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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 5:38pm On Apr 21
Watching the synergy of Michael Olise and Eberechi Eze week in, week out for Crystal Palace against teams is something. Two #10s in a 3-4-2-1 behind the top 9 is sexy.

Same system beat Liverpool.

So on this system there are 4 central midfielders if I may ask
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 2:10pm On Apr 21
Get it now
Romance / Re: Why Do Girls Bring Strange Pregnancies To Their Husbands? by Philosopher1979: 3:03am On Apr 21
Instead of discharging old boyfriends and old ways, these types of girls will just hang these pregnancies on their husbands.

Are they afraid that their husbands may not be able to impregnate or what? You see some women givin their husbands pregnancies from not only one boyfriend but upto two or more.

Anyway, nairaland women, pls help us out on why some modern day girls behave this way- or is it now a bad thing to marry modern day ladies?

Mist modern ladies are simy psychologically dogs. They ate too srxually promiscuous and her sex addicts.
The problem is most men overrated and worship ladies because of their beauty and sexuality.
Most ladies are sex slaves to their former boyfriends.
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 2:36am On Apr 21
Stanley Nwabali with another cleansheet and top class performance for Chippa Utd away at Supersports Utd in the SA PSL.

His side won 2-0 and Nwabali dropped this.

Players like Olisah ndah and ibrahim olawoyin might be better than some of these top 5 league players but people will not agree.
The scouting system is not always perfect.


Romance / Re: My Man’s Friends Want Us To Break Up Because I Sent Nudes To Another Man by Philosopher1979: 4:58pm On Apr 20
[quote author=IyaTola post=129538776][/quote]

You have a sub conscious desire to exploit your sexuality and thr man you sent your nude exploited this. As a human being you are emotional and sexual and in your emotional and sexual state, you sent your nudes.
You need to control yourself next time. No man will tolerate sending your nudes to another man. Any man that asks for your nudes is wicked and is psychologically manipulating you. You women can be childish.
Your boyfriend will find it hard to take you seriously. Stuff like that makes u seem like a LovePeddler or porn star which may not be so.
I can never encourage a lady to send her nudes to me. If a lady send me her nudes I will delete it and try and correct her.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Philosopher1979: 8:52pm On Apr 18
Men do not benefit from marriage!!!

1. He is 72 years old.

2. He has retired from active service.

3. He worked all his life to raise his children.

4. He deprived himself of life's pleasures to pay for expensive school fees and living expenses for his children abroad.

5. They are now well-off in Europe, Australia, and America.

6. His wife, aged 62, has relocated to live with their children.

7. He remains alone back in Nigeria.

8. His children barely call him.

9. He has to start life all over again as a bachelor.

10. He struggles with high blood pressure and other ailments associated with old age.

11. How much longer will he survive alone?

12. This is the reality for most working-class monogamous men: their old age is often lonely and, in many cases, sad.

13. No matter how good the man is, women tend to love their children more than their husbands. The older he gets, the less use they seem to have for him.

14. So, what do men truly benefit from marriage?

15. They sacrifice so much but receive little recognition for their hard work, while the woman seems to reap all the benefits.

It’s a man’s world they said but for the women and children in reality.

Dear men, this could be your situation in the next few decades. What are you doing about it? What is your retirement plan? Care for your self as much as you fend for your family. Love yourself. God bless you.

Aklahyel Goni

My grand father married a new wife when he grew old for thos reason. My father said he could not be cooking eba at 73.
This is why polygamy should be tolerated. But modern educated man will not listen.
Also the extended family system can help. I mean a young relative can live with him.
We Africans should not throw away the baby with the bath water in the name of modernism.
We only need to modernise what we have.
The blue pilled ideology the western world is selling will produce lonely men and suicidal teenagers.
Single mother phenomenon will produce lonely women in their 40s in need of husband. U can't be 43 as a woman without a man and be forming feminism. Women will soon start marrying men even if the man is poor. Loneliness is a psychological condition money cannot solve.
We just need to modernise our African values. It is well


Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 7:03pm On Apr 18
Breaking ….3 coaches have been recommended to nff by d technical committee…pray for me peeps to cross the last hurdle 😎

Who are the coaches
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Philosopher1979: 12:11pm On Apr 18

See the kind crap u de post
No matter how different you act if you no get money she no go still give a Bleep abt u
I know ur type na
U just want to sell books, any book that teaches how to attract girls without including using money is useless

The problem is that everybody already knows about the use of money. Information is about what is unknown. Telling u tinubu is nigerias president is stale news but if I tell u a cure for cancer that's innovation.
Most guys cannot think beyond money in attracting girls and we all need extra information. Money is not new information. Using only money might even bankrupt you and give u few options.
We all need to be rich and successful as men but we need to understand game with women.
M8ney without game turns you into an ATM machine for ladies to cash out.
You need to combine money with game.
I mean you only spend well on a girl that truly loves and is interested in you. Without game you can see a girl on Facebook and send her 50000 naira and start begging her to come. She will just task you and get out.
Money works if you use your achievements. For example which girl will not want to hang out with Victor osimhen. He does not necessarily have to use money. Just his reputation and clout will get girls.
But game is also important.

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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 11:06pm On Apr 17
UCL 23-24 tragedy for EPL.

Arsenal OUT! Man City OUT!

No English side makes the Semifinals for this season.

Best league in the world in the mud.

Saw commentary.
Haaland is missing too many chances. His finishing departed hi. When it mattered the most.
Romance / Re: Real Reason Women Cheat In Marriage – Blessing CEO by Philosopher1979: 11:14pm On Apr 16
Some women priotize good sex over money but I'm sure you are not ready for this discussion. If you think marrying a woman with your money is the trick and not finding out if she's sexually satisfied with you then you are on a long thing. Attraction of all kind should come hand in hand with your money so as to avoid stories that touches the soul

We say exactly what you are saying on redpill thread and you accuse us of been misogynist. We say making a woman sexually attracted to you is important.
Thank God its coming from the horses mouth. Now you know that redpill is actually a life saver for men and even women
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 12:15am On Apr 16

Sorry, but I can't understand how you deciphered that it is just a shift in paradigm and not superior.

Let me give my take.

It’s taken up a different pace, rhythm: more accelerated, more physical (fitness).

This is the context and encapsulates what the discussion is about.

The figure of the No 10 has almost disappeared. We see less magic, less fantasy.

This is what many used to classify the players of the past as better. They had magic and delivered fantasies. We see less of this. Why? The context. The modern players have More accelerated and are more physical.

Footballers do more but faster.

What footballers do more is shown in the stats. Passes, pass completion, tackles, interception, aerial duels, distance covered, chances created, even goals, assists etc. Why? The context Modern players accelerate more and are more physical.

There’s no need to dribble because you run.

You take on players now with speed, not dribbles. Due to the speed and physical nature of modern players.

Players are more developed in every sense.

How this does not equate to superior is a mystery to me. The modern players are more developed than the players of the past. Meaning every quality player, offense and defense can move fast for a long time.

You lose that player who’s different, who ‘breathes’; the playmaker who was slower even if he had sublime technique doesn’t get the opportunity to turn.

Due to the context, with players being faster and physical, we lose players who could stand out. The magicians and fantasy makers. How? They were actually slower. They killed tempo. Today, even if such player has such techniques, he would not have the opportunity to turn. Players are now faster and more physical. Those magic won't pull off like in the past.

Those of us who are not so fast with our legs have to be faster in our heads. It’s like anything in life: adaptation. Things keep moving. Football changes constantly, expressed differently.

Now for the slow ones who are not fast but skillful and intelligen, you need to play with your head. If not, you get swept off by pace and intensity. You need to pass faster, work off the ball intelligently to get into spaces to receive the ball. The creativity now lies in the head.

So, the end point is more acceleration and physical nature of modern players engulfed the magic people loved. This is due to players becoming better unlike the superstars of the past who played against weaker players.


Man city uses no 10. De bruyne is there. The no 10 is needed more than before. Creativity becomes more important the more athletic and defensive football becomes.
What u are saying has limitations.
These your ideas ate overrated.
A 20 year old kanu will dazzle in the modern game.
When everyone is running their will be spaces they cannot see that a magician will exploit.
Intelligent use of unseen space is important in football. Dribbling and creativity does thus.
I'm sorry this is the golden era of the no 10 and creative players.

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Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 9:44am On Apr 15
Good for you
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Philosopher1979: 7:45pm On Apr 13
The conversation I had with a Nairalander a few minutes ago.

PS: There are a couple of nuances I didn't dwell on (got tired of typing). Any addition or rebuttal will be welcomed.


Modern Western society which we try to copy had sexuality liberated women.
This the modern woman is gradually a hyper sexualized slut. An abortionist, potential adulterer and a paternity fraud in waiting.
Wr have abandoned our traditional values in the name of civilization and this is the result.
Our forefathers had a point regulating female sexuality but we think we are wiser because we have gone to school.
We copy the white man too much. It is what it is.
If most young ladies are psycho analysed it will be seen that they are whores and sexually wild.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Philosopher1979: 7:21pm On Apr 13
am gonna strongly agree with you on your second paragraph

There is something called Business relationship...not all relationship is sexual.

Besides that, SOME semi-illiterate ladies make the best girlfriends/partner. They can be taught. You cant fill a bottle that has been filled already...unless you pour our its content as girls aint gonna be ready to unlearn for the sake of marriage. Refer back to Ubunjas Men sacrifice is different from women sacrifice in marriage

Not too educated and not too illiterate. The perfect girl. Thats why you see city boys coming to the village to find a wife. Its not always gonna be a happy ending but it is what it is. Compared to some city babes

most village girls were raised in a way to think that the society is always watching kinda. like "what would my mummy and daddy think. What of my people in the village if they find out"

Village girls were raised by the whole society while city girls were raised by families which are mostly busy chasing a 9-5

most city girls have sex on live TV and say its part of female empowerment. dpesnt make sense logically but thats what emotions is all about: it cant coexist with direct logic...but indirect logic on the other hand dot dot dot[left][/left]

Civilization will put an end to marriage institution and simply turn women into sluts.
Our foere fathers regulated female sexuality by circumcision and ensuring virginity before marriage but these social mechanisms have been destroyed.
We have sexually liberated women in the name of Western ideology. Civilization and empowerment.
You cannot know if any girl is a slut since Virgins are rare nowadays.
As a result adultery is and will be rampant and marriage will collapse.
Because we have gone to school we think we are wiser than our forefathers but marriage is needed for social stability.
I do not believe in female corcummsission but our forefathers had a point regulating female sexuality.
The modern woman is a LovePeddler and a cum bucket and I don't totally blame her.
Now paternity fraud is an issue


Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 2:54am On Apr 11

Taka shares similar principles with Tiki Taka but it does less buildup and more offensive approach.

By the way, Osimhen worked with Amunike who played an adaptation of Tiki Taka. He thrived.

Anybody that watched afcon will see that osimhen is actually more technical than people claim. He will even make a good wing forward. Hid all round play is very good.

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Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 3:56pm On Apr 10
Get it now
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 10:32am On Apr 10
Good for you
Romance / Re: Bianca wore this during date Night with kanye by Philosopher1979: 10:08pm On Apr 09
It is better she just goes about totally naked. What is wearing is not different from been but naked


Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 9:26am On Apr 09
Get it now
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Philosopher1979: 4:38am On Apr 09
who else saw Reno Omokri's post on DNA test.. mehn, this will be the first time I will get disappointed by that man's post... totally out of line.. he was saying that even if you discover you're not the father, you should take care of the child and that being a father is biological while being a dad is psychological (I don't remember if that's how he puts it)... he was now using Moses as an example that was raised by Pharaoh, and I was like how was it the same scenario of paternity fraud... this man here was totally out of line and talking nonsense, no wonder he turned of his comment section for that particular post...

Pharaoh adopted Moses, he did not assumed Moses was his child or by his wife giving birth to Moses... and who later led to the end of Pharaoh? still Moses... if you're adopting a child and raising that child, it's different from believing from the onset that you're the father of that child and finding out later that it's all lies... what if you even found out that none of the kids you fathered are yours...? now that's total heartbreak...

Even Reno that is talking, if he later finds out that none of his kids is truly his (assuming), I'm not sure he would come out to write that nonsense... if you've never been shot, you would never understand how gun wounds feel... I would be glad to adopt a child and raise that child, than raise a child as the sole owner only for the true sower of that seed to show up later in the future... I don't even want to imagine the heartbreak and the effect of that psychologically... In summary, Reno didn't make sense...

It's because women are very good at defending themselves with their female solidarity.
Their beauty and so called weakness makes everyone listen to them.
Some men too join in the nonsense. Women are human beings who go to the toilet like anybody else so they need to be held responsible for their actions.
In fact I think women are more dangerous than men if care is not taken.


Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 8:21pm On Apr 08
It's good for you
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 8:37am On Apr 08
They are good for you
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 8:24pm On Apr 07
Get it now
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 12:23pm On Apr 07
Perfumes are good for you
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 1:07am On Apr 07
Fake useless pefs that even if u dilute,no effect. Smells way diff from original. Id rather buy cologne than oil shi t

Honestly it works
Romance / Re: Get The Latest Perfumes by Philosopher1979: 1:07am On Apr 07
Get it now
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 8:53pm On Apr 06

What’s the point of all that possession if it leads to nothing
By the end of the day it’s the scoreboard that matters not possession stats

Fast break counters, pinpoint long balls that’s the future of football possession based is dead in the water

It’s only used to hold up play

Counter attack football is tiring and limited.
Stuff is possession football makes u create chances.
Converting your chances has nothing to do with the style of play. They are two separate things.
U create more chances with possession football and have more chances of winning. Defensive football makes u tired and confused


Romance / Re: Man Thanks 1st Wife With A Money Bouquet For Allowing Him Marry A 2nd Wife (Vid) by Philosopher1979: 10:43am On Apr 05

Most women are territorial and those that settle for polygamy are either bisexuals or don’t really love the husband. They don’t want to be bothered with the man all the time and want some freedom to live their lives they way they want to.

You have a point. There are career women on their 30s who can be second wife.
Such women have their money but they need children and a home while they continue their career. Also, some women are very hypergamous that is they need a man that is very rich.
They can be a bank directors second wife and bring some style into his wife. They can even start their own business there.
Polygamy can work under some circumstances.
It's better than all this single mother things
The man just has to be responsible and mature.
Some women don't mi d it.
Some of oni of ifes wives are career women with PhD.
It is not bad at all. We are adults and can handle this situation. The wives and husband can sit down and come to a compromise. Life is about compromise and negotiation

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Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Philosopher1979: 11:49pm On Apr 04
Ndubuisi Egbo doesn't have the tactical flexibility of Amunike. I saw his team in the European backwaters of Albania for KF Tirana. Very basic.

Egbo also doesn't have the pull and charisma Amunike boasts. Amunike will easily command the respect of the players. Amunike has played at the highest level and was also Africa's best at one time. Look, you don't buy such pedigree in the market. You have it or you don't.

But ofcos, this is not to say you have to be a former football great to have such respect. We have guys like Mourinho or Klopp who hardly achieved much as footballers but are sound top and respected coaches today. But with respect to Egbo and Amunike, this point is actually vital as it is the Super Eagles afterall.

If not for injuries Amuneke would have been the best winger Nigeria ever produced. I mean barcelona snapped him up from Portugal. He was something else

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: A Player Is Nothing But A Woman With A Dick by Philosopher1979: 11:21pm On Apr 04
not necessarily so. I just wanted to make it clear. There's no other place I have posted my work. Western American platforms are always banning and closing down channels and accounts I wouldn't trust them with my articles. I think NL is secure enough in that regard. I don't know.

Red pill ideology is impossible to fight against. It is like trying to stop the sun from shining. In the wake of paternity fraud most men will be forced into red pill.
It's obvious with paternity fraud that there is an underground adultery movement in society. Alpha bleeps beta pays. The lady goes back to the alpha male she knew from prehistory that is loaded on her genes.
Women themselves are red pilled by nature.
With dna Women are getting exposed for who they are.

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Family / Re: Why Do Men Do DNA Test ? – Lady Asks by Philosopher1979: 10:51pm On Apr 04
If not foe dnabtest nobody will know how insincere women are.
If u expose women for who they are, they will scream misogyny.
Now this nonsense that we must accept paternity fraud.
This gender is overrated.

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Family / Re: Why Do Men Do DNA Test ? – Lady Asks by Philosopher1979: 10:48pm On Apr 04
It shows there is something seriously wrong with the gender.

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