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Politics / Re: South Africa To Stop Buying Crude Oil From Nigeria, Opens Talks With Iran by RudzSA(m): 11:28am On Jan 27, 2016
Everyone knows what Nigerians are good for .it shows ..that even when an idiot says something enlightening you take it

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Politics / Re: South Africa To Stop Buying Crude Oil From Nigeria, Opens Talks With Iran by RudzSA(m): 11:10am On Jan 27, 2016

Yes, yes...my frustration is demonstrated by the fact that you've written an entire book to me. People that are NOT frustrated do take their own advice that they don't work too hard to prove a point. You certainly haven't worked too hard to prove a point. You've only written a novel. Yes, you aren't frustrated. I am. Yes, you don't do country-bashing. All you do is throw a line or two here and there about why one country is bad and why you are better. Country massaging then, I suppose?

I am certainly frustrated by the fact that there is a country that has a GDP per capita that is 3 times lower than my country's. A country that needs to be three times bigger to reach the living standards in mine. Sooooo frustrating. I, along with people from Switzerland who have a GDP lower than yours are sooooo frustrated right now. Why wouldn't they be, given the importance of a large GDP. Never mind that they have the highest living standards in Europe. Frustrating stuff.

That Nigerian has a tenth of South Africa electricity generating capacity is also another source of frustration for us. As is the fact that Nigeria actually had a bigger GDP years before the recalculation and now thinks that there will suddenly be a change in living standards because they have recalculated the GDP. That they always had these figures available to them without results does not matter. Who cares about that, right?

I agree, being a citizen of South Africa, I cant look down on any country. Especially Nigeria, because there are no Nigerias seeking asylum in South Africa. What is in fact happening is that South Africans are seeking asylum in Nigeria. Very frustrating for me. South Africans escaping their decaying country to be sheltered in Nigeria. Sooooo pathetic.
The truth and nothing but ..Amen. DieVluit for President


Politics / Re: South Africa To Stop Buying Crude Oil From Nigeria, Opens Talks With Iran by RudzSA(m): 1:09pm On Jan 20, 2016

The same dstv he gave crass fact about, help me ask him what mode of service delivery do they discharge to their subscribers in both countries.

In SA dstv runs a pay per view system;
In NG dstv runs a monthly payment systems!

Where do they make the profit. Obviously NG! cause you watch or not dstv will deduct for the month once you subscribe, which leads to numerous profit.

But in SA its contrary, can they make money from stations you never viewed?

We need sound debate not all this crass fact with no depth from that SA guy. This not time to be a chauvinist
utter nonsense

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Romance / Re: What Is It With Nigerians And Their Obsession With South Africa And Ghana? by RudzSA(m): 6:01am On Jan 13, 2016
You bore me RudzSA ur beef game is weak... What happened to LeSudAfricaine?? Dude hardly comments dx day's.. Miss the dude
calm these days I see ...m glad u on yo meds . It's been a wile KOJ nd wats yo other name again?
Romance / Re: What Is It With Nigerians And Their Obsession With South Africa And Ghana? by RudzSA(m): 5:48am On Jan 13, 2016
ogbeni prove him wrong na grin grin
they let u out of psych ward? Let me gues the building collapsed lyk many do in Nigeria or you got healed by your fraudsters (pastors)

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Romance / Re: What Is It With Nigerians And Their Obsession With South Africa And Ghana? by RudzSA(m): 5:41am On Jan 13, 2016
I come back to find nothing's changed ..Nigerians still in love wit S.A ..it's flattering I must say . But delusions of grandeur are still gripping many Nigerians ..get it thru your thick skulls ...south Africans tolerate you ..if we wer evil we'd cleanse our beloved country of yo kind .

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Romance / Re: South African Girls Are Easy? by RudzSA(m): 5:07pm On Dec 07, 2015

Just talking about my experience, why do you have to say "especially Nigerian men" like theres something wrong with us or like your useless men are better>
even after months absent Nigerian mentality still drops lower than oil prices ... Here's the truth .nigerians are base rats ..no one likes u ppl .. The truth and nothing but . Now we can go back to pretending ....

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Politics / Re: Oyibo Man Enters LASTMA Bike To Beat Traffic On Ikorodu Road [photos] by RudzSA(m): 4:06pm On Sep 23, 2015
Nigerians are funny beings ... U criticize us for having a lot of white people nd not being a true "black" nation( for which we dnt care) ...yet u naijas see one white man and open up threads bragging about it Whiteman is God in Nigeria? grin grin grin grin


Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 3:23pm On Sep 23, 2015

You say Ghanaians tend to support others against you even though its not entirely true but you guys also support everyone but Ghana. The truth is even though we are both West African countries we are not really that close. I would say Liberia is closer in terms of relations than Nigeria.

Secondly Ghanaians have no issue with South Africans. So because you people have issues with them it means that we should also have issues with them?

on this site we are the two nations most 'hated'/insulted etc so as the saying goes an 'enemy of my 'enemy is my friend. It's only natural that we form some sort of comradieship of sorts.

A lot of times people say a lot of crap and I don't care whether SA, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc if you speak crap and I know you are speaking crap I won't support you just because we are from the West and vice verse as can be seen as I have even had arguments with a few of my own countrymen for speaking crap grin

Lol @ supporting SA so they wont attack us. You are one crazy guy. So the whole of South Africa is on Nairaland who can see our 'support'. Truth is a lot of times they can't differentiate between a lot of foreigners neither do I think they care who is from where. But on a serious note you keep repeating the same lines. Give it a break will ya. Like someone else said not everyone is involved with xenophobia so you need to stop with painting all with one comb.
amen sister!

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Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 4:40pm On Sep 22, 2015

I have already grown my root long before now and I stand firm on my words. This is the same thing that is said in the prior xenophobic attack and yet it repeats itself. You don't change - that is the reality of SA. It is a big shame on that country. I can see that South African blacks aren't civilized.
thats rich coming from a kwerekwere ...
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 3:16pm On Sep 22, 2015

Google translate will only make you talk like a small child or a mad person.
but he already talks lyk both ...lol grin
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 3:14pm On Sep 22, 2015

Ngowoxolelwa. He got mad love for us grin
Lomtu uyisbanxa. grin but he's obsession with us is flattering
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 3:11pm On Sep 22, 2015

Akukho inkinga . Awukwazi nokubhala Zulu kahle kakhulu

English, please! This Zulu language is boring in here.
wena all4naija u zonya me ngabe u ngijwayela ama simba ..yo moer! Google translate that one ... Enjoy!

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Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 2:53pm On Sep 22, 2015

Eish, laba I swear, even when uzama ukuba nice kubo, treat them njengabantu, yanno, still bazokukwatisa because banamasimba.
basjwaela kabi laba. lo all4naija uzonya one day .struu!
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 2:47pm On Sep 22, 2015

I am not. Why should I be? Jeez! I just described DUMB to you using Zulu nature. You are the one running around in circumlocution without having the least understanding of what I talk about here. You only visit to make fond of my posts. Smh... lipsrsealed
im starting to think nairaland is your only social sphere . I'm sure in your head you've got a lot of South African friends (mduza ,lesud,punky ,14 ,vandal etc). In a nutshell ...you need help!
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 2:38pm On Sep 22, 2015

Uthi ebedlala.
Lol grin typical kwerekwere
Business / Re: List Of Nigerian Tycoons That Impact Ghana's Economy by RudzSA(m): 2:19pm On Sep 22, 2015

LeSudAfricaine, MduZa, RudzSa, VandalZa...come help this guy, he's sleep typing grin
hes brain dead ...like most if not all Nigerians

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Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 10:30am On Sep 19, 2015

Go and ask anybody. Nigerians made Mandiba to be famous. If not he would have ended up like the other unheard freedom fighters. Thanks to the Nigerian GIANT nature.
your crappy village country did nothing for us .mandela is the most famous black man ever . Go hang . Il say it again ... We are South African ,u incapable of being better than us.we tower above you in all things created by GOD

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Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 10:23am On Sep 19, 2015
grin grin grin

Hey mofo, look here. Ur so-called madiba is just an overated twerp OK. We Nigerians actually commandeered the underlying mechanisms that eventually helped to free your slave asses from the stronghold of ur Dutch masters. Without the effort of Nigeria, ur god, Mandela, would probably be as worthless as ur slave father in the history books. Go learn ur own history first before you come tell me about mine. Morafukka slave grin grin grin
and that's your best response? grin grin .it's official ...Nigerians are the dumbest blacks in the world . No wonder your best varsity is number 1300 in the world .ha ha ha

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Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 7:33am On Sep 19, 2015
bushman here's a 100 great Nigerians

1. Adamu Dan Maraya Jos - Artiste
2. Seal (Henry Olusegun Olumide
Samuel) - Artiste
3. Damian Anyanwu - developed a
radio short-wave transmitter
powered by herbs
4. Chioma Ajunwa - Athelete
5. Philip Emeagwali - computation
6. Labarano Nuhu - businessman &
7. John Fashanu - Footballer
8. Christy Essien-Igbokwe - Artiste
9. Ogala Osoka - Insurance industry
10. Bartholomew Nnaji - Automation
& Robotics
11. Chika Chukwunonso Okpala
(Zebrudaya Okoroigwe Nwogbo) -
12. Oliver Sunday Akanite (Oliver De
Coque) - Artiste
13. Chris Anyanwu - journalist
14. Bisade Ologunde - Artiste
15. Ray Ekpu - Journalist
16. Aliko Dangote - businessman
17. Atedo Peterside - banking
18. Femi Anikulapo-Kuti - Artiste
19. Mohammed Buba Marwa -
Author, Military Administrator
20. Hakeem Bello-Osagie - banking,
discount houses
21. Muhammed Kuchazi - a chain of
hospitality businesses
22. Kanu Nwankwo - footballer
23. Lola Macaulay - Artiste
24. Cyril Okiche - banking
25. Matt Dadzie - Artiste
26. Kenneth Nnebue - Movie
27. Ndidi Okereke-Onyiuke - stock
28. Abdullahi Idris - water resources
29. John Momoh- Channels
30. Joshua Bernard Fumudoh -
accountant, activist,
31. Onyeka Onwenu - Artiste
32. Mohammed Bulama - banking
33. Tunde Afolabi - petroleum
34. Mao Arukwe Ohuabunwa -
chemicals & reagents
35. Nyaknno Osso - librarian,
researcher, author
36. Obong Ofonime Okon - traditional
37. Pat Utomi - policy analyst
38. Richard Mofe-Damijo - Theatre
Arts Practitioner
39. Henrietta Ukwu - discovery of
crixiuan for HIV/AIDS
40. Abubakar Gimba - Author,
41. Abdulkadir Kure - engineer
42. Odia Ofeimun - Author
43. Nosa Igiebor - Journalist
44. Olisa Agbakoba - lawyer, human
rights activist
45. Mohammed Kari - Insurance
46. Uba Wada - tourism &
hospitality management
47. Ibrahim Galadima - sports
48. Tunde Kelani - Artiste
49. Martin Anthony Chukwubuike
Aghaji - heart surgeon
50. Akeem Olajuwon - basketball
51. Ngozi Anyaegbunam - media
manager and consult
52. Amma Ogan - Journalist
53. Sunny Ojeagbaese - Journalist
54. Austine Okon - pilot & owner
55. Ben Okri - writer
56. Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosunmu -
medical practitioner &
57. Eka Esu-Williams - AIDS
awareness campaign & political
58. Obiefuna Nwankwo - medical
doctor & video producer
59. Ezekiel Izuogu - construction of a
sallon car, Z-600
60. Christian Chukwu - footballer &
61. frank Nneji - transporter
62. Sabo Babayaro - sports
63. Chris Okotie - Musician,
64. Abubakar Umar - former military
65. Raymond Dokpesi - first
operator of a private radio
66. Modibo Is-Haq Kawu - radio &
television afrocentric
67. Nduka Obaigbena - Journalist
68. Michael Adenuga Jnr - oil
69. Daniel Amokachi - footballer
70. Nnamdi Ozobia - Chief Executive
71. Fanny Amun - football coach
72. Amatu Braide - Artiste &
73. Patrick Anwuzia - preacher
74. David Oyedepo - preacher
75. Cosmas Maduka - philanthropist
& manufacturer of automatic
76. Umaru Sule - policeman, claims
cure to AIDS
77. Mathew Hassan Kukah - priest,
author, social exponent
78. Chris Asoluka - public policy
79. Patrick Jimoh RashidAiyelengbe -
medical practitioner & owns
largest hospital equipment
factory in norther Nigeria
80. Lemmy Jackson - Artiste
81. Oviemo Ovadje - produced a
manual emergency autologous
blood transfusion device
82. Temitope Joshua - mriacle
healing preacher
83. Tony Okoroji - Artiste
84. Henry Akinwande - pugilist
85. Dominica Obukada Oneya -
military administrator
86. Frank Kokori - labour leader
87. Boniface Okolo - fabricated a
hand-operated printing machine
88. Sade Adu - Artiste
89. Okey Ndibe - writer
90. Jide Kosoko - Artiste
91. Kingsley Moghalu - human rights
officer with the UN Transitional
Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC)
92. Panam Percy Paul - Religious
Artiste & owner of Panam Music
93. Zaynab Alkali - Author
94. Mone Dan Asisah-Assoh - lawyer
for the downtrodden
95. Chrysanthus Chukwuma Sr -
medical practitioner, researcher,
and environmental scientist, first
Nigerian expert on Environmental
Impact Assessment
96. Oluwatosin Helen Otitoju-
academic child prodigy
97. George Ibikunle Wiliams -
outstanding chem. eng. graduate
98. Alban Nwapa (Dr. Alban) -
99. Lawrence Osa-Afiana - banker
100. Oliver Mobbison - pioneer of a
computer prototype
no one outside Nigeria knows 99% of these names ... We talking worldwide here . Nelson Mandela ,Desmond tutu. .. U named your local butchery owner , the guy who washes cars in Abuja zone 3 nd a barber who lives 3 houses away from you. Nigerians will forever be 4th world citizens I tell u . Kanu outside of football nd I mean for avid supporters like myself ..no one knows who he is . At the opening of the rugby World Cup last nyt the one African mentioned in prince Harry's speech was Nelson Mandela ..that's what we mean by worldwide recognition . Go to Greece ,Russia ,Venezuela etc nd everyone knows madiba . But no one even knows your current president .


Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 2:19pm On Sep 18, 2015
Lmaoo Monkey tendencies?? Bruh we are all blacks , i mean That little atom of Brain in your head doesnt tell you that Hahaha i cant even take You serious .... But really tho , You Just contradicted Yourself , The whites Draw out the plan and You blacks Carry out the plans and Get paid 'As the slaves That You are ' Lmfaoo !! .... And You still avnt answered my question , Name one Great Black south african Sports man Known and respected worldwide ... Im waiting
id1ot indeed ... Name one Nigerian whose a great anything ? I mean globally recognized nd loved? Wen you done name one great Nigerian sportsman ? Because Kanu & Lucas radebe are in the same ball park .

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Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 1:34pm On Sep 18, 2015

Lol, I love the Razzmatazz. He's so funny & bubbly. I laughed so hard when he called himself a "yellowbone". He's the most relatable minister so far. Hilarious.
hes a maniac ..lol grin. But u ryt ...a great minister we have here wink
Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 1:23pm On Sep 18, 2015
What a country!


Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 1:13pm On Sep 18, 2015

you may be right if those whites are not NIGERIAN. The didferent here is, those white south africans have only one paasport, born and bred in south africa. you are trying so much to be relevant but you end up acting stupid.

So if the USA Basket ball team wins a Gold medal in the olympics, who claims the medals at the end of the day, isn't it USA and not black players.

You must know that white south africans have been in South africa for over 400yrs, more than twice as the white americans. They re more south africans than whhite americans are to america. you are embarrassing yourself young man. you think by excluding SA white Population will give you the upper hand.
standing ovation cheesy cheesy
Sports / Re: Picture: Medal Table (2015 All-africa Games) by RudzSA(m): 1:07pm On Sep 18, 2015
oh Ofcourse You cant see them Doing all that because all They do is lazy around and blame fellow black african for stealing their Jobs, that i believe is so much better that prostitution .. killing a fellow black man is awesome, Lol .... Lazy Motherfuckers !
we burn such in South Africa ...yo monkey tendencies get too annoying for our people . Il remind u that those whites you talk about are South African .its not our fault no 1 wants to associate with u people.whose hands wer building all those things u see in South Africa ?white people only draw plans nd supervise ,we blacks build those things together with whites.we are a rainbow nation . FYI ,we don't want to be an all Black Country .u can do that in nigeria but S.A is a multiracial society and we love it like that .


Webmasters / Re: Facebook Ranks Nigeria, Kenya Top In Africa As Mobile Active Users by RudzSA(m): 6:33pm On Sep 16, 2015

Pls pls hold it...u can't even tell me anything abt ur country coz I have been there and I actually lived in lenasia Jo'burg for 4months so wtf are u talking abt?

Didn't u guys sign $100bn( ur tax payers money) for nuclear plants? So what are u on.
then u truly are a stup1d Nigerian . If Uve been here ud understand why zuckerburg opened his offices in South Africa and not Nigeria or any other african country. We generate more power than evry1 in africa . Load shedding (cutting power for 3hours a week)is no more coz we have more power plants being completed as we speak .nuclear is just an add on for the rise in demand as our population grows. Nigerians shud learn to use their brains instead of hearts in debates.
Webmasters / Re: Facebook Ranks Nigeria, Kenya Top In Africa As Mobile Active Users by RudzSA(m): 2:47pm On Sep 16, 2015

Did u just say "more stable power supply"? I doubt it! Nigerians are experiencing better power than south Africa...

Most of nairalanders don't even know wats going on around the world, all u do is to sit ur ass on nairaland from morning till night.
lmao grin grin grin better power than South Africa ? Delusions of grandeur ! You either very stup1d or very Nigerian

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Politics / Re: Customs Officers' Residential Quarters In Abuja (Photos) by RudzSA(m): 12:20pm On Sep 16, 2015

But you are on Nairaland, should we thank Zuma for that one too?
nairaland is a good Nigerian creation ...nobody denies it . I'm South African , therefore I have no inferiority complex .wen something Nigerian is good ,i hav no problem acknowledging it .you Nigerians should learn to do the same


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