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Romance / Re: Please, Advise A Single 30 Years Old Virgin by Shinapraise(m): 10:30pm On Jul 17, 2021
Send me a message on Whatsapp 08161127336 I got some for you
Politics / Re: Police Kill Several ‘IPOB/ESN’ Members, Overrun Three Camps In Imo by Shinapraise(m): 12:04am On Jun 27, 2021
Another groups of gullible people led to their early graves like ikonodie because a deranged man with well documented mental problems promised a virtual country. Sad.

At this rate ipob beerfraud terrorists will surrender to IRT. FG should organise another de- radicalisation program like they did for BH so some ipob can enjoy the bread and butter they so much envied them for.
what is good in this NIGERIA u are fighting for ?? It only a mad man like you will be contented with situation like this for your information I'm a Yoruba man and I support nnamdi kanu with all due respect what is the benefit if been a Nigerian ? Other countries are moving forward this your Nigeria is moving backwards why have u not asked your self why we don't have a room for referenum in our constitution is it by force to marry different tribes together u need to get your heads checked before someone else does it for you ...SMH


Health / Re: I Have Erectile Dysfunction And Its Really Affecting My Relationship. by Shinapraise(m): 12:29am On Jun 13, 2021
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Romance / Re: Giveaway Thread. Drop Your Account Number by Shinapraise(m): 11:23pm On Jun 04, 2021
2114313999 uba just got a new job no money to transport my self there too Good bless the big boss
Car Talk / Re: Am Looking For Toyota Camry Orobo To Buy by Shinapraise(m): 11:02pm On May 31, 2021
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Autos / Siena For Sale #750k by Shinapraise(m): 11:34pm On May 26, 2021
Price is #750,000
FIRST BODY Nissan Serena Bus in good working condition with 4PLUG engine and rugged manual gear.
Located in Ilorin, kwara state chat me up on WhatsApp 08161127336

Travel / I Need Ideas On How To Sue The Government Of Nigeria by Shinapraise(m): 9:03pm On May 17, 2021
Pls it been 5 months I applied for my Nigerian passport but all to no avail I have been parading the office frequently nothing since then the immigration office is ibadan and I need the passport to move pls how do I sue the government and the immigration department for not living up to their expectations I need ideas pls
Waillers are not wanted
Insulter pls keep off
Coppied uncle lala
Copied seun.


Romance / Re: . by Shinapraise(m): 9:47am On May 15, 2021
omobaonireke@gmail.com let her chat me up
Health / Good News For Stoke Patient by Shinapraise(m): 9:26pm On May 01, 2021
I know you have been wondering if this is real I am here to inform you that we have some amazing herbal product that are making wave all over the world .
Infact I treated a man who has been bedridden for 2 years with this herbal drugs and he is working freely if you know anyone with stroke both full stroke or partial stroke kindly inform the person that there is hope with nuevergold product you can be rest assured that the stroke will be a thing of the past chat me up for more information 08161127336

Health / Re: .. by Shinapraise(m): 9:18pm On May 01, 2021
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Romance / Re: I’m In Trouble Guys!! by Shinapraise(m): 9:22pm On Apr 25, 2021
Firstly calm down go and get a bottle of honey and get MORINGA leaves makes sure the moringa leaves is sun dried and it becomes granulated then pour the moringa leaves inside the honey mix it together and use it every day your p*ick will rise up and you will be refreshed chat me up for any herbal product that can work for you in the other room .08161127336
Education / Re: Distress !!! by Shinapraise(m): 9:10pm On Apr 03, 2021
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Education / Re: Distress !!! by Shinapraise(m): 9:07pm On Apr 03, 2021
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Health / Re: Please Help !!. I Don't Last Long During Sex And It's Affecting My Relationship. by Shinapraise(m): 2:28pm On Feb 27, 2021
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Family / Re: Men Should Prepare Themselves To Handle Women Who Are Over 40 by Shinapraise(m): 10:51pm On Feb 03, 2021
This guy is a prophet he speaks my mind I am in this category and I want out very soon I can't come and die and I'm sounding a note of warning to those young lad out there who believes age is just a number .
It is not u better marry someone you are older than and can control not someone older than you and would want to control you .

A word is enough for the wise ......

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Family / Re: Guys Can U Marry A Lady That's Older Than U? by Shinapraise(m): 10:43pm On Feb 03, 2021
Don't try it cos it will end in tears
Family / Re: I Was Accused Of Being A Witch And Sold To 2 Families by Shinapraise(m): 10:29pm On Feb 03, 2021
Very early the next morning, my mother smuggled me out and took me to one church. From there, I was taken to a home for kids who were driven away by their parents. The home is disguised as an orphanage, but it really isn’t. I can’t mention the name because so many kids are still there. The home is located in Abia state and the founder goes about picking up street kids. She often travels to Akwa Ibom to get these kids that were driven out of their homes; she brings them back to her orphanage where she cleans them up and gives them out to those looking for house helps for a specific amount.

I stayed at this ‘orphanage’ for a couple of weeks and then I was ‘sold’ to a couple whose children were all abroad. In the one year I was there, I was abused continuously by my adopted father. I eventually ran away and went back to the orphanage where I was scolded and resold to another couple who wanted a house help. I stayed there for six years, started and finished my secondary school there, and eventually ran away when one of their older sons started abusing me sexually.

After I left, I stayed with a few friends I made on Facebook, started working, and was able to save some money to further my education. I’m currently a student of the University of Benin.

And now, here’s the most surprising part: last year, I discovered that my uncle actually died of AIDS.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help A Depressed Lady, I Need A Job by Shinapraise(m): 6:41pm On Jan 29, 2021
Send me a PM. There is a new company presently recruiting in Ibadan now
pls can you message me on Whatsapp 08161127336 I'm based in ibadan
Health / Re: My Penis Is Getting Softer Help Me by Shinapraise(m): 10:47pm On Jan 25, 2021
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Health / Stroke Cured With Nuevergold Product by Shinapraise(m): 1:01pm On Jan 23, 2021
As we all know that stroke is a deadly diseases and when it truck there is few chances of survival.
Nuevergold product are the new wonder herbal drugs made from various herbs and root and it has proven it efficacy once more to know more about this drug contact me on Whatsapp 08161127336

Family / Re: Your Advice Could Save A Life Because I'm Dying by Shinapraise(m): 10:19am On Jan 23, 2021
Mistake has been made but there is an opportunity here if I were you I will buy a sniper and write a letter to the two family invite them over to have a dialogue with me then tell them you are sorry but you have made the mistake then to correct this you will kill your self if they all promise you that the two ladies will not hurt themselves and if 2. They can both be your wives you will be happy and glad cos they both have sacrifice alot for you and if they can't you will kill your self .tell them you love them both and you don't want to lose anyone of them beg the elders they will give in to your demand that is how a bother I know married his two wives and he made up for his mistake ....
Family / Re: How Do I Greet A Barren Woman by Shinapraise(m): 12:07am On Jan 20, 2021
In my part of Nigeria, when someone greets you, he asks after the members of your family including your children. As I was passing through our street a lady I am conversant with greeted me first, asking after my children. As I reply her, I'm expected to also ask after hers. I became confused cos I know she's yet to conceive and have a child (in fact it's been long she's expecting her own child/ren), cos asking her may seem as if I'm mocking her knowing that she has no child yet and if I didn't , it would also be obvious that I didn't rerun the greeting cos she's seen to be barren.
Please readers how can I answer back without eliciting ill feelings or in case of next time
tell her there is a new drug in town called nuevergold chat me up to know more and you can recommend it for her 08161127336
Business / I Need Your Inputs by Shinapraise(m): 12:03am On Jan 20, 2021
A friend of mine wanted to send me euro to help him buy some Nigerian food here and send to him in Europe he will be sending the money tomorrow pls will I get it in naira or euro because of the new can policy .

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Immediate Recruitment-tellers And Transaction Officers by Shinapraise(m): 5:25pm On Jan 14, 2021
Never trust this company they will just waste ur time and resources
Family / Re: I Need Advice No Insult by Shinapraise(m): 8:45am On Jan 14, 2021
I have two daughters. They are my life my everything . I am not in a stable relationship. I sleep with men for a living. I made a biggest mistake of bringing men to my house every night to sleep with me while my children were in the house and my 12 years old daughter soon to be 13 is now coping everything I do. When I counsel her she respond to me that I can’t stop her because I am doing the same thing to. I beat her badly , I rob pepper on her body to stop her but she is still getting worse and worse. I stopped bringing men to the house . I meet them in hotel now to stop my daughter from behaving badly again . But she is becoming stubborn everyday. I don’t want her to be like me . I want the best for her. I know a lot of people here will insult me but I need advice because my daughter is very important to me. I need your advice
can you chat me up on WhatsApp 08161127336
Family / Re: I Am Compassionate But Don't Know What To Do by Shinapraise(m): 8:44am On Jan 14, 2021
Let have a foundation for this pm me 08161127336
Family / Re: I need help by Shinapraise(m): 8:41am On Jan 14, 2021
To cut the long story or life short....

I may go home in the next few moments but if you know help pls recommend before it's too late and pls let it be free....


To whom it may concern
if you are still reading this pls pm me whatssap 08161127336

Health / Re: Impotence Treatment by Shinapraise(m): 8:33am On Jan 14, 2021
At nuevergold health company we have the right herbal product for you. Chat me up 08161127336

Health / Re: How I Got Infected With HIV by Shinapraise(m): 8:30am On Jan 14, 2021
So I had to do another test at week 6. This was when the test picked up the virus. I will try to educate people here with the little i learnt, maybe it will help for those who wants to learn.
We have two different types of hiv test kits. One test for both antigen and anti bodies this one picks the virus as early as two weeks, and results comes out withing days to a week, with a window period of a month(meaning by a month and your result shows negative then you are free). The other checks for anti bodies alone and this one picks the virus withing a month for few people, mind you for few people and most people at three months as that is when the body might have produced enough antibodies for it to be detected. And the latter is what we use here in Nigeria, where finger is pricked or blood drawn and the result comes out within 15-20minutes.
The bad thing here is we are not well informed about the window period and seroconversion( period when one is turning from negative to positive and takes as long as 3 months in most people and 6 months in some, meaning your result might show negative yet you are positive) and all that, I advise you google this, due to this lack of information people go about thinking they are negative and go about infecting others, until the sickness has progressed to a later stage where they start falling sick.
My piece of advice is ensure you use condom( and pray not to be unlucky like me, the girl who gave me has no idea she’s infected ) if condom breaks there’s what they call PREP, it’s a medication used within 72 hours after exposure to prevent you from catching the virus if your partner is positive.
don't let this weigh you down why not get our herbal product and boast the CD4 count massively chat me up 08161127336

Health / Re: Anyone Trying IVF/IUI/ICSI (Fertility Treatments)? by Shinapraise(m): 8:25am On Jan 14, 2021
I know there is a TTC forum but I was just wondering if there are any ladies here that are going through or will soon go through IVF/IUI or any other assisted reproduction techniques other than clomid.

I am currently doing IVF and thought it would be nice to share with others on the same journey and compare notes on meds, stimms, retrievals, transfers etc.
I'm on day 4 of stimms using 1cc of Menopur 75IU and 375 IU of Gonal-F injections I have to take in my belly every night. These meds have the worst side effects, headaches, nausea and kick-a ss diarrhea (TMI sorry  wink )

If you have an IVF experience, please share.
sometimes going through this process can be quite challenging and money consuming why not try nuevergold product which are made in India , having visited India and saw how most of them uses this product and it works for them i realized how much we will need this product to solve our infertility problem you can reach me on Whatsapp 08161127336

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