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Politics / Re: North Will Field Better Candidate For 2023 Presidency – Shettima by Quorax: 2:16pm On Mar 22
I thought igbo wasnt interested?
Granted... Are Igbos the only ones in the South? What about Delta State, What about Cross River, What About Rivers State? Nobody has forgotten what happened in 2015... The South West need to leave that seat for any other region in the South even if they do not want Igbos... but fielding in SWer in 2023 is tantamount to greed and betrayal, despite the role of they played in ousting GEJ... Come on! nobody is foolish. Look at the Headline of this thread. Where are they proposing that the next president come from in 2023? NW, the current president is where? NE! but the Yorubas want to get it twice.... they should come and take it! If the North field in a Northerner in 2023, I bet you that the entire south, excluding SW will vote North.

Nobody should complain,The South West started this scheme

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Politics / Re: North Will Field Better Candidate For 2023 Presidency – Shettima by Quorax: 2:06pm On Mar 22
One Nigeria is a big joke, northern people are too greedy for power, while the whole southern part are polical confusionists and this is because they always fight themselves unnecesary and the north are very happy to see them sharply divided.
Your people do not consider themselves Southerners to begin with. Yes, I have read it from their mouth here on nairlaand. What is about to hit the SW is the lesson you people brought. Other group of the South will be watching and see how you will get the presidency.

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Politics / Re: North Will Field Better Candidate For 2023 Presidency – Shettima by Quorax: 2:01pm On Mar 22
This is dangerous North must not be allowed to rule come 2023 otherwise they will rule forever.

Give SE the slot for both parties. Is better that way.

This will mend the broken South alliance
This is for equity and fairness
It allows the South to actually sponsored a bill that should make it madatory for presidency to be rotated every 8 yrs. ( This is important bcus Northern population will continue to rise) this will help the future of South. We can continue doing our family planning in peace.

Bros, I will prefer it is given to the North in 2023 because the SW are trying to be smart by half. Let me tell you, the North knows the disintegration in the South and they are waiting for us mend fences, but SW are trying to deny other regions in the South by still agitating for the position, despite OBJ had ruled for 8 years (it could been 12 years you know). If not that they are selfish and greedy, why would they want to field in another SWer when we have other people in the South.

Okay, I get it. they do not want Igbos to be president abi? then they too will not smell that seat.

As it is now, the South should forget that seat. I don't care if the NORTH rules forever, I do not bloody care.

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Politics / Re: North Will Field Better Candidate For 2023 Presidency – Shettima by Quorax: 1:48pm On Mar 22
hahahahahahha.... when I created a thread about what is going to happen, the yoruba fools called it conspiracy... lwkmd. igbos will always tell you the truth...

una never see anything..




grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 1:46pm On Mar 22

And the most irritating thing about you PMB/APC haters is that you are not intelligent enough to appreciate that PDP's 'short fix' style will never see us develop as a Nation. There was less poverty under PDP because oil prices were significantly higher than they are today under APC.

Yet how do we ignore the fact that, under 16 years of PDP rule, Nigeria made poor to zero progress infrastructurally (transport, power, built environment etc etc) and in key reformational and critical areas like growth of the SME (small to medium enterprise sector) , ease of doing business, diversifying our economy from dependence on oil, given our agricultural and mineral wealth/potentials, etc, etc, etc?

Instead of you to educate yourself fundamentally and with an open mind, totally devoid of hate or bias, to note the changes required, and that APC are trying to bring in, you remain here pandering to your base instinct of hate that has decimated your common sense, objectivity and even basic core human goodness. PDP will simply criticise positive policies of the ruling government, even when they know it is the inevitable way forward, so as to discredit APC while its leaders keep embezzling and feeding Nigerians crumbs with our nation hurtling towards the next disaster.

Hate has turned you into an enemy of Nigeria bro. You just can't see it. That is the problem.
you are on your own. What PDP gave is what made it possible for me to survive since l left school. Has APC done all those things you mentioned?

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Politics / Re: Lagos IGR rises by N32.99bn — higher than 33 states put together by Quorax: 7:46am On Mar 19

Great! grin

I have always trusted the Lagos Financial Management Team from
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu who is an astute chartered accountant
to Babatunde Fasola and now Akinwunmi Ambode another chartered
accountant and administrator.

=====> https://www.thecable.ng/lagos-igr-rises-n32-99bn-higher-33-states-put-together/amp?fbclid=IwAR0g5IaGPocHXlXS4490jBDZXRjLb0MsFexbVbwNHy-rZgdhFrb7rkjcjUE

Lagos is definitely in SAFE HANDS with Governor elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu
and his deputy on the way to making the state the 3rd largest economy
in Africa fro the 5th position she occupies right now.

Ogun and Oyo States need to take advantage of the closeness to Lagos
to rev up their own IGR as well.

Ipinle Eko o ni baje! grin

And Lagos is still not equal to the money generated? Jokers.

Tinubu will definitely lose his grip at the appointed time.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Nkwocha Ernest: Artist Uses Condemned Tyres To Create Artwork by Quorax: 5:43pm On Mar 18
Make una patronize the bros na... now b only to dey talk talk
Celebrities / Re: Kcee Buys New Prado Jeep (Photos) by Quorax: 5:20pm On Mar 18
His younger brother is buying 3 Rolls Royce this one is buying common Toyota.

What a waste of birthright.

If I were in his family, I will poison him without any remorse.


*spits angry
Oh Lucifer, how is HELL? undecided
Health / Re: Kenyan Drug Addict Rescued By His Childhood Friend, Dies 2 Years After by Quorax: 5:10pm On Mar 18

What's the point of changing his life after all his now dead.

She could've have left him the way she found him. He could have been alive.
You say what? as in, do you mean what you just said? so she is the one that killed him?

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Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 5:08pm On Mar 18
I'm not a wicked person grin
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 5:01pm On Mar 18
Make I give you bucket to cry? grin
embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed wooked sombori cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 1:47pm On Mar 18
Lol, no be forming hard o. Year one of marriage I go cry for every little thing. Year twelve I don turn kaki nothing dey move me. Him dey see my post as him be nairalander
cry cry cry cry cry
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 10:18am On Mar 18
You go tire, one day oga conclude sey I be feminist grin

lol... We know ur type. Be forming hard but dying inside... I go just find ur weak point use am deal with u.
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 9:59am On Mar 18
If my oga stop to eat my food I go happy ogrin less stress for me. Why men dey feel like not eating our food na punishmentgrin
lol I go add another one join if that doesn't work...see u.
Family / Re: What Is It With My Wife And Her Past Boyfriends? by Quorax: 9:13am On Mar 18
Ruddyman500, give her the silent treatment. Nothing gets to a woman than silence.

Also stop eating her food. Cook ur meals urself or eat outside.

Thank me later.


Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 8:42pm On Mar 17

Yes they don't buy indicates which candidate is most likely popular and stands a better chance of winning. Buhari never won even a single online poll even that conducted by their own site. He has been rejected but rigged his way back with the help of security personnel.
you dey mind them? Of Buhari was so sure of himself,why didn't he take his hands off the elections. Lots of people were killed in the South.
Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 8:40pm On Mar 17
Humm which job you created professional talker chief na only mouth them get .that is why you want die on top Atiku obi presidency .
lol... The most irritating things about u APC fools is that you glorify poverty like your father PMB...

Like I said, I have never worked for anyone since left school.

I always keep money to invest in my own ideas when I spot them.

I started a new business to serve a sub sector of power/electricity in November... By end of the this year will would have spread to all geopolitical zones in the South... Before thinking of going North.

Whether... Only fools claim it is not the due to a government to create jobs.

I have left Nigeria for you guys to do whatever u want to do with it but when u or your close ones can't get better treatment and security in this country, don't complain because you clear do not deserve anything good from a country... And that goes to all of you who prefer stagnation over progress.

The beauty of it all is that you all will harvest the fruit of what you sow.

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Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 10:09pm On Mar 15
OK don't be annoyed. he thought you are productive the way he was speaking to you but you proved otherwise by proving that you have never been in labour market .we now know who you are sorry .
lol... Who am I? Bros, I create my job. I am not dead brain like you. I am more useful to Nigeria than you will ever be.... Cos I am highly skilled and very smart to spot opportunities.

No need talking more.
Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 10:06pm On Mar 15

On the contrary, more jobs have been on the increase this year especially when in a very long time, lots of corporate organizations have been having serious recruiting drive since the beginning of the year instead of the usual waiting for the budget before they start to.

The economy has been recovering for a year and a half now but you folks bias for PMB has not made you guys to be observant enough to know this. Nigeria is not only about fulani herdsmen and islamization as you guys think
Politics / Re: Thank God Atiku Did Not Win by Quorax: 10:05pm On Mar 15
los job !!!!! Including you and your families amen as your wishes .
grin I have never applied for a job... grin grin
Celebrities / Re: Tekno Looking For My Trouble - Iyanya In Leaked Whatsapp Chat With Ubi Franklin by Quorax: 1:31am On Mar 15
you are very right especially @ your first and second paragraph... I was shocked to see people on the first page say things like "music get money oh" like wtf!! see money wey dem dey talk about..it doesn't even tally with the lavish lifestyle we see on social media

You should know those people haven't seen money na.

Some people do as much as 100M To 200M in this country and you will be shocked to know that some people actually exist that doesn't believe you can make as much as 2M per month in Nigeria.

It is just exposure... That is killing them.
Celebrities / Re: Tekno Looking For My Trouble - Iyanya In Leaked Whatsapp Chat With Ubi Franklin by Quorax: 1:20am On Mar 15
The eye-opener here is that artists' earnings are quite modest. An A-list Nigerian artist goes all the way to Turkey to perform for something like $6k, which is then shared amongst 3 or more people.

So, all the Bentleys, Range Rovers and flashy lifestyle they post on social media? How is that lifestyle funded

And see the way they were monitoring each other & sharing a few thousand dollars show by show, piece meal by piece meal like market women (no disrespect to market women intended). When will Nigerians do business in a professional way. Why aren't these monies going into a central pot and shared as dividends / profit, say every 3 months. But then again, the accountant /manager in charge will probably steal some. What a country. What a people.

Thanks... I just learned something from you. Are you an entrepreneur sir?
Politics / Respect North: Red Carpet Takes Over Kano Government House by Quorax: 7:38pm On Mar 14
Red caps take over Kano State government house.

The South are a bunch of useless spineless grammarians




Politics / Re: David Mark, Suswam, Ortom To Be PDP Agents At Polling Units In Benue Rerun by Quorax: 7:06pm On Mar 14
Wrong move! These guys fear death more than any other thing, remember no security will be with them at the polling unit, I bet u these guys would take off if they hear the sound of even a knockout. Only the poor can fight or die for politicians. They should have kept this a secret, now the apc would know the cant buyoff the agents, the next thing is to use armed thugs to do the needful
stupid talks from a malu

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Politics / Re: Invasion Of Asari’s Residence Provocative – IYC by Quorax: 10:57am On Mar 14
Why una no Dey provoked when soldiers Dey on ground ?

Shameless chest beaters.

The mission was to monitor that fat pig’s movement which was achieved.

A provocation would have led to a bullet in his fat neck. He also understands that and that is why he sat outside gently forming phone calls.

Why he no go inside to sleep?
well done... One day, you will be caught in the nest of what you are nurturing and someone will repeat everything you have said here today on you while you watch helplessly...

My joy is that the Nigerian system have no emotions when it wants to have you screwed.


Politics / Re: Invasion Of Asari’s Residence Provocative – IYC by Quorax: 10:55am On Mar 14
The level of division buhari is creating in Nigeria will take forever to correct. Before now I used to see us all as Nigerians, but buhari has made me realized I am from south south, that he is a northerner, that we have Igbo, that we also have Yoruba.

I find it very difficult to like this man no matter how much I try.

This is the truth.

Same here... Exactly.


Family / Re: My Woman Wears Very Short And Tight Outfits. I Cautioned Her, This Is Happening by Quorax: 11:29pm On Mar 13
Op make I kukuma follow ask, is that all? You need to grow up. Is she disrespecting you? Is she wasteful or lazy or is she cheating on you or neglecting her duties as a mother and wife? Why are you creating problem were there is none. How short is the gown sef. How can you tell a woman you love that you are ashamed of her? I don't know for you ooo but my late father would say, as you makee your bed so you lie on it. No use your hand destroy the beautiful thing you have
can't u deduce from his post that dude is a bit churchy? Na all this sister brother choir master relationship... Dude will. Learn one of his greatest lessons by the time that girl is done.

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Family / Re: My Woman Wears Very Short And Tight Outfits. I Cautioned Her, This Is Happening by Quorax: 11:23pm On Mar 13
The Lord is your strength bro.
grin. Angel Gabriel will help him
Politics / Re: Facts About Igbos And Igboland. by Quorax: 8:39pm On Mar 13

Eyah. It's all good.
Do not take all I do here serious, i only come to Nairaland to catch fun, laugh and to while away time. grin Nairaland is entirely an oposite of what I do in reality. I have friends from all tribe. I'm a Christian, but my best man during my wedding was a Muslim.

I can't wait to leave Benin too. I hope my transfer comes soon. This is my 3rd year in Benin.

It's nice meeting u.e

Nice meeting u too bro. I spent 15 years in Benin..

We are all paper tigers no mind all these fight... All these fight na nairaland e end, thankfully.

Doesn't it amaze you that Igbos and Yorubas are the Most intermarried ethnic group in Nigeria?

My best friend for hustle na Yoruba.

When I had health issues and needed urgent medical attention, na my Yoruba friend from nairaland use her medical doctor husband influence break barriers such that I scaled through what could have taken weeks and had it done 48 hours at Ife teaching hospital because I needed to get back to base for my project.

And why did the husband do it? Cos she told him that before she met him, I was the person helping her when she was faced with lots of financial crisis being the first child and the most surprising thing then was I never set my eyes on her before helping. In fact going for the medical treatment was my first time setting eyes on her.I stayed at their house for almost a week before moving.

So bros, leave all these nairaland fight... After everything done, I still cross the road to buy food stuff from the aboki at my area and next to the aboki is a Yoruba man selling beef... I don turn regular customer so much that if he doesn't see me, he boys will ask whether I traveled.

Some times I refuse recharge my data using Bank codes just to make sure I buy from a Yoruba woman where I also some times but other things.

In fact, I don't even remember most of all these talks and fight after I log off.

But bros, Shey na true say ur head big ni?


Politics / Re: Facts About Igbos And Igboland. by Quorax: 7:40pm On Mar 13

Wow you stay Bauchi too? Me self don walker for this Country aswear. I stay for Alagbaka Akure, Lagos, Omofo for Rivers, ph, kaduna, zaria, Kachia, abuja, Nasarawa, Bosso minna, gra fate ilorin, Jos anguwan doki, Italia in Damaturu, old airport sokoto, crutech Calabar, Kano, Warri, Asaba, GRA Benin, Bida, kontagora, Maiduguri.

When I dey Maiduguri, I dey primary 5 that time. That Sambisa forest wey Shekau and his Boko boys don turn to their base now, used be a Government reserved area. Hunters are not allowed to hunt there. There used to be varieties of wild animals there. Even Lions, tigers, elephants and other wild animals are found dip in the forest. Me and my friends used to go for hunting of rabbits, squirrels and Antelopes in that Sambisa forest then (not dip inside the forest though). We go with hunting dogs, we do that for the adventure not really for the meat.
Damaturu also used to have a Government reserved area like Sambisa forest, but it's not as big as Sambisa forest.

E good to travel, you get to learn alot about other people's culture and their ways of life.

Na Bauchi I get my first accident lol. When my brother play ball enter road and send me to go pick am. Na so motorcycle hit me.

I have been to most parts of the South. I love to travel naturally. Na dis Boko matter dey fear me to go North lol. If not, I for don enter that side tey tey.

Yeah, I was still a kid when we lived in Bauchi. Na big contract make us relocate to Lagos in Late 80s cos mumsy hit contract to work with one company at What is now called Teslim Balogun stadium. All those building materials at the foundation of Teslim Balogun Stadium Before the contract was discontinued for some time , na my mama supply am. She had a quarry back then... At Abeokuta... Na when money dey that year before things collapse lol

She put most of relatives for strategic positions, one even get money from there to leave Naija To Yankee ..the first among his siblings. I remember being carried on tractor and I tried to stir the wheel lol... I couldn't.

Travel make brain. I will resume the movement from middle of the year. Though I don't intend to stay in Benin except to stop by See some faces and continue my journey to Delta State.
Politics / Re: Facts About Igbos And Igboland. by Quorax: 6:54pm On Mar 13
Do you have anything like these in the entire Igboland?

This is IBADAN...
... Can u imagine?

Have you been to the "entire" igbo land? Have u?

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Politics / Re: Facts About Igbos And Igboland. by Quorax: 6:22pm On Mar 13

The problem is Igboland is tiny and undeveloped.This is Makoko in Lagos.Lagos is tiny and 1000 times developed than the entire Igboland just like Ibadan,another Yoruba city.
lol... I have been responding to you directly from mentions and have missed most of your comments... So Lagos is your most developed state in the whole of South West, a region that gained from being fct for many years just as Abuja is currently gaining...later you will add that Tinubu built Lagos.

Oka re ooo


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