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Celebrities / Re: Regina Daniels Shows Her Cooking Skill, Prepares Okro Soup by Quorax: 7:39pm On Dec 08, 2019
Wrong title for the thread.

Correction: Regina Daniels preparing to offer sacrifice to her ancestors.
grin grin grin grin grin

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Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 2:09pm On Dec 08, 2019
. Seems you are just a proud person. So fast to praise your self and quick to condemn every other fellow... Everyone but you is not good enough and can't be good in their choose field. Truth be told, many graduates ( non Nigerians inclusive) can't replicate their good grades in real life application, a whole lot are however, doing wonders. Why are you so convinced that this lady belong to the former...Why not give her a benefit of doubt. You might have seen many first class graduate who know next to nothing in their fields, so you said. However, I'm sure you ve not met a perfect first class graduate who knows next to nothing in his/her field. The lady in question is not just the regular first class. She graduated with a perfect CGPA. That means she had only As - and no single B- throughout her program. Why not give such a person a benefit of doubt and allow her prove us wrong. I' m not saying she must be practically good to attained such wonderful feat. But is certificate (result) a prove of lack of practical knowledge in her area of study? For your information Mechanical Engineering is quite different from the normal road side mechanics you know that fix car and generator engines. I don't need to be one to know that Mechanical Engineers every where in the world don't fix cars. One don't need to be able service a vehicle or even use a spanner to be a very good Mechanical Engineer. Again, that you are into street hustle as you claimed, doesn't mean every one should be in. Many are making wonders in their various fields with the knowledge and skills gained in school. They don't challenge you to go and compete with them. So, why must every one drop their certificates, career etc to go compete with you in the street? Who then attend to our health need? Everyone can't be a street hustler. We need good economists to plan our economy. We need Good lawyers to defend us. We need good doctors to attend to health challenges. Your street hustle can't manage our health. You actually made so many points which do not count but I want to here.

I did not downgrade the lady. The only thing I said is she MAY not know how to code... And may means probability under this context...because I have never met her, it was not a statement of certainty.

I never said her first class is fake, I never said she used sex to obtain them.

I have friends who graduated with distinctions and I was having same until I lost my only parent and that destabilised me.

But that olarge and his crew were just rambling about grade as if it's the ultimate. It's the reason I had to remind his likes that academically outstanding folks voted a Buhari in this same country, many of them overseas.

If you analyze my comment, you will see I am actually harping on being SKILLFUL.

Trust me, out there, a highly skilled 3rd class will disgrace you and your first class.

Degrees are only used to screen people during recruitments in this part of the world.

At least a friend shared story of a lady who got job right here in Nigeria, while the company is outside Nigeria and that means she would be working from home.

She needed a job and took her problem outside, a case where had it been in Nigeria, they would frustrate with degree.

I am not proud, quite far from it.

As for street hustle, I enjoy what I do. I enjoy identifying problems within the society, including ones people on here complain about, do something to solve it and cash out. That is the summary of how I live my life.

This kind of life is not taught in school, even till this day and its not for the faint hearted.

My thirst for knowledge and inquisitive mind led me to it.

But I have to admit not everyone is cut out for this kind of life...

Every spheres of establishment in the world is a business center, whether you admit this or not. Some people sit on chairs everyday, press their PC and get paid but there are another set within that same company who make sure you get paid at the end of the month, they go out to get contracts, they risk, they negotiate, they bid... They compete.

What sounded like pride to you is a case of me being practical. School life is different from outside world and your grammar will fail you if you are not smart.

And while those guys tried to make me run with my tails between my legs, I await the day they can plant knowledge on nairaland for people to use to sustain themselves pending when they get a better option, to pay school fees, start small transport biz, get additional source cash stretching over 5 years for guys who stumbled on my foundational info etc like we do at the business section, but not under this handle.

My health? I still live with the damage a supposed doctor(probably a first class) caused me when I was in secondary school, experiencing relapses every now then 2016-2017 I was not myself, by 2018 I had to accept my fate, and you know how much that cost me? But I live like nothing happened.

All the best to you guys.
Politics / Re: If You Were Opportuned To Choose A President For Nigeria, Who Would You Pick? by Quorax: 6:58pm On Dec 07, 2019
I will pick beans undecided
best answer.

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Politics / Re: Bob Menendez Condemns Sowore's Rearrest by Quorax: 8:28am On Dec 07, 2019
Until Nigerians quit fighting back from the comfort of their homes behind keypads, the government can never be enlightened that power belongs solely to its citizens. And only then can the masses realize how much power they wield as things play out.

Now take a look at the massive protests going on in South America for over 2 months now. South Americans who happened to find themselves under the same shackles of poor leadership as Africans, but have fiercely refused and rebuked it consistently over the decades.

The recent protests started in their most developed country - Chile since October, over inequality, lack of opportunities and government's inability to distribute wealth and social services. The protest had only began for 1 week, the president already panicked, sacked his ministers, reshuffled cabinets. The citizens demanded a new constitution and his resignation. Out of fear, a committee was immediately set up and they're seriously working on the new constitution to at least get the over 1.8 million people off the streets of the capital who have caused a total city shut down for over 6 weeks. And maybe calm them enough with the new constitution that gives them equal rights to participate in the economy so they might reconsider his resignation. That's a man who's scared cos he has been brought to light on the powers the citizens possess.

Bolivians followed suite in protests just about same time. Why? Because they believed their president rigged the election to re-elect himself. (Does it occur to anyone that these are the same damn things we experience but would just murmur about them over keypads for few days and it slowly dies off) Now the Bolivian President has resigned and fled to Mexico to seek asylum, CHASED OFF BY HIS OWN CITIZENS! And now they're planning on their new election. MASSES = RESULTS

Peruvians and Ecuadorians are also at it. While Peru came out in numbers to support their President in closing down a corrupt Congress, Ecuador citizens came out in numbers to pressure their President over removal of gasoline subsidy. And as expected, they're all getting results and not backing down until all requests are fulfilled.

Moral lesson:
No matter how authoritarian or totalitarian a government thinks it is, fact remains that no government on earth can cope with a total shut down with millions of citizens on the streets making serious demands in one voice.

Never compare a countries with a single language and another with over 200 languages.

They are not same.


Politics / Re: Sowore: Falana Tells NBA To Discipline Osinbajo, Other Lawyers In Cabinet by Quorax: 7:36am On Dec 07, 2019
Which stupid discipline? I bet it is the audio one

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Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 2:50am On Dec 07, 2019
Oh lawdy lawdy... So I was wrong to assume this was done and over with grin You always have no time for my epistles yet will respond with an equally long one. How mentally decrepit can you get? grin

In all sincerity it is your ability to appreciate things in context that is grossly in question. "May?" How about this, I'm invited to the naming ceremony of your child and I tell the other guests the child MAY not be yours. grin or I'm a guest at your wedding ceremony and announce to the other guests the bride MAY be a retired olosho. I guess both contexts should sit well with you after all I've left the margin for doubt. I may be wrong. grin
You have by saying all you just said rubbished any claim you may have to common sense. Some things are not said in some contexts period. You come to a thread created to celebrate someone's stellar academic performance and start spewing she may not be skilled blah blah.. Old man your age obviously comes with abject lack of wisdom.

One minute you claim I'm still sucking mama's titties, mama is still feeding me, the next I should drop my certificate. I tell you say I get? grin Biko allow me to keep breastfeeding in peace grin

This is superstoryyyyyyyy.... aren't you tired of all this worn out unverifiable bullcrap you keep putting out here? This is an anonymous forum. Even Dangote can be rubbished here unless he's willing to discard the garb of anonymity. You won't do that. I won't do that. Common sense should dictate to you to drop that obtuse line of argument. These audio claims ain't earning you no points on here. Be smart enough to at least recognize that.

So genius and positive decisions are mutually exclusive in your world ba? Sir with all due respect you are incapable of deductive reasoning. Those guys you mentioned exercised their civic responsibilities by voting APC and used their established platforms to give their chosen candidates the edge they could muster cos they saw him as a better of 2 evils. How does that even question the soundness of their intellectual sagacity? Trump emerged in US. How will you interpret that? grin

This banter is getting stale by the way but of course a mama's boy like me has all the time to straighten out a confused, hating old man like you.
I repeat for emphasis:

Confused hating? Dude you write too much and you don't want to accept reality.

You think you can actually match me out there? I don't have time for your foolery.

You talked about first class ask me to apologise. You must be demented to even go down that path.

Your Nobel winner has gone mute when it matters most, your Falana, a SAN was manhandled in court but he was among those that brought a tyrant to power.

And this dolt think he can talk about first class.

I stopped taking you grammarians serious long time ago cos most of you are useless to this country. If it were epistles and dictions as a yardstick to measuring intelligence and logical standing, I am sure Nigeria will be better than it is today.

A bunch of you can't survive intense grilling when it matter most.

Talking about unverifiable bullcrap, u expect me to come with with proof yet you have not proven whether your girl codes despite all you have written.

All we see so far is that she is brilliant, she smart, she is this, nobody is disputing that. We are talking about practical demonstrations you are giving us stories.

We have a bunch of mechanical engineers who can't fix their car engines or generator sets but need wasiu that speaks just yoruba to save them.
Politics / Re: Buhari Commissions Transport University In Daura, Amaechi, Ganduje, Masari Seen by Quorax: 8:30pm On Dec 03, 2019
Trash location. That uni will suffer as a result of its location.
northerners will attend
Fashion / Re: Veronika Didusenko, Miss Ukraine Banned By Miss World For Being Single Mum by Quorax: 5:59pm On Dec 03, 2019
This is rubbish
Politics / N-power Stopped ? by Quorax: 5:57pm On Dec 03, 2019
Is it true that N-Power people have not been paid? the set used to win elections?

Politics / Re: IPOB Members Killed 2 Policemen In Anambra - Police React (Graphic Photos) by Quorax: 9:36pm On Dec 02, 2019
Return match go brutal..

We will see where chest beating would lead Ipob to
You will think Igbos will stand off and watch that happen? E go do una like film trick when guerrilla tactics will be implemented such as ambushing them one by one when they are alone.
Politics / Re: Buhari At The Site Of University Of Transportation In Daura, Katsina by Quorax: 4:05pm On Dec 02, 2019

Well I wish you best of luck.

But I hope you consider better countries. If you have a master degree it’s almost 90% sure that you will get into USA coz their student visas are actually guaranteed when you apply for PhD.

If you have an undergraduate degree, you can apply for masters here in USA and admission is guaranteed even without GRE or TOEFL. But the main issue is that the visa chances for masters student continue to decline since Trump took over except if funding can appear on your student I20 document.

I bet you, coming to USA for schooling above undergraduate level will be a better decision than moving to another African country as an entrepreneur (unless if you have lot of capital) which more or less are just a lil better or even worse than Nigeria.

Note: Try the Nairaland student visa section thread, you will get a lot of info on there. I travelled couple of years back through that thread before I started wasting my time on the politics section.

Alright, thank you. I appreciate.

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Politics / Re: Buhari At The Site Of University Of Transportation In Daura, Katsina by Quorax: 3:51pm On Dec 02, 2019

Well to start with. I’m not in Nigeria but I love my country and contributing my quota to its development from where I am.

I can’t even remember the thread you’re talking about. Can you send me the link to the thread?

Lol, calm down. Even if you’re gonna travel why not try a better country instead of all these African countries where the hustle is still thesame like it was in Naija?

I am more of an entrepreneur than just a traveler that is why.

There a few African countries that can make me achieve favorable economic strides than Nigeria that kills everything in its path.

Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Quorax: 2:53pm On Dec 02, 2019
hello sir, pls can you teach me the gift card business? i have only 20k to start a business, can i dm you? thanks in advance
it's saturated already.

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Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Quorax: 2:53pm On Dec 02, 2019

you self dey snub person
u see am abi? That is Nigeria's idea of success and progress. They fear competition die.
Politics / Re: Buhari At The Site Of University Of Transportation In Daura, Katsina by Quorax: 2:52pm On Dec 02, 2019

Why do you keep referring to that thread as a weapon of words. I did not rubbish your thread, I just hate it when people are trying to pass their information with blame game and half truth.

You can’t say your seeking unity by trying to paint some people in bad light while you make the other people the good guy. You should know everyone is guilty in this game.

This will be almost the third time that you’ll mention this, and replying you back calmly should let you know that I’m your friend rather than your enemy.

Ahan... When I held off for so long that day, you thought I was stupid until I could no long tolerate your nuisance.

Now you are speaking gibberish.

Whether u like it or not, the foundation has been created such that it will only get worse from here onward.

I will check out the best African country to move to in 12 to 24 months time.

You all can eat your Nigeria in peace
Politics / Re: Buhari At The Site Of University Of Transportation In Daura, Katsina by Quorax: 1:53pm On Dec 02, 2019
Everything structure in this country is situated in the North just in case of any breakaway they will stand strong.. Nigeria is due for separation
people like LegendHero, who rubbished a thread cos of the current northern affiliation, calling for united South should carry on.

When it's time, every sector will not be spared for the calamity that will before them.
Business / Re: What Is Your Worst Business Investment And How Much Did You Lose? by Quorax: 2:12pm On Nov 28, 2019
Some one should do a rejoinder to this thread.

Let's talk about our best business deals and how much we made from it.
since you came up with the idea, how about you take the lead hy creating it and reference this one as reason for creating it so that mode can take it to front page to garner viewership wink


Crime / Re: Mompha Arrives In Court Over Money Laundering Charges by Quorax: 1:16pm On Nov 25, 2019
All those that have been envying him and feeling oppressed by his show offs aren't envying this now o.

This life create your own targets, achieve them and be content and happy.

Never look at the next man and ask God why.
Just tell us u are into Yahoo and stop the Motivational bullshiiit
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Extremely Stingy. Should I Be Worried? by Quorax: 12:12pm On Nov 25, 2019
the reason you wrote this is because you don't have much. if she is a good person despite this, then marry her. Actually, you are the provider in the family. How come i never see rich men complain of stingy women?


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Extremely Stingy. Should I Be Worried? by Quorax: 12:04pm On Nov 25, 2019
There's this lady I've been dating for two years now. We happen to be members of the same church and I ought to have taken the relationship to the next level by getting my parents to her place for our introduction last month but I had a rethink and postponed our introduction due to an issue that might cause problem in the future

I noticed my girlfriend is the stingy type. When I mean stingy, it's on the high side. Assuming she's just averagely stingy I wouldn't really be bothered but this is gross.

I work as a bank teller (contract staff) and my salary isn't really much while she works in Shoprite. Even from the little I earn, I'm always sensitive to her needs and I tip her whether she's stranded or not since I love her but how can I explain being with a lady for two solid years and I've never for once received any gift no matter how little it is? Not even something as little as toothbrush or hair cream

Initially, I didn't see this as a big deal probably because I grew up with the mentality that it's a taboo for a man to expect gifts or little support from his girlfriend when he's in dire need
but I've now grown to realize that "give and take" is one of the key elements of a good relationship

Even if I get stranded or go into debt, my girlfriend acts nonchalant and she'll be the
last person that will ever render a little financial assistance to help my situation. You might say I should sit her down and discuss about it. Yes I've already done that and I made her understand that I actually postponed our introduction for no other reason but because I'm still indecisive if I want to spend the rest of my life with a selfish woman but her response shows she takes pride in being stingy

I even used logic to whine her younger brother recently just to be sure if she's stingy to me alone but the boy confirmed it that her sister is very stingy. I decided to carry out my findings on her brother because I believe he should know her better.

You might want to talk about sex but my belief is that sex is just a mutual pleasure and does not define what a woman gives to you in a relationship especially a relationship that will lead to the altar

What's getting me worried is that we've come a long way but I don't want to end up with a selfish woman because it's written all over her that she cares so much only about her own well being

Please advice your fellow brother. Do I have a reason to be worried? I've been jumping a lagoon for a woman who can't jump a gutter for me especially when it comes to giving. Should I tolerate this level of stinginess from a woman simply because I'm a man?

P.S: I'm still with her because she has other good traits

Please pardon my typos. I wrote this in a hurry

89%of Nigerian girls are like that. It's a disease.
Politics / Re: Alhassan Doguwa: Speaker Sent Me Official Cars After My Election Nullification by Quorax: 10:09am On Nov 25, 2019
Sometimes silent is golden.
cos u want him to keep shut so that people do not know what is going on.

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Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 6:41am On Nov 25, 2019
I'm glad you found it easy to identify yourself therein and wear the odious cap that fits you so perfectly.
The same you that said this on a thread meant to celebrate a worthy daughter of Nigeria.

is the same 2-faced double-talking you that went on to say this
Your attempted lame spin on it can only impress your hating ilk.
You are a bitter, double-faced hater.
You claim age but the wisdom to enable you understand you don't rain on another's parade is grossly lacking.
If you have issues with the Nigerian academic system there are 1,001 threads available to rant your life away
Who is the lady you were referring to Mr Employer? Someone you don't even know personally. Those that know her personally have already said all there is:

I have asked you several questions and as expected you've evaded them all. Please how long does it take to learn this coding that the best of graduating first class students could not have learnt it? Dey carry coding for head like say na gala. If she was your daughter and achieved this feat will you be leaking the pus coming out of your mouth that she can't code?
A vital essence of maturity is knowing what to say and when to say what to say. A simple commendation to her even before you started your inane rants would at least have been in order but an elder like you still needs to be schooled in basic decorum by we that are still sucking on mummy's titties grin
A nobody like you decides to rubbish Ebhomielen Ofure Mary's accomplishments with idiotic snide remarks and in the same breath starts bleating on your own audio self employment and logistics staff and all what not. Who knows you? Who wants to know you? Who sends you? Mr Coder grin Walahi Basketmouth still dey learn work where you dey.
The sooner you start acknowledging the feats of others, the sooner others will likely give attention to anything about you.
As it stands, you remain what you are and ever will be..
You are a hater.
A hater. A bitter one at that. Chikena.
Everybody seeing this thread can easily identify that.
Your only saving grace will be to apologize for your irresponsible and careless remark and commend the genius that she is and that you'd never be.

Dude I am out there busting my ass and I have no time for your epistle. You can see the time I am responding to you after you wrote the above.

I will never apologise you forked up brain. So in all your English class, you don't even know what the "May" in context you quoted stand for?

You wrote a lot but still don't know what "may" stand for in excerpt you quoted"

I will take you serious if you can drop your cert and let's dig it offline, no cert, no connection... Just cold hard Street hustle. You will crumble in 2 weeks.

Those who have left school knows what I am talking about. It's a different world out there.

I have a friend with whom I implemented an idea with. He is not so lettered, but he is brave and courageous. There are tasks he can handle all your English can't in the world where nobody cares about your cert but what you can do.

Genius? undecided Nigeria has enough already. A certain Nobel Prize Winner in Person of WOLE Soyinka, Falana, SAN brought Buhari to power, a Buhari that has taken us back..

And this dunce is talking about genius... Geniuses that were part of people that threw the country into chaotic current state by supporting man that has nothing to offer.

Like I said, I am not your Nigerian that is impressed by paper qualifications.

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Family / Re: What My Wife Does Whenever We Have A Disagreement by Quorax: 4:07am On Nov 15, 2019
We got married in 2012 and ever since then we have been blessed with 3kids (3,boys).
I have a monthly upkeep of 130k for my wife as she only comes to our factory and goes home without doing much for the day aside taking care of kids and cooking.

I noticed that each time we have a misunderstanding, we both keep straight faces for days and she behaves as though she is less concerned to make up. It doesn't affect her chores or cooking as for me I hardly reject food served.

Now, after a couple of days, she would come for sex without wanting us to discuss and resolve the disagreement first.

Even when I feel rudely insulted, this happens. She feels whatever she does doesnt matter as long as Las Las na sex go end am. But I feel it's wrong and issues should be kept straight and fun time separate.

So we had same issues last week and we have been keeping straight faces yet I've been eating her food. Sometimes she joins me for mng prayers, sometimes she does her privately ( we do together before any misunderstanding)
So this mng she appeared stark nude to my room and demanded for sex after almost 15 days. I told her it would be unfair if we sweep the pass e events under the duvet. She got up and told me she wasn't ready to discuss any past misunderstanding that she came to f*uck. I told her I wasn't ready till issues are ironed out.

She taught it was business as usually as my John Thomas always disappoint me each time I see her nude but today I was ready to turn her down.

I Want to know if it's proper to always treat ur spouse the way you like knowing fully well that sex is their weak point for reconciliation?

Mature minds pls

Funniest shiit I have read in this section for a long while. grin

Oga, na better woman u marry jor. It means she doesn't carry grudges for long.

Don't be too hard on yourself.

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Politics / Re: Court Grants APC Right To Participate In Bayelsa Governorship Election by Quorax: 10:04pm On Nov 14, 2019

Am not a member of any party but Mr. Apc supporter mind you it was Heineken lokpobiri an APC member that went to court.
my brother, God go bless you. These people think it's everyone that is hungry like them to be dependent on party activities before they will feed.
Education / Re: Owolabi Habeebah Olayinka Graduates With A 7.0 CGPA From University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 7:56pm On Nov 14, 2019
In coming years, women will dominate a lot of sectors in Nigeria and across Africa.

I have done deals with some businesses I found on jiji and those that made me buy were women because they handle it perfectly.

Congrats to this lady and the other computer science first class graduate.
Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 4:13pm On Nov 14, 2019
Someone that can't simply be happy for the accomplishments of another suddenly forming detribalized entity
we know dem grin
lol. I just got back and saw this.

The joke is on you man...

You should have quoted me though.
Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 5:40am On Nov 14, 2019

That's a lie.. don't say what you are not sure of because you want to play the tribe cards. If you doubt, go to UNN, NAU, FUTO and do your findings. angry
don't mind them. They will be playing tribal politics to discredit the south east every damn time.

They feed on hearsay without leaving their mothers titties.

The ones that manage to leave and go to the east have a rather diverge view.

A client I recently got is a Yoruba man. During our interaction, I found out his views and mine about Nigeria are same.

I have to be honest with you, I found it hard to believe he is a yoruba man at first and I even told him his fellow Yoruba people will eat him cos of this. He said he does not care about what they think.

That same day(this past Sunday) I was assigned duty to join his team on a large project when he requested for something and I had the capacity to handle it. It's even the reason I am awake at this hour cos I will soon hit the road with my buddy.

I had to let him know my name and a few things about me. He did same too and told me he lived in the east. I exclaimed and echoed: "you lived in the east" ? He said yes, Owerri to be precise and that he visited there this year.

I was forced to tell him no wonder his views about Nigeria is very different from a typical Yoruba person.

Igbos go out to other regions, these people won't do same but would allow some persons to feed them lies. The next thing you will hear is igbos don't sell land to non igbos. Tell them to bring 5M so that you get them a land in the and you get dead silence.

Because most can't afford it, they assume igbos don't sell land to non indegenes. What they don't know is that land in the east is generally expensive.

I have visited almost all the states the south. I was planning to go North often but this insecurity there scare me. I will never call another man's land a useless place. Like an old neighbor would always say: no land is bad, it's the people in it that does the bad.

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Education / Re: Ebhomielen Ofure Mary Had 7.0 CGPA At The University Of Ibadan by Quorax: 12:40am On Nov 14, 2019

We haf heard.
Old man, Mr Coder, Mr Employer, Mr world problem solver traveling to somewhere that is none of our business... We have heard you.
Thanks for detailing all your achievements, we are more than impressed grin
We know you now grin
Your accomplishments speak volumes grin

Meanwhile Ebhomielen Ofure Mary we celebrate you and wish you everything you could ever wish yourself. The hardwork, discipline and consistency it took to achieve this can achieve practically anything in the world (even this coding that they're making to look like rocket science grin which I'm certain you have in the bag already).
I can only imagine how proud your parents are now. I stand with them to celebrate you.
You're the real slay Queen. Slayed mediocrity, indolence, laziness and a failing system. Continue to be a beacon of light to coming generations.
Peace out.


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