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Religion / We Are Celebrating This Easter In A Grand Style by Skillz92: 1:03am On Apr 12, 2020
This is the first time I have witnessed the whole world celebrate Easter indoors. I am of the opinion that churches should be allowed to worship on Sunday morning. Just like pst Chris said "churches are places of blessings and not a place of infection". Also locking down churches because of a disease is a total contradiction of what the word of God teaches.

Fear nothing—not wild wolves in the night,
not flying arrows in the day,
Not disease that prowls through the darkness,
not disaster that erupts at high noon.
Even though others succumb all around,
drop like flies right and left,
no harm will even graze you.

Psalm 91 vs 5, 6, & 7 MSG

And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and none of the evil diseases of Egypt, which you knew, will he inflict on you, but he will lay them on all who hate you.

Deutronomy 7 : 15.

Finally, we as the church cannot disobey government orders because the bible does not support it.

However, we have decided to celebrate this easter in a unique way. 9:00 am this morning we are encouraging every Christian to come out to his / her balcony and declare that jesus is alive. For 60s make a joyful noise to the Lord.

God bless you as you participate in this extraordinary spiritual exercise.

Jobs/Vacancies / Increase Estates Recruitment 2020 by Skillz92: 2:37am On Mar 05, 2020
Increase Estates specialises in Real Estate development, sales of lands and Estate valuations and has exciting opportunity for enthusiastic individuals to join their dynamic team. This permanent position is well suited to individuals that is looking to advance their career in Estate management and gain hands on experience in a thriving and supportive workplace.

Increase Estates is located in onitsha Anambra state and applications are welcome for the following positions

Estate clerk

Office manager

Estate Appraisers

Estate Agents

Estate brokers

Professional Drivers

Interested candidates should apply HERE https://forms.gle/n1mhD9zMJ7qsJx9o7

Note : Increase Estates is located in Onitsha Anambra state, people who are not resident in Anambra and delta state are advised not to apply unless you have an accommodation in the area.
Politics / Re: Laetitia Naankang Dagan's Last Moments On Social Media by Skillz92: 7:07pm On Feb 19, 2020
It's possible she saw what she is not supposed to see. You now what happens when such things happen
Phones / Re: Were You Compensated By MTN For Slow Data Speed? by Skillz92: 7:44pm On Jan 21, 2020

Turn ur fone upside down.....
The bonus data will begin work

Typical Nigerian youth
Phones / Re: Were You Compensated By MTN For Slow Data Speed? by Skillz92: 2:23am On Jan 20, 2020
I got 500mb compensation from MTN but I can't use it. All my data usage has been from my normal data subscription balance. Anyone know how to switch to the bonus data


Romance / Re: Couple's Wedding Picture Trends Because Of The Bride's Makeup by Skillz92: 9:31pm On Dec 11, 2019
If you have been to the north before, you will know that this is a common thing. The first time I arrived the north during my service year, I nearly cracked by ribs laughing
Religion / Re: Seven Things A Christian Must Never Do Because Of Money by Skillz92: 10:53am On Nov 17, 2019
I wonder how we think in this nation. Every body keep saying that it's a normal moral value. OP point out specifically that the bible warns us about it. Like
Jeremiah 17:11
[11]As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not; so he that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.

In other words doing such things cuts short your life.

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Programming / Re: Andela Homestudy Assessment Help by Skillz92: 1:17pm On Apr 10, 2019
this is we am stock. i am currently trying to display the name returned from the Api fetch in challenge 4

Programming / Re: Andela Homestudy Assessment Help by Skillz92: 12:56pm On Apr 10, 2019
hello. how many hours left do you have?

i have 15 hours left and am still getting this error

You are not properly displaying the name of the user returned by the API. Review the instructions
Programming / Re: Andela Homestudy Assessment Help by Skillz92: 12:54pm On Apr 10, 2019
15 hours
Programming / Andela Homestudy Assessment Help by Skillz92: 12:06pm On Apr 10, 2019
hello programmers in the house, for those of us currently doing the Andela Homestudy Assessment lets share ideas and experience here.
for me, am stock in the part where am supposed to use the heading tag to display the name returned from the Api fetch. any suggestion on how i can do that will be of great help.
Politics / Re: Simple Logic: Presidential Accreditation Should Equal That Of Senate In A State by Skillz92: 4:57pm On Feb 28, 2019
I wonder why people are getting it difficult to understand this simple logic. The OP is very correct.
For example
Let say that the card reader recorded a total number of Accredited voters in a state to be 50. And there are three senatorial districts in the state let's say A , B, C .

Then since Every voter is accredited once,
The total number of Accredited voters in senatorial districts A + B + C Must be equal to 50
Also number of Accredited voters for presidential election must also be 50

INEC Should make this details available to the public
Religion / Re: Father Mbaka Speaks On Buhari's Victory by Skillz92: 7:43pm On Feb 27, 2019
Peter Obi is a very arrogant person. That is why he hasn't made progress since he finished governing(actually looting) Anambra state. I doubt he will humble himself and apologize to Fr Mbaka.

If I should quantify your foolishness, I give it 90% of your content. Saying that Peter obi looted anambra state shows the height of your illiteracy
Politics / Re: Atiku Wins Landslide In Anambra - Premium Times by Skillz92: 10:44am On Feb 26, 2019
Honestly my anambra brothers are politically naive. Imagine upon what Ngige and Rochas told them to vote for PMB to ensure Igbo's presidency in 2023 still they voted massively for pdp. This same people will cry marginalisation again when they did not vote for Andy Uba likely senante president just like they did to Ngige. As it stands now, the senate president post goes to another region. Igbos will never play politics the way northerns play it. Why the hate for PMB when the man has finished Zik's masoleum which was abandoned for 20yrs and also starting of 2nd Niger bridge and other road construction in the state. After now, they will be shouting give us police IG and Security chiefs. Tell me how can someone do that for u when u did not vote for him. U guys will cry marginallisation until u learn how to play politics. Ndi nzuzu !

You must be stupid. Look at the trash you are spewing from your mouth
Politics / Re: Atiku Wins Landslide In Anambra - Premium Times by Skillz92: 10:38am On Feb 26, 2019

APC should get less than half of that, the figure must have been inflated.

That figure was highly inflated

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Religion / Why The Wise Men Brought Gifts To Jesus by Skillz92: 8:37am On Dec 24, 2018
The scriptural account surrounding Jesus’ birth tells of wise men traveling a great distance from the east to present the young Christ child with gifts. What is the reason for imparting gifts to a small child? Who did these men believe they were honoring?

Confused customs
First of all, the Bible does not tell us the exact number of wise men, and they were not present for His birth in a manger as is so often depicted in nativity scenes every December.

Matthew 2:1, 11 shows that the young child Jesus was already in a house by the time the wise men visited and offered their gifts. “Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem. … And when they had come into the house, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”
This is only one illustration of how Christmas customs have actually distorted the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. Other articles on this website demonstrate this fact in much more depth. Be sure to read some of these eye-opening assessments of commonly held traditions.

The question we are exploring in this article is why wise men brought gifts to a child who was too young to appreciate them in the first place. What motivated these men to feel it was appropriate to present anything? Who did they think Jesus was, and why did they come all that way?

The answer reveals an often overlooked reality about the Son of God.

Gifts fit for a king
Matthew 2:2 tells us that the wise men came looking for a king. They did not ask where they could find the Savior of mankind. They were following the common custom of presenting gifts to royalty or one destined to be a ruling monarch.
Because of 2,000 years of the Christian experience, most everyone today thinks of Jesus only in the context of one who “takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). And He did that, of course.

Christ’s role as Savior of mankind is made clear in the New Testament. However, there is another often-overlooked role Christ will fulfill, one that is repeatedly emphasized in the Gospels—that of Christ being a ruling king.

Notice the statement to Mary when she was told she would conceive a child: “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David” (Luke 1:32).

Mary was told her Son would be a king and would sit on a throne. This was precisely the expectation of Jesus’ own disciples (Luke 24:21; Acts 1:6).

Looking for the Messiah …
The Jews had long been anticipating the arrival of the Messiah. He would be a descendant of David who would reestablish the Davidic throne and usher in the prophesied period of restored greatness in a new kingdom (Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 11:2; Daniel 7:13-14).
When Jesus rode into Jerusalem just before His crucifixion, an Old Testament prophecy of Zechariah was recounted: “All this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying: ‘Tell the daughter of Zion, “Behold, your King is coming to you, lowly, and sitting on a donkey, a colt, the foal of a donkey”’” (Matthew 21:4-5).

The Son of God
Few today consider that when a first-century Jew heard the term son of God, it prompted thoughts of earthly rulership and divine appointment rather than a position in the Godhead. Biblically, son of God could signify any exclusive relationship with God (the angels are called sons of God in Job 1:6, as was the nation of Israel in Exodus 4:22).

Yet the term had an amplified application for the Messiah, the offspring of David.

David was called God’s son in Psalm 2:7. Solomon was also a son of God who inherited David’s throne (2 Samuel 7:12-16).

These sons of God actually acted as agents for God ruling on His throne. “Then Solomon sat on the throne of the LORD as king instead of David his father, and prospered; and all Israel obeyed him” (1 Chronicles 29:23). Fulfilling this role would eventually be a glorious messianic function.
Jesus was the only begotten Son of God with respect to His miraculous birth; God was His Father. And in the kingly or messianic sense, He was the ultimate Son of God—the One who had a divinely appointed destiny to be given David’s throne.

This is why Nathaniel stated in John 1:49, “Rabbi, You are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!” To him, it seems, the terms were synonymous. He began to believe Jesus was the prophesied son of David for whom Israel was waiting; the One destined to restore the greatness of David’s (God’s) earthly throne.

Born—King of the Jews
At the time of Christ’s birth, the Jews already had a king, named Herod. He ruled as a vassal under the Roman authorities, but he was a king nevertheless.

When the wise men came seeking Jesus, what did they say? “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?” (Matthew 2:1-2). For the paranoid King Herod, this was very troubling indeed! Neglecting any spiritual implications of Christ’s birth, Herod clearly recognized the threat to his own throne and attempted to kill Jesus, unsuccessfully (Matthew 2:12-16).

Jesus was continually examined as to whether or not He claimed to be a king. When the high priest questioned Jesus at His mock trial, he asked, “I put You under oath by the living God: Tell us if You are the Christ, the Son of God!”(Matthew 26:63). The high priest was likely not inquiring about His divinity, but was looking for a way to charge Him with treason for declaring that He was Israel’s king, the Messiah (Luke 22:67-71). The high priest then told Pilate that Jesus claimed to be a king (Luke 23:2-3).

John 18:33 states, “Then Pilate entered the Praetorium again, called Jesus, and said to Him, ‘Are You the King of the Jews?’” (See also John 18:39; John 19:3, 14). This is why the Roman soldiers shamefully gave Jesus a crown of thorns and why the sign above His cross read, “JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS” (John 19:2, 19). The whole context of Jesus’ crucifixion from the Roman and Jewish perspective was about His claiming to be a king of Israel not a Savior of mankind.

Christ’s Kingdom still to come
Jesus came to give His life as our Savior so that humans can be reconciled to God, have their sins forgiven and eventually be granted eternal life in the Kingdom of God. But He also came as the King of that Kingdom—the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who will reign during the coming millennial age on this earth.

Christ will rule the nations from Jerusalem on the restored throne of David (Luke 1:32; Revelation 11:15). The Old Testament prophecies of the coming King are the reason the wise men were looking for a promised sovereign and why they brought gifts to the Child they knew would one day be King.

SOURCE : https://praisebars.com/wise-men-bring-gifts-jesus/
Music/Radio / Nathaniel Bassey – Jesus The Resurrection And The Life (album Download) by Skillz92: 7:19pm On Dec 05, 2018
Download Nathaniel Bassey New Album titled “Jesus The Resurrection And The Life” Album.

“JesusThe Resurrection & the Life “, is a 15 tracks album released on Sunday, 2nd of December, 2018 at Redeemed Christian Church of God ( RCCG ) THE KING’S COURT.

Click the link below to download the song


Music/Radio / Frank Edwards – “in Love With You” Mp3 Download [+lyrics] by Skillz92: 7:04pm On Dec 05, 2018
Frank Edwards releases a new single titled “In Love With You”. Produced by the self-acclaimed producer, RockTown Kings Corner, RichBoy.

“In Love With You” is a song of appreciation for all the great things God has done in our lives. Victories won, healed sicknesses, miracles received and so many more we cannot begin to count.” Frank Edwards.

Click the link below to download the song


Religion / 10 Things You Can Do To Help Your Pastor by Skillz92: 5:00pm On Nov 04, 2018
Pastoring is a tough job. It is one calling that takes your spiritual, mental and physical input! Many pastors are actually stressed out, overworked and depressed.


1. *SHOW UP!*

You have no idea what your continuous attendance at your local CHURCH does for your ASSEMBLY. The TRUTH is that PEOPLE join a CHURCH based on the kind of community it is. They join because of the FELLOWSHIP of BRETHREN and the LOVE there in. ENSURING you NEVER miss a SERVICE ensures that the ASSEMBLY has the PLEASURE and BLESSING of your FELLOWSHIP. GROWING CHURCHES grow EASIER than NON – GROWING CHURCHES. Your ABSENCE at your LOCAL CHURCH meeting DOES more HARM than YOU can EVER IMAGINE.

2. *Pay attention to the Word*

A CHURCH filled with BABIES cannot significantly advance GOD’S plan on the EARTH. This is why YOU must desire to GROW and TAKE STEPS to do so. YOU need to DEVOUR the TEACHINGS of your MINISTRY GIFT and GROW by THEM. FEED on the SCRIPTURES and BE ABLE to EXPLAIN THEM and APPLY THEM.

3. *Do not miss Prayer meetings*

The FLAME of REVIVAL is FANNED by the INTENSITY of PRAYERS. The real members of a CHURCH are the PRAYING MEMBERS. A CHURCH that will remain ablaze for CHRIST must have between 80-100% of her MEMBERS PRAYING TOGETHER at least once a week for between 1-2 hrs per time. COOPERATE PRAYER MEETINGS enables the LORD unify the VISION in the LOCAL CHURCH. PRAYING TOGETHER causes everyone to see the same thing and move in the SAME direction. MAKE UP your MIND to ATTEND your next PRAYER MEETING.

4. *Join a Department/ Unit/Group*

ENDEAVOUR you play your role in ENSURING every SERVICE day is a SUCCESS. CHRISTIANITY is ABOUT SERVICE. You give yourself to serving another. JESUS emphasized washing the feet of the saints to EXEMPLIFY HUMBLE service between believers. So don’t just be content to seat in CHURCH week in week out! JOIN a DEPARTMENT and BE DEDICATED there!

5. *Pray for your Pastor*

Your PASTOR is a MARKED man. He is going to be attacked by the devil because the scripture says “STRIKE THE SHEPHERD and the SHEEP will SCATTER”. A lot of MINISTERS are carrying PURIFYING wounds in their souls due to heartbreaks and UNMET EXPECTATIONS. So pray for your PASTOR PASSIONATELY! PRAY for HELP, PRAY for LIGHT, PRAY for DIRECTION and PRAY for OPPORTUNITIES for HIM! You know he is PRAYING for you.

6. *Give to your Pastor*

This part is very important. NEVER NEGLECT the WELFARE of your PASTOR. DON’T wait for WHEN HE has a NEED. SCHEDULE your BENEVOLENCE GIFT to HIM. Most PASTORS NEVER disclose when they have SERIOUS NEEDS. They will just keep QUIET LOOKING to THE LORD to MEET their NEEDS. ALWAYS REGULARLY give to MEET his NEEDS even if he doesn’t NEED it.

Don’t also give to your PASTOR as though he were a BEGGAR. Give to him as a matter of HONOR for this is SCRIPTURAL.

7. *Walk in love with your Pastor*

Nothing destroys a LOCAL CHURCH like STRIFE and GOSSIPS. WORDS will destroy a HOUSE from within it than a THOUSAND ARMIES from WITHOUT. When people say evil things about your PASTOR or CHURCH ensure you PROTECT both as your ACTIONS at that moment of accusation may either build a STRONGER hold in the MIND of the ACCUSER or WEAKEN it.

WALK in LOVE to your PASTOR or local CHURCH knowing that all are men SAVED by GRACE.

8. *Provide honest Feedback*

This one is so IMPORTANT. The HEAD takes DECISION for the BODY when the BODY provides quick FEEDBACK! Never hold back NECESSARY INFORMATION about MEMBERS or ISSUES in CHURCH from your PASTOR. That MEMBER battling DEPRESSION or GOING through a BREAK UP, that fellow WHO lost THEIR JOB and is SUFFERING, TELL your PASTOR! Did something happen at a service you didn’t like? INSTEAD of BACKBITING or GOSSIPING about it, JUST give PASTOR FEEDBACK. I believe that most CHURCHES would do better if more people gave their PASTORS FEEDBACK rather than just leaving the CHURCH.

9. *Words of Encouragement*

ENCOURAGE your PASTOR well! Does his sermon bless you? TELL HIM! Does the power of God flow powerfully in a service and you where blessed? TELL HIM! He is a man and would be encouraged because of what GOD did in the SERVICE. Be loud about ENCOURAGING him especially when he may have a lot to discourage him.

10. *Bring a friend with you*

There is no greater indication that you are being blessed by a minister or local church than YOU BRINGING FRIENDS and FAMILY with you! NO ONE EATS a GOOD MEAL and not want to GET OTHERS to EAT it WITH THEM. Do not leave the BURDEN of REACHING the WORLD to your PASTOR. That BURDEN is too GREAT for ONE MAN to BEAR. So as you have been blessed ensure those close to you are blessed too!


written by Drmac-Peters Olofu

Source: https://praisebars.com/10-things-you-can-do-to-help-your-pastor/
Religion / I Found Connection Between LOVE And SEX by Skillz92: 8:52pm On Sep 10, 2018
I have found connection between LOVE and SEX.

By Chicarol Samgoz Chinyere

Over the years, I have been mute about the synonymous use of the word ‘sex’ for ‘love’ in our societies today through our actions more than words. Just like saying, “I love you” and its same as “I sex you”. It seems like love doesn’t exist without sex.
Thus if you love me truly, then prove it by zipping down or rolling down your panties.
This is both for married couples and the singles in relationships, leading or not leading to marriages.

And today I found the true connection between them.
*Firstly, let’s look at married couples who have to prove their love for one another. Will they do that by having sex all the times? May be its part of it.
*Secondly, let’s look at parents-children relationship. Do our parents have to prove that they love us by having sex with us? Mine never did anyway, may be yours did. Unimaginable things happen in our societies today.
*Thirdly, Let’s look at relationship amongst siblings. Do you have to prove your love for your siblings by having sex with them?
Fourthly, What of teachers-students relationship. Do a teacher need to have sex with a student to prove to the child he cares and loves him/her?
Lastly and the most important, Did God prove his love for mankind by having sex with all men?

Then why do we have to prove our love in our relationships as singles by our availability to have sex with our partners?
Are we not sensitive enough to understand that, the view of proof of love by sex stems from blindness?
Can’t you see that, the request for this prove is sprouts from lust and not love?
Is that not rather a proof that someone lusts after you as a single?
Is that not a proof that you don’t have self control?

Well if love is void without sex; then no parent, no siblings, no teacher, etc truly love their children, brothers/sisters, students, …
Love, I believe is general. How do I mean?
If Love originated from God and was demonstrated through sacrifice, then we should emulate to prove love by sacrificing and not by being sacrilegious. Our urge for sex outside marriage should be sacrificed to the alter of “self control”.

So friends and family,
I found the connection between ‘Love and Sex’ to be NOTHING!
Yes, NOTHING is the connection between them. You can love without sex and you can have sex without love. And that is why you can walk into a clubbing centre; pick a lady, have sex with her and pay her off without any affection. You didn’t prove to love her by doing that, or did you? What happens to a married man/woman who is being satisfied by the partner but yet visits another man/women for sex? Is that not lack of self control and being lustful?
Moreover, you believed to be loved by your family and friends who never had sex with you for a life time. And that is because of the sacrifices they paid for you!

So, why are we believing those lies of LOVE being synonymous with SEX in our relationships? A lot of relationships, especially amongst singles collapsed because of a partner denying the other sex. You hear something like, “do you really love me? then prove it by allowing me have sex with you.”

The urge deposited by God in every man and woman, wasn’t deposited as a prove of love. You don’t have to satisfy your urge by using it to prove love. You just fooled!

God is love and anything done out of love should be holy because God is holy. You don’t prove love by sinning against God. God demonstrated love by sacrificing Jesus. Therefore, we ought to emulate to prove love through sacrifices.

Prove to love in your relationships by being Selfless, Generous, peaceful, gentle, patient, joyous, faithful, self controlled. Embrace Charity, modesty, chastity, and goodness. Galatians 5:22-23
Prove to love people by controlling your urge. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control, so if you can control your urge, then you prove to have love.

Dear friends and family,
The connection between love and sex is NOTHING!
Let NOTHING connect your proof for LOVE with SEX.

SOURCE : https://praisebars.com/i-found-connection-between-love-and-sex/
Music/Radio / Tim Godfrey Appointed Chief Judge Of The Crooner by Skillz92: 2:18am On Aug 25, 2018

Tim Godfrey has just been appointed as Lead Judge of Nigeria’s Biggest Online Singing Competition tagged THE CROONER. The singer, songwriter and convener of the rapidly growing Fearless Concert was unveiling within the week as the talent discovery umpire for this epoch project in the history of Gospel Music in Nigeria.

The Crooner, or #Croonerbyafy, is a breath of fresh air to music contests. First of its kind, this show will be held primarily online as hundreds of contestant spend 8 weeks armed with the best vocals and singing techniques battle it out for the coveted grand prize worthTwo Million Naira (N 2,000,000).

The Schedule

*July 15th – August 26th: Registrations
*August 27th – 30th: Video uploads.
*September 1st – 7th: Week 1 competition and voting
*September 8th: First evictions, top 100 emerge.
*September 8th-14th: Week 2, competition and voting.
*September 15th: Top 80 emerge.
*September 15th-21st: Week 3, competition and voting.
*September 22nd: Top 60 emerge.
*September 22nd – 28th: Week 4, competition and voting.
*September 29th: Top 40, emerge.
*September 29th – October 5th: Week 5, competition and voting.
*October 6th: Top 20 emerge.
*October 6th – 12th: Week 6, competition and voting.
*October 13th: Top 10 emerge.
*October 13th – 19th: Week 7, competition and voting.
*October 19th: 5 finalists emerge and converge in Port Harcourt.
*October 20th-28th: Rehearsals, tours, games, Special visits, glitz and glamour.
*October 29th: Grand Finale!

How To Register for The Crooner:

1. Like the page afydouglas and @croonerbyafy on Facebook

2. Follow @afydouglas and @croonerbyafy on Instagram and Twitter

3. Fill The Registration Form and Pay N1,000 using your bank card or direct bank transfer.


The online registration platform has a direct bank payment option and card payment option. But if your bank is not supported, you can Transfer/Deposit to Plus Ensemble 5600410838 Fidelity Bank. Send proof of payment and the data on the registration page/form to info@croonerbyafy.com

More Info About The Crooner:

What Is Crooner By Afy?

The Crooner by Afy Douglas, is a GOSPEL singing competition. The maiden edition is part of PROJECT A40 (A celebration of Afy Douglas’s 40th birthday). The Crooner by Afy Douglas is a 90% online competition with a N2m (Two Million Naira) grand prize.

It will run for 8 weeks (1st September – 29th October 2018), with a glamorous finale in the city of Port Harcourt. Contestants will be required to complete the registration process and pay a token of N1,000 (One Thousand Naira only).

The crux of the contest is weekly uploads of 1 minute videos with clear audio and picture. Evictions happen weekly and is determined by Social media likes and SMS voting. Further instructions will follow after registration is complete. The Crooner by Afy Douglas is NIGERIA ONLY.

Other Top Gospel Artistes and Brands have also lent their support to this project. They include Ada, Asu Ekiye, Eben, Preye Odede, Mercy Chinwo, Prospa Ochimana among others. Official Producer for The Crooner is the prolific Dr Roy and Official Media Partner is GospelNaija

Source : https://praisebars.com/tim-godfrey-appointed-chief-judge-of-the-crooner/
Music/Radio / Download: The Gratitude (COZA) – Siyabonga by Skillz92: 3:31pm On Aug 24, 2018

The Gratitude drops another Hot single titled Siyabonga. This is another awesome song of thanksgiving from the Abuja Based Gospel Group.

When God Does A Thing in Our Lives, He Goes into Hiding to see what the sons of Men will Do. Thanksgiving is simply Acknowledging the Divine Force That Works Behind the scenes on Our Behalf. THE GRATITUDE is here to say “SIYABONGA” is a song of Thanksgiving which simply means “THANK YOU“.

Follow the Link Below to Download the Song

Music/Radio / Download : Tim Godfrey Ft. Travis Greene – Nara by Skillz92: 3:12pm On Aug 24, 2018

Nigerian Multi Award Winning gospel Artiste Tim Godfrey Releases His Highly Anticipated Single Titled “Nara” Featuring American Grammy Award Nominated singer and song writer Travis Greene.

According to the press Release Tim Said: “This song speaks about Me, My story, My journey, All i have been through and how far God has brought me over the years. it is my song of gratitude to Him, i am simply saying, for all you have done for me, please Accept my Thanks”

Click the link Below to Download

NYSC / Re: NYSC Batch A 2018 Printing Of Call Up Letter. by Skillz92: 9:12pm On Apr 16, 2018
Any body moving from onitsha to kano, please indicate. I am looking for a travel partner,

infact, am looking for somebody who will help me locate the camp, never being to that part of the Land
NYSC / Re: 2018 BATCH A KANO Corp Members by Skillz92: 9:05pm On Apr 16, 2018
Hello kano copers, any body moving from onitsha please indicate, let's hook up
Music/Radio / 10 Gospel Songs That Is Best For Your Easter Sunday Service by Skillz92: 7:14am On Mar 31, 2018
Easter is Here Again, and we are all happy to remember that Remember that Christ came to the world and died on the cross for the sins of the world. It is worth celebrating and churches are in serious preparation for the Easter service. Everybody is doing what he or she can, to have an awesome Sunday service.

Anybody who is involved in anything in church will testify that the week has being too busy for them. One of the people who will be much disturbed is the choir director or coordinator; whichever one you call him in your church. Every one of them will be busy surfing the internet for new songs for easter service. Offcourse no choir wants to do a very popular song especially the Ajebo choirs.

Most churches in Nigeria tends to run their service like the whites do. church looks more of western, the songs and everything is western While some others still love the Local flavor. Whichever category your church belong, don’t worry I have got you covered.

In the list below, I have 5 foreign and 5 local Gospel songs that is is best for your Easter service

5 Top foreign songs for your Easter service Celebration

1. Raised to Life by Elevation Worship ft the walls group: This song actually speaks volumes about the significance of the resurrection of Christ. Take your time listen to it.

2. What a beautiful Name by Hillsong worship : This song is just the perfect song for Easter worship service, its one song you can sing and listen to all over again without getting tired of it.

3. O come to the Alter by Elevation worship ft chris brown & Israel Houghton : someone might ask, what is Chris Brown doing on a gospel song, well you need to find out yourself. No Expo

4. Hallelujah for the cross by Chris Mcclarney: This song is not just perfect for the season, it also explains the victory that came through the cross

5. You Took The Nails by Vashwan Mitchell: vashwan Mitchell released this song some few months ago specifically for the Easter celebration.

Bonus: Reckless Love by Israel Houghton

5 top Nigerian songs for your Easter Service Celebration

1. overcame by Ada Ehi : This song has some great revelations of the death and resurrection of Jesus. I overcame, He won the victory, he said its finished, my future is alive in him.

2. No one Like You by Eben ft Nathaniel Bassey: This song just dropped a day ago and I tell you, it’s a must play for you.

3. Jesus is Alive by Sinach : This is not a new song per say, but its a song that helps you get or understand the reasons why Jesus died on the cross for us.

4. Jesus is Alive by Lynne cleo : This is another song for Easter celebration. It’s a song that celebrates the resurrection of Christ.

5. Excess Love by Mercy Chinwo : what else could make Jesus leave heaven to come down to Earth and die for mankind if not love. Israel Houghton said it’s Reckless Love. This love is Truly Excess

To download any of the songs above please follow the source link below, I would loved to add the links here but Nairaland will ban me for spamming.

SOURCE : https://praisebars.com/10-gospel-songs-that-is-best-for-your-easter-sunday-service/

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