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Politics / Re: Will Black Race Be Able To Rise To Prominence? by SIRTee15: 12:50pm
Black refers to the colour of your skin and place of origin. As a Yoruba man, you are black. Have you seen a white Yoruba man?

Let's call a spade a spade and leave all these petty "wokeness"

There is a thread celebrating a gunboat designed and built by Nigerian Naval Shipyard whatever... this is a black nation military wing creating something that cannot match the British navy from 100 years ago.

U have shallow knowledge of your history and it explains the lack of self confidence u displaying.
One guy up there even said white man brought clothes to Africans. FYI, Africans taught white people how to bath with soap.
The guy is right if he wants to identify as Yoruba man. Enough of all this painting Africa with one brush.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Secretly Tested 2 Hypersonic Nuke Missiles That Defied The Laws Of Physics by SIRTee15: 11:29am On Oct 22
I don't understand how someone will just decide to financially empower his enemy and still continue to do so even in the face of imminent danger.

China was dirt poor until western nations decided to move their factories and manufacturing capabilities to China. This move turned China into a humongous economic power within 20yrs with financial resources to invest in advanced military weapons n sophisticated defence capabilities.

What did western countries get in return from the deal? Absolutely nothing of except for more wealth to the already rich.
It's obvious greed and stupidity lies not only with African leaders.


Career / Re: Should I Take CFA Exams And Is It Worth It? by SIRTee15: 1:35pm On Oct 16
Is that not the exam for investment bankers?
The exam na die, I'm not even sure they have a centre in nigeria. It's also very expensive.
It's worth it provided u have the time and strength. It takes an average 4 yrs to complete the 3 level of exams.
Pls chop well b4 u commence the program. All the best.


Education / Re: Brutal Flogging Of Students: Kwara Govt Opens Probe, Suspends Madrasa Leader by SIRTee15: 10:25am On Oct 12
Get lost. The point is made clear. You guys denied you do flog. Don't tell others what to do.
Pls don't quote me again. U this irredeemable fanatic. Despite your education, you remain an unrepentant Islamic extremist.
Sebi u claim u live in a developed country. Try such nonsense with your daughter or anybody's child in the mosque u attend, and see if u won't spend the rest of your life in jail.
Education / Re: Brutal Flogging Of Students: Kwara Govt Opens Probe, Suspends Madrasa Leader by SIRTee15: 3:29am On Oct 12
This is from your fellow christian.. Second comment is from a Muslim's experience in the Eastern part of the country

This guy is very funny. Bringing up irrelevant issues to justify abuse.
I condemn any flogging going on in churches in the name of deliverance. I expected u to do likewise as regards the video. Thats what education does to the mind.
Education / Re: Kwara School Flogging: Muslim Students Deserved Punishment – MURIC by SIRTee15: 11:09am On Oct 11
The MURIC man would share with us one day what transpired during his daughter wedding last year or so.
Abeg gist us
Education / Re: Brutal Flogging Of Students: Kwara Govt Opens Probe, Suspends Madrasa Leader by SIRTee15: 9:55am On Oct 11
Are you done with epistle or you have more to say?. This that you described doesn't seem to regulate those Church doing ridiculous things. Such as beating up alleged witches. Does is it?

Church discipline is within what the law permits. Beating up people due to witchcraft is assault. Such religious leader will get arrested and prosecuted. CAN won't come to your rescue. Ask reverend king who's waiting for the hangman's noose.
Even, bishop oyedepo had a taste of his own high handedness when he was dragged to court for slapping a girl.

how does it concern you?. Whatever shortcomings the institution has we will work on it. It is none of your business to tell us how to run the show.

U asking how it concerns me? That school is a breeding ground for hardened and criminal minded islamic fanatics. What goes on there is indoctrination of terror.
When they join boko haram, become bandits, killer herdsmen or full blown terrorists; then they become everyone's concern.
Besides such acts as in the video is a recipe for domestic violence and abuse.
The only lesson I can learn from this video is that it's ok for husband to beat his wife, the wife must accept the punishment and suffer in silence.

Arabic schools ( ile keu) in nigeria have always been known as a den of terror ever since I was a child. Every Muslim child fears the alfas in charge, they always have gory tales to tell.
I can't really blame the malams because they don't know any better. They are not educated and they simply perform the role as was handed down them.
But what I don't understand is why the elite n educated among u has failed to do anything about these schools but continue to cover their atrocities. It says a lot about the religion itself.

my daughter would not violate institution protocols. It seems you didn't read it hear full story of what transpired. So go back and research several online statements made by Muslims before you jumped the gun

Oga your daughter is not a saint. No child is a saint. They make mistake and should be corrected. It's part of growing up.
Yes children must be disciplined but there should be a clear dermacation from abuse.
What did she do? Drank alcohol...and the punishment is violation of her dignity.
It's funny how u guys boast u live abroad, but haven't learn anything from your new environment.
Tmrw now, they will invite u to take up a top govt role in naija hoping to see changes only for u to make a make a mess of yourself. When u guys don't learn.
Education / Re: Brutal Flogging Of Students: Kwara Govt Opens Probe, Suspends Madrasa Leader by SIRTee15: 12:33am On Oct 11
where did he change it sir?. This stupid excuse that you Christians use is outdated. Talk something else. Here in this Bible Jesus whipped the Jews in the temple and not only that, he violently scattered the temple in the name of correcting misdeeds of the Jews.

John 2:15

Problem is that you Christians have shamelessly abandoned your religious laws because you don't follow Jesus. If you do you would applied his laws.

The Book of Matthew 5:17 is enough

Jesus was restoring order, discouraging chaos and enforcing discipline in the house of God. Nobody condemned what he was doing incl religious leaders because they knew it was the right thing.
They only questioned his authority which was inconsequential.

And we still do it. Order is enforced in churches via ushers and security guards.
The case of sowore's boys who brought political protest to Dunamis church in Abuja is still fresh. They were rounded by church security n handed over to DSS. The church is not a place for political stunt.
If u attend church service in an inebriate state or u start constituting public nuisance within church premises, u will be kicked out. Members are expected to be sober and orderly in church.
Security officers patrol church premises during service or crusades to enforce discipline or prevent people who might want to engage in immoral behaviour. If u are CAUGHT, u will be detained and possibly disciplined. The church is not a venue for illegal activity.
So we still follow our Lord's commandment as stated in the verse u quoted within the ambience of the law of the land.

Now to that video...what's going on there isn't discipline but a barbaric act carried out by primitive and illiterate teachers of law and their students.
How can 4 men descend on a defenceless lady in such manner. That's extreme abuse n violation of her right , body and dignity.
And it's unfortunate that the educated ones among u support such behaviour all in the excuse that's it's an internal affair. I'm sure u will NEVER allow your daughter be treated in such manner.
The above is the reason why most peple have contempt and disregard for Islam. The silence of the moderate majority in the face of violent behaviour by the extremist minority is worrisome.

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Politics / Re: Does Peter Obi Support Prove Yorubas Are Naive? by SIRTee15: 11:59am On Oct 08
But OP....at the end of the day, on the flip side of things.

Look at which region has experienced more peace compared to other regions in Nigeria.

North is dealing with banditry and terrorism.

South east is dealing with unknown gunmen and ipob.

South south just finished dealing with militancy not so long ago.

With all their clannishness and agenda what has it brought them except for sorrow, pain and tears. The only downside is the increased in flow of economic migrants into our region. Yorubas just need to learn how to balance the liberalism and conservatism, be more logical, politically aware and tribally conscious.

can we then restructure this country?
I have no business with Peter Obi looting the commonwealth of the Anambra. If the ibos are happy with him, its their headache not mine and shouldn't be yours either.
But I have a big problem with Tinubu or any other Yoruba politicians looting southwest states into poverty. That's my commonwealth and the Yorubas are my people. Their prosperity is my joy.

The issue of overlooking the corruption of your politicians is what is holding this country back. The obsession with controlling the centre has made lots of reasonable southern Nigerians become stupid and this cuts across all ethnic groups. We now make ridiculous attempt at redefining corruption on social media, making excuses for politicians that should be languishing in jail.

But can u blame them? The David Hudeyin report showed the north have taken the south for a fool far too long than what is permissible.
The answer to this nonsense is to restructure the country, and every region should decide how they want to hold their politician accountable.

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Politics / Re: Did Peter Obi Actually Break The Law? by SIRTee15: 7:02am On Oct 07
The way tribal abuse goes on in nairaland, you begin to wonder if there is hope. When Peter Obi is questioned, Igbos rush out with brickbats to defend him. If Tinubu is mentioned, torrents of abuse rain from the Yorubas. If Buhari or Dangote is mentioned, the Fulani/Hausa flood the space with insults. Yet nothing is changing.

Yoots of today. Hypocrites of tomorrow Mtschew

Ironically, if u say let's go our different ways, some we say no...we are better as one.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by SIRTee15: 12:21am On Oct 06
grin U even avoided my question and started talking about cherry picking? U left out Britain and France in ur list of superpowers who will never learn? Ur problem is ignorance about the real nature of western hypocrisy. U talked a while earlier of people in Falklands voting to remain in the UK, but wot didn’t occur to u, is that before such vote was agreed to, Britain had long reconfigured the population of the island by swooping locals wit brits! The vote cud not have gone otherwise, is same process by which Zimbabwe came to have a large population of white citizens who own large caches of land. Its population doctoring. Same thing too for Northern Ireland. If the west respects the right of self determination then the American civil war wud never have happened. Cos the southern states wanted to leave the federation legitimately. In China’s case, a colonial power interfered in the country’s civil war and ferried the loser in the war to a part of China and has been trying to force a division btw the country. Like create two countries from one. It shudnt be allowed to stand. Period. There has been much population engineering in Taiwan as usual, regardless, the land belongs to China, thats wots germane

I cant remember telling u that my moral compass is influenced by western propangada or policy. I stand on the side of justice, equity and fairness as well as common sense.
How is france and uk superpowers? uk was smart to know when to relinquish the title. France that cant even get a submarine deal done much less project power beyond its territory. Their influence on francophone countries is simply due to the stupidity of african leaders.

I ignored the catalonia question because its obvious u just playing to the gallery over the issue. anyway I'll reply u and hope u learn from it.
I support the right of catalonia to self determination if they feel their interest is not protected under the spanish protectorate. What I do not support is some politicians pushing their selfish agenda under the guise of secession. The govt is a representative of the people and should do the bidding of the people.
The 2017 catalonia referendum was very divisive among the catalonians. The opposition parties in catalonia refuse to partake and told their members not to vote. Puigdemont even sacked his own ministers who advised against the move and his police chief resigned over same issue. He couldnt even get 2/3rd of his own parliament to approve it, making it unconstitutional. It was a foolhardy move and the disastrous outcome was predictable.
Same thing Nicolas sturgeon is pushing in scotland when scottish have made it clear they do not want another referendum.

I really dont understand your point about falkland. When the vote was conducted, the inhabitants said they dont want to be with argentina. I dont care their race or when they relocated. Its about the people not the land. If we start arguing on land, then we are all migrants and tenants on our present habitation. other people lived their b4 us.
Your lame point about land is what britain is using to hold on to chagos archipelago when it rightfully belongs to mauritius. Even the UN assembly and world court has pronounced the island belongs to mauritius. But Britain kept insisting there were no people on the islands when they colonised it and former inhabitants were workers brought as migrants to work on the plantation. Ironically, falkland was used against them in court on why their argument wasnt tenable.

I really dont see why u brought amercian civil war into the picture. First, this is 2021 not 1857. A lot of progress have been made on rights, justice and fairness.
Second, the confederacy never asked 25% of its own citizens whether they wanted to secede or stay with the union and under what terms&condition. I guess they never wanted to give up their source of cheap labour. So why should america offer them such benevolence?

And this brings me back to nigeria which u carefully ignored. The West wants a Nigeria that is united but useless. U will never see anything wrong in that despite your anti-west rhetorics since their oneness policy on nigeria serves your interest. This is despite 99% of tribes that make up Nigeria are tired of the present structure and wants an alternative.
Based on the above, I can conclude u are the one who is influenced by western hypocrisy since u depend on them to keep Nigeria one.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by SIRTee15: 6:43pm On Oct 05
grin grin My friend, ur naivety is amusing in it’s childlikeness! U have trust in the white man’s referendum? Alrite. Let me give u another example b4 I sum it all up. Could u explain for me, why inspite of referendum, Spain refused to let Catalonia go?

All u doing is cherry picking. going around in circles looking for what suits your agenda. I dont have time for that.
people's will remain sacrosant. You dont force your will against their wish. simple.
anything otherwise is a room for anarchy.
superpowers don't learn until its too late. formerly ussr, presently usa and now china is treading same path. Nigeria is already gone.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by SIRTee15: 4:55pm On Oct 05
grin IPOB does not want to be a part of Nigeria. Is it an infringement on freedom of association to still keep them in Nigeria? Be deceiving urself, u hear? Why u can allow white man to rope u with rules he keeps ONLY wen it’s convenient for him, I don’t know. For how long has Northern island been asking to leave Britain? How many times did Scotland tell England that they do not want to leave the EU? But England will drag dem out of EU Willy nilly.

UK has made it clear northern Ireland can join Ireland if they choose to. All they need is a referendum. But northern Ireland wants to be part of uk.
Pls go and read a bit about the hx of northern Ireland. They are Anglicans and do not want to be fully incoporated with the Catholic Ireland.

Scotland already had a referendum. If they want another one, they can go ahead. But they need to make up their mind. Nobody wants neverendum, lest they become a joke like Quebec. Besides, incessant calls for referendum frustrate governance and impede future planning.

Nigeria was created by the White man, no inhabitant of nigeria agreed to be a nigerian.
U condemn the White man when it's convenient for u but uphold it's failed institution when it's beneficial. That's hypocrisy and lack of innate intelligence.
IPOB or any other group in nigeria has every right to demand for referendum if their interest is no longer protected in nigeria. Keeping people against their will is a call for anarchy and violent insurgency. Nigeria is almost on that road.

America has already learnt the stupidity of imposing unpopular will upon a people...Iraq and Afghanistan.
It's China's turn to learn.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Chinese Air Force Sends Another 56 Warplanes Toward Taiwan by SIRTee15: 4:17pm On Oct 05
coolTake a look at an island very very close to Argentina called Falkland Islands. Britain say its their own! Look again at a place called Gibraltar in Spain. It also belongs to Britain and nobody can do anything about it. Then u say China should not claim Taiwan? Why are u wicked like dis?

U are deceptive in nature by coming here and spreading half truth.
Both citizens of falkland and Gilbratar wants to be with uk...simple. If they should decide they want closer ties with argentina and spain respectively, then uk will have to respect that decision.
The will of the people is what count.
Taiwanese dont want to be part of china, any contrary argument is inconsequential, and its just an infringement on freedom of association.

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Politics / Re: Biyi Adeleye Reveals He Kidnapped Ogun LG Party Chairman by SIRTee15: 11:46am On Oct 05

Don't mind the ignoramuses.

The man didn't mention kidnapping. It's just like exercising political seniority.

By locking someone inside car boot undecided
Did U notice they immediately collected the microphone from him after he vomitted the rubbish.

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Business / Re: Globacom Signs Deal With Eutelsat Of France For Satellite Deployment by SIRTee15: 6:38pm On Oct 04

Which kain useless talk is this??

Biggest where Men please search for facts before speaking



I admit u quite sound in the area of telecommunication..but that doesn't make u master of know all.
Be humble and learn.
Btw I was simply curious as to how they were able to corner the telecom market within a short period of time despite inferior equipment.
Business / Re: Globacom Signs Deal With Eutelsat Of France For Satellite Deployment by SIRTee15: 9:23am On Oct 04

Huawei glaringly copied Alcatel, like for like. You can hardly differentiate their hardwares at first glance. Huawei has a way of not revealing much to the operator that even when your network is crashing, you will always believing you are doing well. They come with overhyped hardwares that cannot perform optimally at the specification they claim, but the operator will never know, their architecture conceals alot from the operator,

It’s no hidden fact that the moment GLO moved to Huawei, the network crashed. Users can attest to that fact

So how come huawei is the largest telecommunication hardware manufacturer and supplier in the world.
Family / Re: "Virginity Doesn't Guarantee A Successful Marriage" Is A Statement Of Stupidity by SIRTee15: 4:45pm On Oct 03
Yeah right.
This is a quora thread where supposedly mentally liberated people are discussing the same topic.
There are hundreds more like that.
People like you are always keen to talk down on your own to appear civilized. You are actually the mentally enslaved one.
There is nothing liberating a about a lifestlyle of wantoness.

Did u read the comments on that topic at all? It seriously weakened your argument.
The only people who carry virginity for head in the thread are indians.
And we know india is the rape capital of the world.


Family / Re: "Virginity Doesn't Guarantee A Successful Marriage" Is A Statement Of Stupidity by SIRTee15: 3:45pm On Oct 03

How do you even define good character or integrity.

What you call good character, are part of the ingredients to deliberately live in chastity. Particularly in our present world.

Well, I really don't know what it takes live a chaste life in nigeria. Maybe religion and discipline is a big influence.
I live abroad, and things are different here. U don't need to be religious to live morally or upright. Decision to be a virgin is a personal choice to both genders. Most times, it has nothing to do with marriage.

Also factors that influence a life partner is different even among nigerian migrants. For men, marriage can be a one chance bus, u don't want to get it wrong. So factors u looking for in a partner may be unlike if u are in naija.


Family / Re: "Virginity Doesn't Guarantee A Successful Marriage" Is A Statement Of Stupidity by SIRTee15: 1:38pm On Oct 03

Why not this way...

If you were to choose between a virgin with good character and a non virgin with bad character. Which will you choose.

There's something in most people that makes them accentuate the negative to justify their stance

As u can see, the priority is good character and not virginity.
There's more to marriage than virginity. Marriage is hard work from both couples.
I'm not really sure how virginity helps sustain and keeps the marriage going, but if it helps in anyway...then good.
But I'm sure good character, sacrifice, understanding, healthy compromise, excellent management skills, emotional intelligence are established keys that holds the foundation of a long lasting marriage.


Celebrities / Re: Dj Cuppy Went On A Blind Date To Look For A Life Partner And Was Surprised by SIRTee15: 4:50pm On Oct 01
No white man will date an obese woman,
Dj corpid is obese
Nobody except broke ass niggas wants an obese lady as wife, ask Ned nwoko and oshiomole

That white guy is too cute to date an overweight black woman. Her fake hair alone is a put off.
Dj cuppy really need to hit the gym and work hard if she really hope to marry all these foreign guys she's chasing after.
Her wealth alone won't cut it.
Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Behead Man In Anambra With Warning Note 'No Election' (Graphic) by SIRTee15: 11:48pm On Sep 29
ok guys let me give you a piece of info on how this event plays out The 2021 Anambra State gubernatorial election is scheduled to take place take place on November 6, 2021,

stage 1 : FG assassinates a popular SE indigene FG leaves note at crime scene saying no governorship election,
Stage 2:FG declares a state of emergency and military takeover of SE,
Stage 3: Elections hold under tight military security
Stage 4: Elections end FG withdraws military and normalcy returns

In a nutshell this man was murdered to make way for FG Elections if you like believe if you like let your ethnic sentiments and disdain for another tribe cloud your judgements but we all know FG is behind this and just like end sars it would do anything to maintain control of political power even if it means killing its citizens all of us are disposable.

Seriously...U believe someone will swallow the bull.shit u wrote up there.
Personally, I don't care how u guys want to go about your struggle/agitation. But u guys should stop insulting people's intelligence.
Romance / Re: My Rich Neighbor Makes Me Think She's Out Of My League by SIRTee15: 1:23am On Sep 29

No be juju be this? undecided

Seriously do we really have guys like op in nigeria.
Naija that's suppose to toughen a man up and turn him into a street wise nigga.
Some guys dey reason like this...u falling in love with your neighbour's leftover. U no dey shame?
Health / Re: Six Nigerian Nurses Arrive At UK Hospital (Picture) by SIRTee15: 6:40pm On Sep 28

During the lockdown's was watching videos on YouTube about folks who owe money to debt collectors and them getting harrsassed with court papers and often times getting locked out of their houses. And sometimes these are proffesionals and business owners and this cuts across all races. You could get them come to your house and they ask you to pay 5k pounds which is a fraction of your debt or you get your car repossed and you literally have people tell the officers that i dont have up to that some of them in tears.

You haven't even covered folks on Universal credit, some of them not disabled but the odds are staked against them "life".

Europe needs to get back and start manufacturing and devalue that their overpriced Pounds sterling. Take a look at what is happening in Italy, Greece, Romania and the rest... A lot of their yoots are leaving in drooves because they system is failing them.

I love the fact that you are painting a very lucid reality to the youths about to sojourn to the abroad so they can have a worse case scenario on what to expect from there. The key to it is having a plan, a side hustle and cutting cost. You cant give your productive life to the system and looking back can't have anything to show for it.

I agree Europe needs to review it's manufacturing policy esp with china. Industrialisation develops a nation, not all these tourism or financial services.
Deindustrialisation in the name of stronger currency, cheap products or powerful financial institution is foolishness.
Travel to the northern part of England, you will notice high level of socioeconomic deprivation in cities that once depended on manufacturing for their sustainance.
Europe has to learn to be competitive in production or else they will end up like africa or south America.

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Romance / Re: What A Lady I Helped Did To Me by SIRTee15: 12:55pm On Sep 28
The girl no try. But u sef mumu.
U see 'beautiful girl' for spa, love begin shack u.
Do u know how many men she meets in the spa on daily basis. Esp in Abuja where there are plenty men with money to throw around.
Obviously u know nothing of the street game in Abuja when it comes to women.
I don't subscribe to redpill, but I'll advise u to check out ubunja miseducation on nairaland.

For future reference- be wary of 'jumping in love' when you see 'beautiful women' who work as waitress, ushers or who work in spa, hotels etc. They meet different kind of men everyday.


Health / Re: Six Nigerian Nurses Arrive At UK Hospital (Picture) by SIRTee15: 9:56am On Sep 28

So how much are they on sir

You call people ignorant yet you don’t even know what NI and income tax is and even if you were on £28k a year your take home would still be exactly 1500 per month

People like you annoy me so much

You just here talking theory.
I work in the system, I know how it works. There's agency, NHSP. Nurses can earn an avr 30 pounds/hour working for bank. besides they can choose to leave for us or canada after gaining confidence and skills.
dont come here spreading ignorance.

If u live in London and dont know any Nigerian architect or lawyer progressing in their careers, then we can conclude u have a deal with poverty. pls, dont infect others.
I live in sheffield and my circle of nigerian friends include doctors, lecturers, IT experts, nurses, project managers.
even the family who work as a carer and security guard has a hotel and 2 houses in nigeria.
u waste your resources living beyond your means in uk and u turn around to blame the system.
UK owe u nothing, if it didnt work for u, just go back home and see how easy it is to work legit and build house in lekki.
but dont come here and discourage nurses whose chance of a brighter life is better outside of nigeria.
Health / Re: Six Nigerian Nurses Arrive At UK Hospital (Picture) by SIRTee15: 9:18am On Sep 28

As funny as it sounds he is probably telling some truth

There are so many reasons some Nigerians who left Nigeria in the 70’s and 80’s barely want to return to Nigeria. Most cant even afford flights back home, most don’t have houses here, most don’t have cars to drive them around here either.

It’s funny after 30 years no investments in Nigeria whatsoever. It’s possible . These are the reasons you see the U.K. is a pseudo rich but heavily taxed in like sum and expensive country to live

The nurses would have on average thier £1500 per month salary no doubt ( £23-25k per year)

Now this is the problem
Out of that £1500 a month £800 would easily go on rent, bills such as gas transport to work, food at work, clothes, etc would easily take £300-400 a month

Now they are left with £300 right, they have two choices spend the remaining £300 back into the system that have them the £1500 or find a way to make it accumulate every month

99 percent of people would choose spend the £300 on shopping and just to get the feeling that finally you have Escaped Nigeria

Now this is what happens next, months become months and like play like play years go by. Nurses just like everyone earn exactly the same in the Uk for years meanwhile bills go up

Cost of living go up so the £300 left is barely anything again, years become years and the person decides to settle obviously in the Uk and no where else and thier kids give them more bills to pay

In the nursing profession just like other ones they get only 28 days holiday in a year so they are more less trapped in the nursing job or any other job they move to.

The summary above becomes just working to pay bills and living pay check to pay check

It takes extraordinary grace to escape the life of LIVING FROM PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK in the UK

SOME do Fraud to escape, some go into benefits fraud too or credit card fraud

Also apart from living paycheck to paycheck, the UK is extraordinary built on a credit system, the little that the nurses have left after the month starts going on credit card repayments

Mortgage repayments, car loan repayments meanwhile in the midst of this the cost of living in the UK keeps going up

This is not to discourage anyone, the UK is one of the hardest places to be in and you see a lot of money after the month that you don’t think you are using again

After about 10 years it’s possible the nurses were just about the same way they were 10 years before when they left Nigeria, it’s not bad belle, it’s just how rigid the structure in the UK is

No one can escape how the UK works

Only way to escape how the U.K. works is to have a second hustle or side hustle or FRAUD.

But again who will have the chance to escape Nigeria and not take it

But life is not a bed of roses on the other end due to the facts in my long epistle
There's no nurse that lives on 1500 pounds per month.
stop spreading ignorance.
Health / Re: Six Nigerian Nurses Arrive At UK Hospital (Picture) by SIRTee15: 7:56am On Sep 28
Uk wicked sha. Na 28k gbp salary per year. Should be 50k and above

They can make more by working for agency. It's around 30 to 40 pounds per hour.
Business / Re: Businesses In Nigeria Must Accept E-naira Payment, CBN Warns by SIRTee15: 2:43pm On Sep 27

Their is a wide gap between the two. enaira will help those freelancers earning in dollar to be able to change their money without the black market. It'll benefits lots of things in the country.

At what rate. u think e-wallet will give u aboki rate for your dollar.
no freelancer will collect dollar from overseas and change it for cbn rate on any nonsense e wallet
and if u think it will be easy to access official rate on e-wallet when purchasing the dollar, u must be joking.
There's no benefit, simple. Even china that started it has to forcefully downgrade Alipay and wechat payment system just to make the yuan e-wallet viable.
If it's that useful, most western countries would have adopted it.


Politics / Re: Why Is The South West Afraid Of Northern Candidate From PDP In 2023 by SIRTee15: 8:25pm On Sep 24
Yoruba leaders getting betrayed in 2023 may actually be a blessing in disguise for the average yoruba man. grin someone said BMC SW would learn their lesson. Plus the damage that has been done to nigeria in the past years by this current administration and not to talk of the rising debt, anybody taking over is either going there to continue looting or has some serious work on his hands, Northern president hasn't reduced banditry and infact kidnapping is now a new venture in the north, the kidnapping industry in the north alone turning over $50m in the past 8 years, what's the use of power when your people are largely in poverty and lacking behind globally. The bright side is that atleast IPOB/ESN agitation would reduce once they're given vice presidency.

I'm Yoruba but I want a southerner from either SE/SS to get the presidency in 2023. I don't support a Yoruba presidency.
Present Yoruba generation are too pro nigerian for my liking. Na them carry nigerian unity for head pass.

Besides, I don't trust any Yoruba politician to initiate the so much desired restructuring we desperately need in this country.
They are too comfortable with the present structure and only hope to be in charge..taking the larger portion of the cake.

South south politicians have learnt their lessons with Jonathan. They won't wait for any 2nd term to strike.

Though some ibo politicians no get sense, but the undying agitation for biafra in that region will be too hard for any ibo president to ignore. Something has to give..at least restructuring.

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Travel / Re: Life In Cyprus Is Not Easy - Nigerian Man Shares His Experiences (Photos) by SIRTee15: 2:50pm On Sep 21
My brother I saw the kind of hell our people are going through in abroad. Some don't even have money to buy their ticket back home upon say they want come home while some dey shame to come home after so many years over there without achieving anything. Some dey do work that they can't do in Nigeria.

In summary, there's no greener pastures anywhere. 200,000 naira job in Nigeria is far better than 5000 dollars job in America. Don't look at the currency but the purchasing power.

U people have started with this your rubbish talk.
Family / Re: My Experience Adopting A Child In Nigeria As A Young Guy by SIRTee15: 2:03pm On Sep 09

Very odd and I doubt it would be granted in civilised society in this day and age.

But gays can adopt n raise kids in 'civilised society' in this day and age. undecided undecided

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