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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Job Opportunity At The Edmond Solution Limited, Ikeja Lagos. by Ryocaj(m): 5:22pm On Oct 28, 2021
Has anyone gone for this interview and how was it?
Romance / Re: Curious by Ryocaj(m): 5:19pm On Oct 28, 2021
Received. Congratulation. You are hereby invited for an interview.
Date: Thursday, 28th October, 2021
Time: 9am
Address: No. 15a, Kofoworola Street, Balogun Bus-Stop, Ikeja, Lagos.
N.B. Come along with your CV (Printed Copy).
Tell the interviewer that you are invited by Uncle Bob.
For more information: 08083091963 or 08151579428
Join this group for detailed information http:///EdmondSolutionLimited

Hi Camri.. Did u go for the interview and how was it?
Celebrities / Re: Twitter Slams MI Abaga For Calling Out Akon For Referring To Wizkid As “lil bro by Ryocaj(m): 8:29am On Jan 29, 2021

So now you're differentiating between rappers and battle rappers...lol.. Typical Nigerian comparing apples with oranges, go back and read my initial post and see my point is not about talent but ability to leave something that will last for decades to come. As dope as Mode9, Showdemcamp and other battle masters are they can never be remembered as much as the Olamide's, Dagrins, the Phynos. Talent is one thing, becoming and staying legendary is another hence the Pac & Biggie reference. If you don't understand this then continue arguing with your keyboard bro!
Rap is Rap.. nothing like battle rapper.. if u get challenged or dissed by a fellow rapper u will have to respond.. Blaqbonez had to go to BRL to face Holyfield after being called out so many times..
you comparing Modenine to Olamide shows u don't know rap.. U r listing best rappers u r calling out Olamide n Phyno.. They didn't get the large percentage of their success through rapping.. they switched to singing n lamba.. that's what Nigerians want not actual rap.. MI, SDC, Vector, Ill Bliss, AQ, Modenine, Ice Prince, Jagz.. never switched.. they stood true to d game n made it with it.. If Nasty C n d likes were Nigerians they wouldn't be that successful coz Nigerians don't know rap.. If Modenine n d likes were from South Africa or somewhere else.. they would be far more successful..
Celebrities / Re: Twitter Slams MI Abaga For Calling Out Akon For Referring To Wizkid As “lil bro by Ryocaj(m): 8:30am On Jan 11, 2021

Even tho this thread is old, allow me to educate your ignorance. when it comes to the best rappers of all time what names comes to mind? PAc, Biggie, Eminem, Raqueim, Nas etc? Trust me we have rappers underground that blew them all away. We even have rappers like Tech N9ne, Ghostface killa, MF Doom that have better flows but will not come up in the conversation. So I suggest you read my comment again and apply wisdom! Making it through a show or competition but not able to leave a legacy where people reciste your songs decades after is pure RUBBISH!
U have no point.. we all know there are many dope underground rappers in Nigeria.. I don't think there are better battle rappers in Nigeria than those in the BRL.. For u to trash Show Dem Camp shows u know nothing about rap.. I vet u av never heard Palmwine Music Volumes.. or Clone Wars- These Buhari Times.. Take a seat at d back pls.. or continue listening to Peruzzi n d likes..
Celebrities / Re: Twitter Slams MI Abaga For Calling Out Akon For Referring To Wizkid As “lil bro by Ryocaj(m): 6:14pm On Jan 08, 2021

Your question does not deserve a response, why would an A list rapper be dueling with an unknown rapper? You're living in what we call delusional state. It's like Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly dueling via Cyphers...It's beneath him. Your problem is simple, you are stuck in your own little bubble. Henessy Artistry is awesome but tell me how many of those rappers actually form a legacy? How many actually make it mainstream? How many are remembered 10, 15 years after? Like I said before I'm not here to convince you, if you believe guys like vibes, showdemcamp is the definition of best rappers then you're already lost and no amount of back and forth can rescue you....Let's use your example of maths or science, what good is a scientist or a mathematician that is unknown to the scientific community? You are defined by your accomplishments, for rappers this means album sales, fan base etc, JayZ, Kanye, Kendrick will never be side by side with the best duelers in rap but nonetheless they are hailed as one of the best ever, you can continue deluding yourself but this is where I sign out, I can't help you my nigga!
We all know rappers suffer in Nigeria coz Nigerians don't understand n like rap.. they just wanna dance.. If Nigerian rappers were South Africans they would be legends..
Ur statement on people making it through Hennessy shows u av no knowledge abt rap..
Ice prince won Hennessy artistry in 2009, Bez came from that same competition, Vader the Wildcard, Blaqbonez, Mo'Cheddah.. amidst others..
For u to say Showdemcamp ain't among d best shows u don't know rap.. Asides Modenine, Vector, AQ.. no rapper can step up to Ghost and Tec.. I am sure u don't even know them..
Celebrities / Re: Twitter Slams MI Abaga For Calling Out Akon For Referring To Wizkid As “lil bro by Ryocaj(m): 6:03pm On Jan 08, 2021

People don't know about Rap in 9ja, I bet nobody knows of a Rapper called OD or phero or even 5ive mics these guys will body MI anyday. Even Jagga jones would murk most this rappers out there.
Abi.. I bet they don't watch BRL Cypher.. A mad ass battle rap competition.. The Champion is Holyfield.. other top rappers are Jay Pachino, Dabu Tha Gemini, Queen Moda, Tega Gat, ....
Celebrities / Re: MI Abaga- It's Becoming Clearer By The Day That Celebs Don't Like Me by Ryocaj(m): 6:00pm On Jan 08, 2021

I Love your knowledge of the game. Not many know about the nigeria Rap game but would come out spewing trash. Came here looking for a post on the new Henny cypher. Please make one.
Since they r both cool now n are both on d Hennessy team.. make we dead d matter
Romance / Re: Should I Take The Risk And Invest In My Girlfriend? by Ryocaj(m): 6:45pm On Nov 30, 2020
ori e to o pe yen.. ( That ur head wey no correct).. you better get serious with ur life n invest in urself.. Upgrade her n watch her leave u for a better man..
invest in itself n let her invest in herself..
Stay Woke o.. make OT sharp
Travel / Re: Luxembourg Makes Public Transportation Free, Becomes First Country (Pics) by Ryocaj(m): 5:40pm On Sep 27, 2020
Please they have a population of just 626,108 and a GDP of $66.848 billion.. what do u expect..
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija Erica's Gofundme Campaign Hit 10 Million Naira (photos, Details) by Ryocaj(m): 3:25pm On Sep 12, 2020
Could be kiddwaya dad or his elites donating for her. A normal average Nigerian never see good thing to use their money for.
U will marvel at how stupid Nigerians can be...
Romance / Re: At Age 23 Still Scared Of Asking A Girl Out by Ryocaj(m): 8:30pm On Sep 10, 2020
U should be concentrating on building a career path at that age.. not worried abt b*tches..
Politics / Re: If We Release Names, List Of Looters In NDDC, Nigeria Will Break — Committee by Ryocaj(m): 10:16am On Aug 31, 2020
Useless ppl.. make una reveal am.. we want make Nigeria scatter b4 so we can go our separate ways na.. Enough of these Notherners n their BS...

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TV/Movies / Re: 5 Most Intelligent Big Brother Naija Housemates Of All-time by Ryocaj(m): 8:53am On Aug 25, 2020
u are contradicting ur self there is nothing intelligent about bbn what special invention are they doing in the house that u can use to measure intelligence? apart from pressing yansh and Brest?
God will Bless u for 600yrs
Celebrities / Re: Eva Alordiah Celebrates Her 31st Birthday Today by Ryocaj(m): 8:56am On Aug 14, 2020
The Greatest Nigerian Female Rapper Ever..
Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley Arraigned Before Abuja Mobile Court, Fined N200,000 (Photo, Video) by Ryocaj(m): 2:49pm On Aug 07, 2020
This Naira Marley is always in court for one offence or the other.

Sensible minds should not have such a person as their role model.
No Nigerian is a role model.. ur Oga at d top is d head terrorist if u don't know..
Family / Re: I Am Cancelling All Marriage Plans Because Of What My Girlfriend Did To My Niece by Ryocaj(m): 10:47am On Aug 06, 2020
Welcome to d club
Sports / Re: Josip Ilicic Caught His Wife Cheating, May Not Play Against PSG by Ryocaj(m): 8:08am On Aug 03, 2020
One word to Josip Illicic..

She must have been sleeping around for years.. What if he hadn't caught her?.. They all sleep around.. U just got back to limelight.. Don't screw it up by being depressed over a cheating partner..
Beat PSG, win titles n hang ur medals around other b*tches' necks.. Choke dem with it wen u bonk...


If I be Atalanta coach na koboko I g use beat am enter field against PSG.. Rubbish..
Celebrities / Re: A-Q Celebrates His 34th Birthday Today by Ryocaj(m): 10:47pm On Aug 01, 2020
Top 3 Rappers in Nigeria

1) Vector, Modenine
2) AQ
3) Show Dem Camp
Celebrities / Re: A-Q Celebrates His 34th Birthday Today by Ryocaj(m): 10:42pm On Aug 01, 2020
One of the Greatest Nigerian Rappers ever.. I crowned so many Kings now this is my coronation -AQ
Romance / Re: Lady Humiliates Boyfriend After Seeing Him In A Hotel With Her Friend by Ryocaj(m): 7:58am On Jul 28, 2020
Normal thing.. na person wey dem catch be thief.. Like say she sef dey loyal.. like say she no dey do runs or open legs for other guys.. We all know these things.. We all just tend to overreact most times to situations like this..
Romance / Re: Lady Kneels To Ask Her Boyfriend To Marry Her In Public And Gets A Yes From Him by Ryocaj(m): 7:17am On Jul 28, 2020
mtchew she will regret this later,nonsense
Na ur type go want make guy chase u till eternity b4 u gree.. Here is bad news for u.. things r changing.. Guys don't even av d strength n time anymore to chase girls for long.. Change ur mentality...
Crime / Re: Grand Jury Indicts Olalekan Ponle Of Fraud, Faces 20 Years in Prison by Ryocaj(m): 10:29am On Jul 19, 2020
Which Part of Nigeria is he from again?? cheesy
Just as ur name implies...No be ur type dem dey spend d money on.. Without Yahoo boys u will be nothing..
Sports / Re: AC Milan Vs Juventus 4 - 2 - (Full Time) by Ryocaj(m): 5:20pm On Jul 08, 2020

bros abeg no ves jare, me that the moment Ac milan equalise, i just slept off. Juventus fall my hand o.
Lol.. Milan dey inform gaan ni.. they don beat 3 big teams in a row.. 2 away.. 1 home..
Sports / Re: AC Milan Vs Juventus 4 - 2 - (Full Time) by Ryocaj(m): 11:21pm On Jul 07, 2020
AC Milan 4-2 Juventus.. Forza Milano.. AC Milan for Life
Crime / Re: El-Rufai: No More Bail For Rapists. We’re Considering Castration As Punishment by Ryocaj(m): 3:18pm On Jul 07, 2020
...and false rape accusers should be stoned to death!
Or their brains removed.. Let's always look at pros n Cons

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Family / Re: How Do You Cope If Married To Someone You Don't Love? by Ryocaj(m): 8:31am On Jul 07, 2020
Y would u be forced to get married to someone.. Them use Hezbollah threaten u ni.. u got her pregnant doesn't mean u will marry her.. it was consensual.. u didn't rape her.. so far u agree to take responsibility if d kid.. its all gud.. she becomes one of d baby mamas in town.. which is like d norm now.. u better get out of d marriage b4 bitterness sets in for both of u n u start thinking of ways to hurt urselves...
Sports / Re: Why And When Did You Start Supporting Your Favorite Football Club? by Ryocaj(m): 9:33am On Jul 06, 2020
AC Milan, 2006
Health / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Playing Table Tennis At Isolation Centre by Ryocaj(m): 1:38pm On Jul 03, 2020
God why will you allow this wicked man to survive this virus. Is that my prayers don't get to you or what?
U need to listen to AQ- God's Work..
Politics / Re: How Can We Be Free From SARS, IRT & Police Brutalities? by Ryocaj(m): 5:07am On Jul 02, 2020
All these things can't stop.. The government is too corrupt.. Until we are ready... things will keep on getting worse.. The only solution is for everyone to arm themselves with weapons n start a revolution.. its only violence that can change a bad government in Africa.. Don't talk abt voting d right ppl coz d right ppl are not dirty enough to be in Politics in this Nigeria.. If we split.. d corruption will be reduced greatly coz ethnicity won't be a problem anymore.. we will be left with religion, looting... to deal with..

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Crime / Re: Nwanta Anayoeze Arrested By EFCC For $8.5 Million Scam by Ryocaj(m): 4:56am On Jul 02, 2020
Useless EFCC.. wen will they arrest all our Politians for looting.. Na only ordinary citizens they commit financial crime..
Family / Re: My Encounter With A Married Man Yesterday by Ryocaj(m): 9:52am On Jun 29, 2020
If she deprives u sex don't ask her again.. Go outside n get it.. no be by force na.. The marriage don tire her be that..

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Religion / Re: 'It Is About Microchips' – Chris Oyakhilome On Black Lives Matter Protests by Ryocaj(m): 3:08pm On Jun 28, 2020
He may be right... Listen to AQ x MI- Live Report

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