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Foreign Affairs / Re: Yevgeny Prigozhin Feared Killed In Plane Crash In Russia (Photos) by Sagay212: 9:09pm On Aug 23, 2023
Eyaa! Ipob will avenge the death of Yevgeny. He became their overnight hero shortly before his death. Ndi ipob, Hope you Ready to go to Niger to fight for your new supreme leader that has just been killed cheesy
Crime / Re: Anambra Man Battered, Robbed, After Okada Man Diverted Him To Kidnappers' Den by Sagay212: 7:02pm On Aug 23, 2023
So billionaires kidnap and Rob people? Is this how billionaires make money in anambra? This must be fake news. Billionaires don't rob billionaires. All anambarians are billionaires. This news if from Ibadan express way grin
Crime / Re: Sowunmi Ayodeji Kayode Wanted By NDLEA (Photos) by Sagay212: 6:59pm On Aug 23, 2023
Problem here is they will arrest somebody like this and put him jail and feed him with tax payers money, instead of killing him to reduce population of unwanted evil idiots taking up unavailable space in the country.
Travel / Re: UK Skilled Worker Visa : Story Of Nigerians Living As Destitutes - Sky News by Sagay212: 6:56pm On Aug 23, 2023
Nigerians are not the only people looking for opportunities in the UK. You shouldn't expect that every Nigerian must make it in the UK. There British people who are struggling in UK while you have some Nigerians living like Kings in the UK.
No be everything una go turn to news. No be everybody go make am. If you're a Nigerian living like a destitute in the UK, no by force, you either come back to Nigeria or enjoy your destitute life. No body send una papa message..
Foreign Affairs / Re: India Beats Russia, US To Become First Country To Land On The Moon's Lunar Pole by Sagay212: 6:36pm On Aug 23, 2023
What next after landing in whatever phucking area of the moon? Will it stop the extreme poverty in India, will stop their men from being perverts and rapists? Instead of using that money to better the lives of their people, they are going to the moon for nothing.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Niger: ECOWAS Denies Influence Of ‘Foreign Power’, Insists On Independence by Sagay212: 6:31pm On Aug 23, 2023
Ecowas should just ignore these Niger people and let them continue with their military govt
I can bet the same people supporting the military govt now will come back and cry for help in just some months. Ecowas should allow them learn their lesson.

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Politics / Re: Abioye Oladeji: IPOB Terrorists Kidnap A Yoruba Man & Threaten To Kill Him by Sagay212: 9:47pm On Aug 22, 2023
See senseless comment, the crime you guys carried out in Lagos just because you wanted your person to win during the last election should be the order of the day, am not afraid because we have experience such before, you should be the one that should be afraid because you haven't experience before, if you have experience it before, you won't come here to display your foolishness.

Cry cry baby. You and your ipob terrorists know how to look for trouble but quick to cry when the tables turn. See him trying to preach nonsense after your evil ipob cannibals killed an innocent man just because he didn't vote for your useless adaobi.
Politics / Re: Abioye Oladeji: IPOB Terrorists Kidnap A Yoruba Man & Threaten To Kill Him by Sagay212: 6:45pm On Aug 21, 2023
another divide and rule tactic aimed at ensuring Yorubas and Igbos dont fight for a common goal. sorry but i dont believe this yeye story but most Nigerians would fall for it. O and can you guys tell me of unknown gun mens where abouts when last did you hear of that saga🤣🤣 they have left that one after elections and now focused on IPOB abi

There's nothing like divide and rule. You akpu chewing evil animals should stop playing fo. o.li.sh. stop being the useless cowards that you are. You have started what you cannot finish as usual and now you want to cover up with your senseless divide and rule daftness. The hate you people spread about online, you have started to execute it for real. But don't worry. You will all pay for your madness


Politics / Re: Abioye Oladeji: IPOB Terrorists Kidnap A Yoruba Man & Threaten To Kill Him by Sagay212: 6:42pm On Aug 21, 2023
This war you guys want to create in this country, hope you have another place you call home because whosoever are in that video are not representing Igbos and don't drag Igbo to that matter. I am using this opportunity to warn the owner of this platform to screen properly what goes to the platform inorder not to be used as instrument to destroy the country

Why are you scared? You don't want your evil hateful acts to be published and exposed? Only God knows how many yoruba people you hateful animals have killed in the sad beast because adaobi did not win election. This is your usual tactics, start the trouble you cannot finish and later run around to cry and play victim. We are saving everything for you evil ipob terrorists. You will all be arrested and dealt with mercilessly. Una don buy market.


Politics / Re: AllEyesOnTheJudiciary Rally: Security Operatives Disrupt FCT Rally by Sagay212: 7:12pm On Aug 20, 2023

If the Agberos and thugs that killed for APC and Tinubu are not their worst e enemies, leave Obidients alone.

Una never see anything. Same you guys carried coffins to mock GEJ and yet Buhari still won.

Leave Obidients and face your problems

All your noise will always end on twitter and NL. Adaobi will never be president of Nigeria and there's nothing you ipob miscreants can do about it. You can go and join your ipob brothers in your useless protest and see how you will be mercilessly dealt with


Foreign Affairs / Re: Daily Survival Becomes A Struggle For Niger Republic Residents by Sagay212: 3:17pm On Aug 20, 2023

A urine donor that instructed his boys to take it run away with grab it by all means

And you said he didn’t take it by force

It’s only your family that has chosen to suffer today and enjoy tomorrow

If you didn’t suffer enough on buharis 8yrs then you’re a suffer addict

Even if Jesus Christ rule Nigeria, you brain dead ipob miscreants will still wail so long as the president is not from the sad beast grin ya'll are cursed. No presidency for ipob and no biafra.ud too.. keep wailing


Foreign Affairs / Re: Daily Survival Becomes A Struggle For Niger Republic Residents by Sagay212: 3:13pm On Aug 20, 2023

Nigerians are going through hell under Tinubu government , that's something you should be worried about and not Niger republic.

Tinubu is a failure

If Nigeria is hard for you, move to Niger republic. Maybe you can teach dem how not to die of kwashiokwor like your akpu chewing forefathers did cheesy

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Daily Survival Becomes A Struggle For Niger Republic Residents by Sagay212: 3:09pm On Aug 20, 2023
Says a Nigerian that’s suffering from all round of poverty induced mental illnesses

Is Nigeria not the worst country on earth?

Ipob donkey! You can pack your load and take your akpu head to Niger.


Politics / Re: Isese: Lagos Declares Monday Work-free Day by Sagay212: 5:59pm On Aug 19, 2023
This means shops and private offices will be opened
I guess only govt workers are isese worshippers

😆 lol alaye no wan go work. It is for civil servant. If you don't want to go to work, you can call in sick and if na shop you get, nobody fo force to open am.
Crime / Re: Man Allegedly Beats His 8-Year-Old Daughter To Coma In Anambra by Sagay212: 10:12pm On Aug 16, 2023
Eyaa, a billionaire beating his child to coma. So sad grin
Crime / Re: Arrow Of God Orphanage Home In Onitsha Sealed For Illegal Adoption by Sagay212: 10:06pm On Aug 16, 2023
That's the breeding ground for mkpurunmiri guzzling ipob miscreants. They govt should send then all to jail.
Romance / Re: Married Woman Dies During Sex Romp With Bishop In Abia by Sagay212: 10:05pm On Aug 16, 2023
I'm sure they ate akpu and drunk lots of mkpurunmiri before the sex romp. Ipob behaviour. cheesy

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Crime / Re: Drug Baroness, 4 Kingpins Arrested As NDLEA Busts 3 Syndicates In Lagos by Sagay212: 8:23pm On Aug 13, 2023
Since the head is rotten

What do you expect from the tail and branches

Show me your principal and I’ll tell you who you are

Make do with anything you like with this post

If you like go mention Bobo Chicago na you sabi

Your cursed God forsaken kinsmen are embarrassing the country with drug peddling but you must find ways to shift blame as usual. Ya'll will go into extinction sooner than you realise. Your brothers are being arrested all over the word and being killed like the useless animals that they are, but you are here displaying your usual ipob madness.

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Politics / Re: NNPC Hikes Petrol Prices Across Nigeria. List. by Sagay212: 1:04pm On May 31, 2023
Tinubu should be firm with his decision.

Criminals benefiting from the subsidy scam can cry blood, subsidy is gone, make dem go chop the one wey dey don save.

Funds for fuel subsidy will be invested in other sectors for the benefit of Nigerians instead of few criminals.

Oga every body know say this one na lie. Them go still chop the funds for fuel subsidy and Nigerians will complain as usual and move on

Yes, it will be difficult but for our good.

For those who said Tinubu is not their president, they can ignore this subsidy removal from Tinubu and comply with Peter Obi's contrary directive.

Politics / Re: Raymond Dokpesi Is Dead by Sagay212: 5:32pm On May 29, 2023
Nobody is going to escape death. That's why we some of you need to always use your head and think before you mock people who you think look frail die to old age or wish people death because you hate them. Life itself is enough education. Learn from it.

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Politics / Re: David Hundeyin: Deloitte Denies Knowledge Of Tinubu Ever Being Its Employee by Sagay212: 4:23pm On Nov 14, 2022
Same tactics always deployed by ipob airheads that will eventually lead to premium tears. Abi nor be same mumu people call Buhari Jubril from sudan and called him all sorts of name? Last last buhari finished his 8 years complete with wailing and crying from ipob.

Another election is fast approaching and they have started same tactics, no common sense ,just fake and senseless news all the time. When Tinubu wins next year, it will be another 8 years of tears for ipob. They'll go back to chanting biafra.ud or death and i will be so happy because that death is what many of them will get in abundance. Since ya'll have refused to learn how to play politics and think you can get things by force and by foolishness, ya'll will continue with the unending tears.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Commiserate With Victims Of Onitsha Fire by Sagay212: 10:05pm On Nov 08, 2022
Thank God it didnt happen in lagos. Obingos would have blamed Tinubu
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: ‘Obidients’ Are Angry Because They Want Change (Video) by Sagay212: 10:07pm On Oct 25, 2022
Lies, they have been angry ever since they were born and fed all sorts of fake stories about biaf.raud war by their hateful weak fore fathers.

They want an igbo president so desperately that they have forgotten biaf.raud. they are all ipob miscreants. They will go back to chanting biaf.raud after the elections in 2023.

There's no way you are winning anything if you have these bitter, hateful people supporting you. Go and check the records. They play politics with senseless emotions rather than facing facts.
Politics / Re: Labour Accuses Tinubu And Folashade Tinubu-Ojo Of Attacking Igbo Traders by Sagay212: 9:57pm On Oct 25, 2022
Same senseless tactics all the time. Always crying and playing victims.

How can people who own 90% of properties in lagos be claiming that the remaining 10% of owners of lagos are attacking them?

If you feel attacked, go back to where ever the phuck you came from. Only daft people fall for this same senile propaganda.

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Politics / Re: Lagos Blue Rail: Marina Train Station Nearing Completion by Sagay212: 9:52pm On Oct 25, 2022
Lies...abandoned project. Building rails and leaving the roads in terrible conditions. All nigerian politicians are bunch of evil ,blood sucking vampires.

Anyways this will make more peoplw run away from their region and make the SW overpopulated
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Begins Campaign In Nasarawa This Saturday by Sagay212: 9:49pm On Oct 25, 2022
He should go and campaign in the south east especially on a monday, make we see whether him go survive am.
Politics / Re: Youths Hold Rally For Peter Obi & Labour Party In Kachia, Kaduna (Pictures) by Sagay212: 9:45pm On Oct 25, 2022
More like igbo youths who ran away from south east to hustle in kaduna host rally for their tribal adaobi online president.

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Food / Re: See The Food Items I Got With ₦‎650 In Birnin Kebbi (Photos) by Sagay212: 9:39pm On Oct 25, 2022
Why you no kuku eat only onions. What kind of irritating food is this.
Religion / Re: Why You Must Never Make Sex Videos by Sagay212: 1:28pm On Mar 13, 2022
Lol..you don't want to record yourself having sex but many of you are on pornsites looking other people's videos. Once there's a leaked sex tape, you see how people be begging for links to watch it. But here they are pretending. .
Anybody can record their sextapes if they like. If it leads, do not watch or beg for links to watch it as the child of God that you are. Phucking pretenders

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Crime / Re: 7-Year-Old Girl, Xivono Ndlovu Raped & Murdered In South Africa (Photos) by Sagay212: 10:37pm On Feb 28, 2022
I have know we have a lot crazy thugs and evil people in Nigeria, but when it comes to extreme violent crimes, black southafricans are number 1. They are not different from vampires.

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Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by Sagay212: 6:56pm On Feb 27, 2022

Run along little boy, go fvck your h0es in ashawo thread this place is for grown men

I didn't read your garbage, by the way, so stop mentioning me

You wish you didn't read it. E pain am. Grown man crying about bolt money. Bolt driver isonu.

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