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Celebrities / Re: Tboss' Fanpage 'calls Her Out' After Tboss Tried To Shade Ceec by rossyc(f): 5:54pm On Mar 23, 2019
What exactly is the matter now?
Is it because Ceecee announced their bleeping on TV?
Is it that these people think Alex is too perfect to have sex with any guy let alone Tobi?
Is Alex a Virgin?
Is it because she cried on TV or what?
No be today Alex dey cry na?
Is Alex the only lady authorized to bare her mind about other house mates?
It's a game common
Why all these She's good She's bad?
Why is nobody blaming Tobi who told Miracle and Miracle who told Nina?
Why is everyone against Ceecee?
I'm nobody's fan and in support of nobody...
Is Alex not fit to be bleeped?
Even if Tobi no Bleep am, she would have bleeped the guy she wept bitterly for when he was evicted if the guy had remained in the house a bit longer.
The guy got evicted and she saw a shoulder to cry on which is Tobi and she moved on quickly. She fell in love with Tobi and they bleeped. Even Alex confirmed it herself on the social media by using style style to leak the after sex picture.
Things fell apart and she wants all to believe that it was all friendship no sex all along.
We are not babies common. No point crying. You are an adult. No be today best friends dey Bleep. Infact it's the sweetest though it's a SIN!
What has happened has happened. It can't be unfucked. Alex is only pained that Tobi told Miracle. She feels betrayed. Alex oma wa alright las las
As for you Tboss, your own dey your body. The same victim card you played on that calabar boy. God no gree you.
If she actually released this then when is she crying, she has a share in the blame same with Tobi
Celebrities / Re: Nigerians Storm Miracle Page To Slam Him For Telling Nina, Tobi & Alex Had Sex by rossyc(f): 5:42pm On Mar 23, 2019
why are people blaming miracle and exonerating Tobi from this unnecessary revelation

I blame Alex for not studying the childishness in Tobi before opening her legs. Tobi is the most dumbest guy I ever know

on behalf of Yoruba guys that always play their discreet game well, we hereby donate Tobi for the next sacrifice in Igbo land
Exactly my thought, Tobi should be blamed for kissing and telling, Miracle on the other hand told his then girlfriend Nina in confidence who went ahead to disclose to Ceec that was beefing Alex and boom hell let loose.. Next time they should learn to shut their mouth.
Celebrities / Re: Vandora's Facial Expression After Cee-C Revealed Alex & Tobi Had Sex by rossyc(f): 5:34pm On Mar 23, 2019
Her facial expression was epic with the mischievous smile.

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Celebrities / Re: Alex Cries As CeeC Exposes How Alex Had Sex With Tobi! Fans React by rossyc(f): 12:35pm On Mar 23, 2019

Yea...Alex had it all and Tobi told the whole world and dumped her after achieving his aim.. Alex should stop crying like a baby.. I trust that shameless Tobi to post their sex tape if Alex try nonsense with him.. Hahaha
Wait o, so Tobi is no longer dating Alex?
Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija: Nina Slams Miracle After He Denied Telling Her Alex And Tobi Had Sex by rossyc(f): 12:25pm On Mar 23, 2019
Don't mind her kids everywhere. My sister and her team are the organisers of bbn. I've told them they better select matured people like bisola and Thin tall tony,Bassey,tboss,Debbie,etc. We don't want kids like this on our screen again. The #seegobbe season of 2017 was more interesting with matured and intelligent housemates,not these ones.
My dear no be say u talk am, immature kids exhibiting their foolishness.

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Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija: Nina Slams Miracle After He Denied Telling Her Alex And Tobi Had Sex by rossyc(f): 12:11pm On Mar 23, 2019
She couldn't defend herself from cee c's accusations,that was why she stormed out of the studio. She got busted.
She would have acted maturedly, besides she was the one that started the whole hotel gist.
Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija: Nina Slams Miracle After He Denied Telling Her Alex And Tobi Had Sex by rossyc(f): 12:04pm On Mar 23, 2019
Crying like a lil girl,so an annoying.
Please nepa took the light at that point, was she crying cos ceec said she slept with tobi?
Celebrities / Re: #BBNReunion : Miracle Was Not Real, Was Quiet But Loud In His Actions- Dee One by rossyc(f): 9:16am On Mar 22, 2019
A lot of these guys are just angry and bitter that Miracle is not following them to hustle cheap endorsements up and down.

He's living his best life, getting his conmercial pilot degree, going scuba diving and sky diving. He isn't in Nigeria, suffering and smiling, he isn't forcing himself to be friends with people who can only offer fake love.

They can't imagine someone progressing without limiting himself to being an actor, musician or 'brand influencer'....this DeeOne is especially pained, maybe because he thinks a small boy like Miracle is making clowns of his elders.

Tobi is the only Gee Miracle has from that show and that's all he needs.
You said it all. A supposed married man ranting like a kid, every question Ebuka asked him, he had a way of bringing Miracle into it. The guy should cut Miracle some slack and face his life haba.


Celebrities / Re: Ex-Bbnaija Male Housemates At The Reunion With Ebuka by rossyc(f): 10:16pm On Mar 21, 2019
the thing tire me.
No mind am.. He was just ranting as if Miracle is with his destiny.


Celebrities / Re: Ex-Bbnaija Male Housemates At The Reunion With Ebuka by rossyc(f): 10:11pm On Mar 21, 2019
Dee one's envy for miracle was to obvious.. he couldn't get miracle's name off his mouth.
As in ehn.. Miracle this miracle that.


Celebrities / Re: Ex-Bbnaija Male Housemates At The Reunion With Ebuka by rossyc(f): 10:10pm On Mar 21, 2019
Where's miracle?
He's in US.. Back to aviation school.


Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija "We Didn't Dated": Alex, Ifu Ennada's Epic Reactions To Khloe's Blunder by rossyc(f): 10:18am On Mar 21, 2019
9pm -10pm
OK. Thanks
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brother Naija Reunion Show :- 7 Things You Missed by rossyc(f): 10:03am On Mar 21, 2019
Big Brother Naija Reunion show started on Monday, March 18, 2019, with the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu introducing the first 10 contestants from the ‘Double Wahala’ edition.

Cee-c, Alex, Nina, Miracle, Leo, Dee One, Rico Swavey, Angel, Bitto, andAnto were the first 10 housemates to be introduced back into the BBNaija Reunion show.

The first episode holds a lot of promise for the reunion show as many of your faves from last season are back on screen.

Here are the 7 important things that you might have missed at Big Brother Naija Reunion show Day.

1. Biggie was absent
Biggie’s voice was absent on Day 1 and we are unsure if he would be present for day 2 of the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show.’ Ebuka took charge of the proceedings as he introduced the ex-housemates from a stylish house – which many hope will be the BBNaija House for the 2019 edition.

2. Miracle will be missing in action

For the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show,’ winner of the BBNaija Double Wahala, Miracle Igbokwe will be missing in action.

Ebuka made this known after introducing the trainee pilot, who is currently in an aviation school in far away United States of America. In a short video, Miracle expressed his apologies for being unable to make it due to activities in school.

3. Angel has a question for Rico Swavey
Angel was introduced to audience as the third ex-housemate to appear for the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show.’ The reality show star shared his experience after BBNaija Double Wahala with audience and the success he has achieved as a result of the platform.

Angel ended his introductory session with a question for Rico Swavey. The dark ex-housemate said he would want to know if Rico had any feelings towards his girl in the house.

4. Rico Swavey has a question for Aneekah
Rico Swavey brought his swag and aura back during his introductory session at the Big Brother Naija Reunion show’ opening. Like other ex-housemates, Rico explained what he has been up to and his plans for the future which includes opening a restaurant because of his love for cooking.

Before wrapping up his session, Rico said he has a question for Aneekah and when probed further, he said he would like to know exactly how and what Aneekah felt towards him while in the house.

5. Cee-c is here to have fun
The highly expected ex-housemate and first runner up of the 2018 BBNaija Double Wahala, Cee-c was introduced on the first day of the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show.’

Looking all glamorous, the trained lawyer simply dropped that she’s decided to be at the reunion show just to have fun. She noted that the next 14 days will see her having fun all through the pre-show.

6. Dee One, Angel, Bitto predicts rumble ahead of meeting
Dee One, Angel and Bitto have predicted more drama as the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show’ goes into full swing on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.

The three ex-housemates during their introductory sessions said they just can’t wait for the drama looming as 19 of the ex-housemates reconvene for ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show.’

7. Leo would only take a back seat and watch
Leo has predicted more drama at the ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show’ like Dee One, Angel and Bitto. The ‘corporate hustler’ noted that he would be taking a back seat to watch the drama which he’s sure will unfold as 19 of the ex-housemates reconvene for ‘Big Brother Naija Reunion show.’

Leo further said he regretted that he was unable to share his feelings about his late mum’s health condition while in the house.


Please what time is the reunion show? Is it still on channel 29 and 198, gotv and dstv respectively?
Celebrities / Re: That Princess And Rico Swavey Dated, Shocked BBNaija Ex Housemates by rossyc(f): 9:52am On Mar 21, 2019
The third episode of the Big Brother Naija reunion show was quite a night of revelations, as all ex-housemates were surprised to know that Princess and Rico Swavey dated.

According to Princess, she dated Rico Swavey but they decided to leave it outside the house. The ex-housemates expressed shock at this disclosure. Here is the video below;


Please which channel and what time do they air the reunion show?
Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija "We Didn't Dated": Alex, Ifu Ennada's Epic Reactions To Khloe's Blunder by rossyc(f): 9:51am On Mar 21, 2019
Khloe caused a serious stir online when Ebuka asked her if she and K-Brule dated.

She answered: "We didn't dated!".

The wrong grammar got people talking especially the epic reactions of Ifu Ennada and Alex.

"we didn't dated" - Koko 2019

ALEX and Ifu's reactions left me on the floor �. The way Ifu scratch neck, Alex hands on her forehead, The gbagaun enter body�

.#bbnaija #BBNaijaReunion

#DoubleWahalaReloaded" - Twitter User said.

Watch the video and see reactions from Nigerians after the cut....

Source: http://www.thefamousnaija.com/2019/03/bbnaijareunion-k-brule-and-i-didnt.html

Please when do they air the reunion show cos all I see here on Channel 29 is the recap.
Celebrities / Re: Anto: Lolu Refused Dating Me After Bbnaija's ‘Double Wahala' by rossyc(f): 9:46am On Mar 21, 2019
He said it then in the house. I never saw them becoming an item though.
Then why didn't he allow her be, why feed her with lies.. Some guys sha.
Celebrities / Re: Anto: Lolu Refused Dating Me After Bbnaija's ‘Double Wahala' by rossyc(f): 9:44am On Mar 21, 2019
That means he played her while in the house and he swore that he didn't
Don't mind him, even when Ebuka asked him the day they were evicted he was forming I want to be in a relationship with Anto but it was all a scam. Fear sweet talkers.
Family / Re: Lawyers Advise Women To Drop Maiden Name After Marriage by rossyc(f): 3:12pm On Mar 16, 2019
How is this name change issue relevant in the grand scheme of things as a family?
Please help me ask them

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Business / Re: Quality Bedsheets Available For Supplies by rossyc(f): 10:12am On Mar 12, 2019
Keep your orders coming guys... Send a whatsapp message let's get started.
Fashion / Re: Quality Bedsheets Available For Supplies by rossyc(f): 10:08am On Mar 12, 2019
Hey guys, keep ur orders coming.. WhatsApp on 08038697540 for your supplies..
Celebrities / Re: Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha Celebrates 39th Birthday by rossyc(f): 10:07am On Mar 12, 2019

I didn't know oooooo
She keeps her family out of social media which is the best to avoid monitoring spirits.
Celebrities / Re: Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha Celebrates 39th Birthday by rossyc(f): 8:57am On Mar 12, 2019

Abeg, is she married?
Yes with kids.
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Khloe Pregnant For Husband, K-Brule (Wedding Photos) by rossyc(f): 11:55am On Mar 09, 2019

Even if it's just a photoshoot, she still deserves to be Congratulated grin grin grin
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Khloe Pregnant For Husband, K-Brule (Wedding Photos) by rossyc(f): 10:31pm On Mar 08, 2019
I don't want to believe thislipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Congratulations tho, for being tagged ugly and all those names that lower self esteem, Khloe really did hit it big
It's not real..
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Khloe Pregnant For Husband, K-Brule (Wedding Photos) by rossyc(f): 10:24pm On Mar 08, 2019
Events / Re: Wedding Invitation Like Movie Poster - Jehova Witness Couple by rossyc(f): 2:30pm On Mar 01, 2019
Nice concept

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Politics / Re: Buhari Wins Emohua LGA Rivers With 72k Votes, Takes Three More - Premium Times by rossyc(f): 1:42pm On Feb 26, 2019
those electoral officers should have just gone ahead and conduct elections in those excluded local govs na, even yobe n borno conducted elections in all lgs
So they should risk their lives because of election and die for nothing?? even when I participated as an adhoc staff we were advised to run if we perceive any act of violence. This country is not worth dying for.
Politics / Re: INEC To Give Automatic Employment To Corpers Who Do Well On Election Duty-Yakubu by rossyc(f): 12:52pm On Feb 21, 2019
Do well in what angle?
I was about to ask the Same question.
Romance / Re: Is It Right To Narrate Your Past To Your Partner by rossyc(f): 9:02am On Jan 21, 2019
Good evening guys, please I have a question that has been bordering my mind for some months now since I met my spouse. All though I don't really have a bad past but I don't want my guy to see me as bad girl even through he has his own. So I want your advice if Is it right to narrate my past to my partner?

It depends on what the past is. Some secrets should never be kept while some should just be allowed to die a natural death..You alone knows what the past is, so it's your decision.
Business / Re: Quality Bedsheets Available For Supplies by rossyc(f): 2:03pm On Jan 10, 2019
Am interested,08037593918
Aiite let me send u a WhatsApp message.
Politics / Re: Governor Udom Emmanuel's Intervention On Arochukwu (Abia state) - Obotme Road by rossyc(f): 10:55am On Jan 10, 2019
He is coming out again, I hope they won't dance to the foolishness of ikpeaZu and sell their votes again.
I seriously pray people apply wisdom this time. Abia state has suffered enough.

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