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Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 11:53am On Jul 04
Hi hi, trust the day has been productive..

Please is Statutory maternity/paternity pay a govt/public benefit? for those on spousal visa for example, will that affect anything regarding the visa rules etc.?

Thanks for anticipated responses.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 5:29am On Jun 11
thats' why i'm trying to confirm if downloaded statements from internet banking platform is fine.. as an alternative.. thanks for confirming

Firstly, downloaded copies are allowed and perfectly fine to use. Secondly, even if they aren't (they totally are, by the way) if they have posted it, I then don't understand why you need to wait to receive it to submit your application online. I mean, the dates won't change if it's already on it's way to you especially as you said the statements will not be stamped. Am I missing something?

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 5:26am On Jun 11
seen so many conflicting stories about using downloaded e-documents.. so decided to order to the house to be safe

Thanks for confirming it is fine to use downloaded e-documents

Not sure why you are waiting for paper statements + stamps when UKVI has clearly stated that downloaded e-documents can be used

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 9:54pm On Jun 10

I have very few days left to expiry of my BRP, and been waiting for sponsor's 6 months bank statement (HSBC) to be posted to the house.. requested for it on the 1st of June 2022 so it covers the full months of Dec 1st 2021 - May 31st 2022 and the last day covered will be within 28days of online application... The statements from other banks have arrived..

We still haven't received the bank statement and this is what is delaying the online application as there is a rule no documents should be dated after the online application (i'm not sure if bank statement will come with a date).

Called the bank yesterday and today to get feedback, and they kept saying it should arrive.. we even re-ordered another 6months bank statement just incase...

The lady on the phone said we could download the same statements from internet banking platform as it is recognised and even used for things like mortgage..

Please has anyone used HSBC downloaded online statements for initial spousal visa or FLR M spousal visa extension? bearing in mind that HSBC doesn't stamp statements and i can see a difference already in the one we used in the last spousal visa application which was posted to the house and the one gotten from HSBC internet banking platform..

I'm trying to get alternatives as my expiry date of initial visa is close.. will appreciate quick response..

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 6:43am On Jun 03
thanks for the clarification


1. By birth
2. Settlement
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 2:22pm On Jun 02
Hi hi, please quick questions from the flr m online application questions..

1. "How long has your partner had British citizenship"...

If your spouse was born in Nigeria, and British citizen by descent, i.e. parents are British due to being born in the UK, and applied for the citizenship for the spouse when the spouse was younger as the citizenship can be passed to one generation, which is the answer?

a. By Birth or b. Date citizenship obtained?

If b is the answer (i think it should be a), what date is then the Date citizenship obtained?

I thought Date citizenship obtained applies to those who got citizenship from naturalisation for example..

2. Is FLR M spousal visa extension a Settlement or Family visa?

I ask because in the initial spousal visa application, the Type of visa & Purpose of Application was Settlement while I see online that Spousal visa is part of the Family visa..
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 2:58am On May 22
Thanks for the response

This must be new as I didn't come across it when I doing my renewal in 2019.

It feels strange that they would ask people to upload a copy of the landlord ID and i dont landlords will be willing to give out their ID to tenants. I want to believe a letter from the landlord giving his consent on your continous stay and a valid tenancy agreement should be sufficient.

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Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 10:22pm On May 15
Quick question please..

There is a Proof of Identity/Travel History field in the upload supporting documents section which requests for a Copy of an ID document of the owner of the property you live in, such as a passport..

For those who have successfully applied while renting, what did you upload?

Not all landlords will drop an ID document.. how will i manage this situation?
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:33pm On May 04
Thanks for the response.. hopefully my HR will understand.. congrats on your ILR & naturalisation.. great news

Yes, I used the same NARIC certificate for my ILR and for naturalisation as I just got my passport a few months ago and I have never heard anyone talk about reprinting, maybe the poster lost the initial certificate?

Your HR really should not be requesting your new BRP. What they need to request is proof of your right to work which they can access by confirming your submission details with Home Office using this link https://www.gov.uk/employee-immigration-employment-status. My employer had to do that when my spouse visa expired and I was awaiting FLR and when I joined a new company when I was waiting for ILR. Some employers can be funny about it so you need to prioritise your online submission.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:32pm On May 04
thanks for the confirmation.

The certificate retrieved during your first renewal would have been over 2years as you used same for ILR and naturalisation.. so i'm good

Congrats on that.. great news

I had to do a reprint for my first renewal after arriving in the UK as the initial one was over 2years old. Maybe I could have used the same but I didn't see anyone who did it and I wasn't ready to take the chance.

For ILR and naturalisation, I used the same NARIC certificate.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 10:43pm On Apr 29
thanks for the quick response

i had similar opinion around the UK Naric too, though yours is a bit different as you freshly ordered just before your FLR M. however, i'm assuming you used it for your ILR too... Congrats on that if you've gotten ILR.

HR is giving me double jeopardy as they they want to see the new BRP asap, and i'm surely not traveling.. will need to think it thru Or wait to see if anyone updates with their timeline here for a standard process time and make a decision..

Right...my advice is to submit your application online ASAP if your spouse visa is expiring early next month. Getting a date for your biometrics can be up to 3 or 4 weeks away from when you submit.

For your questions:
1. When I got my initial spouse visa, we were still allowed to use Nigerian certificate with a letter from your school stating your degree was thought in English. By the time I applied for FLR, one needed NARIC as a letter from the school was no longer enough *massive eye roll* so I got NARIC in 2018 for FLR and used the same certificate for all other applications after that so I don't see any need for requesting anything from NARIC again (never even heard that before)

2. I am not sure how long the std wait time is currently but if you don't intend to travel and don't want to part with the cash for super priority, then when you submit, HR can use your submission details to confirm from Home Office that you have a pending application and you can keep working until your FLR is out but I suspect you also need to have done biometrics before Home Office will respond (not 100% sure on this now, I have forgotten)

3. Not as far as I know, you can't get an earlier appointment, when you check on the portal, you see available dates and times and pick from those, if you see no availability then you wait till midnight because the portal refreshes then and presents new appointments

All the best

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 6:36pm On Apr 29
hi everyone

I went back to page 1 to re-read everything again as it is almost time for my FLR M extension..

1. The bolded statement is new to me.... i thought i could just use the same hardcopy documents from the initial spousal visa application..

Did anyone who has successfully done their FLR M extension use same hardcopy documents or one has to re-order a re-printed service from NARIC as stated in Bold?

2. My HR is already sending mails about my initial spousal visa expiring early next month, and asking when i will get it renewed. Has anyone recently paid for Super priority? How fast in recent times is standard wait time for an FLR M extension? £800 is a lot of money sad

3. Is paying for an appointment date earlier still a thing? or i can pay for a convenient date when i submit my application online? i intend to use the one in Croydon.

Thanks for anticipated answers

Hi All,

I submitted my application on Friday 13th September using super priority service. Got an approved email today (16th September).

For anyone this might help, I used NARIC for my initial application from Nigeria. All I had to do now was order a reprint service from NARIC using exact documents I used in 2016.

Documents submitted:

My passport & BRP
Hubby & daughter's passport
Daughter' birth certificate
NARIC certificate
Degree certificate
Marriage Certificate
Hubby payslip
Hubby letter from employer
Hubby's 6 months bank statement
Title deeds of our house
Mortgage statement
Council tax bill
Random selection of bills and letters received for the past 2 years (It was plenty o.. lol)

I paid for scanning service so wasn't bothered.

I wish everyone yet to apply all the best.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 10:34pm On Apr 25
thanks for the quick response.

Someone will probably come along and give you the official address but personally, I never really bothered with it. Mine was always addressed to 'To Whom It May Concern' and it was never a problem with getting visas.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 2:35pm On Apr 25
hi hi,

It has been a minute..

I have a question please...

What UK Home office address or title was used in the official letters coming from your employer stating your employment, payslips verification, length of employment, etc??

In the initial spousal visa application, the UK Home office Sheffield address was used in the letters from sponsor's employer, but i'm not sure if it should be the same address in the letters for the FLR M extension too..

Thanks for anticipated responses.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 10:05pm On Apr 21
formerly known as NARIC ke?

For those of us that used UK Naric statements, do we have to re-order again ? maybe for spousal visa extension?

My understanding is we can use same UK Naric statements we used when we came in on initial spousal visa for example

Statement of comparability by UK ECCTIS (formerly known as NARIC) will check ur degree and give you the UK equivalent. It can also be used as proof of English language since a uk degree equivalence will be issued.

Check cv library for templates

You need to spend money to make money

Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 1:10pm On Apr 19
i have seen a lot of blacks so quick to pull out the race card.. sometimes, one has to remove that psychological race card mentality to every scenario and thing in one's life..

Seen it in many ways..

One went to the store with a hoodie, and a security guard (black sometimes too) followed him around... he quickly pulled the race card

One spoke to a lady, and she didn't reply him; He told me she was acting racist.. only for her friend to come in speaking french.. apparently she was French and didn't speak English.. if her friend didn't come into the building, he would have left thinking she was racist

I won't be surprised if the person in the earlier story posted about visa being canceled based on not knowing what event he/she came for says it was due to racism...

Very very poor mentality.. Racism exists, Yes, but don't let it influence everything you experience..

The 'funniest' nigerians are the tribalistic ones that curse out on racism.. Tribalism is even worse.. .same skin.. same nationality.. same national flag.. yet you don't want to associate with them.. smh


A racist policy. If a Ukrainian came by boat from France, would they send the Ukrainian to Rwanda? Why is it just black and brown people they send to Rwanda?!

I and many immigrants in the UK are economic migrants. The only difference between us and the refugees crossing the channel is simply sheer luck. We were lucky to come in via the boat of university migration, and we were lucky to have the funds to pay tuition fees, visa etc.

If a book was written about the sheer hypocrisy of a small minority of black and brown people speaking/acting against black and brown refugees escaping their countries to seek a better life in the UK, that book will be a best seller.


Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 3:24pm On Mar 21

i didn't know NI had a card.. all i got was a letter

The only card i have is my BRP

I have not obtain the number neither will i get the card.

Its really bothering me. I have tried calling DWP but they keep saying they are not the one incharge of issuance if NI

Its getting so stressful daily.

Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 12:27am On Mar 13
please share some of the "common" strategies


As lexusgs430 has suggested, travel to the US and do all your shopping. Its cheaper than you think. If you travel off peak, you can get return BA flights from London to New York for around £350-£400.

Prior to the pandemic, I would travel to the US at least twice a year for vacation and stock up on casual/office wear. Talk about using one bird to kill two stones. grin My username says it all. You get the best RL outfits for the best prices in the US. grin

If you do not hold a foreign passport, getting a US visa is very easy. You just need to understand the "common" strategy that applies for UK resident applicants.
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 5:13pm On Feb 04
The electricity bill is too high if you live alone.. you need to manage it before April 2022 comes when it will further increase..

do you live alone? family?

that 24hr heater hmmmmmmmmm

Hello guys,
My electricity provider is British gas. When I log into my account on a daily basis, I see an increment of £5.5 in my bill. I contacted them and they said that's what I use daily.
They said I am already on their lowest tariff which is Standard Variable tariff that I am free to change tariff if I want. Now my average monthly electricity bill is £170. I use one heater (always on because I work from home), no gas in my apartment. Is this on the high side or it's ok considering we are in winter?

Note: they said they use my meter reading but they sill bill me 5.5 daily. How come it is constant.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 12:53am On Feb 02
thanks for the responses.


The key to a successful application is providing the required documents without going overboard.

1. Because we own I have never had to do this but I imagine that this is not peculiar to you. I doubt that landlords hand over their IDs willy nilly to tenants for visa applications. It sounds like what you describe applies when you are living with family? Inlaws perhaps? I'd say a tenancy agreement should suffice or if it makes you more comfortable, ask for a letter from the agency in addition stating you live there and add to it. Do you have council bill in your name?

we don't stay with anyone.. just us.. and yes the council bill is in our names only.. we will get a letter from the agent as advised.. thanks

2. The P60 and P45, are these for proof of address or proof of income. For income, a letter from your employer stating your ​gross salary, length of service with the company, type of employment and job title with stamped and signed payslips should suffice. The P60 is recommended but not mandatory. I have never submitted P60. A lot of times, salary increases even make the P60 obsolete as details no longer match. Have a look at the earlier pages for documents successful applicants submitted.

I was thinking of using it for sponsor/employment documents, and yes you're right about salary increases not making P60 match. However, i thought that won't matter as only 6 months payslip will be submitted to meet the minimum income requirements.

3. I'd say leave it out. Except I am missing something, I don't see the need to include your latent TB treatment details. It's not a requirement as far as I am aware. You already reside here, you have been treated for it. I fail to see how it applies to the application except to potentially open up other issues.

Thanks.. leaving it out

My advice is don't overthink the application. Cheers.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 1:56am On Jan 31
hi, pls i have 3 more questions:

1. During the supporting documents process, there is a part to upload the proof of ID for the owner of the property you're renting.. how does one manage a scenario where the house is managed by real estate agents with the landlord not actively involved?

2. If one has a P45 from a previous year (previous job) and then a P60 from the most recent year before renewing spousal visa, does one still have to upload the P45? or just the P60?

3. I read on earlier posts here that 'TB certificate isn't needed' for the spousal visa extension. However, if i have a letter for the full treatment of latent TB (from NHS), do i need to upload the letter?
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:28pm On Jan 23
Thanks for the response.

The reason i asked was because i wanted to confirm if it was ok to explain i went to Nigeria for over 50days to round up on my work projects and do proper handover (my previous job role).

I went to Nigeria with family and we stayed for 2 weeks (2018) Also, I went to Australia for work related stuff for 2 weeks and came back with a month or two left on my spouse visa (2019).

I explained in the section where you are asked to declare your absences away from the UK. I basically stated i was away on family holiday and work related travel. In total, it was about 31 days.

I got the visa extension - late 2019.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 5:07pm On Jan 23
thanks for the knowledge

Please anyone in this thread been away from the UK for a while (less than 180days) and still got spousal visa extension approved? how did you explain it in the application?


Hmmmm...to be honest, I am not sure how your case will be treated. I don't want to lead you down the wrong path.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:57pm On Jan 22
Thanks for bringing this up..

I came in to get my BRP in Oct 2019 and went back to Nigeria to wrap up work officially, and fully got back to the UK at the end of Dec 2019.

i. Do i need to explain all these? hope no issues with that?

ii. I guess my 30months started the moment i came in Oct 2019?


I can back it up with personal experience, mine and several other people.

You are required to spend 2.5 years residence in the UK before applying for an extension (spousal route, not certain about other routes). When I got my first visa 2015. They would give you 33 months expecting you to use the extra 3 months to get yourself together before travelling. If you travel in the same month, you don't have to wait till the end of the visa, you become eligible once you spend 2.5 years (30 months). I don't believe they give up to 3 months anymore but the principle still applies.

People often choose to wait till the visa expiry to get documentation ready or funds. Different strokes for different folks and all.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:52pm On Jan 22
this is new to me.. i came in 3rd of Oct 2019 and thought i can only apply 28days to the expiry date on my BRP card (June 2022)


the way the rules change..


That is pertinent information, in that case you can even apply 28 days before the end of your 30 months.
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 11:57pm On Jan 21
You made great points on renewing now with some months left before the application.

I'm particularly interested in this...

My BRP expires June 2022 and my passport expires Oct 2023, so i guess i'm good.


One of the mandatory requirements for flr is any one of :a valid passport, travel document or national identity card. And like I stated, typically you need 6 months validity to apply for a visa. I cannot categorically say it must be 6 months validity for flr hence the use of typically.

On the other hand, a review of the information she provided shows that her passport expires 26.06 and as she is eligible to apply for flr from 10.06, one could then argue that if 6 months validity isn't required and if she applies between 10.06 and 25.06 the passport is still valid as at application date. I think it's left for her to decide if she is comfortable with this.

Having said that, I think your statement that there will be no need to renew because the expiry date is too close to the renewal and the passport may not be ready is erroneous. The onus lies on the applicant to ensure all mandatory documents are included and valid.

Between now and June seems long enough to renew the passport, and if the passport application has been made and the passport is not ready, then that can be stated on the application. That's what I'd do though.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 12:50am On Jan 21
Regarding question nos 1... i thought there will be no need to renew the passport as his expiry date will be too close to the date to renew BRP?

What if there is a delay and he doesn't get his passport back in time for the new BRP application?

I also thought that the FLR spousal visa extension was just a replacement of BRP and no need to stamp another visa vignette on the passport..

Loo forward to responses.



Happy New Year

1. You need to apply for a new passport, typically, you need 6 months validity in a passport in order to apply for a visa.

2. Not earlier than 28 days before 07.07.2022. So any day from 10.06.2022

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 12:44am On Jan 21
great news.. Congrats

Nice start to the year for this thread


so the hospitals he worked with via an agency didn't let him work until new brp. but his main employer was ok with working.

thankfully, application has been successful.

submitted 8.12.21
biometrics 4.1.22
successful application email 8.1.21
waiting on new brp.

we were both surprised that it took 4days from date of biometrics. and just last night hubby was saying he should have paid d extra 800k. Thank God we didnt.

and thank you all too. all info on this thread were very useful.
he did the b1 exam instead
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 1:03am On Dec 16, 2021
hi hi,

Thanks for knowledge on Lemonade.

Pls how does it work that they can pay into Naija Naira bank account? thought it was banned?

Also, must I fund the wallet to send money?
Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 12:39am On Dec 16, 2021

Please does Ikoyi registry certificates being outlawed and not recognized affect us who are going to apply for FLR extension?

If the marriage certificates are not recognized by Nigeria, then what next?

As the same marriage certificate was used for the initial spousal visa application..
Travel / Re: Living In The Uk-life Of An Immigrant (part 2) by profemebee(m): 6:00pm On Nov 15, 2021
Thanks for this important advice.

I was to apply this week, and i have my spousal visa extension for mid next year.

I will hold off on this entirely.

Hello all.

First of all I want to say thank you to all who keep posting and providing those of us who have newly migrated or planning to with so much valuable information. This thread, especially part 1 has been a treasure trove for me and my family. God bless you all.

Secondly, I will like to contribute this important information, as my own way of helping out as well. It comes in form of a warning, Please do not send your BRP to the DVLA at this time in the name of applying for a provisional licence, if you have any intentions of travelling or using it to apply for work within at least 6 months. There are terrible delays at this time, people are having to cancel weddings, not able to visit sick parents, not being able to get a job or work etc because the DVLA is holding their BRP or passport and there is no way to contact them to send it back earlier. A quick Twitter search will show you hundreds of people who are crying out of frustration with only bots giving them standard replies. My advice is not to apply for your provisional licence yet, enter bus, train and uber and postpone your application till you don't need the BRP for at least 6 months to even a full year! Also when you do send it, pay extra to send it by special delivery signed for mail ( to and fro) so that if anything happens along the way, you have evidence it was sent to them and also that you included a signed for, self-addressed envelope to them to send it back.
I also applied and my BRP has been with them since August, I am hoping and praying they return it soon by God's grace because the matter has now become one that requires God's intervention.

Travel / Re: Applying For FLR After Your Initial UK Spouse Visa (extension) by profemebee(m): 10:04am On Aug 26, 2021
hi, does the number of days away on vacation or work affect the 2years 8months timeline?

If one has been away for 100days for example, does that mean by 2years 8months, one will still have to stay an extra 100 days to cover for days away?


You are eligible to apply 28 days before expiry, do not submit before then. That will be 31st of August if my math is correct.

When you submit your application, you will have to register with sopra steria, you will be given a link after you have paid the application fee. You cannot register with them before submission. There you will be able to upload your supporting documents and book an appointment for biometrics. You can submit the documents on the sopra steria site when you upload them up to two days before your appointment. Note, you can only submit once through the website then you will not be able to submit through the website again but you can still upload documents. Do not fret, at the appointment for the biometrics they will ask if you are happy with all the uploaded documents and will submit everything there for you.

I hope i have been able to help.

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