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Sports / Re: Andy Ruiz Jr Rules Out UK Rematch With Anthony Joshua; Says It's A Trap by Quorax: 12:50am On Jul 26
joshua can see what he has caused for himself .... this one go run tire grin grin grin grin
I swear. The guy never Wan loss him title and fame grin
Celebrities / Re: Sonia Morales Relaxes At Miami Beach, Florida by Quorax: 4:56pm On Jul 25

Guy Fulani no get dat kind yanch...unless you carry Yoruba woman yanch dash the Fulani gal.
I was not talking about yansh but facial beauty... yes, only Southerners can boast of such booty but when it comes to really facial beauty, give it to the North... and i am more drawn to facial beauty than body.
Celebrities / Re: Sonia Morales Relaxes At Miami Beach, Florida by Quorax: 3:52pm On Jul 25
Choi!! see wetin IK dey miss o
my brother... i swear, i open mouth. It is hard to make me do such but this lady here is GORGEOUS...A GODDESS! The only place you will find such pretty ladies in Nigeria is among the fulanis.
Politics / Re: Shittes: "We Are Not Armed. If We Were Armed, These People Cannot Face Us" by Quorax: 2:34pm On Jul 25
They are not armed and they were killing security agents.
did you see them carrying gun or bomb?

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Health / Re: Olawale Sulaiman: Biography Of Neurosurgeon Who Performs Free Surgery In Nigeria by Quorax: 1:43pm On Jul 25

Takes an enlightened soul to do this. Those who keep hoarding wealth [b](and knowledge) [/b]and all that simply do not understand what life is all about.
Politics / Re: Afenifere To Fulani Vigilantes: Leave South-West Now Or Face Hostility by Quorax: 9:16am On Jul 25
Is this balls?
Fighting without strategy?

justt kuku tell us say u can not talk for fear of being rounded by military cos i see that is what u are insinuating.. anyway, ur land, ur business


Politics / Re: Afenifere To Fulani Vigilantes: Leave South-West Now Or Face Hostility by Quorax: 9:11am On Jul 25
I don't know if there is still youth among the Yoruba nation. It is surprising to me the way they are watching some greedy old few amongst them playing with their lives and future.
Chest beating doesn't win battle.
Elders doesn't go to war.

At South south, South east and middle belt,its the youth who stood against the blood suckers.
In the North, it is still the youth that are issuing threat and counter threat.

Unless I am being made to believe that there no more men with balls in the land of the west
lol... shey the d youth that does not believe this herdsmen menace is real, is the youth you are banking on? why would they believe? i no get power this morning jare before codetemplar come attack me again say i dey hate on yorubas. tongue

what that guy does not know is the we have to talk the way we do because if we do not, if they conquer SW then other part of the South is doomed.

It is a pity people are playing to gallery over this issue.

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Business / Re: What Business Can I Start With N150k That Will Give Me A Profit Of N2000 Daily? by Quorax: 3:51pm On Jul 24

Thanks a lot.
go through this guy's post nairaland.com/ymodulus and learn everything about importation. Then search youtube for facebook ads...

set up your page on facebook, pay for ads and start running. when u get orders, send them to courier company to ship for u... make sure you cconfirm from buyers that they really want to buy, filter... above all, price your goods very high to mitigate against returns cos Nigerians are crazy.

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Politics / Re: Obaseki: RUGA Will Not Happen In Edo State, Sambisa Forest A Better Option by Quorax: 9:16am On Jul 24
I watched obaseki interview and he was telling his supporters that out of the whole of SE/SS, he is the only APC government.

Seems the man wants to join his people over in pdp...Edo state you welcome to PDP.

So that finally SE/SS will be locked down for pdp....

But you know Edo state are Yoruba, so I think they will prefer to remain in APC with their brothers in SW.........is still okay...... blood is thicker than water.
Edo are not Yoruba
Politics / Re: Obaseki: RUGA Will Not Happen In Edo State, Sambisa Forest A Better Option by Quorax: 9:14am On Jul 24
The fg(buhari And his northern cabals)are trying to force obaseki to summit to ruga with promise of rigging for him. It's a shame that Nigeria has been reduce to Fulani land.

Thank God obaseki has Edo blood in him, he will never sell his birth right. For those bastards Fulani camping in our forests, your heads will soon be used to appease our gods
it's not a matter of Edo. But being a Benin man. Oshiomole is not a Benin man, hence why he can do anything for buhari.

Obaseki is a Benin man and Binis dont take shiit from anyone.

In 2015 in Benin, I and some dude caught a cattle on the request of a man and tied it to a pole. The Fulani cattle rearer came and ask if the cow was fed..

Na beat dem beat and took him to police and back.

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Celebrities / Re: Iyabo Ojo And Daughter, Priscilla With Mompha & His Family In Dubai by Quorax: 9:09am On Jul 24
haaa mompha wife is playing with fire
That woman looks like those woman in unhappy marriage but can't say shiiit cos of money
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija And Its Mysterious Selection Process by Quorax: 11:22pm On Jul 23
Total waste of time. Meanwhile, you can get Latest and Top Rated hundreds of Movies and Series in HD quality into your External drives and PCs at affordable prices. Lagosians and non Lagosians, please help a bro today by patronizing, that's a best gift for Movies Junkies
do you have a thread on here?
Politics / Re: The 7 States President Buhari Gave Two Ministerial Slots And The Reasons Why by Quorax: 7:03pm On Jul 23
Hmmmm OK... Hey I have a quick question for those living in Benin city does the Benin wall still exist bcuz I read sumtin interesting today
yes it does. but eroded. if you want to see it, you need someone to take you there.
Politics / Re: Ex-ministers Who Didn’t Make President Buhari’s Cut by Quorax: 4:13pm On Jul 23
I am happy Aregbesola make the list, people do underate the guy, the guy did wonders in infrastructure in Osun state, not paying of salary spoil his works, Buhari should just make him ministers of works, that 3 portfolios is too much for Fashola last time.

More than 10 of the people in the list are Jagaban boys.

Tinubu, Tinubu, u are a leader. It is enough being a God- father, throw your weight behind Osibanjo or Fashola for 2023

I will go with Osinbajo. Despite the situation in the country and the way he has been attacked due to buharis style of leadership, he had a little time to prove he will deliver if given chance for that, I have faith in him.

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 9:25am On Jul 23
How can Osun locals be happy that Igbo's are sad in an election within Osun? Why are the Igbo's even sad in the first place for election that's so far from Igbo's? It could say a lot about Igbo's if truly they were sad for a PDP loss/robbery in Osun. How can I be sad for election in Sokoto for example as a southerner?
It also shows you are a PDP person and explains all your immature posts attacking a whole race out of pain.
How has electing Buhari affected you? Be sincere and answer that question. Who were the people that championed his emergence as president, without whom, Buhari stood no chance prior this time?

Dude, I am on facebook setting up a business page... enjoy your day.
Politics / Re: We Will Not Tolerate Fulani Vigilante In Ondo - State Government by Quorax: 9:45pm On Jul 22

The ID card is fake cos am from Ikare Akoko, Ondo State and there is no local government in Ondo known as Ikare Akoko. The city is under AKOKO NORTH EAST.
Stop the media hate

Shut up. I did my nysc in that same ikare akoko, at VCI Victory college

Keep deceiving yourself like most you enjoy doing cos shame no let most of una agree say u have been scammed and so the next point of solace is to live in denial


Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 6:11pm On Jul 22
Keep on deceiving yourself and your fellows, una eyes go soon clear, but i pray not too late
Ovioba... domor

Lahor, leave them alone...
Politics / Re: Yoruba Elders In Diaspora Write Gutierrez, UN Over Insecurity by Quorax: 6:02pm On Jul 22
It is föolishness for you to think you can effectively summarize the stance of every Igbo man and start talking about the "the stance of the Igbos on this issue". Take minute break, have a deep breathe and then read your own posts from the angle of a guest who doesn't know the true identity of who is using the account name 'Quorax". You will see that you sound like a Fulani propagandist.
whatever rock your boat bro, I have done my part... IGBOS are the problem... and we love our problem, leave it for us. Tthank you.

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 6:00pm On Jul 22

Now it has come to root them out now become more harder. Finally Yiruba people has cooked themselves.

I'm sure cowards like Tinubu, Osibandict, Gani Adams, and all their e-warrior cowards will say it's a lie, it's a fake ID and where are there cows

SW can you people learn from history at all with the way these your *Mr good man* nature is going

I so much love and respect the SW but I'm not happy with the way every tribe take them for a ride because of their unecessary *Mr good man nature*. It's so painful.
This was same thing I was telling YorubaHero12 few days back... gentility dey backfire if you no know.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 5:53pm On Jul 22
We warned them but they called me IPOB.... Ibos are not our problem, they have never been violent but we choolse to get distracted by the mudane...
CodeTemplar grin grin grin grin grin grin kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 5:51pm On Jul 22
Not him/her

People hurt by sophiscated morons are so many ,am nt in naija at d moment dear
I know. He was accusing me of hating yorubas... I can't. Why should I hate a people that I have spent virtually all my life with in the South and even speak their dialect smoothly? I just buzzed a Yoruba chic I met here about two years ago to check on her? She is currently out of the country. If I HATED Yoruba as CodeTemplar was wrongly accusing me of, would I do such?

The problem with these people is that they do not understand the cries of Igbos over this issue and why that is the case is something I am trying to understand myself... I mean it is clear that Igbos are only telling them to USE their head but nah... Igbos hate them while Fulani and Buhari love them...

see now. I quoted him and I WAS exxpecting him to come here but I guess shame no let am.

Though I read where someone asked him if he is Igbo though and the reply he gave likely suggested so...a liberal igbo may be lol.. he should go ask Ironsi what happened to him.
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 5:38pm On Jul 22

What is sensitive ? shocked Small boy grin

We yorubas are wise we are dealing with the situation , We will send our elders to have meeting where we pledge our allegiance to ie fulani!

grin grin grin grin grin grin CodeTemplar kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 5:37pm On Jul 22

Are you not the Igbo here with your moniker
grin grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Miyetti Allah Vigilante Operating In Ondo State - Facebook User (Photos) by Quorax: 5:35pm On Jul 22

grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin if you know, you know... na so bros
Politics / Re: Yoruba Elders In Diaspora Write Gutierrez, UN Over Insecurity by Quorax: 5:28pm On Jul 22
CC: quorax
If you do not understand the stance of Igbos on this issue, ask for clarification and they will tell you.

Again, it is not about tribalism as most of you think, it is about making moves that largely benefits the South as it is obtainable in the North...

I do not know why Nigerians mistake truth for hate... why are you people like this? Has anything Igbos have mentioned about Buhari not come to pass? Tell me one thing they said that this man has not proven them right!

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Elders In Diaspora Write Gutierrez, UN Over Insecurity by Quorax: 5:25pm On Jul 22
What useless truth is there in you harassing a whole tribe because they didn't all vote along regional lines you had anticipated?
Calling people foolish Yoruba because they didn't vote in your preferred candidate or party is the truth to you.
Are you implying the nation would have been better off if another candidate had been voted in or what exactly?
Maybe you should grow up and learn go respect peoples opinions.

You just want to run your mouth abi... go read this...


I hope that makes you happy..


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Politics / Re: Yoruba Elders In Diaspora Write Gutierrez, UN Over Insecurity by Quorax: 4:19pm On Jul 22
Your hatred for people exercising their rights at individual level may consume you.
So you are still angry about choices of the Yoruba people at 2015 election? Your bitterness can never be justified but you keep evolving one silly excuse to maintain it. Carry on.
Fulani violence has affected the Yoruba no doubt, but it also affects Igbo's and if you are not a bigoted PDP or Yoruba hater, you would have observed that these same Fulani's are in Ghana, Mali and Niger wrecking havoc at almost same frequency they are doing it all over Nigeria. From the look of things they want to spark a bigger unrest or want some form of ND styled amnesty, but you are hell bent on manipulating it into a Yoruba vs Fulani struggle. Same Yoruba you secretly hate are people who rallied around GEJ, your hero, the most when he needed support the most. Keep the vile comment against those you hate coming in.

I have tried to not react to your constant misquote of me... But speaking the truth is what you term hate, then I will wear it with honour. I have never had any spat with you and I dnt want to start now

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Politics / Re: Yoruba Elders In Diaspora Write Gutierrez, UN Over Insecurity by Quorax: 11:14am On Jul 22
Yeye elders. As if they don't know what to do... undecided
grin calm down. I know i have been on the neck of these people of late but I am glad that the entire Yoruba (excluding Tinubu's yoruba) have come to the realisation that they may be disgrace by the same man whom they helped to power after failing 3 consecutive times.

This is good and I am glad... To the Igbos who are still in the North, nobody will shed tears for you if anything happens.

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Family / Re: Man Climbs 19-storey Building To Save His Mother From Fire by Quorax: 10:32pm On Jul 21
But I read somewhere here that he’s actually coming down to save himself and not going up.

Anyhow the guy get mind sha. Me that am afraid of height.
he was coming down actually and nairaland mod move that very thred you are talking about to front page not even up to 3 days ago.
Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 10:19pm On Jul 21
Oga this is July 2019 and tinubu isn't even that popular in southwest.
Bros, make u cool na... hold on. we will know whether the news that has been flying around is true very soon...

What I have noticed about the mumu among yorubas, the ones riding on the back of Tinubu( for sake of the wise ones let me categorise instead of lumping both) is that they so much love living in denial...

the screenshot I shared is making it number 6 or 7, if not 10 yet, all confirming the plot in the North... check my past thread and you will see previous ones.

go to Farooq's post and read even from Northerners confirming the same plot. Igbos do not really hate yorubas in the real sense... nah, far from it. Do you think Igbos will be complaining IF the Buhari they CHOSE brought in some real economic boost, jobs, industrialization, foreign investment, improved power FOR THE NOISE they made against Igbos since 2015-2018 (yeah.. cos I notice the noise has dwindled cos reality is beginning to dawn on them) but what do we get for their choice? RUGA, CATTLE COLONY, OPEN GRAZING, lost jobs (he still hasn't done anything for the lost jobs to be recovered), deaths, so much deaths...... in different shades... I mean, this is a people who pride themselves as the most Educated in the country...

what did we get for that education? an archaic, backward, economically retrogressive and sorrowfully catastrophic president! So much for an educated people... one of the wise ones among them stated on Farooq's post that they did all that for selfish intention, not really for the betterment of Nigeria... how heartless can one be?

And please stop telling me Tinubu is not that popular in the SW! too flimsy!

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Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 8:26pm On Jul 21

Power is not coming south..... Talk more TINUBU...
It's Ruga for now...
When real politics begin..tunes will change..

I've been in the circle...and has had political statement from the north in their private discuss.
As you know... Politics is a game of numbers..

....I've heard influencial northern APC politician..said in a discuss..when asked about TINUBU presidency...
..say...they can't be slaves to Yorubas...with a mean sad face..
Discussion end..topic changed.. of course some yoruba's where seated.

Right now..if you're in government and know how villa operate..
Is all about fulanis from daura...is an open secret..not even hausa are considered..not even kujiris from kastina...
TINUBU Kalu and others are only pushing hard to be considered..kinda looking for favors from the daura fulanis..

Some said TINUBU is the second man in government...lol..hmmm...to an average Nigerian..
But the truth is... TINUBU ain't even the 10th man in government..not even osibanjo..
I won't want to argue or say much..

But soon ..fulanis will show their card open..all the await is for Buhari to finish his tenure..then the south will understand politics.

Some abuse obasanjo when he tried to expose the same agenda..within the corridors of power..it was his own people that shut him up..
Mere people on the streets..that don't have information on what's happening to our country..just because they want presidency..the reduce a general, 11 year president of Nigeria..the only man the north fear in the south..even made caricature video of him running out of the country..to a commoner...
The demistyfer..the great Oracle feared by the north ..

Anyway..those that knows the truth ..knows too well..
For even osibanjo TINUBU and the whole Western governor's and Abuja politicians knows the bitter truth..
But to be in good books of Baba.. everyone has turn coward.

Bro just forget power coming down to south...you people cheered the k" states dishing out million votes..and applaud the rigging..you still think TINUBU is so important in this administration..

Believe me... they're using him to gain support from Western media..and some southern Muslims..

Muric knows the truth....

Is only a matter of time.. bookmark this ..

just leave them


Politics / Re: Junaid Mohammed: I Will Rather Have Tinubu As President Than Igbo Man by Quorax: 8:23pm On Jul 21
politics is not a football match that u win by luck.if u don't have the political clout ,formidable Team, and better platform for your race. Your ambition is dead on arrival.ask Atiku Buhari e.t.c
Buhari had the clouts he never won on 3 occasions until he aligned to a formidable Team and a better platform.

As it stands the 2023 presidency is for south west to loose.

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