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Fashion / Re: Prince Alozie Winner Mr University Africa Competition by portable86(f): 3:36pm On Nov 05, 2015
Fake ass ppl. Nobody should try out this guys. They r fake
Nairaland / General / What Is Going With MTN by portable86(f): 8:26am On Aug 31, 2015
Since Saturday, i've not being able to make or receive calls with my MTN line, the phone will ring, i'll pick but won't hear a thing. I don't know what is going on.abi dey don block my line?
Religion / Re: Opinion: Women Preaching In The Church Is Not Biblical And Its Forbidden. by portable86(f): 10:30am On Aug 30, 2015

Woman relax, this is not a matter of women being used as sexual object or slaves to do the biddings of thy husbands but what your bible says.

Left to me, I don't have any religion, I've learnt to believe God,trust and have faith in him, worship him, and let my conscience be my guide. Atleast my conscience have been able to tell wrong from right.

I don't need confusion from pastors twisting the books around. I'm not some pastors specimen in a biology laboratory.
The bible is verse and like a two edged sword, that is why everyone of us who calls himself a Christian should pray for the gift of the holy spirit to direct our affairs. We should preach Christ and not doctrine


Religion / Re: Opinion: Women Preaching In The Church Is Not Biblical And Its Forbidden. by portable86(f): 10:23am On Aug 30, 2015
But is that really wat d bible said or not?
What about the original mandate given to us by christ, to preach the gospel of salvation to the unsaved, have you converted or even try to convert all the pagans around you?
What am I saying, we should leave God to be the judge of if its right or wrong to have women preachers and concentrate on those who are yet to accept Christ as the only way to salvation. Op please don't let the devil distract you from the original mandate given us.winning souls should be ur pirority as a Christain
Religion / Re: Opinion: Women Preaching In The Church Is Not Biblical And Its Forbidden. by portable86(f): 9:22am On Aug 30, 2015
Op must be a member of the seventh day adventist church, they are the ones with such twisted belief about women. For them, women are just objects and tools to satisfy and do the biddings of men, not to be heard, only seen.#devilbedeceivingthechurchsince1900#
Food / Re: Mistakes Guys Make While Cooking by portable86(f): 7:17am On Aug 04, 2015
That 9 is so my big bro >: grin
Nairaland / General / Re: 10 Ugliest Animals In The World by portable86(f): 12:50pm On Jul 25, 2015
California Condor – The California Condor is part of the vulture family, which makes it scary enough of it’s own! However, look at that thing. They are the largest terrestrial bird on North America and they are also one of the oldest living birds. On average, they live to be about 60 years old, but they can live to be 80! Maybe this is one of the old ones, as their skin is looking rough.

Star-Nosed Mole – So, the star-nosed mole can’t see very well. To make up for that lack of sight, they use their star nose to navigate. It has 22 fleshy tentacles that are extremely sensitive and can even sense electricity. I wonder if it can sense me running away from it, as that thing is just creepy looking. How do you not have a nose, but fleshy tentacles instead? Seems like an odd compromise. - See more at: http://nenyville./2015/06/10-ugliest-animals-in-world.html#sthash.rcNGwpA8.dpuf

Can't decide between Yellow-Crested Cockatoo and the Naked Mole Rat which is worse!

Nairaland / General / Re: 10 Ugliest Animals In The World by portable86(f): 12:45pm On Jul 25, 2015
Naked Mole Rat – I almost want to give them the benefit of the doubt and say the Naked Mole Rat is cute, but then I look at it more closely and it is just creepy. Besides being a mole and having no hair, look at those teeth! It also has the same for a jaw, which is not noticeable in this photo. They use them for digging, but don’t expect to see one any time soon. They spend most of their lives underground (good).

Yellow-Crested Cockatoo – How scary is that thing? This little cockatoo looks so creepy, but what is even creepier is that it grows up to be a beautiful bird! The yellow-crested cockatoo is just ugly and creepy as a little birdie. Give it a few months and it has long white feather and the yellow crest and is a beautiful bird. For now, that thing is so ugly that I had to include it.

Aye-Aye – What do I even say about this one? The eyes are so evil and I think I am going to get possessed if I stare into them for too long, but then I can’t look away at the same time! The Aye-Aye are from the Madagascar area and are an endangered species, since the people in the area think they are an evil omen and kill them right on the spot! We can’t blame them though because look at that thing!

Monkfish – If you see this coming your way, just get out of the water and run as fast as you can!!! The Monkfish grows to be about three feet long and has a powerful jaw with some super sharp teeth! Not that they need them though, as they are known to just swallow their prey whole. I don’t think they could swallow me whole, but I am also not going to take any chances and just avoid them at all cost!

Nairaland / General / 10 Ugliest Animals In The World by portable86(f): 12:05pm On Jul 25, 2015
We have all see those adorable pet photos and videos that everyone shares that make us want to run out and adopt a dog or cat. While they are cute, not all animals are so adorable and cute. In fact, there are some ugly animals in this world! Whether they are slimy or just creepy, we have compiled a list of the 15 ugliest animals in the world. While they may not be the cutest of animals, we do have to remember that every animal is put on this planet for a reason. We respect that, but these animals are still scary and ugly as heck!

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog – How could I not include one of the previous winner’s of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest? This is Miss Ellie and she happens to be a Chinese Crested Hairless Dog and she won the contest in 2009. During that same year, she was named World’s Ugliest Dog on Animal Planet as well. That poor dog is going to get a complex, but she doesn’t seem to be fazed by it!

Alligator Snapping Turtle – This is definitely one of the animals on this list that I would not want to run into while on a safari hunt. This is the Alligator Snapping Turtle and I think he could snap off my head and be fine with it! Besides having that mouth that could break me in half, it also has the three rows of spikes on top which are not very appealing either for the largest turtle in North America.

Blobfish – How can that be a fish? It looks like a cartoon character or something and definitely not an animal! The fish barely has any muscles and is very slow moving, so it sits on the bottom of the ocean and waits for it’s prey to go by them. The Blobfish was also voted as the official mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, so pretty much they voted him the ugliest animal alive. I am thinking rightfully so!

Oriental Yeti – Well, hello Mr. Creepy! This is the Oriental Yeti and no one seems to have any information on this scary little fella. The Daily Telegraph reported on it and said they were caught by hunters in the remote woodlands of China. They reported that the animal was being transported to Beijing for DNA testing to figure out what it is, but no word has ever come of those tests.

Nairaland / General / A Poem- Learning And Growing by portable86(f): 10:26am On Jul 11, 2015
Take your time to read and meditate on!

"If you can start the day without caffeine;'
" If you can get going without pep pills;
"If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains;
"If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles;
"If you can eat the same food everyday and be grateful for it;
"If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time;
"If you can forgive a friend's lack of consideration;
"If you can overlook it when those you love take it out on you, when through no fault of your own, something goes wrong;
"If you can take criticism and blame without resentment;
"If you can ignore a friend's limited education and never correct him;
"If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend;
"If you can face the world without lies and deceit; if you can conquer tension without medical help;
"If you can relax without liquor; if you can sleep without the aid of drugs;
"If you can honestly say that deep in your heart you have no prejudice against creed or colour,religion or politics;
Then, my friend, you're almost as good as your dog.' almost, but not quite!

Written by Anonymous

See more at: http://nenyville./2015/07/a-poem-learning-and-growing.html#sthash.HLmeVYEL.dpuf
Education / Re: Photo: This Is Called Creativity! by portable86(f): 7:18am On Jul 08, 2015
Ehen? The time is 8:36 p-hem!

Gawd! How I hate numbers! I just hate anything that has to do with numbers.
lol me too, except when it has to do with counting my money grin
Ehen? The time is 8:36 p-hem!

Gawd! How I hate numbers! I just hate anything that has to do with numbers.
lol me too, except when it has to do with counting my money
Career / Re: 10 Forms Of Frustration Single Men Face At Work – My Case by portable86(f): 4:20pm On Jul 06, 2015
I work in a multinational company in Nigeria. Pay is very good. Life is wonderful, but unfortunately I find myself in a division in which I am the only single (unmarried) person out of over 100 people working in the unit. I face daily harassment and discrimination just because I am single. For goodness sake, it isn’t a sin to remain single after 2 years of working there. angry Gosh! Some of the issues I face are as follows:

1.Everyone expects you to work harder than others – My boss gives me more work than others. He keeps hammering on my head that he expects me to work harder than others simply because I have no wife or kids to worry about- Same annoying stuff everyone around me keeps telling me! angry I am expected to close later than everyone else simply because I don’t have a family! I am expected to bear more work burden because they think I don’t have other issues in life to worry about. Even when you work so hard, it is never enough because you are assumed to have abundant energy for the singular reason that you are yet not wedded! Isn’t that funny, or rather simplistic, or just plain annoying? undecided

2.You are treated with lesser respect sad– In a gathering of colleagues, your opinion is not as highly regarded as others. No one really cares much about your opinions (especially non work related issues). Some pretend that they do, but in their actions, you can really tell that they don’t. Many think you aren’t responsible. Some think that all you do is to pursue interns or girls all round.

3.In an argument or debate, you hear “it’s because you are not yet married, you won’t understand’ angry – This is the most disgusting. When an ordinarily intellectual argument gets to a point when your fellow colleague seems to be losing out, he/she resorts to the cheap punch line “It’s because you aren’t yet married, you simply can’t understand” or “you are still young”. And I simply wonder – what does this discourse have to do with whether I am married or not? It’s just another smear remark on your singlehood.

4.You are an easy pick for relocation/ field work cry– When issues of relocation or extended field work crops up, you are easily handpicked for that. Reason: You have no family to relocate with. In other words, ‘na only you waka come’. My unit is considering relocating me from Lagos to one of the semi-developed state in Nigeria. I will resist as much as possible. But I know it’s almost a lost battle. No one cares about my reasons for not wanting to move. All because I am single. I was almost considering marrying urgently to block the relocation but it’s not advisable. I am assigned almost every time for field work on behalf of my unit. My other colleagues are easily exempted because of their marital status. Why me always?

5. Everybody reminds you every day of your singleness angry – Another frustrating issue I have learnt to live with every working day until I finally get married. Everyone reminds you that you are getting older. People ask you when you will finally present your wedding IV. People remind you that you have been working for the organization for quite some time. Colleagues (both senior and junior) ask you what you have been doing with your money. It’s just so vexing. Must I be told every single day at work? I already know for goodness sake.

6. You avoid celebrating your birthdays in office because people will admonish you to get married – Celebrating your birthday, which ordinarily is a thing of joy, becomes a plague (in office) which you have to avoid at all cost. Why? It’s another opportunity for colleagues and other ‘well-wishers’ to preach to you on the need for you to marry. It presents another opportunity for your bosses and colleagues to remind you that your clock is ticking. The bulk of the prayer you receive is “By God’s grace, you will be married by this time of the year”. And everyone shouts a big AMEN! This piles a lot of indirect pressure on you to meet the ‘target’ set to you by others.

7. People call you ‘boy’ undecided - How dare you call me boy? But colleagues do all the time. Many times it is unintentional, but this is because they still see me as a ‘boy’ in their mindset simply because I don’t have the wedding ring on my finger yet! I live on my own, cater for myself, support my parents and some relatives financially and live a comfortable life. Am I still a boy? Damn NO. It’s shocking that even my boss calls me boy when he is scolding me, but never does the same to others. For goodness sake, that’s a form of harassment. angry

8. You hardly receive compassionate leave cry – No one wants to consider you for compassionate leave, even after spending your holidays and weekends working. I recount the number of times my married colleagues have enjoyed compassionate leave. But my boss will not hear my plea after working myself out for him. It’s even a sort of battle to go for my company approved leave as he will insist that the leave is of little significance to me since I am yet to marry.

9. You become the errand boy angry- This infuriates me too, especially when there are no interns around. You do the running around for your bosses. You are sent to the bank, to shops, to pick stuffs, to run some personal errands for your unit. You are expected to do some dirty or menial jobs simply because you are a single man. I have almost become my manager’s personal assistant despite the fact that I am employed a core professional.

10. You are the odd one out – No one will understand how it feels to be the odd one out of over 100 people. That feeling of knowing that you are just different from everyone else only because you are unmarried. You tend to avoid departmental get togethers because everyone else brings their spouses except you. When you aren’t discussing work or sports with colleagues, then it’s most likely that the discussion will be on family issues. People keep throwing it at your face one way or the other. They talk about family friends, timeout with kids, house helps, vacation with hobbies, etc. but you remain silent, hardly able to contribute. It feels awkward to be odd.
These are some of the frustrations we single men face at work daily. Your experience may be slightly different from mine, but we demand equal and fair treatment. The good news is that we won’t remain single for a long time. tongue tongue smiley wink
next time they remind you about your status, ask them if it's their
Computers / Re: Stop!!! Dont Throw It Away, All Old Gadgets Have A Value by portable86(f): 12:52pm On Jul 04, 2015
Would you like to swap to old laptop to a new one, or to change your laptop brand from HP to Lenovo or dell etc, Or maybe you prefer black Samsung laptops over silver ones? It can be done in these four (4) simple steps;
1. We inspect old laptop
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3. You pay the difference

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Offering best prices of Gadgets plus delivery accross Nigeria.

my Compaq only has battery problem and I would love to swap
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 1:15pm On Jun 30, 2015

As for the modem, are you sure its a Universal Modem... Many of these modems usually need unlocking to function properly...
yes it is, when I took it to st Michael's they couldn't locate the imei
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 12:37pm On Jun 30, 2015

No wonder... Nwa Aba I hail...
I hail back my. dear
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 12:36pm On Jun 30, 2015
My sister please edit the subject of your topic and stop embarrassing the people that paid your tuition fees. It's just sell and not sold.
okay oo, I haff hear.BTW I paid my tuition
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 11:50am On Jun 30, 2015

You stay at Aba?
yes I do @peter
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 8:15pm On Jun 29, 2015

Click HERE for ours. We stand by it.
am done shopping online, st Michael's here I come
Phones / Re: Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 12:30pm On Jun 29, 2015
this is so not funny, even the phone i ordered with the modem, came with a very bad battery, thank God i opened it before the delivery guy left, it took a lot of call to their customer care for him to give me my money back.
nde jumia, this is not funny at all. i had other choices but decided to shop with you guys and this is what i get

Phones / Did Jumia Just Sold Me a fake Modem by portable86(f): 12:25pm On Jun 29, 2015
i just bought this modem from jumia and to my greatest surprise i found out the thing won't even recognize any network not to talk of connecting, I've tried different laptops hoping it's from my system but i keep on getting the same error message

Nairaland / General / Federal Judge Orders Last 'angola Three' Inmate Released by portable86(f): 9:14am On Jun 09, 2015
The last of the "Angola Three" inmates, whose decades in solitary confinement on a Louisiana prison farm drew international condemnation and became the subject of two documentaries, was ordered released Monday.

The ruling would free 68-year-old Albert Woodfox after more than 40 years in solitary, which human rights experts have said constitutes torture.
U.S. District Judge James Brady of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ordered the release of Woodfox and took the extraordinary step of barring Louisiana prosecutors from trying him for a third time.
A spokesman for the Louisiana attorney general said the state would appeal Brady's ruling to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals "to make sure this murderer stays in prison and remains fully accountable for his actions."
Tory Pegram of the International Coalition to Free the Angola 3, who is working with Woodfox's lawyers on his release, said they are all "thrilled that justice has come for our innocent friend."
Woodfox was placed in solitary confinement in 1972 after being charged in the death of a Louisiana State Penitentiary guard in April of that year. The prison farm is more commonly known as the Angola prison and it is Louisiana's only maximum-security prison.
Woodfox and two other state prisoners became known as the Angola Three because of their long stretches in solitary confinement at Angola. Other members of the Angola Three were prisoners Robert King and Herman Wallace.
Woodfox and Wallace, who were both serving unrelated armed robbery sentences, had said they were singled out for harsh treatment, including isolation, because of their political activism. Woodfox and Wallace were former Black Panthers and helped establish a prison chapter of the Black Panther Party at the Angola prison in 1971, set up demonstrations and organized strikes for better conditions.
Wallace, convicted with Woodfox of murder in the death of guard Brent Miller, died last fall only days after a judge freed him and granted him a new trial. King was released in 2001 after his conviction in the death of a fellow inmate in 1973 was reversed.
Woodfox has been tried and convicted twice in the guard's death, but both convictions were overturned. Brady said the "exceptional circumstances" of the case had led him to bar the state from seeking a third trial. In his ruling, he cited doubt that the state could provide a "fair third trial"; the inmate's age and poor health; the unavailability of witnesses; "the prejudice done onto Mr. Woodfox by spending over forty years in solitary confinement," and "the very fact that Mr. Woodfox has already been tried twice."
Woodfox is in solitary confinement at a prison in St. Francisville, Louisiana, awaiting trial. His lawyers were headed there Monday to seek his release. Pegram said Woodfox gets to exercise for one hour three times a week during his confinement at the West Feliciana Parish Detention Center. He has a television to watch and a shower in his cell, she added.
Of Brady's order for an unconditional release, Pegram said, "I call it the unicorn. It's almost never done."
Jasmine Heiss, a senior campaigner with Amnesty International USA, called Brady's ruling "a momentous step toward justice."
Heiss said Woodfox has been "trapped in a legal process riddled with flaws."
"The only humane action that the Louisiana authorities can take now is to ensure his immediate release."
At the same time, though, state prosecutors were working to keep Woodfox in prison.
Aaron Sadler, a spokesman for Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, said the state was seeking an emergency stay of Brady's ruling from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.
"With today's order, the court would see fit to set free a twice-convicted murderer," Sadler said. "This order arbitrarily sets aside jury decisions and gives a free pass to a murderer based on faulty procedural issues."
This story has been clarified to point out that two of the inmates were convicted in the prison guard's death, while a third was convicted of a separate killing.
- See more at: http://nenyville./2015/06/federal-judge-orders-last-angola-three.html#sthash.sTWNXLxs.dpuf

Romance / Re: I Love Being Squashed' Meet The Petite Model Whose Made £120k Being Sat On by portable86(f): 4:26pm On Jun 08, 2015
for 120k pounds, i think its worth it sha
Romance / I Love Being Squashed' Meet The Petite Model Whose Made £120k Being Sat On by portable86(f): 4:15pm On Jun 08, 2015
Odette Delacroix

Odette Delacroix, who weighs a tiny 6 stone and 2lbs, regularly posts videos of herself getting squashed by up to five large women weighing a total of 125 stone.

And the mass over her is often so huge that the tiny 5ft model is forced to hold her breath for over four minutes.

But the bizarre fetish also has its upsides - the 25-year-old has earned a whopping £120,000 as men with a fetish for squashing pay to watch the strange clips.

And Ms Delacroix, who is currently in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Ashes Wednesday, 37, says that getting squashed is a turn-on for her.

She said: "I know it sounds weird, but I love being squashed - it's a thrill. "I get such a physical pleasure from being pinned down, trapped or surrounded. It's the opposite of claustrophobia for me.

"I've been pressed against by women with 102ZZZ brea**s and couldn't breathe at all, yet I felt so calm.

"In the last few years, I've been squashed on by some of the biggest b**s and b** in the world. I once had a model with a 7ft bum squash me.
"Being squashed pays so well, I've been able to go on luxurious holidays and I've bought a three-bed home.

"It might sound like a strange career, but I love it."

But the blonde from Los Angeles, USA, admits that she does fear for her life when she is filming certain videos.

She continued: "Some of my customers pay me to do 'pigpiles' where several, large women sit on me while I lie flat on a hard surface. It can be unbearable.

"I've never had any injuries, but it can be dangerous - there's a risk of suffocation.

"So I exercise and maintain a strict diet so I can have the physical strength to keep doing what I do. I regularly swim because it helps me hold my breath longer and I always stretch before a shoot, that is crucial."

Ms Delacroix- who is bise3ual - first became involved with the strange line of work when she was studying English at university.

She explained: "When I was 19, I was hired by some of my art student friends to model for their paintings.

"I realised how much I enjoyed nude modelling and one of the artists suggested I try fetish modelling.

"I did a few bondage shoots earning up to £700 per week. Over time, I expanded what I was willing to do and set up my own website to showcase my modelling work.

"Then in 2011, I received a request from a fan, asking if I'd consider being squashed. I'd never heard of it but he assured me men would pay good money if I put a clip up on my website. I thought I'd give it a go."

After hunting online, Ms Delacroix found two plus-size models - who weighed around 25 stone each - to agree to feature in the film.

She said: "The models were worried about hurting me because of my small frame. But when they both climbed on top of me, I got an adrenaline buzz out of it.

"And when I posted the video on my website, it was a hit! I realised there was a huge demand for petite women being squashed.

"I decided to ditch my studies and focus on making these videos full-time."

Ms Delacroix now runs a website called petitevsplump.com, which features hundreds of videos showing the diminutive model getting pinned down by giant women.

She continued: "In one shoot, I had five plus-size models weighing around 125 stone in total clamber all over me while I lay on a concrete floor.
"It was a lot of strain on my body and I had to hold my breath for as long as possible but afterwards, I got a real buzz."
At first her family and friends were "shocked and angered" by her career choice.
She said: "But then they were so happy to see me start paying off my student loans and buying a new car.
"My parents could see that I was a lot more content and had less stress in my life. They're grateful that these women squash me."
And Ms Delacroix photographer boyfriend Mr Wednesday is also supportive of her.
She added: "Ashes knows what I do for a living and doesn't have a problem with it. He is a normal build so squashing isn't part of our sex life.
"Ashes is a great supporter of what I do and we often collaborate as producers together.
"I've also become great friends with some of the plus-size models that I work with. We all go for lunch, although we may eat different meals."


Romance / Re: Reason Why Ladies Hate Each Other by portable86(f): 1:22pm On May 04, 2015

Which one are u guilty of?
grin am amongst the 30%, i no get time for hating on anything or anyone jare
Romance / Re: Reason Why Ladies Hate Each Other by portable86(f): 1:05pm On May 04, 2015
You should've stated "Reasons Why SOME women hate themselves"

Only insecure and low self esteemed women go about hating on themselves.
sense in what you said, but the truth be told, 70% of women are guilty as charged hence the generalization. its now up to you to prove that you are amongst the 30%
Romance / Re: Reason Why Ladies Hate Each Other by portable86(f): 11:58am On May 04, 2015

Yeah Yeah.. Girls love what what their fellow girl got most especially boyfriends
lol, yea, dat and their latest fashion wears as well
Foreign Affairs / British Grandmother Prepares For Execution In Indonesia by portable86(f): 11:45am On May 04, 2015
A British grandmother on death row in Indonesia is writing goodbye letters to her family and believes she could be executed at any time, she wrote in an article on Sunday.

Lindsay Sandiford, 58, said she was expecting to die shortly, after seven foreign drug convicts were executed last week, causing a storm of international protest.

"My execution is imminent and I know I might die at any time now. I could be taken tomorrow from my cell," Sandiford wrote in British newspaper the Mail on Sunday.
"I have started to write goodbye letters to members of my family."
Sandiford, originally from Redcar in northeast England, wrote that she planned to sing the cheery popular song "Magic Moments" when facing the firing squad.
"I won't wear a blindfold. It's not because I'm brave but because I don't want to hide -- I want them to look at me when they shoot me."
She said her greatest sadness is that she may never meet her two-year-old granddaughter, who was born after her arrest.
Sandiford was sentenced to death on the island of Bali in 2013 after she was convicted of trafficking drugs.
Customs officers found cocaine worth an estimated £1.6 million ($2.4 million, 2.2 million euros) hidden in a false bottom in Sandiford's suitcase when she arrived in Bali on a flight from Thailand in 2012.
Sandiford admitted the offences, but says that she agreed to carry the drugs after a drug syndicate threatened to kill her son.
She described Andrew Chan, 31, one of two Australians killed by firing squad on Wednesday for his role in a plan to smuggle heroin, as "one of the heroes of my life".
The two had become close friends in prison, where Chan had spent a decade after being arrested as one of the so-called "Bali Nine" group of smugglers.
The execution of Chan, who became a Christian pastor in prison, and another Australian Myuran Sukumaran, 34, cast a pall over relations between Australia and Indonesia.
A mentally ill Brazilian man and four African men were also executed. A Filipina single mother, Mary Jane Veloso, was granted a last-minute reprieve.
Sandiford's family have recently launched a fundraising drive to raise money to lodge an appeal at the Indonesian Supreme Court, after the British government refused to fund the legal fight.
If the challenge fails, Sandiford still has the option to appeal for clemency from Indonesian President Joko Widodo.
Mercy pleas of the convicts executed on Wednesday had been rejected.
- See more at: http://www.nenyville./2015/05/british-grandmother-prepares-for.html#sthash.7ydtDLFn.dpuf

Romance / Re: Reason Why Ladies Hate Each Other by portable86(f): 11:40am On May 04, 2015
Very very true...

Girls be hating themselves since 19AD
exactly, chiefly cos of inferiority complex


Romance / Reason Why Ladies Hate Each Other by portable86(f): 11:34am On May 04, 2015
Read this interesting piece i got from surfing this site and decided to share with you guys, so lets hear your own opinion. for me, i think the writer made a lot of sense, why are women their own worst enemy? Question

Your girlfriends tell you things like; “ I don’t usually get along with women, I prefer being friends with males than females ,” or your sisters say; “ I don’t have female friends because they’re too much drama .”
A lady walks into a room and some other ladies in the room start to hate for no reason. They make rude remarks, give icy stares that would make the newcomer almost bury herself if she has no self-confidence.

Often times, there is that one woman who immediately turns into an ice queen upon the very sight of you, despite you having done absolutely nothing to wrong her in any way. Unlike men, women will often dislike another woman for no logical reason at all. The female folks are quick to judge one another and they are less likely to become friends with someone who could be perceived as a sexual rival. A number of ladies will tell you that they have survived at least one mean attack from another lady, who badmouthed their appearance, dismissed them or made them feel less than a human being.
If you’ve never done anything to another woman to warrant such cruel treatment from her, then it’s likely that she has some serious issues and she’s just taking them out on you. Don’t blame yourself or be worried about it, you’ve done nothing wrong. The funny thing is that despite all the drama men create in women’s lives and or the amount of hurt or abuse they cause, the women keep loving them. They’d rather hate a fellow woman, who has done nothing to them. But why is it so, why do women hate each other so much? I’ld tell you.

1. Jealousy : Most women, whether they admit it or not, like to have attention focused on them. If there’s something taking it away from them, especially another woman, then she gets a little intimidated and typically starts to hate. Some women would hate you, if they think you’re prettier than them. Your mere presence makes them feel like ugly. If your dress looks prettier, they would hate. If they are single, they will see you as the competition. If they are married, they will see you as the seductive temptress trying to steal their man away.

2. Inferiority complex : Some ladies start to feel inferior when others are showered compliments and they are not. They start to hate the lady who received the compliment as if it was her fault. If another lady commands respect and they don’t they begin to hate.

3. Pride : Some women have a little too much pride within themselves and therefore cannot like anyone who they perceive is better than them. It’s okay to have a lot of self-esteem but a lot of women confuse it with pride.

4. Insecurity : Some women are very insecure. They judge other women according to their insecurities and what makes them feel better about themselves. Some say, it’s in a woman’s nature to be jealous of another women but a woman who knows her true self-worth can never be jealous of another. Not every woman has the habit of hating other women.
So for women who have been attacked by others for no reason, just ignore them and keep being your awesome self. There are billions of people walking the surface of the earth, why be bothered over those hating you.
For those who are in the habit of hating others, stop seeing other women as competition. You should not feel threatened by their confidence. Your self-worth should not be measured by another woman’s beauty or confidence, so stop looking for reasons to hate every woman you meet.
You are beautiful just the way you are. Be proud of who you are and your appearance. When you see a beautiful lady you should complement her rather than hate. You gain nothing by hating. Life is too short, after all. - See more at: http://www.nenyville./2015/05/reason-why-ladies-hate-each-other.html#sthash.76Cfsutq.dpuf

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Politics / Re: Celebration Here In Aba As Okezie Defeat Otti (pics) by portable86(f): 9:23pm On Apr 26, 2015

Why don't you go to your hilly village and start up something? Buhahaha. Esu nwuruanwu. Ndi ohuhu liile bu ndi aririo, ndi nara rie, ndi iberibe, la ndi oke ochicho. You've ruled since the creation of abia and we're yet to see a good mark being made by an ohuhu governor. Ndi ohi. Keep using your brethen for money rituals. Ngwa achiala ohuhu woooo! Okezuo abia! Ala asaala! Buhahahah.
Look no further ppl, here is a typical example of an ngwa man, so razz and uncouth, dredges of the society! I'll just sum the ngwa ppl with this saying "No matter how you wash a pig, a pig still remain a pig". #gofigure#
Politics / Re: Celebration Here In Aba As Okezie Defeat Otti (pics) by portable86(f): 12:04pm On Apr 26, 2015

Back in 2011, the ngwa people where asked to bring out someone to challenge t.a orji on a different political platform, they agreed just to wake up one morning and start chanting ochendo global up and down because he has shared money amongst them. #Esau

The reason why most abia residents don't want ngwa people to rule is because of their very bad character, Lazy peeps who love doing nothing except taxing hard working people, going around looking for where people are building houses to tax them. trying to grab lands they sold to someone in other to resell it again.

Think Ngwas of aba, Think omoniles of Lagos

Despite that, people wanted to give ngwas a chance they were willing to vote for an ngwa man but never on the platform of pdp which t.a orji controls and you guys saw it as an opposition to ngwa people.

Had it been okezie was in another party, he wouldn't have any stiff contribution, people wont have problems voting him. His problem is T.A Orji and his son

If you guys want, lets all join hands and turn abia state into dustbin of the nation. na for una head
Where do i send your kisses to for this comment?? i've lived in this city for over two decades and everything you said about the ngwas is true. They are their own worst enemy, very greedy and lazy ppl, they want the ohuhus to do everything for them because according to them it's their land, ndi uchu gbara! I feel so ashamed to identify with this state

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