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Business / Get A Professional Website For Your Business For #50,000 by Pricelessfina(f): 2:04pm On Feb 19, 2022
Are you a business owner? Do you need a professional website for your business?

Let us design one for you at an affordable cost - #50,000.

You will get;

1. One-year domain name registration
2. One-year hosting package(Business plan)
3. Well designed and responsive website
4. One year of website maintenance.

Interested? Kindly send us an email at theinternettrainer1@gmail.com

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Career / How To Build A Website For Your Business Without Coding Skills by Pricelessfina(f): 6:18am On Feb 15, 2022
Let me burst your bubble. Do you know you don't necessarily have to know how to code to build a website? That as a non-tech bro and non-tech sis, you can singlehandedly build a website for your business?

I built my first website when I was just 18-years old. As a writer, I needed a platform to share my works. I was tired of the rejection emails from publication houses. And so, I went on YouTube and searched for how to build a website.

I saw a bunch of tutorials. I watched all of them because I was hungry for information. After watching tons of videos, I told myself, "Okay, Ann, it's time to practice all you have learned". I paid for a domain name and purchased a hosting package and then started my journey to building my first website.

In this post below, I have shared the step-by-step procedure you can follow to build a website from scratch. This will help you greatly in your business. You will save a lot of money. That money you could have paid a developer to work on your business website, you can pocket that money and follow the steps below to build your website.

Click. Read. Comment and Share with your friends.

TV/Movies / No Woman Can Boast Of Her Achievements Without Mentioning A Man - RRTV Icon by Pricelessfina(f): 2:23pm On Aug 08, 2021
Royalty Reality TV show housemate, Pius Agbazuaka, otherwise known by his nickname Icon has stated that no woman can boast of her financial achievements without mentioning the help or assistance of a man.

Despite the feminist movement that has been going on for years now, Icon stated this to support his argument that “A man can play the role of a woman in the upbringing of a child”. This was the topic for debate at the Royal Court Session with the lady of the house.

While some housemates opined that men cannot play the role of a woman, others including Icon were of a different view.

Watch the video below


TV/Movies / Whenever Blackface Hears 2face's Voice, It Affects Him Mentally - RRTV Mr. Diloo by Pricelessfina(f): 2:04pm On Aug 08, 2021
Royalty Reality TV show housemate, Olowo Kehinde otherwise known by his nickname Mr. Diloo has stated that the voice of Nigerian singer, 2Face will mentally affect his colleague in the industry, Blackface.

According to Mr. Diloo, Blackface will always feel this surge of negativity towards his 2Face because he is yet to forgive him.
He made this statement during the Royal court session with the lady of the house. The topic for debate that night between the housemates was, “Unforgiveness: a bondage or a necessity?”

Recall that 2Face had in 2018 dragged Blackface to court for defamation of character, following several claims made by Blackface across several media platforms.
Blackface had accused 2Face and his manager/business partner, Efe Omorogbe of intellectual property theft, claiming that 2Face stole his songs “African Queen” and “Let Somebody Love You”.

He also accused the duo of blacklisting him in the industry and sabotaging his career.

Watch the video below


TV/Movies / There Are A Lot Of Yahoo Boys Today Because Of Social Media - RRTV Tim Oscar by Pricelessfina(f): 2:00pm On Aug 06, 2021
Royalty Reality TV Show housemate, Tim Oscar has made it clear that social media is driving lots of Nigerian guys to internet fraud otherwise known as “Yahoo Yahoo”.
According to Tim, a lot of people project fake life on the internet forcing their mates to go out of their way to live the same life with them. They would do all it takes to attain the same riches.

Tim made this statement during the Royal Court session with the lady of the house. The topic for debate that night between the housemates was, “Has social media helped or destroyed Nigeria society?” While some opined that it has helped, others including Tim were of a different view.

Watch the video below;


TV/Movies / Re: Omo! There Is Nothing We Will Not See At This Royalty Reality TV Show by Pricelessfina(f): 3:48pm On Aug 02, 2021
The Lady of the house is all shade of classy. She drips glory.

TV/Movies / Omo! There Is Nothing We Will Not See At This Royalty Reality TV Show by Pricelessfina(f): 2:49pm On Aug 02, 2021
So, I have been following this new leadership reality show - Royalty Reality TV Show. The show started on the off on 15th July with 31 housemates and will run for 41 days.

When I came across the show, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Whoever planned this show did a bad job" because how can you fix a show to run simultaneously with the biggest Reality show in Nigeria - Big Brother Naija?

Like who will watch your show? The worst is, they were doing online LIVE streaming, not on Television ��. Didn't they consider all of these before fixing the show?

With the numerous negativity they were getting on social media especially Instagram, these people didn't relent. They were still running their show, posting engaging content, celebrities were coming to the house as well.

Driven by curiosity, I subscribed to their streaming site to watch the show. It's been five days now and these are my findings;

It's a low-budget show but with amazing content. My best was the Royal Court debates that happen every Monday - Thursday. It is anchored by the lady of the house and housemates are divided into groups to debate on some controversial topics. Interesting innit? Lol

When I started watching, some housemates were not really outspoken and had stage frights. But over time, they became accustomed to it. One thing is clear from this - The show is grooming future leaders. People who wouldn't cower when facing the crowd. People who will ooze with so much confidence and speak their truth.

I will be updating you guys as the show progresses. If you are curious to know more about the show, just check their Instagram handle -

Romance / Affordable Date Ideas You Should Try This Christmas by Pricelessfina(f): 7:06pm On Nov 27, 2020
Are you growing cold feet at the thought of Christmas being at the corner? Perhaps because you don't have enough cash for Christmas dates.

I got you covered. Read below; �

TV/Movies / Are you a virgin? by Pricelessfina(f): 4:44pm On Jul 02, 2020
Celebrities / Who Will Be The Next Ultimate Royalty Queen Or King? by Pricelessfina(f): 5:04pm On Jul 01, 2020
Most of us have the mindset that persons with exceptional looks don’t usually have the mental capacity to match their looks. The Royalty Reality Show which is the first of its kind is set to correct such impression.

The show kicked off in Abuja on Wednesday, 1st July 2020 with 30 beautiful/handsome housemates.

For the next 21 days, these housemates will prove to us if they have the strength, tenacity and intelligence to be the next ultimate Royalty Queen or King. In order words, are they the “Complete Package?”

Keep an eye on your TV screen as the show will air live on WAP TV, R2TV, VIEWERS TV as well as Online Streaming on YouTube and Facebook.

There will also be daily highlights on the following channels,
DSTV Channel 262
GoTV Channel 102 & 112
Startimes Channel 116 & 191
Starsat Channel 189
Play TV Channel 275

Get ready to be entertained. There will be lots of games and tasks performed by the housemates.

You also get to be the judge. Pick your favorite housemate and head over to www.completevotes.com to cast your vote.

The Ultimate Royalty Queen or King will walk home with one million Naira, one year branding and endorsement. That’s not all. He or she also gets a plot of land and a paid trip to any 3 African countries.

Sports / The Best Alternative To Sports Betting In Nigeria by Pricelessfina(f): 11:57am On Jun 15, 2020
Playnwin Bingo Jackpot Card Game was developed by ex pundits and gamers who felt the need to help players realize their dream of winning it Big in a dynamic fashion-hassle free to becoming a Millionaire.

Playnwin card wager game is built to produce Millionaires daily, hence, you will agree with me that Playwin card game is the best alternative to sports betting in Nigeria.

Playnwin The-game-changer
Betting on sports is now hugely popular in Nigeria, with bookmakers and other sports betting platforms.

However, one thing that is common with the sporting betting sites is game prediction and the number of Odds among others.

Playnwin Jackpot Bingo

Playnwin Bingo Jackpot card game makes online gaming absolute fun by giving online gamers unlimited winning possibilities. PlaynWin card game does not require specialized skills or players to Stake Odds or Predict Matches, the game is straight forward and easy to play.

Why Playnwin?
The COVID – 19 pandemics have shown to the world that the most celebrated sports – soccer and other famous sports which most betting promoters leverage on for punters to place bet can be put to hold thereby causing the source of livelihood from users of such sites to cease.

How many people have won?
To continue reading visit
Sports / Why Playnwin Is Nigeria’s Best Paying Gaming Website by Pricelessfina(f): 12:47pm On Jun 09, 2020
Why PlaynWin Is Nigeria’s Best Paying Gaming Website.

There are huge numbers of Nigerians all around the world who play online and offline games whether for money or fun with a lot of dedication and passion.
For some, gaming has become an integral part of their lifestyle. Whether you are a pro-gamer, a casual video game player, a gambler etc, you are aware that the betting industry is regularly updated. So what is the best Nigerian paying Gaming website?

The answer to this question is PlaynWin. What is Playnwin?

Playnwin is Nigeria’s first Card wager website/platform offering exciting online card games which is both recreational, fun, and financially rewarding. Play‘n’Win card game is unique in all its design and reward systems, and which is like no other in the Nigerian sports betting, offering both incredible bonuses and fastest cash out system.

Origin Of Playnwin.
Timewealth Capital Ltd (TWC) is the registered operator of Play’n’Win. Playnwin came at a time the novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic which has dealt a blow to global economic activities to offer Nigerians a unique opportunity to own a lucrative personal business and a means of earning more income. The game is transparent, reliable, trusted and secured. Everybody is a winner.

Is Playnwin Registered With The Nigeria Lottery Commission?
PlaynWin game is licensed by the Nigerian national lottery regulatory commission, with PERMIT NO: 00000523.

To Read More https://blog.playnwin.org/2020/06/02/playnwin-is-the-best-gaming-website/
Jobs/Vacancies / Broke And Jobless? Here Are Top Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Online And Earn F by Pricelessfina(f): 3:52pm On May 20, 2020
Being broke and jobless is one of the reasons people slip into depression. But there are some lucrative skills you can learn online and earn even from the comfort of you home.

Check them out here ��


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Literature / You Are Not A Mistake, You Are A Miracle by Pricelessfina(f): 11:36am On May 18, 2020
Do you ever feel like you have no place in this world? Do you ever feel like everyone around you has their shit figured out except you? Everywhere you look, particularly on social media, everybody seems to be living a fulfilling life, career-wise, and relationship-wise. But look at you trying so hard to keep your head above the water; trying to figure out why the world is just so cruel to you. You are getting drowned in your struggles so much that you ask yourself, “Why exactly am I alive?” “What’s the point being alive when there is no place for me on earth?”

I know you can’t stomach the pain any longer but can I ask for a small favor? When the sun has set for the day, I want you to step out of your house and look at the night sky. Do you see how beautiful it is? With the diamond stars and the luminous moon? Do you realize that the same being that created the beautiful night sky you are staring at also thought you were a brilliant idea and created you too?

What does that tell you? Our creator doesn’t make mistakes in his creations. He is the perfect one. Everything he has placed on this earth including you has a purpose. So, you are not a mistake. You were born at a certain time because your creator wants you to witness something that will either impact you and/or others. It may take years for you to finally figure out your purpose in life; it doesn’t matter how long it takes, all that matters is that you do not give up this fight. You are needed for something, sweetheart.

Every circumstance surrounding your birth is a miracle. You growing inside your mother’s womb is a miracle. The air you are breathing is a miracle. The idea of your existence is a miracle. Please remember this when the world and the people around you make you feel like you don’t matter.
Don’t give up now. The struggles you are facing now right are not the end game. Rather they are part of the journey to finding your purpose.

I hope these words don’t go in one ear and leave through the other. I hope you find solace in the fact that the creator knows you are a brilliant idea and that’s why he sent you to this world. I hope you stop banging your head against the wall of insecurities and shame. I hope you stop comparing yourself to others who seem to have their shits figured out. I hope you stop judging yourself because of the mistakes you have made in your past. I hope you don’t stop fighting no matter what the world tells you. when the struggles knock you off your feet, I hope you get right back up and keep fighting.

I hope you realize that you mean so much to someone; someone thought about you today and smiled. You are not a mistake; you are not a problem. You are one hell of a brilliant idea from our creator. There is so much greatness ahead of you. you can only witness it if you hold on, just for a little while. And trust me, it will be worth it.

Don't forget to check out my blog at https://annsbleedingpen.com/
Read other interesting contents there and SUBSCRIBE!

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Romance / Why I Think Young People Should Go Through The Hoe Phase by Pricelessfina(f): 7:04pm On Apr 15, 2020
Do you think young people must go through the “hoe phase” before they finally settle down with one partner?

I once had this discussion with a friend and my answer was, “Yes. I think the hoe phase is an experience everyone should have before getting married”. Before you get judgmental, hear me out.

But first, what is a “Hoe Phase?” According to Urban Dictionary,
“A hoe phase is that phase in a phase in someone’s life when they are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people. The activities may not always end in sex. You might just be flirting non-stop, dancing provocatively with strangers, as well as kissing and making out with random people. The phase helps you find out your likes and dislikes in a partner; you get to explore your sexuality, and know yourself better”. Just because “hoe” is attached does not mean it is only ladies that get to experience it. Men too are involved.

So, here is the reason why I think every young person deserves to go through the hoe phase.
The phase is necessary for everyone that is naturally curious and adventurous because you would always seek something more; you would always wonder what is at the other end of the tunnel. And the only healthy way you can do that is to explore when you are single with no responsibilities of being a wife or a husband. The fun part is – you get to do all these on your terms. You get to Bleep, flirt, make out with whoever you want.

I feel like some naturally inquisitive people don’t explore much and then they become husbands and wives and boom, they discover that they should have experienced more people; they wonder if they would have met someone better if they had explored. They try to satisfy their curiosity and in the process, they cheat.

To find out more reasons why I think young people should go through the hoe phase. Visit... https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/why-i-think-young-people-should-go-through-the-hoe-phase/

Romance / How Your Marriage Can Survive The Cornavirus Quarantine by Pricelessfina(f): 9:00pm On Apr 09, 2020
Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. We never saw it coming. We never imagined that a time would come when we would all drop the goals and dreams we are trying to achieve to focus on just surviving. Now, everyone is practicing self-isolation and social distancing. Countries are on lockdown; we are all stuck in our homes, bored.

While some families are enjoying the changes in routines as they get to spend more time together, there are some families this is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. And no, this has nothing to do with COVID19 and everything to do with their constant troubles in their marriage.

I work with an NGO that focuses on addressing the issue of violence and since the lockdown order was made, the number of domestic violence cases we have received is so overwhelming. No day goes by that we don’t receive any case – husbands beating up their wives, throwing them out of the house I am wondering why.

Truth is until now, couples were able to cope with the pains and frustrations they face in their marriage because they had the freedom to escape whenever it gets too much. They could attend social functions, go to church, hang out with friends, work out at the gym or even spend extra hours in the office before coming home.

Now, that freedom is gone. You are stuck with this person whom you resent so much. They are always in your space and you can’t escape as usual. When it gets very frustrating that you guys can’t deal with it anymore, fights ensue.

A lot of couples are probably waiting for this pandemic to be over to call it quits. I recently came across a post on Twitter, “You can’t spell divorce without COVID”. No wonder the divorce rate in China has risen significantly.

If you and your partner are in the brink of separation this COVID19 period, here are some ways you can get through this;

Continue reading here -- https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/how-your-marriage-can-survive-the-cornavirus-quarantine/
Jobs/Vacancies / Coronavirus: How To Stay Productive When You Work From Home by Pricelessfina(f): 11:04am On Apr 09, 2020
With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of us now spend more time in our homes even on workdays trying to stay sane. Almost all companies are shut down mandating their employees to work from home to curtail the spread of the virus. So, you wake up every morning and instead of reporting to your office, you find yourself on your couch dressed in your pajamas and busy with your laptop trying to reply to an email from your boss – with or without corona, work still has to go on.

The output has to be the same but the environment is not. And it is not always a smooth transition.

The truth is that working from home is not as rosy as it sounds. For those of you doing a 9-5 job, there was a time you envied freelancers like us that just sit at home, do our work and earn. Well, now that coronavirus decided to deal with humans and you have no option but to work from home, do you realize that in as much as working from home seems great, it can also be a productivity nightmare?

I tell my friends this a lot,

“Working from home is not as cool as it sounds. It takes a lot of discipline to sit your ass down and get some work done. Without discipline, you will end up not achieving anything for the day aside from goofing around on social media, eating, and sleeping”.

Though working from home has its perks. At least, you get to wear whatever you feel like or even stay naked if you want, you can decide to work anywhere and anytime you feel like – do things at your discretion. No boss is breathing down your neck, after all.

But despite all these, the question would be, how will you be able to manage your time and be productive while at home? Whether this is your first time working from home or you need a quick reminder, this post is for you. So, until the spread of coronavirus is curtailed, below are some of the tips to help you be more efficient while working from home;

Avoid working in bed
Well, I will be honest with you – I do not always follow this rule. There are some days I wake up and the first thing I do is grab my laptop from the table and start writing. Most times, I do not stand up until maybe late in the evening. But I can tell you one thing – I am hardly productive any day I work in bed. Most times, I end up sleeping or scrolling through my social media feeds throughout the day.

If you want to be productive, get up every morning, freshen up, and get dressed just like any other day.

Read other tips here ..... https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/coronavirus-how-to-stay-productive-when-you-work-from-home/

Nairaland / General / An Open Letter To All Bloggers During This COVID 19 Crisis by Pricelessfina(f): 10:02am On Apr 02, 2020
An open letter to all bloggers and blogs during this CoronaVirus Pandemic. As a blogger, this time might be the worse time for you or the best Depending on your niche. Are you wondering what to blog or write about during a health challenge like this? Should you bother writing at all?

I say yes! It’s a no brainer. You should definitely write. Write your heart out. Writing is therapy right? What better way to release, and if you can help others through this time even better. It also helps you to focus on something else to think about: This too will pass.

Blogging is a long game. The blogging business takes months and years in the making, decades even. For a lot of blogs and bloggers, this might be your first crisis as a blogger, but I can guarantee you it will not likely be your last. Do you want to ride it out? Survive? Come out the other side better? You totally can!

Here’s how:

Keep to your normal routine as much as possible

An Open Letter To All Bloggers During This COVID 19 Crisis 2

Yep, keep doing what you use to do. Every niche, every blog, and every blogger will be affected differently (much like every country, city, neighborhood, and family is being impacted differently). Don’t overreact or panic, and don’t make any big changes unless and until you really need to (or want to). Traffic for most will reduce, for others it will go up — wait and see how you fare before making any big decisions or changes.

Understand that your blog writing is an outlet for yourself and a resource or distraction for your readers as well. In this time of inconvenience, Your consistency will provide them with consistency, and in uncertain times that has a lot of value. Don’t underestimate the impact your blog can have in the lives of your readers.

Read more;https://everyevery.ng/an-open-letter-to-all-bloggers-during-this-covid-19/
Romance / Five Smart Tips On How To Be The Perfect Mistress by Pricelessfina(f): 9:46am On Mar 17, 2020
“Mistress”, “Side chick”, “The other woman”, however you want to describe yourself, I hope you know how much the society looks down on you because they think you are a “homewrecker”, a woman with low morals. I hope you also know how wives despise you so much that they would jump on any opportunity to slice your throat with a knife.

I know you know all these yet there is still that burning desire to keep up with the title, “Mistress”. I read somewhere that married men have helped to improve the standards of living of most single young girls. So, it may be because of the constant “credit bank alerts” you get. It may be the attention and support you get or it could be the way he bleeps you. Whatever reason you have for choosing to be a man’s mistress, you should know how to handle such a relationship.

Being a mistress is an art that many ladies do not know how to handle. Most times they become so clingy and would even blurt out, “I love you” in a moment of passion. No sis, that’s not right; know your place. This man belongs to someone else.

I am not here to judge you for your decision to become a man’s mistress, but I believe that whatever needs to be done should be done well. Do you want to be a mistress? Good! You might as well aspire to be the best mistress. Here are some tips you should know;

Keep reading at - https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/five-smart-tips-on-how-to-be-the-perfect-mistress/
Romance / Freaky Tuesday! What Sex Really Feels Like by Pricelessfina(f): 6:59am On Mar 10, 2020
One of the things I am very passionate about in this life is SEX. Yes, you read right. I love sex a lot as long as it is consensual. It’s not like I have been having sex for years. I just started recently but after my first experience, I sat down and thought about how amazing, how creative, powerful, mysterious that our creator is. Like, how was he able to design such a mind-blowing experience like sex? Why did it feel so good?

Now, I am not talking about “Forced Sex” or sex that happened because your partner persuaded you. I am talking about consensual sex – the guy wants it as much as the girl does. No persuasion. That’s the sex I am talking about. It consumes you and it becomes you.

A friend once asked me, “Ann, what does sex feel like? Can you describe it?” I opened my mouth to answer the question but couldn’t. I was lost for words. I tried again but failed. “There are some feelings that cannot be explained”, was the reply I ended up giving my friend.

I went home that day and kept asking myself, “Ann, how is it possible that you cannot explain something you are passionate about?” it didn’t make sense and that was why the next time I decided to have get down with a guy, I paid attention to my feelings.

Continue reading: https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/freaky-tuesday-what-sex-really-feels-like/

TV/Movies / Reasons Why JERITON Was Evicted From The Ultimate Love Tv Show by Pricelessfina(f): 11:52am On Mar 09, 2020
The 8th of march was a memorable night for JERITON in the big Ultimate love Tv Show house as the lovely Love Hosts of the night, Dakore Akande, and Oluwaseun Olaniyan appeared on the stage radiantly dressed to help with eviction night.

The housemates were all sitting in the lounge waiting for their fate as the host opened the live show.

As with the tradition of the Ultimate Love House, the host Oluwasean P dived right into the business of the night. As the Love Guests who were up for eviction were asked to get on their feet, DoubleChris got the first save of the night. This also meant that they were out of the possible check out list. The joy on their faces could be seen as they both hugged and sat down...https://everyevery.ng/reasons-why-jeriton-was-evicted-from-the-ultimate/
Romance / 5 Brutal Honest Reasons Why Ladies Are More Attracted To Bad Boys by Pricelessfina(f): 8:08am On Mar 06, 2020
Why do we ladies love bad boys? Why are we so attracted to them?
I have pondered on this for a long time because I am a victim. Every time I complain about how I want a man that will be crazy about me, be nice, treat me like the queen I am and just take care of me. I meet these guys all the time but guess what, after a few weeks, I get bored and I want to move on.

Yeah, I know it’s crazy and you must have seen this scenario play out a lot. You see beautiful, well rounded, bright-future ladies stoop to the level of unaccomplished and unqualified bad boys. What do they get in return? A broken heart and a swollen face full of mascara infused tears. Why?

Ladies often talk about how much they want a nice guy in their life; guys that will treat them like they are the only girl in the world. They come across such guys and instead of appreciating and sticking with them, they call them boring and go for the ones that will mistreat and leave them heartbroken.

Well, to show you how bothered I am about this, I had to ponder on it for a very long time and then came up with these brutal but honest reasons why ladies are more attracted to “bad boys”.

Honestly, ladies do not like bad boys just because they are bad. Rather, they are attracted to the qualities these bad boys have over the qualities of a nice guy. Calm down. I know it is bleeped up but I am going to tell you those qualities.

Bad boys are so damn confident.
Bad boys are confident, straight forward and are not afraid to flirt or tease a girl. I have had a guy tell me, “Ann, forget all these hard-to-get games, I am going to make you mine”. Honestly, that statement shut me up and if I like 40% likeness for that dude, it automatically increased to 80%. Meanwhile, there is one guy somewhere saying the right things, begging to just go on a date with me and I am bullshitting him. See, don’t judge me. It happens to a lot of ladies too.

There is something about a guy who is confident and looks like he does not care. A bad boy does whatever he wants when he wants it – and for some reason that makes you want him even more. Bad boys assume that every lady likes them even without any significant proof. And without hesitation, they will go for it, shoot they shot and if they get rejected, they are not going to be upset by it either. They move on.

They do not push it too much. This high confident demeanor exuded by bad boys make them more handsome and appealing to ladies. And we all know how incredibly sexy confidence is.

Keep reading at https://annsbleedingpen.com/blog/5-brutal-honest-reasons-why-ladies-are-more-attracted-to-bad-boys/
Nairaland / General / Why We Love Williams Uchemba And Not Regina Daniels by Pricelessfina(f): 11:47am On Mar 04, 2020
There is a similarity between Williams Uchemba, Regina Daniels And Arya of Game of thrones.

When Arya had sex in the final episodes of Game of Thrones, there was a small outrage on social media. This was because we did not know how to comfortably marry the murderous, revenge-seeking, needle-wielding Arya Stark, with the bold woman stripping in front of Gendry and asking him to remove too.

For Game of Thrones fans, we watched Arya for 8 years on Tv. We watched her grow from the first episode Season One till last episode season 8, Likewise Williams Uchemba and Regina Daniels. So when we watched that scene, it didn’t stand well with us.

Put, child-Arya, and Adult-Arya did not match in our heads.

Many Nigerian Child stars have suffered this fate. Every time they make an attempt to pull off an adult role in a movie, we cringe, because it doesn’t make sense.

This is not the case for Williams Uchemba.

Williams left the scene for a long time, while those he grew up Regina Daniels remained in our faces, consistent. But we had the Arya trouble with them, we could not marry their Child-act with the adult trying to kiss someone in a movie, ‘ugh, what’s kissing?’

When Williams came back to our faces, he did not come back as an actor, he came back as a youth leader, philanthropist, inspiring soul, and all other useful things. Notably, he came back as a comic actor, and boy is he hilarious.
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Career / 5 Smart Ways To Stay Motivated And Pursue Your Dreams by Pricelessfina(f): 10:21pm On Mar 02, 2020
Most times, having a dream is not enough – what truly matters is, how much you are motivated to pursue those dreams.

With the decisions and little accomplishments I have made in my life, a lot of people have asked me, “Ann, how do you do it? I wish I had the kind of motivation you have”. But truth is, motivation is very elusive, it is so hard to maintain.

I am not always motivated. There are days when I lose it and all I just want to do is throw in the towel. It’s pretty tough. Even the gurus, the billionaires, those we see on T.V, read about in Forbes and the so-called motivators lose their motivation from time to time. They all seem to be crushing their goals and bagging a lot of achievements but behind closed doors, these folks also have a hard time staying motivated.

It is normal to feel unmotivated from time to time but that does not mean you should not look for ways to fight off that feeling before you get drowned by it. And your dreams buried.

I took the time to write this article for those of you who want to achieve more in life; those of you with big and scary dreams but constantly looking for ways to stay motivated and achieve those goals.

Pen down your dreams
Penning down your dreams makes it easier for you to visualize them. I have a separate journal where I have all my dreams written down and on days I feel reluctant or numb to do anything, I look through my journal and find my dreams staring at me. Immediately, I snap out of that mood.

When you write down your dreams and visions, subconsciously, you will be more deliberate in your actions, figuring out the next necessary step to take to make that dream a reality.

Have a habit trigger for your dreams
A habit trigger simply means, “An intentional reminder that will prompt you to take a particular action”. For instance, you can have stickers with motivational or inspirational phrases in your room or workspace. It can also be a short note reminding you to do a certain thing, act in a certain way or strive for a specific goal each day before you leave the house.

As a writer, let’s say you have a sticker with “Write every day no matter how busy you are” written on it and each morning you wake up that is the first thing you see. No matter how tired and lazy you are that day, you must find a way to write.

Break down your goals and dreams
Yes, your dreams are supposed to be big and scary but do not bite off more than you can chew. You might have this dream to be “Foremost writer”. That is the main goal but you still need to break it down to small but actionable chunks like “Writing 500 words every day”, “Getting published in literary magazines”, etc.

The dream is still to be a foremost writer. But having these small goals behind it and rewarding yourself each time you achieve them will increase your level of motivation.

Rest and take good care of your body
It will be easier to stay motivated and move towards your dreams and goals if your mind and body are healthy. So, in all of your hustle and bustle, do find time to rest. East healthy too and work out as often as you can.

Remember to have some fun
You might not be a kid anymore but that does not mean you should give up playtime and stop having fun. Life is not that serious. Always make time perhaps once every week to do any fun activity you love. That way, your level of energy and motivation is recharged.

Staying motivated is not always easy. It takes a lot of work. But even though we are not always 100 percent motivated, it is important to maintain a level that allows you to pursue your dreams.


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Nairaland / General / 1st Corona Virus Case Confirmed In Nigeria by Pricelessfina(f): 8:58am On Feb 28, 2020
The first Corona Virus case also known as Covid19 has been unfortunately confirmed in Lagos State, Nigeria which is the first case in Sub- Saharan Africa.

The Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire made this known in tweet whcih has now gone viral on the social media platforms.
The Minister’s Tweet on Corona Virus Case
Osagie Ehanire said the victim is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria.

Report has it that the victim returned from Milan, Italy to Lagos, Nigeria on the 25th of February 2020.

The tweet added that “The patient is clinically stable, with no serious symptoms, and is being managed at the Infectious Disease Hospital in Yaba, Lagos.”
It would be recalled that two cases had surfaced across all of Africa – in Egypt and in Algeria.

The World Health Organisation, (WHO) had warned that African health systems were not well equipped to respond to the deadly coronavirus outbreak should cases start to proliferate on the continent.

Nigerians take caution now.

Jobs/Vacancies / Intelape Limited Recruitment (software Company) by Pricelessfina(f): 3:32pm On Feb 27, 2020
Java Android Developer

The Android developer will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and designing a world-class mobile application for our platform.

We are looking for an exceptional Android Developer eager to deliver a best-in-class mobile application. You are going to change the way people communicate safely on mobile. This position may require travel.


You will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and designing a world-class mobile application for our platform. Your role will include implementing, and enhancing the Android mobile application, alongside a team of world-class developers, designers and software architects. You will be responsible for choosing libraries and frameworks to best meet the needs of the application. You will work with product managers and UI/UX designers to create a secure, seamless mobile experience.

Required Skills/Experience:

3+ years experience
Bachelors degree in any discipline.
Solid background in software development, and design patterns
Experience with the Android SDK, java, NDK, C++
Experience with JSON concepts and REST APIs
Experience working with product management and UI/UX designers
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to work in a dynamic, fast moving and growing Startup environment

Video Content Editor/ Content Developer

We are looking for a talented video editor to assemble recorded footage into a finished project that matches director’s vision and is suitable for broadcasting.

Ultimately, as a film and video editor, you should be able to bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story.


Manipulate and edit film pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience
Take a brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications
Review shooting script and raw material to create a shot decision list based on scenes’ value and contribution to continuity
Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film
Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
Create rough and final cuts
Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process
Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.


Proven work experience as a video editor
Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages (e.g. Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Adobe, Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut)
Demonstrable video editing ability with a strong portfolio
Thorough knowledge of timing, motivation and continuity
Familiarity with special effects, 3D and compositing
Creative mind and storytelling skills
BS degree in film studies, cinematography or related field.

Send Email Using The Job Title As Heading to

Twitter_ Intelape
Instagram_ Intelape

Nairaland / General / Federal Polytechnic Ado-ekiti Fake Expensive Medical Test by Pricelessfina(f): 1:32pm On Feb 24, 2020
The Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti and its medical department are in the news for the wrong reasons. The Polytechnic has preyed on the fears of parents and the recent directive of the NYSC for its prospective corp members to go for an intensive medical checkup before deploying for camp.

Recall that years back, NYSC and the Federal Government came under scrutiny because of the perceived indifference with regards to corps members dying in their respective NYSC camps. Nigerians cried out that if the Federal Government does not do something urgent about the rate of deaths of corps members, especially when camping in the different states of the country, the situation will grow worse.

Citizens argued that the entire country was a bomb field, where anyone’s life could is snuffed out at will. With this in mind, many corps members have already lost their lives in unexplainable circumstances. The way the corp members were dying was a cause for concern. The truth is that many Nigerian bereaved families are regretting allowing their sons and daughters to go for national service only to be confronted with their deaths in unexplainable circumstances.

The rising mortality rate of youth corps members across the federation became a national debate. We heard now and then, news of corps members dying or being killed made headlines. While some died in the orientation camps, others were killed at their places of primary assignment. Thereby, subjecting the national youth service, which used to be fun at the beginning, now a nightmare.

In response to the growing criticism, NYSC introduced the tendering of a Medical Certificate to ascertain the medical fitness of all intending corps members, before admission into its orientation camps nationwide.

Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti
So what started out as a measure to curtail the deaths, has been turned into a revenue-generating scheme by Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti. Most prospective corps members have voice concerns and outrage with regards to the school’s exploitation of the NYSC directive.

Everyevery.ng was able to gather that on Friday the 21st day of February 2020, an internal memo was released from the office of the Deputy Registrar, Exams, and Records of the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti, G.O Oyawoye with Reference Number FPA, R.E&R/VOLII/36/89 and equally signed by him.

This internal memo acknowledged the introduction of the medical fitness certification requested from all intending Corps Members by the NYSC and mandated all its students in that category to approach the institution’s medical laboratory for all the tests required.

It also went further to warn that any student who fails to run the tests at the institution’s laboratory will not be given his or her statement of result, which is also a requirement for admission into the NYSC orientation camps.

To authenticate the dictate of this memo and its seriousness to the students, the Institution’s Rector, Deputy Recto Academics, Administration, Dean of Student’s Affairs, Dean CEC, Director Medical Services, and that of Academic Affairs were all copied.

Though the amount to be paid for these tests was not indicated in the memo, but Everyevery.ng was able to gather that the tests were to go for N4,500 (four thousand, five hundred nairas). This amount is expected to be paid by over 2000 students who recently concluded their Higher National Diploma from the institution.

It is a regular practice to pay for the medical test, but to the dismay of students and parents, the school is issuing medical certifications without any medical test run on the students. For the sum of 4500 per student and over 2000 students eligible for service, the school is making over 9 million nairas for doing nothing.

This is not only the problem but that the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti seems not to care about the fact that it is selfishly and unnecessarily putting the lives of thousands of its students at risk. It is also working vigorously to forfeit the primary purpose for which NYSC came up with the medical certification exercise.


TV/Movies / Re: Ultimate Reality Love Show, Does It Make Any Sense by Pricelessfina(f): 2:38pm On Feb 20, 2020
TV/Movies / Ultimate Reality Love Show, Does It Make Any Sense by Pricelessfina(f): 2:38pm On Feb 20, 2020
So Nigerians are watching a love-themed reality Tv show called Ultimate Reality Love Show. Is the show good or bad? My opinion. It’s Terrible.

So what’s this Ultimate Reality Love show about? Well, it is about being in a house with 19 other roommates for two months till you find your Ultimate Love Partner. Crazy Huh?

Imagine being locked up in a house for two months, with over 20 people all looking for love. And that’s the price: The Ultimate Love. Other benefits include a traditional marriage ceremony sponsored by the organizers of the show. This is if they decide to get married and house. Also, an additional 5 million Naira if they stay married for a year

This is the part I don’t understand about this Ultimate Reality Love Show. So this is a show where you want to help singles find their Ultimate partners, so how do you pair them up after a week of living together?

Make it make sense, please. Is seven days and two blind dates enough to help the housemates determine who they want to spend their life together?

Here I was talking about housemates given seven days, what of the last four housemates who came on Friday and was paired on Sunday. What level of Sorcery is this?

These successful ‘couples’ are the official couples of the show, and couples are required to nominate other couples for eviction. (Sounds like an Asaba Nollywood movie, but it’s not).

How and why you expect these housemate to fall in love and get married in such an environment and duration is a question worthy for Jamb. The ridiculousness of it all was painful to watch.

Lets not even ask the most burning question here. What happens if one housemate falls in love with a housemate they weren’t paired with. We all know that the first person you find attractive isn’t necessarily who you end up with. So what happens then?

Honestly, one housemate has left after he must have seen the ridiculousness of the whole show. I found it laughable when Aunty asked Uche to reconsider staying because there might be a connection. With Chris. The ONLY option left.

I have been laughing my heart out since that day. The comedy script is a gold mine. Heh

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to a relationship with a person they do not want in hopes that sparks ‘might’ fly? Isn’t that what we call abusive relationship. Stay and make it work, because you never know, he/she might change.

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Nairaland / General / Love Guests Arnold Wants To Dumb His Partner Bolanle Day 10 by Pricelessfina(f): 11:07am On Feb 19, 2020
A change of heart among ultimate love guests. Aunty’s decision is final but that hasn’t stopped some Love Guests in the Ultimate Love House from coveting their neighbours’ boo.

18 February 2020.
The deal is done. There are no changing choices or Change of heart in among Ultimate love guests now. But sometimes we learn that the heart wants what the heart wants!

As reality continues to set in for the Ultimate Love Guests, it appears some might be having a change of heart and are finding themselves second-guessing their decisions. One person in particular who’s gaze has shifted from his chosen boo is Arnold. The charming chap seems to have caught the hots for Rosie and isn’t afraid to say it. During a quiet moment in the Ultimate Love House Love Pad he pulled her aside and began to profess his undying affection for the lovely lady. But much to his dismay

For More Updates visit https://everyevery.ng/why-the-love-guests-arnold-is-trying-to-dumb-his-partner-bolande/
Nairaland / General / The Real Reason Why Uche Left The Ultimate Love House On Day 9 by Pricelessfina(f): 3:26pm On Feb 18, 2020
After the successful pairing of the love couples in the Ultimate love house last Sunday, the remaining single housemates had another opportunity to find another love mate. With that ultimatum, the remaining love guest was paired amongst themselves.

After what seemed like the voluntary pairing, it became a shock to the viewers as they watched Uche make a shock declaration. We’re not sure what happened if it was because he was nominated on the eviction list or the fact that he wasn’t paired with the partner he liked, but he decided to call it quits in the love pad. He didn’t spare his word when he told Aunty.

Many viewers believed that he should have given love a chance by getting to know Chris. While some appreciated his sudden move as an act of realness.
After his declaration, Aunty met with ChrisUch and told him to reconsider his decision in order not to make a rash decision. She also reiterated that he wasn’t forced to the pairing and that he should give Chris a chance to see if it works out.

However 24hrs after his overnight deliberation, Uche woke up...

Find Out by visiting https://everyevery.ng/why-uche-left-the-ultimate-love-house/

Sports / How Super Eagles Change From Red Devils To Its New Name by Pricelessfina(f): 2:15pm On Feb 17, 2020
It will amaze you to know how the Super Eagles of Nigeria got their current name, and the names they have answered before now. Our colonial masters who are British introduced lots of good activities to us with sports inclusive. Talking about sports the best sporting activity introduced to us is football.

According to records, there is no specific date as at when the first football match was played in Nigeria, but it all in the 1920s. The football governing body of Nigeria was formed on the 21st of August 1933 with the name Nigeria Football Association (NFA). The body was charged with the responsibility of making rules for the Super Eagles and the younger team representing Nigeria in football.

In 1954, Tony Enahoro who has raised a motion for independence was finally looked into independence given. Independence changed the former Governor’s Cup which they always play for to the FA Cup. In 1954 the Calabar FC who the renamed FA Cup, they played against Kano Pillars in the final and won 3-0.

The football team in nigeria played without boots it was called the Nigeria UK Tourist team. They played their first match against Marine Cosby and they played without boots they won 5-2. In their next game, the opponent said they won’t play if they dont wear boots they ended up wearing boots and lose 8-0.

How Super Eagles Change from Red Devils to its New Name 1
firts Nigerian football Team. Nigeria UK tourist Team.
The Super Eagles of Nigeria was then called the Red Devils because...

To Read More visit https://everyevery.ng/how-super-eagles-change-from-red-devils-to-its-new-name/

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