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Politics / Re: Ooni Visits Buhari, Says We Don't Want War In South-west by Quorax: 1:38am On Jul 19
Where has your spade spade gotten you and your people? A civil war with 3million dead and an under developed erosion laden region.

Wisdom is just not in some people’s vocabulary.

You must be stupid and an irritant to say undeveloped as if your state is any better than the east. Let me see if the killing in the South West will stop after this visit with Ooni smiling on a serious issue. Most of you are just dunces who have refused to face reality squarely. We will see if they will not strike... even with them openly admitting to their atrocities with one cow challenging FFk on twitter that they are waiting for you fools.

It was this same OVER SABI that made you morons go thumb printing for the calamity of president, retrogressively sending the entire country economically backwards BECAUSE you want to be the next to rule, thereby betraying your own fellow southern brother, something the North will NEVER do...

why wont you take it easy with him when you hope he your region will be next to rule, else you ruin your chance at the mercy of those losing their lives.

Buhari that does not give fork about anyone aside his tribe is the same Buhari you are hoping will listen...same buhari that is willing to bribe the entire country to settle RUGA, what an audacity!


Politics / Re: Senator Abaribe Questions CJN Tanko Muhammad by Quorax: 4:52pm On Jul 18

Idiot, you that cannot even comprehend simple english. Your heart is full of hate.
who is full of hate? Does your buhari understand English? slowpoke... Until you guys up north start making move to push the country forward, you will no be seen other than retrograde
Politics / Re: Senator Abaribe Questions CJN Tanko Muhammad by Quorax: 4:30pm On Jul 18

At least he will not forget to declare his assets.
Just look at this born fool. We talking about serious matter as competence is required, you talking rubbish...

What do I expect from regurgitated piss of shiit from the North? You think like cows


Politics / Re: Buhari Plans To Register Illegal Migrants, Under Fire - Guardian by Quorax: 3:46pm On Jul 17
Nigerians are so foolish with defective mind and blind to see what policies are good or bad.
Shun hate and let this country move forward.
US did same thing which they later use to hunt the illegal immigrants down. No doubt our border are porous, so having account of illegal immigrants on a database is a very welcome development.
The government is not offering citizenship to them but having them monitor.
Youths! Youths!! Youths!!! Please stop allowing politicians to take over your sense of judgment.
you moooron. In a country of 200M what other population are you calling for as good when you who is typing does not even have a job... Nor will. Your kids have as far as this country continues like this


Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Reacts To Call For Relocation Of Herdsmen From Southern Nigeria by Quorax: 11:04am On Jul 17

Bleep off my mention doofus. Who is the 'you' you were referring to? Certainly can't be me because I am a proud yoruba man so your foolish talk doesn't apply to me. If Una like make Una burn down Abuja for all I care. I was only highlighting the implication of FFK's comments and you dey catch feelings. Are you ok?
Dont go there... i will treat your foork ups when i am less busy.

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Politics / Re: Fani-kayode Reacts To Call For Relocation Of Herdsmen From Southern Nigeria by Quorax: 9:56am On Jul 17

Yeah. And Southerners domiciled in the North too should start preparing to relocate back down south (including FFK himself, whom is currently based in Abuja) because the implication of all this is that certain Nigerians from a particular ethnicity are no longer welcome in other parts of the country due to the nefarious and criminal activities of some of their fellow kinsmen. Nigeria is moving forward.

Abuja is middle belt and until Nigeria divides, that is when you will know those middle belt will Never follow you.

For now, enjoy your self induced delusion

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Politics / Re: Buhari Plans To Register Illegal Migrants, Under Fire - Guardian by Quorax: 9:22am On Jul 17
Tinubu will not die a good death for bringing this calamity on the whole country


Politics / Re: Arrest Obasanjo Now – Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association by Quorax: 5:47am On Jul 17

OBJ I know not thiefnubu the selloutbu.
Ever since he equated killings by herdsmen to Evans, I have given up on him. He can never be a Yoruba leader let alone the president comes 2023.
are u sure?
Politics / Re: Northern Elders’ Forum Orders Fulani Herdsmen To Vacate Southern Nigeria by Quorax: 5:17am On Jul 17
The southern (igbos) should also vacate Northern Nigeria

There safety is also at stake angry
na dem know
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu To Tinubu: You've Disappointed, Disgraced The Noble Yoruba Ancestry by Quorax: 1:39pm On Jul 16
You fools
Yoruba is wiser
Insecurity can’t be tackled with emotions or sensationalism

This is what made the IPOBs dream failed.

Anyone who thinks Fulani herdsmen where the one who did that operation Na fools. We are playing into the trap plan of the crime perpetrators. Fulani herdsmen kill fashoranti daughter leave his driver and all..how can some people be so daft in Nigeria.

Yes Fulani herdsmen are notorious but does that also mean we should chase shadows when it comes to been factual and realistic?

The Igbo should leave our Political leader alone!!!
Go and query your Ipod Kanu why he failed and had you guys killed!! Go and query your Ojukwu why he failed !!! you think Yoruba are not wise to see your antics right? Leave us alone let us solve our case by ourselves

Igbos and their kinsmen were the first people to start kidnapping wahala in Nigeria. First war in Nigeria Na dem cause am. First coup Na dem cause am. An Igbo man left his aba house and wanted to be lord in Yoruba land. Igbo greed knows no bound. iPods abi IPOB abi wetin dem call their name should please shut the hell up and leave the matter. Stop being political on this incident.

Is Evan a herdsmen?—Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu
How much did they pay u to write all these? Your last line gave you away as a paid poster... but we will be hear to watch becomes of Nigeria in the next decade, pray you will remain here to bear the brunt of your miasma
Politics / Re: Yoruba Youths Flay Tinubu Over Remarks On Olakurin’s Killing by Quorax: 1:19pm On Jul 16
whether we like it or not this Fulani people have succeeded in dividing us between obasanjo followers and tinubu followers. The next is to conquer. Sadly they have also taken control of our religious elites adeboye, kumuyi etc because of their greed masked in sanctimonious quietness.
We now have to choose between the killings of our people in order to keep tinubu's presidential hopes alive or aligning with OBJ and opt for a conversation that can potentially end this union we strangely love. a dilemma!
I am happy.. At least you guys are thinking. We on the other side of the south are watching.
Crime / Re: Herdsman Caught With Sack Of Bullets In Imo by Quorax: 1:16pm On Jul 16
Crime / Re: 3 Herdsmen Arrested In Ogun For Killing 40-Year-Old Farmer (Photo) by Quorax: 9:50am On Jul 16
Where are those saying it's not Fulani herdsmen perpetrating these killings? Here is another evidence of the murderous nature of these Fulanis
u dey mind dem? no, na IPOB dey do am.
Politics / Re: Ruga: Zamfara State Approves 300 Hectares Of Land For RUGA Settlement by Quorax: 7:20am On Jul 16

Don't mind the hypocrite

My brother, RUGA has exposed all of them. All along, I thought that dude was from South West...

These Northerners have taken the disunity within the Igbos and Yorubas ad used it as a tool.
Politics / Re: Arrest Obasanjo Now – Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association by Quorax: 11:11pm On Jul 15

To be honest bro, it’s not a matter of truth or not, Yoruba and Ibos have always been Tom and Jerry even since the days of the Awolowos and Azikwes. I think we have different ideologies and approach to situation. I will not say one culture is superior to another but we just have to respect each others decision devoid of insult.

Back to the topic, the fulanis either Buhari or Atiku have the same ideological mindset, and they believe in one true North. Normally the sultan or the Emir of Kano should have addressed all this issue of the herdsmen but they all keep mute like nothing is happening.

Yorubas are some sort of people who tend not to care much or[b] let me say we are not quick to take action[/b]. But times are changing, people are getting more conscious of Nigeria and people sleeping are getting awoke bit by bit. It takes time but I’m sure people are getting awoke.

Thank you... @The emboldened, it is true and I am not saying the Yorubas should start acting like igbos. we are all unique in our own ways and if there is anything I respect the Yorubas for, it is their approach to certain things in life, the calmness in face of tumburlence.

However, you will agree with me that such attitude can be detrimental in cases where radicality is needed, otherwise, you will likely be consumed. For instance a friend and an igbo brother helped a yoruba man who was good to him to secure loan in his name in order for the yoruba man to get contract.

It is good to be good, however, this same calmness, slowness to action has ruined this man's relationship because the person he used the money to work for was playing him like table tennis for almost a year until my igbo brother narrated everything to me... It was I who came with a different spirit and opened their eyes about the fraud. The Yoruba man had no idea he was being played, the relationship my igbo brother has with the owner of the money is destroyed because of this and the owner of the money has always been of great help to him. My igbo brother lost huge chances due to delay of this money.

So, you can see how acting slow some times can destroy a lot of things.

The igbos are quick to react, call them emotional... and you may be right too and that attitude also has its disadvantage. However, what the Yorubas always interpret as hate is, to me, "tough love". If it was hate, why have we not had series of historical ethnic clash between the two? It has always been a war of words and that is it.

The only place Igbos and Yorubas have difference is when it comes to issue of politics and that difference became so wide since Buhari/Tinubu came into the national stage of our politics due to their use of ethnic divides. Tinubu is still playing that tribal politics till today, even yesterday he said is Evans a herdsmen but what he didnt realize is that Evans never kidnapped Yoruba or Hausa. It was strictly Igbo men, his own people which makes the dynamics of his operations intriguing.

Another thing is that Igbos feel if not for Yorubas, they would have long broken off Nigeria.

However, at this stage, we must all admit that the problem is not the South and this RUGA ish has further exposes the people we share a country with up North.

I had no idea that a lot of them posing as Yorubas were actually Northerners. It was this RUGA that exposed them all going by their comment. Lets admit BUHARI is a BAD MARKET...


Politics / Re: Ruga: Zamfara State Approves 300 Hectares Of Land For RUGA Settlement by Quorax: 8:49pm On Jul 15
This is very commendable from zamfara state governor.
It is now clear that you are a Northerner, while claiming to be from South West. This RUGA ish has exposed you all.


Politics / Re: Arrest Obasanjo Now – Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association by Quorax: 8:46pm On Jul 15
Lol, the joke of the century.

Terrorist Miyetti Allah wants the government to arrest Obasanjo a patriot.

I want them to re-echo all this rubbish further and very soon awaken all the Yoruba still sitting on the fence that there is need for action and we should see these people for who they truly are.

We shouldn’t continue with this I don’t care attitude of ours, because I am starting to think Nigeria is headed for division if all these happenings is not contained as soon as possible by the government.

You are starting to think? really? bros, you just woke up from your slumber ni? Go back to your sleep. At this stage, you guys need to admit that Igbos always speak the truth... their ONLY problem is that they do not know how to say the truth without hurting you, which is why most you revolt against them...

It well bro...

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Politics / Re: 'Gani Adams Is A Mad Thug Elevated To The Rank Of Nobles' - Maiwada Dan Mallam by Quorax: 5:35pm On Jul 15
Stop beating drum of war yoruba and igbos... how many Northerners are in the southwest and southeast Y'all should be careful with ur utterrance!!!
You are a Northerner...
Politics / Re: 'Gani Adams Is A Mad Thug Elevated To The Rank Of Nobles' - Maiwada Dan Mallam by Quorax: 5:32pm On Jul 15

We will continue to do that and accelerate the worsening of Nigeria and its eventual collapse. Northerners should be worshipping and bowing to South....we should be the ones bullying you, not the other way around in which it is currently.

The problem and reason we become a sitting mumu for you to whack is because of our overzealousness with western education. It is good to be educated but our people became slaves to education and in turn lost the narrative to put North in check.
GBAMEST... Education is our weak point...
Politics / Re: 'Gani Adams Is A Mad Thug Elevated To The Rank Of Nobles' - Maiwada Dan Mallam by Quorax: 12:29am On Jul 15
What neutral point when you in actual sense are not neutral. Have you forgotten the 30days ultimatum what did your sense making journalist say about it
You are quoting a Northerner bro. You guys haven't realized this... Always pay attention to the way they defend this RUGA ish. No sane Southerner will support what is currently going on, no matter our differences... ONLY northerners supports it!


Sports / Re: Algeria Vs Nigeria: AFCON Semi-Finals (2 - 1) Full Time by Quorax: 9:39pm On Jul 14

Chukweze is overhyped.
how many ball you don physically play since dem born u?


Politics / Re: Kehinde Fasoranti: How Funke Olakunrin, My Sister, Was Killed by Quorax: 9:00pm On Jul 13
Why is it so difficult to flush out these terrorists? Is it that they have become untouchable or are the security operatives afraid of them and their sponsors? It's so unfortunate that innocent lives are lost on a daily basis on account of the activities of these marauding criminals. Enough is enough, let the security chiefs and even the government step down if they can't protect lives and property - this is the primary reason they are there in the first place, not to loot and live lavishly.
It is difficult because there is a mandate behind it.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Reacts To The Murder Of Funke Fasoranti by Quorax: 8:56pm On Jul 13

Let the co traveler speak out

I hate speculations

We are quick to say Fulani to every evil perpetrated now because of political motive and agenda
even when they have made it clear that they are the ones behind the numerous attacks on all fronts? continue ooo

Politics / Re: Give Us RUGA : Students Of Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto(UDUS) Stage Protest by Quorax: 2:42pm On Jul 13
is it not obvious that buhari and his fulani brothers, have a sinister move against the south? Is the north, not big enuf for the evil Ruga? the fulanis just like they took over kwara, jos, taraba, nassarawa, wants to take over the whole country. If this will lead to our divide, then i am fully in support
You are just waking up from your slumber... so if it did not affect you, you would not have cared like a lot of your kinsmen never pay heed to the cries of Igbos about Buhari's plan... pathetic


Politics / Re: No Peace Unless Herdsmen Move Freely - Northern Group by Quorax: 8:04pm On Jul 07

As nonsense as your comments. Everywhere all these nymiri members are present, woe, acrimony follow them.
there. Generation of prediction
oponu, arindin oloshi ni e
Politics / Re: No Peace Unless Herdsmen Move Freely - Northern Group by Quorax: 7:16pm On Jul 07

But how many of the APC and the president supporters can see beyond their nose. This people are a huge threat to the project called Nigeria. If the country burns it will be on everybody. It is important to let all the selfish and power drunk leaders in the south know that they and their family members to the last one shall not live if they put this country into crisis. Let Tinubu, Amaechi and Ngige and others keep courting trouble. They want us to eliminate our traditions and culture and accept fulani's

I said it in another thread that if it comes to killing these leaders, igbos must not waste time in doing so cos I do not even trust the igbo leaders one bit after what they did to decimate Nnamdi Kanu.
Politics / Re: Why We Need 20% Of Nigeria For Grazing By Nonso Obikili by Quorax: 6:02pm On Jul 07

Is this not the plan in the first place?

Oh, I forgot you heard from somewhere on the internet that the FG will take your land and ship fulani herdsmen from the North to your states to take over your state.

Funny how people deny themselves economic and job opportunities because of ignorance, bigotry, petty politics, and tribalism.
bloody lies.. So much lies in one post. Why are the Fulani then agree overbthe suspension of the RUGA? Why is buhari planning to give money to governors for the Fulani? U think u are smart?
Politics / Re: RUGA: South West Thank You For Aiding The Agenda by Quorax: 5:56pm On Jul 07

Op it is not by force for the yorubas man to be like the igboman.Yorubas are acting the attitude God gave them.My advice for peace to reign is for all the APC to quickly implement RUGA.Who knows by doing that others may join once they see the benefits.APC governor's must help the presidency to achieve this party policy.

Hahaha hahaha u are wicked oooo
Politics / Re: No Peace Unless Herdsmen Move Freely - Northern Group by Quorax: 5:55pm On Jul 07

Please mention one Yoruba leader or politician either in PDP or APC that has come out to support the RUGA thing.
You people just stay in your mud region and talk rubbish about your superiors.
If RUGA is going to start anywhere in the South, it's going to be iboland
Write it down
where have you been to aside SW? U sit your brown roof and talk about region you know nothing about. A lot of south east states have buildings only Lagos can compete with, so much a region devastated by war that not even the south west can overcome had it experienced same.. You called it mud, at least you didn't say war torn region cos u know there is no single trace of war in the land of rising sun.

Look here bloody sissy still sucking his mommas titties, grow up and explore. Many of you who call the south east mud are broke and can't even afford half plot of land in the east. The rich ones among you have traveled far and wide and wouldn't talk the way you do cos they know better...

It's a shame that and average Igbo son knows more about your land than you know of his, would you dare leave your mother's breast and travel out? We were not the ones who told you not to be adventurous, are we? Sissy

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Politics / Re: No Peace Unless Herdsmen Move Freely - Northern Group by Quorax: 5:37pm On Jul 07
grin grin grin grin
u can't say anything abi?

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