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Crime / Re: Man Plunges Into Lagos River Over Allegations Of Theft by puplin(f): 6:26am On Oct 25, 2022
Euthanasia is not suicide my brother, you're mixing things up.
Euthanasia is doctor assisted suicide.
Crime / Re: Man Plunges Into Lagos River Over Allegations Of Theft by puplin(f): 7:41pm On Oct 24, 2022
Doctor assisted death like taking someone off life support isn't same as suicide.
Yeah, some countries do have doctor assisted deaths and someone killing themselves is not the same as killing me.
Crime / Re: Man Plunges Into Lagos River Over Allegations Of Theft by puplin(f): 6:12am On Oct 24, 2022
Are you trying to make a case for suicide? Both involves taking a life, what is upright in taking a life?
Those who commit suicide are more upright than those who commit murder.
Crime / Re: Man Plunges Into Lagos River Over Allegations Of Theft by puplin(f): 6:09am On Oct 24, 2022
Those of you saying Rest In Peace; he took his own life, it is obvious where he is going and it is not to rest!

Don't be too quick to say 'thou shalt not judge'. Suicide is never an option if you wish to rest in peace!

I honestly hope he was rescued alive.
Politics / Re: Actors, Actresses Endorse Sanwo-Olu For Second Term (Actors) by puplin(f): 8:04am On Oct 12, 2022
You still do not get what integrity stands for especially when it comes to these caucus of actors whom we see YoY do the same thing you're seeing here , when you do you'll have a better understanding of things. This is a selfish trend.

I don't have a political affiliation and neither did I say I have a preferred candidate.

They have not done wrong in supporting their candidate and it has nothing to do with integrity. Political affiliation is by choice and not by force
I guess if they had supported your candidate, you would been okay with their support.

If I know I stand to gain something from a political candidate if elected to power, I will surely support the person that does mean I lack integrity
Politics / Re: Actors, Actresses Endorse Sanwo-Olu For Second Term (Actors) by puplin(f): 3:23pm On Oct 11, 2022
There's a word called Integrity. If that is too much, try moral principle. This lot you're seeing here have neither and it is such a big shame.

Won ni o wa je saraa o'lojo wonu, epo woni o mu wa ni abi ata.
If they selected among many for freebies, will you reject it
Politics / Re: Actors, Actresses Endorse Sanwo-Olu For Second Term (Actors) by puplin(f): 3:05pm On Oct 11, 2022
As usual, they've collected money. I don't see why they're not supporting their own in Funke Akindele. Awon alatenuje Dede.
Car Talk / Re: I Was Charged $1840 (₦800,000) To Change Brake Pads - Lady Cries Out by puplin(f): 9:14am On Sep 25, 2022
I don't know what is wrong with us in diaspora. Stop converting your expenses from Pounds or Dollars to Naira, you don't earn in Naira so what is the issue! If it $1800 is convenient for you to pay it simply means you earn well enough in $. You should then show us how much you earn daily/weekly after converting to Naira.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Chomzy And Eloswag Get Intimate In The HOH Bathroom (Photos, Video) by puplin(f): 11:08pm On Aug 28, 2022
It's on cable TV which means you have to subscribe to view.
Romance / Re: Ladies In Relationship With Men Who Earn ₦100k And Below, Please How Do You Cope by puplin(f): 7:07pm On Aug 21, 2022
These topics are sensitive sha. I know a family that husband earns 70k and is married with 2kids, they live in Ogba. Office is around Ikeja, there's staff bus that takes him to and fro everyday so cost of transportation is saved. Wife does petty trading so she supports in her own little way.
He has a side hustle that brings him something extra every now and then.
They are living within their means which I think is the most important.

I have a cousin that started dating his now wife when he was earning 120k. He proposed to her after a year so they started a joint savings towards rent, household appliances and wedding expenses. They got an apartment after a year and furnished with the basics. The savings continued and they got married after 6 months.
Fast forward 8months after marriage, my cousin got 2 promotions that brought his net pay above 300k. Wife also got a raise and together theit net salary is between 450-500k. Some blessings come after marriage.

Bottom line, pray to God to give you the bone of your bone. Someone who understands you and your visions. Nobody wants to marry a lazy man so if you are earning 100k today as a man, find ways to increase it else this present economy will drown you.


Travel / Re: Jakpa Advise: Think Critically by puplin(f): 6:03pm On Aug 18, 2022
I don't know why people do conversions from Pounds to Naira when it comes to cost of living in the UK or Tuition. You won't go far if you keep this mentality when/if you get there.

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Crime / Re: False Accusation Of Theft: New Fraud In Town by puplin(f): 2:04pm On Mar 04, 2022
Next time, ask for her address and send it through a courier.

Option 2: Stop giving people lift except your middle name is Bolt or Uber.
Career / Re: Chicken Republic Sacks Staff For Dancing On Duty by puplin(f): 6:49pm On Mar 03, 2022
They are security guards at chicken Republic, you can't call them staff of chicken Republic because their company obviously has a contractual agreement with chicken Republic.
Nobody needs a dancing security guard during work hours, na so dem go dance till thief go enter carry chicken comot.

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Romance / Re: Should I Accept My Sister's Husbands Marriage Proposal? by puplin(f): 9:07am On Jan 22, 2022
The kind of questions some people ask makes me wonder if some of us are meant to be classified as humans. How can you even be considering getting married to your living sister's husband. Some replies on this thread too urging her on?
What is this world turning into!!! May God help us all
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Nini And Cross Fight by puplin(f): 2:25pm On Sep 15, 2021
I marvel at those that keep saying stupid show this stupid show that. Even God has his angels watch over his own even while they are asleep so if someone makes it a pasttime to watch people live their lives it shouldn't be anyones headache.
Nobody is under obligation to subscribe to DSTV and even watch the show so nobody should talk rubbish about those that stay glued to their screens.
We have content creators who sometimes get ideas from all these reality TV shows, it is their job and they have to do it. Not everyone has a 9-5, some are self employed.
Sorry if you feel the show is only accessible on TV screens, even DSTV has a mobile viewing app so people can tune in on the go.


Family / Re: We Quarrel Because Of Sex by puplin(f): 11:04am On Sep 10, 2021
How are you a Pastor and you feel bringing this sort of issue to a public forum is better than asking Holy Spirit for guidance.

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Phones / Re: Brand New Iphone 11 Pro Max And Iphone XS For Sale. by puplin(f): 10:06pm On Jan 17, 2021
480k for the pro max and 320k for the XS.
Location is Lagos

How much

Phone/Internet Market / Beats By Dre Solo Pro (3 Pieces) by puplin(f): 8:36pm On Jan 17, 2021
Brand New Beats By Dre Solo Pro going for 95k. Interested buyers should reach out.

Phones / Brand New Iphone 11 Pro Max And Iphone XS For Sale. by puplin(f): 8:22pm On Jan 17, 2021
I have both phones in 256GB. Brand new still with intact nylon. Interested buyers should message me here.

Travel / Re: Lockdown: I Went Around Lagos (pics, Video) by puplin(f): 1:32pm On Apr 25, 2020
23k for a core i5? Sounds like an insult.
Good people of Nairaland please help me. All I have to offer right now is 23k so I need someone to actually dash me a laptop for that amount . I've been saving since my school went on break and my initial plan was to save in order to get an android phone and collect some PDFs from my coursemates (I'm using a torchlight phone now), but I later decided to save up to 40k for a laptop instead which would be of great help for my assignments and research.

The issue right now is that I'm no longer making any money. From tuesday to yesterday, I only saved 700naira and when I went to deposit, the cashier was just looking at me wondering why I spent several hours for only 700naira. All in my account now is 23k + and I fear that if I don't do this now I might begin to spend from this savings.

Please I'm begging for someone to please help me with a laptop with good processing and graphics spec, hopefully a Core i5, 2GB dedicated, that can run Matlab and other programs smoothly. Especially now that school is on break, I would need it to develop myself..

Ps. I know that there are fairly used laptops that I can get for this amount but I don't think I would be able to use it for school work, which will be the same as getting the android phone, hence defeating the whole purpose..

Thank you

Crime / Re: Lagos Unrest: Residents Of Agege Form Vigilantes To Protect Their Community by puplin(f): 6:45am On Apr 13, 2020
Note: this is never aimed to promote cultism or robbery.. none of the two worth doing...
Even before the lockdown this robbery have Been happening in our own eyes..
But am just worries with the way it skyrocket in times like this that we stay at home...
What is the major factor responsible for this illegal act? Is it for pride, hunger, self defense or what could it be...
The government needs to look inward to curb this (even if we can't end robbery and cultism) it can be reduced and minimal especially in a lockdown like this.. notwithstanding those people must be punished severely, to serve as deterrent to others..
Something in my heart of heart tells me that almost all those caught ain't real-time robbers...
Come to think of it.. how could over 200 Young boys and even girls gather to be robbers, it a huge crowd to get, some people don't don't even have up to half of that member in their churches or mosques (kidding)..
Well I don't say they are all Innocent, they need to face the penalty..
But put your self in a condition that you only have a source of income, (which is a daily hustle earning) which most of these guys depend, then government lock the system down.. ideally give me a practical way to survive?,, even if those guys are begging for food on street, most people will look them like they are jobless and won't even help them at the end after looking them diagustively, how do you wanna survive Hunger is a great weapon,
I remember years back when I was hungry and starving for almost 2days, I almost wanna die (it was that day I practically know hunger can kill for real) practicalize it if you doubt... Stay 3days without eating.
I blame this half-done government..
Imagine!! over 200 youths and teeengers on the street to steal from people,, I tell you 95% of them do it out of hunger not laziness...
Hunger will make you do the extreme of things. Just thank God for the provision you have, and for his sustainability..

My pain is when buhari(I need to hold someone responsible) directed that money should be disbursed to registered or selected vulnerable and poor people, are you telling me that they are the only one who are the citizen of Nigeria.. so buhari is not responsible for others not selected in this group by their local government?. That is partialty!!
Most of these people voted for you BUHARI!! every life of each citizen is your responsibility!, that's the oath you took, no one force you to take the office!!
Now people will say I have personal issue with the president, hell no!!
Practically tell me how has the government be of support to the ordinary man around you during this lockdown in feeding most importantly!! Forget electricity, good roads, or equipped medical consumables, they are important but that's not the priority in the middle of a lockdown like this!!
Fine!!, the boys would face the wrath of the law. But note, if things continue this way: then expect a bigger one in days to coming during this lockdown..
An expecting attackers lolzzz
I just have to pour out my heart on this issue.
You're just doing copy and paste of this write-up on several threads.

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Technology Market / Re: Order Your Goods On Ebay, Amazon And All Pickup Sites! Shipping @ $4.60/lbs NGR by puplin(f): 11:03pm On Oct 30, 2019
IPhone X 64GB Brand new for 210k
Nairaland / General / Jumia Nigeria Forcing Its Staff To Carry Out Blood Test by puplin(f): 7:39am On Aug 23, 2019
So the gist I overheard on my way home yesterday was that Jumia is forcefully carrying out blood tests on selected staff and making them sign a consent form afterwards. I peeped on the constant form and it sends even if a staff has HIV or another deadly disease, their HR team is permitted to be told by the clinic once the staff signs the consent form.

This I feel is totally wrong, the ladies even said managers were exempted from the test. Talk of workplace discrimination.
Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by puplin(f): 1:52pm On Apr 14, 2019
It's back now. I just received a message

Nada is back here..

Make i screenshot?
Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by puplin(f): 1:44pm On Apr 14, 2019

Back where? grin
Phones / Re: Facebook, Whatsapp And Instagram Are Down Worldwide by puplin(f): 1:41pm On Apr 14, 2019
It's over. Whatsapp back online
Phones / Re: Man Who Bought 'Refurbished' Phone From Jumia Cries Out by puplin(f): 8:39am On Apr 07, 2019
Because the price difference is over 50k does not mean it's a scam. Jumia occasionally sells items at discounted prices from the original price. All those people selling phones at computer village also have stores on Jumia, Konga and the likes.
Thank you all for the eye opening comments. That means I got nearly scammed. I ordered for an iPhone from jumia and my wife (she lives in another state) said why don’t you go to an open apple shop &price it first. RELUCTANTLY,(reluctant because I was being lazy&you know it’s sweet ordering online) I went. The difference was well over 50k but thank God i did. But jumia and it’s agent gave me hell. For nearly 2weeks, even after indicating I was not buying again, email, text msgs, phone calls.” We bringing your product” until I had to scream at one one day, then they stopped.

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Phones / Re: Man Who Bought 'Refurbished' Phone From Jumia Cries Out by puplin(f): 8:30am On Apr 07, 2019
No it isn't fake. Run a check on Apple website, the imei is truly for an iphone 6.
You know it’s fake when the IMEI no.in IPhone 6 is 15 digits, i think it should be 14. iPhone 7 Plus is 15 digits.
Phones / Re: Man Who Bought 'Refurbished' Phone From Jumia Cries Out by puplin(f): 4:38am On Apr 07, 2019
Thank you jare. I have been shopping with Jumia for 4yrs and have not had any issues too. That's how someone i know bought a Samsung S9+ for promo price of 99k few weeks back only to find out it's a bit different from the one his friend equally bought in excess of 200k. He started screaming refurbished but i told him in plain terms, your version of S9+ is original but not meant for Nigerian market.
I have bought two phones from Jumia for some peeps. They haven't complain a thing to me. Also, bought my Toyota coolant three days ago.
Phones / Re: Man Who Bought 'Refurbished' Phone From Jumia Cries Out by puplin(f): 4:31am On Apr 07, 2019
You typed ignorantly with so much confidence. I should throw your words back at you. Ensure you know what you're saying before you type poo online. Jumia has a working return policy but that is not to say every customer that returns a product will get a refund. Quality checks are to to verify all customer complaints and a the product will be sent back to the customer if the reason for return isn't valid.
This is standard practice anywhere. We just are too quick to brand stuff refurbished when in actually truth, most customers will not tell you 100% how they used the product. If your so called knowledge is based on online reviews of the business then I'm sorry, you're not knowledgeable.


Have you ever tried returning anything to Jumia?
Did you read where he specifically said he's been battling it with Jumia for 3 weeks?

Jumia return Policy is a stupid scam and does not work.
Bought Laptop worth 262,000 Naira from those idiots gave me refurbished.. Filled the Return policy and after two weeks, they say it's not refurbished.. Laptop wey dey misbehaved.

Come here, before typing poo online, ensure you know what you're saying, okay?
These people are scammers. Out to get their percentage from each sells and stores and does not care about the customers.

Have you seen anyone successfully used the Jumia return Policy? Read other reviews online before writing nonsense.
Phones / Re: Man Who Bought 'Refurbished' Phone From Jumia Cries Out by puplin(f): 8:38pm On Apr 06, 2019
You mean phone from overseas are bad? Come on Mr Sales Consultant. Is this what you tell your customers?
This is what i usually do for expensive phones for my customers, i make sure it is not from oversea, and i get details of seller, call the seller and hold them responsible after Jumia because i value the struggle of my customers to get money. And it is because many don't know that they can actually get the best advise from reliable Jumia Sales consultants and because some are even afraid to trust others because of the situation the youths have put every other legit business persons in this country they get bad experience choosing Jumia.

Well, Jumia makes mistakes, but sellers make more, but i wouldn't blame sellers but Jumia because they bend rules. I know a company in Lagos that couldn't fulfil an order because it is out of stock but because they know an insider in Jumia the punishment was averted. I am a Jumia sales consultant and i am sayig this because if everything is right from Jumia many other people that don't have consultants to make their experience fantastic will not be having issues. Sellers are bad but Jumia can make them good with implementation of policies for better user experience.

As regards the iphone, possibly if the young man use ld a consultant he would have been told about the danger but many are of the opinion that they can do it themselves, hence the encounter issues. To get the best of Jumia feel free to call/Whatsapp/WeChat me on 08091180137.

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