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Crime / Re: Jailbreak: Ikoyi Prison On Fire (Video) by Sagay212: 1:48pm On Oct 22
The NA should shoot anybody on sight around that prison. People have been warned that there is a curfew. Any animal seen causing trouble should be shot dead any prisoner trying to escape should be shot in the head. The soldiers should kill any bastard out there causing trouble. No more protests, anyone seen blocking roads should be wasted.

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TV/Movies / Re: Morayo Afolabi-Brown On Lekki: I Spoke The Truth Before Attack On TVC by Sagay212: 12:41pm On Oct 22
what do you mean by who intentionally do not want to work or goto school ? you are no different from these insensitive politicians if you are gonna deny that millions of Nigerians are extremely deprived of things as basic as primary education.

You can choose to believe whatever you want. I am telling you what I know from what I have witnessed and experienced. There so many young people who do not want to go school. I do not know if you live in nigeria or where you live. I see many of these young people around. Yes nigerians might the deprived of basic things but we have people still going to govt schools which are "almost" free. Many teenagers just want to have fun and have money not caring how it comes. If you claim not to have access to education, do you also not have access to learn a skill (carpentry, shoe making, welding, tailoring, etc) do you not see some doing conductors or even begging while some just want to steal and do agbero.
It's simple as abc, the country is not good because of bad politicians, know your politicians from the grass root to the top and deal with them mercilessly if they don't perform. You cannot be crying that your country is bad and be hailing and dancing to welcome politicians when you see them. That's the highest form of madness. You ignore the person causing you pains and attack other people or go a out having a jamboree calling it protest.
Celebrities / Re: Yomi Casual's Store Vandalized And Looted By Hoodlums In Lagos (Video) by Sagay212: 12:01pm On Oct 22
They need to flood Lagos with enough soldiers and any animal seen trying to loot or carrying placards and sticks or blocking roads should be shot straight up.

Too many touts everywhere.
TV/Movies / Re: Morayo Afolabi-Brown On Lekki: I Spoke The Truth Before Attack On TVC by Sagay212: 11:54am On Oct 22
Morayo Afolabi-Brown you are a disaster and a disgrace to Yorubas.. you didn't speak any truth but allowed enemies of South West use you to achieve their aims just like so many of us who didn't realize this on time.

They planned it all along using innocent protesters gathered at Lekki toll gate to carry out an attack on Tinubu and his assets in Lagos.

Rochas Okorocha, Peter Odili, Peter Obi, Orji Uzor Kalu and others are there, why weren't they attacked.
They executed #EndTinubu in the guise of #EndSARS under Yoruba watch in Lagos and this fool of a broadcaster is still spilling trash. Awon omo ale jati jati. Now that they have rendered you jobless , I guess you're happy.

You nor wise. The boys wey dey scatter ajah from time to time, nor be yoruba boys dem be? Most of the ones always arrested in Oshodi by RRS for traffic robbery, no be yorubas most of them be? You people open your eyes and watch young teenage yoruba boys intentionally drop out of school, joint cult and refuse to work or learn a skill and you don't say anything. You see teenage boys smoking weed, doing drugs, sex and totally misbehaving. Their obas and elders do not discipline them thoroughly, now they have become animals desecrating the palace of the a useless toutish oba who watched them deteriorate.
Yoruba elders need to wake up and begin to instill serious discipline in their teenagers and youths evening they have to use force.

You don't have any business with okorocha or user kalu. Let their people hold them responsible. You should hold your own leaders accountable and let them start working. Do not cover up for a useless politician because he is yoruba. Tinubu is encouraging touts and irresponsible yoruba youths by giving someone as useless as MC stupid powers just because they use them for election. Build your youths to be educated and tell your politicians to work for the masses. If the country divides, your leaders wont fall from the sky. You will still have same selfish leaders and stupid youths who just want to drink, smoke and phuck.

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TV/Movies / Re: Morayo Afolabi-Brown On Lekki: I Spoke The Truth Before Attack On TVC by Sagay212: 11:41am On Oct 22
As much as we are more sad... I don't want us to turn this to tribal fight bcoz it is obvious on Twitter that this thing is turning to;

Igbo revenge on yoruba oba, which we hope it is not true.. Yes, we hope it is not true..

Garba spewing rubbish in Hausa which I presume as an gate speech....

Meanwhile, any attack on tinubu should cease..... Yes, he is guilty but u can't tell us that the likes of Orji Kalu, Atiku, Abacha, Ibori, Alamiesigha, Danjuma, Odili, Igbinedion Kwankwaso, Saraki, Audu, peter obi dt shielded Nwafor and co are innocent... They are all guilty, I repeat all of politicians except of a handful of them are guilty..

Let's not turn this to tribal fight..

All attack on tinubu should stop
No more further attack on any king and if there is any, I advise Igbos should not mention anything about it.

I repeat, Igbos should not say anything about this... Don't endanger the lives of ur tribesmen here in South west.. The North is already turning this to Igbo yoruba fight..


Oga you are wasting your time. The boys that went to the obas palace are yoruba touts who the same useless oba and your foolish greedy selfish politicians were using to disrupt elections. These useless boys intentionally drop out of school, their parents or the elders in the community don't discipline them. They watch them waste their lives away. The useless one had covid19 palliative in his house doing nothing. The children you refuse to train and discipline will grow up to ruin you.
It is the same situation everywhere in Nigeria. So many teenage touts and useless young boys who intentionally do not want to work or go to school. All the want to do is smoke weed, do drugs and alcohol and sex. We have more of them than the responsible youths. The useless touts are the ones looting and burning. The ones burning in Abuja are Hausa touts, the ones in Lagos are yoruba touts, the ones in ebonyi or Enugu are igbo touts, the ones in edo are edo touts.
All these useless boys in their different states know their politicians, why are they not targeting them, why are they going about burning and looting.
We can speak plenty grammar all we want, na still we dey do ourself. How many politicians car dem burn, how many politicians don die? But the mumu people dey burn private businesses and properties.


Crime / Re: Uche Elendu's Shop Looted By Hoodlums In Lagos (Photos) by Sagay212: 10:59am On Oct 22
And by the way, like I keep saying, no reasonable so called 'peaceful protests' should be on in Lagos or Abuja by now. Any sane protester should be at home.
Only hoodlum should be outside this time in Lagos or Abuja, no sane protester should be outside in these two places.

Anybody carrying any useless placard or blocking roads claiming to be a protester after all these burnings and looting should be shot dead.

Many of us know our politicians , their houses and family members. The SARs guys we are fighting against are not spirits and not all of them are bad. Many of us know the bad SARS guys and where they live. Why not target those bad ones and take them down. Why not target your useless senators, house of rep members, LG chairmen, councillors, ministers, commissioners that are not performing and deal with them. Protests especially in Nigeria doesn't yield any reasonable results. It usually ends up in crises, and looting.
We have some mumu men on the internet claiming cultists, form clear road, fem, egede, flora, yen yen yen, yet they cannot deal with their politicians. When armed robbers start disturbing you in your areas, is it not the same police most people will call? Focus on the particular people making life difficult for you and take them out strategically instead of wasting time on useless and fruitless protest and jamboree. Now that properties have been looted and destroyed and lives lost and will lose their jobs, what have we gained? Did any politician die? Some people are hiding in their houses and still encouraging youths to go out and continue to protest and some are foolish enough to obey. Stay in your phucking house if you want to live to fight another day intelligently.


Politics / Re: Tompolo Reappears After Over 6 Years In Exile by Sagay212: 9:06am On Oct 22

There's actually a planned protest. The ijaws tagged it mother of all protest. It's a protest for resource control. I don't know the date of the planned protest yet n other tribes in the Niger Delta may join the ijaws too.

Well they have every right to. If the north can kolobi their gold to themselves alone, then let the ND kolobi their oyel as well.


Politics / Re: Tompolo Reappears After Over 6 Years In Exile by Sagay212: 8:59am On Oct 22
Its about to go down oooo...

Now I believe there's a grand plan for these protests and anarchy.

Maybe just maybe, politicians knew that buhari was long dead

Nothing is about to go down. The useless govt needs the oil of the ND so they will never do anything that will provoke the militants. They were never going to arrest tompolo in the first place. They already negotiated with him. If the militants resume bombing of pipelines, Nigeria will end automatically. The politicians and elites are greedy and selfish and will never allow that to happen.
Crime / Re: Makoko Police Station On Fire by Sagay212: 3:05pm On Oct 21

Protesters are not the ones attacking police stations.
Protesters have specific venues and are peaceful.
You don't go to peaceful protesters in their venue to kill them for crimes perpetrated by hoodlums elsewhere.

Protesters should stop the phucking protest and go home. They have been told to do that for the sake of peace. People's properties are being burnt down and miscreants are having a filled day. Stay in your phucking houses for now. No idi.ot should be protesting at this moment whether peaceful or not. The whole state is being thrown into chaos.
Crime / Re: Makoko Police Station On Fire by Sagay212: 3:02pm On Oct 21
Unfortunately the whole thing is getting out of hand. The useless govt escalated the situation by shooting at unarmed protesters. Now everyone is going bonkers.

The only solution will be to bring in more soldiers. People have also been warned to stay at home. Ease stay in your phucking houses or you'll get a phucking bullet in your head. People can just go about burning everything all in the name of vengeance. It will get to a point miscreants and thugs will start going into people's houses to rob them. Anybody seen burning anything will be shot at. Stay in your house. How does burning cars, private businesses and attacking your fellow Nigerian change anything . What kind of madness is this. You know the people who put you in this mess, go after them and stop attacking innocent people. You know Tinubu, obasa, gbaja, and all your house of rep members and senators. Go and face them. At this point the police should not hesitate to arrest and deal with any miscreant caught destroying any property. It is enough.
Politics / Re: Governor Oyetola Declares 24-Hour Curfew by Sagay212: 12:43am On Oct 21
This one and the Ogun state governor have no brain of their own. Na to dey follow follow like mumu them sabi. Shameless old animals.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Denies Involvement In Shooting Of EndSARS Protesters by Sagay212: 12:39am On Oct 21
That's their regular trade mark. Kill people and deny.

Tinubu is an animal. Him and his family will not escape the evil that will befall them for the pains he has caused to innocent nigerians.


Politics / Re: EndSARS: US Embassy Shuts Down Operations In Nigeria by Sagay212: 8:29pm On Oct 20
What is going on in Nigeria first? Does it mean some people would rather bring down Nigeria for their own selfish reasons other than bring about the betterment of this country? Does it mean that some people prefer their pay cheques to people's lives and well being?
I may be ignorant. Someone educate me. I don't understand what's going on anymore.
Does it mean Nigeria can never be great or what? Are our leaders that ruthless or there's some sabotage somewhere? It is well. Nigeria will overcome by God's grace.

Nigeria can be great. We just need to stop chasing shadows and focus. We have seen in many countries how some of their senators and representatives are beaten beyond recognition because they fail to serve genuinely and represent. The last time the igbo people in Germany beat up ihedioha, people were insulting them but they didn't understand that it's the best way to deal with politicians. You beat your senators , LG chairmen, house of rep members, commissioners, ministers anywhere you have the opportunity. They need to know you are not happy with them because you can't see what they are doing. But in Nigeria tou see people organising awards for politicians because of selfish gains.

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Politics / Re: Police Officers Shooting At People In Mushin, Lagos (Video) by Sagay212: 6:32pm On Oct 20
If they catch him and burn him alive people will say it's not good. Why would he be shooting at people.

That is why people are burning their police stations. That is why people don't need to do any useless protest but instead make any police man who kills any citizen is killed no matter how long it takes. Post his pictures everywhere and announce his obituary before he dies. Let them know they cannot escape death of they kill any citizen. No matter how the govt tries to shield them, even if it take 5 years, track them and eliminate them. Many of the police men lack common sense. How the phuck do you go out there shooting at people even after all the protest and complains about police.
Politics / Re: Alakara Police Station Set Ablaze In Ibadan (Graphic Videos) by Sagay212: 6:28pm On Oct 20
What is the essence of the stupid protest when you know the real people killing you and causing hardship for you. You know your senators, house of rep members, LG Chairmen, the police officers terrorising you. These are the people you should focus on instead of all these nonsense jamboree protest. Your politicians attend social gatherings and instead of beating them to stupor, you rush to take pictures with them and hail them.

Some of the youths know these notorious SARS officers what's stops you from targeting them and eliminating them. Instead you are blocking everywhere organising a fruitless jamboree called protest


Politics / Re: Police Bans Protests, Gatherings & Processions In Lagos State by Sagay212: 1:35pm On Oct 20
This govt has to be the most useless and insensitive govt ever in Nigeria. The people are protesting against police and the same useless police is still issuing statements like this. The governor has already spoken about the curfew. What is the business of the police placing ban on gatherings or whatever. This is how the useless cursed policemen will still go out there and start harassing and killing people and the whole situation will still go out of hand. Why do we have bunch of daft people in govt.

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Politics / Re: 2023: Ohanaeze Youths Urge South-East Governors To Join APC by Sagay212: 11:49am On Oct 20
It's better to form a new party. Nobody is voting APC or PDP for presidency anymore. In fact we do not want these evil old men anymore. And even if you are going to contest under any of the old parties, do everything possible to avoid APC. APC can never win a presidential election even if they rig. It is total rejection for anything APC. They have shown the masses how totally useless they are.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: Man Wears DPO Uniform In Edo by Sagay212: 8:53am On Oct 20
Edo no be Lagos oooo. Chai! This one no be chaissssss!
Celebrities / Re: EndSARS: Enugu Asks Phyno & Flavour To Go To Their State. Patoranking Reacts by Sagay212: 8:50am On Oct 20
All of us just dey waste our time with this protest. Them no go gree hear us. Way forward na to disguise. Stop protest and allow this evil politicians feel relaxed. Next na to dey give them knacking one by one. Both politicians and any policeman wey do anyhow suppose dey collect. Allow people go about their business. But focus on your politicians and corrupt policemen.
Politics / Re: #EndSARS: Time to talk with Government - OPAN President, Austyn Ogannah by Sagay212: 8:40pm On Oct 19
The protest needs to stop. Allow and watch the govt carry out the plans as promised. If the don't after 1 or two weeks, you resume protest.

Protest is now becoming some sort of jamboree. The govt has said it publicly that SARS is dissolved. The youths need to hold onto that and any SARS you see on the road carrying guns and harassing anybody should be lynched. Nobody will arrest anybody for burning a criminal, terrorist , kidnapper holding guns without full police uniforms. The same energy you use in gathering for protest is the same you should use in resisting police brutality together. Stop bringing out your phones to just video and shout eyaa! Eyaa! When a police man is harassing and brutalising a nigerian. Garther them and demand to know what crime the person has commited. If they refuse to explain, then you resist them totally, if the kill anyone, you kill them back. Simple. All these long unending protest is not yielding or changing anything.

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Crime / Re: Hoodlums Unleash Mayhem In Ikorodu, Two Feared Killed by Sagay212: 5:42pm On Oct 19
State sponsored hoodlums just to discredit #endsars and send in the Army, already happened in Edo, more states to follow.

You guys should stop this states sponsored excuse. The youths are not babies. If they cannot use their brain, then that is their problem. Nothing stops them from collecting money from the politicians and still refuse to cause any mayhem. The politicians can't do anything to them. They can actually attack, kidnap or rob the politicians sending them stupid errands and make money from them. But because they have been cursed and will never use their head, they keep being tools to evil politicians.
Crime / Re: EndSARS: Protesters Break Benin Prison Wall, Free Inmates by Sagay212: 11:37am On Oct 19
Edo no be Lagos indeed. cheesy cheesy bunch of backward nuisance.
Crime / Re: Dead Bodies Dropped In Ezu River In Anambra By SARS (Graphic Throwback Photo) by Sagay212: 9:53am On Oct 17
There is every possibility that the notorious SARS officers and his colleagues are into body parts selling business. These guys need to be arrested and investigated thoroughly and you will be shocked at the properties and assets theses SARS vampires own. You will be shocked when they start to mention names of politicians and elites who back them up to arrest and kill people illegally in order to sell body parts.

There's no way somebody will kill people and dump the bodies in rivers if he wasn't removing their body parts.

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Politics / Re: Sandra Eze Sanzye: 'Bourdillon’ Ordered My Removal From TVC, Says Journalist by Sagay212: 9:48am On Oct 17
Attitude matters a lot. Even if she goes somewhere else and does same rubbish, she will be sent packing. No time for emotional sentiments.

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Politics / Re: Creation Of SWAT Hasty, Governors Tell IG Adamu by Sagay212: 9:18pm On Oct 16
They are just doing rubbish. The same SARS the IG claimed to have scrapped are still roaming the streets arresting people illegally a d demanding money. They don't even care if an IG exists. That's to tell you how useless and undisciplined the useless NPF is.


Politics / Re: Nigerians In France Join #EndSWAT Protest, Ask Buhari, IGP To Resign by Sagay212: 3:22pm On Oct 16
Our Abia indigenes were treated like war criminals and killed like animals, but our people are not even protesting. Who cursed Abia state and its people sef?

Everybody will soon join. It's picking up. Even some northern states have joined. This useless politicians must suffer. The way it's going the police wont be able to save them.
Politics / Re: Nigerians In France Join #EndSWAT Protest, Ask Buhari, IGP To Resign by Sagay212: 3:21pm On Oct 16
Buhari would rather disappear than resign.

He is already no where to be found. Just more like a mannequin.
Islam for Muslims / Re: #EndSARS: Protests, Demonstrations And Civil Disobedience In The Light Of Islam by Sagay212: 11:22am On Oct 16

You probably Hausa..90% of Hausa are izala and sufi.. am not surprised with the nonsense you saying.

Muslims take knowledge from Quran and Hadith NOT from a site or a scholar.

Am a Muslim who practices my religion according to how prophet did. I am ahlu sunnah wa jammah.

My brothers are imam Ahmad bin hanbal, Muhammad bin abdul Wahab and others till the scholar we have here in Nigeria.

Muhammad Ali Jabata

What rubbish is all these you typed here? Are you really Nigerian and from what part? I really don't understand what all these is about.

Sounds like some phucking al shabab terrorist.


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