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Politics / Re: President Buhari Set To Travel To UK For Annual Leave by Shroud: 4:35pm On Apr 03, 2018
He means medical leave.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Spying On Your Spouse Phone Is Now A Crime In Saudi Arabia, ₦47M Fine & A Year. by Shroud: 1:24pm On Apr 03, 2018
This is a vice mainly done by women and since Saudi women are not economically integrated in Saudi Arabia, how can they pay this fine?


Family / Re: Nigerian Husband Brutalizes His Pretty Wife As She Seeks For Divorce. Photos by Shroud: 1:17pm On Apr 03, 2018
Has anyone noticed this Emeka Ugwuonye that specialises in separating women from thier husbands never states the reason for the fracas.

He just brings up pictures of a battered wife wanting to get divorced without explaining the cause of the beatings.


Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:50pm On Apr 03, 2018

Enjoy bro.
thanks bro. Will be taking the entire week off.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:33pm On Apr 03, 2018

Use the internet available to you before you come here to exhibit your ignorance.
Google is your friend. Use it.
he ask for proof of what you write and profess. Now be the gay cúnt that you are and show him!

Don't bury your head in the sand everytime you are challenged.

Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:29pm On Apr 03, 2018
LMAO! People like him litter cyBerspace with their overused anus. One could even help wonder why they can't still smell their own sh1t even after their anus is as wide as the mouth of a blue whale.

Magic Moment... when did you switch to Vodka? Don't tell me Vladimir Putin got you on a leash? LOL.

Hahaha! Beer still my favourite swizzle bro. My system is just nullifying the booze effect these days. Maybe it's the anti malaria medication I was taking.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:22pm On Apr 03, 2018

Not just a witless clod, but a lying cretin as well. You think I didn't observe your initial post on that mention?

I know some of thw most virulent homophobes are homos fighting their repressed urges. grin We don't need to hear your sadistic sexual desires, sunshine.

More chest beating stewpidity. I'm quaking in my boots at what an anonymous, witless keyboard warrior would have done to me. I'm soooo shaken and scared. grin

This losing loquacious homosexual inbred is putting words into my mouth.

Now show these nice people the post I changed.

And if you ever claim I'm a closest gay, I will have you realise I have the capabilities and desire to stand tested by nobody else than your mother.

Just two days and I will send back to your father as stretched and bent like a question mark(?)

I swear your father's dick will swim in her punny like fish pikin when e mama waka leave for ocean. Idiot.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:07pm On Apr 03, 2018
LOL. Talk about being sodomized with a stick. LMAO!

I still can't understand why this gays folks can't keep their sexual orientation to themselves. Heck, weed smokers don't go about screaming for acceptance, even though they've not tolerated in the society. Gay folks should take a cue from them.

Been nursing a hangover since morning. Almost drank myself to stupor from Sunday to Monday. Found it hard getting outta bed today. grin

Being cutting on beer and going Magic Moment. Just love it's brand of enveloping high grin

Gay and feminists are twin vices in arms. Their goal is to replace one custom with a barbaric one.

To change human civilization and put a hole in the fabric of humanity.

That's why people like Obi1kenobi should be donated to primatology or autism as a gift to mankind.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:04pm On Apr 03, 2018
Lol grin grin. Very hilarious write-up. It's not a hidden fact that the attention seeking antics of homosexuals is downright repulsive. I agree with you on most of your points but I just don't think they should be burnt alive,C'mon bro! Alot of useful contributions have been made to the development of earth by the gays you so much dislike. Let's all see beyond their sexual orientation or what orifice they use in getting off. They are humans and they are just like us although except for their unique brain chemistry..there's no difference between Straight humans and homosexuals humans.

The burning alive is just an intentional exaggeration of my feelings.

I honestly think gays need help and not promotion.

For the mainstream media to tell them it is normal and acceptable ... that's just as worse as witchcraft.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 12:01pm On Apr 03, 2018
The so called liberal countries accepting of homosexuality did so because they didn't have a choice,they tried all methods and are secretly still practicing other methods now. Do you think some whites do not detest gays? Even the president and vice president of the United States have been known to throw in some homophobic comments every now and then. I understand you and I see the point you're trying to make but you do know the death of all homosexuals wouldn't equate to the death of all problems of the world or the creation of a paradise earth or world peace. I don't think I understand fully why gays are gays but I am not going to hate them because of something I don't understand and neither do I love them because my sentiments won't change anything or influence their orientation. I see them as humans,the same way I see straight people,no discrimination,no special treatments. I do hope by extending my studies into neuropsychiatry,i'll be able to understand alot of things but for now! There's nothing I can do nor we can do.

Nothing will kill the west deader than thier hypocrisy of political correctness.

Gays still suffer abuse , discrimination and are hated in the West but the media and the need to feel intellectually liberated won't make them say things as they are.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:56am On Apr 03, 2018
Obi1kenobi, you're registered 2010 when Nairaland wasn't as deadly. You cannot match me pound for pound, wit for wit and improvisation.

I will leave you broken as if you were attacked by a lynch mob.

Next time, you will think twice before jumping into people's mentions.

Frustrated cúnt.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:52am On Apr 03, 2018

You sound like a closet gay with repressed urges. Is that what you fantasize about? grin
You really must like it rough, pouf. I thought you will be smitten by the sheer horror of severing your anus with a dry stick.

But here you are cooing like a contented pigeon at the thought of me stick-fúcking you.

Now I feel like placing your teeth on the curb and stepping on the back of your head.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:50am On Apr 03, 2018

Why did you change this post. I thought you were disputing the facts? You needn't have bothered. Such is your knowledge deficit and ignorance, I've given up taking on issues of substance and I'm just playing with you now. grin That's why I told you earlier to stick to the rabid fits.
change what post? What kind of accusation is this.

You better check the quality of sperm you bank in your anus. They are starting to render you an amnesic analphabetic, podgy idiot.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:45am On Apr 03, 2018
i've been grinning for a while, while following the torrent of expletive you unleashed on that Nairaland street degenerate who call himself obi1 whatever.

Honestly, whoever is behind that moniker needs to be handed over to the Nigerian Army so he can be kobokoed seriously. grin

Anyway, hope you enjoyed your Easter Holiday?
Jo Baba himself! Don't mind that princess Obi1kenobi.
He thinks being gay and proud will ever substitute for intelligence and logic.

You saw the fool tell me he's 6'4 feet tall. And I laughed within me.

He hasn't seen me, I would have love to extend the beatings offline by flogging him with a stick before ramming it into his diseased pus-dripping, dick-battered anus.

Easter is splendid. Still having a lazy week here.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: "Breast Of 25-Year-Old Virgin, Cee-C" - Non-Fans Mock Cee-C by Shroud: 11:41am On Apr 03, 2018
Chest or breasts? Nairaland and self-righteousness.
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:36am On Apr 03, 2018
All right, our proud registered anus bender, Obi1kenobi is taking a break.

I will leave you as sore as your first anal sex. Worthless piece of human garbage.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:28am On Apr 03, 2018

I'm amused you think your chest beating impresses anyone. It's some pretty rettarded shiit. And still trying and failing woefully to mitigate his embarrassment trying to be a grammar pedant while spewing the incoherent, jumbled twaddle he employs to impress village girls. grin
I have got your brains heated up, so bad your thoughts process is going out of sync like a bad choir.

If anyone delves into your posts, you always brand anyone who points your mental limitation to you as chest beating and trying to impress people. Anyone who searched your post will easily see you libel people as trying to impress or call them chest beaters!

Psychologically, that can only mean it is what you're trying to do.

That's the reason you have been in Nairaland for 8 years trying to rewrite your mundane history on the pages here instead of working hard in the real world.

But you're a gay. So it is a given you're bitter, self-eating, frustrated and angry at the world who will always see you as a miserable dirtbag.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:24am On Apr 03, 2018
How u solely depend on an unprovéd science is laughable u've saying rubbish eversince
I thought I was the only who noticed the miserable whelp Obi1kenobi is just a desperate loonie begging for internet recognition.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:21am On Apr 03, 2018

Stick to juvenile, rabid dribble befitting of feral street kids. Every attempt at an intellectual contribution has been sooo embarrassing in the exhibition of your ignorance.
Bro, if you prefer another man's anus to pussy, do you really think you matter?

Your sexual orientation crisis isn't the only hormonal mutations you suffer. It is just the symptom of other deep underlying cellular mutations and DNA distortion you suffer.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:18am On Apr 03, 2018

Use the internet available to you before you come here to exhibit your ignorance.
see how you're being disgraced and made mockery of. I thought I was the only one seeing the fiction you pulled off from your slimy anus as scientific facts grin
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:17am On Apr 03, 2018

Of course the witless clod was going to attempt some weak, witless display of bravado, accompanied with the usual foaming dribble after disgracing himself. grin
and this witless clog kept you up till 2 am struggling to maintain what ever was left of your reputation? grin

Your upbringing must really be inferior to that of a street dog. I left you bleeding like an imp beaten like a monitor lizard. grin
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 11:08am On Apr 03, 2018
I see the sexually skewed dullard Obi1kenobi on the viewer's column grin
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 10:56am On Apr 03, 2018
lol,bro. I'm anything but pro-gay. Sure,the wiring of the brains of gays is unique or different but they are humans too. No human should be hated for what they didn't chose for themselves. You seem to dislike male homosexuals and their choice of copulation,how about lesbians? Is their Choice of copulation perfectly normal? or maybe because they are using the correct orifice so we have to cut them slacks. I do not hate and I do not love homosexual individuals. I'm only sane enough to know my hate won't make any of them straight. It irritates me when they are always up in the faces of everybody,trust me! Being gay doesn't make them useless or animals that should be euthanized. If the whole world decided to loathe gays like you do, would you subscribe to a plan that'll mean killing them all? I'm sure with the proper scientific advancements,we'll find answers to alot of things but for now! Please! Gays deserve the right to a peaceful life even as unnatural their practices may seem. There's no method of changing them that hasn't been applied in the past.

Can't stop hating gays! Will tell you why.

Gays began like feminists. Feminists claim they were fighting for women's rights when in truth they were usurpers. So in time they wanted to take what belongs to men.

In several Scandinavian countries they are lobbying for males to squat or sit to pee in public toilets. They are pressuring all governments all over the world to include 50 percent of women in appointments, top banking hierarchy, parastatals and agencies not for merit but for the fact that they are women.

Firstly gays demand they are only human and should be allowed to fúck consenting adults of their kind. Well that isn't any trouble , is it?

*Well once the ball got rolling. They started lobbying for marriage to mean the union of same sex sad sad
The definition of marriage is the union of a man and a woman. Not the union of two same sex idiots who couldn't get their sexual orientation right.

* They started advocating in Europe that children toys should be built without gender distinction.

* They started lobbying for laws to enable them keep and adopt children of heterosexual couples.

* They started advancing for laws to be changed so they could be in the military. Now how the Bleep can a anus lover fit into the army without being distracted and a distraction to others.

Already the US military budget has skyrocketed for the upkeep of gays and transgenders

* Gays are now advocating for animal intimacy otherwise known as bestiality to shift attention from their perversion

If being gay is justified by you lazy conformists, then every other vice should be justified including kleptomania, bestiality, paedophilia, robbery because they were all born that way.

The Liberal media substituted the word "gay" for "homosexual": perfect euphemism to whittle down the intensity of the perversion.

The act of lesbianism isn't as appalling as faggotry. Visually I can't even imagine two men digging each other. They along with anyone who tries to rationalize them should be burnt alive.

On the issue of lesbian, I cannot delve without writing a long narrative so I will leave it at this; Lesbianism doesn't involve penís. We straight men don't really see it as sex since the dick isn't involved. And they can be open to 3some grin

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Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Army Blocked Kemi Olunloyo On Twitter by Shroud: 9:25am On Apr 03, 2018
So Nigeria army intolerance and inferiority cum unprofessionalism extend to the virtual world too?

The army seems to be the lowest of Nigeria's low.

Might as well be beyond rehab.


Car Talk / Re: Stalling In Manual Cars And Their Solutions by Shroud: 9:21am On Apr 03, 2018
Honestly I ended up with more questions than answers after reading this article .

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 9:09am On Apr 03, 2018
it's perfectly normal to be homophobic,homosexuality itself has to do with some unique way the brain was wired,wired to love same sex individuals. The so called liberal whites tried to change homosexual individuals via chemical castrations,electro-shock therapy through the implantation of electrodes in their brain and many other unconventional methods but non yielded any result other than the death and maiming of the test subjects.Take Alan Turing for instance,a promising scientist who was subjected to chemical castration because he had a thing for boys,his story didn't end happily ever after. I've also seen a case of an homosexual male turning straight and living happily. We didn't like it when the whites hated us,enslaved us,kidnap and killed us simply because we were black,we were sad because we didn't chose to be born black. The whites are now a little accommodating because being black is no fault of ours,same way being gay is no fault of the homosexuals. Hate and stigmatization is not the way. I'd like to know what you propose we do to homosexual individuals? I am not a fan of the LGBT and whatever they are always putting up,i just don't like the idea of hating humans because of who they love or don't love.

Why are you pro-gays always drawing uncorrelated examples between gay and black and white? Gosh!

There are gays in all races and they are an aberration of nature. Being born black or Semitic, or Caucasian or oriental or barber is perfectly natural and normal.

Being a gay is a deviance of nature. What is the correlation please? Why will a man prefer copulations with another man using his anus solely for shiit expulsion as his sexual organs of desire.

People only look stupider when they try to rationalize faggotry.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 8:48am On Apr 03, 2018

Encapsulates - express the essential features of (something) succinctly.

I don't make a habit of ridiculing people's lexical or grammatical shortcomings as I see it as petty exhibitionism for intellectually insecure clods as yourself. It's entertaining though when the one attempting it makes himself look a cretin. grin Though acknowledging that would require you to possess the self-awareness to feel shame. Self-awareness you wouldn't expect anyone with such an embarrassingly juvenile posting history to possess. Thanks for the big laugh. grin grin grin

so you mean you were up till 2am trying to dig yourself out of the pit of self-doubting misery I buried you in?

If my remarks and postings are juvenile as you claim and you were locked in a back and forth trying to measure dick with me up to 2 am in the morning, doesn't that make you an insufferable idiot worse than a juvenile unable to prioritize his objectives?

Your opinion doesn't matter as long as you're gay. But that should be a good thing. At least you won't be leaving any replica of your mutant DNA as a burden for the world to cope with.

You're just another gay, another filthy putrid sac of human pus whom a liberal charity movement is trying to convince the world is normal.

You will never matter as a f(a)gott. So the earlier you start saving up your funds for gender reassignment surgery the better your chances are of becoming a productive member of society.

It's never too late.

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 1:40am On Apr 03, 2018

Because the foaming dribble of a rabid creature encapsulates your pathologies perfectly. You think your school-playground insults count as wit? grin

Did you say "encapsulates pathologies". Those are the kind of incoherent grammatical mumbling that emit from your vocal cavity to impress your fagg0t lover anytime you take a dick up your ass.

You're reacting like a cornered hyena .

Yes, you're a pathetic poorly educated gay-oaf trying to sound intelligent. Thanks for the big laugh. grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 1:29am On Apr 03, 2018

cheesy cheesy Haba cut her some slack bro....people can change based on what they must have read or seen and she is not an exception!
the "its not my business' crew is a neutral stand...in other words,it will be extremely hard to maintain that posture for long!
The rate of perversion perpetuated by homosexuals made her realize that,she can no longer stand neutral any more,and its either she is for them or against them!
man, she used to be a staunch supporter of gays. Fought with me alot over my stance on gays.

Who says our okoro Obi1kenobi is beyond rehabilitation? We'll set him free grin
Romance / Re: My Friend Is Gay, How Can I Tell Him To Stop? by Shroud: 1:27am On Apr 03, 2018

Intellectual insecurity? Coming from the chest-beating person? Are you simply now repeating whatever I label you, seeing as you're too witless to come up with anything that doesn't come off as the foaming dribble of a rabid dog?
" foaming dribble of a rabid dog"

You keep repeating that line in all your posts. When are you presenting us with new materials? Or are you waiting until your mother eventually changes her roach-bitten panties? grin

The only reason you're a forum-wild nuisance that can be mistaken for a Ugandan virus is because for the last 8 years here, you've been trying to prove what life has denied you: real success and achievements.

Omo fagg0t
Alaye anus-police
Baba idiot
Mazi imbecilé

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