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Politics / Re: 2019 Election By Demola Olarewaju by Quorax: 12:50pm On Sep 04, 2019
Politics / Re: 2019 Election By Demola Olarewaju by Quorax: 10:59am On Sep 04, 2019
You make a whole lot of sense
My brother, nothing but the truth but as usual, they will dismiss this.

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Music/Radio / Re: Xenophobia: 'Stop The Killing' - Teni (Video) by Quorax: 10:46am On Sep 04, 2019
Fat Pig.... Every mumu is now trying to trend. Always chasing meaningless clout and attentions. If not that Burna Boy called them out, would they have reacted? Mad People.
the one wey tire me for the babe na how she dey do her mouth and all that...
Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump’s Tweet About South Africa In 2013 (Pictured) by Quorax: 9:25am On Sep 04, 2019

Oga, what is the point of this your comment now?

We are talking about South Africa and you are attacking Trump and America.

Today is for South Africa, you can attack Trump and America another day.

So, stay on topic!
Be like u no know say the guy na APC supporter lol... u know they like to cast blames like their life depend on it.

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Politics / Re: 2019 Election By Demola Olarewaju by Quorax: 7:44am On Sep 04, 2019
Front page
Politics / 2019 Election By Demola Olarewaju by Quorax: 1:22am On Sep 04, 2019
For sake of history and the future, I could not pass on this. But I know many Southerners have no idea what will eventually happen to them, especially those currently benefiting... grin The future of this country is in your hands. Do whatever you want it, including weaking your political strength... grin grin grin

There’s a dimension to our efforts on #AtikuIsComing that I’ve been reluctant to elucidate here because of certain ethnic angles to it - but as we countdown to the PEPT decision this month, I think it is important that everyone understands.

First let me clarify a few things:

I don’t see Nigeria as a divide of Northern and Southern Nigeria and in fact, many people didn’t - until Buhari, because his mindset is locked in the first impression of the colonialists way before the amalgamation.

Even they (the colonialists) quickly realised differently.

“The Nigerias” even as at that time was administered provincially, and then after the amalgamation, broken down into three regions but still in respect of the ethnic and cultural diversity, administered in Divisions to recognise the diverse ethnic groups in each region.

The idea of a Southern Nigeria has never existed in the sense of a Northern Nigeria and those who assume that false idea underestimate the effort of Uthman Dan Fodio centuries ago to unite the North in culture and religion, built on further by his descendant, Sir Ahmadu Bello.

Those familiar with my political thoughts before now know my clarity on this but it’s important to precede what I want to say with that explanation - because I will refer to Southern/Northern Nigeria, which is how the rigging of the February 23 election was designed.

Since elections were introduced in Nigeria in 1922 by the Clifford Constitution, the areas referred to as Northern Nigeria have never come close to doubling the electoral figures from the areas referred to as Southern Nigeria.

It had never happened before.

It happened in 2019.

Anyone who thinks #AtikuIsComing is about Atiku alone is grossly mistaken.

Those who rigged the election of February 23 rigged it to lay the ground for future elections in Nigeria from 2023:

17.2m votes allocated to the North,
9.19m votes allocated to the South.

Such figures are statistically impossible and have never been achieved before until now when INEC yielded itself to the ethnic domination agenda of the Northern ethnocentrists in power.

And I should clarify again: ethnocentrists exist in every ethnicity, not just the North.

If the INEC figures are probed further as some of us have done and which is why our energies are deployed in this regard relentlessly, it shows an inconsistent pattern, for example:

PVC collection in the South went up by 34.4% from 2015 but voting declined by 23.4% from 2015.

Whereas if you check the PVC collection percentage increase of 34.4% against the e-collated result, it is consistent: voting in the South from the server results presented by Atiku show a correlated increase of 26.6% from 2015 figures.

This is why INEC denied the entire server.

For the North: PVC collection increased by 25.6% from the 2015 figures to the 2019 figures, voting increased by 6%

Actual server result showed voting increased by 22.7% - they cut down much of Atiku’s votes in the North but cut it down much more in the South to lay the ground.

If you look at the electoral result by INEC against the PVC collection rate by percentages on a state by state basis, the behaviour of the figures are absolutely erratic and inconsistent from a statistical POV.

I won’t bore you with the state by state but look at the zones:

SE: PVC collection went up by 30% but voting declined by 20%

SS: PVC collection went up by 32.6% but voting declined by 36.5%

SW: PVC up by 39%, voting down by 11%

NC: PVC up 40%, voting up 9%

NE: PVC up 32%, votes up 22%

NW: PVC up by 14%, voting down 3.6%

The figures above are as released by INEC.

If you compare them with the figures with the e-collated results which INEC denied but Atiku presented to the PEPT, the pattern is more consistent with voting behaviour and exposes how they rigged with an ethnic agenda in view:

They reduced both Atiku and Buhari votes in the three zones of the South to return low overall numbers - 2015: 12m voted, 2019: 9.19m voted.

In the three zones of the North, they reduced only Atiku’s votes - 2015: 16.2m voted, 2019: 17.2m voted.

NW was greatly reduced.

Those who think this entire PEPT issue is about Atiku or PDP do not understand the wider implications of the 2019 presidential election result as announced by Mahmoud Yakubu - they’ve created a template to achieve future electoral victory figures solely from one part of Nigeria.

Understand again: since election figures have been coming out of Nigeria almost a century ago, the pattern of the figures of 2019 have never been achieved and they are statistically impossible to achieve without a correlational increase in population or migration.

I should end by saying that this doesn’t necessarily bode well for the Northern zones - what it simply means is that the North will become battleground in future elections, and what we may see is the suppression of dissenting votes against the incumbent party in power.

Kano became more of a battleground in elections and we saw what followed: the entire machinery of the APC Govt was turned out to compromise the political will of the people which we believe will also be upturned with #AbbaIsComing

But the implications are dire for all of us.

INEC till date has failed to provide clear breakdown of voting results from PU to PU - those figures presented are largely fabricated to achieve an ethnic agenda.

Again: ethnic domination is an agenda of some people in various ethnicities, fighting for their own.

The ethnocentrists in power aren’t different from ethnic warlords such as Ogundamisi or Nnamdi Kanu - they just don’t have power and we can’t be deceived into voting them.

Some of us choose a Nigeria where every ethnicity is equal and respected - it’s the only way to co-exist.

Those who wrote this election result will be afraid if ever any other ethnicity takes over - ethnocentrists are always afraid.

We voted a Nationalist in Atiku because we are Nationalists, more especially our Northern friends who understand the consequences of ethnocentrism.

I don’t see Southern and Northern Nigeria, I see Nigeria.

But we are dealing with people who see Nigeria in a divided pattern and rigged the elections in like manner.

#AtikuIsComing isn’t therefore about Atiku or PDP, it is about Nigeria and every Nigerian should be committed.

Anticipate it.
Talk about it.
Tweet about it.
Educate others about it.

Put the Judges in prayer or meditation.

Keep solidarity with us as we stand with Atiku because this isn’t about Atiku or Buhari, #AtikuIsComing is about the Soul of Nigeria as a United Country.

PEPT has until September 15 to deliver judgement, Friday the 13th of September is the last working day but they could also deliver it on the 14th, a Saturday.

The countdown is therefore on but my heart is more on the likely Supreme Court judgement on #AtikuIsComing in November.

Source: https://twitter.com/DemolaRewaju/status/1168429626500235264

Politics / Re: 70 Suspects Arrested Over Xenophobic Attacks On Nigerians - High Commissioner by Quorax: 2:21pm On Sep 03, 2019
paper arrest grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Godwin Maduka Donates Judiciary Complex To Anambra, Obiano Reacts by Quorax: 2:18pm On Sep 03, 2019
Can any Hausafulanis do this great feat to humanity??

Can fulanis ever do good to all of humanity for free??

Fulani only take and give non pain, bloodshed and tear
Even though their elites often make us sum all as bad... those guys are actually better at heart than many of us down south. My best lecturers were Northerners. My senior friend was housed by Northern lecturer for one year before he could secure his own accommodation because he came late but still topped his class. I know another friend who got admission because he spoke hausa (a southerner will NEVER do such)
Politics / Re: “FG Must Act Now!”, Nigerian Gov. On Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa by Quorax: 11:26am On Sep 03, 2019
Do you know why SA can confidently do the sh*t they do, it's because they've seen a country so divided among themselves internally that they can barely stay united and speak with one voice against foreign attacks.

And to think some retards here on nairaland are saying the Nigerians there are just from a particular tribe, shows how low we've gone as a country. As a matter of fact, Nigeria can no longer be called a country if a fellow countryman can say sh*t about his own countryman in the full view of other nationals.

Nigeria will continue to be volatile to foreign attacks in other countries if we continue to be disunited. The world is watching, let the retards, tribalists and olodos take note of that

Even when the courageous ones try to initiate radical changes, you will see all too knowing dounces kicking against it.
Politics / Re: The South Africans Are Protecting Their Country, Are You? by Quorax: 10:35am On Sep 03, 2019
[quote author=immhotep post=81874435][/quote] is it your nonsense?
Politics / Re: The South Africans Are Protecting Their Country, Are You? by Quorax: 10:17am On Sep 03, 2019
Are you justificating violents attacks on innocent people or what's the motive of this epistles now?
that problem people like you hope it doesn't go away will meet you at your door step.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Embassy Shuts Door On Nigerians Attacked In South Africa! by Quorax: 9:59am On Sep 03, 2019
I'll continue to say this till my last day on earth

Nigeria will never work
leave all of them to keep living in denial.


Politics / Re: “Enough Is Enough” - FG Finally Break Silence On Xenophobic Attacks On Nigerians by Quorax: 8:23am On Sep 03, 2019
Stupid government

Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 8:19am On Sep 03, 2019
Abuja is north and will always be. No southerner can ever be appointed senior minister there. Keep your land grabbing activities to the south

ABUJA is not North. Its central and the central region is not North but middle belt.

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Politics / The South Africans Are Protecting Their Country, Are You? by Quorax: 7:51am On Sep 03, 2019
And I would wish other countries begin to do same to Nigerians.

Call me heartless but I do not forking care.

Nigerians are one of the most stupid people I have known. They think only of themselves in almost everything they do and that is why they hardly make any efforts to push for a change in their country because it is a bit okay in their own corner.

When Ike Ekweremadu was beaten, a lot of you were against it especially the Yorubas saying igbos do not have respect for elders, even though it was done for a good reason.

Is South Africa respecting you? Is unemployment respecting you? Is insecurity respecting, is poor Healthcare respecting you and does the elites respect you?

I also notice Nigerians do not care about the suffering of other Nigerians because they are okay and have it going well for them.

That is why majority of them do not talk or they turn a blind eye, because they are getting some crumbs from current government.

The US has just placed a stop on foreigners who come to the US give birth for the sake of citizenship and I am sure with time some other countries will do same.

When you all have no more options to run away from your own problems, you will not condemn beating of any elite such Ike Ekweremadu, which has even led to South East government making serious changes.

You sit in your corner condemning South Africans. It's their forking country and they are not like you who can't do anything good for your own country to bring the change it desperately needs but will with your smartphone and be ranting. They are on the street forking you up and nothing you can do about it.

South African youth kicked out the former president, the same one Okorocha idolized and how stupid but here many of you brought back buhari, you rope in Ethnicity and religion in every damn stupid attempt even when what you are doing is killing this country even more.

I am proud of South Africans and I am proud of a youth who understands the powers they possess and will not hesitate to wield such power when displease.

I read Abike Dabiris words and all I can feel is pity for those Nigerians who are still alive but chose still remain in that country. In summary, there is no help coming. You read that right... No forking help.

But you will be among those condemning the beating of people like them even when they do nothing to protect you.

Imagine you catch that stupid woman and give her 10 good slap that will make her see shooting stars for a few seconds. I can hear some Ndi respect saying this one have no respect for elders and I say to your kind, you will be killed and nothing will happen.
Celebrities / Re: 2face Replies Huspuppi Who Call Out Nigerian Celebrities On Xenophobic Attack by Quorax: 7:49am On Sep 03, 2019
Tuface oya do something, hushy said the truth. The speed with which celebrities used to voice at fatoyimbo should be seen here. Ndi ara.
a lot of you do not yet know Tuface. His rise to stardom isn't on just talent.. Dude is just forking self centred.. He eats from the table of men that holds this country hostage.


Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 10:30pm On Aug 30, 2019

am just holding u by your words that Igbos will vote moghalu over Adesina , Adesina will win moghalu in East , believe me

Igbos don't vote wrongly in presidential elections, go and check ,
This people have refused to accept the fact that what Igbo wants is a level playing field.. i do not know why that is so hard to understand.
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye Got His Teeth Fixed (Video) by Quorax: 8:35pm On Aug 30, 2019
Must everything by posted on social media, nonsense
bros, that thing na lie.. his teeth is not as bad as that... dude is into business for the dentist lol. leave that thing. go watch their past video and pay attention to his teeth.
Politics / Re: Thugs Attack Ihedioha's Recovery Team At Okorocha's House (Photos) by Quorax: 7:23pm On Aug 29, 2019
Mr listen.
the life of the average igbo doesn't depend on governance but rather we are conscious not to allow one man have absolute power.
if ihedioha can successfully recover everything the baby elephant of rochas stole from imolites in his first term.
he will surely have second term.
dey Dia dey deceive yourself. Is this not same thing Buhari did, which is a clear recipe for an unserious government? I don't know any man, dead or alive that achieved anything by blaming people up and down.
Politics / Re: Thugs Attack Ihedioha's Recovery Team At Okorocha's House (Photos) by Quorax: 5:51pm On Aug 29, 2019
I didn't even know that Okorocha still have supporters in IMO State. Let justice prevail.
if we must be sincere, the new governor is an idiot. Is that imolites elected him to come and do? Is this how he will continue to chase okorocha for the rest of his tenure? I am yet to hear his plan for the state aside chasing okorocha all over the place.

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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Twitter Account Reactivated - Shares Short Story by Quorax: 4:57pm On Aug 29, 2019
Many people have already hastily pointed fingers in the direction of the Presidency, accusing them of suppressing proposition. So much suspicions and conspiracy theories about what the Presidency can do. Activists in panic mode often make them look larger than life unnecessarily. I imagine that sometimes even the people who work there would wonder,: "Are they talking about the same place we work in?

The presidency brought it on itself
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa: Foreign-owned Businesses Attacked In New Wave Of Xenophobia by Quorax: 3:05pm On Aug 29, 2019
Please my people, help a starving brother. I have been pleading for help since 2 days now. I'm a student who returned to school because of the prospects of exams starting on Tuesday and also because I was opportuned to enter a free ride. my family isn't bouyant enough and my dad has severe high BP that's why I had to find my way so as not to make him to start thinking about where to get money to give me. I haven't eaten a decent food since I got back and am starving.

I am soliciting for help from well meaning people who will be touched enough to hear my plight and have mercy. I am not asking for much, no matter how little, it will go a long way. God bless you all

Fidelity Bank.

They have been banning you but you no Wan get sense.

Webmasters / Re: Google To End Ban Of Publishers On Adsense, Admob, Ad Manager by Quorax: 7:55pm On Aug 28, 2019
lol... it looks the same to me o. which means those banned will not get adsense displayed on their site... it same as being banned.
Politics / Re: Buhari: Why We Closed Nigeria’s Border With Benin Republic by Quorax: 7:39pm On Aug 28, 2019
To you everything is SW/North West... I think you need yo grow up.

fork off you dumbo... go to that border and you will not find any South Westerner as customs officer... ALL OF THEM THERE ARE NORTH. Bloody fool!

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Travel / Re: FG Reduces Visa Fees For Americans by Quorax: 6:48pm On Aug 28, 2019
You have got to love Trump... dude knows how to get people to fall in line... grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Buhari: Why We Closed Nigeria’s Border With Benin Republic by Quorax: 6:47pm On Aug 28, 2019
Baba Buhari am not with you on this. Close the borders close to insurgency, terrorism and not our rice border.

Baba do come back and open our rice border. Christmas is around the corner.

But Buhari is your best president na... na kuku people wey their business depend on this, mostly SWners na him go suffer this one... he did not close border in the North, na South own him dey close... Even people from Niger Republic come down south. Make una let me hear word.

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Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 6:30pm On Aug 28, 2019
you didn't finish your sentence with a full stop to show how educated you are.
You didn't start your sentence with a capital letter to show how intelligent you are. FOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL


Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 1:31pm On Aug 28, 2019

Igbos did not vote buhari then because he was like moghalu. He was in a regional party. He also chose a Yoruba in 2011. Nigeria was a one party state until 2015.
you have refused to leave this thread, even hijacking it from I who created it. It speak volume about your motive here... And where you make your money.

Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 10:57am On Aug 28, 2019

Keep lying to yourself my brother. Igbos will never vote Adeshina over moghalu.

Obi won two states in south west over Osinbajo in the just concluded election.

Go to Facebook, Twitter and other online blogs and see the hatred from igbos. The idiot that wrote that Facebook comment might even be Igbo using Yoruba name. We have many of them here on nairaland.
I didnt want to respond before but I will not take this from you just sell your crap here. You are not yoruba but an impostor who benefit from the divides between Yoruba and Igbo.

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Politics / Re: Another Proof Igbos Hate Yorubas (PHOTO) by Quorax: 7:28am On Aug 28, 2019

Lol. Keep deceiving yourself. Is that not the same way you hyped moghalu. Did you vote for him?

The issue to moghalu is based one who stand a chance of winning.

If you out moghalu vs adesina, igbos will vote adesina and I do not have to tell you why.

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