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Business / Re: Femi Otedola In Public Bus In The U.K - (photos , Video) by Shroud: 9:56pm On Apr 04, 2018
Nigeria's political elite and billionaires are always humble abroad but feel like gods at home ..


Celebrities / Re: Yomi Casual Slams Online Beggar: "Nothing To Eat, And You Buy Data?" by Shroud: 8:51pm On Apr 04, 2018
Lolz could be using someone's WiFi or borrowed data.

But Nigerians have this worrisome attitude of requesting money from celebs. Very irritating.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 7:48pm On Apr 04, 2018

are you mad? you expect me to read all this! is your father a bastard nii? you know what your problem is? you say something and do the opposite entirely!

i read just the last part, you could not even successfully spell the word "mattered"...olodo..

i don't matter right? how come you gave me almost a million words filled with the usual jargons and recycling as a rebuttal, trying so hard to conceal your pain? now you question why you are nairaland's number one hypocrite! hahahahahha, na you go tire...!

you must really take nairaland serious to think one gives a fûck about yhur existence offline...i just enjoy taking a piss on your credibility sis all..you are far worse than your whorish mother! see again? i don yab your mama...thundar faya her toto for diacheesy

no worry , id quote you on FP soon, and you would witness hell brought upon you, you sabi diss ba? ode

God see epistle....choi....this thing pain this guy no be small!

Looooooooooolz! You claimed you didn't read my post but accused me of recycling and that I spelt "mattered" incorrectly? Oh, you left the beginning, the middle and read the end grin grin grin

What a lying emo-bitch! You also claimed your out to destroy my rep or credibility? Me, Nairaland most blunt and unreserved commenter, thread creator, troll, debater and patriot?

Any time edimolu gets slaughtered like an ice fish, he says my words are recycled. Now how do you know they are recycled, and from whom?

Trust me, I'm the best diss improviser on NL. I will beat you harder than your coo-coo father had ever fúcked your libertine mother. A product of two gutter inbreds who fúcked like wild dogs without ever bothering about their genotype

This same ashmatic idiot with breathing issues and venous insufficiency can't just type sense for once in his life.

It's not enough you were born with mutated cells and inferior genotype but you have to add it up with a worthless existence as a cyber idiot and a socially un-evolved street skank.

If your conception isn't a biological accident, then both your parents hold the world record of a failed project after 9 months of planning.

Reminds me of a dirtbag. Half of his time in Nairaland is spent sending random PM to girls begging for nudes, while the other half is spent stalking guys who seemed to have scored with these girls. Your cussed life is programmed to orbit around Nairaland mentions and posts.

The boy is a registered onanist and a certified douche-rag. If reincarnation is a reality, you should be coming back as Séun's pet rat.

What's your team and favorite alcohol, boy? I love drinking while watching UCL. That will be all for today for you until you cross me again.

I will bury you in front page if you ever have the temerity to face me there. It will be a public execution.

Off to my usual bar now

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 6:19pm On Apr 04, 2018

see this idiot ooo, you think yourself amongst men? Dem say make sickness dey come out, even craw-craw wan dey show face! dude don't act like you always got balls! you never had and never will...balless fool!

stalking you and derailing? this makes you a hypocritic-bastard, you have become so pained and untalented that "words known to only retards" now flow freely from your malnourished brain like fart from anus!

so you know! your frequent whines and wails are tantamount to that of a frustrated dummy!... i won't pity you! This is called trolling dickkhead, a pathetic trait you have always claimed to be a master of! now that cup is being served to you on a platter and you crying foul like a silly biitch! werey, you for come troll me na...lol

Nigga be claiming online baddoo...fake ass biiitch! hahahhaha

And to your contributions, am not impressed, you are surprisingly slow and weakly brained, even your acclaimed arguments are terribly watery without the tiniest substance, it reflects being under immense pressure and applying an unending force to gather words! Too much gbagaun sef! olodo

Niccur you are so full of shiit...now you don't wanna engage me right? lets see you ignore this!

Mr N-power ambassador! Got my eyes on you!

Hypocrite! come troll me na! pussy-nigga!

Still more examples of a stalker. Your chances of trolling me is as slim as an ice cube's chances of survival in hell!
Or better still, lower than the odds of your mom ever achieving orgasm from your dad. You're too unimaginative, witless to be considered seriously

My Dear Princess Edimolu,


In all standards of measurement your life is still significantly inferior to my monthly fuel cost! No jokes!

You have been comprehensively swatted like a buzzling insect each time you try to engage me. I suggest you get over it and find the strength to move on.

That's what men do, so stop acting like some prepubescent teenage girl with an overdrive of testosterone.

Digging my posts and stalking me around are just signs of the abundance of your frustrations.

It will never help you become the man your father dreamt you will become.


There's no point fighting over a course that never even existed beyond the paranoia in your mind. Can you not see you won't win a battle that never was? You will keep losing each time you attempt to punch beyond your intellectual weight!

But I must confess, your obsession with me is a rare kind of honour nevertheless. It is what i like to term a psychotic disorder, characterized by the need to get the attention of the moniker called lezz by any and all means.

Your do-or-die tendencies and ceaseless need to restage the ring every time to the point of derailing any thread you find me again and again is a testament to your burning pain.


Now before you start claiming you were only doing it for fun and enjoying trolling me, let me state here that you have always been a bad and lame liar in the same degree as you have been a weak, unimaginative brawler.

I have made you uplaod your pictures here in defence and reaction to my attacks and even that of your sister to the point you forgot to censor out her face at one point after i touted you with damning diatribes.

For someone whose Nairaland profile doesn't have his pics, that's a lot of reaction to a mere empty internet scuffle.

I have also held you up late into the night of 31st December 2017 on new year's eve because you refused to let go after I bloodied your nose and you stood your imaginary girlfriend up while locked in a desperate dance to outdo me in diss improvisation as I ruined your new year eve.

You forsook your new year party with your girl just to out battle me. You must truly hate me and it gives me joy to realise such hate must only come from a genuine pain i caused you.

So your reaction and anger are real. Your crowding my mentions everytime is borne out of a pain and the need to hurt me back like i have undeniably hurt you They are not some idle internet engagement on a boring evening like you would have people here believe.

Your pain is as real as it gets!


I have virtual-dated your biggest crush on Nairaland (bumbae and others) whom you have stalked and in the course of wooing her, wet the floors of Nairaland with your tears of begging.

Reading your lack of self-respect and the way you went about wooing her like a sex-famished cururo, it is clear you wouldn't mind licking off her sanitary pad. The damning part of it all was when she told you I'm her crush.

Such a dirty slap from a lady to a dirtbag like you.
So believe me when i say i understand your frustration and maddening passion to keep quoting me everytime.

It's not a pleasant experience to be treated like a putrid sac of human pus by every girl in romance section.

Nairaland appears to be the only place where you failed dreams take wing and fly, a place where you believe you're some kind of baddass bully. It is the sun your dark life orbits around for you to have any form of existence.

It's all in your head, loonie. We see you as one scarry , insecure pathetic and poorly educated whelp. That's why teenage girls here are of the habit of blocking you off on social media because you keep making all kinds of lewd sexual demands.

If I should get your real names, I'm sure you must be a documented sex offender.


But i need one favour from you honestly: i request that you do tell me your original moniker I murdered and schlonged like a renegade before you resurrected as this hovering ghost called edimolu.

If there's one thing I'm guilty of, it is the virtual blood i have spilled on this platform over time. And if there's anything you share in common with people who give me persistent maniacal mentions, it is the fact that you are all my victims. You have fallen to my sword and writhed in true anguish and pain like many before you.


Perhaps one day you will realise you pay much effort and energy to someone who considers you no greater than a cyber nuisance and a fringe lunatic lower than an internet automated bot.

And this is the reason i ignored your peace offers and subtle apologies in January 1st, because I'm sincerely convinced your mental density and psychological imbalances stretch beyond the borders of Nairaland and into the threshold of the real world out there.

I'm hoping one day--soon i guess-- you will realise i don't hate you. Or despise you.

It is my prayer a time will come for you to realise you never mattered to me. You are just another figure on Nigeria's census board.. no more no less.

Until you can pick yourself up and be able to look at the world without the illusion Nairaland comment box offers, you will be decimated by my vitriolic cyber-cleanser like a baldy programmed Ugandan virus.


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Politics / Re: Nwamaka Maduchukwu Dies In Nkechi Ikpeazu's Convoy Accident by Shroud: 3:02pm On Apr 04, 2018
Until government convoys learn not to drive like thugs and criminals....RIP to the deceased.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 2:30pm On Apr 04, 2018

Bros try to change the curriculum, try to formulate a new schooling model try to change anything in education if they go against education acts then you know constitution upholds and control every damn thing in a country.

There's education before constitution sure but those with education knows they need a constitution to effectively propagate education.
school curriculum isn't enshrined in our Constitution.

There's what we call by-law. The minister of education can change school policies, review private school practices and model the schools without needing to bother the senate to amend the constitution.

Was there a constitutional change/amendment before university could attend semi-autonomy? No nah.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 1:38pm On Apr 04, 2018

Education leans on the constitution for strength and if the the constitution its leaning on is weak then expect a weak education.

so you see my friend , everything goes back to constitution for anything to have strength.
would there a constitution to begin with without education?

The quality of a countries constitution, it's amendments history one of the reflections of a country's quality of education.

I don't see where education draws or leans on a constitution. There's education before a constitution.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 1:31pm On Apr 04, 2018

My brother, a failed constitution gave birth to this lapses. No country move further without a good constitution, if you like implement different things it still wont fly because the constitution contradicts it self.
The state of our Constitution mirrors our educational status generally.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 12:12pm On Apr 04, 2018

You identify education as the reason. the question is how do you solve it?

Education is fragment of the system yet an integral one. Even the educated climes like Uk still call for creation of state. Monaco still have regional autonomy.

is not really education we should be looking at but the constitution. if the constitution represent the peoples interest it will uphold the law and every nation with rule of law advance.

fix the constitution entirely rather than amending it then every sector will fall in line. from security to education to healthcare all up to industralization to employment down to affordability of Abraham Maslow pyramid of shelter, food etc.

An illiterate population cannot frame a working sophisticated Constitution!!!

Look at the overlapping nature of the military deployed as police with no legal framework of redress.

Look at the NSCDC enacted by a lazy thoughtless legislature to maintain and safeguard government equipment and pipelines, yet this same fiat unwittingly gave them the powers to go after anybody, thereby conflicting with the police.

Look at the constitution that yoked our local government under the armpit of the state government

Look at the law that empowers a state to create local government within its own borders.

Look at how government increase taxes and duplicate taxes with different agencies yet the citizens aren't demanding transparency in government money and spending.

Look at government introduced the new driver's license when current ones paid for by divers were still running and no body knew it was a breach of contract and double exercise until a lawyer challenged it in court.

No , Nigeria is a country of functioning illiterates who prioritise paper certificate without substance.

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 12:03pm On Apr 04, 2018
Exactly , but who would want to change a system that benefits them immensely with little or no question asked.
that has been the rancour ever since a national confab was called. The political class and elite are afraid to change the status quo without being certain of the eventual outcome.

Sadly it was the military that disrupted the centralised system during the ironsi coup.

But I see a pattern where without any legislative fiat, states would start taking their political roadmaps and economic destinies into their own hands.

Lagos has been paving the way subtly. If only other costal states like rivers, delta, beyelsa, cross River etc will follow, it will be a springboard for other states.

Remember how nigerdelta states got extra derivation from the federal government?
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 11:54am On Apr 04, 2018
It's a sad reality.

You can't achieve that on the alter of mediocrity with thousands of illiterates youths across all region who are just comfortable voting for you ,simply because you're their tribes man.

We need selfless leaders who cares more about their legacy rather than chasing wealth they won't live to enjoy forever.

I truly advocate for a regional system with decentralisation of Abuja's powers. If power, both economic and political is decentralised and spread to the states, it will cure this tribalism in our politics.

Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths but also one of our challenges.

We have a large percentage of youth not politically sophisticated beyond immediate material gains. With a very poor world outlook.


Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 11:45am On Apr 04, 2018

this guy mumu no be small, go skul u no gree! olodo
and this bumpkin stalking me , derailing every thread he finds me just to re-stage the ring where he got beaten like a hungry market thief.

When are you ever going to Pretend you're learned for once and add to the topic under discourse without taking empty shots like someone having cognitive disability?

No one is engaging a bitter frustrated yokel like you who needs Nairaland to gauge the progress of his life. grin

You're done with . You make winning looks boring ever.

Learn to move on like a man.

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 11:26am On Apr 04, 2018
The civil war created a lot of suspicion among the ruling elite class from the different regions , a lopsided constitution and below average educational standard took the Nigeria and Nigeria's economy to the gutters.

If we need a great leap in the economy within 10 yrs which is achievable , a state of emergency should be declared on our educational system followed by massive industrialization.

That's the bane of our problems in every facet of our nation life. Any country of 189 million people that becomes an import dominant country will become a dumpsite for the rest of the world.

If only we could manufacture more and use every bit of our gas to generate electricity...
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 11:09am On Apr 04, 2018

You are doing injustice to your maths tutor.

what grade did you get
grin grin grin I am actually not since I never required it. But honestly I'm not used to calculating a country's GDP that laughably small.

Is it worth the effort?
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:56am On Apr 04, 2018

Ghana's GDP is $42billion. How is $40million 10% of that
don't get hurt.

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:55am On Apr 04, 2018

Ghana's GDP for year 2016 was 42.69 billion USD
yes. And that's what we'll use as figures until new data is furnished. Economy grew 6-7 % in 2017 so it's still in the 40-ish region.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:45am On Apr 04, 2018

Ghana GDP is over 40 billion dollars.

40 million dollars is 0.10% of their GDP.

Even if their GDP is 20 billion dollars, 40 million naira still isn't 10% of their GDP.
there's no need to work the maths. Exaggerations were deliberately intentional.

Why do you say Ghana's GDP is over 40 billion? What's the exact figure, 42? 45? What is the difference?

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:42am On Apr 04, 2018
the nigerian political class doesn't do anything that doesn't favour them.

It'll take a Nigerian with real vision to do all this things, sadly, such nigerian may never get 100 kilometres to Aso Rock.
Obasanjo had that zeal. Remember the sao tome and Principe crisis? There didn't follow it through with a reward mindset or national interest POV.

They were just after this silly politically naive big brother mindset.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:35am On Apr 04, 2018

Pls goan check ghanas GDP.
I know it. 25 billion before you rebased to about 40 now.
Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 10:17am On Apr 04, 2018

Past and present Nigerian leaders has that big brother mentality towards these small African neighbors even as they do not hesitate to collude with the West to undermine Nigeria's interest. However it is important we invest heavily in their economies to enable us hold the aces whenever this stupid giant decides to wake up from her slumber by industrializing the country and achieving cultural renaissance.

I still wonder how Nigeria has, for decades, overlooked a clear opportunity of being an undisputed hegemony in West Africa despite having 76% of the economy of the region and having nearly 60% of the entire population.

Even with our firms like Dangote, Glo, real estates, banks and dozens of small to medium scale business dominating the entire region, our myopic and incompetent political class has not deemed it fit to change our foreign policy in the subregion.

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 9:58am On Apr 04, 2018
They won't pay it all at once ,they'll service it until God knows when.
it is even depressing when you realise Former president Obasanjo gave former President Kuffor of Ghana the funds to build Ghana's own end of that pipeline that ferries this gas....

And they still can't pay for it.

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Education / Re: Covenant University's Track Record Of Abuse And The Irresponsibility Of NUC by Shroud: 9:53am On Apr 04, 2018

No dear,

Except you handle the rulebook yourself, don't say you've found an evidence. Except proven otherwise, the institution hasn't acted in ultra vires
So it's in their time books and it's mandotory for students to bring Bibles to church and if they don't they get a kind of punishment by barbaric method of haircut?

I'm glad to see you shifting from my post wasn't the substance of the discourse to now telling me I haven't read the school rule book to judge them.

Nice way to flip-flop.

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Politics / Re: Ghana’s Debt Forces Nigeria To Cut Gas Supply By 50% by Shroud: 9:45am On Apr 04, 2018

Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/04/ghanas-debt-forces-nigeria-cut-gas-supply-50/
Ghana owes us 40 million dollars? How are they going to pay? That's well over 10% of their GDP!


Education / Re: Covenant University's Track Record Of Abuse And The Irresponsibility Of NUC by Shroud: 9:40am On Apr 04, 2018

You seem to have digressed from the very substance of concern here. The issues you are raising are extraneous
how so? Didn't you read that part where students' hair are shaved for not bringing Bible to church ?

Why would a school, a university--the pinnacle of learning-- practice religious dictatorship?

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Politics / Re: Why Boko Haram Deserves Amnesty — Presidency by Shroud: 9:36am On Apr 04, 2018
Funny the government will be taking of amnesty for a group that has been defeated.

I can imagine ISIS being granted amnesty. Yeah, wise decision after all the hundreds of thousands of people murdered and soldiers dead. What a way to encourage violence.

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Religion / Re: Are Christians Allowed To Have Sex After Traditional Wedding? by Shroud: 9:30am On Apr 04, 2018

The question about whether religion allows couples to begin having sex after traditional marriage but before the church wedding has been debated by a number of people.

A Twitter user recently brought up the question again and someone replied with a really hilarious comment.

Read the reply below...


What silly question!!!

*Who authorized a pastor to pronounce a man and woman husband and wife?

*On what spiritual, moral or biblical precedent and authority can a pastor lean upon to join two people in marriage?

* Did any marriage take place in a synagogue or church in the Bible?

* With all the powers and miracles performed by the prophets and the desciples, did any of them ,including Jesus, join a man and a woman in marriage?

If you cannot find any biblical precedent, how come a modern man called pastor is usurping the powers of God and man to join two people in marriage?

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Education / Re: Covenant University's Track Record Of Abuse And The Irresponsibility Of NUC by Shroud: 9:21am On Apr 04, 2018
I believe parents pay tuition fees for their children to learn proven scientific facts and not the personal opinion and beliefs of a narcissistic, idiotic pig called oyedepo.

I still stand that churches should be taxed. These holy fraudsters are just charismatic robbers who have mastered the art of manipulation and deceit in grand scale.

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Celebrities / Re: Igbinedion University Releases Bambam's Result, She Was Asked To Withdraw by Shroud: 9:05am On Apr 04, 2018
That's the case. Some of this private universities has this habit of victimising students. All because they don't tolerate student union and the likes.

I think she should come and tell her own side of the story because some peeps will definitely capitalise on this and malign her name.

Isn't there a particular CGPA a student is suppose to attain before being advised to withdraw? Did she attain it?
exactly. Even if you have the worst GPA in year one, there's no way you're asked to withdraw.
Celebrities / Re: Igbinedion University Releases Bambam's Result, She Was Asked To Withdraw by Shroud: 8:50am On Apr 04, 2018
i'm even surprised. Her result isn't bad at all. Except a few carry overs. So, even if her result is bad (from what we're shown) she could have been asked to repeat the class, not withdraw.

I guess Igbinedion University is trying to shake something off. grin
the school is hiding something. I wonder how people are easily fooled.

She was in year 1 studying medicine and surgery and in year 1 you're just in the general science class, not yet in the medical faculty. If you fail there , you repeat.

I think someone in the school is bent on hiding her story.
Celebrities / Re: Igbinedion University Releases Bambam's Result, She Was Asked To Withdraw by Shroud: 6:52am On Apr 04, 2018
Never seen where a year 1 student is asked to withdraw for academic reasons--not even with that kind of result
Politics / Re: Police Officers Help Abia Woman Tie Her Palm Fruits (Photos) by Shroud: 4:41pm On Apr 03, 2018
This kind gesture by the Nigeria police is what citizens of other countries take for granted. But it's such an exceptional act of sacrifice in Nigeria by the police.

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