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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 5:08pm On Jul 07
Igbos and nigerdelta read this guys comment this is y yorubas do not criticise ruga because of future...
You see why they will never be trusted
Cc zikora1000 goodnessme1 immhotep adaibeku quorax
leave that headless chicken alone. I almost slapped an elderly Yoruba man in 2016 for talking rubbish until my guy sensed the tension in me and told the man to see him another time.

He started talking to my guy who wasn't politically informed and I could not stomach the bile of lies he was dishing out
Politics / Re: Nigeria: Country Of Backward North, Developing South – El-rufai by Quorax: 12:25pm On Jul 07
True talk cool
take Rufai serious and your own peril. Didn't Sanusi said same thing and they called for his head? Take the north serious on development at your own peril.
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 12:11pm On Jul 07

Nonsense. Do you know the way the modern world is heading? Protectionism, xenophobia and the insistence on blaming others , not like you, for your problems is not the way forward. Britain is in trouble today because of a rash decision the older generation made out of Xenophobia i.e brexit. The UK now risk becoming poorer, less relevant and less effective/respected in the world. What will dividing Nigeria achieve when we should simply accept there is strength in numbers and that we have to find a way to live together and work to our individual and regional endowment?

Long term solution to herdsmen menace is education for the North so illiteracy and savagery is eradicated. Short term, the adult illiterate and gun-totting Herdsman are here and we need to deal with that. Containment is a very viable option. What is the value of our superior educated masses in the South above that of the North if we want to be savages also resorting to primordial instincts? Leaders understand the need to accommodate every group as much as possible. We must find a permanent and lasting solution based around helping the North to develop her human resources with education. Stop blaming Buhari for everything and accusing him of being what he is not.

You call my words nonsense. Do you know what I have learned about fellow Nigerians, especially those in the South, education can become an epidemic if not followed with discretion.

You are proposing education for a people who does not want education, who take pride in their way of life. Who told they need your help? Again, your education is playing tricks on you... Until you will be consumed.

That was how an America went on a voyage in a forbidden Indian island, despite being warned by the Indian government to leave the people of that island alone. In his thoughts, he can tame them and convert them. He went and they killed him.

Why are you scared of dividing this country? Do you know there many small countries in the world doing bigger things than Nigeria today? Why are you scared of division?

Why are scared of going solo to guide your ancestral land? It is not like SW will suffer if they we all go our separate ways or that they will become the worst hit.. SW will thrive beyond her current state and become even bigger than she is now. She has the intellectual capacity to make that happen. Again, why are you scared of division?

Even the SE that some of you mock of being tiny land lock are not scared in comparison to you who claim to have everything that the South East do not have like the seaport and all, why are you scared? Is there something we are not aware of?

You are comparing yourself to Britain that enslaved you, you are comparing yourself who fed largely on our collective suffering as we experience in Nigeria of today. That is not wise analogy or comparison bro. Not wise at all.


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 11:46am On Jul 07

Clamoring for which war? Nigeria is already at war. What do you call the killings and kidnappings all over the SW by Fulanis extremists? People can no longer go to their farms for fear of being raped or slayed by them.
Stay there and immagine that you can pacify the adversaries. Your forefathers in Ilorin thought so too until it was late. Their mission in 18th century and today is still the same. He that has ears, let him hear.

They won't hear. Cos they are "accommodation" people lol

Another thing they have not yet realized is that these people drop hints even here on nairaland, though subtly lol

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 11:44am On Jul 07


It might happen soon.... Either via removal of fuel subsidy or something else.

I hope so. I was just telling someone few days ago that the only reason we do not protest in numbers is because we still have something to eat. When it really get messy, nobody will tell us not to do the needful
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 11:13am On Jul 07

That's the end solution...

How do we get there ... How do we nip this onslaught from spreading...
People are dying everyday, these guys are plundering ondo state now nothing is happening, they attacked Benue, nothing happened, Enugu nothing, even if they attack Lagos nothing would happen.
the issue is people in this regions need to rise against their leaders First. The problem I have with Nigerians is that they are not aware of the power of numbers.
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:59am On Jul 07

My issue about this case is they seem to be a mass hysteria, everyone want to believe the lie that government would do something or perhaps others would do something or perhaps OPC, Afenifere , Ohaneze would do something to stop the issue from escalating or at worst defend the people or provide arms.

But it is obvious this group don't know what to do, and no big man would provide arms for anybody.. Meanwhile The government is positioning itself, by appointn Fulanis in to top levels for the next level..

We are online "ranting" , some are foolishly blaming SW, Yoruba Moslems, some are in denial...

My question: Enough of the blaming , what is the way forward from here.

The solution is complete dissolution of power at the center. Either by restructuring or division of the country.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:58am On Jul 07

Oga, according to you, we are at war. Please give us your own solution to end this 'War' because all I see is Nigerians wanting to focus on the problems while very few are thinking of solutions.
you have been talking solutions since when? You see, the problem I have with folks like you is you think gentility will get you anything done in this country.

Nobody is saying Yorubas should start acting like igbos do. Nope. We are all unique in our own way but there times when you need to act drastically instead of pandering as if brewing storm will ease itself sooner... It will not.

The solution is either restructuring or division of he country. Simple.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:53am On Jul 07

Its kind of pathetic blaming someone for national misfortune... Tho somehow comforting to the mindless.

Tinubu owe nobody nothing....

He gambled on the wrong horse, that's life.

Our concern should be more about the future not the past...

good. Good.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:40am On Jul 07
LEAVE that guy... watch this video below. I am sure those drunkards whom you are educating do not know what is happening

while watching this video, incase you still doubt it, please pay attention to the rifle that has Nigerian Police paint on it.... cos I know a lot of you like to live in denial, no matter what. You might even say this video was not in NIgeria but what is Nigerian police gun doing in the hand of these men? The joke is on you!

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:34am On Jul 07
How did Tinubu connive with Buhari. You candidate lost and you start accusing people immaturely. Alliance isnt betrayal or connivance. Or did Tinubu promise Jonathan or PDP anything? I can't remember any such thing.
A MAN who truly want good for Nigeria would not have considered Buhari as the best CHOICE to work with. NOW see where it has led us all. He went to Buhari because of the cult following the devil enjoys in the north, thinking such cult following will help him when it is time... but to shock him, immediately Buhari "won" the second term, one dude stated on Twitter that there will BE NO BLOCK vote in 2023. I will find the screenshot and show you.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:29am On Jul 07
Let it be known to the Ibo that they can never dictate to yoruba how and when to leave the entity called Nigeria
Who is dictating? All Igbos are saying is that it is time to wake up and stop living in denial.. if you guys care so much about keeping Nigeria as one, then Buhari should have NEVER been allowed to get that seat.


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:27am On Jul 07

If only you can see, you would realize we are already at war.
Last month the ooni of ife declared fatwa on herdsmen, Last week some northern miscreant insulted Osibanjo and gave the govt 30 days ultimatum to implement ruga..

On the low, these herdsmen are kidnapping, stock piling guns..

People like OBJ, Theopholus Danjuma and Soyinka a creating awareness.

We already at war since, reason why people are surprise about current happenings is because they have never thought it would get to them
LEAVE that guy... watch this video below. I am sure those drunkards whom you are educating do not know what is happening


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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:22am On Jul 07
How can the Igbo that want Nigeria divided still support Atiku for president? The Igbo keep tagging The Yoruba as Yoruba moslems and Yoruba christians. The so-called Yoruba christians are also hated by the Igbo. We are all witnesses to Nnmidi kanu hate speech against pastorso of yoruba origin
It should have been any other Northernern than BUHARI. That man is too clannish. Was Yaradua not a fulani man? was he not? was he not from same Katsina? You tell me! Why didnt Tinubu go for a different Northernern if not for selfish intents and that intent of his will not happen! You can also mark my word on that.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:19am On Jul 07

Don't mind him. Who does not know the average Igbo male supports anything they feel will hasten the break-up of Nigeria? Now the new strategy is to run around blaming Yorubas for RUGA as if we do not have the right to look at that option as a viable solution to end Herdsmen, farmers and indigene clashes. Everybody is trying to seek solutions right now yet we all see the main ethnic group fanning the embers of war, playing the blame game and predicting the doom-and-gloom for Nigeria they are drooling to see. God will shame them again as he has always done. Mark that as Gospel truth.
do not bring God into this... I for one never saw the need of agitating for the division of Nigeria until 2016 when I began to see Buhari for his true colour. I had never shared that opinion to divide Nigeria since I was born, Buhari birthed that ideology in many of us.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:17am On Jul 07
Tinubu isn't as popular as that in West. Though he is a powerful politician there, he hijacks mandate and that doesn't merit the insult on all westerners.
A divided vote in 2015 and 2011 in Yoruba lands could have equally been interpreted as a betrayal by those who weren't favoured so stop getting too emotional. GEJ was a catastrophic failure and it will take a mad man not to see and admit that. Buhari too lost at a point in time and Yoruba's weren't blamed.
Tinubu wants to become president and that is why he connive with Buhari to unseat GEJ. GEJ was not perfect but he was never CLANNISH!

if you notice, Northerners hardly speak on a thread like this but you will see them in threads that has to do with South West fighting their own Southern brothers.. WHY? Yet see those morons think the North gives a fork about them.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:12am On Jul 07

You are the ignorant one. They say "War is sweet to those that never have experienced it" . So I implore you and your childish warmongering kinsmen, who never learn from history, to provoke another round of civil strife. We will see who will be worse off for it. Yorubas are trying to be mature and to look at all solutions possible and all you guys can contribute is childish behaviour because of your anti-Nigeria predisposition. When you then get what you are clamouring for , and there is chaos everywhere, we know you will run away to leave the likes of the Yorubas trying to negotiate a way forward.
You are foolish because I do not know what war is not currently killing you in this death infested country called Nigeria... if container does not kill you, building collapse will kill you, or DSS/Police will kill you, poor healthcare will kill, or bad road will kill you or tanker explosion will kill you and over 100 others on Otedola bridge while the government claim on 10 people died... fool, look around and see you are at war trying to survive...

which war are you even talking about when in reality everybody should be fighting for HIS REGION? Only a fool will choose to defend Nigeria again for the second time after those that did previously in the last civil war were HARDLY remembered for their sacrifice.

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:07am On Jul 07

Wonders shall never end. A dummy talking about "truth".
You have finally shown your real color as a frustrated Ipob licking his painful psychological wounds.
Instead of hiding behind RUGA to gain sympathy and fight ethnic battle. You should be brave enough to state your position.
I am not IPOB and I have never been but I am a bloody IGBO son, you can take that to the bank! Fool, you think you are wise...is it IPOB that threatened the entire country for resistance of RUGA? If it were them now, you mouth and hand will be running like diarrhea

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 10:03am On Jul 07


Saudi is really loosening up on conservatism. Good for them.
Google it bro.. the news is everywhere.
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:42am On Jul 07
Some of you should be confined to Yaba left permanently.
I can't believe a human will write such a foolish post and be proud to share it.
The most foolish people on earth are those who know the truth but ignore it. Whether you like it or not, Nigeria's end is not too far. Whether you like it or not, it will HAPPEN. NOTHING will stop it.


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:36am On Jul 07
If you are looking for alliance or team up , pls count south west out of it. Fear them o. Today, they are with you, the next, they are with the Fulanis. The only alliance I want is the old eastern region and the middle belt abi na pandef. As for the Yorubas, trust them at your own peril
There are a lot of Yorubas who are against Tinubu led group... they speak against buhari, so not all of them are in support of what is happening. There was an interview I watched last year, i can't remember the name of the man, a yoruba man... he decimated Buhari and his agenda and if not for visuals, you will think it was an igbo man speaking on radio/audio, going by the vigour with which is tabled his points and all were spot on. Unfortunately, a large number of Yorubas do not see how Tinubu is leading them to the slaughter house...


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:31am On Jul 07

Of course, for other tribes in the country.

For yoruba moslems, it is Islam before the South. Go and read the open letter by Egbe Omo Oduduwa to Yoruba moslems.

Anyway, I never meet any yoruba moslem wey condemn RUGA
Only a coward will deny his root over a borrowed religion... Saudi Arabi just invited Nicki Minaj to perform grin grin grin grin grin, in the home of Islam, LWKMD

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Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:28am On Jul 07
Early Sunday morning its this hateful poo you have to offer. So you guys eat sleep and dream Yoruba lolz

All the energy that you're wasting on Yoruba is because you're too weak to face your real enemies because Southwesterners never massacred your people in any riot or disturbance.

Its still the same Yoruba that will fight them off and defending the entire south. Or was it not a Yoruba state that first promulgated anti grazing laws which other southern states adopted.

The enemy knows you guys are pushovers thats why they were bold enough to propose armed Fulani guards in your region. Thats why they kill your people and you do nothing.

Only a crazy person would pray for fire on his neighbours house not caring that the fire would also catch his own house.
Olu Falae and other yorubas that was raped is Igbo abi? do not wake from your slumber...


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:26am On Jul 07

Shut the eff up and leave Yorubas alone. You lot are insane. Yorubas are simply being practical in search of permanent solutions to a serious problem while you guys remain childish saboteurs who can only pour Kerosine on the fire in a time of National crisis because you patently hate Nigeria and Nigerians. Trust me, no one will forget this and they will take it into account always in future when you come with your silly claim that power must be handed to the SE. You are displaying symptoms of paranoia and Schizophrenia. Your silly talk of 'Fulanisation' of Nigeria, same as your now discredited talk of Jibrin from Sudan, and your frolic with Namdi Kanu, shows you Igbo guys as mentally unstable and not fit to be reckoned with when solutions are being sought to serious problems troubling our Nation.
moroon, who give a rat ass about your myopic syndrome or does that negate the fact that what igbos have been saying is the truth about Buhari?... bloody fool. still living in denial even when the truth is staring him in the face... what do you call that? cowardice... You are a coward!


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 9:24am On Jul 07
Quorax, be guided, only yoruba moslems support RUGA and they are still pushing it as of today including their moslem king, Alaafin of Oyo.

So, don't juxtapose yoruba moslems and Yoruba Christians, they are entirely two different things.

One is hateful and anti-south while the other is accommodating and pro-south.
I disagree with you on this. It may be the case but not entirely. Do not forget that in case of ethnicity vs religion, ethnicity will be first before religion as a determinant of whatever decision an average Nigerian takes...

so,i do not buy what you are saying.


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 8:30am On Jul 07
Part of our solution is to Boycott Beef. To stop eating beef and beef products. No suya, no meat pie, no kpomo, no shaki. But we eat goat and can put it in pie like Asun pie, and eat chicken, snail, fish etc.
the most best solution is to start rearing your own cattle in your state. That is the solution. We can even import better breeds.


Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 8:29am On Jul 07

My friend, what has happened is unfortunate. Osinbajo a PROFESSOR! and so-called PASTOR is the worst traitor. But now we must look to the future and plan for it. Most Yoruba want their own Oduduwa. It is only very few of them that are helping RUGA but those few are powerful ones among them. With our eyes on the future, the message is for the SW, SS, SE and MB to unite in one purpose under Ohanaeze, Afenifere, PANDEF and Middle Belt Forum who are soon going to have a rally. Let us be united in all of the South and MB and put away our anger from ourselves. NONE of the tribes of South or MB would ever kill and destroy like the Fulani are doing. We, are the INDIGENOUS people of this Nigeria, but Fulani are just a settler people and their cruelties will be stopped. Even some Hausa, because Hausa are indigenous people, are waking up and have seen that their kindness in allowing Fulani to settle has made them to become Almajiris in their own lands, and the settler people, the Fulani have become their rulers. It is all quite pitiful. But let us as South and MB remain united in our purpose.

Thank you bro. May God bless you.
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 7:57am On Jul 07
The real people crying and wailing is the south west,

Gani Adams

These ones has been wailing more than Bob marley and the wailers grin

OBJ own na him sweet me pass. I learned a lot from GEJs composure and ways of handling his betrayal. If your conscience is clean and you mean well for the people that attack you... Say no words, just leave them and watch your spirit go fight for you.


Sports / Re: Okocha Reacts To Super Eagles 3 - 2 Win Over Cameroon by Quorax: 7:52am On Jul 07
The Ref wey handle the match na goat. He made lots of awful decisions. He was so aggressive n illogical as well.
I think say na only me see am.
Politics / RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 7:48am On Jul 07
I want to thank the South West for aiding the the agenda of Buhari and his fulani tribe. You can deny it all you want but what is currently happening is a stain you will forever be remembered for.

Because of your anger towards and innocent man, you betrayed your own Southern brother. You chose a clannish and evil Buhari over a man who never threatened to collect your land.

I am just praying and hoping that the north will carry out their threat as promised and let's see if Nigeria will survive another civil war.

Tinubu has gone mute... Let that bastard come and take the presidency and see.

You all called for the killings in the South East, you cheered, you celebrated and jubilated when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested..

You want to become the next president through Tinubu and that was why you didn't care about the deaths, the suffering of people. What did the Nigerian people do to you to deserve this kind of thing?

Your Buhari is so determined to empower Fulani in stealing lands than he is in creating jobs, boosting economy. Every now and then he comes up with a different name, brandish as a panacea from cattle, colony to open grazing and now RUGA and was even willing to bribe governors billions.

Today, Nnamdi Kanu's words has come to pass...

You call igbos hate or child of hate, but you never sit down to ask yourself why does a child cry so often. No child cries without something causing it. You never sit down to ask yourself to understand the undertone.

Call this wailing, but you can not negate the fact that something ominous is brewing in the north and circle of Bubaris crew. You can not shake off the fact that there is a Real agenda... All these were same thing Igbos have been talking and screaming but call them hateful... You called him mad man just as many called fela a mad man.

You will never understand the ways of igbos because they don't take things too gentle, neither do they know how handle issues calmly. Na as e dey do dem for body na him dem dey scratch the body... It doesn't mean they don't mean well.

Now if this country had been divided, would this Northerners have had the temerity to threaten you or try to claim your land?

I saw a respected Yoruba brother write on Facebook saying the North doesn't know that it's the Yoruba that is holding Nigeria cos if they say they no longer interested other southerners will inevitably and immediately give their consent.

I know he spoke the belief of Yoruba cos I have read those same words on nairaland.

That is bullshit and a stupid talk to me.. Keeping holding the country for what? For good health care, abi jobs, or good roads, human right? I ask!

Tell your bastard Tinubu to become the next president and let's see!

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Politics / Re: The Way Igbos Settle In The North, So Shall RUGA Allowed In South by Quorax: 7:24am On Jul 07
I'm here waiting for the consequences of Ruga settlement cancellation. shocked
it will consume you and your family first before reaching innocent Nigerians who didn't bring this calamity called Buhari...

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TV/Movies / Re: Mike Edward And Perri Shakes-Drayton Wedding Pictures Before BBNaija by Quorax: 2:31pm On Jul 02
Na those wey go for audition I pity.

They have used their money to pay for actors that will give the show high follower-ship across countries, and same time used part of the proceeds to build the house the housemates are currently residing
It is business... it is scam just like your Buhari is a scam and you too... a hypocritical scammer grin grin

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