life threatening sickness. One would have expected the president to approach this IPOb uprising with a fatherly disposition by reshuffling his cabinet and getting the south east more involved in his govt.I am sure that many IBos voted for him in the last election.When OBJ was president and singing his infamous I DEY KAMPE he never envisaged that GEJ could sideline him when he becomes president.
I laugh at Buhari and all northerners who support injustice. The ultimate power belongs to God and he will SURELY give this nation attention when he decides and then bushmeat will catch the hunter.No one,not even the national assembly seems to care that the south east has been excluded from Nigeria by Buhari.You cannot hate me and expect me to hate myself.Leave us to go NO.Include us in your so called Nigeria.No.So what do you expect?Ibos are not known to be docile.
I am proudly IBo and even after I am dead the struggle will continue.Surely one day change will happen.Ride on Operation Python Dance.
Remember Israel was oppressed for so many years by Egypt.Today there is still Egypt and there is still Israel.If you compare the two countries,you tell me which one is of better standing today.So it shall be with Biafra and Nigeria,no matter how long it takes.
Wisdom they say comes more with age but this nigeria president seems to have used wickedness to cover any possible wisdom that could come with age to him.
Nice work Mr President.Nice work Buratai.Nice work National assembly.We shall see who will dance the royal dance at the end.
Politics / Re: RRS Officers Assist Stranded Lady At Lagos Bus-stop (Photo) by phillips1959: 2:24pm On Sep 13, 2017
Nice work officers.
But if the person were to be a man,stranded at that point would they have helped him?
The answer is a capital NO.
All the same well done.
Celebrities / Re: “I Get Paid To Have Sex,” Funmi Iyanda Tells Man Hunting For A Sugar Mummy by phillips1959: 8:26am On Sep 11, 2017
Only a fool would even want to pay money to see your bony naked body.Pls pack one side with ur over bleached skin and over drilled smelly pussy.Real men wont even accept free sex from u thats why u worship work. Good women marry and raise family together surmounting all challenges along d line.Pussy.

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Sports / Re: Ola Aina Cleared By FIFA To Represent Nigeria by phillips1959: 11:46am On Sep 03, 2017
Gud news.Echiejine need to be on d bench as back up while a younger player takes 1st team shirt.Dats d only gap in our defence.Gud luck Super Eagles in yaounde.Pls which channel will show yaounde return leg.?


Politics / Re: Archbishop Of Canterbury Visits Buhari In London by phillips1959: 1:36am On Aug 05, 2017
Femi, how did you get this picture? Were you there?
What do we need pictures for?
Why cant he address his people?
If Buhari had been an Ibo man I am sure femi would have manufactured all types of grammar and editorials to educate us on why such ibo president should either address us,return or resign.
How can this country survive with multiple faced people occupying sensitive national posts.
I still remember the picture Femi painted of buhari during electioneering campaigns.
Now he is like ogi,akamu.Any direction you turn it it will follow.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Makes New Appointments (Full List) by phillips1959: 3:21am On Aug 02, 2017
Who is Osinbanjo self?
Politics / Re: Arthur Nzeribe Pictured At Gerald Irona's 51st Birthday Years After Death Rumors by phillips1959: 3:15am On Aug 02, 2017
Arthur,the first man who introduced open display of money in elections in Imo state.During the campaign of late Gov Sam Mbakwe,he arrived owerri township stadium with a helicopter and was throwing money to the crowd from up there,and the whole stadium went into a frenzy scrabbling for the money.NPP party went ahead to win election in Imo while the larger Nigeria voted landslide for NPN.The governor then Sam Mbakwe became known as the weeping governor because he always cried to Pres Shehu Shagari getting any allocation for Imo.He still remains the first and best governor imo has seen till date. THE Arthur I SEE IS PROBABLY MAKING HIS LAST PUBLIC APPEARANCE.

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Family / Re: She Told Me A Very Dark Secret, Should I Still Marry Her? by phillips1959: 11:11am On Jul 22, 2017
My dear,She is not worth all the trouble that comes with marriage. Marriage comes with a lot of emotional bru-ha ha. Whether you believe it or not,you will find out un due course. This girl is already controlling you even before marriage. You will weep.
Why deny you sex while giving freely to others. She wasn't raped abii?
Even if she is testing your reaction because of what you told her, still drop her. It is her perfect manipulation strategy that has made her unforgettable to you.
Beeping here and there while manipulating you for marriage by pretending to be what she is not .
Marriage is serious business. For it to work a man must marry someone who is submissive, at least at the early stages.That way your project called marriage will blossom over the years.Not marrying someone who is already ahead of the man in calculations.


Career / Re: Help!!! My Colleague Is Stealing Our Company's Money And Changing Records by phillips1959: 7:36am On Jul 18, 2017
By the time your boss finds out you will be held responsible. Passionately appeal to the MD to protect you while you disclose it to her.Who knows God is about to make you the manager.Report it but be discreet about it.Use the man who introduced you to the MD.
Family / Re: My Marriage - A Sinking Ship. by phillips1959: 8:13pm On Jul 17, 2017
Its not normal for you married couple to be in this mess at this stage of your marriage. This is the best time to enjoy your marriage when the love that bind you together is still fresh. How will it be like in 7 years time when there are other children and more bills to pay. A good wife respects her husbandat at the early stages,money or no money. Naturally women pretend when they are courting but after wedding their true nature manifest .Money and stable income does not guarantee happy marriage.Its only MUTUAL RESPECT that does. Respect for yourself and for each other.If your wife goes to the extent of shouting you down in an argument,just after 2 years of marriage, it is outrageous.
In every marriage there are problems but a marriage is a project with sex as bonus and children compensation. If your wife does not consider your marriage as a project 2 of you entered into,then she is in need of drastic approach to whip her in line NOW not later.
First step,find a clever and peaceful reason to stay away from her for a while. Find work outside your base and send money to her as often as you can. Let her operate without your presence for a year. If she is still committed to the marriage, she is yours. But if any unpleasant incident happens along the line, move on, she never was yours. A talkative and nagging wife can drive you to an early grave trust me. Dont divorce her yet but let her decide the fate of the marriage with her actions when you are away..Whenever you return to her briefly observe her actions for any changes before you take off again.Am talking from about 30years experience of successful marriage with numerous incidents of crisis along the line.It is ONLY unexpected pleasant surprises that keep women in check.They are all the same..

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Politics / Re: "Buhari Will Shock Nigerians"- Tam David-West, Ex Minister Of Petroleum & Energy by phillips1959: 9:03am On Jul 17, 2017
Mr David West,sorry prof,

I will not bother to read this long episode of a thread written as your comments .Its disgusting to remember you. I can recall all your write ups about PMB in 2014/2015efore elections,but you remained silent while Nigerians roasted under the evil and one sided leadership of your pal Buhari. You are adamantly glued to your loyalty to him. Are you the only one he made a minister then? Imagine his kinsman Kanti Bello coming out to be truthful to say the man has failed you are still talking to us about the future. Why not hide your head in shame. Even Femi Adeshina is now seldom heard,yet you make a fool of yourself talking. They say people get wiser,braver and more honest as they grow older but in Nigeria,old men lie openly in the presence of their children without bathing an eyelid. What a people.
Politics / Re: Kanti Bello Says President Buhari Has Failed, Regrets Inviting Him To Politics by phillips1959: 8:47am On Jul 17, 2017
My Dear Senator Kanti Bello,
Thank you for being generous with the truth. You are just one terrific outspoken elder statesman. Your interview is an indication that we can still get reasonable politicians from the north who do not lie when the truth is openly known. How I wish Lai Mohammed can read your comments and tell his own family and children this same truth. God bless you sir. For the sake of these comment of yours, I pledge to add myself and family in your list as a party member wherever I see you in 2019.We need fearless elders in order to move this nation forward.

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Religion / Re: 12 Facts You Never Knew About The Nigerian Church by phillips1959: 9:02pm On Jul 09, 2017
You claim to be a member of LDS but I am sure you have not observed closely the hidden questions without answers.
Look well, check the church buildings tops ,ask about baptism for the dead by the living and check the answers you get.
Religion / Re: 12 Facts You Never Knew About The Nigerian Church by phillips1959: 12:57pm On Jul 09, 2017
The Mormon Church is an interesting one but in it there are more questions than answers.They have a temple which only approved church members can enter.If you do not get the temple permit you cannot enter there.You as an individual cannot go to their temple to commune with God.They have one temple in Aba.The temple is not everywhere.They also engage in the Baptism for the dead. Even if you die as a bishop in another church today,your baptism must be done in the temple by anyone else living on your behalf.On every Church building, instead of the cross of Jesus,they mount a structure which looks like a coffin.They can never explain its meaning to anyone.On top of this coffin is an image of a man with a sword.You have to study the structure closely to observe this.One is at Opebi..There is no cross on their structures and they have additional scriptures like Perl of graet Price AND bOOK oF Mormon.
Any one that has a better understanding of these practices of the church should let me know because I still admire the church.
Business To Business / Re: Freight Forwarding/business Services by phillips1959: 11:21am On Jul 06, 2017
good day all

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