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Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 5:08pm On Nov 15, 2022
All adopted. Thanks
Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 2:47pm On Nov 14, 2022
theres paid adoption and free adoption

Free adoption
Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 2:47pm On Nov 14, 2022

Adoption or sale?
I want to be sure because some people will say Adoption and still be giving you a paid price.

Adoption smiley
Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 7:29am On Nov 12, 2022
Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 8:17am On Nov 07, 2022
Pets / Re: Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 2:09pm On Nov 06, 2022

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Pets / Lhasa Apso & Poodle Mix Pups For adoption by tartarus(m): 2:06pm On Nov 06, 2022
I've got 4 pups for adoption, they're a Lhasa apso and poodle mix

3 females
7weeks old

They've had all their necessary shots and hospital cards.

Location - Lekki, Lagos

Contact - . WhatsApp

Romance / Re: Today I Was Very Strict To My Girlfriend And She Did This by tartarus(m): 9:54am On Mar 31, 2022
Swears grin grin you will think it's deeper than 5h plantain

I swear!!
Day in, day out; some nairaland boys would come to paint a picture of being an ALPHA male over frivolous situations..

The other thread I read earlier was a man starving his wife cos he made dinner and she didn't which is an "abomination" undecided
Romance / Re: Today I Was Very Strict To My Girlfriend And She Did This by tartarus(m): 9:44am On Mar 31, 2022
Need to stop visiting nairaland often. Broke guys can fill your head up with nonsense...
Here I am, reading about a guy testing his babe with 3k and food sighhhh sad


Romance / Re: My fiancee Finds It Difficult To Cook & Do House Chores, Is This A Red Flag? by tartarus(m): 10:30pm On Jan 15, 2022
Children full here oh. So your fiancee leaves the house before 7am, comes back around 6pm and says she's tired but to you,na red flag.

All these people going into marriage with ancestors mindset where the man hustles and the woman stays home to take care of the kids and house.

You enumerated her qualities but want to enslave her to prove she's homely right?

Biko, go get a maid and share her salary with your fiancee. That's how marriage and relationship is supposed to work in 21st century

The Only reasonable input I've seen on this thread.
Family / Re: I Will Never Allow Peace To Reign In My Family by tartarus(m): 10:21pm On Dec 27, 2021

See this one. We know your type, you manage dey see small money and you think say you don arrive, dey form "cool guy". And na your type dey spend your small money on top girl (wey you no go even see her pant) but your mama for house no go see one naira. Better wise up!

Na you sabi.
You can't just be bashing women for no concrete reason. It's not normal.

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Family / Re: I Will Never Allow Peace To Reign In My Family by tartarus(m): 10:20pm On Dec 27, 2021

Whatever makes you sleep well bro.
Sure tongue
Family / Re: I Will Never Allow Peace To Reign In My Family by tartarus(m): 9:56pm On Dec 27, 2021

And How do you know that they are broke?

You guys just find a way to belittle people who have different ideologies to yours.

Mostly broke guys demean women to feel better about whatever it is they lack. They think women are the enemy cos most women want comfort which they're unable to provide cool


Family / Re: I Will Never Allow Peace To Reign In My Family by tartarus(m): 5:10pm On Dec 27, 2021
All these small boys on nairaland, this forum isn't as fun as it used to be. It's just filled with women bashers & irrational women haters, boys that haven't experienced life at all with weak bank accounts, self loathing things! undecided sad

Just imagine, "doing her a favor by marrying her". Spits!

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Family / Re: Children Of Today Don't Know In Our Days We Were Beaten For These Reasons by tartarus(m): 6:57pm On Dec 06, 2021
You people were simply abused as kids...
There's nothing nostalgic about abuse

Many of you can't even say "I love you" or hug your parents cos all you have in your heart is fear and reverence.

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Romance / Re: What Happened To A Newly Married Couple In My Car Yes by tartarus(m): 7:02pm On Oct 19, 2021
A cheat of a husband and a wife who's ready to be taken for granted. A match made in heaven! Rubbish undecided
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by tartarus(m): 8:02pm On Sep 02, 2021
Thanks wese90 for your free escrow service. Top-notch service, highly recommended cheesy
Technology Market / Re: 2020 Macbook Pro 13inches For Sale 580k by tartarus(m): 9:39am On Jul 14, 2021
Technology Market / Re: 2020 Macbook Pro 13inches For Sale 580k by tartarus(m): 8:40am On Jul 14, 2021
Technology Market / Re: 2020 Macbook Pro 13inches For Sale 580k by tartarus(m): 4:00pm On Jul 13, 2021
Technology Market / 2020 Macbook Pro 13inches For Sale 580k by tartarus(m): 8:10am On Jul 13, 2021
2020 MacBook Pro,
Apple M1 chip

Barely used
Still comes in a box with it's charger

Price: N580k

Location: Lekki, Lagos

WhatsApp, no calls: 0811

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Family / Re: Polyandry: Outcry Over South Africa’s Multiple Husbands Proposal by tartarus(m): 5:59pm On Jun 27, 2021
you can start it by changing your surname to your mother's name

There's nothing wrong with that...
Will it cause world end? Apocalypse? Famine?. A name is a name smiley


Family / Re: Polyandry: Outcry Over South Africa’s Multiple Husbands Proposal by tartarus(m): 5:58pm On Jun 27, 2021

There's a reason nature placed women on the recieving end. Y'all sound very stupid and unintelligent with this ur reasoning. It's unnatural for a woman to be married to more than one man at the very same time. A woman and a man can never be equal in anything. This is not about subjecting her roles to the home management or work place. I'm talking nature even in the animal kingdoms it's so. Stop jumping on the bandwagon of if its good for the man its good for the woman too. That's the beginning of all ur troubles and hidden regrets.

Lol why are you crying?. If polygamy is good then I support polyandry for women tongue


Career / Re: Working In A Hotel For 6 Months Now: My Experience. by tartarus(m): 11:03am On Jun 26, 2021
Nairaland boys will always find a way to shame women! I haven't seen a comment demonizing the men taking part in these "immoralities" it's the women that are the problem. Nonsense shocked


Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by tartarus(m): 6:44pm On May 28, 2021
Lol... I don't know why this story is making me laugh out so loud.
Wait... You shouted at her and she fainted hahahahaaaa.... Are you odeyssey or a lion? Lol..

Well, first and foremost, you need to vomit that red pill you swallowed because that is the number one cause of your problems.

Then, if you have the money, renew the rent for her. You're her husband for crying out loud. Or why would you go and bring a lady out of her parents house and be maltreating her with your redpill baldadash?

Remember that pills have side effects. So this might just be one of them which could have a very bad outcome in your marriage if you don't spill it out now.

Oyen Redpill.


All of you mentioning me to say spew trash, Im not surprised because its typical of most nairaland men to want a woman who will be sharing responsibilities with them. While out there, it's a different ball game.

If you know you can't cater for a woman,
leave her alone. You can't stay without a woman yet you are not willing to do what it entails to keep a woman.

For all of you, it's better to remain single than coming here to sound like a broken record. Minus OP though because OP is even still better than some of you.

Redpill kor, green pill ni. Yet they won't let my DM rest.


Thank you.
Most men on nairaland won't accept this as fact.

I'm sure not only does she run a business but she also takes care of the house, does the house chores alone etc and now he wants her to split bills 50/50... undecided
He's not serious and isn't ready for marriage.

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Family / Re: I Want To Send My Wife Packing by tartarus(m): 6:40pm On May 28, 2021

My Dear I never wanted a society wedding. Is like u don't know ladies of this generation. She was d one that was putting pressure on me that is her day,

On the issue of supporting ur wife to be. I simply wouldn't have done that cost I have not officially married her. I have seen guys opened shop t
For their fiancee and wife to be but d marriage never hold. Or she will say she no do again. Then ur investment is gone.

It's obvious you're not ready for marriage. Why did you get married in the first place? No one forced you!!

You're really bothered about your finances so I wonder why you even got married in the first place. She was your fiancee still you didn't want to "invest" in her, you both never had conversations about finances. How did you both even meet? Did you date? Cos you both sound like total strangers
Family / Re: Wife Calls Police To Evict Her Nigerian Husband In London (Video) by tartarus(m): 8:26pm On May 20, 2021
Let's not be quick to judge here, the officers are very right, his name is not on the tenancy agreement therefore he has to leave . Why would a man rent a house and not put his name on the tenancy agreement? That's stupid!!!

This is the only post that makes sense on this tbread
Car Talk / Re: What Are Your Funny Experiences Teaching A Woman How To Drive A Car? by tartarus(m): 5:50pm On Apr 07, 2021
Nairaland is too toxic, too patriarchal and misogynistic

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Family / Re: My Wife’s Salary Was A Mystery Until I Discovered How Much She’s Truly Worth* by tartarus(m): 11:52pm On Mar 25, 2021

In 2016 she told me her salary was #50.000 And then two years later, when she got promoted, I asked about her salary and she said, “Oh these people, don’t mind them. They added only #5000 to my old salary. Because of her meager salary, I’ve taken up so many responsibilities in the house without complaint. I pay for utilities and pay for food. I pay the fees of our two kids, clothe them, and take care of their medical bills. When my wife sends me a grocery list, she adds sanitary pads. She buys dresses and clothes, comes to show them to me, and asks me to pay for them. She started talking about a car when our second child came in. Things weren’t good on my side so I asked her to give me some time. She said, “I’ve saved something. I can add it to what you have so you pay me when your money comes.”

I agreed and took that money from her, topped it up to get her a car. For three months my ears never rest. She would wake up at dawn and ask me to pay what I owed her. I got tired and paid the money when I didn’t have much in my account.

One evening, I turned my laptop on and saw a lot of emails. I checked and it was my wife’s email that had been opened. I asked her, “Did you use my laptop?” She answered, “Yeah I was checking something.” I told her, “Then you didn’t log out.” She answered, “I forgot. Please log out for me.” I was about to log out when something caught my attention. I saw a mail with the subject, “January Payslip.” I opened and started going through. When I saw her gross salary, I was shocked. #400,734? And this girl has been crying poverty?

I went through the details. That night I couldn’t sleep. I was angry. I felt let down. I felt cheated. I felt played. We’ve been married for six good years and my wife earned that much without my knowledge? How much she earned didn’t bother me a lot than what she was using that money for. I decided not to talk immediately but rather do a little bit of investigation.

All my life I’ve held the view that it wasn’t right for anyone to go through their partner’s phone. It’s an invasion of privacy and it breeds mistrust in the relationship but that night, going through her phone was the only way to find out what I was looking for. I started with her best friend. Nothing much was found. Her family had a Whatsapp group. I read the messages there. I got few hints. I went through the chat with her father and that was when I realized my wife had bought a piece of land and had started building. Her father was in charge of the project. He had sent photos of the various stages of the building. At some point, her father said, “Thank you for helping out your brother. He would have been home had it not been you.”

She has only one brother—her senior brother. I went to look for the chat between them. Her senior brother lost his job and was home doing nothing so my wife bought her Hyundai i10 to use for Uber. Every week, her brother rendered an account and they split the money. From all indications, my wife was doing well for herself while she plays poor so she could rely on my salary. Why would she do that? I thought I was being a supportive husband so my wife could be proud of the man she married. When we bought land, it was her name and my name that appeared on the land title. That car I bought for her with a loan from her bears her name. I didn’t mind. I believed what’s hers was also mine. 

The next morning she realized I wasn’t looking well. I was boiling on the inside but looking for a good opportunity to start the conversation. When I calmed down a little, I asked her, “So why would you do that to me?” She asked, “What have I done?” I answered, “You bought land, you never told me. You started building on it, you never told me. When are you going to tell me?” She was shocked. She asked, “Who told you all that?” I said, “Your father did.” She stood quiet for a while. She asked, “Why would my father tell you all that? What were you people talking about” I said, “I don’t know. You can ask him.” 

We left it there. Some minutes later she came to me with her phone: “My father wants to talk to you.” The phone was already on a loudspeaker. His father was clearly angry. He asked, almost shouting, “You said I told you my daughter has a building? Where did I say that and when?” I asked, “Is it not true that my wife has a building project going on that you’re supervising?”  He asked me, “I told you that?” I asked, “Is it true or not?” After the back and forth I told them, “I read your messages last night. I saw the pictures. I read the various budget you had sent to my wife. I read the confirmation of the money receipts that you sent her. You’re a man. Would you be happy if your wife does this to you?” He started fumbling. He started apologizing saying he thought I was aware.”

My wife stood there motionless, didn’t know what to say. When her father hung up, I told her everything I knew, from her salary to the car she bought for her brother. I said, “Yet, even your sanitary pad, I buy them. You think I’m a fool? You’ll use your money to acquire your own properties and live on mine because you’re my wife? I hear. We’ll see.”

Trust was lost. Love was broken. We had to find a new way of living our lives going forward. Her father called me every morning and evening apologizing for everything and sometimes taking up the blame so I didn’t have to blame his daughter. I told him, “The emotional state I’m in right now, it would be hard to think straight or think forgiveness. Just give me space.” Three days later, they were in our house. The father, the mother, and the senior brother. They came to apologize. “Don’t let this break up the beautiful marriage you both have. If nothing at all, consider the kids and be lenient in your judgment.”

I listened to them. My position was still the same. “I need time to clear my mind. Just leave me alone to think.” From last month to this moment that I’m writing this, my wife had changed totally. She doesn’t ask for money but the house is being run smoothly. She has started paying for things she never paid for but that doesn’t move me. She has taught me a very great lesson and I’m taking it seriously. That in everything, I have to look out for myself and my family first. Last she told me, “If you want us to change the names on those properties, we can do so.” Guess whose name is on the property…her father’s name.”

I told her, “You don’t need to change anything. They are yours. You suffered for them so you can decide what you want to do with them.” The land I bought has our names. I’m selling it and take my money back. The car she’s driving has her name. I put a for-sale sticker on it some weeks ago. She agreed she’ll pay for the car. I’ve given her two months to pay up or I sell it and take my money. She’s getting the message and I’m glad. Each one for himself, God for us all. She keeps asking if I’m going to leave her. I keep telling her I won’t but if she wants a divorce, I will gladly give her. I’m not going to leave the marriage. I would give us some time to heal and see what may happen but when it comes to money, I’ve taken the lesson she taught me through her actions. 

*What's your take?*

Copied story from Twitter undecided
Health / Re: Laboratory Analytical Reagents Available by tartarus(m): 3:17pm On Mar 24, 2021
Do you still sell? How much is your full liver test reagents kit?
alanine transaminase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT), bilirubin
Family / Re: My Lazy Girlfriend Lacks Ambition And She's Pregnant For Me!!! by tartarus(m): 11:32pm On Mar 14, 2021
So you want her to contribute financially at home + do the house chores + carry your baby + run her Msc?? Cos she's wonder woman abi?!.
She suggested you both outsource and pay someone to clean and take care of the house chores at home but you refused cos you want a cook, a cleaner, a mother and a CEO in one woman, so what exactly is your usefulness?. Make it make sense please

You're not ready. This is 2021

Better get someone to do the chores and you both focus on making money and raising your child smiley


Nairaland / General / Re: Things Every Lady Should Know Before 30 by tartarus(m): 8:33pm On Feb 27, 2021
How about men just shut up and stop telling women how to act? smiley

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