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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Wonder How Someone Without Connections May Find Work In Nigeria by Robertkenny(m): 9:59am On Jun 22

What's the platform?

Similar to WhatsApp, Bogger is an instant messaging service, except it promotes employment and job security. meaning you can have an online interview, submit jobs, and communicate with your contact friends from anywhere. This tool is used by many businesses to cut down on crowded office interviews.

The program is known as Bogger and is offered on the Google Play store.

Am not surprised someone talked about it. Lol.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Wonder How Someone Without Connections May Find Work In Nigeria by Robertkenny(m): 6:18pm On Jun 21
That platform is cool though. Am currently using it.
Jobs/Vacancies / The State Of Job Market In Lagos, Nigeria. by Robertkenny(m): 2:57pm On May 02
The job market in Lagos is extremely competitive, with limited opportunities that are mostly dependent on one's network. While there are more unemployed people competing for a single listed job position.

To be precise, the job market in Lagos is not pleasant.

I do urge my fellow kids who are looking for work in a suitable company to be prepared for whatever it takes to secure a job in Nigeria. Use the Bogger app for a quick recruiting process and less worry when it comes to finding a decent job; the platform is presently available on Google Playstore. The benefit of Bogger is that you may conduct an online interview with your company via audio and video call at any moment.. visit: www.bogger.im/download
Jobs/Vacancies / I Head About This New Instant Messaging Platform That Give Jobs. by Robertkenny(m): 4:01am On Jan 27
Having the experience of searching for a job vacancy without a specific location, only with the hope of securing a better job. With the burning sun, water dripping sweat, almost tired legs and several rejections. Must of us have used so many tactics to try and secure a good job, like joining Whatsapp group chat, using several online recruitment platforms, asking friends for job opportunities. Even when you eventually get a job invite, that doesn't stop you from spending more money on transport fare to get to the company for interview and the bad side is, you might be going for a fake job invite.

Recruiters are currently taken the advantage of using Bogger platform to chat with business friends, post jobs, download applicant CV and have an online interview section with job applicants.

As a job seeker you can upload your CV, apply for jobs, get invited for virtual job interview with your employer at home or anywhere. Make sure you have a live interview section with your employer on Bogger either by audio or video call before meeting in person, this will let you know if a job is real or fake.

Not just that, you can as well chat with your contact friends and family, just like every other instant messaging platform.

Bogger got it privacy security code from Signal.

Download Bogger on Google Playstore.

Watch how it works.

Career / What Are The Prospect Of A Chemical Engineer In Nigeria? by Robertkenny(m): 8:09pm On Dec 22, 2021
Honestly speaking, your chances are limited outside of the Oil industry. It’s hard to fathom any other lucrative industry in Nigeria that would acquire your service.

Chemical engineers use scientific and engineering principles to research, develop and manufacture chemicals, drugs, fuels, food and a wide range of other products. They design experiments, create safety procedures for working with dangerous chemicals, conduct tests and monitor results throughout production.

Out of all the outcomes mentioned, the only one pertinent to Nigeria is fuel. I had a friend who had a Msc. in Space Engineering, he went to Nigeria thinking he’d be the hottest property in the country, bottomline, there was no job posts that even mentioned “Space”. STEM jobs are hard to get in Nigeria if you’re seeking to work outside the Oil industry.

A mobile app platform called Bogger that focus more on employee recruitment, it enable employers to instantly communicate with job applicants and also have a live interview section via text, audio and video call anywhere anytime. Employers post free jobs, while users apply for jobs by uploading their CV and also be able to have a live interview section before meeting in person.

It will be announced soon.

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Jobs/Vacancies / A Tech Platform Vows To Stop Fake Job Invite. by Robertkenny(m): 3:18pm On Dec 19, 2021
A well known tech company called Bogger Global Limited, vows to stop fake job posting and job insecurity, by using an instant messaging platform to solve the problem of not securing a good job. The said company has being making deep research on solving the problems that are being faced by recruiters and as well as job applicants towards getting the right applicant for the job and also getting to know your employer before physical invites.

TechRadar.com covered this event at the Tech Phase Event that took place in Lagos.

A mobile app platform called Bogger will focus more on employee recruitment, it will enable employers to instantly communicate with job applicants and also have a live interview section via text, audio and video call anywhere anytime. Employers post free jobs, while users apply for jobs by uploading their cv and also be able to have a live interview section before meeting in person.

Mr. Ogbonna Gideon (co-founder) said, Imagine having a one on one interview section with your employer in your comfort zone, without stress or spending much money on transport fare to visit a company for interview. We all are waiting to see the best of Bogger in solving the problems of unemployment and job insecurity in Africa.

This platform will be announced publicly for download after several tests as being positively achieved.

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Business / The best way to promote your business online by Robertkenny(m): 2:10pm On Dec 18, 2021
Are you the owner of a small business? Then you'd understand why marketing is so important.

Here are Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies you must use if you are a small business owner

1. Add Google AdWords

Google ads are an essential part of online marketing for small businesses. By targeting your local audience, you can easily reach out to them and sell your products and services as people are more likely to make a purchase when these brief advertisements are displayed on Google's search page.

2. Content marketing is effective

Content is key to creating a successful online presence for small businesses. You can effectively market content through blogging, YouTube marketing, podcasts, etc.

Businesses most commonly use blogs and YouTube as their content marketing tools.

3. Promotions and referrals will draw attention

Who can say no to incentives and offers?

A great way to market your small business online is to reward customers who refer you to their friends and family.

A friend's recommendation significantly increases the chances of a person making a purchase. Customer loyalty can be created largely through referral marketing.

It is one of the best ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones to offer referral rewards and promotional coupons.

4. Influencer marketing

Online influencer marketing is an effective online marketing strategy that promotes brands, products, and services by engaging influencers.

Influencer marketing is a method of increasing brand trust. Influencer marketing is the most effective method of reaching small businesses' target audiences than any other online marketing strategy.

If a brand wishes to launch new products or services, influencer marketing can create awareness among its target audience.

Influencer marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase brand visibility and awareness for small businesses.

5. Make use of your social media marketing abilities

The use of social media sites for marketing is a way for businesses to increase brand awareness and visibility. It is one of the most effective methods for small businesses to expand their online reach.

Businesses are increasingly using Facebook and Instagram as effective platforms to increase their visibility. Many businesses are now taking advantage of Facebook and Instagram's growing status as commercial shopping platforms.

Businesses can easily increase sales by adding the social shopping button to their social media pages, making it simple for customers to purchase products. In addition to Instagram reels, Facebook stories, Twitter tweets, and other social media marketing tools, brands leverage social media to increase their visibility.
Jobs/Vacancies / How do I cope with the housework as I'm a full-day worker? by Robertkenny(m): 9:54am On Dec 16, 2021
This answer will probably shock some people, but here goes: housework isn't as important as many people seem to think.

There are only a few priorities that absolutely HAVE to be done every day:

Tidying up stuff that's lying around - this will quickly become overwhelming unless you keep in top of it.
Washing dishes/loading the dishwasher etc.
Putting a load of clothes in the washing machine and/or drying clothes and/or putting clean laundry away.
Keeping kitchen work tops tidy and disinfected.
Sweeping the kitchen floor.
Keeping things relatively hygienic in the bathroom.
Extra one for these covid times: disinfecting all door handles, stair rails, etc.
These tasks can be easily done in 30 mins.

All other housework can be done as and when you can manage it. I guess you might want to do vacuuming and changing bedding once a week, but the world will not end if you can't manage this.

It doesn't matter if your house is not spotless… it does not make you a bad person. I have friends who work full time, then spend ANOTHER two hours every day cleaning… plus ALL day every Saturday. Life is waaay too short to spend this much time cleaning! Your house only needs to be fairly presentable/hygienic and that's all.
Jobs/Vacancies / What are some common mistakes people make when job hunting? by Robertkenny(m): 5:52am On Dec 16, 2021
If you are a dedicated job seeker; you should treat your search like a full time job. Track the amount of time you spend on your search and bump up your effort if you find it lagging. Each person is the most important person in the world to himself and is the center of his own existence. There is a certain security in telling one’s self, “I am really a failure because I’ve never tried my very best!”
Awareness of one’s own potentials can be very frightening. But even more frightening prospect is; you give up calling yourself a failure, do the very best you can, and still don't make it!

Tension and frustration are an inevitable part of being. To refuse to tolerate such experiences is to deny this reality. Overcoming this toxic attitude often letting go of the fantasy that life ”should” be easy and that frustration is unfair.

Being obsessed with the wasted past does nothing but waste the present. Regrets are an exercise in futility which can go on forever. Living in the moment; experiencing to the fullest what is nourishing in the present. (“Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”)There is nothing impulsive or irresponsible in this attitude.

We rarely find antidotes through easy “Answers”, quick gimmicks, techniques, medicines or any apparatus to fade away all anxiety and tension. I recognize that my own power to myself and take my stand is the best antidote to the toxic influences of the world in which I live.

Continuing to surrender to our phobias only intensifies their destructive power and enhances their poisonous effect on our well being. Whenever we discover that an existing attitude or behavior pattern has become obsolete, we can then seek an antidote by experimenting with other attitudes or behavior to replace the toxic pattern.

Our capabilities function most effectively when we are not doing too much to distort and block our natural functioning. Allow yourself time to evaluate your life and make sure your decisions are made to please you .

The desire to realize one’s potentials can be extremely gratifying. A nourishing attitude toward these needs focuses on the process of growth rather than the accomplishment of reaching some end point of achievement. Nourishing person enjoys his efforts in the process of working toward his goal.

It’s hard to get motivated as a job seeker, making it happen on your own. The lack of structure or a set schedule can make your job search feel even more difficult.

If you are a dedicated job seeker; you should treat your search like a full time job. Track the amount of time you spend on your search and bump up your effort if you find it lagging. Make sure your social media accounts are clean and represent you positively.

Find out ; what opportunities are out there in the fields that you’re interested in, what areas of work you would like to be in ,work out what employers you would like to work for,and then approaching those employers. Take a look at the job boards, or even company websites of business you are interested in. Don’t wait for them to advertise, get in there first. Believe in your skills and be organized. Wherever possible talk to the human resources department. Offer them your Resume. To ensure your resume gets seen, use key words that appear in the job description. You have to write and rewrite resumes, and then send them out. Contact them regularly and ask them about who else you should approach if they aren’t able to help.

Even though you haven’t been granted an interview yet, you should be prepared. List out some of the common interview questions and practice, practice and practice. This way when you are invited for an interview you feel confident and ready to impress!

Your ultimate goal is to land a JOB.


Recruiters have seen it all when it comes to candidates from embellished resumes to a total lack of commitment. It’s their job to match up the top candidates with their perfect job, so they've become pretty well practiced at reading people and spotting the red flags a candidate may display.

So be well presented, persistent, polite and creative.
Jobs/Vacancies / New Music by Robertkenny(m): 2:20pm On Dec 15, 2021
Jobs/Vacancies / Should I Tell My Boss I Got A Second Job? by Robertkenny(m): 2:11pm On Dec 15, 2021
Mr. Okoli Gideon

I would say, it depends.
In my experience, your employer would like you to be thinking about your job - especially if you are in a professional role - even when you are not at work. Earlier in my career, I asked my boss if I could work part-time for him so I could work for other companies, too. He said “no,” he wanted me to be thinking about the issues with his company even when I wasn’t “at work.” I was the chief financial officer of the company which was pretty small at the time.
If that is the case with you, then you probably shouldn’t tell your boss you got a second job.

The situation is the same if you are contractually obligated to not work for another organization.

If you don’t have that restriction, there is no reason you need to tell your boss about what you do in your spare time. Right?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Taliban Bans Female Reporters From Working In State Television by Robertkenny(m): 1:34pm On Aug 20, 2021

Same religion, different practitioners. One is obsessed with conservatism, the other liberalism
Dickheard... If you don't know it, u keep short.

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Crime / Re: Kingsley Onuorah Arrested For Raping Job Seekers In Lagos & Taking Their Nudes by Robertkenny(m): 3:20pm On Jul 08, 2021
This is what Bogger is trying to solve... Job search insecurity.
Jobs/Vacancies / What Do You Do When Your Co-workers Don’t Like You? by Robertkenny(m): 10:42am On Jul 08, 2021
I make it my business to be well-liked at work. I work hard, offer to help others, and express appreciation whenever I get the chance.

However, every once in a while, they’re some co-workers who dislikes me. If I like them, or I think they have a lot of influence at work, I go on a charm offensive. I try to find points of common interest, I ask them questions and I ask for advice about work but always get bad attitude has an answer to my question.

When you go to work everyday and people are constantly trying to undermine you, say bad or untrue things about you to your boss to get you in trouble or try and get you fired, even sometimes call you names for no reason or are just outright rude when all you're trying to do is your job.

How do you defend yourself?

Shared from Bogger.

Kindly share your thought!!

Jobs/Vacancies / I Am 25 And Want To Start Up My Own Business. Which Businesses Can I Consider? by Robertkenny(m): 1:32am On Jul 05, 2021
Have you asked yourself why you want to start a business?

Is it because you want a side hustle for extra cash or is it because you truly want to be a business owner and run your own show or is it because you know you have something amazing, an innovative idea, to share with the world?

Knowing why you want to be in business will help guide you towards the kind of business you want to start.

If it’s only to make extra cash on the side, you can be a reseller: go to garage sales and pick up items that you can resell online at a higher price. You can even start with the stuff you have in your own house and that you no longer use. Resell them on eBay or Varage Sale or any other site that allows such transactions.
What are you good at?

Are you good in school? Start a virtual tutoring business for kids that have difficulty in math, English, science… what ever is your strong suit. As your business grows, you can recruit other tutors to compliment your offer and add different services.

Are you a good writer? Start a ghost writing business. Offer your services to bloggers, marketing companies and even influencers (offer to write their captions). As your business grows you can hire other ghost writers or marketing coaches to broaden your services.

Before you start a business, start by figuring out what you are skilled at and how you can package that in an offer that brings value to others.25

Shared from Bogger.

Kindly share your thought!!

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Jobs/Vacancies / Why Am I Getting Interviews, But Not A Job? by Robertkenny(m): 4:04am On Jul 03, 2021
Mr. Abioye Oscar

I don’t know how many interviews you have given or how you perform. Sometimes things may be out of your hand. You might perform well yet not get. Some reasons can be.

1. You quoted a decent salary but someone else was ready to work for a less salary than yours.

2. You unintentionally and unknowingly told the hiring person that you will not stay in a company for long due to its political mess.

3. The higher level person told the hiring manager to hire someone who was referred. The HR can't do anything in this situation.
4. Sometimes companies post job ads and take interview even though they don't actually need anyone.

Sometimes it might also be due to some of your mistakes.

1. You might not be dressed accordingly.

2. You might not be able to show enthusiasm.

3. You might only be considered about what is in there for you and not what you can do for them.

Shared from Bogger

Kindly share your thoughts.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I'm 27 Years Old And I Have No Job And I'm Living With My Mom, Have I Failed? by Robertkenny(m): 3:46am On Jul 02, 2021
Which platform is Bogger again?

Will be introduced soon.. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jobs/Vacancies / I'm 27 Years Old And I Have No Job And I'm Living With My Mom, Have I Failed? by Robertkenny(m): 8:34am On Jul 01, 2021
Adepetun Robert Kehinde.

I read something really inspiring a few days back, I can’t find that picture now, so I will try to quote it to as much accuracy as possible
I’ve seen people falling in love at 18, getting married at 21, having kids at 24, and living the perfect life. I’ve seen people starting their college at 24, and not getting married before 35. I’ve seen perfect relationships turning into beautiful marriages and I’ve seen perfect marriages falling apart. I’ve seen people having paid jobs at 21, and joining college at 23, and I’ve seen people graduating at 25, and not having any job till 31.

The point is it’s not that someone is winning the race or someone is lagging behind. The point is it’s not a race, but life. It goes on, and it won’t go on according to the other person, it will go on according to you. Everyone’s life has different pace, and different phases, just because you’re still struggling, doesn’t mean you’re behind someone. You are working on your own pace.

See, everyone has problems. The people you think look perfect on the outside, are the ones who are fighting bigger issues on the inside. It’s you who has to tackle your problems, and tackle them one by one. If you look at the problems, it’s like an army and you have limited ammunition to kill them all. If you will panic you will throw your ammo on one set of problems, and later regret because you’d still be surrounded by it. So say plan.

Plan and tackle them one by one. One ammo on one problem at a time. No money? Get a job. No job? Study and prepare for interviews. Plan your life, and your schedule and routine, and do things one by one, and I’m sure by this time next year, most of your problems would’ve been gone!

You’re not a failure and no one is, all I see are soldiers fighting for a better future ahead with much enemies disguised as Unemployment, Poverty, Lack of support etc.

Less I forget, always stay connected to positive friends or better still business friends.

Shared from Bogger.

Kindly share your thought on this.

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Jobs/Vacancies / One Of My Co-workers Is Leaving Soon, Can I Ask For Is Contact? by Robertkenny(m): 2:51am On Jun 29, 2021
Miss. Adenike

Judging from what you wrote I guess you get along fine as colleagues.

There is not really much to say. Wish him a happy career and good luck in the future.
I have changed work before and that means saying goodbye to colleagues. People I met and worked with everyday I would see no more.

But I still don’t see that changing your work experience and life style, you are here to work, improve in skill, earn money, stay alive and build your future and never to impress a colleague.

You could of course promise or resolve to keep in touch afterward. But speaking from my own experience that is kind of pointless and usually never happens. Colleagues are colleagues and are in a way just the people you work with while doing your work.

The only way I believe you could keep a colleague contact is having a future plan or better still a business plan together, having a better connection make the dream work better even in a separate environment or work place

Shared from Bogger

Will you ask for contact info?

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 1:30am On Jun 29, 2021
Just saw this...

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 12:52am On Jun 29, 2021

The headline or question is a senseless one, fighting at work is prohibited, you don't try that nonsense at work, you are not Mike Tyson, even Mike Tyson as a professional boxer has no right to fight anyone out his opponent in the boxing pitch

In the World you came from, no work fight has being recorded in anyways!!!

Well... welcome to planet earth where anything and everything is possible.

Now you know, so please make sense to help other people on earth that have the heart of fighting even in Work area.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 1:52pm On Jun 28, 2021
What? That is assault. Be expecting court summon.

His case file is attached to Baba Ijesha's case. We meet in court.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 1:35pm On Jun 28, 2021

What if the person beat you IP?any charge?

It the company to judge and you both will answer on the judgement day.

When you start your Mortal Kombat fight, make sure you fight in other to protect the company’s property. A N45,000 TV can be converted to N3.4 Million and the case is just
getting started.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 1:26pm On Jun 28, 2021
who be bogger

Bogger is focused on connecting Employers to job seekers with lot of features to fight the high rate of unemployment here in Africa.

Bogger is currently being tested and will be announced soon for general use.

More data(s) are being worked on to check the security aspect of getting a good job.

Thank you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 1:02pm On Jun 28, 2021

This Lawyer is not good angry

He simply encouraged not to fight in work place even if you are being cheated on, just to avoid law case against you.

Better still, put your anger on the person outside work area to avoid office property damage.

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Jobs/Vacancies / How Long Would I Be Jailed For If I Fought Someone At Work? by Robertkenny(m): 2:01am On Jun 28, 2021
Barrister Nwanta M. Jude

This depends on your city and state. And it really depends on how badly you beat up the person you intend to fight. If you use a weapon, that's a charge. If you destroy work property, that's a charge. If you disrupt the peaceful work environment, that's a charge. If the person you fight gets severely injured or dies, that's a charge. These are variables you have to consider. You could be in jail for a long period of time.
Plus, you run the risk of being fired.
Moral of this story, don't fight at work. Hash out your beef with someone off the work site somewhere.

Shared from Bogger.

What can make you fight at work?


Jobs/Vacancies / What Is The First Thing To Do When I Reach And Start My Day In Office? by Robertkenny(m): 4:13am On Jun 26, 2021
Ugochukwu Juliet

Once you enter into the office, just sit in your place and take a deep breathe and relax.
And then, clean your desk, computer, keep each and every items in proper place, take some few moment to pray have it in mind you’re good to go, so that you can feel a good environment and you can concentrate in your work.

After do a list of your works and organize it with smile.
Then wish your colleagues with a warm smile in your face.

Place important calls and check if there is any urgent emails you have to send.

Be in a very clear mind.
Dont get confused for anything.

If any doubts just ask with your colleagues, don't feel nervous or tensed.
In this way, you'll have a good environment in office and also a better day.

Shared from Bogger

What is the first thing you do when you get to your office?

Jobs/Vacancies / How Do You Tell Your Boss That There Is Too Much Work? by Robertkenny(m): 2:11am On Jun 24, 2021
David Gray

Hi boss, do you have a sec? I was reviewing all the tasks on my plate and making estimates of how long it will take me to accomplish them. I realized that given the deadlines we have, there's no way I can get all that done and maintain a good level of quality. There's about 8 days of work to do, and our milestone is in 5 days.

I'd like some guidance from you on how to prioritize these tasks, given the time constraints. Or if you'd like, I could help brainstorm how to shuffle some tasks around to other team members."

Something like that assumes that you're on the same team, rather than being antagonistic or blaming. It gives him or her specific information, rather than a vague statement of "there's too much work!" It's also an offer to help with the problem, rather than just dumping it on your boss and saying "you figure it out."

If you were reporting to me, I'd respond well to something like that.

How do you complaint?

Shared from Bogger.

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Jobs/Vacancies / At What Point Is It Too Late To Back Out After Accepting A Job Offer? by Robertkenny(m): 1:00am On Jun 22, 2021
Adepetun Robert Kehinde

Technically speaking, you are free to back out at any point right up until the job is expected to begin. But the more important questions are how they will react to your backing out and the impression you’ll be sending.
If you were to back out earlier, it would give the company enough time to extend an offer to their second or third choice. So they will have time to run with an alternate to substitute for your dropping out. But if you hit them at the last minute, now you’re leaving them in a tough position because it’s too late to have a substitute come in. And that will make them pretty upset and angry at you! So you would have burned a bridge with them by not giving them time to deal with the situation. And the message is you “played games” with them.
The exception to backing out at the last minute would be a perfectly acceptable “emergency.” For example, you were involved in a terrible accident and are hospitalized or laid-up and unable to start work. While the company won’t be pleased, they will also be understanding that you don’t have a choice here. So it’s not your fault you’re incapacitated.
Thus, backing out of a job offer is something you need to consider very carefully!

Shared from Bogger.

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Jobs/Vacancies / How To Deal With An Angry Boss by Robertkenny(m): 3:15am On Jun 19, 2021
Adepetun Robert Kehinde

The next time you are being yelled at or criticized, ask them “what do you mean? are you not happy with what I did or may be with how I did it?”
You are forcing them to actually explain to you what do they want. This is the first step of negotiation.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t mention it before. It is all about negotiation and them yelling at you is a tactic for you doing whatever they want. In this particular case I assume that they want you to acknowledge that they are stronger, better, superior, whatever. It is all about ego. You on the other hand, do not want to be yelled at, bullied or otherwise abused.
So, by asking them what do they mean, you are defusing the situation. when yelled at, we tend to react emotionally but when you are asking a question, you are taking control over a situation since you are creating a dialog and not a yelling/criticism interaction.

SO, you start with a question - “what do you mean?” and then you should receive an answer since the question is based on your constructive desire to be a better employee, right? If you get some response like “you are too slow, you should work faster!” Ask them for guidance - “How would I do that?” Or “How would you suggest me to do that?”. At this point, I am sure that you will have a much more calmer boss and a little bit more control over the situation. Who knows, they may even understand that being quite and “introvert” is not the same as stupid and spineless.

Introverts, are more focused, more creative and usually, have greater self confidence and esteem. People are challenged by introverted people and thus have trouble with them sometimes. It is their problem, not yours.

Shared from Bogger.

Tell us how you control your Boss anger?


Jobs/Vacancies / What Is The Cleverest Salary Negotiation You've Had? by Robertkenny(m): 1:42am On Jun 17, 2021
Adepetun Robert Kehinde

Do your homework before you get to the salary negotiation and KNOW your market worth. That being said, some HR personnel will pause for a long time after you state your salary requirement. This is a tactic they employ to make you uncomfortable & doubt your salary requirement and make you blurt out: “well its negotiable”……don’t ever say that!… because then they got you and will undoubtedly offer you less. Stick to your original salary figure no matter how long they pause or try to talk you down. Be business smart.

Shared from Bogger

Kindly share you cleverest salary negotiation.

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