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Health / Re: 56-Year-Old Man Dies Of Coronavirus In Lagos After Returning From US by taiwojoe40(m): 9:33pm On Apr 14, 2020
Something is not adding up, Nigeria with her poor healthcare system is discharging patients with very minimal deaths but US with their plenty resources and high level health care is recording more deaths......... angry
must we die in millions before it looks real? Shouldn't we be glad we aren't recording multiple death??This isn't movie or film trick,die na die.. what's gonna be yr gain if we die in millions like US??Wether it's real or not,oh God have mercy on us..
Health / Re: COVID-19 In Ecuador: Cardboard Coffins, Over 100 Bodies Litter The Streets by taiwojoe40(m): 8:54am On Apr 08, 2020

This statement shows how ,where and who brought you up..Be tolerant and learn how to relate with human beings.Only animals think alike.
Health / Re: COVID-19 In Ecuador: Cardboard Coffins, Over 100 Bodies Litter The Streets by taiwojoe40(m): 4:18am On Apr 08, 2020



Those that will die will not live and those that will live will not die..For those of you that are still doubting the existence of God,as the clock is ticking,time is running out..Repent and put your trust in him(JESUS IS LORD)..A brave warrior isn't scared of death cos war alone is death..Don't fear your enemy more than your master(Jesus).He who believes nothing will always be scared of everything.We all are gonna die one day anyway.But for me I'll not die until I fulfill destiny IJN.There are mysteries beyond our imagination and comprehension.NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY,U CAN'T SAVE THE LIFE THAT U DIDN'T CREATE.
Health / Re: COVID-19: 2 More Deaths And 20 New Cases, Total Now 210 (NCDC) by taiwojoe40(m): 9:03am On Apr 04, 2020

Can we have peace for God sake?..Fake Corona virus in Naija..When you're done swallowing all their lies,lemme me know.Roll the next scene : ACTION..Those actors you called gov 'll soon be short of ideas,by the time they finish the billions donated in the name of fighting their mouth made Corona,we would be let out..Any pictorial or video evidence of those who contracted or died of the virus in Naija??FREE ME JOR
Romance / Re: My Wife Is Emasculating Me by taiwojoe40(m): 2:32pm On Jan 01, 2020
I am almost completely sure you are not giving us the full picture. It would be really interesting to hear your wife's version of this story. As human beings, we tend to tell stories in a way that favors us and make us garner pity. If your wife is the breadwinner at the moment, she deserves your loyalty, respect and understanding. Taking care of the financial responsibilities of a home is not easy. You plan, you worry, you get afraid, you have sleepless nights...especially if your spouse does not pitch in.
Here's what happens. When a man loses his source of livelihood, every little move by a woman suddenly becomes emaaculating. The woman is already under a terrible strain and you are here to barmouth her to strangers.

I frankly do not believe you are doing enough. Factories abound, uber is there, the keke business is there, even uneducated teenagers from the north are hustling and making a good living riding bikes.

Yea, sometimes a man experiences setbacks, my dad did. The true measure of manhood lies in dusting yourself off the ground and trying again. These days sadly, there are too many lazy men who whine instead of actually being men. If you are here bad mouthing your wife, then I'm willing to bet, you do it everywhere. My cousin went through this. Everybody called her wicked. The husband's elder brother was like come and stay with me and I'll fix you up with something. They no tell the brother. Las Las he chases the man out of his home and told everyone to ignore the man because he is lazy. All he does is play video games and sleep.

Society is particularly unfair to women. A quick look through this site will convince any unbiased person of that. You already have men pitying you and condemning your wife which is exactly what you wanted. Oga poster, you came here seeking pity, looking for people to condemn your wife and soothe your ego and you already have faceless strangers doing that, but the truth is you are failing as a husband and a father. These people cheering you on and telling you your wife is wicked are in their ow homes hustling and taking care of their business.

I am a man like you and I will not lie to you. You are your own problem. Take these steps.

1. First of all, love and appreciate your wife. Thank her for all she does.

2. Pray hard and ask God to show you why you are experiencing hard luck. Folks here might not tell you the truth, but you may have a character flaw that is working against you. You may actually be lazy, most lazy people won't admit it. It may also be karma. You may have treated others, including your wife badly in the past hence the problems. Yes, it happens. Find out what the problem is and fix it.

3. Hustle, hustle, hustle! I don't believe in excuses. Real men don't. Meanwhile, what do you do? You can mail me your cv at dehindep@gmail.com.
Good job bro..the best advice so far ..His wife should be commended not openly condemned..only the married men 'll understand the mental,physical stress in taking up home/financial responsibility..If you're not a visionary leader,lack of goals,plan and focus, drunkenness,laziness can make a smart(visionary, charismatic wife) and intelligent woman take advantage of you by cutting u off the scheme of things(future plan)..If you're not guilty of all stated above,then your wife may be following wrong advice either from her friends or her family.. She's yr wife,u should know her weakness and strength,work on her weakness,never keep any secret from her, it'll create bitterness,hatred, jealousy,be a wise man,let her know that you're aware of her hidden property. Put yr house in order with love.Every marriage has its own challenges,be prayerful and work harder..Things will get better for u in this year 2020..Happy new year
Family / Re: My Sisters-In-Law Are Causing Problems In My Marriage! What Do I Do? by taiwojoe40(m): 8:10pm On Dec 19, 2019
Please pardon me for using a new moniker as I am quite known here.

Friends and family, I really need your sincere and matured input on this matter.

I have been married for over 10 years with 4 kids. My hubby is a great guy save for this area that we will never agree.
 I have sisters-in-law who have vowed never to give me peace despite all my efforts to give peace a chance.  Most of them are all older than him and sort of influences his decision that affects my marriage greatly.

From the beginning, it has been if I am in their good books, my marriage will work and I will be happy, then if not, reverse will be the case.

My husband has refused to see all their manipulations and always tell me that he grew up with them and so he is indebted to them. I have never tried to cause a separation between them but they usually see me as an intruder to their unity.

For these 10 years plus, it has always been the issue,  I have begged, used gifts,  apologised ,sought for forgiveness from them  for sins I have not committed just for peace to reign yet, the next problem will be bigger than the previous.

Some are married while some are not. The worst that affect me most is the married ones with children.

Now, they all don't talk to me and this is affecting my marriage. Hubby gives me cold shoulders, no sex asking me to mend the relationship with his sisters  of which I am fed up with the whole thing and I don't want to beg again.

My mind is made up that everyone should stay on their own. Hubby is the only male, seems to be the only one doing well  and parents are no more
Please what do I do?

Mods front page please for more inputs.


Thanks for your input. I truly appreciate. It all started in my ist year of marriage when I had my baby and still in school. My mum came to look after baby and few months later, I took in again of which I left baby with mum while I continued schooling.

They accused my hubby of allowing my mother to be the only one taking care of baby and not them. That in their tradition, mothers of wife have no say and influence in family affairs. This was a major issue and still is. While in my culture, nothing of such as we see nothing wrong here. They disrespect my mother till date because of this. I have caught one twice giving my mother bad eye.

2ndly, a distant relative came with high risk pregnancy with fibroid and I asked she comes to seek medical help and go back, when she came, it was war in my house that it is forbidden in their culture for a pregnant woman to come to another man's house which she's not pregnant for. She later left but loads of issues after this.

My in-laws come anytime even with their children .Every other week and weekend is in my house.
My husband will not take us out unless they are around.

Hubby's lil sis but older than me lived with me for 5 years and that's where the whole wahala persisted with her giving information. I began to see their collaboration through her and frustrated me to the very letter.

We had a fight and hubby asked her to leave. They all ganged up not to talk to me or hubby again which hubby is feeling alienated.
Hubby said his position is threatened in his family and I am the cause. I took care of his older sister who had complication in her surgery for 6 months in my house, non of them came to visit her in my house nor call me. Rather , She got well and told others that I didn't give her food that was why when one called her and she said she was in a restaurant to eat. Hubby and I had issue on this.

I am so fed up . I work and I contribute significantly in the family.
They see me as the one who eats their brother's money alone.
Hubby takes great financial care of them. I am just tired.
If u've none of yr SILs on yr side,then u're the problem. U can't erase politics from all sphere of life,endeavour to get one on yr side either by hook or crook,then use her to understand their weakness/strength in order to manipulate them to be on yr side..To catch a monkey,u need to behave like one..Yr hubby is highly wise/intelligent cos the best way to protect ones's family (from his blood) is not to make enemies for them.. He'll defend u openly if you play a wise open politics which involves having a large heart ..If u can't bend to play a lion trick(calmness, doggedness,wisdom)u won't only create unsolvable problem for yr hubby,urself but also for yr children..Be wise..Wish u good luck in any decision u take.

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Family / Re: Help, My Husband Is Causing Me Pain by taiwojoe40(m): 8:12am On Dec 18, 2019
Hello everyone I'm 24 years old and I have been married for three years. last year we had our first baby . Prior to our wedding, I and my husband decided I'll be allowed to work once our baby is old enough to attend day Care. Now our daughter is almost 2 years and he has refused to let me work. We've had countless arguments about this and it always ends with him saying women who work are not always submissive. I cannot be a full house wife , I am educated and cannot sit at home all say.

He recently told my parents I was being rude to him and they're all saying I should do whatever my husband wants. I love him but on this issue, I refuse to agree with him.

The other part here is he doesn't like me correcting our daughter. She's almost 2 and it irritates him whenever I try to potty train her or scold her. He insists I go to check up on Her at school during break hours. I understand that she's quite young but as her mother, I want the best for her.

Now he's changed towards me, he doesn't care or pamper me like he used to , sometimes he refuses to eat at home and when I try to speak with him, he's always very cold. Please help me, I don't know what to do anymore.
Men are overprotective of their first child,let that sink..Correct yr daughter with love.U can't win him through arguement cos that 'll bruise his ego,u only need to manipulate him to have your way(with love).Make yr request when yr man is at his weakest when u guys wanna make love(sex),beg and assure him that U'll be submissive that he should allow u to work in order to assist him..shikena

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Romance / Re: He Wants To Propose To Her Before Traveling Abroad, Please Advise. by taiwojoe40(m): 7:33pm On Dec 17, 2019
I met this beautiful girl sometimes two years ago. She's intelligent, smart and well mannered. I professed my love for her some two months into our friendship but she outrightly said NO.

I decided not to give up on her but to show her more love and care. As days went by, our friendship grew stronger, my love for her grew as well. Our life's goals are so similar that I find it very difficult to let her go.

I made sure I took the center stage in her life by doing everything necessary to help her build her dreams and its working perfectly.

I started showing her off on my social media handles just to test her reaction but contrary to my expectations, she loved it. I was proud that somehow I have perforated her defences.

Along the line, she started professing love to me too and that was the best moment of my emotional life. Then I decided to propose to her again but alas, she said NO and I was very sad and frustrated and she noticed it. At that point, I decided to give up on her and focus on other goals in life. She pleaded with me not to let our friendship die because she's afraid of losing me. I didn't bother to ask her for explanation on why I should still remain her friend without knowing where it will lead to in the end. I didn't also bother to ask her reasons for turning me down two times. I just agreed to her plea and ended the conversation.

I tactically started avoiding her to enable me heal but she would complain and plead with me to keep the friendship. I sucumbed because this girl has almost all the qualities I need in a wife and because of my standard, it's really difficult for me to find someone else that matches my preferences.

I know almost all her secrets and she knows mine too except my plans to travel abroad, preferably Canada. I made sure I did not let her know about this for some reasons.

Then, I found myself being obsessed with her again and she's been all over me too.

Now the crux of the matter is that I have perfected my plans to travel on or before February next year and I want to give her the last chance and propose to her again. I've conditioned my mind to accept whatever response she will give me and move on with or without her.

My major problem is whether to tell her about my travel plans before I propose to her or vice-versa. I know she also nurses the dream of living abroad. I'm afraid she might accept my proposal if I let her know about my Canada plans if I let her know about it before proposing to her.

Kindly advise me on this please cos I don't want to make any mistakes. I LOVE THIS GIRL and I'm certain that will make a good wife for me.
love is an action word not an expression of love..she loves u but u played d wrong card..smart, intelligent girls play hard to get game cos they love being chased and they think if they reciprocate same love u will love/chase them less..
U don't need to propose or profess any love to her again..u only need to claim what u've.Treat her as if she had said yes..Anytime u're with her on phone relate with her like yr babe..take her out(eatery/cinema) and be brave to hold or embrace her..Be brave,kiss her forehead or hand with the word "Luv u"anytime ure departing..(bonding code 101)..Give her a nickname that she'll love to answer by only u,don't always forget to end yr phone conversation with 'Love u' with her nickname and don't bother/expect or compel her to do the same..with time she'll ..True love is not done through verbal expression but action..By the time her defence is weak then reveal your travelling plan then she will fall yakata for u..


Religion / Re: 'Delete Netflix' - Apostle Johnson Suleman Tells Christians Over Gay Jesus by taiwojoe40(m): 7:44am On Dec 16, 2019
The movie is wrong but I'm against apostle seleman solution.we Christians produce movies every day in nollywood showing how evil and wicked satan is .the church of satan never complained .so if the choose to produce their own movie portraying Jesus as a gay ,then we must ignore them also because the holy spirit in our heart bears witness that Jesus wasn't a gay .there is a lot of good christian movie in neflix .You don't cut off the head because of broken nose .there will always be evil around us as long as we are still on this earth .You don't stop driving your car or using electricity because someone died from using it .the last prayer of Jesus was for God to protect them in this evil world .not for God to take them out of the evil world .evil is a necessary tool to help Any serious christian to mature spiritually.what we need is more of the Holy spirit .how can you save a sinner if all you do is to avoid them and delete their app ?.and point of correction ,we don't have up to 2.5 billions Christians.their is a big difference between a church goer and a christian.genuine christian that are born of the holy spirit is not even up to one tenth of that figure
I quite get your point..But don't u think it's a bastard who watches and does nothing when his father is being mocked,disgraced ,disrespected in his presence..evil thrives when good people do nothing..Not only church portrays Satan as evil,Islamic religion, Buddhism do as well..Let them show us gay Muhammed movie if hell won't let loose..
Crime / Re: Bernadette, Gildas Tohouo's Wife Murder Update: Why We Killed Her - Suspect by taiwojoe40(m): 5:08pm On Dec 14, 2019

In fact, the nicer you are, the more likely it is for the wicked black pig to see you as an easy target.. And then start plotting how to fleece you, rob you, extort you, and generally take advantage of your perceived 'weakness'.

I'm quite generous by nature, I routinely, almost pathologically give tips here and there to waiters/bar men, artisans and these categories of people who attend to me. But I notice that a sense of entitlement soon builds up. The day you don't have small change to give, or the day you choose not to give, many of them would squeeze face. It's funny but also instructive and scary. Now I've learnt my lessons and I'm a bit more 'stingy' and aloof with these types. It's safer that way abeg.
I pray this our extreme increase in population won't lead this nation to doom..in the next a decade,it will be hard for a rich man/average to move freely without being killed or robbed of his valuables..no future plan to curb the menace by the government..The end results are robbery,corruption,unemployment,fraud,kidnapping etc..Naija future is gloomy and scary..So hard to raise kids here..Where do we go from here??

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Crime / Re: Bernadette, Gildas Tohouo's Wife Murder Update: Why We Killed Her - Suspect by taiwojoe40(m): 12:35pm On Dec 14, 2019
The black pig killed her....
Be nice to people who works and live with you.
No matter how nice you are...You can't satisfy a wicked black pig..

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Romance / Re: Angry Nigerian Muslim Woman Confronts Pastor, Removes His Microphone (Photos) by taiwojoe40(m): 8:18am On Dec 11, 2019
God is more than what u read from the Bible or Quran.. Everything about him is mysterious..why will a reasonable Zane man fight, defend a powerful spirit. Is he powerless,dump or deaf??..why can't both of them call on God to clarify wether Jesus is his son or has no son..God is whatever you say he's cos he's everything..
Education / Re: Bishop Oyedepo Anoints Premises Of Dominion University Ibadan by taiwojoe40(m): 7:39pm On Nov 22, 2019
Kudos to baba Oyedepo..If you're fortunate to meet any of our popular pastors,u will hardly learn anything from them apart from give your life to Christ /pay your tithe and sow a seed. Church business is like a Ponzi scheme,all weekly and monthly income are profits..Remove tithes and offerings they'll be poor than church rats..Ask them about the secret of their wealth..Their attractive line is : it is God's blessings and anointing..Have u seen any Alfa with a private jet?...God is watching us ...
Religion / Re: TB Joshua: Why I Left South Sudan Quietly Without Thank You In Cash Or Kind by taiwojoe40(m): 9:54am On Nov 14, 2019
One of the controversial pastors that I don't have problem with.
Of all the terrible stories we heard, there have been no proof
yes ooo..Over a decade now I've been hearing that the man is a fake pastor without any proof and d man refused to fall..No fake pastor has been able to stand this long in Naija e.g Ajanaku,jesu Oyingbo et al ..It is either Nigerians get problem or problems get Nigeria..

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Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide After Being Deported From Dubai (Photo) by taiwojoe40(m): 11:51am On Nov 12, 2019
Rip bro.

Life is difficult.
Scott Peck in his book"The Road Less Travelled" agrees; as that was his first sentence.

If you haven't thought about suicide before, it's either you have no big dream or haven't had any serious misfortune.

I still remember the UNN student's suicide note.

"They said they came looking for me. I didn't drown. I was the water"

With the above words, Emeka Akachi left this meaningless world.

The truth is that those who are in pains should endure. Nothing is guaranteed. No one is special. Anyone can die, have an accident or fall sick. You can lose your source of income or money in business. Life is uncertain.

St Augustine says that Grace does not prevent pains but gives the victim, the resilience to bear it.

In his book, "Man's Search for Meaning" Frankl V asserts that we may not control what happens to us in life but we can control how we react to it

The world is chaotic and in disarray. Nobody understands how the world works. Bad things can happen to good people. No explanation to this. It's part of the chaos in the world.

Before you finish reading this post, 25 people must have died from complications arising from lack of good water.

137 people commit suicide in the US every day. Yes every single freaking day.

No justice in the world.
A rapist and murderer can marry, have kids and become rich in life. Karma fast asleep.

A thief can steal your corn, plant it and it bears him fruits. Huge harvest. Karma will be sleeping.
No justice, for if there was justice, the earth ought to have known that the corn was stolen, and prevented it from germinating and bearing fruits.

Again, God is not omnipotent in the literal sense. HE is all these while being dressed in borrowed robes.

Don't argue this part if you are shallow or aren't conversant with Aquinas and Augustine's works in this area.

I will stop here before I make some people despondent.

Search for knowledge and meaning has dealt with me shaa. At times, I wish I could unlearn...
.It's well!

God is not omnipotent in the literal sense,Yes! but he's in the spiritual sense..the more u try to understand him,the more confused u get.. He's beyond a story book or philosophy.. He's d wisest cos he's unpredictable..wether d strong or the weak,everyone has fear..Not all those that are alive are living,some are living dead..suicide doesn't mean weakness but a lost battle.. if u're still alive fighting,it doesn't equate strength but grace of God..RIP to d young man
Celebrities / Re: Tribalism !!! , Igbo's React As Davido Gives His Son Igbo Name - Screenshots by taiwojoe40(m): 8:19pm On Oct 20, 2019
How can d population of 200milla be all sane
Celebrities / Re: Headies: Falz Flaunts His "Hat Trick Of Headies Awards" by taiwojoe40(m): 6:30pm On Oct 20, 2019

You are not right bruh. No offense, you don't even spell your favorite artist's name correctly. You ain't no true fan of Falz. Don't compare MI and Falz again. A big insult to MI.
I'm not a fan of any naija artistes ..I listen to only a few..I love dagrin and Mode 9 and noone else..was M.I dead when dagrin dish Dem all rappers??dagrin punchline :eyin die ninu yin to si ni hit,toba to time kan eyin bawo eni le fit.Eyin te ra nkankan ti e npe rayin rappers,mi o mugu,mi o de pampas. A ma fi rap rap yin ese yin Onibale..his collabo with M.I naeto c :to baje mo cool hip-hop ti ma ku..am a diehard fan of 2pac and Eminem..
Celebrities / Re: Headies: Falz Flaunts His "Hat Trick Of Headies Awards" by taiwojoe40(m): 10:58am On Oct 20, 2019

Falz is not better than MI. More lyrical though.
M.I is not a rapper,he's more of a rhymer..He flos better on simple sounds most time with easy rhyme..a good rapper is like a sage,a present/future teller with hard scary punchlines..a rugged fighter of the truth..Eminem diss track Trump..Falz is better..
Celebrities / Re: Headies: Falz Flaunts His "Hat Trick Of Headies Awards" by taiwojoe40(m): 10:46am On Oct 20, 2019

Falz is a lyricist o. He has some commercial songs tho...He spits his bars in a comic way doesn't mean he isn't lyrical. How lyrical can an artist be again?? I wish other artistes were as lyrical tho, maybe Nigeria would have stood a chance to be great again. FYI I'm not his die hard fan because I feel he says too much sometimes, those lyrics hit everyone..
a real lyricist sounds like genius philosopher and who is tactful with hidden meaningful mature coded words like 2pac..Fals passes his :message in a comical way with simple lyrics..So he's not a lyricist with deep coded bars,punchline(few words embedded with nomerous meaning)..
Celebrities / Re: Headies: Falz Flaunts His "Hat Trick Of Headies Awards" by taiwojoe40(m): 8:14am On Oct 20, 2019
rap is truly dead in Nigeria at least for now

falz bawo undecided undecided
well deserved..He's a comic rap Gee like Busta Rhymes.. He's not a lyricist or hardcore rapper but he's quite better than M.I and the few rest combine..no more rappers in naija after the Era of dagrin and Mode 9..M.I is a rhymer,not a punchline killer..


Celebrities / Re: Ojuolape Asuquo: Our Son Was Born Blind - Cobham's Asuquo's Wife by taiwojoe40(m): 1:37pm On Oct 16, 2019
u and God must be mad. May he use you and ur family to prove greatness too
u don't sound mature..can u see d greatness of God in your reaction/reasoning now??If we are to react d same..Then two mad guys would be ranting online behind keyboard..It changes nothing wether u believe in Him or not..Blame God or nature,it doesn't change d fact that there are mysteries which are beyond our belief and comprehension..


Celebrities / Re: Ojuolape Asuquo: Our Son Was Born Blind - Cobham's Asuquo's Wife by taiwojoe40(m): 1:01pm On Oct 16, 2019
There's no need to blame God.. Humans are limited in wisdom, knowledge and understanding,no matter how hard u try.. something is mysterious about him(Cobham)..Disease,curses,goodluck/badluck can be hereditary, that's the mystery of life which sometimes is beyond science or human comprehension..Could also be handiwork of God to proof his greatness..
Celebrities / Re: Top 100 Nigeria Best Rappers Of All Time by taiwojoe40(m): 7:02pm On Oct 14, 2019
Top 2 greatest naija rap legend are :
1 Dagrin (real natural flo)..compare with 2pac..he's a fearless rapkiller..few of his tracks were banned(diss track to naija gov..& chicks)..He hisses venom like a snake

2. Mode 9
The remaining few are good rappers but nothing great or legendary about them..
Dagrin was a rap icon(lifestyle,flow,swag even to the point of his death)
Mode 9 is not a real don(only got flo),no swag,lifestyle of a real don rapper..he's a lyricist,hardcore rapper..Peace am out

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Celebrities / Re: MC Galaxy Gifts Ike, Khafi & Frodd N500k Each by taiwojoe40(m): 9:43pm On Oct 08, 2019
Africans and insensitivity, you want to give 1.5 million to those who are technically "made" just for the camera and am very sure that there are so many hungry people around your neighborhood, even in your village...but bcoz you want to make noise, you opted to waste the money on this. Your choice though
it is called marketing strategy in show business..No one helps nobody for no reason even the less privileged..
Romance / Re: Dear Average Nigerian Married Men, Hope You Learned Something From Mike O Edward by taiwojoe40(m): 3:23pm On Oct 07, 2019
There is nothing to emulate from him

He was faithful because he was on National TV, in the eye of the public..

leave the man with 20 naked girls in private, lets see if he will remember his "Queen".
don't mind them jare..faithful my ass..when d rod is hard ,no boundary or regard for any hole to drill..woman temptation is the greatest man weakness,so irresistible and uncontrollable no matter how discipline u're..It takes only the grace of God or u're impotent..
Fashion / Re: Lord's Chosen Members Wed Without Makeup In Lagos (Photos) by taiwojoe40(m): 7:33am On Oct 07, 2019

I'd never understand how men find women who don't use makeup attractive?
I'd never fully understand how they'd even feel something for a woman whose face is as bland as someone being prepared for embalment.

Religious doctrines are our undoing. Nowhere in the bible was makeup outlawed.
How will women who can't paint their faces make a colourful home?
maybe u Neve see real natural beauty before..when u're fortunate to see one,u'll know that there's difference between natural and artificial..


Religion / Re: Father John Chinenye Oluoma: Your Tithe Saves The Needy, You Haven't Robbed God by taiwojoe40(m): 10:38am On Oct 06, 2019
This is a pure rubbish teaching coming from a Catholic Bishop of gay kingdom.

Where did God order that we should do what this preacher said with our tithe? Nowhere. What God said in Malachai 3:10 is that we should bring the tithe to his house. He didn't say we should branch somewhere else with it.

Yes, the pastor's idea seems like a reasonably brilliant and kind one, but that doesn't make it right in God's eyes. Remember that the way man thinks is different from the way God thinks.

Man thinks it is a good thing to give the tithe to someone in need of it. But where did God say such about tithe? Nowhere. He only said to bring it to his house and from there it is distributed to the needy.

Think of it this way: You are on your way to the hospital with 100k to pay for your child's medical bills. Suddenly you found a needy man. Be honest with yourself, will you give the money to the needy man to the detriment of your child in the hospital?

I can bet you won't. So why do you now think it is right to give your tithe to the needy man? Remember, it is God's money and you have no right to decide how to help God spend it, especially when he gave you no such order.

Look, don't let people bamboozle you weird scenarios like the one given by the preacher. Always stand by God's command. The tithe is his, and the only thing you can do with it is to take it to his house, nowhere else.

They may even use your child as an example, saying what if your child is sick and the money needed for treatment is equivalent to the tithe money you have, which is your last dime.

What will I say in this case? Give that money to God because it is his. At this point many will be kicking against me. Little do they know that they are kicking against Jesus who said...

Mathew 10:37
He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.

Why do you think Abraham is referred to as a friend of God today? Because he obeyed God by proceeding to sacrifice his son Isaac as commanded by God. He didn't think twice. But people who are not worthy of Jesus are the ones who will disobey him by doing the thoughts of their heart instead of his word.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
God is kind and powerful and he needs no money..if u claim to love God that u can't see and u refuse to help a brother who u can see then u need help..


Crime / Re: Zamfara Investigates Qur’an In Sewage, Promises N2m Reward For Information by taiwojoe40(m): 10:39am On Sep 30, 2019
We have some low iQ in government..some are mentally ill..Cow brain *Hiss
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Team Seyi And Team Tacha Clash In Surulere, Lagos (Videos) by taiwojoe40(m): 8:56pm On Sep 21, 2019
Just imagine the kind of youths we have in this country. undecided

Real definition of lazy youths undecided
That's what makes the planet Earth fun and interesting..imagine if everyone reasons alike..In the garden of Zoo are the wise and the fools..

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Career / Re: My Boss Asked Security To Throw Me Out Because I Asked For My Money by taiwojoe40(m): 1:26pm On Sep 21, 2019
Celebrities / Re: Charles Okocha Hang Out With Peter Okoye In His Mansion by taiwojoe40(m): 12:32pm On Sep 21, 2019
Travel / Re: Reconsider Travelling To Nigeria, US Warns Citizens by taiwojoe40(m): 10:52am On Apr 13, 2019

Professors without discovery,
Politicians without ideology,
Wealth without prosperity,
Religion without piety,
Leaders without vision,
The oppressed without worries,
Courts without justice,
Criminals without fears,
History without glory,
Heroes without honor,
Schools without learning,
Artists without taste,
Intellectuals without thought,
Terrorists without identity,
Appointees without life,
Hunger without famine,
Change without progress,
Next level without foundation,
Democracy without citizens,
Unity without love,
Heroes without sacrifice,
Policies without plans,
Crime without culprits,
Saints without humility,
Integrity without performance,
Wars without enemies,
Billionaires without business,
Youth without dreams,
Elders without wisdom.
The world is sick not only NAIJA..

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