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Politics / Re: FIRS Stops Scores Recruited By Fowler From Resuming by SmartMen: 7:31am
Nani should stop this nonsense and allow them to resume. They are Nigerians for crying out loud. Destroying the career of these young people because you have a problem with Fowler makes no sense.
una never see anything. They will be removed.. And nothing will happen.

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Career / Re: Should I Expose Them? by SmartMen: 6:06pm On May 21
For me minding your business is the best.
Na thief they know im fellow thief grin you might incriminate yourself while trying to report them undecided
I have seen where people put their self in trouble for trying to help others.

in simi's voice: mind your business wether you no like am mind your business.

When investigation starts, he will be roped in.

That was how my brother lost his only music opportunity he ever had cos while one of the producers was stealing their boss money, he didn't talk
Family / Re: Don’t Kill Your Husband. This Is How To Deal With Him If He Is Cheating On You by SmartMen: 7:36am On May 21
Nonsense!! Men stop cheating
stop being a hypocrite.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Insults Oba Of Benin Says He Is Only Concerned About His Throne by SmartMen: 12:01am On May 21
Be like say Nnamdi Kanu want to run mad. This is what I'm talking about. How will you be making enemies instead of friends. Remain for him to abuse South south but we know he won't..... Oyel
the guy is not really interested in any Biafra but his ego.

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Family / Re: My Wife Just Told Me She Regrets Marrying Me. What Should I Do? by SmartMen: 7:38pm On May 20

Whenever I see @the bolded I wonder if the thread was created just to generate traffic. How come you don't want us to know your past history on this forum and from there understand your temperament and apply same in our analysis to help your situation?

lol. You are new to nairaland that is why u say this. If he does not do it this way, nairalanders will use it to haunt him one day.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by SmartMen: 1:35pm On May 20

We do this here for free...
do u have a PayPal account for sending and receiving?
Romance / Re: Dating An Igala Lady Is Like Killing Your Self Slowly(proofs) by SmartMen: 7:33pm On May 19
I met with elejo in a taxi few month ago started dating just some week now and just imagine she could call me only on in the nigth,no love text,no date, no many more i can't state here
you are a fool. Mention your own tribe let's start from there. This how you bunch of idiot go on creating unwarranted stereotypes.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by SmartMen: 6:25pm On May 19
How to extract email addresses from yellowpages with just one click.

I dnt know if you guys already know about it, but there's this amazing pc app called "Reoon yellow pages scrapper,this app scraps through pages of yellow pages to extract emails for you.

To get started, you download the app using the link below..

w w w.Reoon.c o m/download-yellowpages-scraper/
(Remove the spaces in www and com)
Note: the free version only scrap just one page for you but the primium version scraps unlimited pages for just $15/month...

Also make sure you have a vpn installed because the app will need it to access yellowpages since Nigerians arnt allowed to..

After downloading, increase your page limit to any amount you want(given you already upgraded to the premium version).

Lets say you want to search for emails of plumbers in dallas..there are two ways... to do that..

1 Enter yellowpages and search the the service and city and copy the link of the first page then past it in the box to start scapping
(Check first pics below)

2 Or input it manually in the box below to start,
(Check second picture)

When the scraping is completed, "running" will change to "completed"(third pix) once its done and you can then save as csv.. that's all....

The beauty about this app is that it also craws their website to scrap their mails ... it also supports extraction of emails from yelp if you have a .uk.. domain name

So those that dnt have the time to start searching for mails can easily use this app to scrap all the mails for their geo domains and keep in a csv file then use streak to import and outbound easily..

I was able to scrap mails for about 50 of my geo domains within two days and got more than 30,000 emails all stored in a CSV file.

Found this app 5 days ago and outbounded like 5 domains with the mail it generated and two got sold, so the mails it spits out are Truely from yellow pages and end user's website attached to yellowpages......

Romance / Re: Anita & Jide: Man Who Earns ₦15m Asks His Fiancee Who Earns ₦42m To Quit Her Job by SmartMen: 6:23pm On May 19
This Anita And Jide story is trending online. Who do you think should move?

Jide earns N15 million per annum as a banker in Port Harcourt while his fiancee, Anita earns N42 million annually as an oil company worker in Lagos.

Jide asks Anita who earns much higher to quit her job in Lagos and relocate to Port Harcourt and look for a new job after their wedding.

The story has sparked divided reactions on social media.

Who do you think should move?

How many times una go post this thing after rebranding? Good luck to those answering sha.. Me no get that time
Education / Re: God Of Private School Teachers Have Public Mercy On Them. by SmartMen: 1:18am On May 19
I want to try transcribing. I saw it here in this forum. I borrowed a friend's laptop. The problem i have now is to get a modem. I dont know if a good samaritan can help me with modem or 3,500 to buy on. The last time i received a salary was in March. Plus i am using an itel torchlight, so i cant connect it to the laptop. I have tried to borrow money but no one wants to give me and i am not good at begging consistently. Can anyone help please?
have u found a modem yet?
Family / Re: My Brother On Hard Drugs: 18 Years Of Pains And Sorrow. I Need Help! by SmartMen: 1:12am On May 19
I rest my case
why won't rest? U can't defend yourself.

Your likes are the ones giving Christianity a bad image cos I don't know when to draw the limit and apply the brain God gave you.
Family / Re: My Brother On Hard Drugs: 18 Years Of Pains And Sorrow. I Need Help! by SmartMen: 1:08am On May 19
God is not mocked. What a man/ woman sow, that they will reap. Ask ur mum and dad what they did wrong. There must be something evil they had done that is affecting ur 42 yr brother. The bible said, train up a child in d way that he should grow and when he is old he will not depart from it. They where sparing the rod on him and now spoilt
shut up your mouth and get out if you don't have anything to say.

Why haven't use this to find the cure of Corona virus?

You people are so stupid that you don't know your limit when discussing serious issue.

Did God told you not to use your brain.

Go and cure corona and come back to have better discussion.
Celebrities / Re: Igbos And Suzan Ade Coker Of Rant HQ Clash On Facebook by SmartMen: 12:01pm On May 18

And Facebook didn't bring it down.
So what next?

Y'all can't do shit

You are giving RantHq more publicity.
1.3 Million plus members and still counting.
Again y'all can't do shit!!

Because they didn't bring it down does not mean they won't or can't. They may be carrying out their investigation.

When you all go on places like Twitter and Facebook to talk shiiit, u forget that these platforms are not govern by Nigerian rules but American rules, which are strict by the way.

Just pray they don't find anything incriminating on there, else it is bye bye to all she was worked for and she will no longer have political leverage.

I was on international forum where one of the mass shooter was found to have an account and All hosting companies told the website owner to take his stuff elsewhere. The owner was helpless.

Few days ago, one Yoruba guy said on twitter they will kill igbos, another one said on Facebook they will strangulate igbo business if igbos refused to support Tinubu in 2023.

You all fail to understand igbos bow to no one, even if it means spilling their blood. They have done it to Americans (read about Igbo Landing) they have done it with the British, they did it with Nigerian government during the Civil War.

I know all these attacks is because of 2023.

We will meet when that time comes.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by SmartMen: 6:03pm On May 14

Thanks. Funniest thing is, some mins ago another sold for $3800 and also under 60 days lock. I'm just grateful to Almighty Allah. These aren't my first sales though. I've been gaming for somewhile. I learnt a lot from Abdulbasit about domaining. First thing is Buy good names, then pray and be patient.

Will reveal all names when I collect my money lipsrsealed
congrats man... congrats...

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Family / Re: I Was A Husband: My Experience by SmartMen: 2:27pm On May 14
Op I sell coffins Incase you decide to go back
shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked
Crime / Re: Rinji Peter Death: Protest At Hwolshe Community by SmartMen: 10:45am On May 14
Innocent people should stop these Dreadlocks of a thing ..

You can't dress like an armed Robber and expect to be treated like innocent person.

If am a police officer,Army or Sars, once you are on Dreadlocks, you are a suspect story no dey that 1 undecided

Why Dreadlocks when it will neither Make you Rich nor successful .

All smokers and guys on Dreadlocks are suspect and I will shoot them anyhow..yes nah!

So it only arm robber that dress like that? The guy that was killing girls in PH few months ago at different hotels, please remind me the kind of hair he had.

U go school but sense no go through u.
Career / Re: American University Of Nigeria Sacks 400 Staff by SmartMen: 7:48pm On May 05

He did not loot the national treasury to set up his private university.
yeah right... but Atiku employed people. show us whom your buhari employed all his life.. outside government.

If others look and create jobs, we will still benefit one way or the other...

show us the company your buhari owns that he employed people and fed families...

Shameless thing.
Career / Re: American University Of Nigeria Sacks 400 Staff by SmartMen: 2:21pm On May 05
Atiku means Jobs!

Nigeria dodged a bullet. cool
a man who hired 400 staff, is the best if not for impending recession.

Shows us what your Buhari did before he became president in 2015
Family / Re: Help: My Father Is Killing My Mom Gradually by SmartMen: 1:01pm On May 05
My parents got married 27years ago, since then it has been hell for my mom. It's as if my mom was forced on him or did the love just seize to exit, this I need advice on, from my brothers and sisters here on what to do next.

It all began in 1993, two years later I was born (1995), then we reside in Lagos but my dad later moved to pH in search of greener pastures. He only comes back home (Lagos) once in a while. My mom tried all her best to cater for her kids during all those period with no help or whatsoever coming from my Dad. It wasn't easy at all.

Fast forward to early 2003, my dad came visiting after two years without hearing from him and then my mom decided we are going with him to pH, he opposed but my mom Insisted. To cut the long story short, after we get to pH we found out my dad was living carelessly, womanizing, his social life is zero because he doesn't drink or smoke but he lavished all his money outside and Care less about his family.

My mom strived and engaged in little business which we managed to survive on. My dad only comes home when he is Short of money and acted low and submissive but as soon as he got some money, he changed immediately.

So 2010 I left pH to the village, was writing waec, looking for admission and so on, later going to lag to hustle around 2013 as I'm the one to foot my education expenses.

2015 I gained admission in a polytechnic, after my OND in 2017 I went back to lag to begin the hustle as I have to further my education, all this period I did not visit my family in Port Harcourt. I went back for HND in 2018 but had to withdraw because of lack of funds, I went back again in 2019 because a family member advised he will foot the bills which he later didn't do.

So because of this covid 19 I visited my parents in pH. My mom was very ill, she can't move nor stand and she has been the one taking care of the family, my father inclusive. My father has been a lazy man who depends solely on his wife for survival. He does not work, he does not stay at home with his sick wife. 6am he will enter the kitchen and eat any food he finds he won't even ask if four of his kids and my mom will eat. He will go and sit down in people's shops around the streets discussing with people's wife's. 10am he will be back home, straight to the kitchen to check if there's any food if my mom had drop money for us to prepare food, he will eat it without even talking to anybody, in fact he owns the kitchen now. He repeats same 2pm, 5pm and night meal also. I'm just so angry right now I don't even know what I am typing again.

After seeing all this behavior i advised my mother to give him some space, she gave birth to four children for him and three of us can survive on our own as we are no longer kids, but she won't obliged it's just as if maybe she is okay with suffering.

Today this morning, my dad did the most outrageous thing, he woke up and started ranting, saying does my mom think he is not going to be rich later, and he won't stay here forever. I got the message he was passing that he is going to leave my Mom if he stumbles upon some money. And I exactly told my mom this statement yesternight too.

Please you guys should advise me on what to do because at this junction, it hurts me a lot having the knowledge that my mom is with man who doesnt care or love her, even at her sick bed, he never for once visited the doctor nor the man of God taking care of my Mom.

I am grateful that you have wisdom, which is the most paramount in discerning what to do.

What you need is courage and boldness to confront this situation. Though you have but it is not yet fully alive, ABOUT 50% of it is still sleeping.

Be bold.

Take my advise, acquire a skill, digital skill especially that you can use to get freelance jobs in and outside Nigeria. You will be here and commanding money. Visit the nairaland business section and scan through what u can do.

This will come handy when you must have finish your HND and looking for almost non existing jobs in Nigeria.

What kind of digital skills can you acquire?

1. Video Editing

2. Graphics Editing

3. Website Designing, App Development, Coding

How to make money with these?

You can use 1 and 2 to make 3 bring you money.

Let's say you see a business page of a company that does not have a website. Build a rapport of by offering 1 or 2 as free gift to them that they can use to promote their businesses with the graphics or video you made for them... keep chatting them up and checking up on them once a while... after you see they have become comfortable with you, you can pitch your website design to them or ask them to recommend you to someone.

Over time, you will gain a lot of clients or customer.

There are other areas you can function which is importation from china... but this one, for advance people, you will need to learn a lot of digital marketing skills such as facebook ads, profitable products to promote...., logistics, and a host of other things... though VERY stressful but the money you will make is super good. some guys make as much as 400k per month from this...

You can turn around and teach all these for a fee to people who want to learn.

May lack of money depart from you starting from now if you take actions on this steps. It wont be easy though... but with determination, u will conquer.
Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Pay Higher Electricity Tariffs - FG Promises IMF by SmartMen: 9:39am On May 05
Am just tired of ds country.. Our fore fathers have been shouting this slogan "e go beta" since time immemorial,,and till now nothing has changed.. Na so we go dey dey? Let starts to kill all ds politicians one after d other because their intentions na to finish us..

Imagine somewhere a speaker is giving one of his wives 10million per month dubiously,, and gave his constituency that voted him 100naira agege bread � in the face of hunger.. Haba mana!!!

This second page na curse full am oo,, if u are an APC fan,, i repeat.. No go near there ooo..
My brother, just make money and start thinking of a saner country to elope to lol... cos this country, APC came to enslave people.


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by SmartMen: 7:47am On May 05
Sales Letter And Follow Up Message Formats In One Place

It so funny to me that there are many members who don't make use of simple features of NL forum, like search bar at the top to get what they need without asking anyone. For the lazy domainers like me, I have dugged up the sales letter and follow up message format with the uses of the search bar for the benefit of everyone. Here are they, thus

Sales Letter

Format 1: https://www.nairaland.com/3430037/what-make-money-online/814#82874841
(Page 814)

Format 2: https://www.nairaland.com/3430037/what-make-money-online/864#83451356
(Page 864)

Format 3: https://www.nairaland.com/3430037/what-make-money-online/723#81925341
(Page 723)

Follow Up Massage Format
You can check that on this page,

Public Holiday Format

Remember, there would be public holiday on Christmas and Boxing day together with the first day of the New Year. You can use the format below
(Courtesy Of Cdor777, the Guy's brilliant).

Actually someone used this format to sell Alabama Ad Agency. If you need an example on how to tailor the template to suit your need, you can check the link below


I hope this will help someone out there. I wish everyone of US Nice Christmas gifts from the domainer name business. More sales to us this week and beyond. Cheers. smiley cheesy grin

P.s: Don't be lazy, try to scroll up and down of the pages I shared, you will see what you want there.

P.s.s: To the experts and senior members, some newbies will ask the same question over and over in the future. Instead of getting annoyed, Just refer them here, page 1388 or 1018 cool . Courtesy of Richkal cool

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Career / Re: Wells Carlton Hotel Sacks 200 Workers, Shutdown Operations by SmartMen: 4:43pm On May 04
If I survive this 2020, nothing will scare me again in life.

It has been one hell of scary ride for me personally

Stay strong brother, we are all in this together

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Business / Re: Ecommerce Business Owners - What Shipping You Use For Your Business? by SmartMen: 10:04am On May 04
Good evening my fellow business people, I sell cake tools online and operate from Aba.

I use God is Good logistics and Nipost to send orders to my customers outside the state1. GIGL has the issue of being too expensive.. Imagine someone paying shipping of 3k for a little item he bought 3k?
Nipost has the issue1 of general unseriousness (no standardised shipping rates) ..

I'm curious to know if there are more affordable shipping options out there that i am not aware of? What do you use for your business?

This is how I and others do ours.

I have a bunch of a friends across different geopolitical zones that handles deliveries.

We send it to them, they pick up from the park and deliver to our buyers. That way, returns are duly managed.

Technically it is more expensive by extra 1500 to 2000 but it is more profitable this way and minimizes returns.
Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by SmartMen: 7:46am On May 04

Yeah, of course all 40 million of us do that. Reality check... it's the whites who hate you not us we just hate your COONING for the whites. This whole topic is nothing but racist whites talking points, that's where the op learned it from.

Yeah right


Health / Re: Nasiru Gwarzo: 80% Of Kano Coronavirus Samples Test Positive by SmartMen: 7:12am On May 04
LIES..LIES...LIES. So why is NCDC turning out very low numbers? These thieving northerners would stop at nothing to drain the country. angry angry angry

They probably ran out of test kits. Wait for them to restock.
Health / Re: Nasiru Gwarzo: 80% Of Kano Coronavirus Samples Test Positive by SmartMen: 7:11am On May 04
They were playing politics not knowing that its a serious matter.

Imagine Someone that was awaiting his result and still went for jumat prayers shows how insensitive some people could be.just imagine the no of lives he has endanger by this act.

Those people he has contact with will continue to spread it as some of them may attend jumat at another location and that's how the spread continues.

No, everything na election for them..
Politics / Re: COVID-19: Kano Has 10,000 Mosques But Only 25 Hospitals - Reno Omokri by SmartMen: 10:52pm On May 03
It is not just Kano. It is the same trend all over the country. Even here down South, there are more churches than hospitals. We need to change focus.
Which state in South has less than 100 hospitals, if we include privately owned? abeg don't go there.
Health / Re: Coronavirus Is Cause Of Mysterious Deaths In Kano - Dr Nasiru Sani Gwarzo by SmartMen: 10:49pm On May 03


Romance / Re: Tips For Dating An African American (akata) Woman by SmartMen: 1:14am On May 03

I have been fighting my own battles before I knew Steve and you know that. I have been fighting these bigots since 2011 with ease. grin Racial battle? We are of the same race.
How many of you Americans consider yourself Africans in the first place? undecided Are you guys not the same set mocking Africans in Africa at slightest opportunity? undecided


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