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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: You Are Still Unemployed And Its Almost March by stint(m): 12:16am On Mar 01, 2018
kindly register again, you application is not valid, maybe you didn't submit after you finished. And let me knw if you have submitted, so I can confirm your application

Please edit my name from this quote, thank you
Foreign Affairs / Re: First Ever Gay Muslim Wedding Takes Place In U.K by stint(m): 11:28pm On Jul 11, 2017
i mean butt,very strong unlike ladies butt

Now you are generalizing... There are girls with hard bombom too. Hehehe
Foreign Affairs / Re: First Ever Gay Muslim Wedding Takes Place In U.K by stint(m): 11:14pm On Jul 11, 2017
Chai,which one be Bae and which one be Boo,person go leave bwest and butt and go for iron bucket, this is Love abi?

Thats sexist. Are you calling guys iron buckets...

Please note that i am straight oo. Before someone curses my destiny!!

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Politics / Re: Why Nigeria Sells Electricity To Niger, Benin Republic – Fashola by stint(m): 11:02pm On Jul 11, 2017

But how do you block a river like that without untold ecological catastrophe. Think about what you're saying for a minute. Blocking that river will flood an area the size of Benin republic within 9 months. Not having anything about these thoughtless agreements drawn up decades ago but we should have moved past that by now and thus government has the opportunity to bring about change not excusing it.
You are a fool. He meant "explain what you will do if they build their own dam" do you know what a dam is? Okay if you don't know, when they build a dam, they would control the flow and use the water velocity to generate light. By the time the water gets to Nigeria, it would not flow as thick and fast as it is currently thereby reducing the electricity we can get from it.

We should renegotiate? They are so wise like you that they will collect money so they can put the money inside their TVs and Globes? Or maybe we should give the fuel, they can buy a giant generator for their whole country? Old mumu

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Politics / Re: Why Nigeria Sells Electricity To Niger, Benin Republic – Fashola by stint(m): 10:40pm On Jul 11, 2017
Fashola we trusted you, now you are spewing this nonsense? Which dam? ehn? stop selling to them, when they overflow the dam, sanction them. sell something else not what you do not have in abundance.

What is this one saying
Crime / Re: Fake Lawyer Busted In Court While Defending Client (photo) by stint(m): 10:37pm On Jul 11, 2017
On topic...it is spelt busted not busted...
what is this one saying
Politics / Re: "Nobody Can Remove Magu" - Osinbajo by stint(m): 6:04pm On Jul 06, 2017
He has just said that the leaders of the senate should attempt to impeach him and his Oga or live in fear that Magu will send them to prison soon for their numerous loots. Guess which option self serving politicians would choose?
Crime / Re: Evans Wife Drives A  2107 Lexus SUV Says OAP Freeze ( Photos) by stint(m): 4:35pm On Jun 20, 2017
Nairaland / General / Re: Buried Alive In Coffin!!!.....u Won't Believe What Happened Next(pix). by stint(m): 2:54pm On Jun 20, 2017
Wehhdone sir!

This your coffin that is bigger and more comfortable than a cell in kirikiri.

If you wan't to try real coffin, come and go to kirikiri and facebook from there!!

That's just on a lighter mood.

I think its all for the right reasons. A lot of awareness needs to be raised towards depressed people.

[url]How to Kill Depression before it kills your dreams https://gainprogress.com/2017/03/05/revealed-how-to-kill-depression-before-it-kills-your-dreams/[/url]
Family / Re: When A Man Is Richer Vs When A Woman Is Richer by stint(m): 6:27pm On Jun 15, 2017

Pray to God to give you your missing bone Bro because my father had this same mindset of yours....Its too late for him( he's in his late 70s now), but not you
When my father was father, then he was working with a German firm at that time HF Scrolder( don't know if I got that right), he had money then, always looked down on my mummy( a bread winner )( a poor Federal civil servant), he comes home at odd hours after giving order of 'serve them round', plus concubines etc.
When an opportunity came to own a flat for my mom( all these Jakande Estates), she informed my daddy abt it, and the money to be paid b4 securing a flat( the rest wld be deducted from her salary), my father( he bought a land in Lag but the Omo onile finally hijacked the land) bluntly said he cannot live under a woman's roof, she even told him that , we don't need to live there, if he can just help her out with that first payment, then my father said that a woman cannot own a house b4 him....my mom tried all she could, but she missed the opportunity.... years after, when Abdulsalami entered, he changed the whole thing, he increased civil servants salary.... my mom bought a land in Lagos and built a structure on it (then HF scrolder had folded up, dad managing with Eleganza and left for another meager pay till he finally retired himself)...
As God wld have it,My mom ( a retired civil servant) has been responsible for my dad's welfare(even b4 she retired in 2005)( her pension(over 50k) and monthly pay she receives from her daughters and sons- in-law) till tomorrow, even living under a woman's roof he declined years back....Its now I can confidently say that my mom is enjoying her marriage, God gave my father his wife
Only God knows how he distributes HIS things, you might be destined that your life partner wld be richer than you are, or wld be the one to lift you up....
I do tell my mom that if she were to be me, I wld have divorced such a man a very long time ago because I don't understand where u had one child, you noticed your spouse bad behavior towards you and d baby till u gave birth to 6kids for this man

Is it your Father you are talking about like this?

Which part of Nigeria are you from?
Business / Creating A Mastermind Group For Entrepreneurs by stint(m): 12:25am On May 29, 2017
Hello Everyone,

There has been lots of talk about entrepreneurship and how it is the way forward.

You have heard the arguments of how it is best to work for yourself and not for others. Some of us have even preached it to others.

But it is not about what you say, it is not even about what you believe. For the most part, it is about what you do. It is about what you are prepared to do within legal boundaries to become who you know in your heart that you are.

For me, there are lots of ideas. I have tried my hands on a few and i have failed a few times.

What is this about?

I know from research that people who really make it in life are the "wierd" ones. Only those who dare to think different can ever hope to make anything substantial of themselves.

I am calling out for individuals who think like this. I am looking for the few people with whom my words resonate.

We all need a support group to push us in the direction we crave. We need people not only heading the-same direction, but people who are also in the same environment facing the-same challenges. We can leverage on each others strengths to achieve similar goals in entrepreneurship.

What would you get from being part of this group?

1. Accountability: Verily verily I say unto you, if you join this group, you will be accountable. If you share a plan with us, we will follow up to ensure you do it. If you make non-action an habit, then other members of the group will have to decide if you are worth keeping.

2. Encouragement: Since we will all be of the type of think out of the box, you can be sure that your ideas would make sense and we would encourage you.

3. Ideas: We share ideas with each other. Where 5 smart people share ideas every week, it is certain you will get great ideas that may have never occurred to you.

4 Assistance: Although, this is not where you are expected to come beg for financial assistance, in fact this is not allowed. That being sad, I recognize that there will be room for collaboration and teamwork where necessary.

Who this group is NOT for:

1. Scammers: If you are willing to bend the rules and break the law, then you need to form your own group.

2. Beggars: I am sorry to use this word, I just need to place emphases to drive home a point. Nobody likes a cry-cry baby or a parasite. If all you think about is how to use other members' connections and finance to prosper yourself, then you need to form your own group. I hope I can find the type of people I am looking for. Ideally, it should be people who have achieved moderate success in some areas of there lives like academic and work but aim to move to the next level with there entrepreneurship dreams.

3. The non ambitious: We are looking for people with a certain level of drive for success. If you are not this person, then please laugh at this and move on. This only works if the right mix of people come together.

Group Size:

It is my opinion that too many cooks spoil the stew. Ideally, only five people would so. I don't care about age, race, sex, or religion. The only criteria will be people who have demonstrated drive and resilience either through success in academics, professional work environment, or entrepreneurship. I understand that drive and resilience can be demonstrated in other ways than the above. So feel free to express yourself and you'll be considered.

How to join:

To join this group, please send me an E-mail at nigerianmasterminds@gmail.com

I will choose the first person. Who ever I chose will chose the next person and so on, until we have 5 people.

Thanks for reading up till this point.



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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Who Is Single On Nairaland? by stint(m): 12:02am On Nov 30, 2015
too many married men parading as single guys on nairaland, well if you're totally single and around ph or uyo feel free to say hi

Hi, am in uyo for two days from work. Am very single, can we meet tomorrow? You can text me 09056329317, I call.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Registered For YOUWIN 2015? Come In And Let's Discuss by stint(m): 11:38pm On Feb 20, 2015

chop and clean mouth abi ? undecided, biting the fingers that feed you natural born mumu
Sorry if I dont think Nigeria's money and Jonathan's money are one and thesame.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Registered For YOUWIN 2015? Come In And Let's Discuss by stint(m): 11:36pm On Feb 20, 2015
nothing is in your head. How old are you?
Travel / Re: Why I Want To Visit Nigeria - A Foreigner's (Flimsy) Reasons. by stint(m): 1:36pm On Feb 20, 2015
1. make sure u get a visa o. If u go and pay 300 naira at tho border like some people, OYO for u.
2. The best jolof is the ones we eat at owanbe parties. Just be in lagos on a saturday. Wear fine cloth and go to any hall near u, wedding must happen. Dont worry about IV. Just go there and sit, look prety and u will be served. I can show u how it is done.
3. Always ask for your change in danfo o! Expecially in lagos.
4. Stay in the south, Its safer. If u want to go to the north, please visit ife(osun state) first and get ODESHI and the essentials.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Registered For YOUWIN 2015? Come In And Let's Discuss by stint(m): 12:22pm On Feb 20, 2015
This jona na olodo, instead of him to give us the money and put us on TV to stylishly campaign for him. I would have been bold enough to say how he is the best thing since slice bread on channels TV if he had given me the grant. I expect him to fastracj this one. Organise a big ceremony for us and past awardees. That will be a show of strength to those who say he hasnt done anything. This president no get sharp advisers o.

Jonathan, if u dey read my post, abeg we can still make it happen o. We will campaign for you more than ur fake friends.

Abi I lie?


Romance / Re: That Touching Word That Make My Di'ck Weak During self-service. by stint(m): 10:40am On Feb 12, 2015
I hope he gave you scriptures where the bible says selfservice is unforgivable. Shebi doing it with your girl is better abi? Some people can be so. .....


Romance / Re: My Love Medicine Is Not Working On Her by stint(m): 10:45pm On Feb 11, 2015
[size=18pt][/size] Op you mean you put love jazz for her table and she got promotion instead. THE GIRL NA OGBANJE.....my favorite [size=18pt][/size]
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Breweries Sales Executive Recruitment 2015 by stint(m): 10:30pm On Feb 11, 2015
Can someone highly spirited jst guess d likely question workforce will set for d online test dat will start tomorrow. Jst in 20min!. Could it be gmat or basically on sales and is it immediately we will get our results. Pls help oo. Again! Can we do it on phone?
How much for the spiritual revelation??
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: You Are Still Unemployed And Its Almost March by stint(m): 3:21pm On Feb 10, 2015
kindly register again, you application is not valid, maybe you didn't submit after you finished. And let me knw if you have submitted, so I can confirm your application
Thanks, I will do that. Can you help edit my name from your post for privacy and security reasons? Thanks.

Modified: i ve now re-registered. Please help me confirm.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: You Are Still Unemployed And Its Almost March by stint(m): 11:08am On Feb 10, 2015
give me your full name and the date you applied let me check ur application status

Thank u sir, My name is ######@. Cant say the exact date i registered. But am one of the first people to register.
Romance / Re: My Boyfriend Treats Me Like An Egg, I Am Scared by stint(m): 1:37am On Feb 10, 2015
Op used overdose juju for the boyfriend. Seriousbabe next time babalawo gives u juju, please follow prescriptions


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: You Are Still Unemployed And Its Almost March by stint(m): 2:24pm On Feb 09, 2015
Please i havent heard anything from you people o. Have anyone heard from them?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is This How People Get Employed????? by stint(m): 2:17pm On Feb 09, 2015
SCAMEST. please report to the police or efcc.


Literature/Writing Ads / Re: I Need Competent, Dedicated Writers. I Will Pay N1000 Per 1000 Words by stint(m): 11:20pm On Feb 05, 2015
Am very interested. I have the skills you need and all the time in the world. My email is o@gmail.com
Romance / Re: She Broke Up With Me Because I Am Ibo by stint(m): 4:04pm On Feb 04, 2015
Romance / Re: Dream Man With A Child With His Ex- Whom Does He Love More? by stint(m): 8:55am On Feb 04, 2015
Op of course he will love his child even if her mother is a demon. Its absolutely wrong for you to want him to love your child more. You already know he is a good father so whichever one he loves most will only be known to him. I see you causing a lot of problems in that family with your insecurity. Please find someone else without a child.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: INEC Recruitment 2014 (ADHOC Staff Vacancies)-apply by stint(m): 8:59pm On Feb 03, 2015
Properties / Re: Farmland For Lease At N3000 Per Acre. Get More For Less! by stint(m): 8:31pm On Feb 03, 2015

Chairman, it is not that simple . . . we are talking of millions here, and money have a way to change an angel into a monster.

Thats very true sir, very true. As much as I agree with u, we know that it is impossible to do great things alone, we need dedicated staff. If you employ me, you can make sure I cant steal the millions even if i wanted to.. at least until you trust me. My job will just be supervision. Am interested majorly for the experience cos i plan to expand my own farm too.
Properties / Re: Farmland For Lease At N3000 Per Acre. Get More For Less! by stint(m): 7:44pm On Feb 03, 2015

With humility sir, I say thanks while you doing great. Lack of who will take care of my farm has delayed our transactions but will surely happen
Employ me na. Am very willing to work, help manage yout farm. I have the time, knowledge and readiness to work. Am serious.

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