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Crime / Re: 80 Defendants In U.S. And Nigeria Charged With Cyberfraud, Money laundering by Quorax: 10:20pm On Aug 23
And what has Hausa people done about terrorist Christmas day pant bomber, Abdulmutallab?
u no even talk about BokoHaram that they aid. Their military brothers are accomplice
Crime / Re: Gloria Makanjuola Jailed In UK For Robbery And Theft (Photo) by Quorax: 10:19pm On Aug 23
grin grin grin grin grin

all these nairaland mod will not make heaven. they enjoy the tribal war going on on nairaland grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Nigeria: Govt Confirms Arrest Of Ekweremadu's Attackers by Quorax: 6:06pm On Aug 23

Those flato-cephalic dunderheads should be jailed and later deported. Bunch of unruly brigands!

Mmorron... Now the elites feel threatened, they are united and trying avert future reoccurring event.

Who will suffer? You or them? Keep calling the flatino

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Reacts To Arrest Of 80 Nigerians By Fbi For Internet Fraud by Quorax: 5:09pm On Aug 23
While the elders like Oshiomole are defrauding state treasury the youths are out there defrauding foriegners , inside life story of place called Nigeria
God bless u

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Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 2:16pm On Aug 23

Amuigbo u re high on igbo this morning. U guys can continue rampaging every space on earth thinking u re doing us...na u do urself. We are not the one being incarcerated in every cells across the world neither are we the one to most likely victim of lynching even in a small south Africa.

Politics / Re: IPOB Women Disgrace Nnia Nwodo, Scatter Ohanaeze Event (Photos) by Quorax: 12:56pm On Aug 23
I've said this before. Igbo don't have respect for their elders.
These are the women that suppose to train their children not to engage in an Internet fraud and financial crimes in America. They are the ones behaving like oshodi Agbero.
Where are the home training, where are the moral decency that we always find in our mothers?
Let's have a rethink of our actions as other tribesa are watching our public disgraces.

Does hunger, unemployment, insecurity respect you? You fools will be talking about respect because you don't know respect is earned and not given on a gold platter.
Politics / Re: IPOB Women Disgrace Nnia Nwodo, Scatter Ohanaeze Event (Photos) by Quorax: 12:54pm On Aug 23

Trust me bro! I just logged in to like your post! How I wish I could like it a thousand times!
bless you my brother. I am liking new heat IPOB are giving these governors. This is how they should have started long ago.

You will first deal with the inner demons before you start with outside demons.
Politics / Re: IPOB Women Disgrace Nnia Nwodo, Scatter Ohanaeze Event (Photos) by Quorax: 10:03am On Aug 23
Touts. grin
It is better to be tout for a good cause than to appear noble at the detriment of the general good.

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Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 9:58am On Aug 23

U are right. Our system needs to b overhauled& cleaned up. U even mentioned Switzerland which has a working system. Unfortunately, our brothers who are now in d custody of d FBI for fraud, found themselves in d US that has a working system. Instead putting their brains to work by engaging in legal endeavours, decided that d best way 4 them was to steal. What's now their excuse if u say d system in Nigeria is d problem? If they can use their brains to steal, y can't they use it 4 more productive endeavours in a society where d system works?

I am not trying to exonerate them but you have to understand that this guys started living in a crime infested environment here in Nigeria...

like an elderly neighbour used to say back then "when goat wey dey eat yam begin follow the one wey dey eat cocoyam, himself go begin eat cocoyam.

See, I lived in this environment where guys openly feel it is RIGHT to defraud for many years. It takes the grace of God, self-discipline and self control not to fall into that pit.

It is why I laugh when I read comments online. This problem is a cancer already.
Politics / Re: Kofoworola Bucknor: Tinubu Dividing Afenifere Over Presidential Ambition by Quorax: 8:50am On Aug 23
Very stingy guy

when a Nigerian use stingy to describe u, just know it means reap where u did not sow

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Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 8:36am On Aug 23

If government has provided these ones with enabling environment, they'll still be fraudsters as we have them even as natives of America and other endowed countries of the world. Stop it! There are other Nigerians with good upbringing who have refused crime in its entity. Forget it, those boys are criminals by birth.
bros, I had a friend, wealth brought up, excellently brilliant and had a huge influence on me in my academics..

He died few years ago.

He took to wayward life later on because of his environment.
Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 8:33am On Aug 23
What a shame!!! This epidemic of scam needs to be addressed ASAP.
the ones Nigerian politicians have been doing is what? Who has addressed theirs boldly? Wait until the whole world band Nigerians from their country.
Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 8:29am On Aug 23

What is d right thing that must b done?

Thank u, the whole system needs to be cleaned up. We can not continue to elect stupid heartless leaders and expect crime to reduce. It has never worked anywhere in the world.

There also has to be clamp down on display of wealth online.

My sister in Switzerland told me you can not just wake up and send money. They will question your work, income and all financial living. That is a country that has a system

But here what do we have.


Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 8:18am On Aug 23
hmmmm where do i start from? right before my eyes Nigerians were not like this - Nigeria was home to Ghana,SAs, indians , Arabs etc. Nigerians were not interested in' going abroad' ; Pentecostal churches were not deliberately mischievously calling ' mystical organizations ' secret cults- a deliberate poisoning of folks' minds to win them to untruths; no hate speeches even after the civil war , life was simple until ....it is a long complex story . A careful study of the elite's political approach to serious national issues, vis a vis the pre and post civil war realities; the effect of the military rule on democracy especially the IBB years where the seed of scam was watered and nurtured to a tree- the epitome of years of misrule culminating in the June 12 criminal annulment and the subsequent death of MKO under the nose of CIA of Clinton's administration; commercialisation of religious centres to the extent of stifling them of their esoteric essence, etc a dangerous socio-cultural and religious or rather spiritual disaster mix of poverty was born. And unless a mystic at heart leads Nigeria ,then the end to the journey may not be near. Ask me what country gets billions of dollars from oil proceeds but make sure her citizens go to bed hungry with no electricity nor any social amenities while keeping the oil proceeds in foreign economies and toilets? ehn!!!

God bless you. These morooons like to live in denial.
Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 8:17am On Aug 23

Your reasoning is very nauseating!
What the hell are you trying to justify here?
Is it the internet fraud your brothers committed or the attack on a defenceless man?

Your need to have your head examined.
u need to have ur head examined too. When you folks were deliberating supporting dead beat leaders that does nothing, next election now u will carry ur spaghetti legs and go vote Tinubu because he is a Yoruba man.

Crime will continue to increase because the country is forking bad... If u like keep living in denial.

Nigerians are the cause.

Everyone keep acting like it's okay.

Am I supporting crime? No. Someone quoted me saying their parents...

I am a realist... This country stinks to the high heavens and until a serious shake up is done from the top to the bottom, things like this ain't stopping soon. Nigerians have one of the highest risk adventure in the world... So do not think this will deter guys from going into it.

When an average Nigerian child hears his politician stole billions without repercussions, sees there is no food or jobs, leaves in a toxic environment, what do u think he would do?

You think its for people stay legit? U think everybody has the courage to stay legit? I know how hard I fought that thought many years ago while living in a den of yahoo boys...

In my solo hustle, I have delivered services numerous times to Americans before getting paid and I have never been scammed. We are talking about deals going into millions. It is because I know they have a working system and they fear and respect that system, so much that they do no want the system to rubbish them.

Can same be said in Nigeria? Be there and be living in denial.

You have no moral right to complain, none of you quoting me have moral justification to quote me especially if you do nothing while politicians rob us in this country. Some of you idiots even scammed us by bring buhari on us and u think u have the right to question my opinion. What rubbish

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Crime / Re: Full List Of Nigerians Indicted For $1.1B Internet Scam In The US by Quorax: 2:13am On Aug 23
Unbelivable, close to 99% from one region! Was Abike Dabiri right or not when she said 20 out of 21 Nigerians awaiting execution in Indonesia are from Anambra? She was speaking from facts while many were countering her based on sentiment and tribalism. Here is another proof, this is one of the reasons PayPal and many other online businesses don't want to include Nigeria in any financial dealing which is affecting many legitimate users from Nigeria. EFCC should intensify more effort locally while other countries around the world should collaborate with EFCC to flush out fraudsters and drug dealers in their midst. Nigeria, will be great again! And believe me, there is something in the east aside poverty that we are yet to understand, but pushing youngs and adults into drug and fraud related cases than other regions in the country.
You just had to rope tribalism into this. These particular guys here are a syndicate, which means they work together as team and it is not surprising to see they from one place.

What about the Yorubas that were caught at one time?

You fools will leave the cause of all these problems and focus on irrelevancies. I do not know what is wrong with you. Whether you like it or not, as long as the bastards we have as leaders will not do anything and citizens who find energy to blame IPOB for beating Ike Ekweremadu even when they did so for a good reason such as preventing what we are reading here but your people who like answering sir sir were mocking them for lack of "respect"

Yes, they are Nigerians and since you all will not do the right thing, you will continue to feel the consequences... AS A NIGERIAN.

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Business / Re: How Old Were You When You Made Your First Million?, And How? by Quorax: 7:36pm On Aug 22

Thanks bro, it's real Estate.

Other agents sell for real estate companies and act as agents. What I do is that I get budgets from clients and source affordable properties with good title. It's hard but gives rest of mind.

I get property buyers through a website online and send them messages. Once they know you're working at giving them good title within their budget, they'll be interested.
does this website really exist?
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu: IPOB Gives Conditions To Forgive Igbo Politicians by Quorax: 4:00pm On Aug 22

So eastern leaders should keep shouting everyday to awusa-afonja to do the right thing and add them to national projects?
why don't u sit in your house and wait for food and money to meet you there while. Your mates go hustle?
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu: IPOB Gives Conditions To Forgive Igbo Politicians by Quorax: 1:38pm On Aug 22
IPOB should stop silly arguement, cooperate with their Leaders to move forward. They should stop being seen as cooperating with Bokoharam, Elsarksarky and Fulani Hooligans and Herdsmen.
which stupid corporation are you talking about? These men sit there and do nothing that will better the lives of igbos... it was here that a non south eastern senator agitated against the exclusion of the east when the rail project was first mentioned and funds released... what were they doing? NOTHING. See how Northerners always protect their own interest when they feel threatened or do you expect the man from Kano to come do the job of these useless igbo leaders?


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Crime / Re: How Helicopter Dropped Weapons For My Boss In Dinya Forest, Katsina - Bandit by Quorax: 9:30pm On Aug 21

A revolution is imminent.i keep telling them the same thing here in the north.their children will suffer. Maybe by then the current generation will be no more.
no mind dem... he was here saying we hate buhari because he is fulani as Yaradua was a Chinese.
Crime / Re: How Helicopter Dropped Weapons For My Boss In Dinya Forest, Katsina - Bandit by Quorax: 6:44pm On Aug 21
People have been saying this for ages
Helicopters dropping weapons in the forest
I thought they were lies
shocked shocked
another dumb Southerner... so you think people will be making these things up? Buhari came to carry out a plan, a perfect plan. All those things most of you think are propaganda will manifest before 2023...

Just sit back and watch.

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Crime / Re: How Helicopter Dropped Weapons For My Boss In Dinya Forest, Katsina - Bandit by Quorax: 6:42pm On Aug 21
@Fizznation, I am sure you are proud of this, eh? but u will be running ur hands on key pad... is this not why BokoHaram has refused to die because your people are the ones behind them...

When the south decide it is time, in unison, trust me, you can kiss the oil in the south goodbye


Politics / Re: South-East Governors Write Buhari: Ban Herders With No Cattle & Cattle By Foot by Quorax: 2:56pm On Aug 21
Yeah Fulani herdsmen will always trend because the president is a Fulani man. And the last time I checked, 98% of you residing in that side of the Niger don't like the president. So no surprised.
Typical... but do not warri.. one day this country will divide and you all will know what hit you so badly...
Romance / Re: If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? See Reactions (pics) by Quorax: 1:34pm On Aug 21

Your first paragraph is a reflection of your ignorance and a failed attempt to silence me.

Will every guy marry a poor guy? Is every bachelor in Nigeria poor? Why do you sound so condescending? What is it about cars? A car is luxury to you. Do you know if I drive my own? Do you know when I started working and making my own money?

You assume all the girls on this forum are like the ones you relate with who only have their "p...y, boobbbs" to offer. Please expand your mind; you are restricting your thinking.

You portrayed your brother in the struggling/hustling way first so Amadioha is coming for you.

Do not think I am like your average girl that you can run your foul mouth and try to use the usual "Nairaland guys tactic" of bullying and blackmailing on.

I stated clearly that what matter most is if he has a drive and u were the person who quoted me and said he should use the drive to take care of himself. I had to proceed to use my bros as an example to explain what I mean since you were so dumb to understand this.

A lot of guys might have job now but what happens if they loss that job? Do they have the drive and ruggedness to rise again?

You are the one building castle in the air and have refused to accept reality. You are living in Nigeria where over 20 million have lost their jobs in the last 4 years.. While a huge chunk of the workforce are underemployed.

A friend of mine currently works in the oil industry but dude has not been finding things easy. I know another friend in same oil job but constantly complains.

While another one does not have much money but I know dudes drive will beat the oil guys in the street and as matter of fact, the one without money has his own house bought with sweaty while the ones in the oil industry don't have a personal house.

You lack wisdom and that will be you ur undoing.

What is car? U must really think such things move me cos I used it as an example.

I guess u don't know that some of us don't see building houses as a wise investment but would rather use that money to do solid business and cash out in rocket time.

Car wey people dey sell on like pure water? I laff in pussy language.

Am I saying you should settle for less? No but I detest it when persons lack humility in their perspective.

You will hardly hear a man say he can't marry a lady that does not have money... But someone of you will go on talking senselessly.
Romance / Re: If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? See Reactions (pics) by Quorax: 4:01am On Aug 21
We have used this class thing and I am getting confused, what is your class? how do you even know your class? What metrics did you use to place yourself in a particular class? What percentage of Nigerians earn 1000usd monthly? which is not even up to a standard wage? A country where more than 60% are poor. please educate me on this class thing because the data I once got from a kpmg survey was tearful. I will really love you to explain this class thing cos there are only 2 classes in this country. The upper class (part of the political class, wealthy pastors ceos MDs line and group executives, Group/regional heads of industries and senior staff of multinational coys) and the Elite class ( top politicians, business moguls MD/GMD/ed of multinational coys) if you are not in any of the two classes, I wonder what class you are talking about....100-300k per month class?...

LOL, don't mind them. Class... Funny lots
Romance / Re: If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? See Reactions (pics) by Quorax: 12:50am On Aug 21

Do you guys on this forum not have examples of rich guys who married and are successful and happily married?

So because your SIL married a struggling you means every lady should. Not every lady will marry a poor guy. And there should be no issue there.

Are you married? It's very obvious you are not, reason why you are quoting every comment, including one's that does not concern you.

Will every girl get a rich guy? How many Nigerians are rich in this poverty HQ? You are allowing the cars you see to deceive you. I know a lot of guys with car but are broke.

Like I said, you know nothing.

I have made money and I have lost money. Few days ago, I lost 200k and within 3days I made back that money.

You are using "struggling" to describe my bros? Na Amadioha go bend that hand wey use type that thing. I learned not take you Nigerian Girls serious cos if we check well now, you don't have a car, u don't have a land, u don't have anything except your pusssy, boobbs and rapidly aging face.

That is how one idiot from nairaland I took serious thought she could make terms, despite the fact that she got nothing, absolutely nothing...just the aforementioned herein.

Never in your life try to make terms when you can't match same terms.

Madam, the worst thing that can even happen to you is u is marrying someone who doesn't like your siblings or family, that time u go know say u jam rock, that is if you even know the gravity of what that means.

You know freaking Nothing...


Romance / Re: If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? See Reactions (pics) by Quorax: 7:32pm On Aug 20

He should use the WICKED DRIVE to make money and improve his standard of living first.

There are rich dumb men, which if they fall today they can never rise again. You don't know anything.

My bros had no job when he met his wife with a child not too long after. He hustled hard and manage to get a job, they moved from one room to two rooms and then 3 rooms and to another 3 rooms...
Then he moved all his family to the US, while he stayed back.

He reversed to a single room since he is alone in Nigeria.

I repeat, you know nothing. Parasites!


Romance / Re: If He Proposes To You In This Condition, Will You Accept? See Reactions (pics) by Quorax: 6:05pm On Aug 20
All the people saying NO...

You all no get sense...

The most important thing is whether the person involve has DRIVE... WICKED DRIVE and knows what he wants and how to get it..

You should ONLY say no in the absence of the aforementioned, else you sound myopic.

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Crime / Re: Soldiers Helped Me Escape - Wadume Confesses (Full Transcript) by Quorax: 5:32pm On Aug 20
I know the NP would surely get the guy. It was only a matter of time. Every escape route was blocked for the guy if not he would have escaped to either Niger republic or Chad. Let's all forget the fact that we insult them(NP) and mock them every time, but once these guys are on to you, nothing will really stop them from getting you. I give them this.
shhhhhh.... Please do not deviate... is this not why Boko Haram is still alive because YOUR PEOPLE are part of the game? shameless northerners...


Politics / Re: EFCC Raids Ambode’s Residence by Quorax: 4:01pm On Aug 20

like seriously............ shocked shocked cool
That is to tell you we have devil living among us.
Politics / Re: Photo Of Ekweremadu As He Arrives Nigeria From Germany After IPOB Attack by Quorax: 10:21pm On Aug 19
Haaaa. The old man was thoroughly beating by those youth. Igbo does not have respect for elders, it's an invitation to generational course in Yoruba land to lay your hands on elders for whatever reason.
which elders? You complain Nigeria is not good... who were the cause of the problem we are currently facing if not the so called elders.

Respect is not given, It is earned... only fools dish out unsolicited respect. Which generational curse are you talking about? The one that could not stop the white men from taking over our land and selling our people into slavery? undecided

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Politics / Re: Ekweremadu: APC & PDP Unite Against Attack, We All Have A Responsibility by Quorax: 5:46pm On Aug 19
These are the same politicians that kept quiet when security forces attack citizen for protesting against bad governance. It is now clear that the political class are against the wish of the majority of its citizen who are suffering.
Reason they need the beaten outside the shores of Nigeria and Like I have started seeing, their children will not be spared... Sanusi's prophecy is gradually coming to pass.

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