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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by Roysnickz: 10:06pm On Oct 18

How do I finance my Binance and how do I start the trade?

it's quite simple. First, download the binance app from play store and register with your email. Verify the your binance account using either of Voters' Card, National ID Card, International Passport or Drivers License, then reach me 08034942861 for a guide on how to go about it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by Roysnickz: 9:19am On Oct 18

Just help the guy to get verify on Binance by explaining step by step how to do that.

OP, any business you start with 300k definitely within few months the money will disappear. GONE

But with crypto, buy a laptop, get your mobile WIFI station, after your daily job login check what is trending.

Learn to trade on Pancakeswap (Binance smart chain), try to buy $10 worth of those new "INU" coins different ones with your metamask wallet, most of them grows every hour on your wallet. your coins are increasing while the value is appreciating. continue to study the market to determine the best time to cash out.

Take for example you buy 10 different coins worth $100 and 7 collapse, the 3 that will survive will give you solid money.


Ainu Token (AINU), this coin is still new, it can easily run 1000% within 3 months and your quantity is increasing every day.

This is not financial advice anyway.

You don't need that BOT to trade for you because you don't have enough capital to run BOT.
I will gladly do help him out for binance verification should he want.
for your last paragraph, the capital is more than enough. infact, I started with less. I started with about N180,000.00. Some people even start with less but they make it.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by Roysnickz: 9:10am On Oct 18

I get 500k how can I invest and make money from crypto na?
WhatsApp me on 08034942861 for a guide.
Note, my is just to guide you. You will do it yourself with the guide. you are not given me any money to buy coin for you, you can do everything yourself with just a simple guide
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Suggest A Good Business That #300k Can Start. by Roysnickz: 10:51pm On Oct 17
Good evening all.
I am working in a private establishment and the monthly salary is not enough base on extremely high costs of goods and services. I work from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. I need a good suggestions on side hustle or business I can start with #300k that will not encroach on my working time.
Good suggestions is absolutely welcome.
believe me, Bot trading is your sure bet. I see a lot of people recommending crypto currency for you...it's for a reason, there is so much money in that... infact, crypto money is more than oil money if you understand it very well. I will however, not advise you to invest your money in crypto trading- you will surely lose your money should you do that. it's demand mastery of the skill which you lack. That's where crypto bot trading comes in.
Here, you fund your trading account with your trading capital, instead of doing the trading your self, you activate the bot o trade for you while you take profit. the bot is programed not to sale at a lose, hence , there is virtually no single chance of losing your money when trading with it. Believe me, there is non... you have a rest of mind as you only take daily profit while the bot does the trading for you even as your capital is very save with you in your account, hence, there virtually, no chance of scam, system crash or a worker that you may employ to for your business short changing you.
I could have recommend other stuffs for you but those require time hence, this is perfect you for. the profit per day is not static but depend on the volatility of the market but you can be making between 1.5% to 10% of your capital on a daily basis. some even make more than 10% per day.
Do this and have a piece of mind!
Don't bother to thank me!
Do this and thank me later.
You can contact me for more explanation should you are interested - 08034942861 -
Career / Re: What Can You Teach People For FREE To Kickstart There CAREER by Roysnickz: 3:43pm On Oct 15
I’m interested sir
Start bot trading...it by far, more rewarding. I am doing both though
Career / Re: What Can You Teach People For FREE To Kickstart There CAREER by Roysnickz: 3:11pm On Oct 15
1. How to earn 240 naira per comment on facebook, instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok posts. Making 12 comments in a day (240*12=2880 naira per day)

2. How to trade crypto 24/7 using a Robot that trades without emotions and guarantees daily profits
I am interested
Career / Re: Your Suggestion Please, I Am Confused On This Skills by Roysnickz: 2:16pm On Oct 15
depend on how much U are willing to invest...but I charge 110k non negotiable for training
You seems to be a very wicked and non empathic fellow.
A young man who can not afford a phone is soliciting for help and all you can do is to ask him to this amount of money as training fee for your crypto course. How sure are we that you have something meaninful to after him should he afford your fee?
A lot of people choose to help young ones like this... One posted here yesterday how a nairalander dashed him a brand new laptop, he authored a similar thread and the gentle asked to be contacted for a... behold, he fulfilled the promise. How good it could have been if you had offered to train him for free as your way of encouraging him.
Sure, the country is just messed up to the point the crime seems to be the only viable means of succeding for our young men. It's only logical that we consider those that choose to hustle legit.


Investment / Re: Whats The Best Business To Invest In by Roysnickz: 1:33pm On Oct 13
Whats the best business to invest in?
I am doing quite well with bot trading...you too can't go wrong with it... it's the new blood money
Business / Re: Make 50$ Dollar Daily With Just Your Phone And Data by Roysnickz: 4:16am On Oct 13
Investment / Re: All Side Hustle Update by Roysnickz: 9:14pm On Oct 12
Investment / Re: Where The Money Is, And How To Get It by Roysnickz: 6:07pm On Oct 10
Being broke means different things to different people.

Some persons may have #200k in their account and still classify themselves as being broke.

For me, Only God knew the category I was.

I have lived in Warri, Anambra,Benin, and Lagos...and the amount of money you need to live comfortably in these places are very different.

You can't survive earning #50k as salary in Lagos especially if you're spending half of that amount on transport...like how? It's not possible.

If you have a family(wife and kids)...Ah!!!...Death sentence!

We should be talking about #400k monthly to carry out your duty as a man and still be able to live large.

Even as a lady, to live the life that you want and be able to take of your younger siblings, contribute to your own family...

You need enough money to do that especially in lagos.

Let's say you're making #400k per month that is approx #13,300 per day....

Where you wan see am? In this zoo we call a country?

The surest way I know that you can earn such is to start a high ROI business... that is... something you can start with little capital but produce very high returns.

But how many people know about such businesses when all we talk about is how to apply for menial jobs.

A colleague of mine who is a pharmacist started one of such business in August, 2020 with just 50k and he is now making an average of #350k profits per month.

My mentor have finally written a book that shows you 5 of such high ROI business that you can start today.

Best Part...the book is FREE.

just drop your email in the comment section if you want a copy.

If you're the lazy type who won't read it and act on it...pls don't drop your email...please don't!

It is a book you can finish in less than 4hours if you're serious about your finances

Drop your email now
Investment / Re: All Side Hustle Update by Roysnickz: 12:10am On Oct 09
Happy new month to all my fellow hustlers...

Kindly drop ur WhatsApp contact so I can add you to a group where updates and hot formats will be shared to cash out no story ...

I wish I can post them here but the mods won't allow that so if you need any format to cash out from different sites this is for u

Drop ur WhatsApp contact to be added
Investment / Re: Earn Between $10 - $100 Daily From Deriv With Discord. by Roysnickz: 8:48pm On Oct 07
The best channel ever!!! I can personally attest to this I swear grin
$50 to $76 today!!!!
with how much equity? my contact 08034942861
Investment / Re: Make Over N5million By The End Of This Year [easy And Legit] by Roysnickz: 9:26pm On Sep 26
Hey guys, I just thought I should share this great information with you.
Do you know that with just your smart phone you can make over $30,000 by the end of this year?
It is completely free, easy and legit, and guess what? you don't even need to invest any money! Can be done from anywhere in the world, and only requires just 2 minutes of your time per day.
The earlier you start, the more you can earn.
Contact me now via Whatsapp (07015371479) for details on how to get started.
Drop your Whatsapp number here and I'll contact you.
But if I am not able to contact you, I highly suggest you contact me. Thanks...
Politics / Re: Abba Kyari Committed No Crime On US Soil, Shouldn’t Be Extradited – Panel by Roysnickz: 12:13pm On Sep 19
..... Then they should release hushpuppi too.... He committed a crime against the USA but not in the USA.... Oga common, we should know better than this.... Hushpuppi stole from the USA..... Shared his loot with Kyari..... In the justice system, it is assumed that kyrari stole from the USA indirectly too..... The same thing applies when the Nigerian police are dealing with civilians...... Both who thief phone and who buy the stolen phone are criminals..... The guy stole from the USA and should be made to pay..... If he remains in Nigeria, u and I know he will never be brought to book...... It's because of the irresponsibility of the Nigerian legal system, that we should allow the Americans do justice.....
Don't forget that Abah Kyari was not just a beneficiary of the fraud but also a participant and collaborator of the said crime. He was a member of the criminal syndicate. Don't forget his mission of arresting Mr CHIBUZO. in case you did, it was “to ensure CHIBUZO’s continued arrest, thereby preventing CHIBUZO from notifying the Victim Businessperson of ABBAS’ and JUMA’s fraudulent scheme and preventing CHIBUZO from hijacking the scheme for his own benefit.
So, tell me how he is not participant but only a beneficiary of the crime?
Education / Re: 11 Brand New Courses To Be Taught In South African Universities by Roysnickz: 11:03pm On Sep 18
The South African education authority responsible for media and ICTs (MICT SETA) has developed 11 new qualifications aimed at addressing the shortage of skilled labour in the country's IT sector.

“As the MICT SETA we are excited about our partnership with the Higher Learning Institutions in launching and spearheading the provision of formal training for 4IR (the fourth industrial revolution) in South Africa,” said Matome Madibana - MICT SETA’s acting chief executive.

“We are hopeful that with these 11 qualifications we are going to bridge the current shortage of skilled labour within the ICT and digital industries and, ultimately, increase the employment rate and entrepreneurship.”

The newly developed qualifications are:

1. Artificial Intelligence;
2. Cloud Computing;
3. Cyber Security;
4. Data Science;
5. Design Thinking Lead;
6. Design Thinking Practitioner;
7. Internet of Things;
8. Robotic Processing Automation;
9. Quality Engineering Automation;
10. Systems Development;
11. e-Waste.

Madibana said that these qualifications will equip young professionals and the current workforce to deal with the disruptive effects of new technologies, enabling them to innovate and create new products and services across industries.

The qualifications were developed in collaboration with a community of experts such as universities, colleges, and government departments, he said.

That's the way to go. Whereas, in Nigeria, my country, we are still discussing cow in the 21 century.


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 11 Suspected Internet Fraudsters In Port Harcourt by Roysnickz: 1:59pm On Sep 17
Abeg I get one us Philippine client I wan tell collect money for her hand how I go take received for Nigeria . I no wan use pick up my client know say I dey Nigeria na legit how I go take run am am not a yahoo boy o
drop your WhatsApp up digit
Properties / Re: We Do It Better by Roysnickz: 8:41am On Sep 16
Amazing design indeed. The flooring is however, not not befiting for the finishing.
for your classic floor finishing you can contact us on

Properties / Re: Decorative wall stone tiles in Lagos and anywhere in Nigeria. . by Roysnickz: 8:30am On Sep 16
This is decorative, I must confess. The floor of the compound is however, not befitting.
We can therefore be contacted for a classic decorative stamped concrete floor.

Investment / Re: Get $120 Now by Roysnickz: 8:16am On Sep 16

Hello boss, kindly edit out my email. Please. Thanks.
How? Where can I see your email to edit?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Hoteliers Enabling Internet Fraudsters Activities - EFCC by Roysnickz: 6:47am On Sep 15
Hello Am starting a free online seminar for just 10 people. Quote me to be added to the list
interested 08034942861
Investment / Re: Get $120 Now by Roysnickz: 11:49pm On Sep 13
There is this crypto company giving out free$120. Mining ends in 2 days and withdrawal is on Sept 15.
I only need just 10 people to complete this simple task.
Drop your contact or Hi me flourishnig79@gmail.com
08034942861 snickzroy@gmail.com

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