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Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Defeats Joseph Parker (Live Thread) by Shroud: 10:35pm On Mar 31, 2018

Wladimir was already past his prime and had even suffered a defeat in the hands of Fury before meeting AJ. Anyone with a pedigree would have beaten Wladimir.

Let me tell you something, boxing is not as straightforward as many of you make it.

Fury played with Klischko but AJ struggled to beat Wladimir and even suffered a knockdown during the bout. Does it mean Fury would easily beat AJ?

Also, you must remember that Takam only had 12-day full training against AJ as he was not even the main challenger. He was positioned as a standby when it began to look like Kubrat had injured himself during training. You cannot compare the Takam that fought AJ with the one that fought Parker. The Takam that fought AJ had only 12-day full training but the Takam that fought Parker had a full training of at least 6-9 weeks.
takam headbutted AJ in the early stages of the bout which interrupted AJ's breathing.

Klischo may well be past his prime but was also very good.

I think what AJ said about anyone coming to fight him is always 30% better is true.
Sports / Re: Anthony Joshua Defeats Joseph Parker (Live Thread) by Shroud: 10:29pm On Mar 31, 2018

If there is going to be a KO in that match it is Joshua getting knocked out.

1) Joshua has a weak chin
2) Parker has a chin of pure steel as most new Zealanders like David Tua are known of

I feel the fight will go full 12 rounds and joshua would win because he is very skillful.

1)But note that parker is faster than joshua but has less power.
2)Parker doesn't Gas out like joshua in late rounds but his punching power decreases.

I predict parker by knockout or joshua with the fight going the distance.
A copy of BBC bias analysis.
Crime / Re: Husband Arrested After Beating His Wife In Port-Harcourt (Photos) by Shroud: 9:28pm On Mar 31, 2018

Calling you what you are isn’t an insult.

Anyone who justifies domestic violence is a psychologically damaged. Most likely from a dysfunctional family unit. That was all I needed to say.

The ‘bitchy, hoey, mama is a LovePeddler’ bla bla bla rant from you lot was already expected by me. No need to respond to that. No be today.

Can’t get intelligence from dummies. Wasn’t expecting any.
People who preach divorce so easily never knew their fathers because mommy wasn't sober enough to recognise who knocked her up!

Preaching divorce for a slap without bothering to investigate if it was a usual occurrence is just the symptoms that you're from a family unit with an absentee father and a domineering frustrated mother.

It's like actually saying a man should divorce his wife for failing to prepare dinner or for nagging.

We know a by-product of a frustrated deadbeat mom when we see one. They are pro-divorce, argumentative and bereft of logic and never addressing the topic.

If your brain isn't as useless as a faulty septic tank you might have asked why the husband destroyed the phone of the wife. What was in that darn phone?

Did it not strike you odd that the human right activist never mentioned the reason for the husband's actions?

You're just a lousy piece of roadside dirt trying to act intelligent when your brain can't even orbit round the small circumference of logic.

Regurgitated bastard.
Jokes Etc / Re: Hilarious/savage Memes That Will Make Your Day by Shroud: 9:13pm On Mar 31, 2018
Searched I did. Couldn't find anything remotely savage here.
Crime / Re: Corper Wrongly Accused Of Rape In Warri Freed, Speaks Out by Shroud: 5:57pm On Mar 31, 2018
About a week ago, news all over the internet indicted a young, male corps member called Hope Nwagbaso. He was tried in the court of social media and called a rapist. Someone made a post that he raped a girl of 11 and got her pregnant. Hope is someone I knew personally during my university days in Nigeria and I was shocked to read the news. He is a very intelligent, quiet and hardworking youngman who was very focused. Hope has a second class upper in Political Science at the University of Benin. Hope was so humble and respectful in school that everyone loved him. It was so sad when I heard that. Today, I am here to tell everyone that this youngman is innocent. He is free of all allegations and I use this medium to beg everyone to verify stories before they post them to tarnish the image of someone.


All I see is just another media trial on appeal by a friend based on his personal feelings.

If Hope was wrongly accused of defiling a minor let him go to court for character assassination and not calling Jesus on Facebook.

Child rapists aren't necessarily violence or bad people. They are just rapists

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Crime / Re: Husband Arrested After Beating His Wife In Port-Harcourt (Photos) by Shroud: 5:43pm On Mar 31, 2018
I didn’t expect an intelligent response. Not from PEOPLE like you.

And I say ‘people’ as a compliment.

I like how you play the hypocrite. After insulting us and our families, you got a trailer load of insults back and you're now pretending to be responsible. What a reprehensible emo-bitch you are.

Despicable piece of human filth like you.
Crime / Re: Husband Arrested After Beating His Wife In Port-Harcourt (Photos) by Shroud: 4:12pm On Mar 31, 2018
Just look at the amount of misogynistic tripe being spewed on this thread and that’s not even half of it. With just under two pages of comments.
It’s obvious you people are a result of damaged family systems with damaged societies filled with irreparable human beings. And what’s worse, the people in authority at all levels are no different than you are. These comments are disgustingly stupid but I’ll banned by whatever damaged MOD is in charge of this section if I call you the names your deserve. Rest assured that what goes comes around comes around. Today you support a woman getting beat up, tomorrow you may be called to the morgue to identify a loved one who was beaten to death by their spouse. Full circle.

Your family and its bloodlines are the excessive redundancy of a botched human evolutionary system. I think you're a spinoff of a drunken g(a)ngbang. Idiot.

Pro- divorce animal.


Crime / Re: Husband Arrested After Beating His Wife In Port-Harcourt (Photos) by Shroud: 3:10pm On Mar 31, 2018
No swelling, or cuts no injuries. All there is a just discoloration from a slap.

Why did the husband destroy her phone? My guess is the wife is a digital wh0re. That's why she wants to end the marriage.

The idiot called emeka who fúcks loose married women will have his hands full one day.


Travel / Re: Sleeping God Is Good Motors Driver Crashes Into Parking Truck On BeninLagos Road by Shroud: 3:01pm On Mar 31, 2018

Brake might failed, Tyre might got busted...I personally had encountered this before along Ibadan express road...The tyre of the station wagon I boarded got busted and before I knew it, I felt rolling on the bed...the car somersaulted for a distance of upto 200M away from the express road... And driver was not asleep...I accept your logical analysis, BUT don't assume/conclude yet. cool

If it were brake failure, no driver will use a parked or moving trailer for stoppage.

If tires got burst vehicle will capsid not ram into a stationary trailer packed off the road.

Funny how only your "surviving" dad gave account of what happened in an accident and a lone survivor cannot give account of this very accident.

I wonder the unthinking sods who liked your post.
Health / Re: Unclaimed Corpses At State Hospital, Otta In Ogun Buried (Graphic Photos) by Shroud: 2:39pm On Mar 31, 2018
u better learn
are you saying the reason for your social mal-adaptation is because you're a Nigerian?

Is that what you want me to learn? Your nonconformity to common sense?
Health / Re: Unclaimed Corpses At State Hospital, Otta In Ogun Buried (Graphic Photos) by Shroud: 1:37pm On Mar 31, 2018
mr oga, this in Nigeria, nairaland for that matter, not CNN, BBC &FOX, there is a huge difference, so wen in rome u do as the romans do
Sorry, didn't know one's geographical location is a deterrent to wrapping one's head around the concept of global standards or international code of journalism. Phew!
Health / Re: Unclaimed Corpses At State Hospital, Otta In Ogun Buried (Graphic Photos) by Shroud: 1:21pm On Mar 31, 2018

OK, but at this point they haven't been claimed, so if you're putting the pictures on social media, you do not have to censor it since you do not have Profile of any of the individuals. You want them recognized.


Are you talking about censoring their private body parts??
this is pure graphic content and should be blured out. We have gotten to a place in this country where nothing is sacred anymore since Boko Haram and herdsmen cheap massacre have made us lose our natural inhibition for corpse and censorable materials.

Fox etc all cover mass killings and corpses but never in this scale.


Health / Re: Unclaimed Corpses At State Hospital, Otta In Ogun Buried (Graphic Photos) by Shroud: 12:45pm On Mar 31, 2018

Corpses in the Morgue are not supposed to be covered.
I'm taking about graphic contents of this proportion to have media censorship not clothing.
Celebrities / Re: Davido Gives His Daughter, Hailey Adeleke, Money To Stop New Biting Habit by Shroud: 12:40pm On Mar 31, 2018
The only horrible thing I see isn't Davido's lack of parenting skills, or his penchant for attention, but the fact that Nairaland thinks this is news!!!


Health / Re: Unclaimed Corpses At State Hospital, Otta In Ogun Buried (Graphic Photos) by Shroud: 12:30pm On Mar 31, 2018
Nairaland will censor live boobs and titties and ass but will display this kind of horror without any form of censorship. Fucktards!

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Religion / Re: Using Casket For Burial In Islam by Shroud: 12:25pm On Mar 30, 2018
Caskets were 9 , fallen soldier 11. Where did two bodies go?


Sports / Re: Nigeria's Opponent, Iceland, Opt Out Of FIFA World Cup In Russia by Shroud: 10:10am On Mar 30, 2018
muumuu nland its d govt officials boycott not d team.
nland be copying useless news frm opera mini news feeds.

sometimes i question this seun intelligence

Lolz. When Nairaland has been reduced to copy and paste and it's front page news for the highest bidders.
Politics / Re: 11 Nigerian Soldiers Killed By Gunmen Buried by Shroud: 6:52pm On Mar 29, 2018
For yall saying negative thgs abt fallen soldier are all ingrates,

yall have no respect for life,
yall are stupid for not appreciating them for the selfless service in keeping u safe, how many police officers have died in the fight against insurgency, but the military took it to themselves, although its their work, but even in death, they still fight to defend ur lazy ass so u cud sleep with both eyes closed,

u think they are happy been posed to the center of violence, u think they aint gat children, parents, sibling,

i bet most of the people saying these negative things having seen violence before, just lay ur fat ass on ur fathers couch to spread propaganda and hate,

let us all change our attitude towards military both serving and fallen

The army is still a voluntary organisation. No one forced them into it. They signed up , swore an oath and are being paid for the job they elected themselves to do.

Nigerians have lost respect and pity for the NA for justifiable reasons. NA have killed and brutalised more innocent citizens than they have killed Boko Haram and herdsmen combined.

They are unprofessional, uncivilised, aimless and a disgrace to the army world wide.

Their expertise is in intimidation and brutalising ordinary citizens just because we have no working law in this country.

I don't feel an ounce of pity for any military or police official.

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Politics / Re: Our Goal Is To Unite Nigerians In A Mutually Beneficial Relationship – Buhari by Shroud: 6:42pm On Mar 29, 2018

President Buhari says the Federal Government is committed to uniting the people of the country such that every Nigerian can benefit from the other.

The President said this on Thursday while giving a speech at a colloquium organised to mark the birthday of the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, in Lagos.

He made the comments against the backdrop of the herdsmen-farmers’ crisis which has resulted in the death of several citizens and destruction of property in parts of the country.

President Buhari, who noted that his administration is working tirelessly to address the issue, said, “Our goal is to bring together every section of the nation and every Nigerian of every creed, every region and ethnic group in mutually beneficial productive, social economic and political relationship.”


cc lalasticlala
it is either Buhari himself or his speech writers are markedly hopeless and foolish or they think Nigerians so.

In the backdrop of everything that has happened in Buhari's administration, this speech is just robbing salt to injury to some sections of Nigerians.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Protest In Ghana Against US Military Is Massive (Photos) by Shroud: 5:37pm On Mar 29, 2018
It's even a shame, were this to happen in Nigeria, some disgruntled element would cheer the government. I smile knowing many Africans are becoming aware about the gimmicks of the West.

Aye, Joe. Our political outlook has not really evolved beyond tribal and petty interests. We're more loyal to political parties than to our own country.

If we chanel just 1/4 the patriotism we show in football into politics, these recycled human cabbage we call politicians would have been chased back to their villages.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Protest In Ghana Against US Military Is Massive (Photos) by Shroud: 3:20pm On Mar 29, 2018
I honestly commend Ghana's sophisticated public political participation. In Nigeria, such news would not comcern the public except to some educated elites. But it will never be a public concern to warrant demonstration.

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Romance / Re: "Can You Eat Beans For 10 Years?" - Married Man Says When Asked Why He Cheated by Shroud: 10:02am On Mar 29, 2018
His wife is beans? And he convinced himself he is some balanced diet? Not knowing he is agidi jollof.

So, he goes about in search of other nutrients, inserting his third leg in every stray nunu. No fear or respect for his family.

Any married person with this mentality, Ogun will fire you...lest, you expose your spouse/family to danger.

Forget religion, men are biologically programmed to have diminished sexual yearnings for a woman who lives with them over time. It however doesn't mean diminished love.

As with nearly all mammals, it's been scientifically proven that males are mentally wired to yearn for new mate. Fact.

Do a survey or research one. Most married men/ live-in partners may not go beyond one round with their wives/partners but will do sequels with a new fling who isn't as hot. It's just how the male is wired mentally and biologically.

Women married should do more and initiate more sex and stop being too passive about it. A man whose sexual reservoir is empty wouldn't be needing refilling soon.


Celebrities / Re: Tboss Slays In Long Red Gown by Shroud: 6:48pm On Mar 28, 2018
Well sculpted piece of ass.
Politics / Re: Obasanjo: "Buhari’s Refusal To Sign African Trade Treaty Disappointing" by Shroud: 1:17pm On Mar 28, 2018

only wise decision our incompetent president made in a long while.

A free trade zone across the African continent will hurt Nigeria's manufacturing industry with the high cost of production in Nigeria owing to lack of electricity.

We already import serviettes , toothpick and toilet papers, what happens when we open our doors to all of Africa?

With a population of almost 200 million, Nigeria will be the chief destination of every country in the continent.
Politics / Re: 2 Suspects Who Accused Dino Melaye Of Arm Sponsorship Escape - TheTowncrier.ng by Shroud: 9:20am On Mar 28, 2018
And the APC comic pantomime keeps unfolding.

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Slams Kiss Daniel Over Fake LV Shirt: "This Is A Crime" by Shroud: 9:10am On Mar 28, 2018
The freeze dude is just an attention-jockeying slob. A total bad example for social media. What a meddlesome fellow who feeds his ego with a look-at-me moment on social media.
Car Talk / Re: What You Don’t Know About Redlining Your Car Engine by Shroud: 8:24am On Mar 28, 2018
Mechanics do this s*** so you will know they have arrived; are in control. Usually with the door open and one leg out

I don't know any useful purpose this does for the car.
most modern cars cannot redline when parked. It usually cuts off around 4000 rpm.


Car Talk / Re: What You Don’t Know About Redlining Your Car Engine by Shroud: 8:23am On Mar 28, 2018
There are some cars that no matter how hard you press the throttle it will never redline..A car like Chrysler Sebring...Some european cars like that..
that's only when they are idling and gear not engaged.
Culture / Re: Igbo OR Ibo? What You Should Know. by Shroud: 8:42pm On Mar 27, 2018
It is "igbo" originally but how ever "Ibo" is the anglicized version using the English vocabulary,and this mispronouncement was done by the illegitimate semi igbo speakers from the South-souths and non speakers from other regions.

How the both pronounciations are accepted though partially but one still remains officially and formally which is "igbo"

Pls any contrary opinions should state below......

Only an undocumented OSU will make this kind of assertion!

The "semi speakers from the South-South have a more central Igbo dialect than Wawa in Enugu and abakaliki and Nsukka in the East. Matter of fact Okpoto before Ezilo in Enugu don't even speak Igbo at all.

All these beachcombing squatters trying to rewrite their oblique history in Nairaland pages.

People like you were either raised by your maternal uncles or your dad never sat down with you in a father-son discourse.


Crime / Re: Man Almost Lost His Eye After Being Beaten By SARS Operatives In Lagos (Graphic) by Shroud: 3:58pm On Mar 27, 2018
But why will all these boys not lay low and work in silence?

You pick 100k you run go change name on Facebook, attach Funds to it,... Begin they grow rough beards and hair... Common sense is not really common... Abeg who get free SMTP jare?
how does his act justify this barbaric treatment?

Funny you have no word for SARS but chose to mitigate the intensity of their brute behaviour by blaming the victim.

And you're yapping about common sense. Seriously?


Politics / Re: ‘n130b Loot’: Govt May Release More Evidence Against Jonathan by Shroud: 2:42pm On Mar 27, 2018


the APC Government is just performing a pantomime of distraction away from thier failures.

Nearly 4 years in power and this hopeless government is still obsessed with Jonathan's administration.


Romance / Re: “Women Rarely Speak Up About Financially Supporting Their Male Partners” – Lady by Shroud: 1:39pm On Mar 27, 2018
ok vagina worshippers let me go to other threads. im working on the next Miseducation* already. you know everyone is invited. shroud i will CC you maybe that aaslicking can get healed.

daddykross later bros.
keep asslicking
don't forget to pick up the pieces of your shattered limbs on your way out.

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