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Career / Re: Bad Money Habits And How To Break Them by Preferito(m): 1:48pm On Aug 06
I have mastered all these discipline but my only challenge is that whenever I save up I usually invest it on things that makes me lose them such as forex trading.

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Politics / Re: How Many People Realised Twitter Has Left Nigeria Behind And Moved On? by Preferito(m): 7:21am On Jul 26

And then?

If the government is negotiating with Twitter, it is a plus for them, that means Twitter will have to obey their own rules.

This is Twitter traffic data for Nigeria.

Twitter isn't in the first 18 most popular sites in Nigeria and their traffic has gone down
The reason why twitter is not on the list is that Nigerians now visit the website using different locations. So therefore the traffic will be credited to those locations and not Nigeria.
Family / Re: Man Slumps & Dies After DNA Test Showed He Is Not His Son's Biological Father by Preferito(m): 12:46pm On Jul 12
This is pathetic. Things are really getting out of hands.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Batch C: How To Get Your N-power Reference ID by Preferito(m): 1:22pm On Jul 06
These whole procedurals is taking time. Before you know it 2023 will be here and that's all.
Romance / Re: Did Your Ex Finally Come Back? Kindly Share Your Experience. by Preferito(m): 10:09pm On Jul 05
Long story short I was certain she wanted back.
Don't be certain of what you are not certain of.


Romance / Re: Love Is Ruining My Life Please I Need Advice by Preferito(m): 3:35pm On Jul 05
To be honest she sees you as the 'to keep' type of man. She will love to have a thing with you but she does not currently have your time. Maybe she is seeing some other men which she cannot resist. Usually after she had seen it all she will fall back to you. Now it's left for you to decide whether you want to be a back up plan. This will help you to make a solid decision.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Launches WADA, Says Drug Abuse Deadlier Than Insurgency by Preferito(m): 9:33pm On Jun 26
Buhari loves anything pertaining to war
Crime / Re: Video: Usifo Ataga Corpse! Dead Body Of Super TV CEO Emerges Online (Graphic) by Preferito(m): 2:45pm On Jun 26
This guy’s injury are too severe to be afflicted in self defense as the babe claimed.

Same self-defense and there is not a single mark on the girl’s body? When he is bigger than her, how naa?
This comment should be taken serious by every one. If she really acted in self defense, then it means there was a struggle between both of them. But at the end of the day she does not have a single scar while his body is mutilated. It's very obvious that she was the one who attacked.
Career / Re: Working In A Hotel For 6 Months Now: My Experience. by Preferito(m): 8:13am On Jun 26

Forget it, if you are not involved in any immorality your husband or future husband and children will not be that kind.
Not again. This narration is no longer applicable to our present days. I've seen many innocent men ending up with girls having uncountable body count. Same applies to innocent ladies also. A wayward person knows how to clip an innocent person. This is because a naive will easily fall for any act of love display due to their inexperience. These wayward guys and girls can easily manipulate an inexperienced someone and they will succeed in it. Really kARMA is asleep.

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Crime / Re: CCTV Footage Of Chidinma & Usifo Ataga At Restaurant Before She Killed Him by Preferito(m): 4:40pm On Jun 25

Hi I'm 46years old presently (a divorcee with one child) can I marry a girl of 20? Because that's what I want to do
I'm not a marriage counsellor to either approve or dissaprove your decision. But according to the law of our land anyone up to 18 years old is already an adult and can be held responsible for their actions and inactions. Thus a girl of 20 years old can serve your purpose inasmuch as she is consenting.
Crime / Re: CCTV Footage Of Chidinma & Usifo Ataga At Restaurant Before She Killed Him by Preferito(m): 10:03am On Jun 25
I hope she gets few years in prison and sent to rehab....

The dude is faulty for having sex with a 21years old ....
So you are blaming him for having sex with a 21 years old girl. I wonder which of the sense organ you use in reasoning. FYI adulthood begins at 18.

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Politics / Re: Babafemi Ojudu: Buhari Will Complete Tenure Despite Calls For Removal by Preferito(m): 7:43am On Jun 23
Babafemi Ojududu
Properties / Re: The Making Of The "4 Bedrooms Contemporary Style Duplex" (2 units) In Anambra by Preferito(m): 1:58pm On Jun 12
This tree at the back of the build space will have to be uprooted before we start working, I will find someone to do that this morning........
It will make the walls to crack right?

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Politics / Re: Everywhere Is Quiet Now Since The Discovery Of The Bodies Of 11 Soldiers by Preferito(m): 6:24pm On Apr 11
But the army kept denying the fact that their men were killed.


Family / Re: Men, You Must Take Care Of The Baby Even If DNA Confirms The baby Is Not Yours by Preferito(m): 7:18am On Jan 03
Men have been sleeping around bringing babies from other women for their wives to care for.

Case study is 2face who brought in children from other women and Annie is caring for those children as her own.
Hope you know that 2 baba was already having those babies before marrying Annie.

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Romance / Re: Who Remembers When This Soap Opera Was Hot On TV? by Preferito(m): 1:11pm On Oct 30, 2020
The most hated character was Walter because of his bad energy....

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Romance / Re: Who Remembers When This Soap Opera Was Hot On TV? by Preferito(m): 1:02pm On Oct 30, 2020
I think the lead actress is now late.
Yeah, she died of cancer some years back.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Closed by Preferito(m): 8:12am On Jul 22, 2020
Theophilus 07030278184
Romance / Re: . by Preferito(m): 6:12am On May 19, 2020
@OP were you a virgin before you got married to her? If your answer is No, then fvck off
This is not a matter of being virgin or not. This is a matter of not saying the truth. If she had told him that she was not a virgin it still wouldn't change anything from the love he has for her. What sense does it make for her to say that she took her virginity by herself?

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 6:05pm On May 14, 2020

Ask the bible...
I must confess that you are extremely irritating and boring. You kept talking about infidels and Bible since yesterday. Are you not creative at all? Can't you think of another way to approach people's response to you? I'm sorry to say this, but you are not bright at all.


Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 2:39pm On May 14, 2020

Many of you refuse to think.
The women posters boldly states that they will only accept traditional
roles where the man provides and the women submit but you had to
drag feminists into your discourse.

Even if you are language-challenged, it is not that difficult to understand that simple word.

Are you that ignorant or bigoted?
You must be mentally slow to quote me this way. Do I know of your existence? I expressed my view and if you are not pleased with it you can simply shove your own view down your as*


Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 6:19am On May 14, 2020

I take a decision from the day one I got married about what I wanted. It might not have worked but I kept my spirit high. Some people are more favored that others and I took that in its stride and believed my time would come. I submitted mt CV in so many place. It was an everyday affair. Someone stopped believing and chose her path.
Do not allow women of easy virtue to draw you down. These feminist will emotionally blackmail you. They will make you believe that your wife's actions and inactions are all your fault. Does your marital vows centers around your provision alone? What happened to the love that bonded you together. You were never wrong and do not allow those foul mouthed women to justify your wife's actions. No man is praying to be down but this is something that can happen to anyone on earth. Even Job being the most righteous man on earth during his time of temptation was asked by his wife to commit suicide because of the pain he was in. But he held on and things changed. Marriage is a real "for better for worse". Things will not always be rossy. Oga, if the remaining women on earth are these ones who are blaming you up and down then there is no reason to remarry. Our purpose on earth is to serve God and not to die over a woman.

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 11:11pm On May 13, 2020

Is your mum single?? Yo may have to wife her.

Threads are opened by men who are being maltreated by women who provide for them

Threads are being opened by women who provide for men

You are adamant on opening a future thread

Good luck with that.
I see. Your gaze is solely on material things.

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 11:02pm On May 13, 2020

...... the bible said worse than an infidel not me.

There is biblical permission to treat men who cannot provide for thier own as worse than infidels

It is in the bible
Please can you stop quoting the Bible upside down. What it means is that any man who does not provide. It did not say a man who is providing but it's not enough. Being a man does not mean to be a slave to a woman. Would you rather prefer your hubby to go into crime in order to provide for you?

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 10:25pm On May 13, 2020

Eventually all wives who pay all or some bills cheat. I am not saying it is good I am only stating the fact.

Wives who shelter thier husbands eventually become violent towards the husband.

See the bible knows what it was saying when it said a man who cannot provide is worse than an infidel... those wives may pretend to respect thier husband in his face but gossip their husbands to neighbours, family and friends letting them know they pay the Bills.

What OP experienced is even small. When a woman pays Bills she emasculates the man in front of him or behind him.... she will sha find a way to subliminally let the world know she wears the trouser.

Na so we see am. I pray for you that you are able to fully pay your household Bill's and kids bills if you add your wife's bill she will let the world know you are the MAN!

Sunny Ade said one man was made to escourt his wife to her boyfriend house.... na money cause am.

Man is on earth to pay Bill's, to work and uplift his family...... may all men be able to do this because the consequences of otherwise is severe.

An angel can become a witch if she is made to pay a man's bills
Wow! This is so disheartening. Love has really waxed cold. But I think the type of foundation given to the youths of nowadays is what's causing this. The Bible stated that the woman is an help meet to the man. This means that when the man is incapacitated she should be able to augment him. She should not compound his troubles. I see no reason why a woman will be troubling a man because he is trying unsuccessfully. Had it been that he is not trying at all then she could have charged him up. Before exhibiting any nasty behavior towards your husband you need to remind yourself the reason why you married him at the first place. To be honest men are now an endangered species and all these things gives me cold feet towards marriage. Why can't the women of these days be like our mothers? I started hawking since I was in primary 2 all the way till SS3 along with my older siblings because my dad was trying unsuccessfully. But there was never a time I did see my mother insult him. Neither was she in any way ever promiscuous. We were in it together and we pulled through. Why can't the women of these days have the will to build with their husbands? This reminds me of the popular quote that says it is only women and children that are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved base on what he can provide. May God order our steps in the right direction.

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 1:15pm On May 13, 2020
Such a sad story. Glad you are doing well.

See women are not good at paying a man's bills. We are not wired that way.

She starts seeing such a man as a child.

Once a man stops seeing the woman as his bread winner - the way will open for him like it opened for OP.

Young men get money! there is a financial clock for men.

OP, happy for you.

But this does not justify her infidelity


Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by Preferito(m): 8:19am On May 13, 2020
What I can deduce from his story is that his wife left no room for reconciliation because she was not remorseful for her actions. If she had shown remorse she would have called her family as well as his family and confess to them. They would have been the ones to reconcile them. But she seems to be enjoying her escapades and not willing to soft pedal. So there is no need for the OP to be fighting a lost battle. The best option for him was to move on and never to look back or give any chance of coming together. In most cases women like this will only remember their husband when they encounter a disastrous ending in their life. Thus they will begin to reminisce when things was working well and they would wish they can turn back the hands of the clock. But I love the fact that you have genuinely moved on. Don't rush into another relationship. Take your time and look before you leap. Also try and keep your mind open as much as possible so that you will not be shocked by human actions or reactions.

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Romance / Re: Lady Accidentally falls To Her Death while Nagging With her Boyfriend(pic,video) by Preferito(m): 9:13am On May 02, 2020
Because of a boyfriend? she doesn't know Christ. If not, she'll have known better.

What can somebody possibly do to make you take your life? I don't get it. Like seriously, if someone changes towards you, the worst you can do is cry, which is not even necessary cos its like a total waste of energy that could be exerted into other better things. And not going to the extent of killing yourself. Life is sweet o. Especially in Christ. Can't kill myself because of a man you'll soon forget you were once all over him.

My ladies out there, please do not kill yourself because of a man. Embrace Christ today. He's the best lover you can ever have and in due time, he'll connect you to the right man.

Life in Christ is so sweet and secured.

Many of you don't pay attention to details before commenting. She didn't commit suicide. I repeat, she didn't commit suicide. She was at the peak of her argument when she tripped off the balcony of the storey building. It was her nagging nature that pushed her into it. The guy had already given up and left her. But she wouldn't let him be. She wanted to give him her last piece before the incident happened.


Romance / Re: Girls Who Sleep With Married Men by Preferito(m): 2:50pm On Apr 22, 2020
I thought about this issue of young girls running after married men just this afternoon. Don't be surprised that the husband might not even know what is making him to do so. It might even be KARMA that is pushing the husband to frolic with the younger girls as a repayment for what his wife had done with other people's husbands. If it does not come on her husband, then it might come on her daughters. For whatever a man (human) sow shall he(they) reap. This is why I detest girls who date married men. I wouldn't want to marry someone then her past deeds will now influence me into doing what I don't want to do.
Travel / Re: COVID-19: Niger Turns Back Trailer Load Of Lagos Returnees by Preferito(m): 8:37am On Apr 16, 2020
Education / Re: Can Anyone Please Explain The Use Of "AN" And Not "A" In This Sentence. by Preferito(m): 8:08am On Apr 08, 2020
Words with a vowel sound are preceded with the article "an". And words with a consonant sound are preceded with the article "a".

Thus, "S" in that sentence has the vowel sound "e". It is pronounced as /es/. Therefore, the sentence is correct.

To further explain, take the letter /U/ in the following words;

Umbrella and Uniform. In "Umbrella" the letter /U/ has a vowel sound, while in "Uniform" it has a consonant sound. Same letter but different sounds. Consequently, when using any in a sentence you would have "an umbrella" and "a uniform".

In conclusion, the sound, and not the letter, of the first letter of a word determines the article to be used.

I hope this helps.
You just took all these out of my head. You're not dull at all.
Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele And Husband In Court Over House Party (Photos, Video) by Preferito(m): 2:30pm On Apr 06, 2020
No social distancing in court but they want to put someone in prison for disobeying the law that they are also breaking in court

This nigeria self.
I tire ooooo... This court room is crowded than the party venue

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