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Politics / Re: Video Of Hausa-fulani Beggar: Matters Arising by skillet(m): 8:33am On Mar 02, 2019
just take a look at the op's signature and you will realise how "humane" he is. fraud.


Autos / Re: The Mercedes Benz Biome. Best Car In The World. by skillet(m): 5:48pm On Feb 15, 2019

Good morning, sir. I don't know if you saw my message yesterday sir. I'm sending this to thank you again for what you did,sir. You are a rare gem and I hope to one day emulate you. May Almighty God bless you and your family. Thanks again

yes i saw your message. we thank God for the opportunity to help. pass it on. if you are able to learn the basics of facebook marketing let me know so i can throw some work your way. cheers.
Politics / Re: APC Vows To Punish Amosun After Elections by skillet(m): 12:12pm On Feb 14, 2019
[quote author=cleary post=75719871][/quote]

lol. i have forgotten o. but you shuld have gotten an alert by now. by the way, are u good at facebook marketing?
Politics / Re: APC Vows To Punish Amosun After Elections by skillet(m): 7:09pm On Feb 13, 2019
[quote author=cleary post=75695343][/quote]

we thank God.what skills do you have comparative advantage over others?
Politics / Re: APC Vows To Punish Amosun After Elections by skillet(m): 1:51pm On Feb 13, 2019
[quote author=cleary post=75682065][/quote]

expect 5k tomorrow. sorry i cant afford more. hang in there. also search online for more opportunities to MAKE MONEY for urself. it is well.
Politics / Re: APC Vows To Punish Amosun After Elections by skillet(m): 10:28pm On Feb 12, 2019
Please my people, help a starving brother. I have been pleading for help since 2 days now. I'm a student who returned to school last week because of the prospects of exams starting on Monday and also because I was opportuned to enter a free ride. my family isn't bouyant enough and my dad has severe high BP that's why I had to find my way so as not to make him start thinking. I haven't eaten a decent food since I got back and am starving.

I am soliciting for help from well meaning people who will be touched enough to hear my plight and have mercy. I am not asking for much, no matter how little, it will go a long way. God bless you all

acct no
Politics / Re: Florence Ita-Giwa, Soni Abang, Tony Odey, Others Join PDP In Cross River by skillet(m): 11:33pm On Nov 18, 2018
am a female,

i cant neglect politics because it affects my business

sorry, but whats ur business if i may ask? i might patronise.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Blasts Buhari, His Wife And Others In Fresh Broadcast From Israel. by skillet(m): 9:08pm On Nov 18, 2018

Majority of his followers are at the lowest level of education. They are mostly artisans, commercial transporters etc.

Or do you know any Igbo elite or intellectual class that are supporting him?

Nnamdi Kanu is a big fraud and regrettably too cowardly and lack education.

you make too much noise and we all know what kind of vessels make the loudest noise.
#fromonedeltantoanother #myhouseisoppositethestadiumtoo #okowa'slipscanmarryyourmother #stopinsultingyourbetters
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Solade: 'Nigeria Is Killing Me! I Might Relocate Soon' by skillet(m): 9:57am On Jun 16, 2018
as much as I will concur with him as regards leaving this country ... cos even me, I don't understand Nigeria again

he doesn't seem to sound like a person that is willing to do what ever it takes to seize his moment....

baba if it takes you to ask.... better do it....
u even have people u can ask... some people don't have.

Na jungle we de so.... do what u can to put food on the table man.

you are dangerous person. #juststatingfact


Phones / Re: How Long Have You Used Your Current Smart Phone ? by skillet(m): 8:56am On Jun 14, 2018
3 days

are you from enugu or do you just reside in enugu?
Politics / Re: Man Who Participated In June 12 Annulment Protest Now Limps (Photos) by skillet(m): 8:14am On Jun 12, 2018
it wont be fair if the 58% voters that elected Abiola are not given some of the money that will be shared to Abiola's family.
Culture / Re: Oluwo Of Iwo, Akanbi, Wears Igwe Attire (Photos) by skillet(m): 10:11pm On May 26, 2018
Lol.flatinos reason like imbeciles sometimes I remember when this same premature king declared himself emir flatinos were going about talking nonsense now because he has enslaved one of you with some cheapass cheiftancy title flatinos are now his friends he should have flogged them like deji of akure did.

glad you called him a premature king. Afonjas are learning.
Culture / Re: Oluwo Of Iwo, Akanbi, Wears Igwe Attire (Photos) by skillet(m): 8:25pm On May 26, 2018
This one is just confused... Very soon now flatinis will declare Iwo kingdom a no man's land. Lol

My brother, as the chief flatino of iwoland, the oluwo just decleared iwo kingdom as no mans land by himself. Re read his comments and weep for yourselves.


Crime / Re: Nigerian 'Egede' Cultist Shot Dead By Gunmen In South Africa. Graphic Photos by skillet(m): 11:46pm On May 17, 2018
angry Even for Mandela Home African man no Safe. #FirmThere sad

you bam yakata.
Nairaland / General / Re: Hi Nairalanders, A Fellow Needs A Help On How To Overcome Stage Fright by skillet(m): 8:18pm On Mar 06, 2018
Hi everyone, please I need a help from people who struggle with stage fright and won. Facing the audience is a very big headache for me, which seems to be very impossible to overcome, so whenever I have to do it, I must take drugs to control my heartbeat, which I want to stop taking now. Please I need advice on on how to easily overcome stage fright without using drugs. Thanks in anticipation.

imagine everyone in the audience is naked. thats what i learnt in film school.
Politics / Re: Osun Introduces Parliamentary System In LGA - Attorney General by skillet(m): 1:52pm On Feb 16, 2018
APC is nw quoting PDP?


Autos / The Mercedes Benz Biome. Best Car In The World. by skillet(m): 7:10am On Dec 08, 2017
now it is official! Nigeria heard this first from me...

I just realized that Mercedes-Benz has developed the first car to be grown from seeds. The technology is so amazing that i still feel dizzy reading about it. Please read for yourselves and feel free to google. Permit me to call it the best car in the world. What can top this?

Mercedes Benz Biome car
februari 28th, 2015 | by Jesper Edqvist
Mercedes Benz Biome car DESIGN2

[url]http://teknikprojektet.se/?p=1675 [/url]

Cars are built by mankind and a lot of different designs has come throughout the years. Now something seriously weird has been discovered by the car company Mercedes. The Mercedes biome car. A car grown out of a seed instead of built on a car line.

So this biome car has a unique design and just the fact that it is grown by itself is extraordinary. It has a dynamic design with a really curvy and smooth body. It has a completely sealed glass roof in the shape of a dome, making you feel like you’re sitting in a warplane. The wheels make you question if this is the future for them. It doesn’t even look like wheels except that they are on the same spot as or cars that we have today. This really is an amazing car.

This car is extremely nature friendly because of its technology that produces oxygen instead of a lot of different chemicals. This car literally has a life and has the car “dies” it will be easy to dispose it and grow a new one.

source: http://teknikprojektet.se/?p=1675

By the way, this is the first time nairaland is hearing of this invention that was unveiled about 7 years ago. To be quite frank, this is the first time i am hearing of it too and i feel so "thirdworld" right now. And Dangote is proud to be selling Indomie while Mercedes is growing cars. The worst is our politicians.

mods do the needful.

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Health / Re: My Mental Health Is Ruining My Life!!!! by skillet(m): 6:38am On Oct 18, 2017
all some of us read are MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS the rest just flew through our ears. but jokes apart, you really need help, but unfortunately, you must be willing to talk about it some more and not just open a thread about it. i know someone with this very same problem and she is doing a lot better now.if you dont open up some more, especially in private, to someone else on the outside your life, it going to be very hard. and listen babe please make up your mind to talk to someone, even if its through whatsapp or email, before it destroys you.
Education / Re: Over Unpaid Scholarships: Hundreds Of Nigerian Students Face Deportation In UK by skillet(m): 7:28am On Oct 16, 2017
nddc is a regional agency abi? let us build the north east instead aabi?


Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between Industrial Chemistry & Chemical Engineering by skillet(m): 7:24am On Oct 16, 2017
my dear, the people on this forum are just dull. listen not to their words.

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TV/Movies / Five Reasons You Should Have A Career In Nollywood. by skillet(m): 12:14am On Sep 28, 2016
Five reasons you should join Nollywood

1. Job satisfaction. Nollywood movies are usually interesting and contain certain morals. Even movies that are produced just to create laughs and fun also contain moral lessons the producers want to teach. Sometimes the message is obscure or ill delivered but the fact remains that most film makers are in it for the love of the art. Working in an environment where there is so much passion for excellence can give you a huge dose of job satisfaction. As a background talent (or extra), you get to meet and hob nob with stars and talented producers, directors, actors and marketers. Learning to be successful is now up to you. If you have a flair for quick learning, you could rise a lot faster than your peers and begin to earn tangible money.

2. Filling a vacuum. The maxim: “there is always room for improvement” seems to be coined for the arts. There is always space for an entrant into Nollywood. As long as we have people watching our films, we will always be employed and employing. Fact is that the people say they want more. I wish I had some smart empirical study results to back this but I don’t. It’s a street thing. If you felt the pulse on the street, you would see that our vendors have not yet gone out of business like predicted ten years ago. They are still in every street corner, still carrying smoking hot titles with genres ranging from action to romance and epic films. Our music stars are not helping matters for the doomsday prophets as they are churning out quality material daily. So, there is always space for you in Nollywood when you finally decide to join us.

3. Most versatile employer. Insiders in the movie and music industry in Nigeria (Nollywood) like to joke that we are the most versatile employers of labour in the economy. Poor educational background, lack of qualifications, old age, etc are not disqualifying factors for any would be entrant. It is not uncommon for a fifty year old retiree to walk up to us in the Actors Guild office in the town I reside and request for a form to join Nollywood.

4. The pay is good. The pay in Nollywood is actually very good. Average pay for a background talent is about two thousand naira per scene. Applying one’s self as more than an ordinary background talent will increase your earnings. Combining a day job or side job with a career in the movie/music industry is so easy; that it has become sort of a norm at least till entertainment begins to pay all the bills. Getting a job as a production assistant, costumier or makeup artist, camera man or photographer on a movie set, is relatively very easy because the industry always seeks new talents to use. The more a particular talent is in demand, the better the rate of pay for the talent in question.

5. Self-betterment. A job in Nollywood gives an individual one of the best chances of self-betterment. Every day, my job throws new and interesting challenges my way. Surmounting those challenges always leave me better equipped to deal with similar issues when they occur in other situations. Many actors have learnt self-defense techniques because their characters in a movie knew self-defense. That is just an example; many others abound.

In conclusion, if the five reasons given above do not make you yearn for a job in Nollywood then maybe your day job has better perks, but if the reverse is the case, then let us help you enter the world of make believe. Welcome to Nollywood.

Olise Ukala (Skillet) is a Nollywood Director, Producer and Talent Scout. He can be reached via www.facebook.com/oliseukala

Romance / Re: Upload Your Sunday Selfie by skillet(m): 12:39am On Aug 08, 2016
Me and my nairalander husband, Skillet. The little man inbetween is Solomon.

one million likes for obvious reasons. The two most beautiful people in the world. mynd44, see my wife and son. breathing, see them here. enygmababe and guitarboi; food done come.

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Romance / Re: Love And Attraction Perfume, How Effective Is It? by skillet(m): 3:26am On Jul 25, 2016
they work. just that they have consequences and side effects. if you can bear the consequences, then you can use them.
Celebrities / Re: My Career Ended In 2013 - Singer, Brymo by skillet(m): 1:08pm On Jul 08, 2016
When I would rather drink?

Celebrities / Re: Why Olamide Will Last In The Music Industry by skillet(m): 12:52pm On Jul 08, 2016
Op, you high.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Fresh Probe Into Missing Chibok Girls by skillet(m): 9:11am On Jul 08, 2016
we might "discover" something new with this probe.
Business / Re: Beautiful Photos Of Nana Otedola by skillet(m): 6:54am On Jul 08, 2016
Why am I reading this, when I would rather be drinking beer?

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