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Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 8:11pm On Jul 21

You just just love to make yourselves too important, what do you mean by kick asses, you’ve been licking the asses of the PDP since 1999, they just always use and dump you without finding any Igbo worthy of the presidency all those 20 years. Wake up bro, Southwest do not care about the Igbos, it’s all politics, you have to form alliance because no region is an island.

Your main problem is that you make sure you destroy the name of any one associated with opposing parties, even if they are Igbos. How then do you think Obi will win in a free and fair election without the necessary alliance?

As for the Southwest, it’s not your business whether a Yoruba contest for the presidency or not, and we will not depend on you for the vote, just sit back relax and project for the northerner as usual in PDP and leave Southwest to its game.


ok.. we shall see
Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 6:51pm On Jul 21
I think they should give the Igbos a chance at the presidency also, but they have to bring out someone that is acceptable to the country and can get support from both the SW and the North.

It might be Kalu, Okorocha, Ngige e.t.c., but the main issue here is that the Igbos do not seems to like these guys and they might even lose their region if they contest. I know the Igbos wanted Biafra but they have to fully participate in the interim before that is actualized.

As per Tinubu, he will make a good president because he knows how to select the best people and great minds to work for him irrespective of ethnicity. He brought out some of the best talents this country ever had, and I am 100% sure he will be better than Jonathan and Buhari combined.

Either way, God bless Nigeria.
You are right... we do not like those names you mentioned because they are sell out. We do not lick asses and the way those names have romanced Buhari who killed our people is ONE of the reasons...

Plus, we have Soludo or Peter Obi.. I will go with either of these two but I know the South West do not want the Igbo man to be next plus, to be candid, power is not coming to the South... yes, it is not coming. Which means, even Tinubu no go see shishi...


Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 6:47pm On Jul 21
grin grin Eastern Nigerians had spoiled their own cases.So the next saddle of power belongs to the western Nigerians.this is what we want and that is where we are going.Apc (owned by the yorubas) has become a formidable party and also strengthen its hold on the nation.
grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: RUGA: Nigerian Army To Set Up Cattle Ranches Nationwide by Quorax: 6:39pm On Jul 21

Is a shame that a grown man like you ,dont have single fire burning in you ,is because of people like you that fulani thinks they are invincible ,
Are you so naive that you are preaching civilisation to satanaics who want to send you on extinction?
Are you are man or an effigy?

May you never make profit in your mtn biz until you apologise to goddess smh

He is certainly not igbo lol grin but you should not have wished his business such... I am hustler and I didnt like that line.
Politics / Re: Kano Igbos Meet Ganduje, Reject Call For Relocation Of Fulani From South (Pics) by Quorax: 6:33pm On Jul 21

You folks have been spewing hate and xenophobia before this millennium. So, the 95-5% or Evans story is just a flimsy and futile excuse and justification.
whatever rocks your filthy boat, dude... South West will be the next president... we are watching!


Politics / Re: Kano Igbos Meet Ganduje, Reject Call For Relocation Of Fulani From South (Pics) by Quorax: 6:32pm On Jul 21
Still on this Y vs I thing.
Bro chill... I will not sit and watch anybody blame my people for the problem of Nigeria. Look at the screenshot attached... I had long shared similar post but what did I get called? Go through my threads. These guys are still hoping that Power is coming to the South West...

We will have the last laugh... WRITE IT DOWN!

The man, Farooq, supported Buhari AT one time in his life... do not take what he says with a pinch of salt and his only saving grace is that he is based in US. They would have hunted him down as they did to columns he once wrote for.

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Politics / Re: Kano Igbos Meet Ganduje, Reject Call For Relocation Of Fulani From South (Pics) by Quorax: 6:17pm On Jul 21

Sincerely, you Igbos have done more devision than Buhari. Ten times.

This article is the only time I'm seeing your people say something like unity.
You people do not like the truth. That is your problem but it does not prevent the truth from prevailing. Was it Igbos that made the 95% vs 5% statement? was igbo that said "is evans a herdsmen"... the mumu that mentioned Evans will be shocked by what will hit in 2022 and the Igbos that you all call hate will be seen as Messiah who saw Buhari for what he is.

In your own conscience, devoid of bias, has Buhari ever chased anything to Unite the country like he is doing on RUGA? But because you still hope that power is coming to South West, you feel Igbos are the problem... but wait... we will laugh you all by 2022 when their game starts.


Politics / Re: RUGA: Nigerian Army To Set Up Cattle Ranches Nationwide by Quorax: 6:08pm On Jul 21

but nigerian army is already building drones and stuff....

what are you wailing about....??
lol... it is always easy for me to spot a Northerner since this RUGAMUFFING started... grin grin
Politics / Re: DIALOGUE: Bandits commanders ceasefire, suspend attacks In Zamfara by Quorax: 2:44pm On Jul 20
So they knew the BANDITS all these years? shocked shocked
bros, seems u do not yet know the country you reside in. Even bokoharam, dem know.
If Nigeria divide today bokoharam will die a natural death cos dere will be no more money to give. You better wake up.


Politics / Re: FFK Drags South-West Governors On Response To Northern Elders Advice To Herdsmen by Quorax: 2:27pm On Jul 20

Igbo have committed a lot of crimes in South West

There was a time you were Kidnapping Yoruba children and selling them off in Anambra and other South East state

There was a time Adeyinka Grandson was calling for the eviction of Igbo due to the crimes committed by Igbo in South West

According to you guys logic we should have declare war on Igbo, attack Igbo traders and chase you out of South West
. Adeyinka fats on that an Igbo man helped in the UK, fed and housed when had problems with his divorce?
Politics / Re: FFK Drags South-West Governors On Response To Northern Elders Advice To Herdsmen by Quorax: 9:29am On Jul 20

So all the killings and Kidnapping in Yorubaland by herdsmen is what
just leave them bro.
Politics / Re: FFK Drags South-West Governors On Response To Northern Elders Advice To Herdsmen by Quorax: 9:29am On Jul 20
The Yoruba's have fought bloody wars in history. What people construe as cowardice is not cowardice at all, but careful and deliberate steps towards a chaotic situation.

Hundreds are slaughtered in several states in Nigeria but that will not happen in Yorubaland due to the fact that they always think logically.
I will not engaging most of you that talk like this hence forth but me I just want to make you know that "na mouth una dey make" for this matter. You can not do anything.


Politics / Re: Oodua Nation Is Coming - Saharareporters by Quorax: 6:39pm On Jul 19
no one needs your support. Support yourself so you can stop dying unnecessarily in the hands of fulanis like ants. They've killed almost 4m of your kindred for nothing. So support yourselves. No thanks.
undecided did i quote you?
Politics / Re: Oodua Nation Is Coming - Saharareporters by Quorax: 5:25pm On Jul 19

We shall teach you how to actualize a dream nation in just few steps and with resolve.

Tell Kanu to observe and take lessons from our march forward.
bros, we will be more than happy to support you folks on this but I know this call is just a chess game to make buhari do something about Fulani Herdsmen menace after which everyone forgets it.

It should be a shame that it's now you are calling for disintegration because your people are being killed...
So if all was going well, there will be no need fa?

Only igbos take such call serious, not South West cos they feel they still eat from same pot.


Politics / Re: Oodua Nation Is Coming - Saharareporters by Quorax: 5:21pm On Jul 19
Why are you guys attacking them? Isn't it what we all want?

But I know it's just a gimmick Sha just as it was when Nnamdi Kanu was arrested and all the noise stopped.

Awon oniranu

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Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 3:36pm On Jul 19
Hmmm so you truly believe that Yoruba is the problem.
Nope... They are not. We all make mistakes and when we do, the best thing is to admit we have made a mistake...

Are they doing so now? Are they? They made that move out of selfishness. It is like trying to prevent someone from move forward because you want to be at the front but never knew there is a large pit not too far off...

Northerners don't have time to talk much...

It was here I showed some of these idiots screenshot I took with my phone and data about the things these Northerners were saying after election. Guess what they said? They called it fake news..., lies, propaganda.

The reason igbos scream at the top of their voice is that they too will be affected. If it could happen that only they will feel the heat of calamity, that would have been better...

What happened to letting GEJ finish his tenure? No, they kicked him out. Same GEJ that never attacked their land.

But they wat buhari that has caused so much pain to finish he second term... Why?
Politics / Re: Fasoranti’s Daughter: Residents Cry Out Over Arrest Of Artisans, Motorcyclists by Quorax: 3:17pm On Jul 19

Shut up you disgusting bigot. How does this concern Tinubu? In a time solutions are being sought for insecurity, all your ilk can do is heat up the polity with your idiotic and unhelpfully tribalistic outlook. God will shame you all and Nigeria , to your shame and dismay, will overcome this period as she has other difficult times in the past.
mumu... That is always your defense line... Cha Cha "solution is being worked out" every damn time.. The solution no dey finish to done for fire to serve ni abi na stone una dey cook? Always beating around the bush.. Tueh. By the time next level is done with you all, you will know what hit so much in your next life, you watch every moves of those guys up North.


Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri Meets Augustine Nwagbara, Nigerian Professor Dismissed In Ghana by Quorax: 2:58pm On Jul 19

If you have not travelled out of Nigeria to live for like 3 or more years before , this tread is not meant for u, let's those with experience share so that it can be treated before u live Nigeria to know how Nigerians have become killer herdsmen in countries like Southafrica, Ghana, Angola, Libya...

Ogbeni, shut up. I am igbo like the prof. He deserve what he got. Period.


Politics / Re: We'll Hold Buhari Responsible For Killing Of Herdsmen In South - Northern Group by Quorax: 2:22pm On Jul 19

At the bolded, are u people not tired of saying Nonsense and spreading propaganda? Anything to ridicule Yoruba Nation. Yet Yoruba is still far better in every aspect than any tribe u may come from in Nigeria.

Buhari is the Commander -in- chief, of course, he will be held responsible

Better how? Enlighten me biko
Politics / Re: We'll Hold Buhari Responsible For Killing Of Herdsmen In South - Northern Group by Quorax: 2:20pm On Jul 19
No.. Ooni of Ife has spoken.
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 2:19pm On Jul 19
Winning at the expense of good impactful governance?

If you truly want to win, go the with odds that can give you such. It's simple.

BTW, you code right?
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 2:17pm On Jul 19
You should be more mature than this. You can't blackmail a whole tribe go vote for your party like that. Get over the 2015 loss and stop all the childish post. At the end of the most states voted for both major parties but only western states are making you angry.
bro, these people run their mouth anyhow. I know there are some of them who don't reason like this. We should admit that that singular move they championed in 2015 is the cause of these whole problems we are facing... My friends lost their jobs and couldn't get any better for crying out loud.

Don't tell me to take it easy when they are still forming right when it's clearly they made a wrong move. People with conscience will admit they failed their people but not for these folks...

If not for the fact that they have become a victim as well, they would have been mocking igbos as losers like they previously did.

The Igbos they call enemies have never go on attacking their community with wreck less abandon. You will even read some of them saying igbos are trying to destroy the relationship they have with the North (who has killed and still killing them o)

What relationship are they talking about here? The relationship that gave them constant power supply, abi na good road all over South West or free education or jobs or great free Healthcare? Which one please?

The Igbos they wish her frustrated never fall short of where they too feel same pain and agony...

Why can't these people swallow their ego for once?
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 2:04pm On Jul 19
What useless party dues are u talking about? You can contest anywhere and there is no point running in APC/PDP when they rig primaries like anything.
We are talking about winning here bros...
Crime / Re: Man Intercepts An Airplane In Lagos (Photos) by Quorax: 12:49pm On Jul 19
This is the most shocking thing I have seen this year....jesu shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked


Politics / Re: Funke Olakunrin: We Will Not Declare War - Gani Adams by Quorax: 12:39pm On Jul 19
Meanwhile when nairaland Yoruba want to bury their shame due to self inflicted calamity they would be like.

"Every tribe has criminals, we should stop heating up the polity by attributing crime to a particular tribe by calling fulanis out all the time. Policemen are untop of the matter

Words of cowards !
Such a pity
My brother, u just finish me with laugh grin grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Funke Olakunrin: We Will Not Declare War - Gani Adams by Quorax: 12:38pm On Jul 19
grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Battles PUNCH Newspapers by Quorax: 11:29am On Jul 19
Osibanjo is everything wrong with being a pastor.
I disagree. It is just that Nigerians do not know everybody is hustling. He was never a genuine pastor, it was just for hustle purpose. A lot them are like that.

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Romance / Re: Man Blocks Girlfriend On All Platforms After She Got Piercing Against His Wish by Quorax: 11:07am On Jul 19
Women need to learn respect
Has he married her undecided
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 10:35am On Jul 19
My pple pls open your eyes. This guys want to destroy d gud relationship between yoruba and north because of 2023.
which relationship for heaven sake... let me ask you: what are you currently proud off as a Nigerian and why are Nigerian leaving this country is drove? if you can answer this question without sentiment or prejudice, I will accept it... at your backyard here in Ogun state, the North heads the border, at least last time I was there ALL CHECK point his controlled by Northerners! The Nigerian port is same thing...

one thing you can not take away from igbos is that they tell you the truth in a harsh, which is what a typical nigerian hates..
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 10:32am On Jul 19

This is what l detest about you Nnyamirins!
You leave the LOG OF WOOD in your own eyes and go on pointing ou that there is a SPECK in someone's else eyes!

Talking about betrayal, let me tell you a story about the last election.
- There was a very brilliant, young Igbo man, who everyone considers as far-far more intelligent than Atiku Abubakar.
- He was a former Deputy Governor of CBN.
- He was the Presidential candidate of the Young People's Party (YPP), IN THIS 2019 ELECTION.
- He lamented that his own Igbo people BETRAYED him by refusing to vote for him as President but prefer to vote for a Fulani (Atiku) who by all yardstick, he is far better than, and yet they keep shouting about marginalisation!

He then asked: Who is marginalising who?
The name of that Igbo Presidential candifate is Kingsley Moghalu

So, when it comes to BETRAYAL, it is ingrained in the genes of you Nnyamirin people.
If you are accusing the Souht West of voting for a Fulani, at least they did it based on their conscience but what about the Athiefku that you voted for? Is he from Anambra or Owerri?
You sold out your opportunity ot make an Igbo man like Kingsley Moghalu, President, just because of the Dollars that Atiku, a Fulani Herdsman, was sharing to you people.
Just Negodu, you hear.

It was not betrayal... it was the way Nigeria's political structure has been set up. How many states knew him?

Let me shock you, the likes of Mogalu never had the REAL intention to become president. It was all mouth and show off. If they were really determined to become one as they claimed, they would have gone into either APC or PDP, start from the ground up and build themselves.

Akin Alabi, a fellow hustler within our industry, built his ambition on parties that stood a chance of getting him THERE. He tried PDP and lost and then tried APC and won, with lots and lots of lobbying, meeting people, humbling and all that (you know how you Yorubas play these kind of things) and he eventually won.

As it is now, Akin Alabi has chance of becoming Nigeria's president than MOGALU, SOWORE and co put together and you know why.

Same goes to El Rufai, Dino, and a host of others, these guys paid their dues, they started from somewhere but most importantly in a party that STOOD chance to boost their "brand" and "ideology" and have their face seen and voices heard. This is how Nigeria has been structured

It was here you people were screaming election is not won ONLINE even for ATiku that stood a better chance than him and others... so how do you expect Mogalu win? In your own personal life, please be true to this, in your own personal life offline,off nairaland... do you embark on a mission you KNOW is meant to fail due to lack of capacity to influence a positive outcome? I leave you to answer that.

Coming to the ISSUE of betrayal gan gan... yes, I stand by that as long as GEJ/Tinubu history is concerned. What happened to, "let's leave him to finish his second term...? but you want us to give BUHARI, a disaster, a chronic clannish ethnic bigot, an economic catastrophe a second term...
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 10:16am On Jul 19

I can see your hands shaking while typing all this. It must have really struck a very strong chord. My condolences.

Normally I shouldn't have a response for you cos I don’t dignify people like you but i won’t pass up the opportunity to gloat over your present sifia pain. I very happy I was able to hit a home run with that comment. All I can say is get well soon grin grin grin

FYI the herdsmen have killed more in that your doomed East than they have in the SW. Then why have you not called a spade a spade to your Cameroonian Fulani President. Why have you not told him to call his people to order. After all, you people are his slaves licking his behind even when his own people have rejected him.

Ooni is only in the Aso rock to give advance notice to the president and Incase you and your senseless crew failed to see what the Ooni has done, he has already read a riot act to a sitting president by telling him WE DONT WANT WAR IN OUR REGION but what do I know na only una sabi call spade a spade.

Awon arindin oloshi alai l’opolo
iwo ni arindin, oloriburuku omo ale jati jati

Bloody lies to cover up your miserable snare... dude, you got nothing on this.. I have been to more South West states than you can imagine, your South West is no better than the EAST! PERIOD!

I do not go on calling any person's abode undeveloped but when I see people do such, it irks the living day light out of me... because Nigeria as we know is generally is undeveloped and a poverty headquarter of the world, so what are you saying then? hypocrites!

You try to use the 3M lost during the civil war to score point, yet when they say let them go you donkeys in ape looking physique will not let them go, you call their land small and landlocked but they have the bravery to ask for disintegration that you who claim to have everything does not have...

They celebrate those that died every May but who celebrate your uncles that died? NOBODY! we killed your uncles as well, so deal with that... we are proud who we are and no amount of elenu pele like yours can take that away from us... we tell you as it is! shior tueh!
Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 1:41am On Jul 19

What is a spade he needs to call? Should he tell the president that the Yoruba should kill all the herdsmen at sight?

He already told the president loud and clear that we will not condone the activities of the Fulani herdsmen in the SW and he even cited a case where the Alafin of Oyo set up local securities where several fulanis were arrested and handed over to the authorities.

In theory, diplomacy solves a lot of thing and you don’t necessarily need to resort to abuse or become flagrant to achieve your aim.

Because you guys believe in flagrant speeches does not imply other people should follow suit. Everyone has a way of achieving their aim, you chose your method while the Yoruba nation chooses theirs. Simple as ABC
All these talk will not solve anything... we will be here to read another attack. For now, they will go into hiding and resurface later...

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