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Politics / Re: Photos Of IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu Arriving Court Today by size40: 2:45pm On Jan 10, 2017
Nnandi Kanu's condition has really gone bad in less than 2 years. From wearing Suits and talking on Radio Biafra to wearing of cloths made of wrapper and quarreling in d courtroom. Well, he is suffering what people who runs their mouth are suffering.
Politics / Re: Biafra: We Will Attack Nigeria If Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Release Within One Month by size40: 6:34pm On Jan 05, 2017
When Buhari will be killed by unknown gun men. u guys should not bother us o...
What was Nnamdi Kanu offence. He only sent Igbo's to kill Hausa Fulani. And to buy gun to kill. But Kanu didn't buy gun neither did he kill. He only sent Igbo's to kill...

We are warning now. In any law what Kanu did is not an offence. free KANU.. hmmm hmmm. hmmm
Stop bothering us with Nnamdi Kanu's offence. KANU is a criminal. All d nonsense he said on radio Biafra does not make common sense. U can ask Ben Murray Bruce

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Politics / Re: Plot To Remove Fayose ‘ll Consume Buhari’s Govt, Says Ekiti PDP by size40: 6:27pm On Jan 05, 2017
Ekiti PDP are just afraid of their own shadow Buhari can't do petty things like the other president did like GEJ v Amaechi. GEJ v Nyako etc
Politics / Re: 70% Of Ndigbo Don’t Read Newspapers, Listen To Radio —imo State Govt by size40: 6:21pm On Jan 05, 2017
“In what could be described as a shocking experience while going around, I discovered to my horror that our people are not informed. “70 percent of Igbo do not listen to news, they do not read newspapers.

No wonder cheap propaganda can easily sells in that region and Nnamdi kanu was able to make an in-road in a short time.
This is absolutely correct. My Igbo friends port harcourt don't listen to any other Radio station like Nigeria info or wazobia FM etc only Biafra radio. And funny enough, these are university degree holders.
Politics / Re: Biafra: We Will Attack Nigeria If Nnamdi Kanu Is Not Release Within One Month by size40: 6:15pm On Jan 05, 2017
Story story!!
Politics / Re: Wike Under Fire Over Comment On Nigeria’s Indivisibility by size40: 12:31pm On Jan 03, 2017
People need to realize that anti-Biafran hate speech from governors are simply to protect their multi-billion naira pensions and benefits. And the people that praise them wallow in poverty while screaming one Nigeria.
Also don't forget that Governor Wike is a Core Ikwerre man. It is also on record that the Ikwerres have never, I mean never accepted anything Igbo and their Biafra nonsense including me. We dont need Biafra. If Nigeria is to be divided, the Igbo's should only think about themselves and stop including us. The real Niger Delta and not the political Niger Delta which includes Abia, Imo and Ondo States is big enough to be a country. We rejected Biafra during d civil war and we will continue to do so

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu's Wife Blasts MEND, Buhari: You Cannot Speak For My Husband by size40: 2:40pm On Aug 03, 2016
Sorry Madam Kanu ur husband is not a freedom fighter. Ur husband is a pure criminal that deserve to rot in prison. No reasonable leader or country on earth will take this issue of criminality perpetuated by ur so called husband lightly. Whose mandate did ur husband seek b4 his criminal agitation? Who gave give him d mandate to speak for d people of south- south about his useless Biafran cause? When did he, Nnamdi Kanu consulted d people of south-south for negotiations b4 his uncivilized agitation? Pray ur husband comes back home alive for u and ur children. If not, Al Mustapha's prison term will be a child's play compared to what ur husband has started facing.
Politics / Re: We Are Not Aware Nnamdi Kanu Committed Any Crime-kuje Prison Inmate by size40: 2:22pm On Aug 03, 2016
OK oooo. Maybe after 10 years in prison, u people will understand d heinous crime he committed. Crime against humanity, crime against d Nigerian constitution.. Crime against d people of south- south by calling us Biafrans when we are not.

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Politics / Re: Northerners Will Never Rule This Country Again. They Are Untrained & Uncivilized by size40: 1:55pm On Aug 03, 2016
Lol..... If d northerners will never rule this country again, that means ruler ship has fallen into d hands of d Yoruba's and we d people of south-sourh be that na. because d Igbo's and d people of south- east are not yet politically matured to rule Nigeria and still have many years to learn what leadership is all about

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Politics / Re: INEC Messing Up Democracy, Says Fayose by size40: 1:48pm On Jul 27, 2016
I don't think Ayo Fayose is right here. It is d politicians that are messing up democracy in Nigeria and not d electoral body. because d politicians sees political power as a means to an end.As a result politics becomes a "Do or Die" affairs. During election, they arm d youths with guns and other dangerous weapons. Intimidating opponents, highjacking and snatching electoral materials. Writing results, bribing electoral umpires to announce results in their favor. Causing mayhem, burning perceived opponents houses, burning INEC offices and materials as it just happened in my state, Rivers state last week in Bori, Ogoni Area. Do INEC ask politicians to engage political thugs? Do INEC supply Arms to d youths for d sake of election? All these are what our politicians do to capture power. Even Fayose himself did it to become a governor. So Fayose cannot exonerate politicians like him just to blame INEC.
Politics / Re: Until Nnamdi Kanu Is Released: God Will Continue To Punish Nigeria by size40: 9:32pm On Jul 25, 2016
God is already punishing Nnamdi KANU. No amount of blackmail will free him. Nnamdi KANU is a useless fellow. He is a devil incarnate.

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Politics / Re: We’re Biafrans, Not Pro-biafra – IPOB by size40: 2:37pm On Jul 24, 2016
Can someone or a group of people come from a nonexisting place? I have checked the entire Nigeria as well as the entire map of Africa and d world at large, there is no place, country or even any Area called "Biafra". Why are some people so Elusive in life?
Politics / Re: Burial Of Chikaodi Uka Ume Who Was Killed During Biafran Protest In Aba (Photos) by size40: 6:27pm On Jul 23, 2016
Children wey no dey gree hear something, na bullets, gunfire and death be their portion.

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Politics / Re: 6 Children Died From Food Poisoning in Anambra State (photos) by size40: 4:07pm On Jul 19, 2016
Ritualist at work in Biafra land

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Politics / Re: Members Of PDP “ZONING COMMITTEE” For National Convention Unveiled by size40: 4:03pm On Jul 19, 2016
Wa oooooooooooo! Just to zone ordinary political positions an 82 member committee was set up by d PDD. This is something which 3 persons each from each geopolitical zone can handle. I see this exercise ending in serious crisis. They may not achieve anything at d end. Again too, this goes to show that so many of our Nigerian politicians do not have other things they do in life other than playing politics and looting from public office once they are there. 82 is just a ridiculous number.
Politics / Re: Members Of PDP “ZONING COMMITTEE” For National Convention Unveiled by size40: 4:02pm On Jul 19, 2016
Wa oooooooooooo! Just to zone ordinary political positions an 82 member committee was set up by d PDD. This is something which 3 persons each from each geopolitical zone can handle. I see this exercise ending in serious crisis. They may not achieve anything at d end. Again too, this goes to show that some many of our Nigerian politicians do not have other things they do in life other than playing politics and looting from public office once they are there. 82 is just a ridiculous number.
Politics / Re: The Truth Behind The Killings In Obrikom by size40: 7:14pm On Jul 10, 2016
You said you welcome visitors? OK maybe you actually tolerate visitors and allow them entrance ,after which you hunt them with constant reminder and intimidation of their status as strangers. I speak as an insider ,someone who worked in Obrikom for 5yrs.

Further more your level of discrimination towards the IBO's is so damn high.Why would you sell land to certain tribes and discriminate by exempting the IBO's.

Yet the economics lifeline of obrikom is dependent on the ibos with respect to trade and businesses.

As for killings in rivers state ,I dare say that the average ogba man is hypocritical and would rather die than tell the truth due to reasons I can't relate to.Look at how you skillfully evaded calling the names of your top ogba men creating the monster in ogba land by describing them as oga at the top.

The reason Ogba aka Omoku people don't sell land to the Igbo's was due to d heavy atrocities committed by d Igbo's during d civil war. There was a Biafran camp set up by d Ojukwu led Biafra for d sole purpose of exterminating d locals in anticipation that d war will be won by d Biafrans so it will give way for possible takeover of everywhere called Rivers state and Niger delta because of this same oil wealth. Since after d war, that hatred has been there till date. And I don't see it change any time soon. Make ur research and find out d truth if u don't believe me. In Omoku, the Igbo's are not allowed to buy land or own a house. It didn't start today.


Politics / Re: South Sudan: 5 Years After Independence, Lessons To Learn. by size40: 6:54pm On Jul 10, 2016
Thank God u said SS. Your people yaff spoil finish from free money. An account from someone from Ss said, occultism in Ss is like a primary school for every youth in SS. Even a 15 years old have means to access a gun.


Take Okezie and Oga supremacy for power, how many political killings have started in Abia unlike Wike and Amaechi. Or will I forget the Anambra power tuzzle where Ngige was kidnapped and later released. All ended with smiling and everybody lived to continue his/her political Ambition.

The worst Mistake Ojukwu did was inclusion of some people In Biafra, though those people out rightly fought against him. He could have met those people and allow them unite with him in war to fight for their own Independence. But in conclusion When I mean Niger Delta I don't mean the Akwa iBomites, Cross rivers and The people from Calabar Those people are more Biafran than me from Anambra.
Every section of Nigeria is very corrupt, greedy and wicked. Let's take for instance, under OBJ's tenure when d post of senate president was zoned to d south east, in 8years, all d states in d south east tested that position because of greed, hatred for each other. It all started with Evans Ewerem from IMO state, to Chuba Okadibo from Anambra, to Adolphus Wagbara from Abia state, then to Pius Ayim from Ebonyi and finally to Ken Nnamani from Enugu state in just space of 8 years. So if there is Biafra today in d south east, there will be corruption, hatred and war among them. Not to talk of my south south being included.
Politics / Re: Oyegun: When Dasuki Was Sharing Money, He Didn’t Invite Any APC Member by size40: 5:55pm On Jul 09, 2016
What of the one Amaechi shared

Wat of madam Aisha that has refused to travel to US?
U may die prematurely because of Amaechi's matter. Amaechi has challenged Wike severally on different fronts to take d matter to any court in Nigeria and beyond to prove his case yet, Wike has refused to do so one year after assuming office. If Wike could secure his electoral victory through d court here, he can as well secure court order to prosecute and prison Amaechi. Wike cannot do so because he Wike looted Rivers state as a chief of staff to Amaechi. Both Amaechi and Wike knows each other very well. Even if Wike is given 16 years on seat, he can never take Amaechi to any court because there is plenty of skeleton in Wike cupboard.

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Politics / Re: I Am Not Running For President In 2019 - Jonathan by size40: 8:28pm On Jul 07, 2016
For which country? Nobody will even vote for this guy including Bayelsans. He is a total failure

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Politics / Re: MASSOB Will Support Boko Haram If… by size40: 8:00am On Jun 20, 2016
Whether MASSOB supports boko haram or not, they will never have biafra
Politics / Re: APC, Its Four Years Not Sixteen! by size40: 9:17pm On Mar 22, 2016
The truth is this, PDP failed woefully in their 16 years of reign jokes apart. In 2019, that will be another election years. What will d PDP tell Nigerians? That they will give us electricity, water, good roads, free education and health that they couldn't give us in 16 years? I wonder. I strongly believe that no Nigerian can become a President again under d platform of PDP. The highest they can achieve is to secure some seats at d national senate or Reps or secure a governorship seat in a certain part or corner of d country as we are seeing today in south-south and Southeast which is not enough to secure d seat of d President.
Politics / Re: God Is Angry With Buhari – Fayose by size40: 9:03pm On Mar 22, 2016
I think God is even more angry with Fayose

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Politics / Re: Channels Tv Gradually APC Mouth Piece.A Call For Public Observations. by size40: 9:01pm On Mar 22, 2016
The wailing wailers will never stop. How about AIT? Whose mouthpiece are they? Of course d PDP.
Politics / Re: Why There Is No Rest For The Wicked In Rivers State by size40: 11:56am On Mar 21, 2016
. Ikwere people are the vampires in the PDP and they are responsible for the political violence destroying lives in Rivers State.
It is not Ikwerre people, it is Wike and d PDP
Politics / Re: Senate To Contractor: Stop Work On Otuoke Road Project by size40: 11:40am On Mar 21, 2016
Under this guy called GEJ, The most Useless Northern Cities of no economic importance got airports built (Gombe, Dutse, Birnin Kebbi and co) while his own hometown does not even have an accessible link road.
LOL..... I laugh in Engenni
When we say that GEJ never meant well to Niger Delta people, they think we are blackmailing him. Our brother GEJ as most of us from Niger Delta commonly say, sat for good six years yet, couldn't complete and Airport project started by yar' Adua.. GEJ sat for good six years as a President couldn't construct ordinary road to his home town Otueke and some people still want me to support and talk good about him? In delta state, people still support James Ibori even in prison because of his good work in his home town. Am Rivers man. Even in death I will never support GEJ
Politics / Re: Biafra Not Threat To Nigeria—obj by size40: 11:29am On Mar 21, 2016
At all, at all. They can only make some noise for one or two days and goes back to shops. That's all.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! Inec, Amaechi Trying To Change The Obio/akpor Federal Constitue by size40: 11:25am On Mar 21, 2016
Its power and might. Any body, group or party with d rigging machine should rig and win. After all supreme court said so.
Politics / Re: Addressing The Prevailing Ignorance Between The Igbo's And Niger Delta by size40: 11:22am On Mar 21, 2016
My brother abeg tell them. When I see and hear some of my brothers and sisters from south-south particularly those of us Rivers state, I feel very ashamed for their high level of ignorance. As a complete Rivers man, but when it comes to resources and control, it is d federal and not d States that controls it. Every state goes to Abuja to collect their share on monthly basis. Even d money they collect on monthly basis doesn't even get to d they govern. Instead they use it like their personal money.

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Politics / Re: Video: Amaechi Storms Police Station With Soldiers To Free Arrested INEC Officia by size40: 8:46pm On Mar 20, 2016
They were kidnapped by Wike's thugs while Amaechi was on a rescue mission. At least today Wike don see say power pass power. A whole governor of a state was completely barred from entering Mile 1 police station by Ameachi's security details. Wike thinks he is a lion but he forgot to understand that the day a lion is born in this jungle, another lion was also born in another jungle. Wike did not give his predecessor, Amaechi peace as a Governor therefore Wike will never see peace too as a governor. This is d law of nature.Nature doesn't tell lies.

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Politics / Re: Heavy Shooting In Gokana LGA In Rivers -vanguard by size40: 7:59pm On Mar 19, 2016
The truth is that, many Rivers indigens depends on govt for their everyday survival. That's why my people will kill, burn houses, even kill their brothers and kinsmen for power. A typical example is our current governor, Nyesom Wike. He has never worked or done any business all his life b4. It us from so called law school to becoming a local govt chairman in 1999. All d wealth and power he has acquired today is through violent politics. Why won't others want to be like him?

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