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Business / Best Naira Denominated Debit Card For Dollar Ad Payments by Sylverly(m): 8:34am On Apr 27, 2022
Hi, I really need help on how to go about making payment for Ads across YouTube, as my firstbank visa prepaid card allows only $20/month payment. I have even used Access visa which allowed up to $50 dollar. However, these are way below my expected limits.

Cc: Lalasticlala
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Collect Politicians' Money, Vote Credible Candidate by Sylverly(m): 7:15pm On Apr 21, 2022
Why collecting people's money when you know full well you won't vote for them? Is that not deceit, or plainly low-budget fraud?

When Naira Marley referred to them as "Agba Yahoo" one would think he's insulting elders. But that's what they are actually...

A Yoruba adage says "Ohun ti eyan onije, Koni fi runmu"( translates roughly as "What one won't eat, one won't sniff it" ) ...
Is it actually their money? When a thief gives you back a minute cut from the money he stole from you, just for him to get to a position where he will steal more from you, is that stealing on your side..?


Fashion / Re: Statistics Shows Nigerian Women Lead In The Use Of Body Bleaching Cosmetics by Sylverly(m): 2:00am On Jan 27, 2022
Chaii.... AFONJA ladies and some owo eru grabbers are winning internationally grin grin grin

It's not easy walahi
It cuts across every tribe /people/entity
Fashion / Statistics Shows Nigerian Women Lead In The Use Of Body Bleaching Cosmetics by Sylverly(m): 11:16pm On Jan 26, 2022
Considering how Nigerian women deny dating light skin guys, one wouldn't expect them leading in this Statistics.
It's obvious most Nigerian ladies detest situations that will subject them to a competition circle with light skin guys. It's only a Nigerian lady that would desire to have a light skin child but will deny ever having any form of attraction for light skin guys.
This gender and hypocrisy �. Na still Maduka matter them dey infatuate on day and night

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Liverpool Vs Newcastle - (3 - 1) On 16th December 2021 by Sylverly(m): 9:55pm On Dec 16, 2021
Op shebi Liverpool offend you? Update the score now.
Education / Re: Oluebube Okoye, UNIZIK's Best Graduating Student In Pharmacy Is A Medical Doctor by Sylverly(m): 10:27am On Dec 02, 2021
So he thinks Pharmacy is better Medicine? Pharmacy that will see make sell drugs in Chemist shop?

Which kind passion be that na?
..wake up and stop patronising patent dealers. Actual pharmacists know what's at stake. Definitely, don't expect me to honor your ignorance with diarrhoea of the mouth. I come in peace ��

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Phones / Re: 'MTN Now Drinking Data With Straw' by Sylverly(m): 9:18am On Nov 09, 2021
What will you now say about AIRTEL.? I Don even subscribe that one most times

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Romance / Re: Why Do Nigeria Ladies Dislike Fair Guys? by Sylverly(m): 8:16pm On Oct 10, 2021
Blatant lies. Naija babes feel so insecure when it comes to a fair good looking guy. From experience, alot of them feel I have babes everywhere and assume that I'm a playboy. Las Las, na my Shakara pass when they get to know me better shaa. NotwithstandingI'ma shy person.. Even my current babe always teases me about her being one of my girls as she assumes there are others.


NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by Sylverly(m): 3:10pm On Sep 10, 2021
boss , how were you able to rectify it ?,Or was it overlooked ?.thanks
The school Senate said the cert. was formally approved the said date.
Travel / Re: Can You Allow This Okada Rider Take You To Your Destination? Photo by Sylverly(m): 3:30pm On Sep 08, 2021
I go even crack joke with am about it..
Health / Re: My New Girl Friend May Leave Me Because Of My Body. by Sylverly(m): 7:09pm On Jul 12, 2021
[quote author=TinkTwice post=103633031]Hi guys, this is urgent!!! On red alert.

For long time/years now, I've been battling with this skin disease and it just became worst like 3months ago, with some serious middle chest pain. honestly, I gave up on this skin, especially my chest, neck and back region. And I'm all about chasing money.

But recently, my new girlfriend of 1month plus, saw my chest and back after our nsorinso and has declared "No more knacking", until the skin clears. That she can not even wear my clothes, if she's sleeping over, and I might transfer the skin thing to her.

Brethren poop! The pictures of my skin, drug and creams I use is there oo..i

.. If you have any natural remedy, pls prescribe 4me,im tired of the oyibo concoction..
Did I mention I have romatism? The seasonal skin scratching don tire me abeg.Gracias
Many antifungal cream all doing same thing. You can continue with the Ketoconazole and remove the rest, add the shampoo (Nizoral shampoo). Note: you apply shampoo on the affected part and wash off after 10minutes.

Fungi infections take months (3 -6 months) of continuous treatment.

Seek further medical care from a Dermatologist.

Mind you, do not take oral antifungal (e.g Fluconazole) without the advice of a Pharmacist or Doctor, as there are considerations

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Health / Re: My New Girl Friend May Leave Me Because Of My Body. by Sylverly(m): 6:58pm On Jul 12, 2021
Firstly, I would point at Ptyriasis versicolor (a fungi infection) as probable Diagnosis.
To clear some of your doubts: This is NOT contagious, it occurs mostly in children and young lads.

It is important you know that fungi infections take quite a lengthy period to heal (3 to 6months). This brings me to the question of:
1.) How long have you been on treatment
2.) Have you had any improvement at any point in time since you first noticed it.
3.) Do you seize or stop treatment once you notice any improvement.
4.) How faithful are you with the treatment.


NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by Sylverly(m): 8:26pm On Jul 04, 2021

They gave you another cert then?
Yea, but the NYSC dashboard still has the former
NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by Sylverly(m): 11:41pm On Jul 03, 2021

There is a.option for that
There is no option on the portal for that
NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by Sylverly(m): 11:40pm On Jul 03, 2021

Please explain.

Your school changed your date of graduation on to the statement of result to match the nysc portal?
No, my school requested I come change my original cert due to wrong date, and wrong date date had been uploaded to NYSC already
NYSC / Re: Your NYSC Questions Answered by Sylverly(m): 12:32am On Jul 03, 2021
Is it possible to correct date of GRADUATION on NYSC portal or should I just proceed with the corrected certificate to the camp.
Romance / Re: Betrayal: My Friend Went Ahead To Date A Guy That Was Wooing Me by Sylverly(m): 2:00pm On Jun 29, 2021
Yes I had to end my friendship with my once very good friend because she saw nothing wrong in dating someone who used to be so interested in me, that I turned him down isn't enough reason for her to date him

There are so many other guys she can date and it shows the guy does not genuinely love her else he wouldn't have come for me in the first place.

I don't think it's cool for a close friend to go ahead and date someone who was once interested in her friend, its betrayal and also a sign that she doesn't know and respect boundaries and that's dangerous to me, such friends are not to be trusted. She can stab you at the back when you least expect.

Now she's telling people that I'm selfish and petty for having issues with her decision to date the so called guy. What do you think?
I think you are somehow what she thinks you are. Shift joor.
Politics / Re: Police Checkpoints Disappear From South-East Highways (Pictures, Video) by Sylverly(m): 5:50pm On Jun 08, 2021
You have not plied Aba to Ph..Even military are on each checkpoint collecting bribe. If you're a journalist and wants to confirm this, just ply that route with a hidden camera
Health / Re: Is There Anybody Here With Irregular Heartbeats? by Sylverly(m): 12:08pm On Jun 04, 2021
so a cardiologist looked at these readings and told you that you were fine ? what kind of quack cardiologists are being churned out these days ? ok first off i see
1- a bunble branch block in lead v1
2-the repolarization ST segment in lead 2 is off
3- The PR interval looks long so thats AV node block

putting it all together, and you say you are only 22 but there is some kind of blockage in the lateral anterior descending artery. but since you are 22 maybe you have iron deficiency ? are you anemic ? have you abused antibiotics in the past that has messed up your gut flora ?
Looks like a regularly irregular rhythm sef..Nawao. Seeing this as a pharmacist, I will raise some concern.
Health / Re: Is There Anybody Here With Irregular Heartbeats? by Sylverly(m): 12:00pm On Jun 04, 2021
I am a guy, currently 22 years of age. For some time in the past I usually have occasional chest pains which comes and goes within 10 minutes. I thought it was as a result of my sugar intake as I consume soft drinks a lot with little or no exercises so I decided to cut down on my soft drink to no avail because I always end up going back to it.

Fast forward to sometime last month, I traveled to Europe to get a medical degree and when I got here, I started living on junk foods, KFC and McDonald’s as I could not cook. The chest pain came back one night and I decided to complain to my dad. Immediately I complained to him, I became conscious of it and I started fussing over it.

I went to google and everything I saw about pains in the chest always leads to cardiac arrest, stroke and dying. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I was always trying to check my heartbeat every chance I get. My dad said it was due to the junk foods so I stopped junk foods and soft drinks as my cholesterol could be high. I still couldn’t shake off the horrible feeling I got whenever I checked my heartbeat.

I started having panic attacks and difficulties with breathing and always feeling tired. I eventually went for check up and my heartbeat showed a beat of 68 bpm. I got checked by a cardiologist, neurologist and an orthopedic doctor and they all said my vitals looked normal, blood pressure normal, blood oxygen level normal, blood sugar normal except for the orthopedic doctor who told me I had to fix my slouching posture.

It’s been a week after the check up but my life isn’t back to normal. I can’t keep complaining to my parents because I gave them quite a scare with my first complaint and I know they have their own life to live but I’m just scared, I live alone in my apartment here and I’m new so no friends yet.

Anytime I check my heartbeat it still feels irregular,I can’t enjoy the foods I use to love, I get scared of doing strenuous exercises like jogging because I’ve heard stories of people who collapsed while jogging, i don’t enjoy my sleep anymore as I read that most people with cardiac problems die in their sleep.

For a week now, I have been going for evening walks to keep fit and exercise and I only eat once a day. I eat 2 apples every day and I swallow a capsule of omega 3 fatty oil daily. The only protein I consume now is salmon or mackerel fish because of their heart strengthening capabilities.

I can’t focus on my studies anymore but I can’t complain because I don’t want to bother my parents anymore but I’m scared. Some nights I wake up with panic attacks and every morning I feel happy for sleeping and waking up successfully. I hate how flawed the human design is. Sometimes I get distracted but as soon as I feel any slight discomfort in my chest, I check my heartbeat and it feels irregular. There’s occasional sharp pains in my head that goes almost immediately and sometimes I feel blood throbbing through my veins in different parts of my body. Tomorrow I’ll be going out to get an apple series 6 watch so I can monitor my vitals better.

Sorry for the long read, I just had to let all of this out.
There are lots of questions I need to ask you, with respect to your specialists' visitation, history( both medical, medication and social; which you have given a little clue about). The possible investigations you have done and some suggestions and referrals. Hopefully, you are in Lagos. I would also like to have you see a Chiropractor for a reason. Don't try to argue the impact or connection it has with what you have complained of.
Business / Re: Any Idea On The Current Epin Rates From Dealers by Sylverly(m): 5:28pm On May 10, 2021
Airtel is 9.5 for N100 denomination i.e N950 for 1brick. 1900 for N200 denomination, 4750 for N500 denomination and 9500 for N1000 denomination
# exclusively Airtel and Airtel products

Thanks, but no idea on MTN and Glo
Business / Any Idea On The Current Epin Rates From Dealers by Sylverly(m): 2:28pm On May 10, 2021
Does anyone know the current rate offered by dealers (NOT Sub-dealers) for the different epin denominations. And possibly, any available dealer for serious business.
Celebrities / Re: Wofai Fada "Aunty Sandra" Quits My Flatmates by Sylverly(m): 2:25pm On May 10, 2021
I can understand spiff of the johnsons own

But for this one, it's obvious the sitcom is preventing her from living her baby girl olosho lifestyle so she had to quit
You really need mental overhaul. Your comment is so sickening


Technology Market / Re: Laptop Screen Replacement At Reduced Price by Sylverly(m): 4:24am On Apr 30, 2021
Did your laptop screen got broken or does not display like it used to? then you need to replace it with a brand new screen to make it come alive again like it used to be.
Also is the background light dark or dim that the items on the screen is not visible any more then you need to fix it.
We have all varieties of of laptop screen and different sizes and we will also fix it for you at no extra charge.
All our laptop screens are sold at very reduced price and we also fix or replace it for you at no extra charge other than what you paid for the screen.
call me on 08124461809 or 08066701575 for more enquiries or better still come to our office at 29, Otigba street, beside Enterprise Bank, computer village Ikeja Lagos.
I'll be expecting you, thanks.


Kids Educational Tablet For Sale @ Reduced Price In Nigeria

Now available in Nigeria the latest technology in kids tablet that are durable and can withstand kids play without damage because it comes with child-proof protection.

In conjunction with Gostarit Academy Nigeria has preloaded with interactive educational applications and videos for Nursery,Primary and Secondary.

call me on 08124461809 or 08066701575 to get a copy or better still come to our office at 29, Otigba street, beside Enterprise Bank, computer village Ikeja Lagos.
I'll be expecting you, thanks.

PRICE is 25,000 but we are giving it out this month at 19,500 naira for the first Ten buyers.
can you replace this

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Computers / Re: Help! Where Can I Fix My New Broken MSI Laptop Screen by Sylverly(m): 8:26pm On Apr 29, 2021

Go to the guys in shops at the plaza
Not the once on the street
Ikeja computer village
alright, thanks
Computers / Re: Help! Where Can I Fix My New Broken MSI Laptop Screen by Sylverly(m): 4:31pm On Apr 29, 2021
Go to ikeja if you in Lagos
They use a universal screen
Means many other laptops use it too
Make sure it's wait and. Get
where exactly in ikeja
Computers / Help! Where Can I Fix My New Broken MSI Laptop Screen by Sylverly(m): 3:12pm On Apr 29, 2021
Just cracked my new MSI laptop screen accidentally. Kindly assist me with a reputable/trusted place to fix it.

N/B: No computer village wahala/headache, just a trusted establishment that can guarantee money return if something goes wrong.

Phones / Re: Why You Are Unable To Recharge Your MTN Line Across Bank Channels by Sylverly(m): 10:12am On Apr 03, 2021
Use Gorecharge to buy real recharge card pins on the go
Jobs/Vacancies / USSD SAGA: How To Recharge Your Phone From Your Mobile Phone by Sylverly(m): 3:38pm On Apr 02, 2021
Considering the recent development on the ban of USSD Airtime purchase, you can still recharge your phone at your convenience via the following means:

1. This is time to patronize that man that has a kiosk accross your street or at your work place. Remember, banks have deprived most of these people a huge percentage of their daily profit.

2. Secondly, you can simply Download the Gorecharge App (An App I have known for a while strictly dedicated for recharge card purchase) which is quite easy to use and you can share pins to friends, self recharge by just a click. You can even sign up as a Vendor to buy cheaper and resell at home, work place or as a business.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mgorecharge

My own little way of assisting you this trying time.
Business / Re: Banks, MTN Dispute Over USSD, Airtime Fees Deepens by Sylverly(m): 3:23pm On Apr 02, 2021
Just download Gorecharge from playstore and buy your Airtime. You can even sign up as Vendor and resell. Don't say I didn't help you today..
Investment / Who Can Explain This In A Layperson Terms by Sylverly(m): 3:23pm On Jan 06, 2021
Financial gurus get in!
I stumbled across this post, considering my keen interest in financially related articles.
But in all sincerity, I can't rap my head around this post.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Lady Loses Job To 'Who Gave You My Number?' Question On WhatsApp by Sylverly(m): 7:55pm On Nov 28, 2020
[s][/s] What you said has nothing to do with the dynamic nature of recruitment.

These companies are shortchanging folks out there because they know people are in desperate need of jobs hence, they can dishout any rubbish and call it a recruitment process. But no wahala sha... if you are comfortable with being shortagechanged , I wish you all the best . undecided
Go take a rest mbok!


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