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Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Quorax: 10:59am On Apr 08
Most of the guys forming millionaire here can not even boast of a 100k if asked to tender their account statements.... as for me I made my millions from selling choice plots of lands at different locations within my state,later on I got into mini import biz and started importing mobile phones both new and fairly used from China and USA...a lot of the ideas on nairaland business section really helped me,afterwards I bought some online manuals about how to sell on Amazon as a non US resident,without wasting time I gave it a try,I was selling different kinds of tech products,I get this products from sellers from alibaba in China.And with this business of selling on Amazon I was able to earn about 3 million naira in the first 3 months.


You didn't have to attack people to make your comments. Some people don't have money in cash but in assets. I for one have as much as millions in asset but not cash.

You came off as being too proud... Just drop your comments next time without attacking other people Just because you want to steal spotlight.

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Crime / Re: Police Officers Harass A Man, Extort N300k From Him (Photos) by Quorax: 10:53am On Apr 08
There needs to be a revolution concerning police matter in Nigeria, there are lots of Bad eggs in the system at least 50% of policemen are in this bracket, the police force has to start from the scratch, training, orientation, proper funding and enumeration, and adequate structure and equipment. Also they need to be putting body cameras on our police men on duty.
no need for that. Just start killing them one after the other, them go adjust. I think I hear in Anambra, they did that. It is hard to hear such nonsense in the East. Dem go just drop dead.

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Properties / Re: Azuri Peninsula In Eko Atlantic At The Verge Of Completion!!! by Quorax: 8:55am On Apr 08
God all am requesting for is just a single connection that will make me own an apartment in this building....
you don't wait for connection to come to you, you go grab it. How many conferences have you attended since the year began? How many clubs have you been to?


TV/Movies / Re: NTA: An Embarrassment To Nigeria by Quorax: 8:36am On Apr 08
Came back this morning from church only to discover that my cable subscription has expired, so i tuned to the only available channel NTA.

I haven't watched NTA for God knows how long now, i was totally disappointed with what was showing on my tv screen, the picture quality and lighting was very poor, audio quality was awful. It was as if i was teleported by to the 1970s or something.

We are in the 21st century for God sake, what will it cost the management of NTA to overhaul the stations. I believe they get budgets annually running into billions. Privately owned and managed tv stations like Channels, Tvc, Arise, Silverbird, AIT, etc are miles ahead of a supposedly more financed NTA. And what's with the archaic dirty brown colour combination, can't the colours of the station be changed to something more appealing and brighter? Or do we need a two- third majority of the national assembly to rebrand NTA.

For over 20 years ministers come and go and no one thought it wise to rebrand the station, if it involves sacking some persons to get the station running let the needful be done. NTA is supposed to be a national brand and pride, but what we currently have today is nothing to write home about.

I couldn't spare 3 minutes to watch the station today because it was a torture to the eyes and sense of good taste.
Let the appropriate persons sit up and save the only national tv we have as at today.

Bros, does the transformation you seek fall from sky or it should be funded? Why doesn't the government hands off the TV and privatize it or do it the PPP way? It's a government establishment.
Politics / Re: Onnoghen's Exit Splits Supreme Court. by Quorax: 8:33am On Apr 08
[quote author=Peacecore post=77350078][/quote]

Do you think this thing will not affect you? Pray you are not accused wrongly cos u will rot in jail and no justice will save you.

When you take sides, always consider these factors. Take a cue from Atiku and Saraki who were used to remove GEJ but never knew they will be destroyed.

In whatever you do, try to be conscientious, if that failed, apply wisdom.

But I assure you, every president will now do what buhari has done and if you become the victim, do not cry. Kadaria Ahmed was crying over Zamfara killing because her brother was affected but when it was from afar, she never dreamed this will happen and she chose to be blind and conscienceless(if that word exist).

I assure you, the rot Buhari has created will get to everyone...nobody will escape it.. No one! Just pray yours will not be delivered in form of your death or that of your loved ones...

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 7:58am On Apr 08
The Biggest shockers You will have is that both PDP and APC may present a Yoruba. We have stakes in Both Party and no matter the outcome it will be a win win situation for us, but South East can't boast about the Same things they have their stake in one party and still yet that party don't trust them enough to present them and they are not even fighting for it other than licking ass. We have stakes in Both PDP and APC and it will always be a win win situation for us
yimu, that does not take a way the fact that lots of people in your family will still be unemployed at the end. So what are you beating your chest for?

Political gurus are already saying APC may die after buharis exit... U are here beating ur chest. Even the Northerners have told you that there will be no block vote in 2023. But u want to masturebate..
Business / Re: Dangote Refinery Will Transform Nigeria’s Economy by Quorax: 6:10am On Apr 08
I am sure Dangote will simply export all the refined product from that refinery. For as long as there is subsidy he will not he able to sell for the maximum price in Nigeria so he will simply export the product and maximize returns.
he already said he won't sell at subsidized price.

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 9:44pm On Apr 07
Dear southern e-warriors, there is absolutely no need to fight each other over 2023. We should all work towards a southern presidency irrespective of party and ethnic group. PDP can present an Igbo candidate while APC presents a Yoruba candidate. It can even be vice versa. At the end of the day, a southerner will emerge as president and we all have a duty to support whoever emerge as president. All these anti-south west thread must stop. We Yorubas are not opening anti-Igbo threads all over the place. Stop the bigotry and start strategizing towards 2023. I’m 100% sure PDP and APC will present southern presidential candidates. Let’s stop glorifying the isolated and misguided speeches of some few irrelevant northerners.
lol na now you dey talk this one... is this not what I HAD been saying in my previous threads where you joined your brothers to call it propaganda and conspiracy theory lol... now that you are beginning to see that there might be some elements of truth, you are changing tune. ANyway, it is better late than never lol.

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 9:42pm On Apr 07

Shut up jare! Una don turn northerners to deities. They enjoy it sef. They stay back, silent and unbothered....then they come out and speak some irrational nonsense....the whole Southeast panic and rush to internet to open threads and glorify the spewed thrash. ....and these are people you label backward. They control your emotions over there in East.
mschwwwww... we are talking of preparing for whatever they are planning this one is still talk like the mumus from previous threads lol.
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 5:31pm On Apr 07

You don't have the iota of IQ in Keyamo's brain. Not even an infinitesimal amount
hahahhahaha.... Most of you apc members have no conscience that is why you talk anyhow thinking you are attacking people with opposing views not knowing you are doing yourself in the long run. When atiku and saraki were against gej, they only thought they were doing him ONLY... Today, we know where they are. Your time will. Come bro. Chill.
Business / Re: [PHOTO] Dangote, Otedola, Meet Buhari As Elumelu Invests $2.5m In Power Sector by Quorax: 4:38pm On Apr 07
We should aspire to be like these men. They didn't get there by their own but by association, going to conferences...meeting and all that.


Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 4:04pm On Apr 07

You don't become a SAN with an empty brain and no balls. Both are SANs
Festus keyamo is also a SAN... Talk another nonsense...
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 4:02pm On Apr 07
do u realize there is something called general acceptability? all those u mentioned as igbo strong men, aside from the east, which other place do people know them? what is their relationship with men from other tribes? I pray pdp fields an igbo man n let's see how they will die a natural death. but d last time I checked u people have apga now, y don't u develop it to a national party like tinubu developed acn to apc? y must it b pdp n apc? if u are as strong as claimed test your strength with apga cos I know pdp will not b that stupid to give igbo ticket cos it means automatic win for the other party. u have to swallow the bitter pill n accept d fact that no igbo person dead or alive is marketable in Nigeria election.

Why didn't tinubu develop acn as is, instead of merging? Lol joker
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 3:58pm On Apr 07
no major news site carrier it. It was also reported in the past. Visa free indeed
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 3:55pm On Apr 07

Atiku did not win in SW, the PDP votes reflected local politics e.g. In Oyo people just wanted to get rid of Ajimobi. An Igbo presidential candidate will lose embarrassingly. And come to think of it, who exactly can the Igbos present? Please don't mention Kalu or Obi, please.
kalu no but Obi yes...or Soludo
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 3:53pm On Apr 07
lol.who is very popular among the igbo or is it okorocha greedy man?...Okorocha really destroyed the chances of the igbo becoming the president...
igbos will not even vote for okorocha if apc fielded him... Fact! So he was of no use. Soludo /Obi will do great.
Politics / Re: 2022: APGA Zones Governorship To Anambra South by Quorax: 2:06pm On Apr 07
Anambra and Enugu have nothing in common. We are worlds apart. That is why Anambra people lobbied the Babangida government to pull us out of the unproductive union with our wawa neighbours. You can see how rapidly Anambra has developed since we shoved aside those backward people. Then for Bianca, her husband who made her to become Anambrarian is no more, so she reverts back to being enugu.
You are an idiot for calling Enugu people backward... you are disgrace to igbos. tomorrow, you will say Igbos are one, bloody fool!
Politics / Re: 2023: Power Shift To South ‘Non-Negotiable’ - APC Secretary by Quorax: 1:57pm On Apr 07
it is the PDP that will not Honour it. This I am sure of. Come 2023 the PDP will sell the ticket to the north because their presidential ticket has always gone to the highest bidder since 2003.
Why didn't APC field a Southerner in 2015? iranu!
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Blasts Churchill After She Was Accused Of Selling His Car (Pics) by Quorax: 1:54pm On Apr 07
99% of all so called Nigerian celebrities are broke people just managing to survive but using social media to hype their broke images, yes I speak with authority knowing most of them in reality angry

The only few Nigerian celebrities doing well are:

1.) Wizkid (he should thank His God he went international and luckily entered American showbiz market

2.) Davido; family wealth + little international penetration

3.) Don Jazzy; his business sense saved him

4.) Psquare before their separation

5.) Flavor; his local shows, thanks to rich Igbos

6.) Genevieve Nnaji

7.) Linda Ikeji; the richest of them all

8.) E-money

9.) Tiwa Savage; thanks to Wizkid's help

Majority of others are struggling, so don't let their showoff online deceive you, focus on whatever you are doing with joy, you are better than most of them

I am among those that knows they are not as rich as they assume. Even davido sometimes over hype his wealth and we know it.

But tonto own too much. I do not blame her, na Churchill I blame. He forked up big time. There are some women you should NEVER allow to get hold of your sperm, NEVER! Tonto is a typical example of that kind of woman who should have been allowed to roam the earth childless

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 1:15pm On Apr 07

GEJ was an anomaly. We all gave him a shot in 2011. Southern unity votes for the first time ever! He was too weak to stay in office and had more interests getting drunk and paying everyone to remain.

OBJ effed up. He should have picked Donald Duke to be VP rather than ineffectual guy he thought he could control. Of course both Yaradua and GEJ blew up in his face and we had to correct course after the disaster.
The OBJ part is also part of what we are suffering today. He wanted someone he could control but I am glad that he too is leaking his wounds

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 12:47pm On Apr 07
the same IQ u we dey talk about u self dey show lack of it. Mexicans are having hard time entering usa na ghana go come be visa free Learn to use ya brains abeg
Okay, if you say so. Can you post a source to debunk this?

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 12:35pm On Apr 07
i was not among the people o. I told pplr back then una no hear. A friend even insulted me. In 2016 his company crashed and he got laid off. I just dey laugh
A lot of people will still lose their jobs... just wait bros. Few weeks ago, a Chinese company I am dealing with have told us they are leaving Nigeria for Ghana or Zambia. Imagine Ghana that is not bigger than Lagos oo.. see screenshot below.


Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 12:14pm On Apr 07
with his phd did GEJ sound in charge With all the looting going on then. He even lost as an incumbent. Buhari showed him how it was done even with his failure
Everybody has flaws... is Buhari really in charge now? really? can you compare what you enjoyed then and now? can you insult buhari without being arrest? abeg, admit it that we forked up big time by removing the man.

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 11:32am On Apr 07

We'll actually get more progress when a higher IQ leader takes charge. We have a higher probability that someone from the south will have an enlightened brain devoid of a retrogressive religious interpretation.
Now you have stated the obvious and the South have always been the ones who produce this kind of president but why didn't your people allow GEJ continue instead of working with the North to bring in Buhari? Today, we all are suffering for that mistake... Nigeria can not even boast of any tangible progress since 2015.

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Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 11:27am On Apr 07
if u vote northerner or southerner. U will still not have light, roads will be bad, health care will be crap. So wetin concern me
My brother, God bless you.
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 11:25am On Apr 07
All Southerners are morons. They all claim to be wiser than the Northerners but fight and kill themselves over Northerners. You are all mad. How many people died in the North in last election? How many died in Rivers. You are all stupid idiots. Keep attacking yourselves like savages and watch how the North will keep enslaving you all. PMB and Atiku are Fulani brothers.
Exactly bro...
Politics / Re: South West, Is This Still A Propaganda? by Quorax: 11:03am On Apr 07

The first person that said that was Yakassai, PA to Ganduje.

After him, Bashir Ahmed, Buhari's aide reiterated the same thing.

A renowned clergy is Zaria said the same thing.

Shettima, President of AYCF, a coalition of all the youth associations in the 19 northern states and the youth arm of the ACF, said it clearly that they are presenting another candidate.

Lawal from Adamawa said openly that the North intentionally ceded some strategic states to PDP to retain power in 2023.

An ex-SGF and Buhari's campaign coordinator for NE equally said the same thing.

Junaid Mohammed, a notable northern politician and the running mate to Donald Duke's ill-fated presidential campaign also said the same thing and you guys are busy denying it like a typical yoruba man that can't confront problems squarely.

They have always been denying it...

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Politics / Re: NERC: Nigerians To Pay N36,000 And N67,000 For Electricity Meters by Quorax: 9:33am On Apr 07
All these one una dey talk na story. Meter still won't be available... Watch.


Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 9:16am On Apr 07
I impacted people who register in my company to lean industrial technical work practically and we have many graduated people outside there practicing on their own .secondly you are eating ewedu ,Amala and you buy things to eat from Aboki yet comment on them as your enemies who don't have any meaningful good things in culture and product .shame
lol good you are impacting. That is what matter most.... Good luck in your endeavours bro
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Mocks Tinubu's 2023 Presidential Ambition by Quorax: 9:11am On Apr 07

Forget Nairaland online warrior, offline my friends are igbos same as many, we are actually like the only southern cousins that has never had a fight in real history, we fought side by during civil war with yorubas in both camps. In as much as 2023 am rooting for fashola or osinbajo if Okonjo picks the form today am supporting her party
I would prefer osibanjo o. Fashola seems overrated jare.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Mocks Tinubu's 2023 Presidential Ambition by Quorax: 9:00am On Apr 07

oga! they both reach out to themselves, APC is formed from ACN(Tinubu's party) and CPC(Buhari party). Buhari arm of the party has done theirs, it remain Tinubu's arm. All the SW need in 2023 is Buhari support, that is enough.

u all u should keep ur inconsequential 5% votes and stop blabbing, North are not power hungry like u think, if they are they would av voted Atiku, that is sure of another 8 years, and I respected them more in the governship election, it shows they are not like the east that vote anything PDP, even if monkey is the flag bearer.

Again, keep ur support. pls.
who made the first move? Yeah, we keeping it real.


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