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Health / Re: The Harmful Effects Of Sleeping In A Bra..every Woman Must Know This by StrRock: 4:53pm On Apr 29, 2020
Events / Re: Drone Photography, Videography, And Cinematography Services(indoor&outdoor) by StrRock: 3:52pm On Apr 29, 2020
Ohh, I just love shooting from a drone. Recently, I was with friends in Singapore and we decided to take a drone with us on a trip. It was just an unforgettable vacation, but there were many interesting adventures. My friends and I liked to do parkour and decided to shoot all the tricks using the drone. After 25 minutes of shooting, the police came up to us and we were fined for 500 bucks. It turns out that in Singapore there are special places for shooting with a drone and if you shoot other places you may even be arrested. I was shocked when I found out this info. As a result, I was shocked and we started looking for a list of allowed places in Singapore and in one cool site we found Best place to fly drone in Singapore with a detailed description. So do not repeat our mistakes!
Sports / Re: Why You Should Play Online Poker During This Covid 19 Pandemic Period by StrRock: 4:51pm On Apr 28, 2020
Ahah, actually this is my only occupation lately. I played all the games from google play, but I'm tired of even that smileyI was sure that I would go crazy in quarantine until I came across an online casino. After the simulations, I decided to play poker and downloaded zinga poker. I played all night and never lost, and then I saw an advertisement from an online casino. During quarantine, everyone needs money (in fact, they are always needed) and I thought that this is a good idea. On YouTube, I heard a lot of negative reviews about online casinos and therefore decided to find a reliable site for this. I was very lucky that I came across http://onlinecasinogo.ng/, because there were the best online casinos and I was able to find a review for each site. In the end, I chose the coolest casino and started playing there. I was shocked but fortune did not leave me and won without breaks. After 3 days of the poker tournament, I won about 2500 euros, so quarantine gave me a new way to earn money!

I also wanted to try playing online casinos.
Health / Re: Antibiotics: What They Are And How To Use Them By Nairaland by StrRock: 1:34pm On Apr 16, 2020
I am categorically against the use of antibiotics because despite the fact that they save our lives, they are very harmful and completely kill human immunity. I would recommend using antibiotics only as a last resort. Recently, I had problems with the gastrointestinal tract and my doctor suggested that I use antibiotics for a quick recovery, but I categorically refused this. Then he said that I can try probiotics and told me about p3om probiotic. I decided to learn more about this medicine on the Internet and found a very detailed review. P3-OM is a probiotic supplement that destroys all harmful bacteria and increases the number of beneficial ones to improve a person’s overall health and well-being. In the end, this miracle cure helped me get rid of digestive problems!
Health / Re: Mattress That Increases Magnetic Filed And Keeps The Body Cell Young. by StrRock: 3:15pm On Apr 15, 2020
Hmm, I heard about it on TV but I don’t believe it. Firstly, such a technology is very difficult to implement, and secondly, a constant magnetic field around the body can cause certain health problems. In addition, I do not know where you can buy such mattresses. I personally prefer classic orthopedic mattresses. I recently came across aireloom mattresses. I read a lot of facts and information about them on the site and decided to buy. Literally for three months of using this mattress, I completely forgot about back pain and pinching of the vertebrae. Before that, the doctors said that only surgery will help me, but now they are in shock. I have never felt so young! So I would advise everyone to sleep on this mattress for at least a week!
Technology Market / Re: Huawei Can Buy From US Suppliers Again — But Things Will Never Be The Same by StrRock: 1:46pm On Apr 15, 2020
This is certainly very cool and now the huawei will definitely survive and will continue to be a leader in the race of technology companies!Many said that they can continue to live even without the help of American components, but this is nonsense. Chinese parts are substandard and American parts are best used. I have a friend who works in a factory for the production of various household goods and they found very good Fasteners Suppliers. He says that they tried to work with Chinese parts, but it was a hell. In the end, they decided to use more expensive parts, but the quality increased several times. So this is logical!
Health / Re: Sell More With Facebook & Instagram Ads, SEO, Google Ads, Etc by StrRock: 9:14pm On Apr 13, 2020
I agree that initially targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram helped to increase profits, but now this is no longer relevant. You can spend a million on advertising in social networks and make a profit of only 300,000 dollars. The reason is that because of the large number of scammers, people have ceased to trust online advertising. The only way is SEO promotion. Yes, I'm not joking. Seo can really help increase your sales and I myself have seen this. I began my way in business by creating a website with the goal of attracting students to buy graduate works, presentations and essays. At first, I had almost no visitors and clients, and then they told me about SEO. I did not believe in it, but decided to try it! As a result, I began to work with SEO Advantage Australia and I was shocked by the results! My monthly profit increased by 95 percent and all thanks to the competent technique of SEO promotion!
Health / Re: How Air Pollution Effect Our Health by StrRock: 8:03am On Apr 13, 2020
Thanks for such a detailed and interesting post!
Business To Business / Re: Online Shopping by StrRock: 8:03am On Apr 13, 2020
Online delivery is our future!
Computers / Re: Laptop Keyboard Needed by StrRock: 7:38am On Apr 12, 2020
It is because of such problems that I do not like laptops and membrane keyboards! It seems to me that there is nothing better than ordinary compact mechanical keyboards!It may sound silly, but I would advise you not to spend money on replacing the keyboard, because soon it will break again and it will be some kind of endless cycle. When my laptop keyboard broke down, I just found the best 60% mechanical keyboard and connected them to the laptop. Soon, I just threw my laptop in a dump and bought a new PC and used it in tandem with a mechanical keyboard. However, you decide!
Autos / Re: Poker News World by StrRock: 7:38am On Apr 12, 2020
Honestly, I don’t even know how to react to this, because I have been following this service for more than 2 years, and there was not a single important news. Seriously, I just don’t understand who likes this? Who is reading this? What for?? The only important and interesting news is news about people who won tournaments. I personally think that there is a lot more important information on the Internet than in this news ... For example, for a long time I was looking for reliable online casinos to play poker and did not find anything suitable on your site. However, after a long search on the Internet, I came across http://sakongdominoqqonline.com/ and there was a list of the most reliable online casinos for gambling. So if you are looking for reliable online casinos, I recommend reading the reviews on the site!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Top5 Biggest Rivers In The World – Secrets And Location by StrRock: 9:43am On Apr 03, 2020
Dude, thank you very much for such a detailed and interesting post. By the way, I knew all these facts about the Amazon. I was in upper Amazon cruises about 5 years ago and you can’t even imagine what beautiful views there ... There were just a huge number of different endangered species and during the whole cruise I thought that I went to heaven. Now the ecosystem is completely disrupted. The air of this place is almost not enriched with oxygen due to the death of trees and plants. A huge number of animals died and I still do not understand why no country has taken anything to effectively combat the fire ...
Celebrities / Re: Ike Onyema And Mercy Eke Love Up At Mercy’s Housewarming Party (video) by StrRock: 7:30pm On Apr 02, 2020
I would also like to have such a housewarming party.
Food / Re: 5 Best Trending Air Fryers For Your Home - Features And Price by StrRock: 5:17am On Apr 02, 2020
Thank you for your top of the best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens, but the problem is that almost all of these devices have low power and you won’t be able to quickly cook your favorite dish ... I used to always order food from McDonalds, and recently I realized that I spend a lot on fast food a lot of money and I decided to stop and change my strategy. My classmate strongly opposed fast food and said that I myself can cook nuggets or french fries at home and it will be much more healthy and tasty. I started looking for Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven and chose one awesome model with a variety of features for 570 bucks and Lizzie advised me on Skype. In the end, I cooked an awesome french fries and two baskets of nuggets and I spent only about 20 bucks instead of 50 ... So this is really a very economical method and also it was not so greasy and harmful!
Religion / Re: Marine Spirits. What Are They... by StrRock: 2:14am On Apr 01, 2020
It is so funny for me because I consider that this is a complete nonsense
TV/Movies / Re: Castlevania Season 3 Review by StrRock: 12:17am On Mar 31, 2020
I watched all the seasons and I think that this is just a masterpiece and one of the best netflix projects. Most of my friends are very positive about this series, but my best friend told me that this is some kind of shit and that he will never watch this series in my life. He doesn’t like the storyline and refuses to listen to the fact that the game had an identical plot. I even found a story with a detailed explanation for the third part of the game at https://castleeye.com/castlevania-3-rom/ and spent more than two hours to explain him all this, but he was unshakable. Now I was wondering how you feel about this series ??
Business / Re: Stuck At Home Because Of Coronavirus by StrRock: 6:27am On Mar 28, 2020
Ohh, you can’t even imagine how much I got tired of this coronavirus and quarantine. I live in Spain and every day it’s becoming more dangerous to go out!
My parents also stay at home and do not allow me to go anywhere ... However, despite the bad mood, I understand that self-isolation is the only way to stop this pandemic as soon as possible. I watched movies played online games and I’m tired of absolutely everything. Yesterday my friend sent me a message in which there was a link to a site called stuck at home because of coronavirus. I decided to read and there was a list of activities that can be done at home in quarantine and I decided to try to play in this casino because I play great poker. In the end, I hope that this does not bother me so quickly smiley)
Health / Re: Can Essential Oils Be Used To Treat Shingles? Share With Friends by StrRock: 1:15pm On Mar 17, 2020
thanks for advices and detailed info!
Food / Re: Easy Vanilla Cupcakes : 6 Cupcakes Recipe by StrRock: 12:40am On Mar 15, 2020
Wow, I looked at the recipes and it looks very tasty and besides they are pretty easy to cook. I really like to cook and love sweets but the problem is that I didn’t have any containers to store them. I could not cook a lot of cupcakes, only 2-3 pieces to immediately eat them with tea))
Recently I got tired of it and I decided to find good and inexpensive boxes for kesks on the Internet and came across an article how to choose a good cupcake carrier. There were the top 10 best cupcake pickers and I ordered them from Amazon and look forward to my parcel. Soon I will be able to prepare cupcakes in large quantities and store them for a long time, and also go to visit friendssmiley
Programming / Re: Proxy Help. by StrRock: 8:28am On Mar 09, 2020
You can use any program with a proxy. there are now plenty of programs and I suggest you use ones which are not free because they are protected much better. But first, you have to understand that proxies are remote computers used to restrict Internet access, filter content, and make Internet browsing more secure. Proxies act as a middleman between the end-user and the web server since all connection requests pass through them. Suggest you paying attention on residential rotating proxies
Thank you for the answer dude
Romance / Re: Top 10 Tips For Buying Womens Lingerie by StrRock: 8:32pm On Mar 04, 2020
My mom said these are great tips!
Fashion / Re: Want to Work for the Best Natural Hair Salon in Lagos? Train and Work with us by StrRock: 10:59pm On Mar 02, 2020
sounds cool!
I would really like to work for you, but I have absolutely no experience
Gaming / Re: Gloud Cloud Gaming by StrRock: 10:13pm On Mar 02, 2020
Dear nairalanders I just found a free online cloud gaming app for Android phones you can play high end games like wwe2k16 , pes2017 , and all xbox 360 games I can share the APk if you are interested

Dude, I also heard about it and there are a huge number of such applications in google play, but they work just awfully. The bottom line is that cloud gaming requires powerful servers and system optimization. In addition, it is almost impossible to get such high graphics on the phone. One of the leaders in cloud gaming today is the Google Stadia and it works just perfect, but even there FPS drawdowns occur. I believe that cloud gaming is our future, but it is not yet developed to play on the phone ... Maybe in 10 years it will be possible!
Career / Re: I Will Do Pinterest Marketing Management Organically Fast by StrRock: 10:00pm On Mar 02, 2020
I don’t want to offend anyone, but the dude in the picture does not inspire confidence smiley
Alright, let's get down to business. I first learned about this marketing method two years ago and honestly then I was very skeptical about this and did not understand the whole essence of this method. Just two months ago, I opened my online business related to the creation of presentations and essays. The problem was that we were a new company and almost no one knew about us in the market and then my partner suggested to try Pinterest Management Services. I agreed and you won’t believe it, but it really worked. The guys very quickly created an account for pinterest and began to engage in marketing of our services and within a few weeks we had the first large orders. So it really works!
Education / Re: Engineering Students Of Ambrose Alli University Rock Arab Apparel For Graduation by StrRock: 9:05pm On Mar 02, 2020
I'm sure that they are good students, and they know their profession for 100%. I also have graduated from college two years ago, and I didn't know what to do next. TO continue studying or to start working as a truck driver. My friend Mendel found somehow a company https://city-internships.com which offered us good conditions for continuously working and studying. At first, we were skeptical about this but we tried out and today both we have a well-paid job. So I wish to those students to find their employment.
Business / Re: Take Free Moving Quotes From The Leading Moving Companies! by StrRock: 10:58pm On Feb 29, 2020
Wow,I know this company!They are really good professionals!
Travel / Re: My South Korea Travel Experience by StrRock: 10:55pm On Feb 29, 2020
South Korea is just an amazing place. I have been there about two times and I can say with confidence that this is one of the best countries in the world. I was there in 2016 and recently traveled in 2018. Before the second trip, I decided to prepare more carefully and started looking for cool places to visit in advance and came across https://www.travellens.co/best-things-to-do-in-hongdae/. There is a list of the 20 best places to visit in Korea and unfortunately I visited only 12 places and it was really awesome. It was my best trip and if it weren’t for the coronavirus, then I would go there again ...

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