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Politics / Re: Jubilation As Ugwuanyi Flags Off Abakpa Nike-emene Link Road by Quorax: 6:26am On Apr 16
Enugu and Ebonyi states are really setting the pace in the east... If you haven't been to the east for a long time, you'll be amazed at the level of development and urbanization. The only problem in the east is inadequate federal presence and federal infrastructures. the East is really doing well.. Lagos is nothing but an overrated slum.. The north is nothing but Nigerian Somalia.. Settle in the east for a peaceful life
tribalistic fool. Only an idiot will settle in the east after reading this trash.

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Celebrities / Re: Weird MC And Stella Damascus In London (Photo) by Quorax: 6:24am On Apr 16
He actually looks Weird in real life apart from that being his stage name.
na woman o. Tomboy.
Politics / Re: Omotola Blows Hot: Call PMB, PYO Government Hellish! by Quorax: 7:31pm On Apr 15
@Op Wetin make her become thief? Just tell us where she lie.
you need to work on your sense it humor.

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Business / Re: Ghana Is About To Wreck Nigeria by Quorax: 7:20pm On Apr 15

look how you dey talk....

as if southern politicians are not part of it too....

keep on fighting for a side or the other....you looser....
their matter tire me.
Politics / Omotola Blows Hot: Call PMB, PYO Government Hellish! by Quorax: 7:14pm On Apr 15
Omotola is IPOB ; Omotola is corrupt.... Omotola is a thief grin

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Politics / Re: Ebenezer Babatope: Tinubu, Osinbajo, South-West Deceiving Themselves On 2023 by Quorax: 12:09pm On Apr 15

There is nothing like entire South. We have SW on one hand and SS/SE on the other with no connection whatsoever.
okay. But the North has entire North and they even claim middle belt as North in their AREWA lol. continue doing yourself o. we all go suffer am las las...
Politics / Re: Ebenezer Babatope: Tinubu, Osinbajo, South-West Deceiving Themselves On 2023 by Quorax: 11:16am On Apr 15
Hmmm... I think the entire South needs to hold meeting at this stage.
Celebrities / Re: Genevieve Nnaji Reacts To Israel Adesanya's UFC Victory by Quorax: 11:07am On Apr 15
You will not see a Northerner accomplishing something like this for Nigeria lol. Always the South doing Nigeria proud.


Business / Re: Ghana Is About To Wreck Nigeria by Quorax: 9:44am On Apr 15

The writer is biased. So because his wife's school was asked to pay their tax, he is now propagating lies against the Government.

I'm not even suprised cause the writer is an Igbo man. They will never say anything good about this Country. The writer should leave Nigeria and relocate himself and his wife's school to Ghana, they will not be missed.

This is the reason why, Igbo's will never rule this Country, Never.
Quote me anywhere.

Myopic dindinrin...

Your kinsmen that have ruled, how has it secured your children? Make acccident hit now and that is when u will understand what it feels like to live in a country with poor medical facilities.

Who presidency epp

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Business / Ghana Is About To Wreck Nigeria by Quorax: 2:40am On Apr 15
I know a lot of APC zombies will call this fake... but before you talk shiiit, I am in direct contact with a company that has decided to leave Nigeria for Ghana.

Cry, My Beloved Country: While Our Leaders Are Considering Increasing VAT...

I watched a most distressing video this morning. The video was forwarded to me by Eze Nwakanma. It's a video you'll watch and almost throw your hands up in hopelessness. Sincerely, I'm a very optimistic person and I believe in the potentials of this nation but one can't just but feel despondent a few times.

While our leaders are considering increasing VAT in Nigeria and companies are slammed with all sorts of funny tax liabilities (my wife's school was slammed with merriment tax for holding Christmas party for the kids in her school), our neighbour Ghana is thinking outside the box. For the benefit of all, I'll summarize what was said in this video:

Ghana has abolished VAT on real estate sales.
Ghana has abolished VAT on financial services.
Ghana has abolished capital gains tax on sales of shares on the stock exchange.
Ghana has abolished import duty on spare parts.
Ghana has abolished the 1% import levy.
Ghana has abolished VAT on domestic airline tickets.
Ghana has reduced very significantly VAT on small traders from 17.5% to 3%.
Ghana is going to abolish all import duty on raw materials and machineries imported into Ghana.

Ghana is embarking on a massive industrialization drive called One District, One Factory. And there are 216 districts in Ghana. There is now a focus on production.

Now, Ghana has two major advantages: power issues sorted out and a peaceful democracy. Ghana with a population of 28m generates 4,577MW as at 2017. Nigeria with a population of 200m generates 5,000MW. Meanwhile, Ghana is building 2 power plants- a 400MW LNG-fired plant and a 600MW plant being built by Siemens.

Ok. What are the implications for Nigeria? We don't need soothsayers to predict how factories/companies will shut down in Nigeria and move to Ghana. Nigeria will just become a mere trading post for these companies because of our population while Ghana becomes the economic hub of West Africa. Our homes will be flooded with goods made in Ghana.

Other countries are thinking. Rwanda has taken our shine. Ethiopia has put on its thinking cap. Ghana has started an upward trajectory. Nigeria sits with its giant feet of clay. Cry, my beloved country.

---Bayo Adeyinka

Source: https://web.facebook.com/ozi.okoli/posts/10158530804253986?hc_location=ufi

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Autos / Re: 2009 Toyota Camry Tokunbo (As Clean As New) 2.3M by Quorax: 12:37am On Apr 15
seems like you have sold this...
Family / Re: The Consequences Of Late Marriage And Why You Should Marry Early by Quorax: 12:20am On Apr 15

You are right...the men complaining here are well over 30 but have little or nothing to show for it and are not willing to settle down. That's why they are pained. The truth hurts.
I disagree. My half brother is a medical doctor in the US. He was over 40 before he married. He grew up there though.

The problem with you Nigerians is that you think marriage and kids are the ultimate. Check when Bill Gates got married, the age of his first child and his own age.

Bringing a child into this world to suffer is the last thing I will ever do in my life. Some persons got married and not all can even take good care of their children.

All those talking about when a child will graduate blah blah... That is not supposed to be your headache. Rather, your goal should be to build a legacy and a formidable personality in a child that will see him become more superior than his peers both psychologically and mentally. This will make them stand on their feet.

When I have my own kids, trust me, I will so build them in such a way that they will not depend on me financially for most of their needs after secondary school. They would have owned a couple of businesses before they finish university.

How is that possible? Their dad went through the school of hard knocks for that purpose!

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Career / Re: N-power: Beneficiaries To Be Paid Their March Stipend This Week by Quorax: 7:16pm On Apr 11
Babe you too fine. this kind job no fit you. na federal airport authority job for fit you
what kind of stupid sexism is this? People like you are reason for the increasing feminist in Nigeria.
Crime / Re: Man Saves His Wife And Sons From Kidnappers In Lekki, Lagos by Quorax: 6:35pm On Apr 11

Thanks again. Yes I'm a lady

Please guide me on how to delete info on this platform. Thanks
look at the post, you will see modify at the bottom of your comment. Click modify and edit it and then submit.

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Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 5:15pm On Apr 11

That is if one party remains in power till then, they can therefore zone it. if it continues to change from APC to PDP then am sorry for the likes of Thièfnubu and other misguided SW. Politics is a game of numbers and the North has the numbers. That is why what we should have been fighting for is restructuring to true federalism or outright disintegration. The north cannot be fraudulently placed superior to the south in terms of politics, there should be a balance, a triangle or tripartite arrangement such that everybody depends on each other not one person being the overlord and every other person has to bow to his wish before support can be granted

The issue here is that SW have scattered the way things are for the South for the role they played in 2015. They should have ATLEAST allowed GEJ finished his term, to avoid something like this.

Now, PDP may want to field in a Northerner. Take a look at the states won by PDP in the just concluded guber in the North, it isn't by mistake. It is intentional. It is for the purpose of 2023. Kano may eventually fall to PDP through tribunal and if that happens, it is over for APC South West who are hoping on the North support.

I have a lot of screenshots that shows the North have warned that there will be no block vote after 2023. What this means is that, they will ONLY go after what will favour them. So let me ask you, which will favour them in 2023? A Northern president or Southern president? grin

The North knows they have upper hand and they will keep flipping between parties while holding on to power.

That is, 2023 they will be elected as president via PDP, after 8 years, they will switch to APC because APC will want to get back to the center... This circle will continue for a long time.. Because Tinubu couldn't be patient enough for his fellow Southern brother, disregarding the fact that ATLEAST OBJ had had that seat before.

The South South have not forgotten what happened, even if they have been silent. Tompolo boys are still active... They will be waiting for you because it pained them for what they went through.

South East will naturally follow the South South.

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Crime / Re: Man Beats Lady To Coma On Her Birthday At A Hotel In Lagos by Quorax: 4:57pm On Apr 11
Yahoo boy, maybe?
no maybe, that is who he is. When u correlate his appearance and the location, if u know, u know

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Crime / Re: Man Saves His Wife And Sons From Kidnappers In Lekki, Lagos by Quorax: 4:29pm On Apr 11

A nice idea...... it will sell.
hi, I just read your comment again. You said you are working on something like that but it is though and not easy. Well that is the nature of the model, not peculiar to you alone.

But if you find yourself in a possible success, your bank account walls will break. So keep trying and keep tweaking.

Please delete where I listed that info. Btw, are u a lady?
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 4:13pm On Apr 11
Wow!!! Reading Igbo people comment on this thread is an eye opener, so Igbo people finally accept that they have burnt all Goodwill bridges with other ethnic groups in Nigeria. That they can't be able to aspire to the highest office in the land? They are hereby promoting fulani/hausa to continue as president. Rich from people that usually call others slaves, maybe I don't understand what slaves means. SHAME
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 12:18pm On Apr 11

That's ONLY if there's no Northerner in that contest, but I can assure you that apart from 1999 where both contestants were from the SW because they were being compensated over Abiola factor, there will NEVER be any other presidential election in which a popular northerner won't contest. You can take that to the bank. The disunity of the South has given the North perpetual presidency on a platter.
Who caused it? You know the people that caused it, don't you?
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 12:17pm On Apr 11

And it is the very mindset you embody, which elevates "equity" over "ideology", "character", "competence" and everything else, which has ensured Nigeria remains a developmental sh*thole, whose sole claim to fame (or rather, infamy) is now having more poor people than anywhere else in the world, even China and India combined!

Nigeria will never make significant progress as long as its politics is determined by people like you, who can see no further than taking "turns" at basically looting from the public purse with a few lucky fellow "kinsmen", even as the vast number of your kinsmen make do without running water, electricity, decent hospitals, quality primary education, even properly maintained roads! Worst yet is that many of those same benighted "kinsmen" will line the muddy, pothole-riddled excuses for "roads" to hail you and your fellow political looters as "Oga" and "Chief", while your Mercedes Benzes splash them and their kwashiorkor-plagued children with ringworm-infected rainwater. What hope is there for such a useless "country", full of useless, short-sighted people?
Why are you spitting saliva all over my face? When Tinubu made that move in 2015, you people never thought a day like this will come abi? Don't forget it was South West that taught the others what they are about to feed her... You can not eat your cake and have it! undecided

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Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 11:30am On Apr 11

u and the person u quoted are clueless. 25% from at Least 24 states not from each state, Buhari got less than 25% from Anambra this 2019 election, and he still win
ok grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Nobody Can Stop Northerners From Contesting Presidency In 2023 - Tony Momoh by Quorax: 10:23am On Apr 11
Like play, like play the North are gradually telling the South (at least the south west) to forget 2023. And the disharmony between the Southwest and South east may actually return power to the North on a platter. If you like say that South east is 5%, but know that a Nigerian president must win at least 25% from each state.

Bros, I have been hammering on this immediately after buhari was declared winner but the South West were calling me ipob.

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Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi Performs Ground-breaking Of First Education University In South East by Quorax: 10:15pm On Apr 09
Grade all SE governors. Their grade will be higher than the whole northern governors.
I always say it that in 10 threads created on nairaland every day, the first person to draw the tribal war on 7 cases is always an Igbo.
Education / Re: Why Late Aminu Othman Zubairu Spent 22 years On PhD by Quorax: 9:28pm On Apr 09
The failed thinker is here again.
Education / Re: Why Late Aminu Othman Zubairu Spent 22 years On PhD by Quorax: 9:24pm On Apr 09

Was he a Practicing Muslim?
so in all of these, na religious colouration be your headache.

Nigerians, move with the world for once.tueh


Crime / Re: Man Saves His Wife And Sons From Kidnappers In Lekki, Lagos by Quorax: 5:21pm On Apr 09
I couldn't have been able to pay for this great knowledge. So grateful. I started something like already but it's difficult and not easy.

With this,i think i'm in the right path. Will do extensive research and break through.

Thanks again

You are welcome.

I am thinking of starting a consulting package where I can teach such in details.

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Crime / Re: Wife Hires Thugs To Beat Husband For Slapping Her, He Dies by Quorax: 10:15am On Apr 09
Immediately Alloy knelt down begging her."I'm sorry for slapping you. In twelve years of marriage I have never hit you.

The way Alloys friend paint the story to favour his late friend is what I don't get.
I thought I was the only one that noticed.


Crime / Re: Man Saves His Wife And Sons From Kidnappers In Lekki, Lagos by Quorax: 12:28am On Apr 09
Some ideas please
By arbitrage you mean buying an selling of commodities when price go low and sell whe scarce? Right? Please help in some explanations. Thanks a bunch


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Travel / Re: Rotimi Amaechi Inspects Ebute-Metta Railway In Lagos (Photos) by Quorax: 11:52pm On Apr 08
Blame this government for all I care , but deep in your heart , you must admit that this government is working .

This is no time for paperwork and chop the money, it's time for talk and do .
where is Nigeria Air?

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Politics / Re: This Sani Mohammed Again? by Quorax: 11:45pm On Apr 08

Look, Christian Chukwu is sick and need help. While you are attacking Yoruba on internet a Yorubaman, Otedola is putting money down to cover everything Christian need for his medicals.

Shame on you people! Yoruba remain your benefactor in this country. Tinubu has already told your Ezes in Lagos you will support and vote APC or we will respond to your madness.

You did not answer me: is Babachir an Igbo man? Stupid morooon
Politics / Re: This Sani Mohammed Again? by Quorax: 10:58pm On Apr 08
grin grin
I was telling on your brother/sister today that we already decoded you guys and your fraud on internet.

Now you went a step further to hide the true Ibo identity behind this and included both Yoruba and Ibo too. Who una dey deceive?

Tell Emeka to change his picture and put Kanuri there, call him Bukar Waziri so it will be authentic....and use that to bash Ypruba.

When he is done change picture to Tiv and call himself Yohanna Gantuk and bash Yoruba.

2023 go get here and Yoruba go defeat una again. We own 2023! There is nothing Ibo can do or any crypted script you can write on internet from behind fake identities to change our fortune.

You are just dumb. I will just flood this thread with other comments from them. I have enough screen shot to shut u up... Do u think I belong any party? Some of us just want a better country but you fools and idiots will be doing pdp vs apc forgetting u will die and leave your children behind.

Instead of being clinical and be prepared..

Is Babachir and the other guy from few days ago Igbos? Fools, bloody fools.

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